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25 Sep 2015 6:56
Watch the sky.
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Name: Rhys

Gender: Dude

Age: Legal to drink anywhere in the world

Class: Samurai


Argest Allegory - Writes a roleplay that blinds all foes because the font is too bright.

Oaken Onslaught - Cleaves the horizon with an axe. Super effective against firewood.

False Flight - Jumps so high it seems like flying, but only if you can't see the wire in the background.

Cordial Connection - Magically connects to any WiFi access point, as long as it has no password.

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Thank you! Sounds kickass.
I'm feeling this. What do you mean by 'stage' in the sheet? Sorry, not super experienced with Wuxia.
Ah ok, I just liked the term talent lol. I'll switch it up.
@Ekreture Gotcha. I'll brainstorm a bit and get back to you.
@Ekreture Well, NYC is pretty close to the start of the trail...still trying to figure out how he'd hear about the Wayward Travelers though.
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