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Just here to have fun, make some friends, and improve my writing!

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@Discontent No problem! As you said, there isn't a huge rush for us since we're off the podiums. I'll try getting a post up either after my finals or tomorrow.
@pkken Hey buddy, bit of a problem with your post. We told Hammerman already in the discord chat, but forgot to put it up here. There are two pairs of druids, both of which are already in use at the moment. So you both posted a little early. Please wait until the two current groups have finished the sacramentum before you make any further posts. Thank you.
@papershuriken That's perfectly fine! We're expecting that people will come and go, so we left this open. I'm glad you're interested, and we hope to see you next month if you're still interested!
Ah crap, forgot to do mentions. Again.@Discontent
@onenote I'm stuck between horticulture, cooking and monster hunting for Monty. Depends on what @Discontent wants.
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