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Current When your weekend is basically 8 hours of class followed by a 6 hour shift
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the intro to Deadpool is one of the best ever. Period.
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"Hey whats your name?" "I like your face." This is why I don't have a boyfriend folks.
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I love Red Letter Media....
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You don't play Battlefield 1 without having Sabaton-Price of a Mile blaring in the background.
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I'm a veteran roleplayer interested primarily in fantasy, post-apocalyptic, gothic fantasy/horror, and science fiction.

I was born in Sigmaringen, Germany and I am a university student studying Forensic Psychology. I like hiking, Rugby, and 80's music!

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I'd probably need to know the particulars of what you have in mind


looks good!
Will get a post up soonish
Basically all I've wrote for the role play


Eternal Sea's deals with piracy, but in space, and the lives of the Aeternia's crew. Characters will either start out as a member of the crew or enter the role play having been captured by the space pirates. From which point two choices will be given: Join us or learn what is past the airlock. Choosing the former will begin your official career in piracy and all attached form of criminal activities under the leadership of the feared Captain Zamyra "Bloodmoon" Drakazha. Zamyra being one of the most notorious Spacer's to live and whose reputation rightfully earned her the moniker: Scourge of the Sagittarius Arm.

Role players will naturally have a position or seek to obtain a position on the ship. Their position also acting as their social status aboard the vessel with the jobs forming rungs on a ladder. For being executed for Piracy is just as common as being stabbed in the back by a supposed colleague so watch out. Character deaths are to be expected but by no means a guarantee. Your characters (not you, your characters do not know what you know) will have to keep their wits about them to survive in a hostile environment and lifestyle.

As a result of all this the role play will be rather free form with the ship and crew bumping about the Galaxy Firefly style but will follow a loose plot to keep things moving along. More information on the Aeternia, Captain, and possibly crew will be gained along the way.

History of Mankind

The Ship (Using BFG since I like the aesthetic)

A Overview of the Aeternia

The Aeternia (in the picture it is the large ship firing at the smaller vessel and dominating the picture) was an Andromeda-Class Warship of the Orion Royal Navy and one of the most advanced ships-of-the-line to be put to space. Along with it being the only ship of its class to have been built. At 6.4 km long and 987 meters at it's widest it was also one of the largest ships for its time. Built to be able to house a sizable crew and hosting large automation due to its A.I. matrix forged into the ship itself. The ship itself has a brain via Positron Intelligence Matrix (PIM) that assists the Captain and crew in the running of the vessel along with storing data in the archives.

The ship, now more than a century old since it was taken by Captain Zamyra, has been modified to be far more comfortable than a military vessel. Complete with gym facilities, R&R deck, a pool, and crew quarters where people are not crammed like sardines all the time. No one knows exactly why Zamyra stole the ship when she defected from the Orion Navy, but rumors abound about the dreaded ship, and its sightings fill Spacers with dread. Perhaps more will be revealed...

My Character App
A picture of Zamyra before she joined the Orion Navy.

Name: Zamyra Drakazha (pronounced like Zah-mir-aa Draak-asha)
Nickname/Alias: "Bloodmoon" and "Scourge of the Sagittarius Arm."
Age: 125 (Appears to be mid-late twenties but claims to be 30)
Birthdate: December 30th, 5751AD (best guess)
Position on Ship: Captain
Gender: Female
Relationship Status: Single (incase anyone wants to pursue such matters)
Height: 5ft 11
Current Appearance: Zamyra looks to be in her mid to late twenties due to alleged rejuvenate treatments she managed to procure. Her only major change aside from a slight scar on her right cheek is an eye patch covering her left eye. She did not lose the eye, but it is instead a bionic eye allowing her to see in infrared, thermal, and ultra-violet in addition to sonar. However she hardly ever removed the eye-patch except when needed or for personal comfort. Despite the fact some may find it a bit gimmicky. Zamyra is athletic and lithe due to years of travel and hardship. Her past military background still makes her keep a strict physical regimen on top of her captaincy.

Background Information

Zamyra was born on Solaria, a colony far to spinward in the Orion Arm, though she never tells the crew any of this, not that it would matter for her home world was deleted from galactic records for some inexplicable reason. Born to farming parents high in the mountains of her arguably beautiful home world she yearned for what lay beyond the skies of her planet. Eventually joining up with the Orion Royal Navy and earning a commission as a captain due to successful pirate hunting and excellent track record. But there was a falling out with her superiors in the Admiralty over a moral issue as Zamyra alleges; resulting in her stealing the Aeternia and fleeing the Royal Space Yards over Sirius Prime. But these facts Zamyra keeps a secret for whatever purpose she has. A semblance of a lost time perhaps? At any rate she does not hint at her origins only that it is a world "far away."

Since then Zamyra has been on the run, and has traveled wide. Entering the Sagittarius Arm she earned a fearsome reputation for raiding commerce vessels, preying on civilian liners, and on ten separate occasions even scoring victories against unsuspecting military vessels. Her join or die policy only added to the reputation. Though she was not just a cruel Space Pirate. Her deeds due abound with trashing a corporate convoy of expensive goods that she para-dropped on the slums of the industrial world Athenae XII.

Skills: Naval Officer (military education and experience), Chess, and an adept hands at cards.

The CS I used but feel free to use your own
Position or Role on ship:
relationship Status: (For those wanting character relationship in the romantic, intimate, or family sphere)
Current Appearance:
Any Cybernetic or Synthetic Enhancements: (Don't go overboard here...remember you're a pirate not Tony Stark in space)

Background Info: (Basically be as extensive as you want on where your character is from, who they are personally, what they like and dislike. Be creative and I prefer to read this more free form like a short personal story. So have at it. No fewer than a complete 5-6 sentence paragraph please.

Skills: ( Any skills you wish to highlight or showcase in more detail).
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