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21 Feb 2017 4:34
Current addicted to John Wick 2 soundtrack
18 Dec 2016 17:16
When your weekend is basically 8 hours of class followed by a 6 hour shift
29 Nov 2016 6:37
the intro to Deadpool is one of the best ever. Period.
23 Nov 2016 2:47
"Hey whats your name?" "I like your face." This is why I don't have a boyfriend folks.
22 Nov 2016 3:42
I love Red Letter Media....
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I'm a veteran roleplayer interested primarily in fantasy, post-apocalyptic, gothic fantasy/horror, and science fiction.

I was born in Sigmaringen, Germany and I am a university student studying Forensic Psychology. I like hiking, Rugby, and 80's music!

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<Snipped quote by Verse Zero>

Don't see a problem with that. Will they be a bit of a loner, or will they stay with the Sindarin/Silvan elves of Eryn Lasgalen?

Probably a bit of a loner. Though affiliated with the sindarin/sylvan Elves
Is it alright if I play a Noldo? One of the last still left in Middle-Earth?
I'll play as an Elf. Will work on a CS soon
I am interested
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