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23 Apr 2017 4:44
Current @The Templar, continue trying my brethern. Deus Vult!
22 Apr 2017 6:12
The amount of fucks. Wait...
15 Apr 2017 11:24
Niceness is a fallacy. When someone is 'nice', it simply means that they fail to take the responsibility that is in front of them when they know better.
13 Apr 2017 22:27
Happy Easter everyone. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy your holidays. To the Uni Students; try to take some time off. Unless you're already procrastinating...
29 Mar 2017 6:02
Oh deer.


Sometimes known as NotBKAllen (just for fun and to mix it up a little).

I tend to be busier in the weekends than in the weekdays. It's the nature of my work and the nature of my leisure I suppose (with some other commitments as well).



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@Bazmund If I may, during Witcher 3, it was a player choice to have Geralt Axii a contractor after they've refused to pay for the contract they posted.
We now have Thor as a Witchrr. What could go wrong?
@Bazmund yessir. I am the newly robed GM due to the old GM disappearing.

Character accepted. Please move it to the character tab.
Probably repeating someone else's point already, but I will just say it again to repeat.

Do not enforce rules due to emotion. Promote free speech by engaging in potential discussions and not trolling them whenever they appear, do not be PC.

On top of that, being nice is unnecessary. It is just a drag for those whom you know need improvement but you have to be nice because you don't want to hurt their feelings. What you want to be is good. To be good means to constructively criticise with the intention of improving the persons skills or views and not to laugh or make fun of them.
Alas! A Moral Dilemma for you attendees!
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