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20 Mar 2017 23:41
Current @Discord Users, Discord now works.
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20 Mar 2017 23:35
@GarlandDaHero elf monstah
20 Mar 2017 23:30
@Genkai My friend had many criticism about Iron Fist. What was your opinion on Iron Fist? What you thought was enjoyable and good? What could be better?
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17 Mar 2017 14:15
@Hylozoist I seriously read your 'hot cross buns' as 'hot crispy bacon'. I was terribly mistaken.
10 Mar 2017 12:34
Fuck Yeah Monster Girls!


Sometimes known as NotBKAllen (just for fun and to mix it up a little).

I tend to be busier in the weekends than in the weekdays. It's the nature of my work and the nature of my leisure I suppose (with some other commitments as well).



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Vongola last seen four hours ago. Dropped into his Visitor Message to say "Hi" intricately.
I'm giving it 8 more hours before I withdraw.
Whats the progress so far?

Guessing that we'll need someone new to fill in the Y.
Checking in.
Guess not. Shall I pronounce the RP dieded?
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