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A Hero Tale

~ Chapter Log ~

Chapter 1 - The First Arcadia
Chapter 2 - An Impossible Meal
Chapter 3 - Bandits!

Zentai Arc
Chapter 4 - Where Spiders And Hermits Lurk
Chapter 5 - The Last Gaian
Chapter 6 - ...A Duel!?
Chapter 7 - A Lonely Tale
Chapter 8 - A Little Bird Told Me

Orobo Arc
Chapter 9 - The Town Of Orobo
Chapter 10 - It's Cold Inn Here
Chapter 11 - A Heretic's Wasteland
Chapter 12 - Bobba, The Merciless Merchant
Chapter 13 - Song Of Stone And Sulfur
Chapter 14 - Rush To The Surface!
Chapter 15 - Clash Of Resolves! Jenso V.S. Bobba Round 2
Chapter 16 - Titan, Orobo's Elemental Guardian

Travel Arc #1
Chapter 17 - Path, Interrupted

Pharie Arc
Chapter 18 - Slip-Up
Chapter 19 - Paulie's Pain
Chapter 20 - Pharie Lake, And The Beast Within
Chapter 21 - Clarence's Grave
Chapter 22 - Bits, Bites, And Golemites
Chapter 23 - Unidentified Heat Source Detected. Threat Level: Moderate
Chapter 24 - Ice Golem Class: Offensive Mauler
Chapter 25 - Ice Titan, Faux-Pharie
Chapter 26 - Unparalleled Frost: Gol-Ira
Chapter 27 - Battle Against The Storm, Gol-Ira's Careless Frost Against Jenso's Righteous Fire!
Chapter 28 - Elemental Appeal

Travel Arc #2
Chapter 29 - Path Interrupted, Again...
Chapter 30 - Rocky Roads, And Old Acquaintances
Chapter 31 - Departure For Aldariana

Aldariana Arc
Chapter 32 - Jumino Ridden Paths
Chapter 33 - The Path To The Temple
Chapter 34 - A Wretched Discovery
Chapter 35 - Sorrow Turned To Rage
Chapter 36 - Tiger's Fury
Chapter 37 - Lust
Chapter 38 - Shadows
Chapter 39 - Hope Never Dies
Chapter 40 - Climbing Against True Earth, Orobo Rears His Ugly Gem
Chapter 41 - Two V.S. One, A Battle Against The Elements!
Chapter 42 - Arcane And Ki Unity
Chapter 43 - The Ice Elemental, Pharie Of The Frost
Chapter 44 - Elemental Fusion
Chapter 45 - Checkmate
Chapter 46 - Adarine, The Witch Of Malice
Chapter 47 - A Bittersweet Mountain View

Travel Arc #3
Chapter 48 - Path Interrupted, Once More
Chapter 49 - Road To The White Castle

Feralda Arc
Chapter 50 - Register Now! Get A Free Donut!
Chapter 51 - Round One Begins, The Scythe Shows His Stuff!
Chapter 52 - Where Are All These Fighters Coming From!?
Chapter 53 - Night Blade Techniques: A Challenge From My Homeland
Chapter 54 - Jenso V.S. Ross, All Is... Well?
Chapter 55 - What Was That? Speak Up!
Chapter 56 - Mikey V.S. Jenso
Chapter 57 - Mikey's Battle Bubble, The Ultimate Defense!
Chapter 58 - Style Switch, Water's All Out Offense!
Chapter 59 - Why Would You Both...
Chapter 60 - Pregame
Chapter 61 - Marble Floors And Castle Doors
Chapter 62 - Rajaka, The Golden Giant
Chapter 63 - 50% Control
Chapter 64 - Need A Hand?
Chapter 65 - A Harbinger Made Clear

The Void Intermission Period
Chapter I - Darkness
Chapter II - Aquamarine
Chapter III - Otherworldly Regimen
Chapter IV - Months Later
Chapter V - Midway
Chapter VI - Clarity
Chapter VII - Here Stands Jenso, The Golden Hero

Tech-Mo Arc
Chapter 66 - A Very Rough Landing
Chapter 67 - Jeff's Workshop
Chapter 68 - The Sunlight Is Blotted Out By Smog
Chapter 69 - Grant Me A Joke
Chapter 70 - The Silence Has Been Shattered!
Chapter 71 - Sera's Unfathomable Power
Chapter 72 - Escaping The Sinking Castle
Chapter 73 - Lark Gaiaco
Chapter 74 - Path Reassured, For Once
Chapter 75 - Run Or Fight? Dacer Is Insane!
Chapter 76 - Ordo
Chapter 77 - Jip And Gib, The Perfect Storm
Chapter 78 - Sera's Palace
Chapter 79 - A Thief's Ki
Chapter 80 - Sera's Potential Revealed: Crystal Casket!
Chapter 81 - One With Nature, Corruption Versus Purity!
Chapter 82 - Humility Before Death
Chapter 83 - Ordo-Tech-Mo

Travel Arc #4
Chapter 84 - Oh For The Love Of...
Chapter 85 - News Travels Fast

Calombo Arc
Chapter 86 - My WHAT!?
Chapter 87 - The Purity Amulets
Chapter 88 - Temple Run
Chapter 89 - Arach-Mon, The Wind Guardian
Chapter 90 - The Temple Of Flames: Volcanic Hazards
Chapter 91 - Serpa-Mon, Guardian Of Flames
Chapter 92 - Drunken Memories
Chapter 93 - Entity..?
Chapter 94 - Three Men And A Mission
Chapter 95 - A Child's Scream
Chapter 96 - Prove It
Chapter 97 - Sanctimonious Charm
Chapter 98 - Ying... Yang...
Chapter 99 - A Father's Guidance
Chapter 100 - Clash Of Fates! Bruce & Jenso V.S. Vale's Villainous Intent!
Chapter 101 - Night Falls, Fate's Beginning Rises From Below
Chapter 102 - Prisma, The Metalix Titan
Chapter 103 - The Last Metalix
Chapter 104 - Aftermath
Chapter 105 - Scars Never Heal
Chapter 106 - Farewell, Until We Meet Again

Corona Arc
Chapter 107 - Welcome To Corona...? Oar Bay Under Attack!
Chapter 108 - Hello! My Name Is Melina!
Chapter 109 - Leisurely Stroll
Chapter 110 - Apollo Is Kind Of An Asshat
Chapter 111 - Hold Your Breath
Chapter 112 - Crystalline Romp
Chapter 113 - General... Bug Man?
Chapter 114 - Swarm Queen Fye'Zlok
Chapter 115 - A Maiden's Blood
Chapter 116 - Sadness And Pride, Battle For Melina!
Chapter 117 - The Decision
Chapter 118 - Alvios, Scion Of Light
Chapter 119 - Blinding
Chapter 120 - Overcome
Chapter 121 - Peace At Last

Travel Arc #5
Chapter 122 - ...!?

Citadel Arc
Chapter 123 - The Citadel Of Golems
Chapter 124 - Human Batteries
Chapter 125 - Collapse Imminent
Chapter 126 - A Hopeless Effort, The Power Of Space
Chapter 127 - The World
Chapter 128 - Puddy In My Hands
Chapter 129 - Geode, Genesis Origin Deity
Chapter 130 - Hat Trick
Chapter 131 - Holding Up The World, An Unbearable Pressure

Travel Arc # 6
Chapter 132 - Tide Of Change
Chapter 133 - Shedding A Little Light On Things

Preparations Arc
Chapter 134 - The Wartable
Chapter 135 - Mikey's Observations
Chapter 136 - Status Report
Chapter 137 - Ki Control: The Foundation Of The Soul
Chapter 138 - The Art Of Strategy! Luke Has Something To Say
Chapter 139 - Speed V.S. Defense, Battle For The Initiative!
Chapter 140 - Reflections
Chapter 141 - Cutting The Light
Chapter 142 - Order Of Chaos 101: Adarine
Chapter 143 - Order Of Chaos 101: Rajaka
Chapter 144 - Day Three
Chapter 145 - Bruce's Private Lesson, The Way Of Gaia
Chapter 146 - Order Of Chaos 101: Shaidra
Chapter 147 - The Fourth Day Dawns
Chapter 148 - A strategic Review
Chapter 149 - A New... Ally?
Chapter 150 - Bruce's Midterm
Chapter 151 - Hey Guys!
Chapter 152 - Five Strikes
Chapter 153 - Imperfect Sea Sage: You Only Need Three Hits, Jeff!
Chapter 154 - Isn't that something!
Chapter 155 - Nexus Diary 1 - What?
Chapter 156 - Confronting Mikey
Chapter 157 - Nexus Diary 2 - Where?
Chapter 158 - A Unique Power
Chapter 159 - Nexus Diary 3 - When?
Chapter 160 - Dawn Of The Fifth Day
Chapter 161 - Nexus Diary 4 - Who?
Chapter 162 - Am I Real?
Chapter 163 - Nexus Diary 5 - Why?
Chapter 164 - Welcome To Hell, Fuck-Face!
Chapter 165 - Two On Two, This Dimension Isn’t Big Enough For All Four Of Us!
Chapter 166 - You Can't Catch Them All...
Chapter 167 - Meta-Mikey Arises: Get Through To Him, Jenso!
Chapter 168 - Grit Those Teeth!!!
Chapter 169 - Totally Titanic Tantrum
Chapter 170 - Darkness Resumes Without Pause
Chapter 171 - Who The Fuck Needs One With Nature?
Chapter 172 - Tower Of Chaos 101: The Final War Table Conference
Chapter 173 - Countdown To Chaos

Final Battle Arc Part 1
Chapter 174 - Take To The Sky, Heroes!
Chapter 175 - Ozmone Army
Chapter 176 - The Epitome Of Gaia's Power, One With Gaia Unleashed!
Chapter 177 - Path Interrupted, For The Very Last Time
Chapter 178 - Ki Overhaul, Dacer's Secret Technique
Chapter 179 - Dance Through The War zone, Ada V.S. Oswald
Chapter 180 - What Now, Jenso?
Chapter 181 - Let's Stop Talking About Paths
Chapter 182 - Hello.
Chapter 183 - No More Games, No More Tricks, No More YOU!
Chapter 184 - You Had This Coming
Chapter 185 - The Chaos Labyrinth
Chapter 186 - Nostalgia, Part One: Where You Are, Where Are You?
Chapter 187 - Nostalgia, Part Two: Lost In Knowledge And Memories
Chapter 188 - Nostalgia, Part Three: She Is She.
Chapter 189 - Dream Of A Way
Chapter 190 - Glance Through Myself
Chapter 191 - Streaks Of Blood: A Phase Of Uncharacteristic Rage
Chapter 192 - Escape, Now. Before It's Too Late.
Chapter 193 - One Last Hurrah
Chapter 194 - You're Not Dreaming

Final Battle Arc Part 2
Chapter 195 - The World Breaker
Chapter 196 - This Is My Process
Chapter 197 - Challenge Accepted, Oz V.S. Zelriane
Chapter 198 - I Am Within You
Chapter 199 - Try If You Must
Chapter 200 - Gatekeeper Of Righteous Intent
Chapter 201 - You're an Enigma
Chapter 202 - Ra Ra Ra! Catastrophe Release, Unleashed
Chapter 203 - Void To Void: Agony's Burning Flare
Chapter 204 - Atop My Tower Of Chaos
Chapter 205 - Order's Ordainment: Put Me To Rest, Bruce!
Chapter 206 - Come
chapter 207 - Where The Hell!?
Chapter 208 - Unholy Fusion: Unlimited Power, Perfect Control
Chapter 209 - Inferno Overdrive
Chapter 210 - Gideon, He Who Cuts
Chapter 211 - Faced With An Insurmountable Power, But...
Chapter 212 - As If I'd Run!!!
Chapter 213 - Alexis

Final Battle Arc Part 3
Chapter 214 - Act Fast or Die: A Race Against the Endless Void!
Chapter 215 - Alvios Returns!
Chapter 216 - One Last Push! Today We Fight, Tomorrow We Smile!
Chapter 217 - Chaos Armageddon
Chapter 218 - Providence
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Bruce felt his airway tighten under Ross' grip. He coughed once, loud and hard, once Ross dropped him back to the ground. He sucked in a gulp of air and briefly assessed Ross' state. A second was at least longer than it had taken for his own sword to recover from a hit from Bruce's blade. Not by long, though.
Still, the fact that Ross had requested any length of time as a time out in the middle of a test meant he'd achieved something. He opened his mouth to apologize for the wound, but thought better of it- he had a feeling it might offend Ross somehow.
Though he tried not to, he couldn't help imagining Ross' response.
"What the hell does that mean? You think that puny little box cutter you call a sword could hurt me?!" Imaginary Ross then flexed needlessly.
Bruce puckered his lips, trying to repress laughter.
"Snort!" Yet a snicker still escaped. Bruce's cheeks puffed up as Ross turned a perturbed glare on him.
"What's so damn funny?"
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Bruce let Sakki out a bit more- he'd decided long before the outset of this battle that he wouldn't be front and center, and that of all of them, Alvios had the best claim to take Ada out. The purely malicious side of him felt a tad disappointed that he couldn't just let the witch into his mind without risking the lives of his friends.

Despite the gravity of the fight and all that was raging around him, he couldn't resist pondering how such a meeting of minds would take place.
Ada giggled once she had managed to snag Bruce with her magic- given the significant sinister side to his personality, it hadn't taken long after establishing contact. Curious, she placed her fingers against the vegetative swordsman's forehead, reaching into the depths of his mind. She found the majority of it well balanced, measured in its thoughts and feelings, and boring. Reaching further, she stumbled upon Sakki's domain.

The bloodlust radiating and being so casually thrown about couldn't be described as feral or alien- it was purely human, and that was what made her freeze in terror. None of the malicious desires or disturbingly imaginative acts of retribution were even fucking

Bruce blinked, finding himself being tossed out of Ada's room with the door slamming shut behind her so hard the walls of the tower shook and the metal rang in his ears.

"KEEP HIM THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!" she shrieked from the other side. Ada shuddered, realizing belatedly that she needed a fresh pair of...

Back in the real world, even as another three fake Zelriane's leapt up to try swatting him down, Bruce's cheeks puffed and spit flew from his mouth as he desperately attempted to restrain hysteric laughter.
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"The voice of God has ordered that we tone down our powers while we are in the tower." Bruce said aloud, uncertain whether or not the others were listening to him. He turned to see Yzeira lounging apathetically amidst a pile of ancient-looking tomes, many of them expanding as new text was added through his own psychic power.

"So, how should we-" Bruce began, before a single grenade went sailing past him. It exploded a bit early, and managed only to ruffle Yzeira's coat. He glanced back a Jeff, who blinked. Following suit, Bruce hurled his sheath, and Oz his hammer, both beaning Yzeira in the head. The first got him to work out a kink in his neck, while the hammer snapped his head backward before he brought it back to continue reading.

Alvios held his sword like a javelin shot it at Yzeira as Jenso looked from one to the other of his hands. Alvios' blade pierced Yzeira's jugular, and Jenso pointed at the bag he'd given Bruce.

"I've got nothing to throw."

The other four turned to stare at him simultaneously, just as the leader of the Order finally looked up. Jenso came rocketing toward him, his whole being on fire from the sheer friction of traveling through the air. With a massive explosion, the whole chamber was obliterated.

"I think that's how it works."
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"Okay, hear me out," Bruce said, addressing Zelriane and Shaidra directly. "You're both ascended beings. You're immortal and you routinely cross the borders of dimensions and realities. That means that you'll eventually do everything, which includes," Bruce swirled his finger in a circle. "Turning your backs and letting Jenso up those stairs."

Shaidra blinked many times, the gears in her head almost visibly straining to process what Bruce said. Zelriane looked mildly irritated, but crossed his arms and nudged the black dimension hopper.

"I cannot argue with that."

Zelriane and Shaidra both turned around and Jenso went careening up the stairs to the next level.

Alvios's eyes were wide and he barely kept his jaw from hanging slack.

"I can't believe that fucking worked."
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