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A burst of flames erupted from Jenso's heels which launched him behind Shaidra. He kept the same pace of the already quick moving clones while trying to blend in with them as much as possible. 'Flame dash..' He thought. Hoping that Jeff would act in time as he had suggested, he swiped his left arm at Shaidra immediately. He aimed to launch her straight to Zios.

'Flame Dragon Punch..!'
'Maybe...if Alvios uses that shining light sphere of his, he could blind Shaidra momentarily even if Yzeira would not be affected, and keep it at a far enough distance so Zios's aura will prevent Yzeira from taking it down. And Jeff could perhaps use the wind while she's blinded, to carry his words to her ear? He's incredibly quick, after all. So it's believable that he could be near her already. It may just cause her to flinch and attack, and give me an opening..' He said to Blup and his allies.

As the red dots formed on the ground, he could only assume what it would be. Spikes or land mines seemed the most likely. He took aim with the palm of his right hand, unleashing a stream of blue electricity forwards at the red dots to try to destabilize and disperse them. He slowed down somewhat as he did, waiting for the result of his technique while maintaining some distance.
Jenso nodded at Blup. 'Got it!' He replied, dashing towards Alexis. Blue electricity began to crackle around the fingertips of his right hand, while his blue aura began to get thicker around his left arm. He kept a close eye on her, waiting to see her response to his approach. Naturally, he doubted that she would just stand there and take it.
Jenso got in a combat stance, regaining his balance fully as his stamina returned. He smirked at Alvios and nodded. "I definitely am, and I believe the others feel the same way. Time for all this to be over." Jenso responded. The blue energy around his body got thicker and the glow in his eyes stopped flickering, now a stable bright blue again.
Jenso glanced at Alvios, smiling widely at him. "A-Alvios...!" He muttered. He stared at the glowing figure of his friend, not even caring for Alexis or Yzeira in that single moment. The blue energy around his fists expanded to the rest of his body, albeit still feintly. "You're..." He mumbled, a feeling of happyness and calmness soaring within himself. "Alive.." He muttered in relief.
Jenso turned towards Zios and frowned. ', Zios. I admire your resolve. I will believe in you.' He spoke, standing up slowly and nearly falling over. He glanced over at Alexis. 'Alvios must have damaged her more than we expected. We can't let his sacrifise go to waste.' He thought, clenching his fists firmly.

'Zios, I won't tell you to simply go there and die. But if you really want to go through with that red-coated freak what you're made of!' Jenso stated, blue energy sparkling faintly around his fists. 'Let's come up with a new plan quickly, Blup! With the time Zios is giving us!'
Jenso fell on one knee, wheezing as his attack had failed. 'The lack of knowledge on Shaidra made us fail.' He said throughout his mind, glancing at Zios as Yzeira's crimson spike pierced his chest. He glared at the two Order of Chaos members. 'Shit...we can't lose now..!' He told his friends. 'What do we do now? I could charge at them again, but..'
Jenso nodded in response to Blup. He thrusted his right arm forwards, unleashing a large blue stream of blue energy across the entire battlefield. He forced the last remaining energy of his to take form as he unleashed his most powerful attack.

"Dragon's Ascend!!!"

As the blue energy advanced, it's sides shaped into giant blue wings that covered the entire length of the battlefield while it's front took the shape of a dragon's head. The entire wave of blue energy took the shape of a giant blue dragon, looking to crash straight into Yzeira and Shaidra.

"This one's for you...ALVIOS!"

Jenso immediately began to focus the blue energy within his hand, which began to expand and envelop his right arm along with his hand. He pulled his arm back, and the flames began to take form on top of his right fist while his arm began to glow.
Jenso glanced at Zios, and smiled. His friends had given him one final chance to win, and he wasn't about to waste it. He pumped all of his energy towards his right hand, and his form began to flicker. It looked like it was about to run out, but Jenso didn't falter. 'Tell me the plan, blup!' He cried out in his mind.

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