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Jenso frowned as Yzeira jumped off the ledge. He had a feeling that he would throw himself off, so he'd been trying his best to cheer the man up despite everything. He gave Yzeira a quick nod as he fell off the edge. If this was his choice, he wasn't going to stop the man. Like Yzeira said, he'd let fate decide. Jenso nodded at his friends. "Alright man, let's get out of here." Jenso said to Jeff.
Jenso continued gazing into the ocean, giving a small smile at Jeff who was still supporting him. "Not all is lost. When people make mistakes, they learn from them. That's just how it goes." Jenso spoke calmly. "I'm sorry about Alexis, but at least now she doesn't have to suffer anymore." He added, turning to look over at Yzeira. "You've gained a great deal of knowledge after living for so long. Surely, someone as wise as you should be able to achieve great things without relying on the void. Things that can be both powerful and reliable, and that can do a great deal of good in this world."
"Then...are you just going to give up?" Jenso asked, looking over at Yzeira. "You caused a lot of pain and suffering, yeah. And it's important to remember that, but you can't let your past control you." Jenso said. "You can live your life doing whatever you want. I know that you're a very driven individual, and also someone who has the ability to do a lot of good in the world." He added, walking slowly towards Yzeira. "You're not one to give up easily. If your past sucks, just do better. Be the best person you can be."
Jenso overlooked the ocean as well, not saying a word. He'd made the decision to do this all on his own, and he just hoped that his friends would have peace with it. But right now, he didn't want to talk about anything. He simply wanted to think, and rest. Did he make the right choice? Or did he simply doom his universe, now or after a certain period of time? Nobody would be able to answer that for certain now.
Jenso looked up at Yzeira and frowned. "Everybody makes mistakes, that's just how people are." He spoke calmly. "But I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Especially those people that made mistakes because they were in pain and felt tormented." He added.
Jenso rose his arm with the remaining strength he had, just barely pushing Jeff's fist out of the way before it would reach Yzeira. "Jeff,'s over. No more fighting. Please." He wheezed to his friend, looking over at his other friends. "It's finally over, guys." He said with a wide grin. He fell down on one knee after his statement, not able to move from his current spot.
Jenso looked up at Yzeira, with a smile. But it wasn't a malicious one. It was a peaceful smile, as relief began to sink into his body. "No more pain." Jenso said calmly to him, looking over his shoulder to his friends before looking back at Yzeira. "No more suffering. Everything is as it should be, now. Chaos has been returned to where it belongs, in it's rightful place." He spoke. The power in his stance crumbled, and Jenso began to wheeze and breathe deeply as the adrenaline of the battle vanished. His pupils turned back to a normal blue, but he no longer felt the energy he once had. He now had the strength of a regular human.
Jenso smiled at Nexus and Lark's words. He felt the crimson energy overtake him and burn his skin. But at that very moment, he understood it all. This was it, his choice to make. "I see it now..." Jenso muttered, clenching his fists firmly. "The root of all of this pain." With that, the chaotic energy around him stopped burning him. It was not under his control, but it was no longer harming him for that brief instance. Chaos was not his enemy. It was part of all life.

The blue energy that originated from his beam began to focus around his feet, allowing him to dash at lightning speeds towards his foe as his left hand began to glow a brighter and brighter white. He zipped straight through the center of Yzeira's beam as the pain returned, but he wasn't about to falter now. The white energy around his hand focused around his finger tips, which he aimed to slam into Yzeira's forehead. He was looking to infiltrate his enemy's mind with his energy and permanently remove the very thing that corrupted Yzeira, sacrifising his own energy to do so and threatening his own life. The Void within. He felt the emotions of all of his friends, all of the positive feelings. He chose to use that as his weapon, to overcome Yzeira's chaotic feelings.

The very fabric of the world itself shook as the occurence took place. The two figures of Jenso and Yzeira were enveloped in a massive bright white light, blinding all of the heroes and illuminating the whole tower.

"Dragonic Providence!!!"
"I see..." He mumbled, sliding back as the beam was about to overpower him. "CHAOS." He added, struggling to stop the power from overwhelming him completely. "The last obstacle." He added, gritting his teeth as some of Yzeira's energies began to lash out right beside him.

"The obstacle that threatens all life. But one that WE SHALL OVERCOME!!"
Jenso felt Bruce's encouragement, the will to push on. He was right. They'd come this far, and now was the final moment. The last struggle. "IT'S OVER NOW, YZEIRA!" He roared, pushing back with all his might as the energy within his beam began to glow a whiter, brighter blue and began to intensify in sheer strength.
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