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Jenso glared at Ada, but said nothing in response. He turned to Jeff as he began to descend from the sky, reaching his right hand out to him. "Here, won't cut you." Jenso stated, as the energy he'd been charging up for a while changed into a powered up Omega Saw which hung in place beside Jeff as it spun around rapidly. It's composition had been changed, so dispersing it by striking it's center wasn't possible. Naturally, Jeff would be unable to detonate it whenever he wanted, but if anyone chose to strike it's center besides his allies, it would still explode into smaller saws. He didn't bother to hide it. After all, Ada would see it anyway, and he wouldn't exactly be using it to attack Ada himself.

Jenso landed on the ground, and began to head towards the tower in a quick pace.
Jenso continued to charge energy in his right hand, glaring at Ada as the castle robot attacked and Oz moved to flank her. That's when he heard Alvios's voice. When he heard that Vale had died, his fighting stance seemed so shatter for a moment. He nearly lost the energy that he'd been building in his hand, and he frowned."Vale's...Vale's dead?" He muttered, the shock in his voice apparent. He never wanted the vampire to die. He didn't exactly trust him too much anymore, but he'd helped Jenso many times on his journey despite his crazy behaviour.

He continued to listen to Alvios until he was finished. He paused for a moment, not replying right away. It wasn't a response that he could make lightly. A lot was at stake, after all. 'If I accept Yzeira's offer, my friends- no, not just my friends, the entire universe may be saved...' He thought, closing his eyes for a moment. '...But the order isn't exactly the most trustworthy of people. Still...we're out of time.' He thought.

"I understand, Alvios...I will speak to Yzeira. We need to reach him either way. I suppose there's no real harm in trying to reason with him first. Not that I really trust him, though." He stated to everyone in the communicator, smirking to himself. "We've been through a hell of a ride together, haven't we guys? I want you to know, that it's been my pleasure and honour to fight alongside you guys. I couldn't have had better friends." Jenso stated. "Regardless of how things turn out between me and Yzeira, I hope you guys stay strong." He added.

He turned to Dacer briefly and smirked. "I'm glad we managed to save you, Dacer. I'm happy that I managed to keep my promise to Lark." Jenso spoke. It was certainly a weight off his shoulders. He turned to Ada, and rose his voice.

"Hey, witch. I'm willing to speak to Yzeira about his offer. If you let me pass, I won't lay a finger on you." Jenso spoke reluctantly to her. He wanted to fight her beside the others, but time was of the essence. He couldn't afford to be held up here.
Jenso nodded at Dacer, and began to speak through the communicator within his visor so everyone could hear him, including Oz and Jeff who were still at ground level. He left the communicator on, so the others heard Dacer's advice as well. "I see...I believe tagging along with Jeff would be my best bet to get past Ada and reach the tower, then. I could try to hang onto you as you Flicker dash, Dacer, but that would end up putting you at risk.." Jenso muttered. "It does look like Oz thoroughly pissed Ada off, though. We may be able to use that to our advantage, too."

"I think Jeff should try to get me across so I could get past Ada to reach the tower, while Oz and Dacer approach from another angle and cause a diversion, along with the castle robot, while keeping the pressure on her. Sound like a plan?" He asked everyone. He began to charge something up within the palm of his right hand, calmly waiting for everyone's response. They had to be very quick about this, but mindlessly rushing into their deaths wouldn't do much good, either.
A burst of flames erupted from Jenso's feet, to launch himself out of range of the tendrils and to burn any that got too close beneath him. It was a controlled but strong burst, enough to launch him beside Dacer and not anywhere beyond that. He wasn't too surprised that his flame wall had failed. After all, he was merely testing the waters to see how Ada's goo would respond to Arki in her serious, enraged state. He'd focused on the energy he'd channeled into the ground earlier at the same time and twitched his fingers with his left hand, quickly moving it deeper underground and further away from Ada's location to avoid it from being overwhelmed by the tendrils. Although, he doubted that the flames were un noticed by Ada.

Jenso turned to Dacer and frowned. " you have any plan of attack, man?" Jenso asked him. "From what I've learned and seen, her goo seems to weaken when she needs to focus on several areas at once. Should we try to approach her from several different angles, then, while the robot, and one or two of us tries to grab most of her attention as a diversion?" He asked.

Jenso turned towards Oz briefly. "Sorry...I guess we're not doing your cannon plan...but if your really that effective, maybe you have the best shot at reaching her, then.." He muttered.
Jenso smirked at Ada as she reappeared onto the scene, injured and enraged. "Wow, you're still alive?" He muttered in a slightly surprised tone. He was confident in Oz's strength, but he also knew about the fact that the Order members weren't easy to kill. Jenso turned towards the robot for a moment and stared at it in amazement. "HOLY FUCK!!" He shrieked. As the castle robot unleashed arcane lasers into the tendrils, Jenso paid close attention to it. If pure arcane proved to be effective, it would be worth considering to use it.

Jenso began to channel energy into the ground through his feet, and coated his fists in Ki. He stomped his left foot on the floor, and a white wall of flames erupted before Oz, Jeff, Jenso and Dacer. It began to grow wider and larger as it moved forwards at the tendrils with great pushing power, intended to clear the path.
Jenso nodded at Dacer. "Right...we need to defeat Yzeira before that happens. We don't have any time to waste. Let's go, guys!" Jenso called out to Oz and Jeff as well. "Bruce and Alvios are here too. The five of us have been taking on Ada, Vale and you. Looks like those battles are over, though." He explained. "The rest of the Order are probably all in the tower, and it wouldn't surprise me if Yzeira was at the very top."
Jenso walked forwards, stopping beside Dacer. "You and the rest of us, buddy." Jenso stated. "From the looks of it, Oz killed her already, but I wouldn't assume she's out of the picture just yet. These people are tricky and hard to kill, after all."

"Oh, in case you don't remember, you also have mine, and Lark's One with Nature form within your body. So, heads up." He added.
Jenso was relieved that Oz managed to avoid the attack with Jeff's help, but gave Oz a frown after he'd touched Dacer's forehead. What good would that even do? When Oz was done, and Dacer's One With Gaia form faded along with the purple hue, Jenso gave Dacer a confused look. It seemed like he was just as confused as Jenso and Jeff were. Did Oz turn him back to normal? "'d you do that?" He asked Oz, releasing Dacer as he stood up.
Jenso smirked at Dacer as the gravity increased, despite the fact that he'd just dug his back claws into his chest and a yolt of pain went through him. Now, not only was he caught by his right arm, but he was also stuck to Jenso with his own claws. He'd lost his speed advantage and was stuck, and Jenso had no intention of letting him go. The geyser of flames erupted violently beneath the two, engulfing Dacer within it and leaving serious burn wounds all over his body while it straight up phased through Jenso.

As Dacer swiped at him, Jenso quickly reeled his head back and quickly tilted it to the left side side to move it out of the way and to keep his distance from the swipe, and let himself fall over towards the left while using his own increased body's weight along with Dacer's to slam both of them onto the ground and to hopefully get Dacer's swipe to miss by the sudden shift. He made sure not to fall to far to ensure that they remained in the gravity field. "Keep it up...!!" He cried out to Oz.
Jenso glared at Dacer as he approached, as he coated his fists in Arki. He began to channel Ki in the palm of his right hand as he quickly ducked under Dacer's horizontal slash attack while thrusting his right fist upwards at the expanding Ki, unleashing a focused shockwave of Ki of his own to stop it from striking him. He made sure that his hand wasn't too high to avoid it from getting slashed.

He was unsure if it would be enough to stop the attack from heading to Oz and Jeff, though. He coated both of his lower arm sections in Arki along with his hands as well, raising his arms upwards to his right in order to grab Dacer's arm when his slash would end. He devoted himself entirely on defense, hoping to use his sheer strength to hold Dacer in place, if only for a moment.

He shifted his left foot on the ground, and the flames he'd channeled into the ground when Oz came for him earlier erupted from the ground below Dacer. 'Geyser..' Jenso thought. He began to speak, but kept looking at Dacer. "Oz, I hope you understand the gravity of the situation!" He spoke. It was a riddle, but he hoped Oz would get what he was saying. He didn't exactly want Dacer to know what he asked him to do.
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