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Flin glared back at the Myti. 'With those injuries, she shouldn't be able to move around when Ell stops using her powers.' He thought, looking over at the druid. He nodded in response to Noru. "Yea, I think this fight is over." He stated calmly. He remained wary of the Myti despite what he had just said. This was still a dangerous and well-prepared assasin, despite her condition. "How are Daelin's injuries looking? Will he be alright?" He asked Noru.
Flin lunged forward when Hyo dropped Daelin, keeping himself low to avoid getting pulled by the wind. Luckily, it was focused on the Myti. He grabbed Dealin by his shoulders and attempted to pull him further away from the Myti to place his body behind Noru on a safe distance. He used metaphysical energy to lower the gravity on Daelin's body for a short moment as he did, to move him faster.

With that done, he flicked his left wrist as mana focused around his hand. He used his telekenetic grab to move and aim the crossbow bolt that Daelin had fired earlier which was still on the ground nearby. He launched it at the back of the Myti's leg that was still free, aiming for her knee while she attempted to pull her other leg out of the ground.

We just ended up waiting for ya :P

For reference on what happened, check the 5th and 7th post from top to bottom on Page 19!
Shane enjoyed his meal to the fullest. His stomach was no longer whining, and it would certainly keep him going for a little while. "Thanks for the meal, bud!" He said to Peter, smiling at him. He poured gold onto the bar beside his plate to pay for the meal. He was about to stand up and leave, but he saw something that was moving quickly from the corner of his eye. It was a small hand, looking to snatch the gold he'd left. It was done in an incredibly fast and silent movement, too. If Shane wasn't on high-alert due to past experience with pickpockets, he may never have noticed.

Shane quickly placed his arm in the way of the gold before Vizz could grab it. He looked at Vizz's small figure with a frown. He couldn't see his face properly, so he assumed that it was just some kid trying to snatch his money. "Look, kid.." He calmly said. "I know times are harsh, but this ain't what you should be doing. Stealing won't get you far." He told Vizz.
Flin glanced at Noru for a moment. It was possible that the Myti heard what he'd been saying, and was planning to counter it somehow. If she managed to recover and held Daelin hostage, they'd be in a bad position. He moved his mouth as if he was whispering to Noru, but nothing seemed to come out. A voice emerged from the Myti's left ear, one that she would recognise and only she would hear. It sounded like one of the other Myti that had assaulted the caravan, the one who'd screamed after the flashbang had gone off earlier. It sounded a little distant but relatively close to make it sound as realistic as possible. He hoped it would make the Myti glance into that direction.

"Over here!"

At the same moment, Flin used his telekenetic grab with his left hand on a small rock nearby which was at the opposite direction, at the Myti's right side. He removed any sound that it would make with his right hand, and flung it at her head with a quick movement of his left hand, allowing the wind to speed it up again in an attempt to knock the Myti out.
Flin's eyes widened as Daelin was brought to the ground. He had to act quickly, or his friend would be finished. He used telekenesis to pull a large piece of the wreckage from the ground, and made it fly at the side of the Myti in an attempt to knock her off. She was still imprisoned by wind, which he hoped would keep her in place. The incoming metal piece accelerated due to Ellorei's wind which would only increase it's impact, and Flin moved his mouth. But no sound seemed to come forth, and only Ellorei could hear his voice.

"Keep that bitch in place!"
Shane frowned as Lilith walked away. "I'm sorry." He said to Lilith. He felt that he was partly to blame for getting her so worked up, and causing her to hurt her hand. But at least it was confirmed that she was concerned about him in particular. In a sense, it was better than herself or her kids being in trouble. Priests usually had pretty luxurious lives, and would have an easier time to deal with problems. But it was still terrible to see her like this. But as Peter approached, he gave him a warm smile. "Thank you!" He sung, munching on his meal.

Baeshri Pass - Caravan Centaurus

Flin glared at the Myti that emerged from the darkness. He wasn't quick enough to aid Daelin against her attack, but perhaps he could help him when he countered. He aimed the palms of his hands at the Myti, using telekenesis to try to yank on her shoulders to pull her body into Daelin's arrow as Flin himself jumped further back, to try to hold her in place momentarily before she could get any solid footing on the ground.
"I see." Flin responded to Daelin, and began to search around the wreckage as well. He made sure to stay close near the druid. He doubted that he'd have better luck than an experienced scout like Daelin, but he was certainly going to do his best. On one hand, he was glad that they didn't find Marilyn's battered corpse. But she could still be severely injured, so there was no time to waste. Especially after how much time they'd spent dealing with the Myti before looking for her. "Don't worry. We'll find her." He said.
Shane smiled at Lilith. "I'm glad you guys are doing good! This is always a great place to come to." He said. He relaxed on his bar stool, patiently waiting for his meal despite the painful whining that his stomach was making every now and then. He tried to hide the noises as best he could, but he wasn't very succesful in doing so. "Myron? Oh, that priest, right?" He inquired. He could tell that something must have happened between him and Lilith. "I haven't seen him in a while. Is he doing okay?" He asked. He didn't trust the Priests or the Black Cathedral at all, but he was never bothered by Myron's presence in the pub.
Flin glanced over at Daelin as he walked off, and looked back at Ellorei with a frown. "Sorry, Ell. Guy's got a point." He admitted. He certainly wanted to learn more from the druid, but it wasn't the time to stand still and play around. They were trying to rescue Marilyn, after all. And he wasn't exactly keen on getting on Daelin's bad side, or getting nasty remarks from Noru. "But I'll listen to your magic advice later, after we find our friend. Alright?" He said in a friendly tone, and moved onwards to follow Daelin. Ellorei seemed like a nice person, but now wasn't the time to mess around. Despite how much Flin wanted to learn, his sense of duty was more important now. Especially when one of his crewmate's lives was at stake.
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