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Jenso glared at Yzeira as the small orbs appeared around his head. Part of him wanted to resist, but he decided against it. "Alright...I have to admit, you've gotten me curious now, too." He said, allowing Yzeira to do what he claimed he would attempt to do. It was a huge risk, but it wasn't as if Yzeira needed to lie. Jenso did not pose a threat to him right now.
Jenso stared lazily at Yzeira, seeming unaffected by his goading. "In my 'youth' is still a pretty loose word, buddy. I've helped people and taken plenty of beatings and whatnot before I became an adult, too. I've told you about things that I've been constantly subjected too. Try using your brain to be more specific next time." Jenso retorted with a smirk. "I don't remember anything special happening before my powers awakened, no. Not that I can think of right now." He added, stretching himself out. "Keep trying to taunt me if you must, it may actually work at some point." He mocked.
"I've always remained true to myself. Helping others in need, fighting bad guys wherever I went. Part of it was probably because Ada decided to play her mind game with me, which only made me stronger in the process along the rest of my journey. I got more durable in regards of taking hits too, despite taking plenty of beatings as I defeated many foes. If there's anything I felt during that, it was will power. The will to do what is right." Jenso declared, clenching his fists. "There's also the fact that I've been killed twice. First by Prisma, and later by your hand back in Feraldia." He added.

"If it wasn't for all those that helped me to get this far, including Lark and Luke, I never would have gotten this strong."
"What?" Jenso barked quickly in response, waiting for whatever Yzeira had to say to him. He glared intently at him. Jenso still had plenty of fight left inside him, but he wouldn't be achieving anything right now. He remembered that Yzeira's power was linked to his children. If the others managed to injure or kill one of them, he may still be able to damage Yzeira.
Jenso sighed deeply, standing up as he grabbed Luke a chair. He couldn't believe that he was obeying Yzeira, but he had no choice right now. He had no way to damage him, besides with Bruce's instrument perhaps. But if he used that, he'd need to wait for the right moment. And, if he fought right now, it would put both Luke and his mother at risk. "Sorry, dad...I already did everything I could. I can't damage him." Jenso admitted, with a sad expression on his face. "At this point, we either obey or get killed."
Jenso looked over at Luke. "Dad...I'm glad you survived." Jenso said in a relieved tone, as his bullet was stopped.
Yzeira's reasoning seemed a little more reasonable than Jenso had expected. Still, what he'd been doing was wrong. "But...what about evolution? Wouldn't it be better to keep universes alive, and check up on them from time to time to see if there's anything new to learn? Every universe may have their own unique process of learning new things after a good amount of time, which may still help you with your research in the long run." Jenso stated.
Jenso couldn't help but grunt irritably when Yzeira referred to him as an animal. He sighed. "Destroying universes for ten thousand years...why?" He asked bluntly, looking over at his mother briefly before looking back at Yzeira.
Jenso sighed, and sat down. He still had Bruce's instrument, but he needed to wait for the right moment to use it. If he was going to try it, he needed to make it count. For now, he decided to obey. "Fine...say what you want to say."
Jenso blinked. "Um, alright?" He muttered. Luke would be making his way to the top regardless, so he may as well help with the shortcut. He walked over to Yzeira and began helping him with the desk.
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