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Jenso smiled at his parents. "Yeah, that seems like the best thing to do right now. Take care of yourselves, guys." Jenso said, and bolted up the stairs.
Jenso took the slap in the face, recoiling slightly due to the unexpected strike and nodded at Luke. "I did try to trick him, that's why I lied before so he'd let his guard down. I agree, there's no point in trying to trick him again. But yeah...I'm not too good with patience, that's true." Jenso stated, with a small smirk on his face. He placed his hand on his heart as well. He paused for a moment before speaking again.

"So...I should wait for the right moment before I strike?" He mumbled. "Bruce did tell me that Yzeira's power was connected to the other Order members. Looks like I'll have to wait for the others to weaken their opponents, then. Seems like my best bet. Perhaps that will also weaken Yzeira himself." Jenso added calmly. Elise and Luke's advice seemed to have calmed him down, despite the tense situation.
Jenso regained his composure after his mother pulled him back, and sighed. "I don't know...I might have had a chance with my One with Nature ability, but I lost it during the fight against Dacer. Still, I remained confident and climbed this tower. But yeah, I certainly can't hurt him, not even with Bruce's instrument combined." Jenso stated, and frowned. "I have no idea how I'm supposed to beat him now, but if we give up, we're all going to die anyway. You're right, though...I shouldn't get up there without a plan. But I don't know how I can become strong enough to hurt him." Jenso admitted.
Jenso sighed in relief as Luke and Elise were okay. The result of his attack wasn't very pleasing to witness, though. "Not even me and Bruce's Ki combined can pierce his barrier..?" He mumbled, and clenched his fists. He said nothing for a moment, but began to advance to the exit of the library. "You guys should find somewhere safe...I'm going to face Yzeira. Please don't follow, I don't want you guys to be in danger. Well, despite the fact that the whole universe might get destroyed." Jenso stated, and dashed up the stairs. He looked at Elise and Luke one final time.

"I'm glad I got to meet you, mom and dad." He finally muttered with a smile, and advanced upwards.
Jenso stood up immediately, and glared at Yzeira. It was as he'd expected. He wanted to make him suffer as much as he could. "I was never going to agree, dad..." Jenso admitted, and walked beside Luke. "...And I never surrendered to him to begin with, despite how hopeless it looks." He shifted his foot on the ground, and the energy gathered within the desk erupted violently as it headed for Yzeira. It was yet another one of Jenso's spears, but it suddenly sped up significantly as it moved, and began to look far more focused in shape. Jenso's raw Ki power, fused together with Bruce's great Ki control.

At the very same moment as this happened, Jenso grabbed Luke's arm with his left hand as a burst of flames erupted from his feet, flame dashing at top speeds towards his mother to pull her further away from Yzeira with his right hand. He prepared to use his own body as a shield if Yzeira chose to send any energy at them in this exchange, prepared to push or fling them out of harm's way. 'Flame dash...'
Jenso frowned at Yzeira, looking down at the ground as he grit his teeth. He began to slowly channel Ki towards the desk through his right hand, which looked like nothing more than an act of frustration. As he did, his body was briefly surrounded by wildly flailing flames, which activated Bruce's instrument that was still hidden within his pocket while also contributing to the appearance of his frustrated state. Most of the Ki he'd channeled towards the side of the desk was his, which masked the presence of Bruce's hidden within. Jenso's Ki had been proven inaffective against Yzeira's barrier earlier, so he hoped Yzeira would not be concerned. The Ki right now, wasn't dangerous in it's current state. He seemed deep in thought for a while, not showing any hostility in his behaviour at all. He sighed deeply.

"Fine...looks like I have no choice at this point. You have a deal." He stated, and reached out his left hand towards Yzeira to shake his hand in agreement. "But I expect you to keep your word." He added. Yzeira was clearly annoyed that he wouldn't be able to research Jenso properly if he were to kill him, so he hoped his increased interest in him would cause Yzeira to let his guard down, if only for a brief moment. 'I can't mess this up now...I'll only have one shot.'
Jenso took note of Yzeira's annoyance as he finished doing whatever he was doing. Not even he could figure it out, a man who was a great mage and who'd lived ten thousand years? It was very strange. His muscles tensed up as Yzeira mentioned another deal. If he refused, it was possible that Yzeira would lash out at him or his parents. His current situation was far less than ideal. "Okay, so what deal is that?" He asked, placing his right hand against the side of the desk. He eyed his parents briefly, keeping an eye on what Yzeira was doing.
Jenso glared at Yzeira as the small orbs appeared around his head. Part of him wanted to resist, but he decided against it. "Alright...I have to admit, you've gotten me curious now, too." He said, allowing Yzeira to do what he claimed he would attempt to do. It was a huge risk, but it wasn't as if Yzeira needed to lie. Jenso did not pose a threat to him right now.
Jenso stared lazily at Yzeira, seeming unaffected by his goading. "In my 'youth' is still a pretty loose word, buddy. I've helped people and taken plenty of beatings and whatnot before I became an adult, too. I've told you about things that I've been constantly subjected too. Try using your brain to be more specific next time." Jenso retorted with a smirk. "I don't remember anything special happening before my powers awakened, no. Not that I can think of right now." He added, stretching himself out. "Keep trying to taunt me if you must, it may actually work at some point." He mocked.
"I've always remained true to myself. Helping others in need, fighting bad guys wherever I went. Part of it was probably because Ada decided to play her mind game with me, which only made me stronger in the process along the rest of my journey. I got more durable in regards of taking hits too, despite taking plenty of beatings as I defeated many foes. If there's anything I felt during that, it was will power. The will to do what is right." Jenso declared, clenching his fists. "There's also the fact that I've been killed twice. First by Prisma, and later by your hand back in Feraldia." He added.

"If it wasn't for all those that helped me to get this far, including Lark and Luke, I never would have gotten this strong."
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