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Flin's entire vision was a blur after colliding with the wall, but his mind slowly got used to what'd just happened as he began to see clearly again. He wheezed as if he had some trouble breathing, but was still able to recompose himself as Neale shook his arm. He looked up at him and smirked slightly, using his other arm to clean off the blood on his forehead. Fortunately, his head injury wasn't too deep. His chest area on the other hand, was a different story. It hurt like hell. "This ain't put me down..." He muttered to him, standing up slowly. He noted Daelin's appearance as he entered the caravan, and nodded at him. "K...keep an eye at the front, Daelin. I'm going to find Noru." He stated.

He overlooked the room that he was within briefly, to reassure himself Noru wasn't there. He kept himself low as he moved into the storage area to find the medic, to the area where he'd most likely be at. He scanned that room as well, to see if he would be able to see anything that would give away Noru's position. He began to move aside any supplies that may have covered up the medic's body. "Noru, are you conscious?" He said, hoping for a quick response to confirm that he was actually still alive, and to pinpoint the man's location faster as well. The room was quite a mess now, after all.
Flin's eyes snapped open the moment the explosion went off, immediately realising something was wrong. But he was already flying in mid-air, launched right out of his bunk. Due to this, he was fortunate enough to avoid getting struck by Neale as his bunk shattered from his collision with it. If not, being struck by the heavily armoured man may have killed him. However, before he could even properly react, he slammed into the wall at the opposite side with his chest, cracking several of his ribs. His head also grazed the wall with a violent yank, causing his forehead to bleed.


I will do my best to contribute broski
Flin had relaxed after the five minutes that he'd been observing the dragonflies. They did not seem hostile. "I'm gonna lay down for a bit." He said. He walked away and decided to sleep in his bunk as well. With Pyra back up, he felt more at ease to sleep. An Eldi wasn't to be underestimated, after all. If something did go wrong, surely someone would be screaming soon enough. After three hours had passed, he was still soundly asleep. "Best sound mage...heh..." He murmured to himself in his sleep.
Flin nodded, and rose from his seat. "Alright." He simply said, and wandered off towards where he'd been earlier. He wanted to sit down again, but stopped himself as he noticed the purple dragonflies. "Huh..." He muttered. Something seemed off, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it. Was he just being paranoid since the event with the maw hounds? He leaned against the wall nearby, and decided to simply observe the creatures for now.
Flin listened closely and glared at Neale when he became more agressive, keeping a close eye on him. He really didn't like this man. Not only had he not shown any gratitude for being saved by them or by the Paladin, but he tried to raise his hand towards Noru as well. Of course, Flin didn't like Noru in the slightest, but Neale annoyed him more right now. He wasn't about to let him attack one of his fellow caravan members, even if Neale implied that he was a traitor. He sighed deeply when the situation seemed to calm down. "Noru, did Katelyn tell you why she wanted her identity to remain hidden? If she did, would you be willing to tell us?" He asked calmly. "I know you made a promise to keep it secret, but her cover has been blown now, anyway." He added. "And the fact that there's a giant man with a hammer that can topple caravans and take on a Paladin really worries me."
Flin listened closely to the conversation. 'So, a big man with a hammer. What a detailed description.' He thought sarcasticly. As a Paladin was mentioned, his eyes widened. "A Paladin...? On your Caravan?!" He questioned, with clear shock in his voice. He always looked up to Paladins and their Divine magic. Honestly, anything magical related that he couldn't do interested him. "She was a paladin, and didn't wear the proper uniform or announced before hand that she was one? How odd. Why would that be?" He muttered.
Flin smiled at Zay and nodded, appreciating the fact that he wanted him to sit down. To him, it was a sign of respect. He ignored Noru and Neale's eye rolling as he took a seat. "Apologies, Captain Neale. I wasn't prepared to formally greet someone whose life I helped saving." He retorted plainly to Neale. He glanced over at Zay for a moment, and looked back at Neale. "Although, Captain Zay did the most. Might have saved our own lives, too. With all due respect, sir, you could be more grateful." He stated, looking back at Zay. "I know I am." He added.

"Let's look at the facts. Your caravan was knocked over, and you managed to limp all the way to our caravan. Surely, you must have managed to see the man who struck you up close with a hammer. How did he look like, and how many men did he have with him? What clothing or armour did they wear?" Flin asked.
Flin had been sitting on the bench with his eyes closed, debating between falling asleep or overhearing the conversation with a grin on his face. When Neale mentioned that his entire caravan had been killed and that he'd been injured by one man with a hammer, his eyes flashed open and he rose from his bench. He did wonder what was within Marilyn's pocket, but it was none of his business. He headed towards Zay, Noru and Neale. He leaned against the wall, peering at Neale with great curiousity.

"Apologies for interrupting, but what you spoke of peaked my interest. Just how frighteningly strong was that man, exactly? What is he capable of, and how did he look like?" He asked, crossing his arms. He looked more serious than usual. He was trying his best not to storm the man with questions, but the fact that one man could kill an entire caravan and injure a captain like this was almost unbelievable.
Flin had been enjoying the scenery while playing some adventurous sounding music, due to the faster pace that the caravan was moving at now. As Neale woke up, he abruptly stopped playing his music and glanced over his shoulder to see what the commotion was. He smiled, and relaxed again. But he decided to listen well. He was quite curious to learn about what happened to the man. He looked at Marilyn, and then back at the road. She was certainly commited to her task, which was surprising for newbies. "So far, so good..." He mused, closing his eyes for a quick rest. "If you need anything, let me know. Or just call for one of the others, heh." He said to Marilyn.
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