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Yep, certainly. I will PM it to you.
After reading the opening post, my only question right now would be the the limits with devil fruits? Could I create one instead of using an already existing one?

You can create one, yes.

Of course, it will need to be judged by the Lead GM before you can start RPing with it.
We have a few more slots left, if peeps are interested.
@reaping Adder

New characters cannot have access to Logia fruits from the start.

If you're still interested to join though, DM me!
Bump! We have one more slot left in the second crew!
Yet another bump!
Bump! This roleplay has been going strong for 8 months with a strong core group.

We are looking for some moderators, and crewmembers for a secondary crew.

If this interests you at all, send me a DM, and I'll fill you in on the details! Alternatively, you can respond on this thread, and I'll follow up with you myself.
Bump! We're still looking for more peeps :P

We're still looking for some people, if anyone's interested!

Our RP is still going strong!
As it's not very clear to those spectating the thread, people do get responded too when they post here!

I just tend to do it through DM's immediately lol
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