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That's sounds reasonable to me. Can I get an invite to the server?
After reading the opening post, my only question right now would be the the limits with devil fruits? Could I create one instead of using an already existing one?
@Rockin Strings Sorry, bro. Didn't get to push through with this one.

Might start a Onepunchman RP though.
@Vongola_Hasayo Will send you a PM soonish on the sheet.

@Sunbather Let's go for somewhat powerful, but you can get creative on the reasons why you got captured. Strength-wise you'd be around the levels of Buggy, Kuro, Krieg, or Arlong. Probs pre Grand Line power houses at most.
@EnterTheHero I mean, all the quirky characters is what makes One Piece fun, so if everybody chooses to go the DF route, I suppose we could do that.

But yeah, once the ship sinks I guess it'll be another crews time as the protagonists.
@EnterTheHero I wanna say any, but if deemed to overpowered, will have to say no or slap on some temporary nerfs. Logias are probs gonna be the ones that'll fall into this category the most. Also would depend on what others would go for. Not saying that its impossible, but I'm not too keen on the idea of having two logias, three mythicals, and 5 paramecias in a rookie crew.
@ProPro Crew positions will be decided on by the players. Aside from the captain and first mate, I don't mind positions to overlap. The lack of utility would be something I could exploit given certain situations.

Decisions on where to go would be decided by the crew. And even if you decide on where to go, what you do on the island wouldn't necessarily be the same, right? Well, unless everyone just wants to stick together. Hence the "semi-sandbox" aspect.

Sorry for the delayed reply, but let's see what I can do here.


I'm interested in joining, but I'm not sure whether or not this rp includes any canon-info. Roger isn't named, but his status seems to exist etc. So my questions is, what's the status of the world? Any canon-characters around, like Roger or the Yonko or the big marines? Is it full canon? AU?

Thanks in advance :)
I prefer we stray away from any canon info. Mentioning characters may be acceptable, but only in passing. Events, locations, and objects would be more okay. It'll be based on canon, but I plan to come up with OC stuff.

In addition to the above questions, would we have access to canon devil fruits (for example the gomu gomu no mi)? Are all players part of the same crew, or would we have separate adventures, being as you described this as semi-sandbox? In the case of being separate, does that mean we'd make multiple characters to fill out our ships? More details in general, please.
Canon DFs would be up for grabs, but I'll have to double check just to make sure I don't use any for NPCs and whatnot. I plan to make everyone be part of one crew. It'll be easier to manage and I'm a fan of IC interactions among players. It'll still be semi-sandbox but decisions would be made as a crew or at least some situations would call for it.

Welcome, young pirate, to the world of One Piece!

Here, you shall be exposed to an age of romanticism filled with adventure and piracy. No prior knowledge of the One Piece world is needed, but if any one feel like reading up, you may access this site: One Piece


Seventeen years ago, the world changed. One man of implacable zeal and indomitable will, the Pirate King, met his end after sharing with the world the existence of his greatest treasure. Lust, greed, and pride brought a slew of pirates, invoking the wrath of the World Government and the Marines, starting something more akin to a war in this new age of piracy.

Some seas fared better than others: the Grand Line saw a boom of commerce as adventurers and pirates alike arrived, but with so many bloody accidents, costly miscalculations, and gruesome battles, the death toll seemed to rise much more. The East Blue remained mostly tranquil, as it had often been, as did the West. The North boomed loudly, but in the South, there was trouble. Though it was the largest of the seas by population, it did not have the peace of the East, the technology of the North, or the history of the West. Without the staying power of tranquility, craft, or tradition, the South saw the largest boom in piracy from the Blue Seas. Some tales traded of chaos at Reverse Mountain where too many ships tried to enter simultaneously in the dawn light, rushing as if One Piece was just on the other side. Worse yet, the increased piracy left less of the able bodied to defend cities, making it all to easy for failed pirates to return to their seas with many undefended islands to plunder. Some failed pirates turned to other avenues of crime, abusing the fact that the Marines and law enforcement were spread thin.

Countries fell, only to be replaced with new regimes, just to fall once again. Marines, fatigued from the constant struggle, fell to corruption and greed to ease their burden. The seas have quieted in parts, but under the surface lies a thick layer of blight, and thundering skies approach. The seas have never been stranger.


On Stranger Tides will be a semi-sandbox type role play. Following an Age of Romanticism, adventure and relative peace, this age is a fairly dark one. You can be anything you wish; as long as it is within reason and appropriate for the setting. Be as cunning as Law, reckless as Luffy, profane as Bartholomeo, or as merciless and bloodthirsty as Kid or Akainu; your choice really. And if you're not sure what Stat to get, you can ask around or just request for help like just asking for a random Devil Fruit.

We'll initially start within one of the Blues then move on to tackle the Grand Line itself. More emphasis would be directed towards sailings and the journey in between islands. Improving your ship via parts and upgrades will be options granted to you. Goals throughout the story would probably include improving your skills and abilities, amassing wealth beyond your imaginations, become infamous beyond measure, and engraving your name in history to name a few.

I won't go into detail, but technology has somewhat advanced as compared to that in the manga. And if you were wondering, most of the canon characters are dead or retreated from the world altogether. We'll start the story with everyone being apprehended by the Marines.

Character Sheet:

Please send them to me via PM. Otherwise, they will not be entertained.

@Pacifista@Jin Of Mana@Iatos@Pirouette@Orange Juice@addamas@HeroicSociopath@Er0r@Drifting Pollen@McFazzer@Patches@Riegal@Leotamer

Given my current circumstances, I might have to go on a temporary hiatus from RPing. I'll have a definite answer in the next 24 hours. To everyone, I have to apologize and I'm really sorry.
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