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Today I feel like a muffin. consume it... and it wil lbe your final meal. Heh.... he he.
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Feelin like a boss... The Kind that Wipe everyone if they don't do everything right.... HAH ha ha ha ha...
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Who Ate those!?... I ate those. I have entered this realm once again.


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Its to note that certain types of Pokémon will have advantages or disadvantages in certain situations.
The rot came and claimed all.

The question is if you actually dare leave the bus after so long. Into the open wild world without the safety of your seat and and the warmth of the closed space.
@Tominashail Ita about time!

XD jk
Welcome into the twilight.

Here you can find everything from Angels to flying Zebras, from Dragons to Pixies, Witches, and Warlocks. That and everything in between.

The Twilight Zone exists within every realm, in every universe, and in every era, it's accessible from anywhere at any time given you know the proper chant.

The chant? you may ask: Let me bask in neither light nor dark, tread away and on a journey embark. Take me now to the Zone of Twilight, for I am a seeker, and the twilight is my guide.".

The Twilight Zone: A realm unlike any other realm, its habitable for all who enters no matter from which element you come from. The 'Zone' (The Space in the Twilight) adjusts to the demands of a 'Seeker' (A being who seeks to enter the twilight) and changes accordingly to accommodate for anything they may need.

It does this for each and every 'seeker' yet allow them all to exist on the very same plane at the same time. It doesn't matter from whence you came, the twilight zone exists within its own 'now' with its own set of time allowing for a constant day, night or a day and night cycle to exist.

There's only one currency in the twilight realm, or two if you count selling parts of yourself for the true currency. Twilight Coins or TC for short is not able to travel outside the twilight zone making them completely unique and only obtainable once inside. However, your not able to bring anything into the twilight zone, to the point where you are naked upon arrival. These coins can be obtained by participating in certain activities as well as performing jobs in the twilight zone.

Any being that enters the twilight zone will awaken in a Humanoid form (A Human-like shape meaning it usually human-like in some form.) While able to take their true form or shift to the human like form on demand. Beings that are human like from the start doesn't benefit from this.

There is, however, a rule to be allowed entry:

The first rule is that anyone that wants to enter must be between 18-25 years old, any younger and you will be deemed too young to be allowed entry without exception. Any older and you be deemed too old to need to 'escape' into another world. Interact, bond, find your love, the twilight zone does not judge, it welcomes all Seekers of the right age, and you will find just about anything to waste your time here with for as long as you want.

Oh, you might also want to know that even if you spend a hundred years inside the twilight zone, not a second has gone by in the world you left.

@Cassowarysaurthough it was a hero thing.

But I'll change it.
Sasha Novalin: "Saturnia 'The Mach Valkyria'"

Sasha had never been one to sit still, yet today even her usual restlessness seemed to go overboard. She had been down in the garage since before breakfast and been taking apart a motorcycle and put it back together again at least three times. For those that knew her well, they could probably tell that she was actually quite nervous, they would soon be taking on new apprentices, new faces, and new lives that they would be responsible for. It was a bit of pressure to take in and Sasha didn't want to mess up or do something too embarrassing. When the call came that the bus had finally left the hotel she couldn't sit still any longer.

She headed to the stairs and threw off grimy clothes when she came up. She headed past the living quarters and towards her private ones "Hey Marcus, you Giant Teddy bear!. I'm heading out to check on the bus, I'll be back in twelve. " she called out while going to her room to put on a clean jumpsuit before heading to the armory. She headed inside and looked to her flight suit while putting on her headset "Saturnia taking wing. How's the weather?" she called in the microphone. She got her response while strapping on her gear. "Rodger that Saturnia: There's a Mild autumn breeze to the east, fair winds, and clear skies. Traffic's near nonexistent, have a safe flight" they responded from the ground control.

She stepped up on the ramp and took a deep breath. "Highway to the sky..."she said as the roof opened up and the ramp launched her up in the air like a catapult. At the peak of her launch, she activated the thrusters and shot away like a tomahawk missile. An unmistakable sonic boom was later heard when she reached enough height.

To the observant, they would probably spot a dot in the distance blast by near the highway, then said dot made a U.turn heading along traffic lines before getting closer and closer. It did not take Saturnia long to catch up to the bus once she found the right one, and then she quickly adjusted her speed to fly alongside it while the conditions allowed it passing over a few cars on the way. She scanned the faces of all the visible students as she flew near the window and then increased her speed to pass the bus slowly. Once she finished she dropped speed, however, letting the bus pass her once more, then she grinned slightly as she latched onto the rear of the bus and gave the students a bit of a surprise when they were suddenly pushed back in their seats as she gave it a Jet boost. Yet it was but for a few moments, before Saturnia let go again, she knew she didn't have the energy or strength to push the large vehicle all the way even if she wanted too. She flew up next to the bus once more and saluted the students before speeding up fast enough to pass it in a blink of an eye. The ones in the very front would see her vanish in the distance before flying up in the air and vanish in another sonic boom.

Saturnia had been gone for just about twelve minutes precisely when she returned. And as she landed on the ramp she let out a sigh "Phew, talk about burning calories"she said wiping of the sweat from her brow as the ramp lowered her safely to the armory once more. After putting her Suit back where it rested between missions she headed back to her room to hit the shower and she would stay there until the students finally arrived.

Name: Sasha Novalin

Age: 27

Hero Name: Saturnia 'The Mach Valkyria'


Sasha's story starts somewhere during her coming of age, she was a child of a mechanic and spent most of her childhood learning how to put stuff back together. When her quirk developed she used it mostly to weld plates together rather than finding another use for it.

She discovered the potency and potential of her quirk when she was speeding over a bridge on her motorcycle and the earthquake hit sending her off the side. Acting mostly out of reflex she let out her quirk full power and discovered the thrust was enough for her to fly with it.

She rose to hero with status helping people in distress in hard to reach places where flight was useful, and also helped to cut open cars or through steel to help free people that had been trapped.

She spent a few years working rogue before getting licensed, spending a small fortune on flight suits to support her abilities. Luckily by this time, there was plenty of sponsorship available and a small team to help her reach a higher level.

She came into contact with Marcus a few years back, and have been working together with him since.

Quirk:Emmiter: Jet Ray.

The ability of jet ray is almost as simple as its name. Saturnia is able to Emmit jet rays from parts of her body up to a maximum distance of 5m excluding heat. She mostly uses these for flight purposes emitting them from her feet to propel herself into the air. Without her bodysuit however her speed is severely limited due to her body not being able to withstand the velocity of quicker flights, yet flight is but one of the uses her quirk has.

Other uses are as follow:
Torch: Saturnia is capable of creating small jet rays to not only light up small areas, but these are essentially capable of both cutting through anything that cannot stand the highly concentrated heat of the jet ray, it can also be used to weld things together if necessary.


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