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Today I feel like a muffin. consume it... and it wil lbe your final meal. Heh.... he he.
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Feelin like a boss... The Kind that Wipe everyone if they don't do everything right.... HAH ha ha ha ha...
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Who Ate those!?... I ate those. I have entered this realm once again.


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Oops wrong thread
I don't care about gender pairings that much, I'll play any gender towards any gender. I'm open for kinks of almost all kinds and have few restrictions.

I like smut with plots, and I think humans are quite boring. So I'm rather open in ways of what to play.

I do prefer ocs for any fandoms: like Pokémon, Naruto or other animes etc.

Currently craving:

Animalistic (Furries/anthro/or animals, Pokémon etc) smut plot: "B is for Bitch?" An 'former' Alpha of a small pack have heard the stories of the uprising pack that have swept over rather land and conquered or eliminated all other packs In its way. Not wanting to abandon their homes the small pack decides to stay in hope that the big pack will either miss them or leave them alone... They are wrong. One day they are approached by a major host of the large conquer pack and is given a choice, they can either submit and do as the bigger pack say or be destroyed.

The former alpha get the option to become a mate for the bigger pack Alpha, in return that the pack will remain unharmed and gain more favorable living conditions.. The Smaller alpha agrees. In a show of conquest, the Leader mate with the former alpha in front of the entire former pack and new one, as well as making them do some other lewd tasks to show their submissions. The Alpha also give the former one a B rank, which at first does sound good, before the former alpha start to release that B stands for Bitch.
@Tominasyep I'm here
Awesome to hear that :)
I suppose we should introduce the True hero of the tale.


Lenght: 12M 40Feet.
Weight: Bus-Sempai is a bit sensitive about it: But weights 12tons exactly.
Height: 5M

Name: Captain Bus: "Bus-Sempai"
Gender: Very Uncertian, some do however state that Bus-Sempai is Male.
Age: 5 years
Personality: Very reliable, "Bus-Sempai" have yet to let anyone down and can get a lot of people to their destination by simply doing what Captain Bus does best. Bus-Sempai is very strong and even without a jet boost, he can reach a whopping 60mph in only thirty seconds flat. He's strong enough to climb steep hills and agile enough to turn on a dime at the size of a large building.

Background: Captain Bus, or simply 'Mac-loader 372' which was the name of Bus before it became famous was constructed by a group of very serious factory workers in a very serious bus factory. There he went through a bunch of really hard tests of both safety and reliability to ensure that his quality was top notch and that there was little left for questioning.

Captian bus became famous when a group of students stepped on it to be transported to their 'Wana-be hero' course. And did a great job of carrying all of them there without issues. Captain bus has served Five years in the Royal Bus Army, and only need to be refueled once a day at most.

A to B: A Very useful quirk indeed, Captain Bus possessed the ability to not only carry one but a large group of people to their destination reliably. It uses this quirk daily and the only weaknesses it has it that Captain bus is unable to travel across water or fly without help from either a cargo boat or a cargo plane.

Talents and Skills:

When Captian bus is not bus-y with saving the day by bu-ss-ing people to their destination, the captain enjoys side bus-siness where it bus-t bus-hes and shows it's skills and honor in bus-hido.
Wow, the bus is totally going to become a Meme.
Its to note that certain types of Pokémon will have advantages or disadvantages in certain situations.
The rot came and claimed all.
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