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Physical Education
Team: Best Team

Stepping forward into the huddle, Blaine stooped down to join the rest of his team. He felt like he should say something, but had only had a little time to glance at the rules of this sport before the team was called to rally. Glancing around, he could tell that overall they were an athletic group, but no one particularly stood out. Or rather, it was that they all stood out, a motley crew, as should be expected.

Blaine took a deep breath, exhaling with closed eyes. It was his first day here, and already he had no clue what was going on. That wasn’t entirely unexpected, but he needed to try his damndest to make a good impression. Think, damn it all! His fists clenched and his jaw tightened, sharp canines showing in a slight grimace. Glancing up, his brows furrowed in an intense stare, he locked his gaze upon the black-haired student who had spoken. An idea had struck. “Team captain, I’ve a plan. We take the ball and bull-rush down the middle, our staunchest blasting through their opposition with extreme prejudice. While this occurs, we fake a pass to one of our easily concealed teammates, in truth pressing on with our forward offense. It would require our strongest and most agile, but I believe it has a strong chance of success. Overall, we do seem to carry a size advantage. What say you?”

The faunus spoke with a voice like a gravel suspended in molasses, deep baritone rumbling out from his throat. His eyes blazed with an inextinguishable fire. Blaine had forgotten to introduce himself or ask for his teammates’ names, but all was forgotten in the face of glory. By the way Coach Roy Roy Fitzroy spoke, this was serious business. Blaine would not fail his allies. Not today. Not ever.

For him, this was war.

This was football.



I'm gonna try to hammer out a full CS by the end of this weekend, so expect a lil' somethin' somethin' soon
So hey, don't know if there's still room around here, but if there is I'd be interested in hopping on the crazy train, assuming that's kosher

Dropping this notice just so people know, in the dischord me, Hawlin, Chaser, and Stalfos are still there and are going to be active in this thread. We've all mentioned it there, just wanted to make sure that it doesn't seem like we have less people than we do.
Interested if there's still room
Still interested if there's room. I'm a sucker for Wild West stories


LOCATION: Shipwreck Cave
INTERACTING WITH: Ahnciel@Hawlin, Liv/Vitus@Chasers115, Alexander@Conscripts

The cave began to settle into a quiet as there was a dull, gurgling crunch, Kitty’s teeth not penetrating skin but the throat of the monster demolished beneath her powerful jaws. The shewolf huffed in disdain, unsatisfied with the lack of blood. She glanced over her shoulder towards Korgath, an expression of distaste evident across the species gap.

As Kitty made her way back to the group, she ended up back beside Korgath, though pointedly focused on the small girl with the scale mail. A slight growl issued from her muzzle as she nudged the orc’s side, gesturing with her nose. The green-haired girl didn’t smell right, and she was doing something strange.

Korgath stood straight once more, no longer bracing for the impact that never came. It seemed his newfound friends would be plenty capable in combat. Not a Hunting Pack, but something that he could live with. That was good. Still, it seemed Kitty was unhappy with something going on with ...Mage Liv? He thought her a mage, though to be honest, he wasn’t sure if the title did her justice. Regardless, it seemed she was hovering over one of the corpses of Sahuagin. Ordinarily nothing that the hunter would concern himself with, but Kitty always did have sharper instincts. He glanced back to his friend and gave a quick cutting motion with his hand, a clear order to keep things civil. He would keep his eyes open.

Still, now that the fish folk were gone, he was surprised. It had seemed previously like this would be similar to raiding goblin burrows, hordes of smaller creatures all striking at once… but there were only six. This seemed odd. Korgath turned to the group, shaking the blood from Skinner-Gutter and absentmindedly scratching Kitty behind her ears. “...Six. This is not many. Scholar Alexander, do you think there will be more?” He leaned against the wall of the tunnel for a moment, appreciating the feeling of cold stone against the back of his neck. He co He was regretting the decision to wear the chain more and more… Still, the cool air from the small one’s spell helped with the heat as blood drained from the orc’s skin, returning its normal verdant hues. He smiled, making eye contact with the short figure. “Employer Ahnciel, I thank you for cold. If you keep it up, I would certainly not mind.”
Lololol, archprincipal.

Also, I'm sorry I've been so behind, university's gotten fucking CRAZY and I'm trying my damndest to keep up with school and life and writing at the same time. As things stand, I'll try to get up a CS tomorrow, but I've got two exams on Monday so we'll see how that goes. If you need to, feel free to start without me
Life's a little crazy rn, but I'll try to put a CS up tonight. Tonight being not right now, but like before 24 hours from now.
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