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"One could argue your entire life is garbage." -my organic chemistry professor
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my life is a sitcom. and not one with very good dialogue
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you people are feeding my problem XD
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I've got this obsession of having all the statuses on my profile page with more than 2 likes. I know that when the wailing winds of darkness come for me, these thumbs up will keep them away!
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Ever have one of those days where you just wanna burn it all down and start over?


Hey, I'm Kaithas. I'm still alive.

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Amy Desire, Between Places, With Permission of @Tominas
@Krayzikk @Plank Sinatra @HereComesTheSnow

It was a strange feeling, for her to be nervous. She nodded a farewell to Lauren and Ben as they left the classroom, her note in Lauren's pack. She inhaled deeply, letting her surroundings slow, her semblance dial up to let her calm down. Diamond aside for the moment... The note was out of her hands. She shouldn't be letting herself get stressed out over something she could no longer affect.

The exhale came, and the world moved.

She headed for the door, taking the same route as Ben--though she didn't clap Luke on the back, instead just letting her hand brush against his shoulder for a moment and smiling slightly.

"I'll catch ya later too, okay?" she said, waving as she went out of the classroom. She'd like to branch out, meet people outside of BASL, and Luke seemed like a great place to start--but she had some business to attend to right now.


She still had the knack, as it turned out. Amy'd spotted the charms on her way out of PE--enhanced eyesight did wonders for noticing things in the grass, go figure--though she hadn't had time to catch up to Blaine before he'd left for his next class. Figuring out whose they were wasn't exactly hard, only Trad and the Lion faunus could have produced the tatters of clothing she'd found them in. Only one of those two had been in her huddle.

A part of her had hoped the big guy would be in Dust Apps, but evidently not.

That being said, given how he'd acted during the football game, he took this kinda stuff really seriously, and... The level of care he'd put into making these things was insane. How do you even convey reflections in woodwork? Regardless of whether or not he was having a full scale freak out, she figured he'd be at least back on the field looking for them--and that bet had payed off.

"Hey!", she shouted, the necklaces dangling from an outstretched hand as she advanced toward the figure on the field. "I think these are yours!"
Amy Desire-Dust Apps

Lauren's emerald green eyes found her condemnation, alright--her Faunus teammate's mouth was pulled to the side, her brow furrowed slightly. She looked disappointed, almost, her baby blue gaze on the woman she'd once hoped would be someone she could rely on--the only relic from her previous life, some familiarity in a place that was utterly foreign.

Even if she hadn't wanted to, time was making abundantly clear that it was time to let go. Amy had clung to Diamond because she was the only one she knew on any personal level to start with--but falling through on the date, immediately moving on to Emerald--it hurt.

Now this.

There had always been suspicions that Diamond wasn't a good person, but before they'd been pushed back. Business, and nothing more--it was an easy way of accepting someone's money without feeling guilty about however it had been earned. Besides, it wasn't like her past was any less checkered than Diamond's, or her way of earning money any less legally dubious. Sure, most of her crimes would be considered "victimless", but they both had stuff they'd rather bury.

She'd hoped Diamond was doing what she was. Burying who she used to be. Learning from what she'd been. Not repeating her past mistakes. Moving on. Amy had hoped they could maybe do that together. Not in the romantic sense of "together", necessarily, just... Comfortable that they knew the other was in the same boat.

One of her fingers slipped into her collar.

One stutter wouldn't have been enough to change that hope. But it hadn't been just one, and Amy wasn't stupid or naive enough to keep giving someone chances, not when they threatened a friend.

Her face was one of disappointment, but her eyes and whisper to her teammates conveyed all she needed to regarding anger.

"Fuck her."

And that was that.
Cool. I'm out of the country, so I'll get one up when I can.
Can I jump in on this?
There were advantages to being in the moment--to taking things as they seemed, to paying attention to what one saw in the here and now and not being concerned with what you'd had for dinner last night or how your clothes looked, or even how those around you perceived you. Despite the way she'd floated through high school, Brandi's mind was a lot keener than most would give her credit for. Which was perfectly fine, in truth, thinking of her as a laid-back slacker tended to let her be just that. Few expectations, fewer responsibilities.

It also let her be a lot more perceptive than expected.

She knew… pretty much everyone that had shown up. Probably a lot better than they knew her. Which was fine. The talent show in middle school had been a mistake, something she still regretted doing.
Brandi hadn't known how to let go then. She did now.

Her outfit was simple enough: jeans, a tank top and jacket just themed properly enough to blend in if you didn't look too closely.

“Eh, I'm no Courtney Love. My name is Brandi Michaels, though. S’a pleasure, Lawson.”

She didn't miss the lime being kicked to the side, her smile widening slightly as the other woman walked up. “Evenin’, Charlotte. Seems s’a high school reunion around here--”

Then the cotton candy man appeared, his appearance and talk a flurry of wispy nonsense. “Ayyyy,” she said, her voice still soft, perfectly loud enough to be heard over the din of the bar but not much more. “Take a breath, friend, shortness and lack of brass instrumentation ain't nothing to mention in a first introduction.’
Even if we don't get one, go ahead and send a friend request to me. I'm always open for more communication options.

Information's up above.
She looked at him for a second, her green eyes wide with slight curiosity.

"Well, I only meant to startle you a little. Any more than that I apologize for, but maybe you should work on your nerves before becoming a full time substance abuser. I hear that makes 'em worse," she teased, as her slight smirk reasserted itself. A pop and the cap of her beer was gone--she took a sip, almost lazily, then looked around the bar. The bottle clanked on the table as she set it down.

"I'm doin' alright, thanks for asking. Bored, mostly, but that comes with the territory." Brandi gave him a once over. "You look like you've been doing okay since high school. Music dreams panning out yet? I saw the ad."
Both accepted! The band's shaping up nicely. I think we're just waiting on one more CS.

<Snipped quote by BingTheWing>

Sure, sounds good :) We've got a pretty decent group going now. Time to get this party started!

I'm thinking about putting together a Discord group for this, since that seems to be a thing people are doing for RP's these days. Let me know if that's a thing you guys want.

I'd be game. My discord ID is Kaithas#7352, if you want to add me.
Put my first post up. If there are any problems with it, just let me know!
"You know, most people wait until after their big break to start mixing drugs and alcohol. Oh, and check your blind spot before you do."

A soft voice came from behind Marcus, in the one spot his cursory scan hadn't turned up. Brandi was barely audible above the ambient noise of the club, her voice seemingly almost intentionally modulated to exactly that level. Her right hand was holding a beer bottle by the top, her left waving away any concern of her being a snitch. Her expression was her usual one--an airy, slight smirk that seemed to totally lack concern for much of anything beyond where she was at the current instant.

Brandi Michaels didn't really know Marcus Ainsworth. Marcus Ainsworth probably didn't really know her either, not more than anyone else. She'd not done music for years at this point, but his ad had caught her eye. Not because she was interested in responding to it, mind, that boat had sailed a long time ago--but because apart from the Arctic Monkeys coming to town, not much was going on for her right now.

She also didn't really know anyone in the bar, and that ad at least gave her an in to conversation. And she was so interminably bored.

Her eyes danced a little as she smiled, leaning back against the same bar table he was. "How's it going, Marcus? You come here often?"
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