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Hi, very, very bored, I'm Echo.
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Happy Halloween! Hope y'all have a good one.
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Halloween is forever my aesthetic.


I'm EchoicChamber, though I mostly go by Echo.
I'm nineteen years old, have a tendency to scream into the void, and mostly just hang around and do my own thing. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy roleplaying, though; I'm a big fan of the supernatural/fantasy genre, horror, and superheroes. I tend to avoid RPs where there's no fantastical elements, though there are times where I step outside of my comfort zone.
I reuse characters habitually across canons, and while I try to devote time to roleplay, taking classes and real life stuff has cut back on the amount of time I can be on here.

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I'm sorry for how long it took to make a page, and also the poor quality! I've had my hands full with real life stuff, and also I tend to be kind of bad at making character pages, haha.
@LuckyBlackCat Approved! Interesting concept!
Hello! Is this roleplay still open, by any chance?

Everyone had believed that the worst was over.

It was the easiest thing for them to do at that point. The magical world had gone through many conflicts before, yes- against the world of the supernatural, against the occasional pockets of humans who discovered them, against themselves in family feuds- but never at this scale. Loathing this world’s impurities, a group of mages set it upon themselves to create a new one. One where magic users could be free to live in peace, in utopia. The cause only continued to grow, and as it did, its methods became gradually more extreme. Eventually, this newly born cult decided that the only way to bring in this new beginning was to destroy nearly everything in a magical apocalypse.

What followed was a long, grueling three year war between the cult, and those who refused to let their world die without a fight. The organization was eventually defeated, but not before taking the lives of many along with it.

The magic community was understandably paranoid after the victory. Many of the soldiers who had been lost were simply untrained, lacking the proper experience in a fight to properly defend themselves. Discussions began, on whether better schooling should be put in place, in preparation for future attacks. The mages argued that the chances of this being the last war they would have to face was very slim, and that the new generation should be better prepared. However, there was also a fair amount of hesitance- particularly from families who wished to train their children in certain, specific techniques, and believed that they could be just fine on their own. It was debated for many years, put at a stalemate through the sheer stubbornness of both sides.

That is, until approximately four years ago, thirteen years since that horrid, unspeakable war had begun. Mages began to disappear left and right, of all social statuses. Poor or wealthy, strong or weak, it didn’t matter. At first, the matter was thought to be just a line of unfortunate kidnappings, but as entire bloodlines vanished during the night, it grew into a much more serious issue. Those who remained began to panic, fearing for their own safety, as well as that of their children’s. Within a few months, however, a solution came forth.

The Marchand School of Sorcery (named after a famous general who fell during the war efforts). Built not too long after the disappearances, the academy gives the promise of a safe, nurturing environment, where students can learn how to harness and control their magic without interruption. The staff swore that each and every child sent would be under heavy protection, and with the backing of several prominent bloodlines, families across the world began preparations to send their own son or daughter to this haven.

You are one of these children, preparing for the first day of school- for both you, and the institution itself. Whether your parents or guardian brought you themselves, or you simply took the offered transportation, you have found yourself standing at the gates of Marchand, with no idea of the disappearances that have brought you here. To you, Marchand is little more than a specialized private school. However, the longer you attend, the more things

The teachers seem out of place, and far too eccentric for their roles.

The school itself is in the middle of nowhere.

Visits outside campus are heavily restricted at best.

The school has many secrets. What will happen when they are discovered?

Hello! I'm Echo, coming back at you again after a long hiatus from this website. You might, or might not, recognize this roleplay from a few times it's popped up before, but either way I hope that you find the premise and magical system interesting! While there's a general plot that will be leading the story on, this roleplay is heavily character driven, and I hope for much of it to be led by characters' interactions and their own character arcs. Before we get into it, however, I have a few golden rules for people to follow:

- Please be courteous to your fellow players.

- Pictures are not required, although I would appreciate one for your character. It can be whatever media you want- photograph, drawing, etc.

- To clarify, this roleplay takes place in modern day. The students and teachers will all be human mages, so no vampires, werewolves, or other supernatural beings.

- You can have as many characters as you can handle. Students are unlimited, although staff members are. If you would like one, keep in mind you will have to compete for the role, and carry a bit more responsibility.

- No GMing, PPing, Mary Sues, claiming things that didn't happen in canon, etc.

- There’s no posting order, but I would appreciate if you could wait for at least two posts after your most recent before posting again, with some exceptions.

- I would appreciate it if you told us beforehand that you were leaving, or that you are considering leaving, before you do. It's very inconvenient to patch things up after a character's sudden disappearance.

- On a similar note, please check the OOC often for updates on dorm mates, school events, general RP related topics, etc.

- Have fun!

I'm interested!
Hello! Is this still open to interested parties? If so, would it be possible to join with just a detailed description, and not a faceclaim? I don't really have a faceclaim for the character, but I can write up as long of a description as necessary.
I'm alive as well!
@Expolar Approved!

As brilliant as the city skyline looked during the night, the morning sun brought its own kind of beauty in how it shone against the rooftops. It glinted off glass panes, shone into the faces of tired businessmen who grumbled to themselves and turned more snugly into their pillows. As the night owls of Fairmouth City checked in for the day, the rest of its people got dressed, ate their breakfast, and set out to take care of whatever they needed to do.

It was lovely weather today, a sweet spring morning with no clouds in sight. Given how much rain had been falling the past few days, it was a pleasant surprise, though there were still deep puddles gathered in more than a few streets and gutters. A few children, enjoying their Saturday off, sprung out the doors of their apartments and into the sidewalks, kicking up water with their feet and making their families very unhappy somewhere. The cafes were starting to fill up for the morning rush, and hundreds of storefronts turned the “CLOSED” sign in their window to “OPEN”.

Cordelia Gable owned one such storefront. She arrived every day at 7:30 A.M., sharp. Not a minute sooner, and not a minute later. She greeted her workers as they left for home, or arrived for their shift. She pulled her labcoat out of the dryer and wrapped it, still-warm, around her shoulders, and went to sit at the desk in her office.

The Gable Clinic was a tidy little establishment, albeit not in the tidiest section of the city. It was sandwiched between a pawn shop and a “QUICK FOODS: DINNER, LUNCH, DESSERT”, a quaint brick building that had lost much of its color to the harsh sunlight. If you stepped inside, you would find the place remarkably clean and well cared for. The wall and tiling was a sterile white, made nearly blinding by the fluorescent lights installed in the ceiling. The art that hung on the wall was somewhat odd, depicting strange, surreal landscapes and pastel skies. There were ferns in the corners. The couches might have been soft, if not for the sheet of thin plastic wrapped around every cushion.

It was an excellent place for treatment, even if you could afford a regular hospital visit. The doctor (who, in all truth, probably had never been to a medical school in her life), accepted both money, and favors. Favors were her preferred currency, if she had to choose. She kept an extensive list of who owed her, and for what, just in case the opportunity ever came where she needed one in particular.

Sometimes, the favor would be as small as going out for tea with her, or brunch.

Other times, it would be far less simple.

It wasn’t all about the payment, however. Doctor Gable enjoyed her work. Yes. She enjoyed her work very, very much, which is why she was rarely found anywhere else but her work. All that was needed to begin was a client.
@Majoras End Any preferences name-wise?
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