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Location: City Streets

Esperanza took the vial back with a bright, sunshine smile, dropping it off in the same pocket she had dug it out of after making sure that it was properly capped. “It is no problem.” Her hand once again reached up to pet Chu as the man, Marcus, examined him, fingers scratching him behind the ears in a very particular spot. After a second or so of petting, Chu began to make a sort of crooning, gurgling sound. His front paws- or hands, depending on how one viewed them- which had previously been stationed, suddenly began to drum against her shoulder much in a way like a cat kneading a carpet.

“He is not the real Chupcabra. That is just what I named him. And he is a very strange boy, isn’t he?” Esp paused, then began to scratch the underside of Chu’s chin instead. “He is strange, but very handsome anyway.”

Chu didn’t seem to pay much attention to the praise, however, instead eyeing Marcus as he approached. His nostrils flared a little, catching the scent of the stranger right back-

And then he leaned forward, closing the distance between himself and Marcus to lick his face- and likely run a trail of thick saliva across it.

“Chu!” Eyes going wide, Esp took a step back, once again putting a fair distance between herself and Marcus. “I am so sorry. He is very friendly, and that is how he gets to know the people. Do not be surprised if he tries to put your hand into his mouth.” She paused, returning to her petting of the strange little monster with one hand, and using the other to pull some napkins from her pocket and offer them to Marcus.

“It is very kind of you to be offering, Marcus, but I do not want to be being the bother. I will pay for the hotel.” As she spoke, Chu began to mouth gingerly at her fingers- not using his teeth, but rather...lightly gumming them. “I would love to be meeting your sister, though! I do not know anyone here except you now, so it would be nice to be having the friends.”

Just mouthing at Esp’s fingers evidently became less than enough for Chu after a few moments, and, after some apparent deliberation on the part of the creature, he took the entire hand into his mouth and began to swallow it whole. His owner didn’t bat an eye, however, allowing him to keep on keeping on. “I have money, yes. And I came from Mexico- very far away from everyone else. It is very nice that your dad speaks the other language. Do you, too?”

Bit by bit, her wrist disappeared past Chu’s teeth. Then most of her forearm, sleeve and all.

Esperanza didn’t particularly mind.
Also, @Letmehaveone2, I was thinking that Esperanza might offer to help Price try and subdue his demonic impulses and the like if she found out about his plight or he expressed a desire to be helped.
Which would probably include carving wards and bindings into his chest with a knife, but help regardless. :D
@LazerSyrup That sounds good to me! I’m down for a collaboration whenever. I try to be fairly chill and flexible when working with stuff like this, so I’m free to be hit up for whatever whenever.

@GingerBoi123 Esperanza has never visited the afterlife, although she’s very closely linked with death and has a ton of ghosts bonded to her that follow her around that are technically members of the afterlife. c:
@LazerSyrup I’ve largely been of the mindset myself that the summoner tends to have primary control of their summons, although others with necromantic powers can take over. However, I feel like the stronger the primary summoner is, or the more sentient the summons are, the more resistance any opposing force attempting to take over might find.
I’ll try to post soon! I just have to go to therapy first.
@King Tai Esperanza is kind of an oddball, so she'd probably be delighted by him regardless unless he just upright smacks her in the face or something. Either way, looking forward to the post!
@King Tai Dude, your character is dope as all hell. Looking forward to interacting with him via Esperanza! :D

Location: City Streets

While interacting with people outside home may have been a bit of a new experience, it didn’t take a social butterfly to figure out that the stranger was not having the most pleasant of times right now. Esp blinked, then immediately gave the man an apologetic smile. “I am sorry. It is probably me you are smelling, and not Chu.” She fumbled in the pockets of her cloak for a moment, feeling about, before beaming and fishing out an amber vial. “Peppermint oil. It helps with the smell of corpses. You just,” she paused, squeezing out a few drops of the liquid onto her fingertips, and smearing it below her nostrils, “rub it like that, and it makes it less terrible to be smelling.” Capping the vial once more, Esperanza offered it to the stranger, scent now a mingling mix of death and mint.

And...seawater. Marcus might notice, however, that the smell of salt didn’t come from the slight woman before her, but rather the creature lying sprawled about her shoulders. Lounging in the shadows offered by Esp’s hood, Chu ran his tongue along the front of his teeth, grinning up at Marcus.

Before slowly running his tongue along the side of Esp’s face, leaving a trail of opaque grey drool that smelled oddly of melon.

Esp’s only reaction was to quickly wipe her face clear with her sleeve with the deftness of someone who had done so many times before, and then reach out to shake Marcus’ hand with her left, the nub of her missing finger passing against his grasp. “It is nice to meet you, Marcus. My name is Esperanza, but you may call me Espie or Esp if you would like.” She paused, gesturing to the creature around her shoulders. “And his name is Chupacabra, but I call him Chu. He is a very good boy.”

If Esperanza was in any way bothered by Marcus’ chatter, she showed no sign of it, smiling broadly. “I come from very far away, yes. Do you think you could be helping me find a good place to stay? I haven’t learned where everything is yet.”

Location: City Streets

It took a few more seconds of prodding and excited murmuring, but eventually, the warmth beneath Esp’s cloak stirred. A dull black glow fanned out at her like spotlights. All too human teeth glinted in what minimal light reached the inner folds of the fabric. And then Chupacabra crawled out from her neckline, yawning, and curled about Esp’s shoulders like a particularly horrifying scarf. Or a parrot that had been run over by a paint truck, been subject to terrible inhumane experiments as part of the recovering process, Frankensteined together with bits of other creatures, and then hung out to dry. Esp gave him some fond scratches under the chin as he settled, nuzzling her nose against his.

Mi bebé,” Esperanza crooned. ”Mi querido corazón.” She drew her face away, planted a kiss above his hundreds of eyes, and stood from the bench. “It is time for us to see the world.”

Chu didn’t say much in response. He tended to be far more selective with his words than when he was younger, and his voice was like the babbling of an infant instead of the silvery hum of a woman. “Esperanza,” was all he said back, before curling even closer to her shoulders and gurgling deep in the back of his throat. His mouth was still affixed in its permanent, ominous grin, but the sight was common enough that Esperanza wasn’t bothered by it.

It didn’t take long after Esperanza had left the bench for her to realize that she was completely and utterly lost.

She was dwarfed by the size of the warehouses, made insignificant by the signless concrete and constant dead ends. There was no map for her to follow, and she found herself walking around in circles more often than not. She was getting the feeling she would have to send out some of her ghosts out to scout when she came upon another person- a man- roaming around and muttering to himself. Brightening immediately, Esperanza rushed up to him, the faint scent of death hanging from her cloak.

“Hello, sir. I am sorry for bothering you, but I am new to the city and very lost. Do you know where I could be finding a hotel, or the place to stay?” Her voice was heavily accented, words choppy and awkward, but distinguishable enough. Hopefully, Esp thought, the man would be friendly.
Sorry for taking so long to post! Was spending the day running around.
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