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Current Hi, very, very bored, I'm Echo.
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2 mos ago
Looking for some people that may or may not be human beings to join my RP!…
1 yr ago
Happy Halloween! Hope y'all have a good one.
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Halloween is forever my aesthetic.


I'm EchoicChamber, though I mostly go by Echo.
I'm eighteen years old, have a tendency to scream into the void, and mostly just hang around and do my own thing. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy roleplaying, though; I'm a big fan of the supernatural/fantasy genre, horror, and superheroes. I tend to avoid RPs where there's no fantastical elements, though there are times where I step outside of my comfort zone.
I reuse characters habitually across canons, and while I try to devote time to roleplay, taking classes and real life stuff has cut back on the amount of time I can be on here.

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@Dealdric Sloth showing up fashionably late to the party is probably the best entrance I could have ever imagined, honestly.
@blackdragon Truth. It's a definite possibility.
I also have some more distinctly evil characters, mind you. I have an idea for a very affable young mafioso dude or a scientist, but I think I might wait to see what other characters are added in so I can see what character may be the best fit in the cast.
@blackdragon I'm not entirely sure. She does definitely have villainous aspects, given that she's supposed to become the leader of her death cult and does stuff like perform necromancy and scream while performing ritualistic sacrifice, but she's also supposed to be played as a kindhearted person.
She has a tendency to get along with people much worse than she is, though, because she's just that happy to make friends with anyone.
@blackdragon I'm kind of tempted to join this RP with one of my characters. She's a death worshipping cultist necromancer that routinely sacrifices cute and fluffy animals, but is also an entirely sweet and generally naive character that would be super stoked to be attending a school, not really grasping that she signed up for a villainous academy, and sort of being aghast at having to do "bad things". Does that sound okay, or would you prefer an actual villainous character?
@Dealdric Made an edit! I hope that's better?

@WittyReference I think Phoru is a fan of most hibernating animals for obvious reasons, but bears are a definite favorite of hers.

@Lilaen Thank you! I just liked the idea of Sloth suffering from a severe case of bystander syndrome, but whenever she actually cares to do something, she can actually be real dangerous.

I would have made a fancy name header and tried to spruce it up some, but I thought it being simple fit my making the sin of sloth, haha.
Hey, guys. I’m sorry for dropping the ball on this one.
Life sort of became a lot to handle in ways that I hadn’t expected before making this rp, and were just incredibly sudden. I apologize for letting you guys down and keeping y’all hanging for so long.
@Dealdric Pardon me, but I was looking through the character sheets and OOC and noticed some missing sins? I don't want to be a bother, but my winter break is here, and I've been searching for some RPs to join in my free time. If I'm not wrong about some sins being missing, and if there's room for me, would it be alright if I were to join? If not, that's perfectly fine, and I hope the RP goes well for y'all. c:
I'll see about trying to post this weekend! I've just been a bit busy due to having a midterm this upcoming Tuesday and a five page essay due Wednesday.
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