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Current Would any of you good folk be interested in my Magic School RP?…
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Happy Halloween! Hope y'all have a good one.
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Halloween is forever my aesthetic.
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Good luck, Super!


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@King Tai@Scarifar I'm a bit out of ideas for another Espie post at the moment. You're both free to continue with just the assumption that she's following along quietly if you would like, haha. Sorry for holding you guys up.

@Majoras End@Vocab Great! Should I move her over when I get home? Also, is it okay for me to be joining the Discord, or no?

Sorry if stuff is too vague or if she seems kind of wonky as a character or anything- I kind of rushed, haha.
I got a new computer!
And also I finished a character page.
Before I send her in, though, I'd also like to mention that I'd like to make another character as well. Should I send in the first, or wait until I've made the second before sending them in together?
@Majoras End Sorry for vanishing into the void for a while. I’ve sort of been distracted by some bad family issues and not really feeling up to much as a result, so I haven’t really been writing for much at all. If it’s still okay, I’m still working on a page or two. I’m really sorry, and it’s fine if it’s too late or anything.

Location: City Streets
@Rodiak@King Tai @Scarifar

Natalie’s response seemed to cause the spirit some degree of delight- what remained of her mouth pulled up into a smile, and she took a few steps away from Esperanza. In her hands was a model toy train, which she lifted up for Natalie’s inspection. Wet, choking, insistent gurgles came from deep within the child’s throat.

“I am sorry if she is bothering you,” Esperanza said. “It has been a while since she has been able to be seen, so she is very excited.” She reached out, as if to tousle the girl’s hair, although it had no affect.

She was content to stay quiet and listen, deeply fascinated with such unique people, but she was broken out of her trance by Marcus hurriedly excusing himself. A look of worry fell upon Esperanza’s face, and she nodded firmly. “You do not need to apologize for having to go. I hope that things will be okay with your sister, Marcus. Tell her I said hello, please.” And with that, he was off, Esp’s gaze trailing after him until he was out of sight.

With no real destination in mind now that her unofficial tour guide had left, she turned to the pair that remained, smiling apologetically. “I am sorry, but would it be okay if I am coming with you? I do not want to keep you from your conversation, but I am new to the city, and I am still learning where the things are. Marcus told me that I could be using the GPS, but I do not want to be using it too much in case it tries to lead me off the cliff again.”

”Untrustworthy thing.” This comment came from around Esp’s neck, from Chu himself. His tail swished lazily back and forth, the “fingers” of it idly braiding his companion’s hair. ”It offers lies and warps the senses.”

As it would turn out, the odd little creature was far more eloquent than his master.
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