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In Welcome to Marchand! 22 May 2017 19:39 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Marcus’ joke was met with a blank stare for several long, uncomfortable moments, as Esperanza worked it out in her head. Having spent most of her life underground, surrounded by the dead and the dying, social interaction might as well have been some sort of alien language. Her brow creased in thought, before suddenly clearing as her smile returned.
“Oh. It was a joke.” Esperanza laughed, scratching her forearm. “That was very funny.”

Professor Lovette cut in before more- awkward or otherwise- could be said, and Esperanza obediently turned to listen through the duration of the speech. For the most part, the list seemed reasonable enough, and she nodded along to each point in an effort to show the professors how good she was at listening...although the darkness of the room obscured the action almost entirely. She was still nodding even after the presentation, and only came to a stop upon hearing that they would be displaying the dorm pairings. Dorm pairings! She would finally be able to meet the person she would be living with for the rest of the semester. Esperanza’s mind ran wild with possibilities- maybe they would become friends, or even the legendary best friends, and eat snacks together and stay up late when they were supposed to be sleeping and tell scary stories-

Esperanza paused. Her smile dropped, replaced by sheer confusion as she turned to her table companions.

“Helena, you do not have a roommate. Do you know why they did that?”

There were many, many names listed upon the screen. Most were paired up, as Esperanza was, and some were even in threes- but Helena held the only solo dorm. Even if they weren’t friends yet, Esp didn’t want the girl to be all alone.

In Welcome to Marchand! 22 May 2017 17:34 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Shirochankun That's alright. Bye, Shiro! I wish you the best in your future roleplays. :)
In Welcome to Marchand! 22 May 2017 15:43 Forum: Casual Roleplay
Dead silence.

Perhaps others might have become unnerved by the quiet, unbroken stare that came from the boy seated at the table. Percival was not. He rapped his fingers on the table for a moment, popped his tongue in his mouth, and gave his new companion another once-over. “Not much of a talker, aren’t ‘cha?” He opened his mouth to say more, apparently taking this as a sign that he could keep talking uninterrupted, when one of the professors took center stage and took the liberty to introduce herself.

Professor Madison Lovette. Magical Theory. That was one face to a name, at least. Rolling his shoulders, Percival kicked his feet up and turned his attention back to his companion as soon as the announcement was over. Before he could try to speak again, the guy had started bowing and bobbing and such, introducing himself as Noah Zima and apologizing. Percival waved him off.

“It’s no problem. I mean, with a face like this,” he paused, struck a pose that was decidedly ridiculous, then went on, “I don’t think I’d be able to keep from staring, either.” He grinned broadly, running a hand through his hair and mussing it further.

“It’s a Sterling-Norrevinter thing. It’s a tradition for them to try to smash each other’s heads in as soon as they spot each other. Council kids, eh? Buncha pricks, if you ask me.” His grin widened further, and he let out a peal of almost hyena-like laughter.

“You know when they started? Wanna see how long the ol’ staff let them go at it before they got pulled off each other.” Important information. Could be the difference between an underground gambling ring and being put on dorm arrest for breathing. Not really, of course, but it was still knowledge Percival wanted his hands on.

Soon enough, the lights had been snapped off, Lovette once again taking a stand to go over the rules and dorm assignments and whatnot. Apparently his roommate would be a Mr. Toby Schippers. Schippers, like the one and only Spire Schippers. Percy’s eyes sparked with interest, and, as soon as they had been dismissed, he darted away to grab his keys before rushing back.

You could say many things about Marchand, but “dull” hadn’t even scratched the list yet.

In Welcome to Marchand! 22 May 2017 13:56 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mr Allen J Britney doesn't seem like a one note type of character to me. She's been quite enjoyable to read so far. :)

Oh, also, this sort of goes to everyone, but I noticed that a lot of people have been having their characters tell that Madison is a crossdresser or a man right off the bat, when Madison is supposed to be near indistinguishable from a woman. It's an integral part of his character, and while it isn't too big of a deal, I just wanted to point it out as it has been happening often.
In The Gifted World 22 May 2017 2:37 Forum: Free Roleplay
@Kidd I think so, haha. I'm wanting to see what happens before I have Dawn get shot, but I could also do the post if required.
While some of the students had settled down into quiet, many had just had quickly returned to their conversations, laughing and chattering and tossing the occasional snide remark here and there. Madison couldn’t blame them. After all, at that age, he doubted that he would be able to stay quiet for long, either. Smiling fondly at the crowd for a moment, he shook his head, then backed up to the far wall.

A flick of a switch plunged the room in darkness, and another flick lit it back up again- albeit with a much more weak, timid light offered via projector and screen. Nodding to himself, Madison stepped close to the glow, casting odd shadows across his face.

“Now, then. If everyone is ready, then allow me to get started. As you all already know, you will be attending Marchand for the next semester, during which it will be our job to educate and provide for you. Regardless of who you are, what social standing you come from, or even your family line, you all will be treated as equals here. You will face no bias from your professors- but as a result, you must follow the exact same list of rules.” Madison paused, clicking a button on the side of the projector and causing the screen to light up with text.

“While you should have received the list when you arrived, I will go over it now, so there are no misunderstandings in the future.

With the exception of any prescribed medications, no drugs are allowed on school grounds.

Boys and girls are prohibited from entering the other's’ dorms.

On a related note, sexual activity of any sort is prohibited.” Madison paused, suddenly, eyeing his audience. “While I understand that many of you will form relationships while here, understand that we will be performing random dorm checks often, and it would make things much less unpleasant for everyone if you all kept from being a bit...too intimate.

“Arrive to class on time.

Do not break school curfew.

You are forbidden to leave campus, with the exception of school mandated events.

If you happen to have any personal firearms or weapons, please check them in with Professor Avalon or Professor Byrne to be approved.

No summons are allowed within class, with the exception of Familiar Conjuration. If you are unable to unsummon your familiars before class, you are welcome to keep them in your dorm until it is time to retrieve them. In addition, if you are required to have a familiar kept in this world for whatever reason, you should have been provided a form to complete so we can properly accommodate its presence.

No reckless use of magic of any kind.

Fights are also prohibited, save for any instructed by Professor Byrne.

Lastly, please show respect to your peers, as well as your professors- no matter background, ethnicity, sexuality, and so on.”

All of this was spoken with a clean-cut formality, hinting that the little speech had been rehearsed several times before its official delivery. This was reinforced by the decisiveness which Professor Lovette stepped from the glow, switched off the projector, and returned the light to the common room. “That should be all,” he said, all formality dropped in favor of the cheerful air he donned earlier. Swiping a remote from his pocket, Madison clicked on a nearby television, sending it alight with student names and numbers. “You’ll find your names on this screen here, along with the number of the dorm you’ll be staying in. Your keys are on the table beneath it.

“With all that out of the way, consider yourselves dismissed- with the exception of those told to stay behind, of course. You’re free to go to your dorms or explore the campus as you please, so long as you don’t try to leave, and show up in time for dinner. Feel free to ask any one of us if you have any questions!"

Beaming once more at the audience, Madison unplugged the projector and wheeled it back into its little cubbyhole.

Hopefully he had held the air of professionalism long enough to leave an impression on the students.
You too, Drazah! Good luck with your future RPs!

Also, due to the shifts and addition of characters, I remade the character dorm assignment list. Again, please tell me if you'd like anything changed, as I'm more than happy to accommodate. :)



















@UnknownScarlet4 Okay, I'd like to say that you're a bunny, but rabbits don't have long tails. I am very confused, and also very concerned about the knife in your hand.
In Welcome to Marchand! 21 May 2017 17:58 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Mr Allen J I don't think that it would be jealousy that would motivate everyone to neglect the Hatanakas. It's just that a bunch of soldiers got unrecognized by the Council and others, because they would see no reason to celebrate all the forces that contributed to the war. It was only the particularly scandalous or the like that got much recognition, and even then, largely by the press instead of the Council or anything. c:

Yoko is approved, by the by.

@LorelleQuips Canvas is approved!
@Magister NPC families would probably be a good idea, so there's some diversity, and people don't feel pressured to play more characters than they can handle.

EDIT: Currently, there are four positions open on the Council. Seat of Terramancy, Seat of Aeromancy, Seat of Necromancy, and Seat of Runes. These positions can either be partially filled by NPCs of various descents, or they can be claimed by anyone who is willing to go for the position for a family line for their character, or just a family line in general.
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