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Who's still here, by the way? Just wanted to check. c:
@Claw2k11 That's fine, Claw. Take your time when you need it. c: I hope that things get better for you soon.
The boy’s mind had been heavy with his thoughts of hunger- his sheer desperation to get anything to eat, even if it meant approaching the strangers he was so wary of. Up close, however, Dawn was able to see just how badly it had gotten for herself. The hollow, haggard look signature in ashlanders was especially prominent in his eyes, in the lines of his face, in the visible bones. The wings had garnered an interested glance, but it was the starved look that held her attention.

“I’m not sure,” she admitted. “It’s, ah, my first time going there, actually. You could probably buy something to eat there, but I don’t know if they’d give anything for free.” Most settlements in the ash balked at the idea of giving away handouts- especially when it came to a meal that could be used to provide for one of their own. It was hard to blame them. Resources were growing more and more scarce by the day, and, if you managed to settle down long enough to establish a farm, you’d always be looking over your shoulder for any raiders who happened by.

Still, Dawn couldn’t help but sympathize with the stranger. She would have been tempted to give him something to at least snack on along the way, had she not polished off one of her last cans a few minutes ago. If it wasn’t for the nearby settlement, it was likely she would have quickly found herself in the exact same position. Luckily, though, it seemed that at least one of the little gang they had put together had something to offer. Said offering also happened to be a freshly slain rodent, but when you lived in the wastes, you took what you could get. Dawn herself had hunted a few rats from time to time- although that was only really when things called for desperate measures. In the face of slow starvation, food poisoning seemed much less of a concern.

“It might be good to take shelter before we, um, have a break, I think. That house- the one I was in, I mean- it still has a roof. And a door.” Of course, if someone was trying to get in, they could easily break down the wood or enter through one of the windows, but it was better than just standing out in the open air. Rubbing her shoulder, Dawn’s attention turned back to the newcomer, looking him over before speaking again.

“What’s your name? If you don’t mind my asking, I mean. I’m Dawn.”

It was only polite to ask, after all.

@bmxbrat484@Hyro@Conch Shell VII@Claw2k11
Sorry that I haven't posted yet, by the way. I've been taking a class during the summer for credits, which means that my schedule has been a bit preoccupied lately. I'll try to write something soon, but apologies for the delay.
@bmxbrat484 Ironically, despite living in the South, I say "y'all" online far more than I do in real life. It's just such a nice shortening. But yeah, I'll go ahead and get plot progression on the road very soon.

@Claw2k11 Temporary characters are fine! No point in making a character sheet if you don't plan on using them as true and proper characters, I feel. c:

How many posts/replies do you guys want to do before I call for a time skip? I don't want to steamroll too majorly or anything, so I want to see if any of you guys want to get certain somethings in before we move on.
@bmxbrat484 Yeah, Eira's fire powers are a big reason why Dawn ain't too comfortable around her yet, haha.

By the way, to all the other people in that scene ( @Hyro @Conch Shell VII @Claw2k11) would y'all want to timeskip to the town in a few posts? Or would you rather not yet?
@thewizardguy Approved!
It didn’t strike Dawn as odd that neither Aran nor his assistant seemed particularly keen about her listening in- thoughts were the most private thing that anyone could have, and tearing away that sense of security tended to leave people, to say the least. Unfortunately for all parties involved, however, she had never been able to fully turn off that aspect of herself. Tune it out some, yes, but the buzz would always be there.

Needless to say, it made making allies a tad more difficult than it needed to be.

She gave an absent nod in Aran’s direction regardless, not planning on prying any more than she already had. Her reply to Overreach was a bit less subtle, as the man would feel a sort of...gentle fluttering just behind the ridge of his skull, followed by a thought that was not his own.

”Your secret’s safe with me.”

It would probably feel a bit unpleasant for the man, but it was the best way to communicate without tipping the others off. Dawn gave a brief, apologetic smile at the man for a moment before turning her focus back to her Gift- and, in connection, the presence above them.

“Just one. Doesn’t seem like he’s planning an attack...he knows we noticed him.” She delved a bit further, ever so slightly beneath the surface, then frowned.

“Figured out I’m a telepath, too...but he’s not a threat, I think. More hungry than anything.” Dawn’s eyes cleared, and, after taking a moment to reorient herself, she gave the man- boy, really, he had to be roughly around her age- a short wave with one hand.

No point in acting as if he wasn’t there when he knew they had found him out, after all.

@Hyro@Claw2k11@bmxbrat484@Conch Shell VII
Aight, before I post, just wanted to let y'all know that Hyro gave me direct knowledge on what was on Drake's mind for this particular post, so nobody worries I'm powerplaying or anything. :)
@Kazemitsu You could have your character go on a mission as well? Or if you post Kaze just being around the base, I could see about working up a reason for Gale to go hang out with him. :)
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