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Hi, very, very bored, I'm Echo.
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Happy Halloween! Hope y'all have a good one.
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Halloween is forever my aesthetic.


I'm EchoicChamber, though I mostly go by Echo.
I'm twenty years old, have a tendency to scream into the void, and mostly just hang around and do my own thing. That isn't to say that I don't enjoy roleplaying, though; I'm a big fan of the supernatural/fantasy genre, horror, and superheroes. I tend to avoid RPs where there's no fantastical elements, though there are times where I step outside of my comfort zone.
I reuse characters habitually across canons, and while I try to devote time to roleplay, taking classes and real life stuff has cut back on the amount of time I can be on here.

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@Zoey Boey I have a slight concern in that what she can do with her potions seems outright limitless, which means that any issue when it comes to a person's body could easily be fixed within seconds, or do a number of other things without consequence. I don't mind characters being powerful, but I'm concerned about the fact that what the potions can do is left fairly undefined, and, again, seem limitless. Could we work that out a bit possibly?
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@Duoya Approved! She looks fun!


School Year:


Magic Affinity:

Magic Class:
From the moment Esperanza showed an affinity for animation, it was expected that she would become as skilled as an animator as she possibly could become. Generations of selective breeding have led her to have a vast mana pool, allowing her to focus on her affinity more fully. That isn't to say that she haphazardly throws her magic about, however: she knows as well as everyone else the importance of efficiency, and, after her childhood of practice and study, will doggedly do her best to do as much with as little as possible.
She uses a grimoire, and her element is fire.

Home Country:

Esperanza juxtapositions the inherent morbidity of her powers (given that a person who regularly works with corpses via her magic) with a cheerful kindness. She’s enthusiastic, personable and friendly, if not naive and innocent by most people’s standards. Esp strives to be understanding towards others, even if she gets confused by people and social situations quite often. It doesn’t help that she was raised with some interesting views of the world.

Due to her incredibly sheltered upbringing, Esp struggles in social situations. She might blurt out something completely inappropriate, or a saying might go flying over her head. There’s also the fact that her constant exposure to the dead has left her with a very peculiar relationship with death. She regards the idea of dying as a positive thing, or, at the very least, nothing to be afraid of. After all, it’s something that awaits everyone, and people who die were often suffering in some way. She’s not suicidal, however- quite the opposite. She believes that the best thing to do is live life up before it’s gone. Death is forever, and life is not.

Her right pinkie, half of her left ring finger, and several toes on both feet are missing, as a result of a nasty accident when she was younger. Additionally, her feet and arms are quite scarred. Esp hopes that, when she turns eighteen, she’ll be able to tattoo her arms, as well her back. Not out of any embarrassment on her part, but mostly because she likes the idea of tattoos.

Has a Bonded weasel that she has dubbed Chu. He teleports and has a wonky face. She loves him very much.

History: The Ciervo family of Soria is an eccentric one, to say the least. They are a warm, affable sort, taking the Soria sense of community to heart in their own way. They offer food to the hungry, are exceedingly welcome to those who stop by for a visit or need a place to stay, and strive to protect those in need. It isn’t uncommon for them to throw parties, and invite anyone in a five block radius. This open kindness is somewhat contrasted by some of their other behaviors, however. When they aren’t throwing open their doors, they’re reclusive, keeping to themselves. They are highly matriarchal, and protective of their loved ones. The family has a reputation for being weaker in body than many other Sorians, with many having either a predisposition for illness, or being prone to accidents that leave them less than suitable for war.

However, where their bodies fail them, their magic comes through. Ciervos spend much of their early life training and honing their magic as soon as it manifests. There is also a tradition of seeking out partners with large natural mana pools and higher potential, in order to have stronger and stronger mages each generation. Esperanza is a result of this selective breeding, and, like many Ciervo children before her, was immediately put into training as soon as she was able to use magic. Her grandmother, another Animator, served as her tutor. As her grandmother preferred to work with corpses and cadavers, so did Esperanza, who learned to treat both the dead and her own constructs with respect and courtesy.

Around the age of eight, Esp suffered an accident that took two fingers and several toes, and left her heavily scarred. Even when recovering, she continued to practice her magic, working diligently to hone her skill into a fine blade. It was a nice enough childhood, but Esp was desperately lonely growing up. Because of this, she eagerly signed up to the academy, and was delighted to have gotten in.

Relationships: Devan Lock’s @Prosaic cousin.
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After way too much time, here is my character sheet!
@StOpossum That's okay! Good luck in your future endeavors!

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Also, hello, everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting/was inactive for a bit. I was very much swamped with real life matters this week, but thankfully I'm back from my hiatus and will be able to put the intro up shortly. Thank you all for your patience!
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@Lady Seraphina Yes, we're still very much accepting! And in terms of balancing, I'm not too picky. A lot of characters have strong powers, so I'm not going to say you can't have a strong character or anything. Feel free to roll with what feels right!
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