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How to make a Fkboi's Edgy RP Character in 3 easy steps: 1) Missing parents/family 2) Give them something glowing 3) Make them anti-social - Congratz, you just made a Shadow the Hedgehog clone.
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Hello. I am NarayanK. I enjoy drawing, writing, reading, and trying out things I find interest in. I like a diversity of content but I'm not exactly the most original of people.

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The road looked far from lonely. In fact, it would've been more assuring if it looked lonely and untouched.

While it was nothing on a dramatic scale, the mere length of how far this linear path went on noted that these Grimm had some kind of intention aside from trying to hunt something. Nobody in particular went missing in this forest, so it hadn't been because of a Huntsman's presence that caused the collateral damage.

As everybody walked, Walter occasionally took out what appeared to be a compass. It seemed to be broken at a first glance, though...

Nevertheless, it either seemed that he knew how it worked, or he just took it out by habit. Both the former and latter seemed equally likely, however, as the man clearly wasn't the stoic and serious type of person.

It's rather quiet. Walter thought, somewhat let down by the lack of action despite some of the more open areas of the forest.

Heh, heh. But I'll admit, this is more enticing than paperwork! Walter's eyes gleamed mischievously, grinning with his back turned to the students. I thank you for your recognition of where my abilities shine, Peter! An aging man like me often has to sharpen his fangs. I owe you a beer- or a Grimm for you to behead!

Somewhere in Beacon, Peter felt like someone was complimenting him, and that someone owed him a beer.

Walter's thoughts trailed off as he opened his compass again. Almost forgetting that the students were behind him, Walter was just about to glance at them with the intention of talking to not bore himself to death when the compass suddenly froze.

And so did he.

Raising a hand, he motioned for the students to stop.

At the moment, they were in the middle of passing by a rather open area in the forest, with two paths diverging in front of him. Here, the open skies were clearly visible, as if a hole had been made in the middle of the forest. But that didn't seem to be what Walter was concerned about.

His eyes glanced down, finding a single black feather.

And his eyes gleamed, a certain sharpness appearing in them as he remained still.


So that's how they were going to roll.

Taking out what appeared to be a rather small telescope, Walter reached for his coat as the bottom of the telescope opened. He then smashed what appeared to be a rifle into the telescope. Two hinges that had been sticking out of the telescope's sides extended and latched themselves into the rifle.

Raising the rifle, it took less than a second for Walter to pull the trigger in the direction of where his compass had pointed to. Almost immediately after he shot, a loud screech came from one of the trees, followed by a lifeless thud.

The ground began to shake, and the sound of trees being torn apart led to a clear indication of just what was coming.

"EVERYONE! Stick together and get ready-" Walter shouted as he cocked the rifle. "We've got Grimm coming through! Harpies, Bulls- and some reinforcements!"

At once, every direction of the open area had Grimm bursting out, all of them facing the group of five. About four Sitting Bulls burst out both in front and behind the group, and about four Harpies appeared, gliding above the group. In addition to these Feind Grimm, Klein Class Grimm also appeared.

Twenty four Beowolves.

Well, twenty three, since Walter immediately shot one of them down while it was running mindlessly. The Beowolves immediately tensed up and put up their guard as they approached the group, while the Sitting Bulls continued to charge, this time towards the group.

Unsheathing his sabre with his rifle on the other hand, Walter shouted at Team KFSC, "No time to talk! Give 'em everything you got. Watch out for the bird brains!"

Two of the tough-skinned Sitting Bulls in particular charged towards Cian, while the other two Bulls charged towards Ferris, Krysanthe, and Sepia. Meanwhile, the Harpies glided around them, ready to avoid any predictable shots until they decided to attack. In the meantime, they positioned their flight so that if the Huntsmen attempted to attack them, it would become a heavy commitment that could go bad due to the restless Sitting Bulls. The Feind Class Grimm, as primitive as it seemed, were using each other.

And the Beowolves' numbers proved that hacking and slashing without thought could get the team under a heavy disadvantage. There were about eighteen of them charging towards the team from all directions, the rest heading to Walter. The Grimm were using quantity- but a team of Huntsmen also had quantity and quality too.

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Truth be told, he didn't know.

When people told him what to do, he usually knew how to follow it. But he wasn't a leader, despite seeming like he could be one to some others. Really, him and his loud mouth were more suitable for fitting right with his just as loud fighting style.

What were they going to do?

Ryuu thought, though he absentmindedly focused on running straight into the barrier with Andromeda next to him. He took a deep breath.

There were many things they could do given their circumstances, but now was clearly not the time to play dumb- not when nobody knew what they were dealing with. Even the simplest of simpletons could notice that.

"Well, I don't know either, honestly," he admitted as he turned around to look at the barrier, "but I'd rather know when that stuff goes the hell away."


Clicking his tongue while saluting the woman in a carefree manner, Mark whipped a demon that approached him, disintegrating it rather easily. After smacking his whip at another demon, he swung the whip at a lamppost before landing on top of it. He squinted his eyes as he saw a cloud of ashes rise up a skyscraper.



It wasn't.

He wasn't.

Neither him nor his heart were sated. Nothing childish such as being "hungry for more," as that had faded quite a short moment ago, but after being withheld of his power, everything continued to feel off for him. Had it been long ago, he would be in control of every passing moment. Control was what he had.

He was control incarnate.

But his absence, and his loss of his own strength, made him further from his position. This magic... this... "harmony," referred to implications he would rather not think about. Harmony must come with discord, and he was both order and chaos.

For centuries he existed, and not all of them had been spent on spreading fear through victory. Never once had he been mortal, yet he remembered watching over mortals. It was an era lost within time- and within him. He was once a gatekeeper, one who stood between two grounds of morality. Watching proved to be unbearable without a sense of control, however, as humans proved to him.

The rest of what happened was history- one he had long forgotten, unfortunately. But fortunately, his short memories proved to be useful in the long run. There was almost nothing to mull over for him, after all.

But Duatos grew curious. Of what the world had to offer to him aside from control. How it had evolved, or where it would go.

Time can and will tell.

He felt his power beginning to grow restless for silence. He needed to leave.

Leaving. Retreating. A peculiar idea, yet one he must succumb to for now.

As his body began to fade into ashes yet again, Duatos remained wordless as his distance from the man grew.

When he returns, this city would not be the focus of his return. The vast deserts to the endless seas. The mystical ruins to the lively cities. From the rise of dawn to the morning star, he will focus on everything- to gain control over it.

And one day it will all crumble.

And thus, he slowly slid away before floating into the air, the visibility of his ashes fading.

And with the departure of order and chaos returned the normalcy of the world, as the clouds faded.

The skies went unfittingly blue, returning back to normal despite the damage dealt to the city.

As soldiers began to mobilize their forces to leave the barriers and look out for any more potential threats, the evacuated citizens remained contained within safety's reach. The monsters that had remained up until the skies had cleared had become harmless ashes, as if nothing about them could hurt anyone.

Them vanishing didn't do anything to lessen the impact of the sudden attack.

The attack itself had been relatively small scale, but massive in impact. There were still places in Kora that had yet to receive news of the attack on Riesling, and some who drove to visit Riesling were greeted by a confusing sight of the mobilized army.

The soldiers remained competent, however, never lowering their guard as they divided their forces to both watch over the evacuated citizens and analyze the shattered heart of Riesling. Everything had happened in a flash, after all- they weren't going to take their chances just yet.

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Team KFSC Mission: Combat Recon

It was a rather standard mission, yet also an odd one.

Sightings of various Grimm that usually did not gather in the particular area within the south of Vale? That usually meant that a specific cause led such Grimm into the area. Normally, Grimm that were amphibious or belonged to the plains did not simply waltz right into south of Vale because the regions were often more mountainous.

The lair was considered to be hidden within the forests of the wilderness, though it was far from impossible to miss it- approaching it, however, was a different story.

Ozpin stacked the papers in front of him as he set them aside- he'd have Glynda sort them out later. It had been a busy day not only reassigning certain teams, but also looking over some of the proposals made by his colleagues for the next Vytal Tournament. He could imagine some being rather excited for something that took years to wait for, and while he understood the excitement- well, he wasn't going to return it with just as much energy.

Turning to the rather excited Professor Port, Ozpin glanced at the hologram on his desk, which presented the face of an aged man with a beard.

"Peter, I would like your honest opinion," Ozpin spoke, staring hard at the face in the hologram.

"And what might that be?" Peter asked, his tone confident. His recommendation for putting Walter in charge of leading the students on a glorious day of slaying Grimm was one of good thought. There were no concerns from his part!

"This is the same man who bailed out of his hall duty to participate in a boat race, yes?"

There was only one concern from his part.

Coughing, Peter added in, "Bail out? No, he hasn't. But he IS rather... dedicated towards preventing his pride from deflating, which explains why he often does his work in advance.

"I would also like to add that Mr. Bridgeman, though newer among the faculty, is very trusted and has a reputation that precedes some of his more personal traits that can be subjective to public opinion. His abilities as a Huntsman is quite respectable, and I have personally allowed him to help teach some of my classes due to the increasing volume of students as of recent days."

The man smiled as he nodded to himself. "He is energetic, but a fine lad who can give quite a helping hand! I can assure you that."

Ozpin nodded. Yes, it was wrong of anyone to judge a book by its cover. Quite frankly, Ozpin knew his doubts about the energetic professor, who seemed to rival Oobleck when the right topics for conversation popped up, were more of personal opinion than facts. If anything, Mr. Bridgeman had recorded history of teaching briefly at Shade and Haven before moving to Beacon. He had a statement behind his name, so that much should've been enough to assure Ozpin that Team KFSC would be in safe hands.

Walter Bridgeman.

Putting aside his thoughts about the man, Ozpin looked forward to the team of students' success.

The airship dropped everyone off in the middle of a forest. Trees surrounded the landing site as Team KFSC pressed their feet against the healthy dirt, though the air seemed rather tense for a peaceful-looking area. It was common knowledge that almost any area of the wilderness was usually like this, because Grimm enjoyed ruining lots of things that would be great without them.

A tall man walked out of airship last as he moved past the team, carrying a small navigation device that resembled the shape and design of a small Scroll model. On its screen were several blue dots, which indicated at the team members who were behind him, and the small airship that gradually left the site. Everyone's Scrolls, for those who brought them, would technically work properly, though reception was rather terrible due to being further away from Vale's CCTS. They were supplied with small radios instead, though they were most likely not going to be used if things didn't go south.


Turning to Team KFSC, Walter Bridgeman, a Grimm Studies professor like Peter Port, let a small grin creep into his face as he spoke loudly,

"Everyone! I apologize for not being able to introduce myself, as I had been going over our routes during the ride. As you have heard in the mission briefing, I am Walter Bridgeman, and I teach Grimm Studies- but you may call me Walter. I don't do well with formalities, y'see."

Combat Recon

Pointing with one hand at what was clearly a disorderly set of trees torn down by Grimm, Walter used the other to press a button on the navigation device in his hand as a small visual hologram appeared.

"This area has a history of Beowulves and Manticores roaming around- but there have been sightings of an amalgamation of Grimm here, such as Harpies and even an Ogdoad. If my thoughts are correct, then we may confront a Bael by the end of this mission."

Turning off the hologram, Walter continued, "Observations outside of the mission site has led us to believe that environmental damage such as this has been caused by some Sitting Bulls- there is still the possibility that we may meet Nightmares instead, however, so I advise that we keep our eyes peeled to win any quick draw while we're moving. Once we find the lair, we do what Huntsmen train for.-"

His grin widened with a hint of nostalgia and pride as he finished simply, "-Annihilating monsters."

He had yet to unsheathe or load his weapon, though he expected the team to do so at this point. "As for questions, well... I'll be answering any on our merry way. If you happen to get separated, make contact via the radios. I may be older than you lot, but none of us are deaf in the ears just yet.

"Well, there's no time to lose, cause I'm already dying to get started," Walter spoke, his sharp voice booming, "Follow me, ladies and gent! Let's make this mission count. Keep an eye out for any Grimm that pop out of the trees."

The jingling of six keys attached to the ends of his coat, Walter began walking towards the flattened paths caused by the Grimm.

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Hack A Shack

Yun blinked.



Yeah, right, she was in a mission.

The day before had ended up being a spiral of emotions for her. First, she was reassigned to a team quite abruptly in the midst of her search. She hadn't even gotten anyone's numbers at the moment, and now she was thrown into a completely new team with very little time to get accustomed to everything.

At that moment, she realized Beacon was tough.

GEEZ, it's tough, she thought, gulping as she shook her head at Rowan's question about... questions. I better keep myself awake.

Everything sort of flew by like a violent wind, but for now, things seemed to have settled... for now.

She glanced at her teammates. There was... this blond dude who looked a little scary- no offense to him, really, but he just kinda did. He didn't seem to be a necessarily bad person, but- gosh, she just kept thinking the worst of interpretations for some reason! Then there was another guy who seemed like he was ready to run everything down with a gun, though he didn't seem like he'd point it at her any time sooner. And finally, there was a rather purple girl who had quite a bit of sass in her.

If her cousins taught her one thing, it was that sass could range from "cute" to "holy crap, can you stop." She hoped it wasn't the latter.

Her mind kept trailing back to Ferris, who seemed to wave at her with an uncharacteristically wide grin in her imagination- as if they'd never meet again for some reason. She already kinda missed that fluffy coat...

NO! Let's get myself INTO this mission, not away from it! Yun thought as she smacked her cheeks. She then suddenly let out a really bright smile, seemingly for no reason at all to the people around her.

"I'm READY!" She said in response to Rowan, pumping a confident fist. Yeah, so what if she didn't know her team that well? That didn't mean she couldn't try getting to know them eventually! She could hear an engine revving up in her mind as her motivation went up to overdrive.

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Shipment Protection


Hana stared at Taidan with a blank look. Its blankness lasted only for a brief second, however, as it grew incredulous when she wondered where he came from. That's right, the guy was capable of some flexible mobility with his equipment. Several Huntsmen seemed to carry around such equipment, and it seemed pretty convenient at times. She wouldn't ever compliment them out loud, though- it seemed awfully pointless and chummy, especially if it came from her.

His casual appearance wasn't much of an issue, though she'd be lying if she said it didn't startle her.

She blinked when she heard Sterling's voice as she glanced at him, almost unnerved at his more literal "casual appearance."


A boatswain with a Master's degree in Food Chem- how did both of them know about-?


Well, now I know boats sure aren't my deal, she thought wryly.

These guys sure knew how to make an entrance, though.

Her silver, sunglasses-wearing teammate asked if she had an issue. Issues? Well, she had tons of issues! Heck, most of her standardized essays were just nitpicking off her issues! Most of them were just insignificant to complain about, thus she kept them all to herself. Talking about what was important had become somewhat of a focal point for her conversations, especially back at Mistral.

"I don't have an issue," she mumbled.

"...Okay, maybe I do," she sighed, almost uncharacteristically so. As she remembered who she was talking to, the energy within her suddenly flared as she added in, "It's nothing important though, so don't rub it in!!"

She knew they probably didn't mean any ill intent, but that didn't mean she shouldn't let her guard down! As the leader of the team, especially one so full of energy, she had no intent on falling behind that department.

Hana's flare died down a little as she turned back to the oceans, burying the bottom half of her face into her elbows again to hide her cheeks. Sarina was probably elsewhere drinking tea or something...

"Hey," she said out loud, staring down the brilliant blue in front of her with her orange gaze as she slowly lifted her face out of her elbows.

A brief pause came, her gaze softer than before. She was terrible at this whole "socializing with the team" aspect because, quite frankly, there was no room for that back in Mistral. But these guys were terrible at lying, so surely hearing her out would be the best compensation!

Not that she thought they were aware of that, but heck, she was their leader! She could talk about whatever she wanted, right?


"You all were in Beacon for the most part, right?" Hana asked. "You ever get the feeling to just... get really impatient? So much to the point where you just want to explode with it. You better be honest!"


Shipment Protection

Unsurprisingly, Hana was a little angry again.

She always had some kind of valid reason to be angry. As for the length of the validity in question, that was an entirely different story, but still, she had her points.

Concerning the topic of her team members, she had quickly come to accept the fact that she would be their leader, and she would even go as far ahead to die trying to get that point across. Thankfully, despite their relatively carefree and happy selves, they weren't morons- just... really optimistic, in their own ways. She wasn't going to lie by saying it didn't ever piss her off, because it sometimes did, but not in the sense that would get her punching the dorm apart.

She blushed when she slowly noticed that she was actually complimenting her team. Pouting grumpily, she huffed as she crossed her arms and leaned against the ship.

The fiery girl seemed less angry about her team and moreso about the mission itself.

As childish as it sounded, she didn't like waiting for something that had a chance of not showing up. She... had some bad memories pertaining to the topic, but there were much less serious memories than the ones that were simply annoying to think about. The reason for her anger at the moment was more personal than something she wanted to direct towards someone, and for that, she kept it to herself. None of her team mates needed to hear her getting all riled up for the umpteenth time. No matter whether she was their leader or not, they were inevitably more familiar with each other than with her for now. She knew she had to be flexible for not just their sake, but her own as well.

The mission still ached her patience, though. Quite honestly, she felt more used to the beat-em-up side of things rather than defending objectives. While the cannons did do a bit of justice towards breaking the silence, showing her team what she's made of, as well as seeing how capable they were sounded more appealing.

Far seas greeted her, however, and everyone on her team seemed willing to wait things out.

Geez, she sighed out loud as she let her chin rest on her hand, her elbow pressed next to her arm on one end of the ship's dock. I guess I don't have to necessarily come up with something for my team yet...


She blushed when she remembered Taidan and Sterling walking around, smiles and all as if they hadn't casually dunked on the students that scared her or- intentionally or not- made her stumble on her own words, with Sarina casually watching them as if it were all commonplace.

...Or maybe I do!! She thought, her pout intensifying as she unknowingly scrunched up, her fiery demeanor just simply refusing to calm down. She started to resemble an angry gerbil that could neither vent its anger on anything or feel the need to bother anybody just yet.

The orange-haired girl buried the bottom half of her face into her arms as she continued to stare at the seas alone, wondering about what to have her team do, or if they really had to do anything at all at the moment.

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Bang stared at Mr. Touhama Shuuji for a moment, his blank expression indicating towards any kind of thought whatsoever.

His train of thoughts passed by his station of recognition as he looked for any sign of this man, who showed up. None, unfortunately, but he was overflowing with spirit. For a moment, Bang wondered what this man wanted from him, but Bang himself wasn't too concerned about that.

What he was more concerned about was that he had essentially been challenged.

Unconsciously putting down his grocery bags at Shion's direction, Bang kept his gaze locked onto Touhama Shuuji, as the man shut his parasol and assumed a stance. It was a stance Bang did not recognize. Perhaps it was because...?!


...He knew almost nothing about martial arts.



Well, that didn't change the fact that this man was challenging him.

Bang Constantine lived a somewhat different life from the average high school student, or at least, an average high school student without powers. It was a very subtle difference, something that did not show up quite often, and served as both a bane and a boon to him. This vague difference was to accept not only the norm, but also believing in certain, specific things outside the norm.

For example, while television taught him that there were probably no poor CGI monsters wrecking cities on a daily basis...-

Glancing at Shion, he nodded to her as if she understood what was going on, and it was something he wasn't going to decline. Then, bowing respectfully to Touhama, Bang raised his fist, as his other was currently in a cast. He hunched over ever so slightly, a tilted leg pushed forward. His eyes gleamed, questioning nothing of the man who challenged him.

-...he also believed that answering the challenges of the public to also be the norm. It really wasn't.

If this Touhama Shuuji knew something more than he did, then he was ready to accept it. After all, Bang wasn't an Esper. But he wasn't going to go ahead and reject this man's passionate challenge. There was passion- spirit, flowing through his words, and Bang recognized that. It had actually been quite a while since he boxed in actual matches, but he had sparred enough to not lose his form. He also seemed to be so into the situation, he briefly forgot about his cast and what he was going to make for dinner.

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