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Sepia Russet - Dust Apps

Though Sepia was disappointed about not being able to participate in the demonstration, her thoughts were not able to linger on it. There had definitely been a bad feeling coming off of the blonde girl now standing at the front. As the professor's words confirmed her suspicions, however, precisely what was said only served to confuse her. Stay behind after class? Beacon sure was a strange place if they were always this harsh on students playing around with a tiny pinch of dust. Back in Laire, a few burns and nicks just meant one lived a full life and was learning to be appropriately aware. People even showed scars off on certain holidays by painting them bright colors. Then again, maybe the cause for concern was merely that the audience may become distracted from the actual lesson.

Curious as to how the two demonstrating students would react to the professor, she scrutinized them closely. As she took in the girl's expression, a thought occurred:

"Is she trying to flirt with him? I don't feel anything like that between them, but it is a classic approach. A mild attack indicates both interest and power, after all."

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Congrats to everyone, though. There wasn't a single (real) entry that I didn't enjoy reading. HMU for promised feedback if you desire. : )
"I'm telling you, these bad boys are going to be legendary after a little more testing." Isaac's voice was just barely audible over the roar of the waves below. "Even as they are now, I'd say some people in the village are going to fall on their knees and pray for the Under-One to spare them." Though Sirius couldn't see the other girl, she was familiar enough with her wicked grins to know one when she heard it. Unfortunately, she couldn't share in the moment. Serving as anchor for your dust-obsessed partner while she plants her latest instruments of terror in a Ratatosk burrow can become an all-consuming task when said burrow's entrance juts from the midway point of a towering seaside cliff.

It really would have been a better plan to uncoil the rope before they had walked all the way to the drop-off. However, put one person with too much enthusiasm and another with too little foresight together and "shoulda's" would invade the day. "Shoulda made sure your tether was long enough" in this particular moment. As a result of that little oversight, Isaac wasn't able to simply repel down by herself. Instead, Sirius found herself and the sheep faunus tied together under the logic that "we can't possibly both fall at once", and clinging to a sheer stone wall absolutely drenched in sea spray.

A few feet below where the blunette was free to let her mind wander in the simple task of keeping a tight grip, Isaac was putting the final touches on what she had simply christened "the bomb, sweetheart". Jammed awkwardly in the largest non-inhabited crevice available, Sirius knew the unholy patchwork of an explosive to be composed of meticulously stapled-together crystals of every type and combination of dust known to Laire. The thing was undeniably beautiful despite its wrong-ness. It looked like an inverted geode - all sparkling colors on the outside, ugly grey bits of ramshackle aura-activated device hidden on the inside. Needless to say, this practice detonation was going to be more art (read: Isaac screwing around) than science.

Just as the thought drifted through her mind, there was a sharp curse and a distant, heart-sinking splash. An eerie, calm numbness seemed to spread through Sirius's legs as she strained her neck to look down and over her shoulder. A brown face wearing a nervous smile stared up at her.

"I dropped the remote."

Sirius immediately glanced up above, noting their distance from the top. The safety of flat ground never seemed further away. She swallowed. "Oh-okay. I think all we can do at this point is brace our-".


There really are so many colors in the world, was the only thought that came to Sirius as the crests of water seemed to reach out to grab her. Right now, she wasn't even registering the hail of stone pinging against her aura or the odd lack of any sound. Not even the fact that she was probably about to drown, or that her companion's expression of absolute joy would negate later claims of any "accident" causing the scene unfolding around above. All she could watch was the bloom of elemental power shredding through stone and grimm alike.

Dust...dust was so cool.


Sepia Russet - Dust Apps

From the front row, a hand shot up and a silky brown tail wagged.
Contest #38: Confessions

Host: SevenStormStyle
Type: Free Writing
Deadline: 4/24/18 Midnight EST (extensions possible)
Prize: 1 credit and feedback guaranteed, increased prizes based on ranking TBD

What does your character consider to be the worst thing he/she has ever done? Be the tone funny, angsty, or anything else, write us all a story about it, as long or short as you please.

This is pretty open-ended for a reason: I like creativity, so don't be afraid.

(If you already did anything for the old prompt and like it, I'm not going to throw that out).
Very short, but why not?

The amount of IC time that has passed is actually tragic.
Sepia Russet - PE

"Are you okay? You seem to be in...agony."


No, she was fine. But...where had she heard that before? That exact phrase. A man with blood on his back...

She'd said them.


Sepia shook her head. She'd been staring off into space. "I'm fine. Just a little sore, you know? Just had a mission where things could have been neater, I think." She smiled in a way that she hoped to be reassuring. "I'm relieved to hear it about the homework, though. I'm absolutely terrible at non-hands-on learning. My eyes just slide off the page."

That was when the shirtless man entered. To be honest, she wasn't really paying any attention to the words being shouted at top volume. She'd grown up in a place absolutely brimming with posturing and machismo, and most of it wasn't of any real importance. There was one thing that caught her attention, however. She leaned slightly toward the girl next to her. "Violet, you wouldn't have to know what 'football' is, would you?"

Sepia Russet - PE

"Yes!" Sepia burst out excitedly. "Tell me, what did you guys do in class? Any homework?" She bounced up onto her toes, forgetting for a moment the entire reason she'd missed Grimm Studies. The resulting flash of soreness across her abdomen nearly sucked her breath away.'s like getting shot all over again. At this point, she must've looked a sight. Still high off of new-people fumes, she was somehow giggling and grimacing at the same time, semi-doubled over to boot.

After she caught her breath and straightened (slowly this time), the girl's introduction finally registered. "Ah-sorry. Nice to meet you, Violet. My name's Si-Sepia Russet." Shoot. Having Datura and Soot around got me back in the habit.

Sepia Russet - PE

Honestly, Sepia was getting sick of nurse's offices. She had nothing but gratitude for the people themselves, of course, but the environment overall quickly becomes tiresome when one has just recently been released from an extended hospital stay. She was no longer continuing to benefit from the attention anyway. She knew what was wrong with her, and that was all that mattered. It certainly wasn't worth making her miss what should have been a vital class just to fuss over the mystery of the slow-healing wound again.

Pushing previous events to the back of her head, the coydog faunus mustered up all the energy she could use in one go and kicked the door to the PE room open. She'd already decided that today was a no-hands kind of day. Fortunately for the door, the girl currently treating it to the full extent of her leg muscles was both somewhat ill and physically weaker than most of the people it was built to accommodate. Thus, Sepia's entrance consisted of the door unceremoniously banging open instead of having a dent put in it or worse.

As she skirted the perimeter of the room, she did a quick once-over of everyone present. Most were already deep in friendly conversation. However...her one-sided gaze zeroed in on one girl in particular. She was a stand-out for multiple reasons: firstly, she was alone, and secondly, she looked kind of like Sepia's mental image of a high fashion model. Tall, bold looks, aloof, mysterious. Despite all that, she didn't seem to give off a feeling of snobbishness. More like discomfort, really. "Well, they say working out alone is the enemy of accountability."

After a quick check to make sure her fringe was still swept into position over the upper left portion of her face, Sepia approached the girl and smiled at her. "Hello there! Don't suppose you just came from Grimm Studies?" As tempting as it was to try to weasel out of homework, asking about it seemed like the best conversation starter.

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