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I finally got a good amount of sleep last night, so now I won't literally fall asleep as soon as I sit down

Posting tomorrow. I'm just so tired right now (doesn't help that it's 12:30).
Sepia Russet - Grimm Studies

To say Sepia woke up feeling unwell would be an understatement. As she came to, her first thought was of just how hot she was. The immense pile of fluffy blankets and pillows that formed a structure almost like a nest on her bed had metamorphosed into an oven at some point during the night and she was starting to feel thoroughly like an overcooked...something. "Something sweaty, anyway." She ran a hand through slightly damp curls, surprised at its slight shakiness. "Huh. I must be really hungry." Ignoring how her head pounded when she sat up, the dog faunus disentangled herself from the suffocating mess that used to be a bed before she twisted and turned in it all night. "I really hope Yue made food. The issue of how I've never so much as touched an oven isn't something I want to go through right now."

Hm. Maybe the other girl could teach her sometime. It would be nice to spend some non-mission time together.


By the time she slid into one of the very last vacant seats in Grimm Studies, Sepia was very grateful for the lack of obstacles on her way to class. While she would normally jump at the chance to socialize, today was just not a good day for first impressions. At least her spot was in the back. Maybe if she made herself extra small during class, she wouldn't be called on for anything. "If I get pulled down to fight, I'm definitely going to puke." Nausea had been building up all day, and even someone as admittedly slow as her could figure out why. Everyone here was just so stressed. Between the student body of teen angst and Datura's wacky hormones, Sepia's semblance was starting to get on her nerves for more than just the usual reason."Buck up. It just means that there are people here who need help. It's not their fault that being a teenager is just one crisis after another." She chided herself internally.

The brunette leaned forward and propped her chin on her palm. Her eyelids drooped. Well, one did. The other felt...weird. A chill ran down her spine. "I forgot to put it back." Quickly, she pulled down a section of hair to cover the left side of her face. A class where she would doubtlessly alternate between anxiety and sleepiness. It could be worse, really.
I have a collab that will probably come out late, but it will just be one large post, so it shouldn't disrupt anything.
I don't know how I feel about teams. I get that it's part of the actual RWBY and all, but the chances of having 4/4 people active at the same time seem to usually be pretty slim.
Datura Platinum - Antagonizing a student (Diamond) in a random hall.
Sepia Russet and Soot Shrike - Catching up in a different but equally random hall.

I forgot to put it in the IC post again. *sigh*
Sepia Russet and Family - Various Corridors

"Soot, can I ask you something?" As much as the absence of a certain purple-eyed girl was beginning to concern Sepia, it had provided her with a chance to talk privately with her father. Whenever she called him at their home, Datura was almost always lurking somewhere nearby if not front and center by his request. While the brunette did value his attempts to facilitate friendly communication between the two most important people in his life, she was missing having a private outlet for her feelings and questions.

He smiled with just a hint of sadness behind it. "Of course." Sepia had a feeling he knew where this was going.

She shifted uncomfortably for a moment before finally blurting out, "Were you afraid to tell me? About the baby, I mean." Silence hung in the air for a few moments as she worried her lower lip. Did she really want to know any of the possible answers?

Her father sighed and closed his eyes before replying, "The situation is delicate. Aside from the long list of physical complications, we weren't sure if you might feel that you were being abandoned again." Huh? They'd never left her, not-oh. He wasn't talking about himself and Datura.

"Hey. You two had nothing to do with that." She put a hand on his shoulder, hoping to reassure him. "If anything, you've been the most constant person in my life. Hell, according to you, you took me straight from the midwife's arms. Pretty good for a teenager." She let out a small giggle.

He smiled. "Watch your language."


Things were getting serious. Preparing to defend herself should the need arise sooner than expected, Datura gave a quick once-over to the bracers wrapping around her forearms and lower legs. If last night's assessment of the telescoping function was still accurate, she should be fine in the kind of combat this student seemed ready to engage in.

"Of course. Now, do you wish to proceed to the gym, or would you rather start getting "calmed down" right now?" She allowed just a hint of arrogance to slip in at the end. Hopefully, this girl would surprise her with her decision.
I think it's two. You might want to check the first OOC post to be sure, though.
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