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- Andromeda -

Andromeda stood alert behind the barrier as the next wave rushed forward, decimating anything still trapped on the other side. She flinched as the wave slammed into the psy-barriers and then dissipated. She took a deep breath and prepared herself to rush back out but then something changed. The demons started collapsing into dust on the other side of the field as whatever power had created them seemed to dissipate.

She waved off a medic who stopped beside her, too focused on what was going on in front of her.

Andro just stared in disbelief as everything stopped. The soldiers seemed poised for another attack but none were forthcoming. The gorgon moved forward slightly and looked all around trying to see where the person behind all this might have gone, but he was just gone, she hadn’t seen him leave, she was likely too focused on the demons.

"What the hell is even going on..."

Andro glanced over at Ryuu, he looked pretty disheveled but he didn’t look too badly hurt, she hoped anyway.
“I don’t know” she replied softly, as she let her transformation go and her tail receded back into a pair of legs. She swayed slightly, as transforming always left her off balance but she kept herself upright.

She jumped, however, when Ryuu suddenly shouted "Andro! Have you seen Carmen? Or, is there like, anybody else you met?"

Andromeda gasped “Oh My God! Carmen! We were together before the attack started but we got separated!” she put her hands over her mouth “Oh, I hope she’s alright! She was looking for…” Andro paused a second as a bit of a blush hit her cheeks “Edric, she was looking for Edric, she said he was here, we need to find them!” she turned and looked around “Last I saw Carmen was over this way!” and she started running, ignoring the fact that her shoes had gotten lost somewhere between her transforming and transforming back.

She glanced back to see if Ryuu was following.
Its mostly art based, i barely pose but somehow i get views and subs still? XD just search up my username here and you can probs find it.

I'll check it out next chance I get :)
- Andromeda -

She let out a startled laugh at Ryuu's comment as she got close "Me?! I'm fine! You're the one that flew across the battlefield!" she stopped by his side for a moment to look him over "But remind me to never bite one of those things again my throat is still burning", she did, however, try to flatten her clothes out a little self-consciously as she was examining him.

She looked over at the barriers as he suggested they get moving "I'm with you on that, I do not intend to die today!" she twisted around to face the barrier and started hurrying towards it, making sure Ryuu was keeping up as she bolted behind the closest barrier and turned to see. there really wasn't much they could do was there? they couldn't get much closer because of the killer lightning, they were (mostly) mortals who had to duck back behind the barriers to survive.

"What are we gonna do?" she muttered, looking at the demons still littering the battlefield and the next wave of power rushing towards them.
OOhh That sounds cool! Same with college but I ma on break for a few days at the moment.

I just been doing art as usual and trying to focus on my youtube stuff really XD

I'm on summer break now. so that'll make things a little easier, bored already though XD.

Nice, I haven't seen any of your youtube stuff, what kind of channel do you have?
- Andromeda -

Andro couldn't see an end to the monsters and she had taken out only a small chunk of the horde "How many of them are there?!" she hissed as she once again wrapped her long tail around one and squeezed till it collapsed. one leapt at her and she twisted enough that it fell past her and she pounced, pinning it to the ground and pushing forward to sink her fangs into it's neck, hoping her venom would at least slow the creature. instead she got a mouthful of ash that seemed to burn her and she reeled back, coughing and gasping, a hand going to her throat.
Of course at that moment she saw the next waved of thunder coming towards her and she let out a pained hiss before throwing herself back up and shooting back towards the Psi barriers. she saw Ryuu go flying and stuttered in her movement for a second before going for him, that looked like it hurt.
"Ryuu!" She cried, her voice slightly hoarse as her throat still felt like it was burning, slithering as quickly as she could towards him, "Are you alright?!"
@Animelover_princessHEY! What sups!

College has kept me pretty busy
I'm in the middle of a show right now so i'm constantly on the move lately but it's a really good show so i'm excited :)
how have you been doing?
@Destinyfailhorror17 Oh hey! :) it's been awhile
- Andromeda -

Andro blushed when Carmen had called Edric 'her love interest' and stammered "he's not... we're... I... oh nevermind..." she hurried forward, looking through crowd. she didn't actually notice the clouds until rain started falling and Carmen turned to run back to her stall "I uh... I'm going ahead!" she called back before hurrying forward again. she glanced up, startling for a second at the color of the clouds. that wasn't good, that was far from good. and she was sure it had something to do with the woman she'd run into before.

the panicking of the crowd pushed her further away from the skyscraper, which wasn't what she wanted but she let herself move with the flow as she scanned the crowd. she thought she saw Ryuu off and considered going towards him until the lightning started striking. what could she do? she couldn't exactly fight the weather. she was sure someone who'd gone to Athalia could but it wasn't her. she had just gotten past the soldiers when the PSI barriers went up and she turned to look, eyes widening as the monsters and demons rose from the ashes. "Guess that's my cue" she muttered as her legs fused together and scales sprouted along her body. she threw her hood back and shot forward.

she leapt forward, crashing into the demons, clawing at them and wrapping her tail around one and crushing it. she wished she'd thought to bring her whip but she'd been going to an expo, why would she bring a weapon?! maybe there was something around here she could use. she could also see several other athalians, as well as the soldiers, going to town on them and she felt a shiver go up her spine but ignored it. 'Was Carmen alright?!' that thought suddenly sprung into her head. she'd been closer the Andro, had she had some way to protect herself? That urged the gorgon forward, knocking demons aside and crushing and clawing at them as she tried to work her way closer to where her friend had been.
- Andromeda -

Andro moved fluidly and silently among the crowds of the expo. she wasn't even sure why she was there, it was partially boredom she was sure. she'd spent a good deal of time alone lately, just walking the halls of the library and when she had heard of the expo and had realized she had a day or two off she decided to go. she was at least glad that she didn't stand out too much, she was wearing a grey cloak of sorts that covered the snakes on her head and she still had on her ever-present veil. there were so many different kinds of people there that she only occassionally got strange looks and most often then because a snake would peek out or they would rustle beneath the thin fabric of the hood. She ignored the pointed glances of course, because she was used to them, she'd gotten them her whole life and even in her own library.

She was looking at booths. occasionally stopping at ones that seemed interesting. she had a small tote that she had added several works of fiction to, and a treatise on mechanical engineering because the man had insisted she take it. But nothing had really struck her fancy yet. So she kept wandering. She saw a couple people in the crowd she recognized, students or faculty from Athalia and felt absolutely no need to go say hello. She did see Ryuu's booth and couldn't help a small giggle. he looked like he might kill anyone who came near. In fact there were a couple people standing nearby who looked almost interested but were too intimidated by the large man to go near. Andro knew he didn't mean to come off that way, and that was part of the reason it was funny.
She considered going and saying hello but she had no interest in the things at his booth and wanted to see the rest of the booths. maybe later, if she had time.

The gorgon moved into the medical portion of the expo. she was mildly interested. Medicine had always been one of the topics she'd been interested in, even when her mother loomed over her in their library on the estate. However most of the booths were either beyond her knowledge or the people standing at them were acting far too superior for her liking. she got a couple pamphlets and was getting very peopled out when she saw a small booth standing all by itself. It was kinda run down by comparison to the bigger booths around it but it had a little sign saying “The Role of Herbs and Alchemy in Modern Medicine.”
That was interesting. she thought she might recognize the woman behind the counter, someone she went to school with likely but she couldn't remember her name. if they did know each other, the woman would likely recognize her as Andro cut a bit of an odd figure.
She approached the booth with a smile "Hello, I've always thought herbalism was interesting. but i know very little about it unfortunately, i've never had much chance to be the outdoors type" she gestured to the sign "I'd love to hear about it"
- Andromeda -

the gorgon was paying only minute attention to her nocturnal companion as she worked her way up, however she appreciated it when Rain's arm finally wrapped around her and helped her the rest of the way up. she took a couple of deep breaths as her body wasn't appreciating the change of position, her snakes hissed out their annoyance louder then before and she couldn't help smiling just a little. she nodded her thanks to Rain, she could feel how tense the werewolf was.

"You can do this. You have to"
Rain held back a bit of a laugh, the hysteria of hypothermia still lingering "Of Course I... Can" she replied, smiling warmly. she took a second to catch her breath, dreading the next part, trying to get to her feet. But Andro was nothing if not stubborn, and carefully worked to get her feet all the way under her as Rain encouraged her to wrap an arm around her neck. then rather suddenly, Rain lifted her and she let out a tiny gasp, the snakes hissing. she swayed but managed to steady herself a second later and smiled at Rain. "Thank you..."

when Rain loosened her grip Andro decided to try standing on her own. she was still shivering and felt off-balance, she also just honestly wanted to sleep, but Rain's anxiety was getting through to her still foggy mind and she was forcing herself to stay standing. she wasn't quite as stable as she'd like, but she was stable enough she didn't feel the need to go back to Rain for support. it took her a second to realize Rain had said anything and another second to realize what she had actually said. a slightly hysterical giggle made it past her lips before she could stop it. it only lasted a couple of seconds and she said "I'll... keep that in... in mind..."

when Rain started moving, Andro followed, slowly but managing to keep herself up, and pulling her coat close. there were many things Andro hated about being a gorgon, the death stare, obviously, the snakes could get awfully annoying sometimes and so ridiculously tangled if they were riled up, but probably the worst was the fact she was cold-blooded, she had to be so careful, she honestly just wished she would get a wish from a God and become a real girl some day. her brain wandered for a second, she'd always liked Pinocchio as a kid, her mother would let her watch anything if it got her out of her hair. Disney movies were always her favorite-

Andro got rather abruptly knocked from her thoughts as she stepped out and the chill wind hit her. she shivered and curled up a little but forced herself to straighten back up. Rain's expectant look made Andro realize she must have said something. crap. "What?" she said, shaking her head slightly to try and clear the fog "I... I'm fine... I'll be fine..." she looked out and around "Where... do we g-go?"
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