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6 mos ago
Current I'm back? Tbh i dont know hahaha
3 yrs ago
Holy shiz I havent been here for a long time. I missed this place
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4 yrs ago
Doing OC reviews, at youtube, if anyone wants a review just ask ^^
5 yrs ago
Never thought in my life I would be making a powerpoint about completed.
5 yrs ago
Passed Midterrms...phew!
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Welcome back to the guild.

Thank you!!!!
Thank you!!! I hope to have fun here again!!
I used to go to this site for like months, like 2 to 4 years ago but sadly I just lost interest in Rping. But I'm back due to not really able to do much at home and rereading old stuff makes me feel nostalgic.

Hopefully, I can jump in again in the RP scene and have fun again hahaha.
DO yoiu guys have discord, it be great to talk to you guys more.
Its mostly art based, i barely pose but somehow i get views and subs still? XD just search up my username here and you can probs find it.
OOhh That sounds cool! Same with college but I ma on break for a few days at the moment.

I just been doing art as usual and trying to focus on my youtube stuff really XD
@Animelover_princessHEY! What sups!
Goodluck on it!
OOhh, I am learning some 3d stuff right now in class. I am more of a 2d animator XD
Busy, college just had me going for a while XD how about you guys?
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