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It's looking like I'm going to have one more grueling test of survival and mental fortitude before I get to graduate college, and this one's going to be particularly potent. Yay.
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I'm a musician!

I gravitate towards superhuman, sci-fi and nation roleplays. That said, I find myself extraordinarily picky even amongst those genres, probably because I have limited time to RP so I can't jump in every RP I remotely like, and I take approximately 36 years to make a CS.

(Yes, it's spelled NineTALES, not tails. #038 for life)

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Dude, I didn't even know you guys did this. xDD

I approve enough tho you're not doing it anymore. ;)

We are, it's just...slow. Lol. As is usually the case for us. We spend most of our time off the Guild so it looks dead here a lot of the time.

Vikki let out a small grin. "You learn quickly," she said to Edric, standing back up to shake his hand. She made a mental note to remember that. "Let's just say I've had a vested interest in Athalian affairs for a while," she added. "It's a shame the Academy is closed now, I don't have any reason to visit Pavella anymore." She shrugged. "But, you all seem to be doing well enough."

Presently two figures could be briefly seen running along the next street over. "Looks like two of your friends right there, Vikki observed. "Those two are hard to miss. Wonder where they're running to?"

She stood up. "Come on," she beckoned, and began jogging after the two runners.



Carmen walked at a brisk pace, cutting through various alleys and courtyards as she walked towards the sound of a distant crowd. Eventually she turned a corner, and was entirely unprepared to find Andromeda running straight at her. She let out a high-pitched yelp of surprise as she jumped back, narrowly avoiding a collision with the gorgon.

After taking a moment to compose herself (both mentally and cosmetically), the skylark turned to her hasty friends. "Ah, two of my favorite people!" she said cheerily, addressing both Andromeda and Ryuu as he caught up. "What a pleasant surprise. But...where are you two off to in such a hurry?"



Mizuki let out a huff in response to Mark. She still thought he was annoying, but in a way that suggested she had already gotten enormously upset at him before, even though she had just met him. To be fair, she got enormously upset with most people at one point or another. But Mark seemed tenacious, which was a good quality in Mizuki's book. In truth, she just wanted to go back to Oasari, but she had a feeling the Koran military wouldn't be letting people casually walk out of the city for a little while. And in any case, her flight back wasn't until the next morning, so she found herself following Mark.

It had been an interesting day.


The demons and red skies vanished just as Vikki and Edric reached each other. The bounty hunter looked behind her and saw that the demons were quickly evaporating. She trotted to a stop as she reached the man with the drawn scimitar, pausing to catch her breath.

"Ugh," she grunted with a streak of annoyance. "They always puss out right when it's about to get fun." Sheathing her katanas on her back, she looked around somewhat incredulously before turning her attention back to the man in front of her. "What a shame, I was kind of looking forward to see how you fought with that sword of yours. I've heard good things about how you Athalians fight," she said with a wink and a twinkle in her eye. Before Edric could read too much into that information, the lavishly dressed bounty hunter went over to a bench nearby and sat down on it. It felt kind of weird to not have any assignments for a day or two...this festival was supposed to keep her occupied for at least another day, but it was obvious that was no longer happening. She looked around purposefully at the people mulling about in the aftermath. If there was one Athalian, there were bound to be more.


Mizuki was leaned up against a wall with her arms crossed, slightly brooding and slightly contemplating. On the one hand, she was happy to be able to use her fox-fire again, and it felt good to release some anger on the demons. On the other hand, there had been a lot of them, and she had been running out of steam by the time they evaporated. She had the feeling that eventually she and everyone else would have been overrun, and that was not something she approved of. Furthermore, the invasion ruined the festival and meant that she wouldn't have a chance to experience the night festival, which was the main reason she was there in the first place. Still, she was at least thankful she didn't get injured or worse, did pretty well for herself (she thought) for not having fought in years, and wasn't photographed that much.

Before she could allow her stream of consciousness to go any further, an unfamiliar man walked up to her. She looked at him with confusion and barely contained annoyance at his question. "What do you mean by 'everyone'?" she asked with narrowed eyes. "I can see people scattered in every direction, and they all look as confused as you are. So...what kind of 'everyone' are you looking for?"


"Agh, this is just unbearable," Carmen dramatically whined to nobody in particular. "One of those infernal demon things got a SCRATCH on my PURSE!!! This is so embarrassing..." She carefully adjusted the purse on her shoulder so that the scratch was facing her and not visible to other people and stood up from her sitting (formerly fighting) place in a little courtyard. As frustrated at she was about her handbag, she needed to focus on finding out if the couple of Athalians she ran into earlier were alright, so she began walking.


Eris walked out of the square with a small smirk on her face, unnoticed by everyone as they tended to themselves. In her mind, she had won the day. Duatos left once she challenged him, and chaos reigned supreme without Eris having to so much as lift a finger.

He'll be a fun little plaything, she thought.

- Team MOBY (formerly OBIS) : Hack a Shack -

Iona sat diligently in the makeshift briefing room, leaning forward in her chair as she stared intently - yet apprehensively - at the two faculty members briefing the team. She had hurriedly read up on the mission before heading to the briefing, and it seemed like a reasonable enough assignment. Still, she couldn't help but feel a little anxious. She would be embarking on the mission in an unfamiliar region with people she'd only known for a handful of days. And to make matters worse, she had found out just two hours ago that due to a last-minute team member reassignment, she had somehow ended up as the team leader. It wasn't that she didn't think she was up to the task - quite the contrary. It was more that the news came out of nowhere and she had no time to prepare before the first mission.

Her thoughts were interrupted as the CompSci professor went over the USB drives he had prepared, and said "Violet’s the strongest, red’s the weakest." Violet's the strongest, she thought to herself. Why yes it is, thank you for noticing.

When Rowan concluded her briefing asking of there were any questions, Iona wanted to say "Team leader huh? Next time how about a little more of a heads up, yeah?" Fortunately, she knew that Rowan had nothing to do with it and bringing it up wouldn't help anything. Besides, however hastily she received the position, she now wore it and had to prove herself worthy of the job. Piece of cake, she thought, encouraging herself.

"None from me," she replied to Rowan before looking around at her teammates. The team was obviously heavily skewed towards offense, but with Yun in the mix Iona believed at least some of team had a solid chance to be relatively covert when necessary.


~I am going iNsane~

plz help


Iona had not tried to interact with anyone when she was deposited at Practice, instead hoping to look around and try to gather any information on what she might be dealing with. She deduced that before her was an obstacle course of some sort, and-

Before she could get any further, she suddenly found herself being forced to interact with people.

First a serious-looking woman who turned out to be the Practice professor greeted her and the other apparently new guy. Of course on Iona's first day, the professor didn't have time to explain anything and a TA or something was teaching. "Good..." Iona said sarcastically to herself. Ah well, at least she had some time to-

“Pardon me, teammates Selena Cecilia and Iona Murasaki."

Iona blinked.

As Blaine introduced himself in a very...rigid way, Iona blinked a few more times as she looked at him quizzically with her head titled to one side. She struggled with constructing words to say after the display. "Um,'s a pleasure to" Her words trailed off as she gradually turned the statement into a question. Before she had a chance to abandon sentences anymore the white-haired girl standing next to her took control of the conversation in a much more professional way than Iona had before addressing Iona.

"So you're part of my team too? Cool, cool. Hope we work well together."

"I guess I am," Iona responded, continuing with a little grin, "I look forward to finding out."

So that was three out of the presumable four-person team, which was apparently called "Obelisk". That's an odd name, she thought to herself. More importantly though, where was the fourth t-



He, like the white-haired girl, seemed pretty normal, so Iona responded in kind. "'Sup."

Almost done with a master's degree here so I'm like



To an onlooker, the scene in the hotel lobby would look like a gratuitous fight sequence from an action movie. Vikki lay waste to the demons that approached her from all sides with deft precision, but they kept coming. Eventually she thought that she had found a break, only to see a massive horde of demons approaching the building from all directions. The bounty hunter sighed.

"Time to go...again," she said, and swiftly exited the building by way of grappling hook. As she did she identified where most of the other competent fighters were located and began heading that way at speed. This was good news for her as she bought herself some time and would no longer have to fight all of the demons alone (as fun as it was). However, it was bad news for the Athalians fighting in the streets, because Vikki was heading right for them and bringing a massive horde of demons with her.

Things were about to get interesting.


Eris watched with beckoning eyes as Duatos' apparition approached her, clearly sensing her presence. The demon from another dimension reached her and transitioned to a physical form, demanding that Eris identified herself.

Eris almost laughed.

She replied to the demon in the same ancient language with which he spoke to her. "This world is my domain. It is I who should be asking you questions, Duatos." Her eyes glowed gold as clouds and rain cycloned around her. "Now, answer me:

Why have you come?"
Iona Murasaki

A girl with purple hair walked quickly through the halls of Beacon.

If one was close enough, they could hear the girl mumbling to herself. "I still don't understand why I couldn't just stay in Mistral..." She turned a corner. "I was set. Powered right on through Sanctum, and was doing well in Haven. At least...I think I was." She turned another corner, a little more earnestly than she had the last. "And then suddenly they were just like nope. And there I was, shipping off to Vale." She turned yet another corner, and if an onlooker were observing they would now be realizing that she was probably lost. She was just trying to hide it, and not really succeeding.

Beacon did look nice though, she had to admit. Although she was rushing through the halls she at least didn't have her eyes closed so she could see what was what. She turned another corner and quickened her pace slightly, taking a quick glance down at her map. "Okay, I think this is the way," she said, with a little less grudge in her voice. As she finally set herself on the right course to her class she tried to think positively. "I guess I just need to make the best of it. Beacon has a good reputation and it seems like a nice place. And I've proven myself once, so I can do it again. And I get to start with 'Practice', which seems like it'll be easy enough. I just have to get over the hurdle of..."

She stopped in her tracks as she entered what she thought was her class and looked around the room to a sprinkling of unfamiliar faces.

"...not knowing anyone."
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