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Current "knock-knock." "Who's there?" "dishes." "Dishes who?" "dishes a very bad knock knock joke."
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Ugh. Feeling under the weather. Posting will be scarce untill I feel better.
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I have something to say and now I've said it. Good night.
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Its my Birthday today! Yay! One year closer to Death. XD
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Undertale, every time I think I'm over the feels, you somehow find a way to remind me that I have tear ducts all over again.
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― Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless

Hello lurker/ My old friend/ I've come to talk to you again/ Because a shadow softly creeping/ Lurking in the chat while I was sleeping/ And the roleplay that was forming in my brain/ Still remains with the sound of lurking.

In dead roleplays I walked alone/ Narrow pathways of casual zone...

Need mor ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

(Made in collaboration with @hatakekuro)

Some heartfelt music while you lurk


I just don't want you to have a Bad Time...

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Plot twist! The power of friendship wins the day and triumphs over evil.
<Snipped quote by Crimson Raven>

Interesting idea. What made you think of the idea? Currently we have two exceeds in the RP, Dalton and Cecilia.

In the show we didn't really see that much exceeds after the Edolas Arc. There were a few but that later appeared, but were revealed to be 100 exceeds that were born in Earth land. For all the others, we didn't really see them, so they could be living a secluded life. But how secluded, I know. From the anime, Ichiya accidentally ran into his edolas exceed version of himself after getting lost in a forest. Pretty much, I'm just trying to say that they might be rare to find.

Eh I was watching through the anime again (skipped the beginning until after fantasia) and I just finished the Edolas arc.

I suppose they would be pretty secluded, and only Fairy Tail and the people of Magnolia, plus dragonslayers had any contact with them (that we know of). (Ichiya is an odd case maaaaaan.)

But still, a civilization of flying anthropomorphic flying cats whould be hard to hid. Surely some have heard of them.
Has anyone explored the thought that if this RP is after the events of canon, then the exceeds would have been caught up (again!) in human's fear of magic?

Where would they have gone, how would they have reacted? Where are they now? Are they seen as a myth? ect.

Could be something interesting to develop, although maybe other characters would be better suited to explore that idea.

I can get on board with that. I do want to make sure, however, that we are not simply just pushing our problems to a later date, but actively looking for a solution. But I trust you to do that.

Actually, all of our arguments here amounts to absolutely nothing because its just words without action. Which makes them meaningless.

So, I'm very sorry to all of you for setting off this shitstorm.
Jesus you guys make it sound like it's hard to make friends with people here and start doing stuff.

It's not.

See, that is not helping. The old "why can't everyone just get along?" always comes up. Well, unfortunately when you are dealing with people, it doesn't happen. What does happen is a lot of discussion and conflict in a small scale and large scale. People have different opinions and different ideals. When they disagree, they clash, with words, or with actions. That is the only way we know how to resolve our differences.

I'd like to think that we are friends. Maybe this is ego, but I'd like to think that I'm friends with all of you. Friends still fight though. The difference between when friends fight and when strangers fight, is friends make up afterward, no matter the outcome.
I'm always a fan of escalating things. Why seek a compromise when you can win it all?

You too, don't goad them on. Whatever your personal beef with them is, try to set it aside. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this isn't the first time you two have butted heads, is it?

Edit: I saw your last post. Why don't we save that as a last resort and keep the peace talks going? Its been pretty well so far, and since I really started it, I would hate to have people alienated on my account.

<Snipped quote by Krayzikk>

I'd gladly just drop in on whatever story or plot you all might be having, regardless if it makes any sense or if you even want someone like me involved, but out of courtesy I don't. But that does leave me in a predicament where there isn't anything I can do aside from twiddle my thumbs, hope someone takes interest in me, or stir shit up myself. Which is basically a subplot that I apply beyond just my own character but as many people as I can, which is essentially an overarching plot but without GM oversight.

Right here is a large problem with what you are saying, @Krayzikk. I've tried to do that more then once and it didn't work out well, my character just ended up being redundant, irrelevant, and an annoyance to the other players. So I stuck out my own subplot, which ultimately worked out well but it was lonely.
<Snipped quote by Crimson Raven>

Nah, they were pretty on point I think.

Calling him out for being egotistical when they were simply stating their opinion was rude and wrong. There was nothing egotistical in what they said.

Even if they were, calling them out for it like that is going to cause tempers to flare even more.
<Snipped quote by Lucius Cypher>

This isn't a plus.

A subplot is as relevant as the people involved want to make it, but the point is that that is a choice. Making a plot that affects people whether or not they want it is a poor way to make people want to stick around.

Whether or not what you do is relevant to everyone else should be irrelevant. In and of itself. That's just ego.

Please don't escalate the discussion, I don't think any of us want this to turn in to a full blown argument. Your last statements were out of line and not civil.

My counter argument is this, the whole point of an overarching plot is that it throws some previously unforseen twists into play that we, as our characters, have to adapt to. That said, that doesn't mean that major things will happen to the characters that the players don't agree with, but its not wholly up to us. The GMs should ultimately run things and nearly everything short of grevious wounds or death is within their right. The players do still have a choice in the matter but what you are describing is anarchy, or at the very least, a bunch of disconnected stories that take place independently of one another that just happen to be in the same chat room. Hell, your choices already do and should affect other players, from the personal level, say an angry word to another, to the plot level. Saying that your choices are irrelevant to others is incorrect because that is how players interact.

Edit: Another point of a plot is to make a reason for the players to get personaly invested. Watching a story unfold and wondering what will happen next is a great way to keep people around.

I always miss the drama.

Well, most has been said but another against new thread. Tried it once before, it didn't turn out well.

On the otherhand, I like the idea of overarching plots because it gives us a purpose, something to build up towards, a climax, and ultimately, an ending.

Oh no, an ending?! Why would you want this to end?! ect. You say.

Because that is what makes a story. I could copy and paste deep philosophical quotes by famous authors on endings, but I won't because I don't feel like it. Here is the cold fact: this will not last forever. Sooner or later it will lose traction and die out. Its inevitable, but hopefully not anytime soon. So while we have this brief period where we look around and see we have this great thing built and going, instead of consigning it to a slow, horrible death by inertia, lets make a story, one that will end satisfyingly, then we can step back and be proud of what we have achieved.

After that, who know? We or someone in the future can continue where we left off, or we will simply move on to other things, to write other stories. Character interactions can continue, and we can still keep the fluid sandbox concept. But with a plot that will eventually reach a conclusion.

How we do it is another conversation entirely. I have some ideas, but they don't belong here. This is just me trying to convince you that a definate plot is a good idea for the RP and a healthly one too.
I've given up hope of ever understanding a long time ago...
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