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Current Well, I'm hot blooded, check it and see I got a fever of a hundred and three Come on baby, do you do more than dance? I'm hot blooded, I'm hot blooded!
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5 days ago
Its that time of year again. Expect posting frequency to be decreased until next week.
7 days ago
Its snowing here!
9 days ago
What do air conditioners and computers have in common? They are both completely useless when you open Windows.
11 days ago
The door was the way to... to... The Door was The Way. Good. Capital letters were always the best way of dealing with things you didn't have a good answer to." -Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
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― Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless

Note: If I look inactive, or sporadic, I’m not. The two main RPs I’m in do quite a lot on discord. Regardless of my posting history or frequency, I’m on daily.

Hello lurker/ My old friend/ I've come to talk to you again/ Because a shadow softly creeping/ Lurking in the chat while I was sleeping/ And the roleplay that was forming in my brain/ Still remains with the sound of lurking.

In dead roleplays I walked alone/ Narrow pathways of casual zone...

Need mor ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

(Made in collaboration with @hatakekuro)

Some heartfelt music while you lurk


I just don't want you to have a Bad Time...


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@Lord Sawsaw2

I’ll skip posting on this ‘round’ too. When we on to the announcement, I’ll post
Although, pushing Kage about her past might very well be the fastest way for Jack to get the fight he wants...

Note that Ferrin doesn’t know about and hasn’t gotten a look at Sasha’s notebook yet.

Ferrin Astra

Ferrin’s mouth curled into a gleeful grin at Lazarus’s belligerent response. It seems this wiseass was lucky afterall. He could practically smell the testosterone in the air. His grin only drew wider as the man who indroduced himself as Shujin spoke. Ferrin opened his mouth to return verbal fire, but before he could get a word out, Sasha stepped in to deescalate the situation.

A pity. Nothing was quite as much fun as a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.

Instead, he bowed again, “I’ll remember that. Far be it from me to cause distress to such a beautiful woman, much less one with child.” He said benevolently, the first part directed at Shujin, and the last at Sasha.

“Its a pleasure to meet you, Ferrin.”

“The pleasure is uniquely mine.” He interjected.

Ferrin listened intently to her brief explanation, a small frown replaced the grin he had been wearing. “Save Fiore. How noble. But tell me, what proof do you have that the island is involved, and what guarantee do you have that we can do anything about these disasters once there?” He asked, puttting a slight emphasis on ‘we’. “And don’t tell me it’s at the behest of that crackpot Time Lord. Messing with time will only lead to trouble.” Ferrin quite aware of how ironic that last line was, but when playing a part it was important to keep the act going. Right now, he was feigning ignorance to correlate her side of the story with what he already knew, and hopefully turn up new information.

@Caits @Demon Shinobi @Roseletta @YipeeXD @Joshua Tamashii

I’ve seen you kinda be ambivalent in your posts. I know it may feel like people are ignoring you, but posts often get lost in things, and many characters are bound up in things of their own. It would be jarring to break them out for anything short of a massive and catastrophic event.

In your recent post, no one can tell who your character is talking to. If you want to get their attention, be a little more forceful. Describe the scenario and don’t be afraid to use mentions. If you want to pre-arrange an interaction, just ask.

Anyway, sorry about this out of the blue. I feel bad that it might feel like you have been twisting in the wind for awhile. I do have a character free right now, although I can’t think of a reason he would approach Trinity.
*does a tap dance*
Anyone wanna give me a gist of what's happened so far? Was working quite a bit so I couldn't get a post up.

The first post will give you most of the information you need, the rest is mostly relevant to individual characters. But tl:dr both guildmasters have made an announcement that the S class trials will be done cooperatively. The details will be announced later at 5 o’clock pm. Arianna has sent a runner to fetch Dredlin and Pan, Delsin has sent a team to fetch Vega

Where everyone is...

In a park, Vega is squaring off against said team, sent to fetch him. Seto is there too, interfering subtly.

In the Golem’s Arm Guildhall, Jack and Kage finished a conversation. Damian is doing his own thing.

Alexandria, Mis, Cyril, and Saeko just met up on Harpe Wing’s training ground.

Pan and Dredlin are by a lake.

Kazue is nowhere to be found, of course. Ninja things.

Edit: Try to find and read the relevant posts, because I could be wrong
@Crimson Raven

Ceri and Kage really should meet outside of guild stuff sometime. Just for the giggles. If Kage wasn't in Golems hand, I think Ceri would like her a lot.

...which reminds me I need to update her relation thing with her opinion of Kage.


I think so too. I can see them be friends, or at least, not enemies. They also have complementary magics, smoke can provide decent shadow for her.
@Crimson Raven xD what why did she walk a loop

Because she is Kage
And now for a much more serious post.
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