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I am here, I might be using another healer as before though I'm unlikely to use the same one on principle. I'll decide after doing some reading.


Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin shrugged sheepishly, "I uh, guess I'll keep ahold of him if you don't mind then." Dawkin said and waved his farewell as Kristy gave her sales pitch and returned underground. What an interesting person. He turned back to Amelia now that the coast was clear. "Well it seems that's taken care of, one way or another. It seems we can keep the little fossil here, are you interested in him. If not then..." Dawkin let his sentence trail off. Given Amelia wasn't interesting in keeping the Tyrunt Dawkin would take out one of his own Pokeballs and show it to the small dinosaur, running one hand over it's nose as the it seemed eager for attention before catching it.

"Guess we should keep moving on towards Raremine Town then right?" Dawkin asked and looked around to make sure there wasn't any immediate danger and which path would be best to carry on towards their destination. Tyrunt was Rock/Dragon, that meant his team was now composed mostly of Rock and Ground Pokemon. He should make sure the rest of his pokemon could deal with the counters to those well. Pichu would fare well against water types but grass types were a problem for him. He needed to get a fire pokemon as soon as possible. Perhaps after he was done escorting Amelia he would see about getting one a Ponyta.

Action: Hurry Along

Used 1 Pokeball!
Gained 2000P

Samson Tristoff

Samson patiently waited for others to exit the bus before leaving as well, and listening to the small speech. He ran his fingers over the small key card, helpfully in both braille and normal English. His room was 301 hm? Samson made his way there, with the assistance of a map he'd glanced at briefly. Opening the door he found that two people were already inside and on the tail end of an introduction. Samson take the luxury of using normal vision for a moment and concluded by the amount of beds that these two were his roommates, and he didn't have any others. The other boy seemed to share his coloration, though looked notably more frail and shorter than Samson was. The girl, at least that was what Samson presumed she was, seemed to be... mostly plant?

Well, it wasn't the strangest thing he'd seen. Samson coughed politely, in case his presence had not yet been noticed, "Hello, I'm Samson, it seems we'll be sharing the room between the three of us. If either of you have any issues with the room or some such, feel free to bring it up." Samson's tone was calm and measured, perhaps somewhat deeper than one might expect, but somewhat soothing all the same. He felt obligated to say something about being willing to make accommodations for the girl, Lea, since she was a girl, but didn't know how she'd react, so figured it would be best to simply speak neutrally as possible and leave the discussion topic open. He'd overheard the boy say somewhat dramatically that his name was Agni Blackheart so he didn't have to worry about the awkwardness of asking names and he repeated them mentally several times to ensure he didn't forget. It seemed there was only one bed left so Samson naturally moved towards it with his suitcase and began unpacking his things.
For our purposes who decides whether your Dorms are going to team-up. Also I presume you can't ally with the XYZ AND Synchro dorms yes?
@Frettzo@MagusDream Yall need assistance in finding our room?
Col Ward

Nothing he didn't know already. A shame, but Col didn't let the the disappointment show on his face. "Thank you. If you're traveling with us, then we at least, need have no fear of wolves." Unless of course they were those wolves, but he doubted his task would be so easily accomplished. "We should keep moving, burning daylight as it were, perhaps you can discuss your music with our resident musician? Though I would be no means pressure you to do so."[/color] Col said with a reassuring smile before stepping forward, as though the matter of him going them was already settled.

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin followed the conversation a bit uncertainly, the two were a bit... flightly weren't they? Leila raced off and Kristy gave her thanks to him. "Uh, yeah, no problem. You probably saw but, I got a Tyrunt to follow me out of the mess at the truck, I suppose you'll be wanting him back?" Dawkin asked cautiously, not sure what answer to expect, much less what answer he wanted. This entire situation was a bit strange but... He'd stopped the fight and possibly set the two of them on the right track so. That was a win right?

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From what I gather we're good for an update at this point?
Upon reading harder you're right, I just got mixed up cause they used their names to refer to the OTHER person which makes sense but.... idk :<

edited accordingly
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