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Current Just have a set card that returns a card(s) to your deck. Ez pzy.
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I mean Wooper is pretty low level and doesn't have much for special attack :<

Besides if you're going to take away my ability to magically battle on the water with land pokemon you gotta give me the ability to catch KOed pokemon right?
Wonderful, I'm also eager to see how this turns out.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin was pleased that he was able to find the electric type Pokémon without too much trouble and without running into any Sawsbucks either. He scanned each Pokémon as he came across them, making sure that his Pokedex was muted to prevent any untimely discovery. At this point he was in the perfect position for anything he wanted to do. Which basically amounted to him choosing which Pokémon he wanted to try catching. Any attempt to catch one would likely alert and/or scare off any others so it'd be best to pick the one he wanted the most first. Dawkin remained motionless in thought for a while, pondering the issue.

He would catch a Pichu. Mudshot reduced the Pokémon's speed and Wooper wouldn't be affected by electric attacks so he should open up with that. Dawkin released Wooper and told the Pokémon to stay still, which she had no problems doing, and waited until the Pikachus had moved along without the Pichus. Hmm, maybe he should see if he could convince one to join his team. Did that really work though? It seemed you'd have to have something they wanted first like food, or to save them from something. Whatever, he'd catch one this way and worry about it later. "Alright Whooper, use Mudshot." Wooper hopped out of the bush they were hiding behind and immediately propelled and burst of mud towards the closest Pichu. Time to catch a Pichu!

Proved that I exist :<


Her last class ended without much excitement Krysanthe moved along to what was usually one of the best classes of the day, PE. She quickly found, much to her surprise, that their usual teacher was replaced by a shirtless massively muscled model man meandering into class. The volume of his first announcement was only matched by the second one. It was football time! Krysanthe let out a loud "WOO!" in response to this, because what other response could one have to such unbridled energy and enthusiasm? Krysanthe loved playing sports and was quite good at them, so naturally hearing they were going to be doing just that was good news. Of course most news in PE was good news, unless it was that they weren't doing anything physical. Like a test on nutrition and the skeletal system. Which didn't really count as PE in Krysanthe's mind.
Sophia Grandeur

Sophia nervously waited as the two conversed in some foreign tongue, before he finally spoke to them, allowing her to breath a sigh of relief. Not to say his acceptance of them hadn't been rather ominous in it of itself. Your lives are now forfeit. Light filled the room as magic circles suddenly appeared, Sophia remained still for risk of interrupting the process and watched as an awe-inspiring flurry of color and shapes ran through the room, eventually leaving four eggs of what she could only assume was pure magic. The Dragon proceeded to explain how they would work once touched and of course that it would likely kill them. Sophia nodded to herself and rose to her feet, "Thank you master." she said simply, and walked over to the closest one. Deep breath. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Sophia thrust her arms against the surprisingly solid 'egg' and let out a gasp at the strange sensation that coursed through her arms and now her entire body. She immediately fell to her knees, eyes staring without seeing in front of her as the alien energy ran through her body. Suffice to say it was the most painful thing she had even known and she could not say how long she remained there staring blindly forward, all she knew was that at some point she truly saw nothing as she lost consciousness.
Dawkin Trustram

Well it wasn't the best area for training but it had allowed both his Pokémon to get stronger and learn one new move a piece. Now then he wanted to see about catching another Pokémon for his team. Further into the forest were electric Pokémon, but there was also the risk of running into aggressive wild Sawbucks. Hm, if worst came to worst he had a few repels handy. Dawkin returned both his Pokémon to their Pokeballs and began moving into the forest with hopes of finding some of these electric Pokémon. Altas and Wooper could both fight against them reasonably well. If they ran into a Sawbuck... Wooper wouldn't stand a chance, Atlas might be able to put up a fight if it came down to it. Regardless he'd try to move carefully, both not to scare of any of the Pokémon he was looking for and to not draw the attention of those he wasn't.

Action: Look for Pokémon

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