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Dawkin Trustram

Attacks and commentary were flying everywhere, but Dawkin still managed to find a way to weave through and obtain his goal. However its previous owner, after overcoming his surprise, was quick to inform him that the staff wouldn't help him any. The man also proclaimed Cresselia as 'gentle', however from Dawkin's, admittedly limited experience, she was anything but; so perhaps this man wasn't the most reliable source. It was worth a shot at least, in the worst case scenario, surely he could still stall a little? Cresslia was currently gathering power for another moonbeam, the last having been barely blocked by Joshua's Pokemon. Dawkin tried to get closer to Cresselia without being in the way of the attack she was charging. "Cresslia! Stop this fighting at once! You're being manipulated for evil gains, is that what you want!?" Dawkin shouted, holding the staff high above him in hopes that it, combined with his words would do something helpful.

Dawkin Trustram

This whole situation was a massive mess and Dawkin could barely put together his thoughts enough to figure out what he should do. His eyes roamed over the chaotic scene that was forming and they latched onto the pokeball at the top of the the man(Oscar's) staff. Was that Cresselia's Pokeball? If he got a hold of it perhaps he could do something about the situation at hand? There was that small bit about talking to the pokemon inside not just having the pokeball but hopefully that part could be completed after. With that in mind Dawkin silently and swiftly skirted around the edges of the situation, trying to remain out of sight as best he could with his new found physical prowess, his eyes on the staff. Even better, Joshua's Pokemon could keep the man distracted. Dawkin would get closer and closer until he saw his chance and attempt to steal and staff and retreat.

Dawkin Trustram

Amelia was understandably confused upon waking up and Dawkin took a deep breath as he pondered where to start with his explanation, but before he could do so Joshua showed up. "Huh?" Dawkin asked in simple confusion to Joshua's comment, feeling as though he was missing something. Joshua continued talking to the Darkrai, sounding a bit pretentious about it if you asked Dawkin. "I think I can do something. Some gentlemen got his Pokemon to charge me up before leaving and I'm feeling pretty strong." Dawkin said. "Oh I nearly forgot, can you stand alright now?" Dawkin asked Amelia, carefully setting her down. He wasn't sure why she was so red in the face, perhaps something to do with the Pokemon induced sleep? "I'll do whatever I can to help, and it feels like I should be able to do something at least." Dawkin said confidently.

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin eyed the old man warily. Not limited to targeting Pokemon? Wouldn't that mean- Dawkin recoiled suddenly as the man's Pokemon appeared in front of him. Predicting he would have no time to dodge an attack Dawkin merely whirled to present his back rather than Amelia to the attack. However the surge of energy, rather than leaving him in pain, left him feeling good. Better than good actually. A temporary superhero he'd said? Dawkin felt like one. He glanced down to reassure himself Amelia was still in his arms, as he suddenly felt as though he was weightless. Then a dark energy slammed into the barrier that was trapping Darkrai and Dawkin was forced to run through his options.

His own strength had been magnified, though he wasn't sure how much, he was sure that he was stronger than any of his own Pokemon at this point. Now Darkrai was breaking free and someone named Roderick was bringing trouble as well. What in the hell was he supposed to do? Sealing Darkrai seemed both implausible and slightly immoral. He didn't know anything but Roderick and/or whatever was trying to get in while Darkrai was trying to get out. It was this time that Amelia began stirring. Dawkin, taking great care to be gentle, shook his arms every so slightly to encourage her to wake up.

"Amelia! Amelia! I got superpowers from a strange man's Pokemon, Darkrai is free, and someone named Rodreick is bringing something to take care of him. What do I do?" Dawkin asked, a tinge of desperation in his voice. Maybe it was unjust of him to pile this on her. But she was the Ghost Whisperer, while Dawkin barely knew that Darkrai was a Pokemon let alone what it was, even the Pokedex had conflicting information. How could he be expected to make the perfect decision in a situation like this?

Dawkin Trustram

Did she just take a picture of him? Odd time to do it, but he had little to dwell on it further over going deeper into the dungeon, passing several passive Pokemon on the way in. They came into a room enveloped in darkness. There were conflicted pulses emitting from the hole in the ground and a unknown man stood in front of it. At first he seemed concerned, but upon identifying them less so. He must have been expecting someone else. Still, calling them regular adventures? How insulting.

Granted, his physic friend was literally staggered by the strength of his Pokemon and his Pokedex didn't even know what it was, prompting him to take a quick picture. Regardless, Dawkin was beginning to grew sorely vexed by his lack of ability on these trips. He was going to have to do some serious training after this. Right now though Dawkin was focused on the man's continued monologue and the strangely colored Pokeball he was lazily tossing in his hand. He'd take a picture of that as well as the strange Pokemon for later reference. This man wanted his greatest champion? That would undoubtedly be Atlas, but Dawkin had a feeling Atlas couldn't hold a candle to this man's Pokemon. Hm. Moreover the mention of him being apparently brought up as a recruit as well the mission he 'accepted' somewhat ruffled his feathers.

"I caught a Pichu, but I've got no plans on letting you or your lackeys have it. I wasn't exactly planning on fighting here unless I have to, I'm just doing my best to make sure my friend gets out of all this none too worse for wear." Dawkin said, tilting his head to indicate to Amelia as being the friend in question. He wasn't sure exactly what this man was planning on, but if it was any consolation, Dawkin felt like the man himself wasn't quite sure either. However he did at least feel like putting Atlas on display wouldn't be exactly doing himself any favors. If he kept the strength of his Pokemon a secret perhaps it would give him some extra bargaining room.

Col Ward

Col's gaze swept the landscape and the air itself like a bird of prey, searching for the slightest hint of that monster reforming, an act that would be swiftly halted by another shot. However nothing happened. They merely arrived at the lighthouse, the iridescent light seemingly banishing the smoky ash that had previously prevailed over them. It was a relief to be able to see and breath clearly at last. still not entirely relaxed, Col warily lowered the bow and waited a few moments more. "It seems we're safe, for the moment at least, I think it would be best to explore the lighthouse while we have the chance."

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin watched the ghost pokemon speak among themselves before swarming out of the room, leaving Dawkin alone with Amelia and a few leftover Yamasks. A few moments later while Dawkin was considering what he should do next, the girl he'd seen earlier came into the open and began talking to him, presenting him with a considerable amount of information. Dawkin parsed the information carefully even as the girl spoke. "It would be impossible for me to contest someone on the level of the Pokemon League, it doubtful that I could steal it without being noticed, and we don't have the time to attempt to get some sort of rare item on the odd chance I'll be able to take advantage of it. That leaves going to this Master's chambers. Being attacked by him is a risk I'll have to take. I'd rather not leave Amelia alone however." Dawkin contemplated this point further.

He could bring Amelia with him or leave her here with this girl. If worst come to worst, it would be best to have Amelia with him so they could both escape to the entrance, and he wouldn't have to entrust her to someone else. Furthermore, perhaps being closer would help Amelia in her dreamstate. "Alright, let's all head there together, keep an eye out for me while I carry Amelia. Maybe you can warn me if something... Ghosty happens. None of my Pokemon are particularly effective against ghosts but I have a few of them so we can stall at least if it comes down to it." Dawkin said confidently and swooped Amelia up, carrying her bridal style. "Where to?"

Sofia Stien - Behemoth Response Assembly

"Uh, hi." Sofia said tentatively to Fleet-Foot, feeling a bit out of her element. "I close my eyes and ignore things, so if I piggyback with you'll ignore stuff too, even radiation." Sofia continued. At least she thought so anyway. She'd hadn't exactly had the opportunity to test out that case specifically...

Fleet-Foot nodded, "That'll make my job a lot easier, plus you seem light enough for me to carry without too much trouble."

Another roar from Behemoth as he began to collide with the assembled heroes, much to the detriment of the heroes.

Fleet-Foot turned around and crouched in front of Sofia, allowing her to clamber up, locking her legs around his stomach.

"I can take us through buildings and stuff too if you need me too..." Sofia said, trailing off. She wasn't going to fight Behemoth, but at least she could help out somehow.

"Got it, protect me from Behemoth for now, I'll ask if I need something extra." Fleet-Foot said curtly and began taking a few steps forward.

Sofia closed her eyes. Ignore Behemoth. She wasn't sure what Fleet-Foot's power was exactly but it wasn't too important to her. Moments later she felt the press of air against her face as they accelerated.

"At the beam of light, got it." Fleet-Foot said and they moved even faster. Sofia heard subdued noises of agony as Fleet-Foot grabbed and carefully moved whoever it was back to safety. She heard pained words of thanks. And so it went like that. Sofia listened in on the noise coming through Fleet-Foot's communication device. Heard all the people that were dead and dying. She counted each person they helped though, checking the numbers with Fleet-Foot just to make sure. Sofia was going to tell Jason how many people she'd helped. But she couldn't help but feel the two of them couldn't possibly match the ever increasing drone of casualties.

"How's it going?" Sofia asked tentatively, the way she asked it leaving no doubt as to what it was, although there was hardly in merit in asking at all.

Fleet-Foot sighed heavily. "As well as we can expect. Do you need a snack break or are you good to keep going? If you think you can't keep your power up you need to let me know ok?"

Sofia shook her head. "No, we should keep helping people right? I can keep this up as long as you need me to." She was a bit tired, and hungry besides, but she could keep her power going. It was certainly nothing compared to the people fighting Behemoth.


Was this all she could do? Literally piggyback on someone to bring people out of the danger zones. They continued to whizz around the battlefield, with Sofia lost in her thoughts, ignoring the canopy of noise as well as she ignored everything else.
Col Ward

Col steeled his resolve as the monster appeared in front of them once again and darkness continued to descend upon them. It was becoming hard to say but the un-natural Breathstalker was still easily distinguishable amidst the murk. The command was hardly needed and Col carefully aimed his bow, making absolutely sure that this one shot would hit. To his relif, and satisfaction, the monster was torn apart into the ashy blackness that filled the air. That eerie feeling had not vanished however and Gardevoir's words only confirmed his suspicious that the fiend wasn't quite dead yet. Col covered his mouth with one arm, arrow still held in it, and ready to fire should that creature re-appear. Col at least hoped that he would see before it was too late, and as such his eyes strained to push through the clouded air, roaming in all directions for any sign of it. How much further was that tower?!

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin swiftly caught Amelia as she collapsed and lowered her to the ground. Well if anyone could fix this ghost mess it'd be her. Regardless it was awkward for a bit before Aegisslash reacted to something out of vision and suddenly Dawkin was accused of something he wasn't even aware of. "Huh? Call who? Amelia and I came here alone. The only person that could've been related to us is Joshua and he's one dude. What are you on about? Just let Amelia do her thing." Dawkin said, a bit of anger at this false accusation in his voice. Out of the corner of his eye he recognized that girl that had been captured earlier but wasn't sure what todo with this information. He didn't exactly want to point her out and give her away since she seemed to be hiding. Perhaps she would lend him a hand? Otherwise, at this rate, they just have to leave and hope that using an escape rope wouldn't ruin whatever mumbo jumbo Amelia was going through.

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