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Dawkin Trustram

"Well that makes sense, after all, typing is the basic foundation of creating a team and battling competitively." Dawkin said. "Let's see... Raremine town hm?" She was right, it was a bit of a trek. However, as Dawkin had said, he really didn't have much else in the way of plans. He laughed a little at her tent comment, "Of course not, I wouldn't dream of intruding on you in such a fashion. In terms of leaving though, do you plan on going after your clothes finish washing or do you plan on spending the night here and leaving in the morning?" Given the trek was quite long compared to the other routes he'd been on if they started now it was unlikely that they'd be able to make it there before nightfall and he would prefer to sleep in a warm bed indoors.

Bladedancer and Magna Carta

Magna Carta was livid. Mere moments after she spoke more shOts were fired and anothEr person fell to the grouNd dead. The girl with the strings was tAlking, Zach was tAlking, but no one was doing aNytHing. Well she would do something then. The wall she'd been using as a shield was held horizontally pointed at Zach. "DIE!" She screamed and the metal rectangle suddenly launched forward at an alarming speed directly at Zach. Between Zach's invulnerability and the projectiles speed, there was neither a need nor an ability to dodge. Well... Only the latter was true.

The metal passed through the sphere that normally protected Zach from any and all harm as though it wasn't even there and the same could be said for his neck. The killer projectile tore through the opposite wall and made a screeching noise as it crashed into something unseen outside. Zach's head flipped through the air and rolled on the ground, leaving a trail of blood that lead to his corpse. Which was currently gushing blood on account of the severed arteries and all as Zach's body fell gracelessly to the floor, joining the corpses already there. It seemed Lethal Force had gotten a taste of their own medicine.

Shit. Shit. shitshitshitshitshitshit. "Shit." Did she just? She did. Fuck. "Run." Everissa didn't expect Magna Carta to listen to her so she didn't gave the newly-blooded murderer a chance. She grabbed Magna's arm and ran directly back from where they came. What the hell? You don't kill people! The thought had a jarring painfulness to it and Everissa immediately thought back to the face of the person she'd killed. It was different! It was self-defense! It wasn't though and she knew it. They had killed for the exact same reasons. Revenge.

Magna Carta stumbled as she was pulled but seemed too elated by what she had just seen to resist, turning and going along with the flow, her feet lazily going into action. Revenge. She'd gotten him. For now she didn't care about the rest of them. She'd kill them if they crossed her path but next... Next was Master Baiter. A sadistic grin spread across her face as she ran with Bladedancer.

Of course the pair might be hard-pressed to escape the warehouse accosted given the amount of capes there but they were going to do their darnedest to.
Post up today after work, sorry about the delay, I lost a post I'd written and never got around to re-doing it :<
Let's see, if my information is correct then...

For Lethal Force warehouse area: @Xandrya@T2wave need to post

For Main team story: @floodtalon@Gardevoiran@yoshua171@solokolos@Lugubrious

For the Minutemen: Yall still gotta figure out if you plan on doing a short collab or something else along those lines, but I'm willing to bet if no one figures out what they're doing then they'll be doing nothing :D
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin was surprised when Amelia immediately analyzed his team's strengths and weaknesses and quite adeptly at that. He had no good way to deal with Grass Pokemon at the moment and he couldn't really say all of his weaknesses were covered either. "Huh, you've certainly made an apt assessment of my lackings. I'm not quite sure what I plan on catching next. For now I plan on training my current team and if I see the chance to catch something I want I'll take it." Dawkin waited outside for her to change, not feeling like it would be proper to simply leave, despite having technically finished escorting her. "Me? Born and raised in Pureplain. Big family, wanted to get away from it all. Figured this was a pretty good way to do it." Not 100% accurate there, but... Good enough. "I still can't help but feel bad about messing up your clothes, maybe we could travel together for a bit and see if I find a chance to make it up to you? I was planning picking a random route to go down and train on my way, so it wouldn't be any skin off my back."

Col Ward

Col exhaled in relief upon Lord Favian's reasonable nature, after an examination of the cloth in questions Col concluded that it was sufficient evidence. After all, it looked to be quite detailed and of fine cloth, such that no simple person trying to impersonate him would be able to easily acquire it. "Thank you very much, I'm sorry for forcing you to do such a thing but it seems you understand my concern." Lorenzo spoke up asking to see it himself, seeing rather suspicious about the whole thing. "It looks like quite official to me, rest assured Lord Favian has my full trust. As things stand I apologize for my request and my interruption, please continue."

Dawkin Trustram

Ah that explained it, a late arrival. "I see, that makes sense. We'd best be going then." With that the two of them started heading back to the city, Dawkin having mostly returned to his normal state of confidence now that his mistake wasn't glaring him in the face. "Hm? Oh my starter Pokemon was an Aron." Dawkin quickly grabbed and held up the Pokeball with the afore mentioned Pokemon in it. "He's pretty tough for such a little guy, I'm happy with him. The Wooper I caught in the Wet Caverns when I was on the run from Team Amethyst and the Pichu- well I guess I sorta ended up getting him because of them too. Whatever, I don't think they'll be bothering me much in the future unless they're particularly vindictive about grudges." Which in all reality they probably were, but he would deal with that when it came to it. "What about you? What made you come all the way from Witchpeak city to good old Pureplain town?"

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