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Dawkin Trustram

A pirate ship. How fun. Dawkin was still mulling over the captains announcement when Valfredo approached him. [color=gray]"Only 10,000? Judging from what mister Zachery said you could be a lot more convincing." Dawkin said, with a mischievous glint. He wasn't neccesarily opposed, it was a good deal for him. But he did stand the risk of getting on the captain's bad side and wanted to see if he could get a bit of a better judge of this guy before helping him.

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin frowned. He hadn't known route 16 was THAT hazardous. Zachery's ship offered a nice alternative however. Dawkin did want to spend some time with Feebas at the coast among other things, and he was curious about the Pokemon Zachery had to offer. "Thanks for the heads up. I'll put route 16 on hold for a bit and check out the ship."

Dawkin Trustram

Total destruction. No half measures huh? Dawkin could respect that kind of drive. "Well I'm not sure I can single handedly bring down an organization like that on my own yet, so I better do some more training first." Dawkin said, only half joking. "Thanks for all the help professor, I'll make sure to stay in touch. I plan on heading to along Route 16 and beyond, anything you think I should know before I go?" He asked as he prepared to head out. "Oh, and if either of you need any help, you can try to contact me as well. Wingulls of a feather flock together and all that." If they wanted, he would share his contact information. With that, as long as nothing else demanded his attention, he would prepare to head to Route 16.

Dawkin Trustram

Of course Dawkin wouldn't say no to something like that. Although he was surprised to hear just how much information was here. They knew about and were guarding several legendary pokemon? He didn't even know legendary pokemon were guarded by anything other than themselves. Although seeing how well that had gone for Zygarde, perhaps the bodyguards made sense.

He glanced at Claire as she gave her own recount. She'd ended up battling for team Amethyst undercover? Maybe that was something a Team Amethyst agent would say? Argh, not a useful train of thought, he would just end up seeing agents everywhere he went. With what he knew about this organization, they could handle themselves. Still he'd keep Claire in mind.

To Dustan he said confidently, "Of course if you ever need help with Team Amethyst, I'm always ready to take them down a peg. Give me a call and I'll see what I can do. As for Bigfjord city, I was a bit curious anyway, so I'll check it out when I have the chance. Of course my team takes priority."

Dawkin Trustram

"Oh." Dawkin said, his expression turning a bit more serious. It turned out it was important. "Well, the battle in question was with some Team Amethyst goons. I'm not really sure about much, but they did say the package was *meant* to go to Bigfjord City before I liberated it. Does that help at all?" He definitely wanted to help handle this however he could. Somehow the things he kept running into ran far beyond the scope of what he'd imagined himself encountering on his journey.

Dawkin Trustram

Huh, Dawking could've sworn he was holding the vial but when he blinked it was gone, the contents under inspection. After some interesting muttering, the professor asked him about where he got it. Dawkin thought about the answer to that question and just settled on confidently saying, "I won it from a pokemon battle." He thought that sounded better than saying he'd mugged some team Amethyst grunts for it. He'd tried peeking at the screens, but he wasn't really able to make heads or tails of it. "Is it a big deal? I don't think I'll be able to find out where the original owner got it from. Can I use it for anything? Other than making scientists excited that is."

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin's teeth ground against each other as he watched the two moves soar across the battlefield, both Pokemon taking the full impact. Dawkin crouched down on one knee and used his hands to cushion Pichu as he came sliding back from the Waterpulse. "Hey little guy you ain't gonna let something like that take you out right? You and I both got something to prove to these bozos!" Pichu let out a little ~chuuu, and shook himself like a wet dog, managing to get to his two feet. Upon looking across the field and seeing his opponent not so fortunate he let out a triumphant ~pii... ~piii....

Then a glowing light enveloped him and his shape changed slightly, the light faded followed by a smug ~PIKACHU. Oh, he'd evolved! Pikachu was excited about it too, and ran in circles for a bit to make sure everything was working. Meanwhile Mia, in a rage at her loss, suddenly jumped at one of the encircled miners like an animal and leapt off him, escaping the circle and leaving his sight rather rapidly, though she was followed by a rampage of miners. Dawkin wasn't confident they could catch her, but that was ok. It looked like the other guy had also given them the slip. Dawkin looked inside the package to see... Something? Sciency? "Good work Pikachu, now let's get you feeling all better soon!" after Pikachu seemed content with his running about, Dawkin returned him to his Pokeball.

Well it seemed like he should probably visit the lab one more time. Then there was the matter of the secret base and what not... Argh there sure was a lot going on in this little town. First thing's first though, he needed to visit the Pokemon Center!

Actions: Heal up at the Pokemon Center, then head to the lab to ask Dustan about the vial and where he got it.

Dawkin Trustram

YES! "Good job Tyrunt!" Dawkin cheered, for once sounding ecstatic, energized both by the crowd and Tyrunt's success. With his Stealth Rocks already on the field, and Pichu's electric moves, this match was as good as won! "Tyrunt, just one more Stomp if you can!" Tyrunt had already done enough, but Dawkin needed to make sure Pichu had as good a chance as possible of roasting this bird. Tyrunt staggered on his feet a bit, looking a little dopey after that many collisions, but seemingly as pumped as Dawkin was about the battle, and he eagerly charged his new foe.

It was unlikely he would do anything but take one hit and finally fall unconscious, but aftewards Dawkin would send Pichu out and use Thundershock until the battle ended, one way or the other.

Actions: Have Tyrunt stomp to his bitter end, have Pichu Thundershock until the end ~~for victory!~~

Brambletail: WillowClan Territory

"Yes, seems he somehow heard WillowClan was looking for members. Figured you could at least have a look at him before we do anything." Brambletail said. He still by no means trusted the new cat, but for now there wasn't much information to work with. They'd have to be hyper vigilant in the future, with the clan leader leaving, foxs about, and now this new cat.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin considered reaching for a potion but.... if he used it these miners might consider it cheating, and the two of them probably had more items than he did so it wouldn't help much anyway. At this point he could only commit to his plan. "Keep going Tyrunt, you can still win!" Just a little bit more, and he could do it! He had to do it!

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