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Current Procrastinating has put me in a bit of a pickle. Be a bit slow most likely.
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Apologies M8s, been a bit preoccupied, I'll try to get my posts up.
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Rindheart stepped through another portal back into the lobby, somewhat frazzled by the heat and his strange fight but none the worse of wear. It looked like the monk had made it back as well, though there were no other competitors. Rindheart glanced at the bloodied sleeve, "Looks like you've got a bit of bite even if ya've got no bark. We'll see how long that continues for ya mute man." Rindheart said, not really expecting an answer as he took a drink of something he'd snatched from the bar.

I gave Rilla a mention on discord and on here to ask for them to set up an arena for us, after that should be good to go.
Well if Dark Light is the only other one finished I suppose so. Whadya say?
Rocker Warehouse

Shatterpoint injected Swarm with the drug, insuring he would stay asleep for a while. Swarm was also tied up and left on the floor for the time being. As for Creep. "Two days, there'll be information at the house where we found you. As for-" Before Shatterpoint could continue one of the hardhats ran into the building gesturing excitedly, "More intruders sir, on the rooftop of another buildings." Shatterpoint glanced at Swarm. The other hardhats all looked uncertainly at Shatterpoint, they'd already been attacked by Swarm and they had been pretty harrowing for most of them, they weren't looking forward to fighting another serious threat. Transporting and keeping him bound would be difficult and of marginal usefulness, however... he could be helpful in a different way. It depended on whether or not these were more villains. Of course if it wasn't necessary at all that would be best, perhaps he could sell off this pest somewhere. Shatterpoint scooped up Swarm and slung him over a shoulder. "Hold them off for as long as you can, then escape." Not that he thought that'd be more than a few minutes at the most, but it was better than nothing. Shatterpoint was of course headed off in the other direction that the intruders were coming from, there were a few places he could at least hide until these new problems left.
Folks around here still willing to continue? I kinda stopped keeping track off this for a bit after my fight finished and it dropped down deeeep into my sub list.
A Denver Nightclub

Lance shook his head and waved away James's concern. "Nah none of that, little red here just polished off my drink and seemed a little lost so I offered to show her around a bit." Lance grabbed the drink, winking at the waitress and giving her a bill of some unseen amount as a tip, fast hands. He glanced at Chris's darting eyes and how she seemed ready to bolt. "Now look what you've done, you've spooked her." Now addressing Chris he said, "You can bail if you want, seems like a waste to leave so soon though. A mark is just a suspicious fella, or a troublemaker, so you're good on at least one count." He said with a laugh and a slight shrug, taking a sip from his drink. It was calming how casual he was, or at least probably was. The club was still loud and active enough that nothing they were doing drew attention, as there were plenty other things to focus on. If Chris wanted to escape she could probably do without too much difficult unless James chased her, of course running right now would probably just make things more suspicious and difficult on her.
Dawkin Trustram

W-w-what sort of half-cocked jumble. Dawkin pressed two fingers to his forehead and lowered his gaze. What an idiot. At least Anabelle seemed like she was more reasonable, holding her partner back before she too probed to be disappointing as she caused them both to collapse into the water, causing the Ducklett to eject out of the water and try to escape. Dawkin didn't care much for the Ducklett either way and he cared even less for the two trainers in front of him, but he felt a need to prove them wrong. He waited until they emerged from the water and said "Jeez Amethyst spies? Don't be stupid, those two jerks were planning on poaching dragons from the Wet Caverns to sell. Do with that what you will." Dawkin said dismissively before speaking to his two companions, "I should think we're done here." The Ducklett was trying to take care of itself and they had no quarrel with these two. All in all it was best for them to keep moving if they hoped to have a chance of catching the other two.

Sofia Stien

Sofia watched curiously as the 'fight', though it could barely be called that, between Gamble and Broker went down. Gamble pretty much made ever more of a fool of himself and the group was told they could do whatever they wanted with him. Well Sofia certainly had no interest in him. Instead "Um." Sofia raised her hand and waved it a little to get Broker's attention. "Mr. Broker where can I look at how much money I have?" She was curious as to how much exactly they'd gotten paid. Sofia wasn't sure what she would buy even once she saw how much there was, but it was certainly good to know. Probably something nice to eat. Hm.

A Denver Nightclub

"Hey there little red." Chris would hear as someone casually slung into the seat next to her. Turning to look at him would reveal a rather handsome individual, the single exposed golden eye looking at her with a mix of curiosity and amusement. "If you're going to take my drink you could at least pretend you liked it." He said with a laugh. "I wonder how you snuck in here, you can't be over 16. Whatever, if you're here for a good time then you picked the right seat little red." He said with a wink, then turned to wave over a waitress to fill up his drink.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin smirked at Karl, "Oh they were chasing me for a good reason. I happen to have stumbled upon some... information that they wouldn't like getting. I could tell you, but you'd have to make it worth my while." His voice was just faintly mocking, such that you could barely even tell. Using a Ducklett to mask their escape? It was a pretty good plan if you could afford to throw away Pokémon like that. Anyway they seemed to want to bring the Ducklett back so there wasn't really a problem, though they could easily be lying about that, it looked like keeping the Pokémon would be more trouble to them than it was worth.

Dawkin returned his two Pokémon and stuck his hands in his pockets casually, "So what's next? I've got no problem letting you folks skedaddle or we can work something else out." In deal making Dawkin had the upper ground since they would be hard pressed to beat three trainers in a battle, but he was also curious if the Virtue member would actually offer him anything of interest. It was like he had any particular attachment to this information, he'd be planning on telling the next official he'd found since it was clear he couldn't do anything about it, for now at least. Once his Pokémon became stronger he'd be sure to be as much of a pain to Team Amethyst as possible.

aye dats pretty cool
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