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If anyone has an interest in what amount to a Bio-steampunk hunger games, we could use some players for the Patchwork Potpourri, found in your local Casual RPs section.
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Procrastinating has put me in a bit of a pickle. Be a bit slow most likely.
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Apologies M8s, been a bit preoccupied, I'll try to get my posts up.
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Sophia Grandeur

Sophia thought about the other's answers. Leo's didn't really surprise her, Hilda's response made sense since she was a Beast-kin it wasn't surprising she would face danger. Callum simply didn't want to fear the unknown. Then the coachmen spoke. Rip her apart from the inside? Maintaining her composure Sophia still felt a shiver run down her spine at hearing that. The rest of the ride Sophia simply rested as best she could, thinking about The Dragon and... The Test. If she wasn't good enough she would die? Well then she'd simply have to be good enough and that was that. It wasn't like she had anything to lose. She'd spent pretty much everything she'd stolen on the way here, she had no relations to lose, no accomplishments to be forgotten. The only thing Sophia had left was her life and she was willing to gamble that for the power she sought.

The carriage came to a halt, though it was hard to tell, and Sophia stepped out quickly and looked around where they had arrived. She was rather surprised. The castle they were at seemed as though it had once been majestic beyond belief but now it was run down and broken. Even with that it was still beautiful and incredibly massive. Sophia shot a glance at the source of the strange noises, remembering what had been said about dangerous magical beasts. "Well, what now coachmen?" Sophia wasn't sure that she wanted to walk into the castle of a all-powerful wizard just like that.
@Xandrya@Sickle-cell We do have both a Discord and a Skype group that we use for chatting and what not, if either of you want in on that.

@PlatinumSkink Collaboration is definitely an option given how there won't be any interaction with anybody else leading to what could be quite a bit of back and forth. I'm open to PMs, Piratepad, or anything else you're comfortable with. More detailed information regarding the PRT I'll have to leave to propro.
@Dead Cruiser I would prefer to have your post be out before my Alma post as you're on defense meaning you should have time to make your actions before the attackers do.

As for everyone else... @Kafka Komedy@MagnetBolt@Redward@jdh97@Scarifar

Any word? Are you unsure how events are proceeding and don't want to make a post until others do to explain where their characters are? Something else? A little communication goes a long ways.
Whoop you got me, added in my free stuff and levels. As for the services, yeah I'll just say he'll cough up the money for a small tip regarding Frozen Cave and Route 5.
Dawkin posts are no longer relevant to Martin but oops you get a mention anyways XD
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin paused a moment to help digest the information he'd accumulated. He might visit the Gym to see if he could watch a battle to get a feel for the Gym Leader's strength but he wouldn't be fighting her. He'd probably want to aim to visit a town with a minor gym so he could start getting badges, but he would need to work on his team first. Dawkin felt like the ice caverns might have something he wanted but it'd be best to visit the Explorer's Guide Service to check before heading there. Of course the Endless Forest also held potential but- "Huh?" Dawkin was broken out of his thoughts by something being pressed against him which he reflexively grabbed to keep from falling. He looked down at it puzzled before glancing up to see the tail-end of a green hood flitting out of sight. No way he'd be catching that.

Curious, he naturally opened up the letter and read it, a chill going down his spine upon seeing the contents. This... had they actually taken him seriously? Or was this just a threat, if he didn't do this he'd run into trouble? Either way... Even a third of 15,000 P was a bit, as well as getting on the good side of Team Amethyst. Like the first offer, this wasn't anything illegal. Dawkin pressed his fingers lightly against his temple in thought. He would be going alone Route 5 anyway. Well... Time to get some more information. Dawkin decided he would head to the Explorer's Guide Service to see if they could tell him what Pokémon to expect along Route 5, the Ice Caverns, and in the Endless Forest. And maybe if they a thing or two about Pichus.

Action: Get MOAR information.

ez jungle
tanky supp
aye viktor
Sophia Grandeur

Sophia, like Hilda, waved her hand dismissively. "Ah no thank you, wouldn't feel right." Without knowing the owner, or exactly what was in here she didn't feel comfortable taking anything from it, much less drinks. As for Callum's question... "I think it should be clear all of us are looking for power one way or another. Power to change either our own situation or that of our home. At least that's my reason. As for whether or not I'm any good at it, it doesn't really matter. 'No' isn't acceptable and I'll do whatever I need to to succeed so there shouldn't be a problem." Sophia was self-assured, one might even say arrogant, but it was an front for herself more than anything else. After all, if dropping her entire life and committing everything she had to this task wasn't enough... Well she would have to accept that was powerless and would continue to be so, something she was unwilling to do.

Of course combined with this was that Sophia had naturally taken to anything she'd tried to learn so it was hard for her to imagine something that she couldn't learn given sufficient time and effort put into it. Callum seemed to be slightly scared of Hilda, while Leonardo seemed almost the opposite, although perhaps that was just because he was friendly in general. Well, if these were to be her fellow apprentices, they weren't the worst group. Sophia yawned and leaned back with her eyes closed. Wow these seats really were quite comfortable, she'd slept in beds worse than these. It was nice to be off her feet and be able to relax a bit, even if it was in a mysterious magic carriage powered by mysterious magic horses.

Solomon remained still as a voice came from above. It was violent, paranoid, and probably a warning of further harm to come. Of course it was something different from the seemingly mindless hordes behind them so perhaps it could be reasoned with. "We're not rats." Arguable point but still, "Just trying to make it out of here alive and we could use a hand with that." If they could even truly be called alive at this point, regardless Solomon had a desire to continue this state of existence and the wound he suffered indicated that future ones would jeopardize that.

Having no idea of the danger coming from above, much less being able to do something about it: Solomon moved forward cautiously towards the flash of silver from what must have been Ihosha's weapon so as to distance himself slightly from the mob behind them that was encroaching in wake of the fading light. He wasn't exactly sure what the plan was here but he was hoping somebody thought of something fast, as if they didn't someone how lose the ravening monstrosities behind them their situation would be even worse than before considering how much they'd all already exerted themselves. Not that he was sure they had much choice in the matter...
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