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Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia found herself reasonably well armed with knowledge about what an A class threat entailed, as those sort of things tended to be surprisingly available. Whether or not that information would stick very well, much less be useful, was perhaps a different matter. Regardless, it seemed whatever the A class threat was coming was here? Sofia nodded in response to Jason's question, "Ready.", though for what was still unclear. Oh well, this mission should be a lot better than the last one, which Sofia still find herself thinking about with disturbing frequency.
Bladedancer and Magna Carta

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin watched the girl from a distance somewhat nervously. This could go very badly for all of them at the drop of a hat. His tenseness made him jump a little at the sudden call from a masked ghost Pokémon "Uh... You really do have a knack for ghost Pokémon don't you." Dawkin said, somewhat alarmed by the small horde of ghost Pokémon that had showed up. At least they didn't seem to be aggressive, or attracting the scary Pokémon in the next room. Anyway, he decided to just wait for Amelia to handle it in some way, this was her area of expertise after all.

Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia didn't like how they had to use cars to get everywhere but here they were. Thunderbird had told her that as long as she was covered up and staring at a phone she'd be ignored. So, with a hoodie and baggy sweats making her basically just a lump of gray holding a screen, Sofia walked through the airport with everyone else. An A class threat to an airport huh. Sofia's thoughts wandered. What kind of threat could it be. And what did A class mean again? If it was like school it was the highest threat but how much bigger was that than like a B threat? What was it that made it an A threat and why did Broker know about and why did he want them to stop it? Maybe she could look it up. Sofia tailed along behind Thunderbird, looking now looking up information about A class threats on her phone.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin looked at the situation uneasily. Those were very powerful Pokémon there was no doubt about it. They may have been able to use mostly brute force to get this far, but any direct confrontation from here on would be incredibly dangerous. They carefully crept forward and Dawkin barely resisted letting out a shout as a dark shape suddenly flew by them. Ghost Pokémon. Dawkin shook his head and swallowed the noise he'd almost let out. The girl they'd been trailing seemed to have no such qualms, sprinting right past the danger and running up to what appeared to be the human leader. "It doesn't look like we can do anything but watch and see what happens." Dawkin whispered to Amelia. After all they couldn't fight, couldn't get much closer without being seen. Really all they can do was wait and see if the girl succeeded on her mission.

Col Ward

Col had not given up. He didn't understand what was happening. Where he was going. Even his sense of time seemed off. He might as well be asleep for all the control he had over the situation. But he was looking for a way out, for something to do, for some way to win still. Somehow along the way the incomprehensible journey came to an end and Col realized there was hard ground beneath him. He struggled to his feet, his entire body feeling tingly like when he slept on a limb. An ocean? A lighthouse? A giant- oh not this shit again. Col desperately ordered his limbs to move and get in the way of the charging dog but he barely managed to get to his feet and retrieve his sword before the dog had reached them with his massive thundering stride. To his great surprise however, it did not immediately consume Lorenzo, instead coming to a halt just in front of him. The time between the dog and its apparent master felt tense, as Col was waiting for the massive beast to attack them at any second, though he would be able to do little about it even if it did. At least by the time its master arrived he had regained full feeling and seeming capability of his limbs.

Apparently Marque knew this old man? And he seemed to want them to follow him. As the two spoke Col took this chance to grab the rest of his equipment that had landed on the ground around him. Merlin was safe according to this stranger but his saddlebags apparently had stayed here. Not sure of the logic behind this, Col decided it best to bring it just in case, slinging it on top of his own shoulders with a grimace, they were quite heavy. At least he hadn't become weaker over the journey. The last minute shield he had acquired, however long ago, now seemed to be strangely shiny. Col moved the shield around to see if was some trick of the light but the effect persisted. Well, it was perhaps one of the least strange things that had happened all things considered. Col was still confused as the robed man began walking away, imploring them to follow him. Had situation gone on any longer Col certainly would have asked the old man to explain what was going on, but Marque kindly spoke up again.

Col would follow the Marque but was most curious to hear anything the old man could say to enlighten them as to what exactly was going on. It wasn't like he had much of anywhere else to go, had he been alone he would've headed to the lighthouse regardless.

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin wasn't surprised to hear her response. It would be a waste to leave now. Amelia suspected there might be an Aegislash further in, it would be strong enough to take both of their teams combined, probably with very little effort, considering how many lower level pokemon it had working for it. Yeah, like because we're stupid enough to try killing ourselves over a battle we can't win. Dawkin thought to himself grumpily, displeased with Joshua's babying. Whatever, "Yeah, let's go." Dawkin said, heading after Amelia.


Titania's eyes widened to the size of saucers as a Manakete jumped over the wall and announced herself. Titania began stuttering out an answer to her question but was quickly overridden by the, apparently rather overbearing, manakete. It seemed she was able to sense the Fire Emblem, which was frankly a little concerning since it meant there were likely other people who could do the same thing. On the other hand it might just be because she was a manakete and considering Titania hadn't seen one before this, they were pretty rare. "Uh well, we're more than happy to have your help considering how outnumbered we are. Let's be careful everyone, if we fight in the houses then-" Oh there goes Isolde. Not only did she began charging forward, she did it so poorly that she managed to get her dragon to do it without her, crashing into the newcomer Servus as if in direct defiance of Titania's call out. [color=darkturuoise]"... Someone should help her."[/color] Titania said, more to herself than anything else.
Dawkin Trustram

The skirmish had gone pretty well and things were basically finished. "Wooper, mud shot. Good work you two." Dawkin said, recalling Atlas and Wooper once he'd seen Honedge faint. A quick glance ahead showed Joshua had dealt with the kidnapper Golett, and the kidnappe was running off. Dawkin turned to Amelia, "Well I was on planning on following that girl deeper into the temple in case she runs into trouble, especially since you and her seem to be after the same thing. Sound like a plan?" Dawkin asked. He had contemplated asking her if she could get Joshua to leave them alone, but figured that question would be in poor taste.

Dawkin Trustram

Uh guess she was fine. Dawkin stepped back somewhat awkwardly as Amelia got up and began giving commands to the small army assembled, as well as to himself. "Yeah, sure." Dawkin said hesitatingly. He'd been a little bit more focused on helping Amelia than the ideal battle strategy but apparently that was not the case for her. Perhaps she'd been thinking of this whilst being carried. "Atlas mudshot Honedge, Wooper mudshot Bronzer." Both of his Pokémon spent a moment adjusting to these new orders and promptly both fired of a salvo of mud at their respective targets. That should help things a little bit. However once again Dawkin was focused on something other than the battle. There was Joshua, interfering with things again. Hadn't he been paying attention? The girl has said she'd wanted to be brought to wherever they were taking her. Dawkin clenched his jaw as he controlled his anger. And to think he'd liked this guy at first.

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