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Sofia Stien - Behemoth Response Assembly

"Uh, hi." Sofia said tentatively to Fleet-Foot, feeling a bit out of her element. "I close my eyes and ignore things, so if I piggyback with you'll ignore stuff too, even radiation." Sofia continued. At least she thought so anyway. She'd hadn't exactly had the opportunity to test out that case specifically...

Fleet-Foot nodded, "That'll make my job a lot easier, plus you seem light enough for me to carry without too much trouble."

Another roar from Behemoth as he began to collide with the assembled heroes, much to the detriment of the heroes.

Fleet-Foot turned around and crouched in front of Sofia, allowing her to clamber up, locking her legs around his stomach.

"I can take us through buildings and stuff too if you need me too..." Sofia said, trailing off. She wasn't going to fight Behemoth, but at least she could help out somehow.

"Got it, protect me from Behemoth for now, I'll ask if I need something extra." Fleet-Foot said curtly and began taking a few steps forward.

Sofia closed her eyes. Ignore Behemoth. She wasn't sure what Fleet-Foot's power was exactly but it wasn't too important to her. Moments later she felt the press of air against her face as they accelerated.

"At the beam of light, got it." Fleet-Foot said and they moved even faster. Sofia heard subdued noises of agony as Fleet-Foot grabbed and carefully moved whoever it was back to safety. She heard pained words of thanks. And so it went like that. Sofia listened in on the noise coming through Fleet-Foot's communication device. Heard all the people that were dead and dying. She counted each person they helped though, checking the numbers with Fleet-Foot just to make sure. Sofia was going to tell Jason how many people she'd helped. But she couldn't help but feel the two of them couldn't possibly match the ever increasing drone of casualties.

"How's it going?" Sofia asked tentatively, the way she asked it leaving no doubt as to what it was, although there was hardly in merit in asking at all.

Fleet-Foot sighed heavily. "As well as we can expect. Do you need a snack break or are you good to keep going? If you think you can't keep your power up you need to let me know ok?"

Sofia shook her head. "No, we should keep helping people right? I can keep this up as long as you need me to." She was a bit tired, and hungry besides, but she could keep her power going. It was certainly nothing compared to the people fighting Behemoth.


Was this all she could do? Literally piggyback on someone to bring people out of the danger zones. They continued to whizz around the battlefield, with Sofia lost in her thoughts, ignoring the canopy of noise as well as she ignored everything else.
Col Ward

Col steeled his resolve as the monster appeared in front of them once again and darkness continued to descend upon them. It was becoming hard to say but the un-natural Breathstalker was still easily distinguishable amidst the murk. The command was hardly needed and Col carefully aimed his bow, making absolutely sure that this one shot would hit. To his relif, and satisfaction, the monster was torn apart into the ashy blackness that filled the air. That eerie feeling had not vanished however and Gardevoir's words only confirmed his suspicious that the fiend wasn't quite dead yet. Col covered his mouth with one arm, arrow still held in it, and ready to fire should that creature re-appear. Col at least hoped that he would see before it was too late, and as such his eyes strained to push through the clouded air, roaming in all directions for any sign of it. How much further was that tower?!

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin swiftly caught Amelia as she collapsed and lowered her to the ground. Well if anyone could fix this ghost mess it'd be her. Regardless it was awkward for a bit before Aegisslash reacted to something out of vision and suddenly Dawkin was accused of something he wasn't even aware of. "Huh? Call who? Amelia and I came here alone. The only person that could've been related to us is Joshua and he's one dude. What are you on about? Just let Amelia do her thing." Dawkin said, a bit of anger at this false accusation in his voice. Out of the corner of his eye he recognized that girl that had been captured earlier but wasn't sure what todo with this information. He didn't exactly want to point her out and give her away since she seemed to be hiding. Perhaps she would lend him a hand? Otherwise, at this rate, they just have to leave and hope that using an escape rope wouldn't ruin whatever mumbo jumbo Amelia was going through.

Sofia Stien - Behemoth Response Assembly

There were so many people here. All capes. Many of them famous to the point that even Sofia had vague knowledge of them. She stayed next to Jason and listened to the speech as best she could, so many thought flitting around her head like so many birds, refusing to land anywhere. Jason told her to be careful once the speech was mostly ended and walked away. Sofia concentrated. She had to help. Jason was helping. Search and rescue. Yeah she could do that. She could help people go through buildings and stuff. She could help. Sofia run over to Inkscape. "I can, uh I can-" Sofia stumbled as a massive quake swept through the area. In the next moment the assembled heroes took off like that a herd of deer that had been startled jumping into action in various ways, leaving Sofia behind along with the other people that hadn't quite figured out their place yet. Sofia needed to find someone she could help. She would find someone she could help.
Dawkin Trustram

Amelia was unquestionably crazy. Dawkin couldn't be convinced to say she had a plan so much as she was blundering forward hoping things would work out in the end. What a harebrained scheme. It seemed unlikely he could do anything to stop her, and he had no interest in being put to sleep amidst a horde of, at least partly, vengeful ghosts. However he certainly couldn't just leave either. Dawkin shook his head, "I'm not going to sleep. But I'm not leaving either, and I don't need Greninja's help. I'm just going to make sure you don't try anything sketchy while she's asleep." Dawkin said resolutely. He didn't like any of this. The Aegis-slash and its puppet, the cackling Pokemon, this mysterious master, the ghostly telepathic message, and Amelia's faith that she could simply work things out. But he'd do his best to make sure she didn't dig too deep of a hole to get out of if push came to shove. Greninja might be strong, but there were a lot of Pokemon here and all it would take is one unseen move to put either of them in critical danger. Dawkin however, had an escape rope ready to go.

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin followed warily, feeling perhaps that they were walking into a death trap, but continuing on all the same. The boy on the throne spoke cryptically in response. However the more confusing part, was the voice in his head that followed. The master awaits behind this room? This place was only getting more confusing. Just as quick as the voice appeared, it vanished, seemingly cut off mid sentence. "Maybe we should get these guys to start a fight and slip past to find this 'master'" Dawkin muttered to Amelia, as there was no more discreet method of communication available, simply hoping that it wouldn't anger the Aegislash and friends.

Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia paused for a moment, considering this new information. An endbringer was coming, Chivvy was here, and Jason was going to help fight it. "I'll come too." Sofia said, getting ready to climb onto Jason's back to hitch a ride to wherever. She wasn't sure how useful she could be, but if Jason was helping she would too.
Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia was shuffled around like some sort of baby animal, clinging to its parent for protection. She was only able to listen the cracking of tech and bones as Jason went to work. It seemed they were winning. Another voice showed up, but they seemed to be on the side of the Jacks? Sofia listened to his explanation carefully, opening her eyes towards the end of his speech as it seemed her services were no longer needed. "So we won right?" Sofia asked cautiously. And then some incredibly loud alarms sounded, causing Sofia to wince. "Huh? Are those... the Endbringer thingies?" Sofia asked
Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia let out a noise of surprise as Allay picked her up and began running for it. A quick glance around and several screams indicated that more bombs were dropping in the airport. "Ahh, what do we do?" Sofia asked quietly as she was carried away, potentially still holding onto Chatterhead if he was keeping up with Ally. She couldn't really do anything to help deal with the bombs. Maybe if everyone grouped on her she could keep them safe? The collateral on the other hand, was something she entirely couldn't manage. This wasn't fair!
Lance Tourmill

Guess they weren't up for capture then. The Old Man seemed to completely ignore everyone here, though the birds that had been before hanging docilely around were now flying around a frenzied cyclone. Lance eyed them warily, he wasn't sure his odds would be too good if they actually decided to attack considering how many of them there were. Lance looked back at the Old Man to see him sketching something. That 'something' released a flash of light that made Lance cover his eyes, along with a increasing force like he was flying upwards. A moment later the sensation vanished, and as Lance opened his eyes, he realized his old surroundings had as well. This was either some sort of illusion or teleportation magic, either of which were beyond Lance's scope of understanding, but well within his scope of interest. The decision before him seemed simple enough. He had no interest in waiting around and he had an avid interest in learning just what this Old Man was selling. So Lance simply began following him into the cave.
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