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It does.
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PC and Tablet ded, send help
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I lived the land of no internet
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Lance Tourmill

Lance headed back into the city having just finished an expedition outside for various purposes. It had gotten rather late and Lance for some reason found himself feeling un-nerved by something. The strange howling was a noise that was unfamiliar to Lance, something rather surprising considering he'd grown up in this city. Futhermore as Lance headed back into the city he found remarkable, un-natural, Nautrelomon at every corner. Yata-Garasus. Or at least, that's what he assumed they were, and his PDA confirmed this. Lance found it fascinating that they didn't even seem to mind being stared at. The combination of three legs and eyes, with blood rust plumage and that malicious peak combined to make a visage that only enhanced the disturbing sensation that had been present all night. Lance was far from the only one that noticed and far from the only trainer on the streets. It seemed people were getting into battles and fights left and right. Lance slipped into a side alley and made his way through the city without attracting much notice, as he was rather familiar with it.

For some reason he felt a nagging little pull and he followed it cautiously, not so sure it was a good idea considering the circumstances but too curious to say no. Lance found himself viewing a fountain, upon which an old man sat. More notably, there was a swarm of those Yata-Garasu around him, seemingly at his beck and call. He was babbling something about, ancient magic? Between the birds and the preaching Lance couldn't say he wasn't interested, and the same seemed true for others here. "Yo, Your staff is in your hands already, you don't need to keep looking for it." Lance said as he approached, not sure if the old man was playing him for a fool or really just not all there. "That magic sounds pretty interesting, also, are these Yata-Garasu up for capture or is that a no go?" Lance asked nonchalantly, pretty much ignoring the other, slightly more angry dude also talking to the geezer.
@PlatinumSkink@mae@TheHangedMan Yall have run some neat RPs that I'm in or have been in, yall are cool.
Lance Tourmill

Lance figured there wasn't much point in sticking around. He wanted to at least start making progress on his Rites right away. While he could took however long he wanted, Lance had never been one for idling. Furthermore to challenge Arenas he would need more Naturelmon. So after the instructions were finished Lance began separating from the crowd. He had preemptively purchased a few relic charges in anticipation and it was time to put them to use. He had just barely left the city when he saw a flash of blue and froze. Lance's eyes dissected the trees around him until they finally spotted the culprit, A Swalest. Lance recognized the Naturelmon as once desirable for Naturelmon farms. He personally didn't especially want it for a team but it should sell for a decent amount. Lance carefully took his coin in one hand and pointed it towards the nesting bird. A flash of light and the Swalest was sealed away. Lance grinned, a successful start.

He continued moving deeper into the forest cautiously, not wanting to scare away any potential prey, using his small skill in invocation to help hide himself. He didn't encounter anything for a while, until he found an old faded path. Upon following it for a while he saw a worn down looking shack. There he saw an Olena scratching at one of the walls, making one of many tally marks already there. It looked like Lance was in luck again. As before, he grabbed his Talisman and faced it towards his prey, activating and drawing the Olena inside. They were probably fairly weak Naturelmon but it was a good thing he'd caught the two of them without much trouble. Perhaps- Lance's thought were interrupted by a curious sound from inside the shack. A Solbe floated outside the shack, with two orbs of light trailing behind it and stared at him. Oh this was a great opportunity, a Solbe could be rather valuable to sell or to use given its rare typing, something he knew from having seen one go on sale previously.

Lance immediately released his Kaiguard and Mythin. The Light Ghost recognized he was preparing for a battle and launched the first move, immediately moving it's one orb forward and causing it to emit blinding light. Disregarding his blindness Lance moved forward with Kaiguard right next to him. A few moments later his Stonewarding triggered a wall that immediately collapsed under the three stars that blasted into it. Lance regained his vision in time to see more stars coming from the second orb and immediately raised an earth wall to take the hits, which immediately collapsed under the attacks. Kaigaurd plowed forward, hurling a stone disc at the Soble, who simply phased through it and then launched a seeking chain at it.

Kaiguard's own defense activated and a wall blocked the chain, smashing into it and causing the two to dissipate. Kaigaurd now launched a Whelming Wave at the Soble. The Soble attempted to mount some sort of counterattack but Lance was already there with a counterspell. The Soble was smashed backwards, crashing into the shack behind it. Lance took the chance to close the distance and launch an Eruption while the Soble was unable to respond, sending four earth spikes into it and immediately attempting to capture it with a relic. A tense moment paused after which Lance sighed with relief. Mission accomplished. This had been a pretty successful hunt overall and Lance was ready to return to town. He had to make some decisions regarding his catches, perhaps he could use his PDA to get some information regarding that.
You can. Generally speaking if you have enough time to post a WIP you also have enough time to finish it or save it somewhere else but that's fine. It's not in the rules but we'd prefer for CSs to be posted in the OOC first and then moved over to the characters tab once approved.
True story.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin watched carefully but the large Pokemon didn't seem to be making any aggressive moves, instead actually seeming to consider the proposal. For a moment it seemed as if that was all it would do, but the smaller ghost Pokemon began chiming in, slowly at first but then as a horde. Whatever they were doing they seemed to have done it successfully as the Cofagrigus seemed to give in. Well this was going better than he expected but he still wasn't entirely sure what Amelia was planning on doing.


Titania was surprised to see the knight Isolode was fighting tossed aside to be replaced by a more important looking individual who had some sort of grudge to bear. "Alright let's get out of here!" Titania said in response to Isolode's suggestion. She carefully jumped onto the much faster Wyvern's back, hoping that her additional weight wouldn't be too much of a burden to prevent it from outrunning their enemies. This guy was heavily armored at least so he should have a hard time keeping up with them. It was possible they could keep fighting with Titania providing support, but she would trust Isolode's judgement, plus their goal was to get out of here with the Fire Emblem not take every fight they found.
Sofia Stien - The Airport

Sofia opened her eyes to see that piles of dust had replaced the people that had been around. Sofia followed Chatterhead's instructions and touched the floor, activating her power to make him vanish through the floor. However, after a momentary pause when Sofia looked up she saw the green man leering at her as he stepped close to her, bringing out what appeared to be a lightsaber. Normally Sofia wouldn't be scared. But the way he had talked about her power made it sound like he knew how it worked, plus she couldn't make him fall through the floor. And if he was approaching her anyway, that meant her power wouldn't protect her. That left just about one option. "Let's run!" Sofia said, turning around and doing just that, tugging insistently at Chatterhead's hand, not so scared as to leave her charge behind.
Lance Tourmill

Lance's fingers fiddled with the coin around his neck as he listened to the speech. 500N a week was pretty substantial for what amounted to sight seeing. His attention changed from the coin to the PDA he received as he delved into its menus and features while half heartedly listening to Yugaku. Something like this was really amazing, he'd never had a chance to use something like it before. This could make things a lot easier. They had to challenge the Arenas but not necessarily even beat them. This really was quite a lax thing. Well that worked out for him, he didn't know about celebrating his nation's rich history, but being paid to travel around the continent and getting these PDAs was a pretty sweet deal. They were broken into groups and Lance kind of wandered over while putsing with the PDA, still marveling over the variety of features inside and thinking how to best put it to use.
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