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Col Ward

Though Col had slept through the night with nary a chance of waking, he still felt somewhat drained by his dreams, if one were generous enough to call them that. A mostly silent meal and they moved along, taking a moment of respite at a stream they found. Just as they were ready to leave Marque spoke up. What he said was rather disturbing. Col take a moment to mull it over. "Well it seems we could find the origin of... Whatever this is. However, I'm not sure we want to. We might end up running into more trouble like whatever happened last night. What do the rest of you think?"

I presume we're waiting for Marque before any of us can post?
Yeah, I was trying to move along to that a little bit.

Hu- huh? Titania spent a moment of confusion trying to figure out what happened. Someone had managed to sneak into the middle of all of them, disable Reina, and start running away before any of them could react, while carrying her! It only took Titania a few reflexive steps of chasing after to realize he was far too fast for her to catch. Isolde however might have more luck, and she, predictably enough, immediately chased after. Titania looked back at Marwood for a moment, "Come on let's go!" she said and hurried after Isolde. It was very likely that this could be a trap and Isolde would have to deal with it by herself if she got too far ahead of them.
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin felt a little pained to hear that if Amelia home she might not be able to leave. He could imagine that being a harsh thing to deal with. Still, she seemed to be doing well enough despite that. "Isn't it true that no route is completly safe? It wouldn't be much a journey without a little bit of difficulty. We managed to cross the last route together as well, plus I've made it through a few rough scrapes of my own. I understand your concern but I'm sure we can handle, individually or together." Dawkin said confidently. "Anyway, Amelia, do you want help at the temple? I was planning on spending the night in town and setting off in the morning to look for a Cacena, but my course of action is pretty malleable at this point."

That was sneaky
Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin felt relived that Joshua accepted his stance readily enough. However, it was a bit of a sour note to hear that Amelia wasn't able to go solo so readily. "Amelia, before I went with you simply because I felt a sense of obligation but uh. If we're both planning on heading into the dessert anyway, well if you can't find anyone I could go with you." Dawkin said, with a little bit less eloquent speech then he usually favored. "That is if Joshua finds me a suitable substitute." He added on hurriedly, not wanting the veteran trainer to think Dawkin was usurping him in any way.

Dawkin wouldn't mind traveling with Amelia, now that he knew more about her he somewhat admired her, it was so unfortunate she wasn't more physically healthy. Perhaps the price to pay for her other talents. Regardless, Dawkin felt it would be a shame if she couldn't do what she wanted just because her body was a little on the weak side. Besides, they were both going into the dessert and as they'd seen on the plains earlier, having a friend could be nice. "What's this about a temple though? Is there some ruined temple in the desert you plan to go treasure hunting in?" He'd talked with some miners about the Pokemon in the area and the local routes but hadn't heard, or thought to ask, about any sort of temple.

Sofia Stien - The Cruise Room


Sofia was really doing her best to pay attention, but realistically, none of this really concerned her. All she was here for was to look pretty. Anything that was important would be told to her when they got their next mission. Vials were going around and people were getting paid. Sofia leaned back in her seat and looked up at the ceiling, wishing she had been able to bring her ipod to listen to music. But since it was a 'mission' they had to keep their ears free for communications in case something happened.
Col's gonna sleep so don't expect a post from me until the morning.

Titania gave a sigh of relief as the last foe finally fell and everyone was still okay, thanks to a little bit of help from herself of course. It had looked a bit dicey for Marwood which was why she'd ran over and helped. Now they had jumped the first hurdle, they could probably get out of the castle and get a little bit further away before running into more trouble, though she had no doubt that they would do just that. "We should let her out. Even if she's a criminal, surely she doesn't deserve to be locked up to die, or worse: whe- I mean if the invading army gets here." Titania changed her words at the last moment, feeling like it wouldn't be appropaite to say the defending force was doomed to fail when it consisted of Reina's father. Anyway, leaving somebody locked up in a jail cell was basically a death sentence. Furthermore she seemed to know about the Fire Emblem and that they needed to keep it safe, so she might even be willing to help them. Surely a pardon in a time like this wasn't too much to ask for?
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