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Dawkin Trustram

With numbers exchanged and his worries dismissed, Dawkin quickly carried along with his original task. After his Pokemon were taken care of he found Florrie waiting for him, and she subsequently hurried off, calling him to come along. Still somewhat bemused by the whole series of events Dawkin followed her. Once they got into the lab his interest was piqued even more and he scanned the lab with interest, though he wasn't able to look too carefully as Florrie was moving quite quickly. In not time at all they came to their destination. "Ah, you might recall that I was present at the incident regarding “Desert Princess Kristy", and what she says is true, although I'm still not entirely sure why that leads me here." Dawkin said, his tone polite and respectful. Perhaps they wanted to add or take some information from his Pokedex? Really he had no idea why Florrie was so excited for, he was still curious as to that dog Pokemon.

Dawkin Trustram

"It's called a Pokedex. I got it along with my starter Pokemon from Profeser Kalmia in Pureplain town. I think maybe Professor Oak come up with the orginial design? I'm not sure exactly." Dawkin said, Amiable enough to answering her questions for the moment.

"Yeah I can do with a visit to the Pokemon center, let's get going."

Dawkin stopped a moment on his way the Pokemon Center in surprise upon seeing Amelia. Not that was neccesarily out of the ordinary tahat she would still be around, he still was after all, but he wasn;t expecting it. Now he felt kind of bad for leaving without saying anything before. "Hey Amelia, sorry I left in such a hurry before. Are you doing alright after all adventure? Do you need anything else from me? Do you want my Pokedex number in case something else comes up?"

Dawkin Trustram

His plan worked to perfection. Of course he hadn't planned on his foe... exploding into pieces? "Yeah, yeah I'll help." A little bewildered but certainly ready to help, Dawkin returned his Pokemon and set to gathering up the squirming cells. "I'm Dawkin, I've just started my road as a Pokemon Trainer. And... I'm not sure. It's got information about pretty much every Pokemon I've found so far, I'm not sure where it all came from." Dawkin said. Presumably most of it was from trainers like him but come to think of it, he'd never been told the specifics. "Where did you find that thing anyway?" Dawkin said, curious about the seemingly unique Pokemon she had.

Dawkin Trustram

Huh, that Zygrade seems a lot stronger than her other Pokemon. Why did she hesitate to bring it out? Whatever, his leech seed had landed so if he could stall out the fight it should be simple enough. His best chance of doing that would be status moves. With that in mind...

Send out Pichu with Sweet Kiss until success, then swap out to...

Whooper with water guns

If/after faint, send out Atlas with Headbutt

Dawkin Trustram

The battle went about as Dawkin had expected. He waited expectantly for his Pokedex to notify him the battle was over but no such event occurred. He gaze turned to the girl, she had another Pokemon? After a bit of hesitation she brought out a Pokemon that wasn't even vaguely familiar. "Hm?" Dawkin said and scanned it, receiving a surprising result. The girl was equally surprised that the Pokedex knew what it did, but the battle at hand was more pressing. "Cacena!"

Actions: Cacena take the dig hit and open with Leech Seed and use Absorb

Dawkin Trustram

It seemed the harsh conditions made even infamously determined Pokemon trainers to be in spare supply here. Dawkin shook his head and- huh? A voice from below alerted him to the presence of a girl trapped in the sand. "Ah, of course." Dawkin said in response to her request for assistance, and carefully helped her up. She then immediately proclaimed that they had to battle after making eye contact, although she seemed nearly apologetic. Whatever, Dawkin had been looking for this anyway. "Alright, then battle we shall." he said, taking a few steps back.

He would send out Atlas to defeat Azurill with Metal Claw.

He would send out Tyrunt to battle Sandile with... **TACKLEEEEEEEEEE**

If Tyrunt can't get the job done Whooper can clean up with water gun

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin was pleased with his Pokemon's efforts. Wooper was, as always, very excited as well and practically glowing with happiness since he was able to handle the training easily. It was harder to judge Cacena as it was a new addition and didn't seem particularly expressive but both those things would likely change with time. Perhaps now was the time to practice against another trainer. It should provide good practice, and perhaps they'd even be able to offer him a helpful tip or two.

Action: Find a trainer to battle

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin listened to Amelia finish, for the most part, the remainder of the business she had here. He meanwhile, was deciding what he should do next. First and foremost he wanted to train, he'd been doing entirely too much slinking around of late. Seeing as Amelia was rather busy Dawkin deemed it best for him to simply skidaddle. It was the desert so perhaps Whooper and Cacena could get some training done. Then he would worry about getting his lower level Pokemon so experience as well.

Actions: Move to route 7 and find Pokemon to train against, (Whooper and Cacena probably, although if the chance came up he'd use his lower level pokemon as well)

Dawkin Trustram

Dawkin withheld a sigh with some effort. He'd liked the idea of hanging onto it but couldn't bring himself to deny Oscar's request. "Of course." He said, forcing a polite smile as he handed the staff over. "Abra would be the better choice, let's get going." Once again Dawkin saw fit to let Amelia handle the ghosts and merely watched in case his help was needed. This whole event had been really crazy and Amelia's ghost prowess had been undeniably impressive, it made Dawkin a little jealous really.

Dawkin Trustram

Well he couldn't really expect anythin- oh shit. Dawkin's disappointment at his failure was interrupted by Cresslia swiftly moving towards him with nothing short of murderous intent. He barely had time to take two steps back before Darkrai intercepted his opposite, negating her attack with seeming ease as Dawkin watched, in a bit of awe at the two legendaries right before him. Cresslia looked around with something akin to panic and her face and soared away, at a speed that was simply impossible to react to. Darkrai had drifted back down to his original position.

Dawkin simply stood still, fully processing what had just happened. He had just participated, albeit lightly, in a battle between two legendary Pokemon along with the leader of Team Virtue. It was only when Amelia tapped him that he realized he was staring where Cressalia had vanished into the clouds. "Y-yes, I'm fine." Dawkin said haltingly. Oh, he was still holding onto the staff as well. A souvenir perhaps? Maybe, much much later, he could use it again successfully? Ah, a silly hope, for now at least. For now.

Amelia stepped away and Dawkin staggered a bit as the power imparted to him suddenly left, making him feel as though a tremendous weight had just descended upon him. After a few moments on one knee, he felt like he could move again, though there he still felt weighty. Hopefully the feeling would pass soon enough. "I have an escape rope, I can take us back to the entrance if that will help." Dawkin added onto Amelia's statement. He glanced at Joshua and Darkrai. Was Joshua really going to catch Darkrai? Dawkin wasn't perhaps overly found of Joshua but he couldn't say he wasn't curious as to the result of this encounter.

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