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I'll join.
@HumanMusic Ah okay well there is a big bad corporation that sent a mysterious 'Tall Man' to investigate ring bearing duelers, @Ammokkx just faced the tall man and won, and he sent a warning to him about the other students who have decks and rings as well.

Saito,Akira and Zeger were just approached by their own battlemages in a dreamn encouraging them to duel with other ring bearers and also to be weary of 'artificial rings' and the teacher Yojima has just invited Yue and Hiroka to a quiet coffee shop to discuss more about their rings.

I guess for this next time frame Zeger can talk to Saito or Akira about the wacky dream you all just had or maybe even challenge someone to a duel if you feel up to it!

Wait when did they fight?
@AngelofOctoberAkira offered and he said he'd be down and i never specified anyone, Akira just picked it up was trying to pick up situation i can have a interaction with someone

I personally thought Akira was a horrible choice so i didn't tag him in post nor did i specify him but kept silent and didnt say much my bad man

Hey I'd ask him to re-edit the post and remove Saito from it and i can re-edit my own post to not crash into anyone (because i think on second thought i think my idea for that was flawed)

Do you want me to? I think it was a fine idea on your part.
Hmmm what if you chop off their finger and then use an arc welder or other high temperature flame to disintegrate the flesh inside of the ring?
<Snipped quote by HeroicSociopath>

Well it feels like @Satoshi Kyou character sort of bum rushed and blocked the conversation. I'm not sure how much of being anxious Yue can take. With one person sure. But this person literally crashed into another. And he's not sure he's going to fit into this dynamic.

He could get nervous and leave or like maybe try to help Akira pick up his cards or ask if he can join the two of them or see if Akira is alright
I mean not to be an asshole, but I am not sure how to respond.

Ah, is something the matter? I'm working on adding more detail.
Akira skips class to goof off a lot and gets into fights. He's a delinquent, and maybe even a banchou.
Akira responded by reaching into his pocket and taking out a deck. In a second, he'd pulled free the rubber band that held them together, and started to quickly shuffle through them.

"Nope, all here." Akira said, smiling slightly. "You can give them to me and I'll see if anyone at club lost them. Ooooor. You could come to trading card game club." He said. He took a seat on the stairs, cards still in hand. He was now just idly shuffling them.

"There's a lost and found, isn't there? But if you can't find out who owns them, you may as well keep th-DAMN" Was all Akira could say as he was sent sprawling to the floor, cards scattered around him, Saito on top of him.

"Saito, if you want to get on top of me like this you need to buy me chocolate like everyone else." Akira said, trying to get the blonde off.
You know what, I'm currently working on my ic post I want to ask this, is anyone okay with being crashed into when ascending the stairs to possibly the rooftop

Hell yeah! Akira isn't ascending the stairs but I'm down with him getting crashed into.
Akira turned around, to be greeted by a zombie. Akira was worried that the black haired student would keel over.

"Did you say something? Speak up." Akira asked. He hadn't quite been able to make out what the student muttered, though he thought he said something about Trading Card club. "I just started it. Here, you can be treasurer." He said, handing him a stapler and some more posters.

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