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"You haven't either. You should let me check for a concussion." Marco said as Giggles walked in. He'd been the one that had gotten Giggles all banged up. On the other hand, Giggles seemed pretty good at banging himself up as it was.

"That trick with the drones was pretty impressive." Marco said to her. "I mean...I can't just let someone die if they saved me like that." He said quietly, before pulling himself out of the chair.

"I'm gonna see if I can find breakfast. There was a dog around her, wasn't there?" Marco asked, heading into the ship's mess hall. Soon, the sound of cooking could be heard. Marco hadn't even batted an eyelash at Anya's corpse as he got some eggs, though he did think maybe they should find a better place for her.
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Even though he was exhausted, Marco couldn't sleep. His nerves were still alight even as he tossed and turned in bed. He'd just thrown away what little he'd had, and he had no idea if this adventure he'd started on would lead him to death or glory.

At some point, he must have drifted off into a fitful sleep, because he woke up who knows how much later. He didn't feel well-rested, but he couldn't get back to sleep. He got up, and it wasn't long before he found the showers. Hot water trickled down his body as he thought over the events of the last day. That had been his first real fight. He'd probably killed several people. And...It had made him feel alive. For the first time since his father had disappeared. He wrapped a towel around his waist, and headed for the workshop. He didn't expect to see the hacker from before there. First he noticed that she was still in the suit, bloodspatters and all. That couldn't be healthy.

"I'm going to get some clothes. Lemme borrow this." He said, picking up a pair of bolt cutters. Then he saw the drone from before. It was completely fixed.

"You work fast, huh?" He said, before disappearing back down the hall. A series of loud *SNAP*s could be heard, and soon, Marco had returned, wearing a pair of jeans and a pendant around himself. He was lounging in the seat across from SIG. If he was going to be forced to live on a freighter, he was going to make himself at home on it.

As she spoke, wordlessly, Marco reached behind his neck, undoing the chain. He took the pendant off, and placed it on the table. It was a tiny black cube, each side only a few centimeters long. Now that he had left Frixion, it was the last memento he had of his dad.

"It sounds like the first order of business is to get out of UFP space, then." Marco said, he tapped the top of the cube with his index finger. The room filled with a blue glow, as the cube projected a holographic image of the known Galaxy. Most of it was written in Galactic Basic. But there were a few annotations in an unfamiliar language. He put his finger to the hologram, where a bright green light blinked.

"This is us. We're here." He slid his finger, and the map followed, until it was in a section labelled The Myrlian Belt. "We should try to get out of UFP space. The question is...Can we get that far? We haven't checked how much food we have. The ship just crashed, too."

"We might be able to make it here." He tapped a blinking orange icon, and it expanded. Half of it was an asteroid. The other half was a sprawling cityscape. "Tortuga. The Pirate's Moon."

"We might be able to find someplace in the middle of nowhere. Maybe some backwater space station where they won't check too hard. Sell whatever cargo we've got, maybe find a new ship." He looked at SIG with his icy blue eyes. He couldn't help but feel responsible for her predicament. "Do you want to go back?" He asked her. It was a question he didn't dare ask himself.

"And...Did you get shot? Have you checked for fractures?" He asked her. The bullet hole in her clothes had been bugging him for a while.
^Maybe a little harsh, but in my experience, big GM-run events bring in a lot of new players. I'm enjoying it a lot, though.
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I'll take Uruz, since it's the only one left. Who do all the other runes belong to?
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i mean she sounds kinda hot. I'd be down for being enslaved by her :)
If you save me a spot I'll have a character up within 24 hours.
-Name: Victor Halwing
-Age: 17
-Gender: Male
-Race: Human
-Element: Dark

He is silent, misterious, no one know what he is thinking. He also prefer action to talking, he tries his best to not be paid so much attention on. The great adventures is the only thing on the world he wants, and that why he keeps strengthen himself.
Victor was born in a small village which was destroyed 10 years ago (no one know what has happen that night). Victor, the only survival, don't remember anything that night. Year and year passed, he grew up in wild with strange power inside his body. He practiced with a scythe that he found in a cave and step-by-step became a powerful warrior. When he was 15, he started to find what had happen to his hometown. He travel around the the world, but until now he haven't find out what had happen that night.
As Victor grow up, he is able to control the death aura inside him, so that he can turn in to black smoke (this is the first level), moving as a shadow (quick and quiet), release the death aura that make his enemy fear amd damage that one, summon a dark scythe (this is the highest level, he cant use it expert some special occasion). Moreover, the more blood on his body the crazier he is, and maybe he will be out of control (be control by the demon hiding inside him)

P.s: I'm not really good at english so that i hope you guy could help me to improve it. Thank you.

Ah, I like your character a lot :) I hope he and Mike can be good friends.
Posting a WIP. I'm not particularly familiar with Brave Frontier, but I've been looking into it.

Name: Mike Oxbig
Age: 18
Gender: Boy
Race: Human
Element: Earth
Appearance: Mike looks like a regular, if fairly tall teenage boy. He's in excellent shape due to the ascetic lifestyle he leads. He is completely incapable of growing facial hair, but his long, silky jet-black hair is usually fairly long to make up for it. Like most of his family members, he has yellow, wolf-like eyes. who needs shirts
Due to his element, animals love Mike. Sometimes they just start following him around and doing what he says. Presently, he is being followed by a wild dog he has named Roger. Roger is mostly silver, with some black. He has red eyes, and grins a lot.
Personality: (how does your character act? Whats their view of the world?)
Biography: (what was their life before Lucius called them? Where did they live?)
Evolution: Due to his element, Mike can easily tame most animals, magical or otherwise. Sometimes without even trying. Animals will almost never hurt him, and he can effectively communicate with all of them. Currently, he is accompanied by a Vrikshan wild hound named Roger. Vrikshan wild hounds are known for being extremely intelligent, as well as very large. Essentially, they are giant wolves with jaws strong enough to bite through platemail and minds smarter than some humans.
In addition, Mike's magic makes him physically stronger. He's more powerful, agile, and durable than almost any human. He can easily punch through a door. His skin is as durable as leather, his bones are like iron.
As Mike travels, he will gain additional animals, and his own body will grow stronger.
With a thunk, Marco had swung from his grappling hook and landed in the ship. He had just gotten in when a hole appeared in Anya's chest. Just like that, one of his companions was dead. It could have just as easily been him. He stared, unable to move, his mind desparately scraping for something to do. What was he supposed to do? He'd been in simulations, but this was the real thing. He could smell blood, and some of it had flecked his face.

What was he supposed to do?

What would his father do?

The smell of gunpowder filled the room. Marco filled a shell with powder, while behind him, his father worked on a gun. He was six, his father was 29.

"Dad, what was being a soldier like?" Marco asked.

"Shitty." The older man. Cecillo Valentine was blonde, like his son, with shaggy blonde hair and a permanent stubble gracing his face. "People shoot at you, and the pay stinks."

"Why did you become one?" Marco asked.

"Being a soldier isn't just about fighting."
Cecillo said, screwing a scope onto a rifle. "It's about...It's about being someone who others can look to in times of crisis. Someone able to keep calm when other people can't."

Collin's voice blared over the intercom. Marco realized he'd been leaning against the wall for support. He pulled himself away, taking a deep breath. Soon, he'd acquired a can of space-age sealant from inside the ship, and began to patch the hole.

"We should probably head farther in."
Marco said. He didn't say so we don't end up like her, but it hung in the air. He didn't think it was good for her to be near the corpse for so long either, but if she wanted to, he supposed it was her decision. "I'm going to find a kitchen." Soon, he'd gone into the ship, and the sound of a whistling teapot could be heard.

In the dining room, Marco set down a tray on the table. It had several teacups, a sugar bowl, and a pot of Earl Grey.
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