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Current Praise the Lord and pass the peanut butter!
3 mos ago
I've successfully fixed my computer.
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Computer is broken. I might have it fixed tonight. Sorry if my posts are late.
4 mos ago
I'm just a dude, dude.


I'm just some dude, dude.

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Posting a WIP

My character. Anyone wanna be his friend? : )

So like this is a magic school, correct?
What sort of spells can our characters cast?
In Mirror Worlds 15 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
@HeroicSociopath...i'm very iffy on the demon summoning thing and thanks everyone my mum gave me a pain med so it's not hurting but i'm limited to a single arm usage the kinked muscle will take alittle bit to heal but getting the nerve unpinched was painful X_X but it is unpinched so yay for that and yay for my mum being a retired emt XD

Hm okay his class is "Dark Sorcerer" then. Like shooting magic missiles and fireballs.
In Mirror Worlds 15 days ago Forum: Free Roleplay
the IC is gonna be pushed back slightly as I injured my shoulder {kinked a muscle and pinched a nerve T_T}

I hope your shoulder heals soon.

My character.

@HeroicSociopath, My character is the 18-year old CEO of a company that makes Sports Gear, so two things:

1.) Can your character's gadgets be based on my PC's company's merchandise?


2.) Can my character hire yours' to make better Sports Gear?

1. Yes. He probably just bought consumer grade (possibly high end) sporting equipment and modified it. 2. Yes. Maybe he gets funding and raw materials through them and maybe has access to stuff from their R&D department? He might let them patent some of his inventions, but probably only consumer-grade stuff. Like he's not letting anyone get their hands on his XTREME sports gear. Not everyone can handle that kind of XTREME power, and if he gave out exact replicas of his things then everyone would know what his abilities were. But like he could make them some really nice golf clubs. Or like he could prolly make Kosuke some custom equipment.
I'll join.
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