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Computer is broken. I might have it fixed tonight. Sorry if my posts are late.
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I'm just a dude, dude.


I'm just some dude, dude.

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<Snipped quote by HeroicSociopath>

I'm sure we can work it out. Honestly I sorta wanna play as a guy but since I'll be "in charge" I might as well play as a girl.
We can just say you came across the site if you want. Maybe it was intended for your sister and she was looking for ways to kill herself and when she saw the site she went crazy and just committed suicide. Then you walk in and find the stick instead. You don't have to take that tho.

BTW do you like the system I chose. This may seem random but I really am not sure if it'll work out or not.

I haven't looked at it yet. People don't use stats a lot around here as far as I can tell? But I'm not opposed to it. How are dice rolls handled? I think the guild has commands for it.

How exactly are we assigning our character's stats? Could I just put a 3 in all of them if I wanted to?
My guy works at the office and supplements his income by selling drugs. He also likes to cosplay and collects katanas.
Whoa this looks rad.

I'd prefer to RP as a dude as a matter of preference. Can I just be a guy that found the site like normal then?
I'll think of something else, then.
What genre is anime
@KittyDoes wood count as earth? And rock golems would be stronger than wood things anyways.
@KittyAh, sorry if I was unclear. Wood and paper is indeed organic matter that is no longer living. He would need to make joints in it. For paper he'd fold it like origami. For wood he'd have to carve hinges and the like, which would be very involved. He can do corpses, and he might if he feels he's pushed. But he's squeamish about it. He's not a hardened killer. He's just some dude in a bad situation.

And in that case I'll prolly go human then.
@HeroicSociopath The premise of your character isn't exactly usable here. The Alcatraz is about the equivalent to the death penalty, basic drug dealing isn't going to get you sent into deep space like that. Second, while I think necromancy is a cool unique ability (you're reanimating corpses and you go to jail for dealing drugs?) it would a few tweaks. Maybe if it required fresh corpses that would be a tad more balanced? There's also how much mana that would probably take, and as a Tulak that would be even more of an issue. Your bio is also much too short, it just kind of seems like you just threw something onto there just to fill the field.

That's most of the issues rn anyway.

Okay, fair enough. He's more about animating stuff like wood and paper as opposed to corpses, cause that's kinda grody. Would scaling it down to one human body equivalent work? Or how about only plant matter?
@HeroicSociopath As of right now your character needs some major remodeling. You can either try to reshape your current one... a lot. OR create a new one from scratch. Or if neither of those options work you may tell us Sayonara. We'd hate to see you go but if all this is too much for you we completely understand.

That's the plan, but if you don't actually tell me what's wrong with them then I cannot do either.
@Heckno12 Okay, that's a little vague. What would you like me to change?
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