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Changed one of my kindred spirits to Jak from the Jak&Daxter series.
Sounds cool. I went ahead and added a word count to the end of all my posts so far.
Question about the XP and post system. When does XP get tallied and added to our CS? Do any posts we make count, or just battle relevant ones, or some other alternative?
Courier 6 remained in a sitting position as the large spiked turtle creature rampaged by in quite the hissy fit. Impressive, to say the least. The Courier bounced a bit on the ground. But it shouldn’t be too surprising given the size and stature of this “King Bowser.” Then the man who previously advocated for peace came right up to 6, sarcasm self-evident.

“I know that, but do you? I’m not an idiot, I can read tone. No idea what pissed you off, but maybe sharing a drink will improve your mood?” He offered up his bottle of whiskey, now inviting two drinking buddies. At this rate, he’ll be out and then... Best not to think about it.

6 then paid attention to the scene going on around the pink puffball. Bowser didn’t get the answers they all wanted, as it seemed the little guy was either still too injured to talk, or simple unable. In its place, the bizarre bird man did its best to fill in the gaps. Unfortunately this “Tora” possesses the diction of a drunken super mutant, leaving the Courier to guess at much of what it was saying. Still, some core concepts shined through, like the introductions.

“Sounds like a plan!” The Courier shouted in a friendly manner, standing up. “Let’s see. If I remember right, this huge lizard guy is King Bowser. Nice to meet you, your highness. This little guy is Geno. No idea how a puppet can talk, but I’ve seen stranger things I suppose. Next up I suppose is the Centurion. Thought I had to worry about you for a minute, but after looking you over it’s clear you’re not part of Caesar’s Legion. As for everyone else...”

The Courier looked the rest over, some of whom hadn’t even woken up yet, then exaggerated a shrug. “No idea. Nobody else has said yet. But I’ll tell you something, I’m 100% certain this pink thing saved us from... Well, that big light ball up in the sky, I guess.”

Totally oblivious to the idea that speaking for others was, perhaps, a bit rude, the Courier sat back down without so much as introducing himself. He took another swing of whiskey, then called out, almost as an afterthought, “Oh, and I don’t appreciate being called insane, Tora! I just do what needs to be done.”

You know, I have to say, for all the massive backing and meme support Waluigi has gotten, I can’t help but notice that absolutely nobody has claimed the guy either as their character or as a kindred spirit. Most fascinating...
Ok so in hindsight that post was super de railing so I've edited it to be less, uh, disruptive to what everyone was doing.

I felt it was 100% appropriate as it was.
6 thinks you’re all pretty, as long as you can give consent. ;D
The Courier heard the words of those around him, but chose not to acknowledge them. One false move, one wrong twitch, and the deathclaw would descend upon them all and slaughter the lot. One deathclaw normally wouldn’t be much of a problem. He could just activate the RX implant in his brain and kill the thing in turbo mode before it even knew what had happened. Hell, he could charge it in his X-01 power armor and punch the beast to death. But no, not today. It seemed that none of his cybernetic implants were functional (not even his subdermal armor, how was it possible that metal under the skin just stopped working?), and even his equipment was just a bunch of old stuff from his locker. He hasn’t used the Ratslayer in some time, and the .44 in his hand? Definitely not his Mysterious Magnum. It didn’t play a guitar tune once he drew it! No, it was his old, unmodified magnum. One deathclaw would be enough to destroy him, given the circumstances.

The centurion played dumb, then started to pick another fight. Fucking idiot. The robot used some manner of beam to heal the pink ball. Good, 6 smiled. It was nice to see good people out here, even if it was a robot. But he had to focus. Nobody else seemed to notice the deathclaw. A newcomer even approached and advocated for peace. A good idea, if there hadn’t been a giant mutated monstrosity with a taste for flesh walking among them.

Time started to slow to a crawl as the Courier’s focus intensified. VATS activated, highlighting the deathclaw. Torso, 98% chance to hit. Pointless, it would tank the shot effortlessly. Right leg, 76%. Crippling it would help, but they didn’t bleed much from the leg and the puppet got too close. It’d get killed for sure. Right arm, 82%. It still had a mouth and another arm. The puppet would still be toast. Head, 71%. But would the magnum penetrate the beast’s skull to kill it? This had to be perfect. Lives were on the line. The eyes, 22%. It was a long shot, but 6 had enough stamina to queue up 4 shots. At least one should hit, speaking in probability, right?


Four magnum shot rang out one after the other as fast as the revolver could physically allow. The trigger finger couldn’t possibly be human, could it? It was, with just a little help from Vault-Tec(registered trademark)! The four shots flew up over Geno’s head, right by the koopa king’s face, ultimately hitting nothing. The Courier suddenly began to breathe heavy, as though he’d just sprinted half a mile.

“You’re welcome, puppet thing and big turtle. I just killed the deathclaw looming behind you.” He holstered his weapon. Has anybody bothered to look, they would’ve seen nothing there...

“Heh. Still sure my ‘crossbow’ is broken, tin man?” He chided the centurion, taking a seat where he was at and pulling out his whiskey once more. “Hey, ghoul!” He called out to Death. “Want to share a drink?”

<Snipped quote by thedman>

Yeah, and that would've been REALLY bad. Bowser with a healbot behind him would probably [would definitely] rip trever to shreads. xD

Haze gave way to clear sight, as the Courier sat up from his collapsed position. Blurs of memory flashed before his eyes as he fought away a groggy sense of dread, like something horrible had happened. He tensed his muscles, realizing he had grasped his .44 magnum. A quick glance at his Pip-Boy 3000 showed recent use of VATS. So all in all, a pretty normal time.

The Courier stood up, bolstering his gun and grabbing his nearby cowboy hat, situating it firmly on his head. Quickly, perhaps more quickly than others, he came back to his senses. Probably because he was still drunk from the last night, so he had fewer senses to recollect than the others. Wait, others?

Courier 6 scanned the area, seeing quite a bizarre motley crew. Several people had gathered around of various shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Most of them were pretty damn hot, too. Yeah, is do them, he thought, popping the top of his whiskey bottle and downing a good gulp. Except for that puppet. I don’t need any splinters on my dick.

Even the robot looked pretty cute. He wondered lazily if it was built for pleasure. Eh, no big deal if not. He still had the FISTO programming saved to his Pip-Boy. The robot was standing over some pink puffball that... felt familiar in some way. Wait... More flashes perforated 6’s memory. Images of a great light engulfing everything, then a fight against the pink ball. It pulled out a heart and...

“I guess I ain’t in the Mojave no more,” he mused lazily, taking another swing of whiskey. “Hey, we should help that thing. I think it, Uh, saved us from....” He squinted, trying to remember more, but the effort bore no fruit. “Ssssssomething....”

Suddenly, as though he only just recognized what he had been seeing, 6 locked eyes on the centurion. His heart skipped a beat. The whiskey went back to his pack as he unholstered his magnum again. “Caesar’s Legion!” He shouted, taking aim. “Get back, slaver scum! You ain’t gonna crucify nobody here!”

That’s when he noticed another of his peers: a large spiked lizard thing. “Shit! Deathclaw!” He changed the target of his aim, keeping the lizard-creature’s eyes square in the sights of his gun.

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