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Current I've had Johnny Cash on my mind all day. Can't get "When the Man Comes Around" out of my head. Tempted to let it influence some writing or make it a character's "theme"
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I'm a bit scattered brained lately, so if I need to respond to a roleplay response, just remind me, I could've forgotten.
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Finally done with the college semester, so I decided to treat myself to a expensive burger and a walk on the beach
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Finally got Kokotha thread up. It's gonna be awkward in the first day of moving it here.
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I keep seeing people popping up on my profile visitors. Who are you people? Where do you come from?


Hello, I am Patches

I roleplay as a hobby, as well as designing OCs to be used in various types of roleplays. No matter the setting, I believe I have one just for the situation.

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She was so filthy... Was that blood?! Bloody cybernetics usually meant one of two things: Either they were poorly applied and the person who installed them is a quack... The other is that blood isn't Mary's blood. Grazia didn't want to think about it. The best explanation was self defense; Ayem seemed too friendly to attack innocent people. She needed new clothes too. Looking between Mary and Ayem, Grazia remarked. Geez, girl, you look like you just got out of a hella messy fight; I knew that some planets can be dangerous but didn't know they could be this dangerous. If you weren't so friendly I'd be runnin' for my life. She spoke very quickly, not even stopping to take a breath.

Scanning over the cybernetics quickly, Grazia noted their condition, inspecting for damages. If there were any internal damages, her scan wouldn't be able to pick it up. Your cybernetics! You sure a clean is all you need? I know a lot about cybernetics and feel you might be in need for a repair. Crossing her arms, Grazia smirked, demonstrating her fast paced nature, she seemed to have already gotten along with the two. You two seem friendly enough, a bit weird though. I'll tag along, cuz I have no where else to go right now. If you let me take a look at those parts of yours that is. I'm Grazia, self proclaimed Cybernetics Expert She said, tapping her face near one of her eyes.
Hello, I am Patches.
I want to get into more frequent roleplay on this site and to do so, I'm considering more 1x1 stuff rather than large groups.
I have several roleplay ideas, most of which involve the multitude of OCs that I have. I don't have time to describe them all, so I will simply give short descriptions of them. If you're interested in them, then PM me and I can give a better description of them and we can discuss what plans we have from there. These aren't all of them, but these are a couple of my favorites. Feel free to ask for others if none of them peek your interest.
What I'm expecting: I'm expecting someone frequent posting. When I say frequent, I don't mean all the time, immediately when I post. A post a day is good. If you feel tired and not in the mood to post, no biggy, you can take a break. Feel free to also hit me up on Discord if you want to chat or roleplay there, I can do both this site and Discord.
[*] An ever optimistic cybernetics expert. Never gives up or shows any sign of doubt.
[*] A blind shaman and seer. Despite her lack of sight, she "sees" more than most people.
[*] An tsundere angry young warrior. Deep down, she protects those she cares about
[*] A witch who acts like a mother figure to those who seek her. Flip flops between a wise mentor to a caring soccer mom.
[*] A homonculus capable of creating multitudes of poisons. Takes the form of a little girl who just wants a friend

[*] A demon. Taking the form of a cat eared male. Follows the cliche of not wanting to follow the demon stereotype.
[*] An alien bounty hunter. Loves western movies, so he dresses like a stereotypical desperado
[*] A robotic bodyguard/robotic ninja. While seemingly apathetic and unapproachable, is actually very caring to those he protects.
[*] A bard/mage. Uses music to cast magic. Belongs to a rich family, despite his pride and vanity, isn't a bad person.
[*] A young prodigy warlock. Despite his age, is talented in magic, but still holds a degree of childish naivety.

I do all kinds of roleplay. I prefer them to not go on /too/ long but I can do somewhat lengthy roleplays, we can decide how long they go in PM.
I also do +18 stuff; the only characters that are not an option for +18 are the child characters such as the warlock and homonculus. Otherwise I don't mind.

If you're interested, hmu
She was really getting called out over her pink hair? What a strange little girl. Even looked like she was about to cry... Grazia soon realized she wasn't being called out, but the little girl was concerned for her.

Sighing and shaking her head, she tried to comfort the little girl, fast walking her way down the stairs, down to Mary's level. As she reached the bottom, it became more apparent her hair was as pink as could be. Didn't even look fake, like a wig or hair dye. Now, now... It's not my natural hair color... Got it changed some years back off planet. She said, running her hand through her hair, a smile on her face, her tone calm in order to defuse the situation. No one has gotten mad at me for it either. As a matter of fact, a lot of girls and gals like it~ Tell me it suits me.

The whole time, she wore a bright smile, her yellow shining eyes gleaming with energy. She didn't even seem bothered by the remarks on her pink hair.

A closer look of her eyes revealed their artificial nature as well. Having an odd circle-within-circle look to them, like a camera. As she comforted the girl, Grazia looked to Ayem. Another cyborg huh? Unlike Grazia, Ayem's cybernetics were more apparent. At the sight of them, Grazia had to resist the temptation to scan her. Thinking out loud, Grazia observed Ayem. These cybernetics... So crude, yet in working condition! Incredible! Grazia went silent, simply staring at the other cyborg now, as if in a trance.
I will don't worry. Gotta also stop by my house to tell my son I'll be going on a longer trip than usual. He said, rubbing the back of his said. Regardless, I'll see you then! Get a good night's rest and contact me if you need anything.

Did he say son? He didn't look older than someone in his early 20s. Was he just a young father or was he older than he looked?
The next question was what she was in the mood for. What type of food sounded the best. Even some weird alien cuisine would be nice. Actually, maybe some pasta. It had been a good few weeks since she had eaten any good pasta that wasn't dry. So many options and so little money for the young stowaway.

But as she began to drift off, not really concentrating on her surroundings, Grazia immediately snapped to attention once the small child started yelling at her about something. What was this about her hair being pink? She often got comments on it, from ones about how it made her stand out to ones about how it suited her personality. But she never really got one like this. She blushed in embarrassment over being called out like this.

The girl sounded like she was freaking out. Grazia slowly tried to figure out what her deal was. Was she concerned about her pink hair or was this a case of a little kid making a big deal out of the smallest issues; the child couldn't have been older than 7 or 8 from the looks of it.

Shouting down, she tried to attest the situation. What about my pink hair?! Her tone was one of confusion with a little bit of concern. Maybe it was her maternal instincts or the fact she planned on having a child of her own sometime in the future, but whenever she saw a child freaking out, she couldn't just ignore it and walk on by. Should I give her a closer look? She said, considering going down there.
@Antarctic Termite
Ah thanks! I'll go ahead and post as soon as I can
Alright thanks Sig 👍🏻

Up on a walkway, just outside a busy shipyard, where people both came and went, Grazia stood looking over the railing, down to the streets below. Making an OK symbol with her right hand and putting it over her eye, like some sort of telescope, she surveyed the immediate area. She bared an expectant smile on her face, like a child awaiting a gift. Come on, food food food. She thought to herself, looking for a place where she could get a bite to eat. A fast food joint, a diner, a farmers market. She'd eat some weird alien food if it meant having something that wasn't the tasteless rations that she had been living off of during her time as a stowaway on that transport ship.

Darn! Grazia lightning hit her fist against the railing in annoyance, looking inconvenienced. She was unable to find one from where she was looking. Looked like it might be rations again tonight. Come on, I'm a growing girl! I need my nourishment! She said, looking through her pockets, taking out her wallet. 500 bits... More than enough for lunch. She had to look harder for a place to eat. Giving up? Just accepting defeat after one loss? That wasn't the Nannini way! Hardships like this were unavoidable for a nomad like her. Clenching her fist, her eyes literally shining with determination, she made her way across the walkway.
Technology... That might be good, yes. he slowly nodded. He wasn't sure how advanced this "King" guy was in terms of technology, but a gift like technology would help him understand his new allies. That is what Hueco theorized at least. But really, don't worry, I go to this florist a lot. He said with a chuckle. Flowers are included in gift baskets for branch member's anniversaries of them joining. It helps boost moral.

Ah! Hueco's eyes widened with surprise, his animal-like ears standing up. *Someone complimented him!* Steadily regaining his composure, Hueco responded to the compliment. Th-thank you... I catalogue the Head Researcher's speeches back home, so I've learned a thing or two on making them myself. Writing down a date on the blackboard and circled it. Here is when we'll be leaving. Please be ready by then.
Ah, glossed over Mary's character sheet.
So she's a creepy homonculus girl? I think this could work out.
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