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Well, I'm no caster either, but I've gotten by this business, haven't I? All you really need is an extractor, rune batteries, and customers to get you off the ground. Magic in a vacuum was tricky. Tapping his chin, he thought about it for a moment, as Michael went off about boasting about electromagnets. If I were to theorize, if you were to put magic in a vacuum chamber it would simply dissipate or fill the entire chamber like a gas. How runes and rune machines would react to it is another question. Likely unstable results?

A caster? Could you do me a favor, Mr. Caster? Gossick said, reaching below the counter once more, before bringing up three more gas-based rune batteries, these ones lacked the blue aura the other ones had. "Could you fill these? It'll save me a lot of time. I have a bit of a project of my own that requires them.
Mmm... Depends. We should get some supplies before heading for the tomb, no? Water, provisions, I specialize in light magic so we won't be needing flashlights. But we don't know how big the tomb is completely, so at the least a canteen of fresh water will be nice.

SUch a nice encampment... She felt like this was something that most of the White Teeth weren't use to; having pictured them as a bunch of fancy men in suits pulling the strings in the background, she never would have expected them to go out and get their hands dirty. Actually as a matter of fact, her younger self would have expected herself to go out and get her hands dirty like this. I suppose if you define family as a group of people serving a common purpose, living under the same houses, and looking out for each other, than you are family. As they say: The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb. She said with a smirk.
Listening and nodding at the pictures shown, Wingate began to get caught up on the situation. If the boys are combing the area, look for statues. They sell for high prices and they are said to be used as markers for their tombs.

Hopping out of the car, WIngate adjusted her hat. It was common for the ruins to be out in the middle of jungles or deserts. Usually if you could locate a temple you could locate tombs, due to how close they were. Yet, this one wasn't near any of the discovered temple. Beautiful~ She said, grinning at the area. In all my years, I never expected to be working at an dig site with the mafia.
Getting in the car, Wingate got comfortable for the long ride. Cars were so amazing to her. Getting around without the need to move around and at such a fast pace, but smaller than a train or boat? What advances awaited the city next. Oh I've been in them. The occasional car ride to get from place to place. humming, she looked out the window, watching the world go by, I would love to have one of my own someday... But enough about my fantasies about cars and the like, what's in store for us today? she asked, awaiting Lucille's debrief.

Oh I intend to get some. Drink a bit and go right back to my piss poor life. Quinn was always the loudmouthed one. Talking about drinking booze on the streets, within earshot of police. Hasn't caught up to him yet, plus, if he ever got in trouble, he was one of the fastest runners in all of New Wickborough.

@Afro Samurai
"Well no better way to mend those hurt feelings than the Grapevine. he said. Quinn wasn't too phased by how weird everything was in this situation. It came with being a courier for a gang of casters. Talking cats, talking dogs, strange monsters that were once humans. He had too accepted himself as an oddity, with his prosthetic legs.

@Ember Storm

trying to find what to say next. He had a few options here. With a quick burst of magic he could stun everyone in this room and make a run for it, but that'll result in a chase. He could talk his way out of it, but he would likely not be able to convince the guard to the back room that he was a VIP even with the crowd. He needed a distraction.

"Who the hell do you think you guys are?!" The inebriated guard shouted, getting angrier. Daud ignoring him, Mercury not giving him what he wants despite his flirting. These two didn't know who they were messing with. Gustrag! Permission to ice these two! He shouted to his boss, who was still glaring holes into Gregor's head from behind his mask.

In time. I don't know what you 4 were planning, but it appears you fell short. This is my world. This gala. This manor. As Gustrag continued, his voice got more and more furious, nearly crushing his glass in hand. People watched with anticipation, whispers went through the crowd, a few of them even taking bets on what was going to happen next, If any of you even think about ruining this event further, I'm going to put you through a meat grinder and feed you to the guard dogs, understand! Now come with me!

Gregor paused, thinking of his next move, then quickly, he thought of it. It wasn't much, but there were a whole lot of criminals here and it was worth the gamble. Alright. But they are just bodyguards. I'm different though and it isn't just me. Throughout this room are spies. Spies for the Kokothan Special Forces, and you are all under arrest!

The results of his bluff were unseen at first, people scoffing, shaking their heads. Until one member of the party drew his pistol, pointing it at another party member. I knew it was you! I knew I couldn't trust you!

Cowardly Drekka! Pointing a gun on me when I have none! The "spy" shouted, a ball of fire appearing in his hand.

"The Drekka are cowards!?" came another voice, We'll show you!

Before long, the party slowly descended into more yelling, more people drawing weapons on each other. The guards beginning to take out their weapons only have have weapons pulled on them. No fire fights were happening just yet, but with just one sentence, the room had went from people accusing others of beig spies, to becoming a standoff between numerous criminal factions. The whole time, Gregor had a wide smile on his face. You three! He shouted Close your eyes and look away!


Yoshimi quickly reacted. She had seen these bombs before, it had been used by the Lucerne guy on the train. It seemed that the Children weren't so keen on giving out information. On it! She said as she dashed for cover, getting behind Kordan.

Putting her hand against the wall of ice to help stablize it. She braced herself, as the blast went off, heavily damaging the wall and causing it to cave in and shatter in several places. But, with the help of Yoshimi and Kordan, they were both safe. Damn Children! This is the second time this has happened! Next time, let's check their chests for explosives!

She said, as she looked to the man Astrid had killed earlier. Let's check him, he might have one we could use.

@Ember Storm@Nashie
With that, the room was coated in a bright burst of flames, incinerating the guards. Due to their magic based nature, their explosives didn't seem to go off; that or they didn't have them.

With the room now cleared, it could be inspected. Looked to be a operation room or some sort of medical study. In the center of the room was a table and on the walls were medical diagrams. Lockers and filing cabinets were in one corner of the room, hopefully not damaged by the fire.

The price seemed to be reasonable for them. For people who had access to it like through an extractor, it wasn't too hard to get; the only trouble was acquiring the rune batteries and the extractor itself. The liquid one seemed to be more expensive than the others, while the bag of sandy material seemed to be the cheapest of the bunch. How different? Gossick asked, looking curious. Barging into his conversation with Jenso, Gossick answered his questions for him It depends on the current property of the Yim in question and what a Caster or Rune Machine does with it. Pure magic though, it can be quite malleable under pressure, while in a vacuum... Gossick paused, biting his lip I haven't tested it...
That night, Wingate spent her night as she usually did. She too had gone through the same enchantment that the ancient culture instilled in Lucille. Many thoughts and questions went through her mind as she was in the bath. Who was this fogotten hero "An'Kan?" Why would such a tomb be made for him or her if they were forgotten and unspoken like this? Would Lucille's predictions of a secret passage way come to light; after all, it wasn't unheard of for the Isz to build secret entrances in their tombs or temples.

No matter, she had to get a good night sleep. She didn't want to look tired for tomorrow and had to be running on all gears.

The next morning she headed on out of her flat. She lived a humble life, despite her reputation in the archeology and caster community. A small, out of the way flat in New Wickborough. Oh how she would love to live in one of those large manors that all the rich and famous have, but she didn't want to draw too much attention to herself. Her outfit was different to her usual outfit. A pair of cargo pants, a button up shirt, and a hat more suited for the hot sun. She was going to a tomb after all.

Greetings~ She said, standing at the stoop of her flat, as she saw the car parked out.
In that case, I will see myself out. She said with a nod, ready to head on out and prepare for tomorrow. She did not know what to expect from tomorrow, but as long as everything went smoothly, she had no problem with it. I'll be sure to prepare as well. I hope you too will dress for the occasion.
The relic in question was a small device, resembling an astrolabe. The rune seems to be missing. If it had one that was. There is some text here. Pausing, she took a moment to translate them, [8882be]Well, it's a astrolabe. The next on here are different directions. It must've been used for mapping out stars and for traveling. A tool of our "Forgotten Hero" perhaps?[/color]

Setting the relic down, she hummed, looking puzzled. If you all don't have the rune, it must've been taken out a long time ago. My other theory that it never had one to begin with. Either way, this astrolabe is unusable with its age. Regardless, I am looking forward to unraveling this tomorrow, my dear~ When it came to researching the culture of Isz, every single temple, tomb, and keep was like unraveling a mystery. Every one of them had their own story.
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