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Current Think I'm gonna finally get to RPing here. Don't know if I'm gonna commit, don't know where to start, and don't know what I'm gonna do, but I'm gonna do it.
1 yr ago
I've had Johnny Cash on my mind all day. Can't get "When the Man Comes Around" out of my head. Tempted to let it influence some writing or make it a character's "theme"
1 yr ago
I'm a bit scattered brained lately, so if I need to respond to a roleplay response, just remind me, I could've forgotten.
1 yr ago
Finally done with the college semester, so I decided to treat myself to a expensive burger and a walk on the beach
1 yr ago
Finally got Kokotha thread up. It's gonna be awkward in the first day of moving it here.


Hello, I am Patches

I roleplay as a hobby, as well as designing OCs to be used in various types of roleplays. No matter the setting, I believe I have one just for the situation.

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Sorry for the long response, been playing the game myself. My third playthrough. It’s kinda what sparked my want to rp this
My idea for a character is a member of the league. Inquisitive Andre is the name I have right now.
Was thinking of giving him an original trick weapon but I can’t think of one
Interesting, tell me about them
I have a vague idea about my person, in that they are a part of the League. It’d be interesting to see how they’d interact since those factions are basically opposite
"The sun is setting, young one. The hunters are sharpening their weapons and the beasts are sharpening their claws. There will be no going out tonight. For the Hunt is on."

Thinking of doing a roleplay based in the world of Bloodborne or at least imspired heavily by it. This being a 1x1, the story would be about a pair of hunters, trying to survive the night or perhaps hunting a particular beast, only to go back to their normal lives in by the time the sun rises.

The story would likely be set before the events of the game. For purposes of ease and fun, things in the game, such as how the Dream works, the state of Yharnam, insight, and the plague itself can be tweeked as needed.

If I get enough interest I can make this a group RP but for now I want to do it 1 on 1. So shoot me a PM or post here if you're interested. I'll make a format for a character sheet if people are interested.
Ihave three reasons why I haven't tried
1. 40 hour weeks at work
2. Roleplays don't seem to last long, I've joined too many that died before the ball got rolling
3. I'd need to get people interested

But yes, the main idea would be slice of life. The staff of the ghost train would be ghosts themselves, capable of interacting with the mortal world. There would be antagonistic elements, but I wouldn't say I plan on a "villain" per say.
A ghost train idea. The main setting being a ghost train to the afterlife/limbo, that passes through the living world to pick up spirits.
The protags would be the staff on the train or people getting on the train.
I haven't really made an idea for it since I've felt there isn't much to work with, even though I have a character and setting in mind. Plus it'd be confined to one setting, at least for the first stages.
The room was remarkably empty, although could be an easy hiding place for anyone small or skillful enough. Looked to be a music room of somesort: A piano in the center of the room, as well as a chair, violin, and music stand over in the corner. Desks littered with music sheets as well. Other than the music paraphernalia, nothing else was too notable about the room, looked like the rest of the castle; cold and abandoned, but somehow kept from falling into disrepair.
I can recharge it right now if you need. he said with a smile. The creation was awfully amusing. He was no good at complex machines, being all about amalgamates and simpler devices. June's skills might've surpassed his own when it came to robotics. But really, you're right. I just hope this indicates that Amalgamates can really join alongside humans. Back home, I've heard all kinds of stories of amalgamates as pets... Strangely, there are stories of them in Isz culture. He said, stopping at the front door to the strange palace. It is said a great amalgamate was what ended their culture and the first amalgamate was the weakest... What lead to the first one is unknown and records of it are scarce... Hueco said, getting more and more off topic, before shaking his head. A-anyways... I got off track there. Wanna head inside? He said, motioning to the door. Remember... Keep on topic. Don't say anything that might anger him. No stereotypes either. Just be friendly and diplomatic.

As the doors opened, the two were welcomed to a long corridor, a large ballroom. Unlike the rest of the town, it followed its own theme. While the town was closer to the structures and architecture of Kokotha, this one looked more medieval. Something out of a history book. From the windows came a soft, heavenly glow, that wasn't present from the outside.

Then, there at the end of the room, sitting on the throne was the rumored King himself. A strange, humanoid figure, clad in robes. The descriptions weren't far off. He resembled a human, but looked off. Even from his sitting position, he looked far too tall to be a human, as well as his neck and limbs were elongated. Almost like a creature who never say a human was given a vague description... Fitting.
Hueco was busy looking around, staring at the various amalgamates, looking at the differences between their world and this copied town. They seemed to have mimicked their language as well, all of the signs were written in Kokothan. Wonder if there are any Gishkhan speaking amalgamates...

But, soon, Hueco came to attention, as he picked up on Juniper's discomfort. I can understand... You're use to knowing amalgamates as monsters driven by instinct. He said as the two of them ascended the hill where the King was meant to be, the large chapel looking building lying at the top of it; the door was partially open as well, allowing entrance.

It takes apart your world view doesn't it? Knowing amalgamates are capable of such a thing.
Post out
Sorry for taking so long
@SIGINT@Antarctic Termite
As Ayem explained the situation to Grazia, she nodded. Just what did she get herself into?

What did Ayem and Mary just get her into?

Was helping them the right thing? These cartels are the bad guys right? If helping you means stopping these cartels, then I will see what I do. Grinning, she tapped the side of her head. These eyes of mine can identify just about anything with a glance.

Putting her hands on her hips, she walked with the two, sort of eavesdropping on Ayem and Mary's conversation without really joining, chuckling at the phrase "dingy death factory." Kids were pure... How could such a young girl be put through such horrible things? There had to be something controlling her or forcing her to harm others. There is no way such a girl would willingly hurt people.

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