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Current I've had Johnny Cash on my mind all day. Can't get "When the Man Comes Around" out of my head. Tempted to let it influence some writing or make it a character's "theme"
13 days ago
I'm a bit scattered brained lately, so if I need to respond to a roleplay response, just remind me, I could've forgotten.
1 mo ago
Finally done with the college semester, so I decided to treat myself to a expensive burger and a walk on the beach
2 mos ago
Finally got Kokotha thread up. It's gonna be awkward in the first day of moving it here.
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I keep seeing people popping up on my profile visitors. Who are you people? Where do you come from?


Hello, I am Patches

I roleplay as a hobby, as well as designing OCs to be used in various types of roleplays. No matter the setting, I believe I have one just for the situation.

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Was playing Hollow Knight all day, getting the True Ending. Managed to beat the true ending on 91 percent completion.
I'll post tomorrow
Maybe clear out some of those spikes in the pit. She said, Break them for instance. I'd hate to have one of your men end up like the last people who came here. She chuckled, adding a touch of dark humor.

When we get back, the drinks are on me.

Call me Io. She said, giving her name with a nod. Cerise was beginning to get on her good side. Not easy to get it so quick; thus Io made a mental note to observe her further. I'm not exactly looking to be a role model, that's just part of it. Being a role model to the people living down below matters little. What matters is being a role model to other Daybreakers. Makes sense? Io said, explaining her goals a bit further.

Outside, Io took a deep breath, slowly removing her eye patch, revealing a small mass of white feathers, growing out of the socket. Some sort of bizarre mutation as the result of becoming a daybreaker? Must have lost her eye before she become one. Feeling the dust and ash on her now exposed eye socket, she breathed a sigh of relief. It was strange... Only when she was outside, did the stinging sensation seem to go away.

Donning her crown, her weapon took the form of a small, stiletto knife, giving off a bright orange glow. Then, several more spikes began to appear around her, each just a bit bigger than a sewing needle. The needle began to converge around the knife, bunching up together, all until they were all gathered together. With all the needles gathered, the knife took on the form of a large lance, almost as big as its wielder, made up of thousands and thousands of needles, formed together to make one weapon. Lenier was it? You were wondering what I do? She said, having ignored his question earlier up until now. Well I like to demonstrate rather than tell, so here it is.

Io, watching the so called "demon of progress" observe the surroundings Don't boss me around... Io thought to herself. But now wasn't the time for arguing. Fair enough...

There is someone else from behind the scenes? Yoshimi said, You mentioned another traitor didn't you that isn't Gotthard? Someone else?

Crossing her arms, she shook her head, she scrolled through the papers, before catching one. A small map, with a little island circled just south of the island masses in South Kokotha. I think I know where we've going next...

@Ember Storm
If you want to go on to the Old Path, that's fine. But I think I have another location in mind. She said, holding up the map. But in any case... What about her? Yoshimi said, clenching her fist, a slight growl in her voice. Come on, you're coming with-

As Yoshimi got ready to hit Galette across the face to take her with them, a large rift appeared in the room. A white slice in the fabric of space, leading to Yim. From it a large beetle-like creature burst out, its face resembling a rather human looking porcelain mask. There, riding on its back, was a short man, holding a large lance. Astrid was right. They were coming and fast.

Galette was been defeated? No matter... Don't run. This will be oversoon The man said, his voice very high pitched, his mount turning to face the group

Shit! Scratch that! Hold on to the plans tight and let's get out of here! Yoshimi shouted, already running. They couldn't stand and fight. There would be more to come and she didn't want to fight both a Elite and an Amalgamate.

Children's Beastmaster: Master Ku


Meanwhile elsewhere...

Gustrag's room was just what one would expect; a large regal room befitting someone of high class and wealth. Journals, documents, and what looked to be business contracts were all present. Seems that Gustrag was the type of person to keep things documented.

Gregor held his pistol out, a white glow coming from it. Already, he was working on opening a rift to a dimension in Yim, the ultimate escape route. He had never done it under stress or in a rush. Before he had all the time in the world to do it and even then it was rather tough. Don't rush me, I know!

Don't cost us our lives or worse, knight... Gregor thought to himself, a bit annoyed. A-almost got it! There we go! Gregor said excited, his pistol sputtered and flickered... Then nothing. Gregor stared at the space directly in front of him, no emotion at all, then quickly turned to anger as he smacked at his pistol ...Or not. Come on, dammit!

They were running out of time...

Meanwhile in the courtyard of the villa, guests were gathered and restrained, the Children's Elite had gathered, only 5 of them were present, not counting their beastmaster down below. Among the Elite that had gathered was a tall man wielding a large mace, his body covered in what appeared to be plant life, and what looked like a wooden mask covering the top half of his face. Defusing of the situation is underway. I will go for Gustrag's room, the rest of you spread out and search for any more party members. The party crashers are to be killed on sight. Other partygoers are to be taken in for questioning... If any non-Children members possess classified knowledge, they are to be executed. Understood? Nodding, the other Elite's agreed and began to head out, their commander following soon after, but not before being interrupted by large man, standing before him.

Sallix! the man shouted, blocking his path, revealing himself to be the own of the manor: Gustrag. How dare you came before me... They have ruined my event and broke into the sanctity of my quarters. Now you rush in, like a flock of vultures upon a corpse?! I demand you to fix this situation without the use of your goons. You'll only make things worse!

I refuse, Gustrag. Sallix noted, slamming his mace to the ground. Suddenly, Gustrag began to feel an unseen force pressing down upon him, steadily getting heavier. You allowed this to happen. You wrote our names down in your little book. Your mistakes have costed us... And for that, the Queen has ordered your execution. The weight pressing down upon Gustrag began to get heavier and heavier. Before long, Sallix's power had crushed the man, like some sort of invisible press, leaving nothing but a bloody, messy indent in the ground. In any case... Onto important matters. Sallix said, making his rush for the Quarters where the heroes worked on their escape.

Children's Quartermaster: Sallix

Interesting... HK said, holding at her own breasts, patting them lightly; she didn't feel any jealousy in regards to Trish's figure, she was quite proud of her body. She did however wonder what comfort she got from her choice in undergarments though. Maybe she would get one. What she looked for in undergarments wasn't always for style or fashion, but rather comfort. Maybe she'd try one of these bustiers. Guess I'll have to put one of those on my shopping list after all this, huh?

Motioning in the direction of the nearby coffee shop, just down the street from where they were, HK eased into the next subject. So how about that coffee? Think the rush comes soon, want to get there before it gets crowded? Not that I don't like talking about boobs and bras.

Io looked to the woman on her right, Cerise. Someone was going with her rather than standing around? Someone who was quick to get started just as she was? Looks like she knew how to get on Io's good side. That was the first thing she picked up about her. The second thing? The orange scent in her breath.

Confidence is what we should be built upon, without it nothing will get done. Plus, no one would want to look up to someone without confidence or belief in themselves, would they? As Abraham and Kari followed as well, Io silently congratulated herself on rushing ahead like this, believing that she had set an example. As she walked with them, she was already making mental notes on her allies, who she wanted in her future and who she would set aside.

Whatever number of Tyrants it is, it doesn't matter. Nothing more than a nuisance. she said. Rubbing at her eyepatch with her middle and index finger, calming the stinging sensation she felt, she got ready to ascend Don't get in my way, don't lag behind, prove yourselves.

It depends on the how endowed you are... Or on the choice of bra. She said. She couldn't see herself wearing a bustier. They looked like something a woman of higher class and wealth would wear, not some a silly streamer like herself would. Plus, she wasn't as endowed in the chest area as her friend.

So... It's a corset? She asked. Pressing at her sides, she thought of the idea of wearing one of those. Sacrificing breath and maybe her ribcage to appear slim.

In that case I'll get on my post tomorrow after work. Too tired now
I'm gonna post, since it seems to be really slow right now.
With your guy's approval that is.
The castle itself looked pristine and polished. A heavy contrast to the rest of the rotted dimension. There at the front gate was a coat of arms of sorts, bearing a symbol of a tower being struck by lightning. AN odd choice for a family symbol.

The courtyard bared the same appearance as the rest of the place. On the ground was several white flowers, clean and untouched by the filth of the swamp. The front of the castle did have windows and balconies, something someone with the finesse for it could easily access and climb.
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