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7 mos ago
Current I may be online but that's because I can't leave people hanging. They have the right to know why I ghosted on them. I will still not be returning sadly
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7 mos ago
Hyperbole is hyperbole. Nothing more nothing else and don't move the goal posts. You're doing EXACTLY what you claimed to not be doing TYFYB. Ugh I'm leaving this place. It ain't fun anymore
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7 mos ago
@Selias Dias Legitimate to who? To the offender? To society? Sorry I don't trust a person who was wronged view on legitimacy. Vengeance makes you just as monstrous as the monster. Enough said.
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7 mos ago
Also let's be blunt and honest. EVERYBODY would go after world leaders then. There would be a line of succession crisis and there would be no order and trust me anarchy ain't all rainbow and moonbeams
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7 mos ago
Plus you really think people who killed a person legally would be more mellow? I don't think so, since well MANY people bother people not just one person. If I killed one guy another would replace him
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Biopunk, comic book (still mostly superheroes mind you), fantasy and oddball character aficionado. I'm back and ready to git loogin'. I am a Hufflepuff Primary with a Ravenclaw Secondary. I probably model Gryffindor as a secondary and model Gryffindor primary as well. Those are just my hunches but I bleed black and yellow. Though Pittsburgh can go plug a hole for all I care. My spirit guide is Phoebe Buffay which is awesome and fits me like a glove. For you Meyers-Briggs enthusiasts I'm a ESFP

I write almost every day either as a novel or just as casting for my many idea for RPs or just stories. Theme and genres for RPs are mostly superheroes (any kind prefer original superheroes but not against DC or Marvel at all), fantasy (original ideas get a cut to the front), urban fantasy, and biopunk and most any soft sci-fi. Romance is a great sub genre. School RPs are fine but put a spin on them. I will not do anime RPs, no interest at all, been there, done that bought the wife-beater. Not my thing. Though I'm team Digimon 4 lyfe and Ah! My Goddess still holds up. I have realized I totally suck at large RPs mostly because I just can't keep up with them under any circumstances, this was a suspicion I had for a long time and it has just been confirmed. I am a Christian as well, if that fact alone makes you squirm please don't cross my path, I will merely ignore you. If it doesn't welcome to my mind.

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ok I'll throw my hat in the ring. It's 3 AM so I need some time to think but I'll think of something
@Hippo Out of curiousity who is that faceclaim? she looks familiar
is this still open?
kinda interested in this. What's the "power level" of these gifts so to speak?
@Smystar99 Not just that but also easily redeemed. There is far more nuance to the spiritmaster than just "I'm going to take your soul." There's also a redemption aspect to it (plus if you're evil controlling good people will literally make you become a good guy eventually). It's a school about balance and they must be very choosy when to use their abilities.
Players take on the roles of rival stage illusionists, each with their own strengths and characteristics. They are striving for fortune and fame in a competition hosted by a legendary magician, looking for a successor worthy of the title Master Magus, A title which the Power Mystic
itself respects. This game itself is inspired by a board game called Trickerion:

You are a street magician of a certain type listed here: Only one type of magician, first come first served:

Spiritualist: You see, talk and control the dead and can even bring back animals (doves, dogs, ect but no humans) to life
Chain Master: You are an escapologist like Harry Houdini, nothing can hold you and you are never helpless.
Machinist: You can create things out of metal mostly and are something of a gadgeteer in a way. Creating golems or other artificial life is your forte' such as mechanical hellhounds
Optico: You are the classical illusionist. Eyes must be questioned when you're around
Lightning Tamer: You can control lightning. Note You CAN'T generate lightning without outside help. You can only manipulate it.
The Dandy: The Jedi Mind trick master of magic. Nobody can say no to your charms
The Amaranth: The polar opposite of the Machinist. Flora and fauna seem to like you and you can manipulate them. Think Poison Ivy and Tarzan combined
Spiritmaster: The opposite of the spiritualist. You can control living people's soul and can corrupt or cleanse them at their core.

Each school has caveats and obvious limitations. The spiritmaster for example absorbs the soul of those who they are controlling so they can become evil... or good depending on how much soul they control. The lightning tamer as stated above can't generate lightning only control it.

Emma Avril Jameson

Location: Adelaide Airport
Interacting With: @LemonZest1337 (as Jacob Hamilton)

Emma crinkles her nose and smiles. "Well I'm a newcomer here, farthest place west from Boise was Portland and the farthest west is Macon, Georgia, the state not the country." She then hands him 100 Australian dollars. "It's not much but if I spend too much my boss will kill me. Anyway since you're the native and all I know about Australia is that John Curtin was the Prime Minister during World War II. You can lead the way, if you want to know my interests I like knitting, kind of a geek in most of the predictable ways and like to see animals... except the snakes, they always look at me weird." She jumps slightly in joy. Very happy to ditch her boss for a guy's attention. She quickly reaches for her phone to stick it to Cerise, but realizes she has no leads for a new job and puts it away.

Cerise Baptiste

Location: London, Cerise's hotel room
Interacting With: @Dark Light Clayton Radshaw

Cerise smiles as she shows off most of her bare body. For a woman who's had more than one kids, she didn't look like it. Her ring tone of "hanging on the telephone" goes off, it is her husband. She rolls her eyes. He knows I'm busy. She thinks. She pivots and sees the heartthrob looking at the fridge. "You a wine guy or a liquor guy? I'm curious because I think the two of us could have a very beneficial relationship and I like men who are... well-rounded in more ways than one." She asks her southern inflection bleeding into the words. She realizes she forgot the iodine... if he really needs it he'll notice.

She slides onto her bed and smiles as she found this speciman of humanity... why is he so influencial to me? She thinks.
@Dark Light Wednesday is my off day. Or at least a lightened load of RPing. I apologize for not telling you.
It's ok thanks for letting me know.
@Mr Rage That's fine. with me
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