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Current I'm back... again
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Dude, we rock
2 yrs ago
Now that I've seen Tony Soprano's fivehead I'm at peace.
2 yrs ago
I feel so different from you kids
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@Jett Ryu Only if you're making money off of it. If it's free you're just lazy\


Biopunk, comic book (still mostly superheroes mind you), fantasy and oddball character aficionado. I'm back and ready to git loogin'. I am a Hufflepuff Primary with a Ravenclaw Secondary. I probably model Gryffindor as a secondary and model Gryffindor primary as well. Those are just my hunches but I bleed black and yellow. Though Pittsburgh can go plug a hole for all I care. My spirit guide is Phoebe Buffay which is awesome and fits me like a glove. For you Meyers-Briggs enthusiasts I'm a ESFP

I write almost every day either as a novel or just as casting for my many idea for RPs or just stories. Theme and genres for RPs are mostly superheroes (any kind prefer original superheroes but not against DC or Marvel at all), fantasy (original ideas get a cut to the front), urban fantasy, and biopunk and most any soft sci-fi. Romance is a great sub genre. School RPs are fine but put a spin on them. I will not do anime RPs, no interest at all, been there, done that bought the wife-beater. Not my thing. Though I'm team Digimon 4 lyfe and Ah! My Goddess still holds up. I have realized I totally suck at large RPs mostly because I just can't keep up with them under any circumstances, this was a suspicion I had for a long time and it has just been confirmed. I am a Christian as well, if that fact alone makes you squirm please don't cross my path, I will merely ignore you. If it doesn't welcome to my mind.

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Shut up and take my time AND attention!
too late to claim I'm interested?
I'm just this awesome

@Aamaya I think I'll have to step out life got busy I apologize.
@Aamaya almost done need to remember how to do everything and such picturewise
@AamayaYeah I just need to think about her ya know?
I can be a queen for Primfira
slowly considering of making this a smaller group. Not sure yet
Yo Joe bitch
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