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Toxoplasmosa Outbreak: This RP consists of survivors of the parasite Toxoplasmosa Gandii, fighting the infected, struggling to stay alive in an apocalyptic world.

The Pursuit of Power: This RP consists of multiple Kingdom's with diverse races, mutations, wealth and poverty, all fighting for power.

Return of Salem: Witches of Salem decent, fighting to survive among men and women who hunt their kind..

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" ᴛʜᴇ sᴀʟᴛ ɪɴ ᴍʏ ᴡᴏᴜɴᴅs ɴᴏ ʟᴏɴɢᴇʀ ʙᴜʀɴs.
ɪᴛ’s ɴᴏᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɪ ᴅᴏɴ’ᴛ ғᴇᴇʟ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴀɪɴ,
ɪ’ᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ɴᴏᴛ ᴀғʀᴀɪᴅ ᴏғ ʜᴜʀᴛɪɴɢ ᴀɴʏᴍᴏʀᴇ. "

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The sudden appearance of Sonya would startle Natalia, knife raising to strike but would just as soon lower upon realizing it was her friend. Natalia exhaled a trembling sigh, eyes fixated on the other woman wide-eyed, allowing Sonya to lead her forward. The lithe brunette was usually so composed, being this startled and uneasy was something so foreign to her these days. Since the outbreak, she had hardened substantially. She despised these feelings, fear only led to a situation worsening. Being fearful led to reckless decisions, decisions made from a frenzied frantic mind. Her previous actions had very clearly been out the result of an unclear thought process, while she had skimmed by with her life, it could have easily left Nat and Sonya lifeless or worse yet, infected.

"Wait.. I have to go back. I can't stay out any longer. All that noise and commotion is going to make getting home even harder if I wait.. On top of that who knows if Toxo heard it, they may send people out in search of the culprit." Natalia frowned, halting in her place. Eyes saturated with distress would shift to glance at their hands, she hadn't held someones hand in so long it felt strange. A heated blush would creep across olive cheeks, just barely visible against softly bronzed skin. Natalia would project a sincere simper, shifting to begin the walk back. "Take care and be safe Sonya, we can try this again soon." A sorrowful scoff followed her unhurried words and soon the girl would be off in the other direction, heading back towards Toxo. The journey back was rather uneventful, she had spotted a few infected that had strayed from the horde, but their attention was occupied with a corpse that's remains were spread sporadically about the road.

"Hey.. Sorry I was gone so long.. Got caught up with a horde, didn't get to loot." Natalia called up to the men situated atop the watch posts. They quickly moved to open the Toxo gate, climbing down to check her over for wounds that would be cause for suspicion of infection. Natalia gave a morose groan, the "checking for wounds" turning more into fondling than anything, a swat in response to the excessive groping causing one of the men to wince, cursing at the brunette woman. "I'm fine... You inspected me quite thoroughly.." Natalia hissed, baring her teeth at the man in a sneer. She hoped the group had no doubts about her whereabouts, if so she would likely have been interrogated and if they found her to be lying, punished. Natalia shook the thought off, roaming off towards the main house. Just as she approached, the sound of a familiar voice seize her attention, eyes averting to the watchtower nearest to her. Lauren, that woman hated her.. Their history went back to the second time Natalia had crossed paths with Toxo. Natalia intended on killing one of the members as revenge for them robbing her, Lauren had been the first person she could get closest to. Her toxic blade had nearly come in contact with Lauren's neck when the rest of Toxo members had grown aware of her presence, seizing her before inflicting numerous beatings, questioning her for weeks. The relationship between Lauren and Natalia never mended, Natalia's rise in ranking among the group wedging them further apart. Natalia watched the woman for a moment, hand distinctively moving to the holster that concealed her blade, a shake of her head pulling her back to the present. Natalia diverted her gaze, attention transferring to the mess-hall, realizing the sudden hunger clawing eagerly at her stomach. Breakfast would likely be served by now, she prayed there would be scraps left for her to munch on.

Upon entering the mess-hall, Natalia would be welcomed with the sweet scent of pancakes and eggs, mouth salivating in anticipation. Fortunately, there was plenty left, it looked as if breakfast had just barely begun. She had left fairly early in the morning, the sun had barely even risen, she gathered that the day was still very young. A generous sized plate would offered to her, two pancakes and an egg, sunny side up, placed delicately beside the lush hotcakes. Natalia eyed the plate longingly, redirecting her eyes long enough to spot Aaron sat at a table enjoying the same meal. She beamed, he was a kind person among many ruthless ones within the compound, seeing a sweeter face would always make things more tolerable. "Hey Aaron, how're they?"Natalia placed her plate beside the mans swiftly, planting her bottom to sit. After speaking she would gesture to assortment of food before Aaron, her impatience proving to be too much for the girl as she would quickly shovel a forkful of pancake into her mouth, a satisfied, ebullient moan confirming the foods quality. But that was just the beginning of her reaction to the foods flavor, her hips would wiggle in the seat, head shifting back and forth with each exaggerated bite.

Aamaya said nothing more to her cousin as the healer tended to the injured female warrior, the two would leave the spa, one of her guards assisting Thyrri in carrying the wounded Levonian. The Princess stood alone in the spa for a moment, staring blankly at the walls speckled with precipitation, a dejected exhale breaking the rooms stillness. Aamaya would shift her feet, moving forward toward the rooms exit. She gestured for her guards to leave her be, trailing after the triage that had carried the wounded woman into the infirmary. By the time she had finally presented herself, Thyrri had fallen into a slumber, the warrior was bedded beside the Thanatos man that had been assaulted prior. Aamaya's richly hued eyes would observe the interaction before her, Princess Eve stood beside her Levonian friend, a solemn look upon her face. While Aamaya was required to get information from both wounded tournament participants, she felt as if she were interjecting. Without speaking a word, Aamaya would excuse herself from the room to find her guards who had drifted off elsewhere per her request. Just as she walked out of the room, the woman would nearly collide with a massive man, her gaze shifting upwards to see The Father's face. Aamaya, composed herself, swallowing roughly, a weak smile rendering after. It was clear the man brought the much smaller Princess discomfort, as she would soon find her way around him and continue down the corridor, glancing over her shoulder as if she were wary of her well-fare.

Aamaya was feeling a coalesce of emotions, all spiraling into one volatile emotion. She felt intense abhor in her direction, as if everyone saw her as this venomous demon out to cause mayhem. The girl stood still in the corridor a ways away from the infirmary, jaw clenching with her molars grit aggressively against one another in response to the thoughts running about within her head in a frenzy. Aamaya released a frustrated groan, raising a hand to strike the solid stone wall that stood beside her. The impact was astoundingly strong for such a lithe woman, her other hand grasping her now bloodied fist, winces of pain painting across her face. She had never felt such overwhelming feelings, being a Princess had always been difficult but feeling the opinions of other races and Kingdoms so openly, right in her face, was enough to drive her momentarily mad. Aamaya shook her wounded hand, grimacing at the sting that followed. Delicate beads of scarlet leaving their trace against the floor and wall as if each surface was a canvas, the blood paint. The mess would be disregarded and the girl would leave the hallway, stifling a mass of oncoming tears. Her face began to flush, the reaction a mix of despondency and vexation. Her direction was clouded, she had no set destination, eventually ending up in the dimly lit and now hushed garden. The music and lively chatter that had filled the area, now gone, shifted to the arena. Aamaya was thankful for the tranquility that now blanketed her favorite place in the Kingdom, it was breathtakingly colorful, different flowers radiating muted aromas. The verdure was lush, vibrant green tones that revealed the garden was cared for carefully. The Princess would find a seat among the greenery, sitting comfortably beneath the open-sided gazebo that sat tucked within the garden. The seats were made of stone, surrounding the interior of the gazebo as one slab, breaking only to allow an entrance and exit. Aamaya would begin in a sit, progressively positioning herself into a lay, back against cold that she welcomed, for it contrasted nicely with the warmer heat the Kingdom had. Aamaya watched the shadow belonging to a nearby lanterns flame, flicker against the ceiling of the gazebo. The light was a warm flaxen tone, lulling the woman into a meditative state. Her arm hung negligently off the side of the slab of stone she rested upon, the lacerations that riddled her fist secreting a final few drops of blood onto the stone flooring of the gazebo, the dry blood from prior halting the ability for more to escape her body. It stung, but her mind was elsewhere, thinking of other things that kept the pain at bay.

She wondered what it would be like being a simpler woman, of a lesser title, no presence within any Kingdom. It was a returning thought, something that very commonly found its way into her head. She would be permitted such freedom she would have no clue how to manage it, love whoever she pleased, express herself openly in a way her title forbade her from.

A curious raven haired vixen would excuse herself from the arena, having enjoyed the action thoroughly, but the warriors had all but thinned to a mere few people. She had seen enough, enough to know that it was likely a rigged event. Exodus would be weak if their warriors fought that recklessly, it was a smart tactic.. Knock the other Kingdom's down a bit, making them think Exodus was easily obtainable, but the place was huge, the warriors may not be the best but numbers would likely overwhelm an opponent. Zaya retired to wandering the Kingdom, slithering in and out of halls, her nose stuck in places it did not belong. The rest of the Kingdom was rather quit and barren, all the guests, servants, and guards mostly situated within the arena. This allowed Zaya some time to explore the place she once called home, memories of childhood running rampant through her mind. It was a bitter sweet remembrance, a place that hadn't treated her poorly, rather a family who just had no time for a orphaned child. A mother murdered, father unreliable, a liar, a killer. She had an ever growing hate for Exodus, an even more intense distaste for Primfira due to her father.

Zaya peered through hallways inside the palace, making sure to keep as inaudible as she could. If caught, she would simply lie, her name was likely somewhere on the entertainment list, she could easily use that as some sort of ploy or reasoning for her presence within the palace. She knew how easily men would succumb to her lies, even noble men, guards, those who were supposed to be so strong, a scoff would follow the thought. Most men were easily played, as if women possessed the power to enchant and bewitch them. Dark eyes would invade private spaces, searching for items to snatch. The woman would find herself in a room likely assigned to a female, the luggage containing mostly dresses and other lady-like apparel. But those were of no interest to Zaya, the pouch and jewelry rested on the boudoir however, intrigued her greatly. She would dig through the pouch, finding a few coins, the small pouch being briskly concealed within a strap beneath her dress, wrapped around her thigh similar to the one that holstered her dagger. Greedy fingers would toy with the jewelry, a ring or two finding their home snug about her fingers.

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@RaylahI agree, we do not need a Queen for Primfira, the King being a widow works as well.
Sorry guys, the RP will take place in Salem. It’s a smaller town, with tons of lore and obviously dark history. Most witches would have either been raised in Salem, their ancestors just never leaving. Or they would have ventured back, learning the towns connection to them. Hunters all have ways of finding out witches or suspicions of them, they use different tools and instruments to track supernatural power. (This is up to the hunter to decide what they use, allowing creativity for this.) So hunters that weren’t apps born into Salem, would eventually trickle in, a strong draw to the town.
@LionheartedYes! This was what I was imagining
@sly13No specific ending, it was to be expected for Earthica to win due to being known for strong warriors, although rigged lol
Edited my post a bit, I was tired as hell when it was written
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