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Quick question, how are we going to handle the whole identity thing here? I assume no one has brought their costumes along.
In 100 Days of Summer 17 May 2017 0:02 Forum: Casual Roleplay
@HylianRose Really sorry I thought I PM'ed you but it looks like I forgot, I can't really join at the moment, but I hope this goes well for you!
Possibly interested!
Torture wasn't a regular part of the aliens repertoire. But it may well have been, doing nothing day in, day out for years on end was basically torture in and of itself. He ran his hand through his hair, he'd lost count how long it'd been since he was captured. He could hardly remember his friends faces, let alone those of the people in the cells nearby who he'd converse with day in day out about the same old reminiscent stuff.

The alarm sent a look of confusion rather than one of joy or shock across Joe's face. In all his time in the prison he'd never once heard an alarm be tripped. He rose from his seated position, rubbing his wrist and stretching his legs ever so slightly. He was surprised to see a familiar face was their defacto rescuer.
"Well, well, well if it isn't Portal actually rescuing Falcon from a prison rather than trying - and failing might I add - to put him in one." He grinned, sticking his hands through the bars with an air of confidence.
It seems confusion was the word of the day. Leon's question was met with only a reply from the wind, howling quietly in the distance. He rubbed the corner of his eye with his knuckle scanning the area, expecting this to be a test of sorts. Maybe this Tumble was just a decoy and the real one was watching from some sort of vantage point? Although, the point of such a test escaped Leon. Regardless, he was confused about the situation.

He turned his head, hearing someone else approaching. Sure enough, she introduced herself, but before another, more awkward silence could follow yet another girl appeared. Then came the awkward silence. Leon opened his mouth to speak a few times but honestly had no idea what to say. Next was a rather unenthusiastic monkey, posing a much more assertive introduction to the group.

Figuring out what the monkey and the dragon's quirks were was relatively simple. The other girl however, was a mystery. Regardless, it seems the arrival of the fourth member was enough to awaken Tumble. A small smirk grew on his face at the mention of combat prowess. However, the small factoid that he could be one of the most combat experienced in a group consisting of a majority without any combat experience was a factor. Leon chose to assume the other ten were all battle hardened warriors and that he was just a prodigy.

He had no real questions as of the moment. He was interested in what she had planned for the four, but he assumed she would delve deeper into that shortly. If only to fill the silence he spoke up.
"I'm still a bit confused about why we're meeting here of all places."
Leon begrudgingly awoke to the shrill noise of his phone ringing. At first he'd assumed it was his alarm, but no, it was far too early for that, someone was phoning him at half five in the morning. This had to be important. If it was some dumb prank call he'd blow a gasket. He slumped his arm over, dragging his phone from his bedside cabinet and to his ear as he answered the call.

This was important.

He shot up into a sitting position, mumbling a conformation as Tumble hung up. He rubbed his eyes. Did she say they were meeting in a sandbox? A bit unorthodox, but heroes were always a bit weird.

He was there in about 20 minutes, still half awake and looking like death as he approached the woman.
"Is there a reason we're meeting in a play park of all places?" He asked.
@Jabber Thanks! Yeah, I never really originally intended for her to even be a character, but as I wrote I realized she could be his primary reason for actually joining the program.
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