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@Member 00492 Well I mean I've based it on an actual victorian legend of the same name. Also, I would argue that he is that now, like I wouldn't even say he's much of an anti-hero in his current state. What exactly would I need to change in order to be accepted?
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Next couple of days. My sis is in town from across the other end of the states until Tuesday so my schedule is kinda weird ATM. I didn't plan on being gone so long yesterday or I would've started working on it already...

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I just haven't got to reading all of the newer CS's. No worries. I'll @ tag you with any notes or issues with the CS. And thank you for the interest, OJ! Can I call you Juice? lol


As long as it's not OJ Simpson you can call me anything hahaha
@Member 00492so am I not accepted?
Yeah sorry for not posting, but it seems like there's only a fraction of us left from what we started with.
Possibly interested
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