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Current Eighty-three!
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I remember when Depp made Sleepy Hollow and thinking I *REALLY* wanted to see it. 18 years later and it popped up on Netflix today. Damn, did I seriously wait 18 years and forget this flick existed?!?
1 mo ago
I started a roleplay.... Justice League Unlimited... and thus far it's been pretty badass. Much respect to everyone involved making this RP awesome!
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Writers Block is easily enough avoided just by taking a walk and getting out of your head for a bit.
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Kid's out of school tomorrow and somehow I found a sitter for tonight AND tomorrow. +2 EXP!
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Hello out there! My name's Mason. I enjoy comics, movies, and television as well as a good superhero themed role play! I'm more of a DC freak than a Marvel zombie but I did grow up on mutants and 3rd string heroes. Once in awhile I'll make a few micros in MSPaint for my RP's because I love designing heroes as much as I do writing/reading about them. I'm about to try and get another Justice League themed superhero game off the ground, if you're interested gimme a shout!

My top RP's on the Guild:

Young Justice 2020 - 151 IC posts
Titans of Gotham - 113 IC posts
Young Justice 2021 - 96 IC posts
Champions of Engine City - 91 IC posts
Marvel Reborn - 86 IC posts
Young Justice 2022 - 76 IC posts
Justice League: Futures End - 66 IC posts
Batman: Gotham Knights - 58 IC posts
Legion of Superheroes Returns - 56 IC posts [stat based]

Top Characters:

Ditto - Young Justice series
Leviathan - Titans of Gotham
Fastlane - Champions of Engine City
the Thing II - Marvel Reborn
Super Beast - JL Futures End
Skeleton Jack - Batman Gotham Knights
Ultra Boy II - Legion of Superheroes Return

I've been RP'ing since about '03 or '04 right around the end of my high school days. I mostly RP to keep my writing skills up to par, and I generally RP between Casual and Advanced. I'm not gonna bother posting a list of folks I like RP'ing with, takes too damn long and honestly I don't think I've seen my name on anybody's list. I've been a member of the guild for quite awhile, pre Guildfall even. Originally I'd come to the site to out a plagiarizer who took parts of my stat system from a Green Lantern Corps RP on another site, as well as bits of my posts as well as other players' work as well. Once I got that troll taken care of, I stuck around awhile.

Favorite DC heroes (I won't go into villains to save space) in no order: Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Superboy (the clone), Hourman, Animal Man, Impulse, Batman Beyond, Metamorpho, Secret, Ragman, Blue Devil, Outburst and Loser(from Supermen of America), Swamp Thing, classic Alan Scott/GL, Bulletman, the Ray and Human Bomb (from Freedom Fighters), Jakeem Thunder, Longshadow, Static (technically Milestone but he WAS in the DCU awhile), Starman and Duplicate Girl(from Legion of Superheroes), Ultra Boy, Comet (formerly Capt. Comet), Capt. Atom, Deadman, Lightray and Orion (from New Gods), classic Guardian, Firestorm, and Zatanna. 33 total, DAMN.

Favorite Marvel heroes list: Human Torch I & II, Black Bolt, Hank Pym, Ka-Zar, Starbolt, X-51 the Machine Man, the classic Destroyer, Havok, Rogue, Multiple Man, classic Scarlet Spider, Iceman (pre ANAD), Juggernaut (from X-Men and Excalibur), Capt. Mar-vell (and his son Genis), Iron Fist, Northstar, Spiderman 2099, Jack of Hearts, Punisher, Captain Universe, Luke Cage, Thunderstrike, Angel, Starhawk, Nova, Justice/Marvel Boy, the Thing, US Agent, Sandman (when he reformed), Wasp, and Colossus. 33 again, DOUBLE DAMN.

Most Recent Posts

I'm still here and we're still accepting! Sleeping schedule has been a little wonky lately but I got sent home sick from work so I've got a four day weekend. I'm also finished moving now so no more dealing with that shit.

I might change up characters and go with something a little bigger than Blazing Skull despite my love for 4th stringers. Since last I checked nobody was interacting with him really. I likely won't go with that take on Thor either. Just need something with a little more mph. So... could be another body in the wake of Nueva York's new Kingpin @rocketrobie2.

Got sent home sick today so I've got a four day weekend and I'm done moving finally! I need to catch up on reading but I'll check in with a few of you Magnetic Nightmare folk as well as everybody in episode 6 before making another post. Sorry for the delays, my sleeping schedule is f'ed up and I'm falling asleep all the time lately.

Who's still in this? I've got a longer post in mind to move shit along but I don't wanna bother if there's only like five of us. I saw we already lost one player for sure, and some of you guys are inactive in JLU as well ATM... just trying to get everything in order though. This particular game had less structure so nobody's character arc really needed to depend on an over-arching plot or other player's involvement unless they wanted/planned it to. But then it's been inactive in the IC for ten days or so.

I do apologize for my inactivity as I'm finishing a move and just started a new job two weeks back that's been a bit stressful. With the moving finally done and me settling into the job finally it will be easier to manage my RPs and post more often.

We were also supposed to be getting a new player using Red Star, where you hiding @Holy Soldier?

Posted a small collab for Ep. 6. I'll have something up for my other group later tonight if anybody's around.

Ep. 6
5th Dimensional Hell

The omnipotent imp in control of the present situation was still yet to be seen by anyone. The snot monsters seemed to bore him after awhile so he quit making it rain green for a bit. The cartoon structures in the smaller world swayed with the breeze complete with lines that spun like in a two dimensional cartoon of the 40's and 50's. Bulleteer was less of a mess now but still smelled horrible, Vibe and Warden not so much because they didn't fly head first through any of the amoebic creatures.

"How in the hell did we even get here? One minute we're in a freezer then the next...? Do you think this is Toon Girl's doing? I just realized she's the only one of us not around..." Bulleteer asked removing is helmet and letting a bit of slime drip from his headgear.

"That's not a bad observation Bullet-guy..." Vibe responded wiping some slime off of his boot with a newspaper that had moving pictures like something in a Harry Potter film.

Across the small cartoon like planet...

Superman flew over Gypsy and Toon Girl as they made their way to what looked to be the one and only city on the smaller planet. Superman took notice of Toon Girl's awkwardness. Was she in league with Mister Mxyzptlk?

Toon Girl was hoping that this little party of hers would be able to find Bulleteer, Warden, and them and get out before things got... awkward or dangerous. Plus more or less being a fugitive wasn't the best of things to be when Mxyz had control over everything in this part of the 5th dimension.

And considering Toon Girl's reactions to what should be a place made for her, it wasn't a wonder why Gypsy noticed her unease. But a few Goo monsters and Superman landing soon after sort of distracted Gypsy and made Toon Girl a bit relieved. At least Superman had experience with Mxyz and the latter sort of held Superman in some esteem so maybe things wouldn't go too badly should it ever get to that point.

"So, did you find our team members there Sups? I sorta wanna get going if we can." Toon Girl said, looking around with a bit of worry, especially since the slime rain ended a bit too quickly for her liking.

"I see you found my wife's lost pet, Supergoof..." said an ominous voice from seemingly the entire world itself.

-00492 / @Archmage MC
I should be freed up tonight to make posts in my RPs. I didn't think I'd have a ton of stuff to do as soon as I had a day off... but of course you know family can guilt you into shit at the drop of a dime.

Fell asleep last night writing. I'm back in the piratepad ATM finishing up what I had for Ep 6. Then I'll get to the Ep 9 folks. Sorry again for the delays. This job is probably one of the best I've had in awhile, but I'm completely out of my element and the longer hours don't help.

I'll check in on the discord as well!

I'll have posts up sometime tomorrow. Sorry for delays on my part, still trying to finish moving and getting my other place ready to go back on the market. Not to mention the new job kicked my ass the first week and I went to sleep super early almost every night. If we lose anybody I might write up a new iCheck to get a few new faces in the game.

I'll have posts up today [Sunday] and tomorrow. Nobody's been bumped, we're just not moving as fast as we were when we really got moving.

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