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Current I'm a rebel without a cause.... I don't need one to eat cake at 2 am....
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I drink Pepsi out of a wine glass when I wanna feel fancy... LOL
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I don't consider weed drugs, it's already legal in half the states. Just not mine LOL
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"Hugs not drugs..."
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The Justice League movie isn't that bad. The last ten minutes and the two scenes after the credits were worth admission alone..!
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Hello out there! My name's Mason. I enjoy comics, movies, and television as well as a good superhero themed role play! I'm more of a DC freak than a Marvel zombie but I did grow up on mutants and 3rd string heroes. Once in awhile I'll make a few micros in MSPaint for my RP's because I love designing heroes as much as I do writing/reading about them. I'm about to try and get another Justice League themed superhero game off the ground, if you're interested gimme a shout!

My top RP's on the Guild:

Young Justice 2020 - 151 IC posts
Justice League Unlimited - 115 IC posts and counting...
Titans of Gotham - 113 IC posts
Young Justice 2021 - 96 IC posts
Champions of Engine City - 91 IC posts
Marvel Reborn - 86 IC posts
Young Justice 2022 - 76 IC posts
Justice League: Futures End - 66 IC posts
Batman: Gotham Knights - 58 IC posts
Legion of Superheroes Returns - 56 IC posts [stat based]

Top Characters:

Ditto - Young Justice series
Bulleteer - Justice League Unlimited
Leviathan - Titans of Gotham
Fastlane - Champions of Engine City
the Thing II - Marvel Reborn
Super Beast - JL Futures End
Skeleton Jack - Batman Gotham Knights
Ultra Boy II - Legion of Superheroes Return

I've been RP'ing since about '03 or '04 right around the end of my high school days. I mostly RP to keep my writing skills up to par, and I generally RP between Casual and Advanced. I'm not gonna bother posting a list of folks I like RP'ing with, takes too damn long and honestly I don't think I've seen my name on anybody's list. I've been a member of the guild for quite awhile, pre Guildfall even. Originally I'd come to the site to out a plagiarizer who took parts of my stat system from a Green Lantern Corps RP on another site, as well as bits of my posts as well as other players' work as well. Once I got that troll taken care of, I stuck around awhile.

Favorite DC heroes (I won't go into villains to save space) in no order: Aquaman, Hawkman, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Superboy (the clone), Hourman, Animal Man, Impulse, Batman Beyond, Metamorpho, Secret, Ragman, Blue Devil, Outburst and Loser(from Supermen of America), Swamp Thing, classic Alan Scott/GL, Bulletman, the Ray and Human Bomb (from Freedom Fighters), Jakeem Thunder, Longshadow, Static (technically Milestone but he WAS in the DCU awhile), Starman and Duplicate Girl(from Legion of Superheroes), Ultra Boy, Comet (formerly Capt. Comet), Capt. Atom, Deadman, Lightray and Orion (from New Gods), classic Guardian, Firestorm, and Zatanna. 33 total, DAMN.

Favorite Marvel heroes list: Human Torch I & II, Black Bolt, Hank Pym, Ka-Zar, Starbolt, X-51 the Machine Man, the classic Destroyer, Havok, Rogue, Multiple Man, classic Scarlet Spider, Iceman (pre ANAD), Juggernaut (from X-Men and Excalibur), Capt. Mar-vell (and his son Genis), Iron Fist, Northstar, Spiderman 2099, Jack of Hearts, Punisher, Captain Universe, Luke Cage, Thunderstrike, Angel, Starhawk, Nova, Justice/Marvel Boy, the Thing, US Agent, Sandman (when he reformed), Wasp, and Colossus. 33 again, DOUBLE DAMN.

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Season 2 - E P I S O D E I:
A Traitor Among Us

M E T R O P O L I S:

October 23rd, 2018 - 2:35 pm | Justice League Headquarters - Metro Tower

Cast: @Member 00492 Starman & @The Angry Goat Warden

Starman had come down from the quarters assigned to him by Supergirl, whom he had warned of a possible White Martian invasion some two days earlier. He had just missed Supergirl and Warden walking down a few levels to the War Room training level of the Tower. Danny looked through some of the opened boxes and took one to the kitchen that had several dishes and cooking tools inside of it. Then he heard it. A rumble of sorts from the lower levels of the Tower, the underground level to be precise. He flew towards the commotion and drew his golden gun from it's holster only to be met by a man with a similar look to his own. What could only be called a blue sky man stood in front of the star-clad heroes path.

"I don't know who you're supposed to be, but you're not who I'm looking for..." Starman said shooting the holo-droid several times with his gun.

The cosmic energy from the golden gun had made the holo-droid's true form show after the second shot. When the robotic interior was revealed he filled it full of holes and continued flying to the point of seeing a car sized hole in the floor of the front lobby looking down at what looked like a wrecked training facility.

"Is the situation taken care of? Why are you not big and full of lightning?" Starman heard a plant covered man ask another man who looked like a dark skinned civilian.

"There are civilians down there?!" Starman yelled down and asked, not knowing the kid in the sweater and jeans was really the magically powered Shazam.

Warden looked up, startled for a moment until he registered the face and voice to be the new guy ...his name had something to do with stars... "This is Shazam" he called back, grabbing Najee, reaching two vines up to the top of the hole and pulling them through. "There appears to be a problem with the training bots," he observed wryly, "Unless this is somebody's idea of an immersive training session. Toon Girl and Supergirl are still down there, but I think that they are fine."

Starman immediately jumped down the hole in the floor. Not that he didn't think a half-Kryptonian could defend herself, he just didn't want to be known in the future for letting the daughter of Superman die. He wondered if her father had ever told her of his time with the Legion of Superheroes in the distant future, if she'd know he wasn't from this time despite living here for the last seventeen years.

"Supergirl!" Starman yelled in the wrecked area, noticing several destroyed holo-droids in the destroyed concrete and meta debris, "Toon Girl!? Are you two all right?"

Back in the Lobby....

"Are you okay Najee? It is unsafe for you to remain as you are with the base apparently under threat," the Warden asked - he was, of course, concerned about having to protect a civilian without the help of the powerful Shazam, but he was also aware that his failure to change forms probably signified something deeper.

@Unknown100 Supergirl, @Afro Samurai Capt. Marvel, and @Archmage MC Toon Girl

I finally updated the Active Roster in the Character Tab to include the recent additions. When I know what's happening with the cast in Ep. 3 I might send a few new folks to that episode. I'll have a post up to move things along in Ep 1 sometime tomorrow as well as a collab with @rocketrobie2 for Ep 2.

@Member 00492 Oh yeah? What is the episodic format then?

The larger group takes cues from the JLU cartoon series. Each Ep has a mentor/GM and a cast of 4-6 players, and every five or six episodes we all get together for the larger group team-up situations similar to the old cartoon. Each ep gives players a chance to interact with new heroes, and it makes the whole RP a little less convoluted. The larger team-ups can get a little nuts but that's why there's a post limit of 4-5 posts per player per episode. Collabs only count for the person who posted them and are encouraged, but for those of us with tighter schedules it's only required each player makes a couple posts or participate in a couple collabs per ep to let us know they're alive and to stay on the active roster.

@Member 00492 Hey buddy. Unfortunately this is just one of those innocuous lurking occasions. I Was just seeing what you're up to now.

Ah okay, no probs. Its a big cast but I think you'd like the episodic format I took with this RP...

@BlackSam3091 I see you lurking my Scottish brother from another mother. Go ahead and tell me who you're thinking about using... LOL

@Damo021 There's a couple missing words and grammatical errors but the most of the CS looks good. Accepted!

@HushedWhispers It's all good, just give us a shout when you've got the time.

@rocketrobie2 Blue Beetle (Ep 2), @Weird Tales Clutch (Ep 3), @ineffable Apollex (Ep 2), and @Archangel89 Kid Flash (Ep 3).... you lot need to get some posts up! Anybody we don't hear from for much longer will be written out as a White Martian and removed from the Active Roster list. I know it's getting close to the holidays again, some of you have lives that include school or a job (or even both), however not hearing from this many players in two weeks is concerning. I know Ep. 3 hasn't been up as long as the other two, but I've @ tagged folks in this thread (as well as the Ep Intro Posts) and still not got word back.

Four players is just one or two shy from an entire episode cast. I'm not jumping on anybody, but with my more limited time online if I don't need to have three episodes going then I won't for the sake of saving time. It's harder than it looks coming up with multiple episodes and choosing different casts to play in each. Sending Polarity Man to stop a robbery would be overkill, but sending the Question and Apollex would be more entertaining for everyone involved. See what I'm saying?

I'm likely going to add a new rule to the list of Rules. If players don't respond in-character in the IC within ten (10) days of Chapter/Episode Intros being posted without warning, they'll be removed from the Active Roster list and won't be included in future episode listings.

Now that everything has been addressed, I'm gonna try and get a post up myself. Looks like I've got some reading to do first though! Thanks to everyone still in this thing. Especially around the holidays. I greatly appreciate the dedication and as a holiday gift/prize... ACTIVE PLAYERS WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GET THEIR CHARACTER PENCILED/INKED BY ME IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. Only restrictions are ya gotta be active and posting in the IC this month through the holidays. I'll probably pick one or two active player's characters around the 20th so I can get them penciled/inked and scanned before Christmas.

@Simple Unicycle The guy with the brown jacket who also has a face. LOL

My signature image still uses the old looks for a few of the characters, haven't updated it yet. Everyone's updated looks are in the larger group image though...

@NecroKnight Champion is Rookie.

@Member 00492I see that the Star City incident takes place in the morning and the Monitor Duty in the afternoon? Were the times meant to be swapped so that monitor duty is at 11:30AM and the Star City situation at 1:30PM? Or were you planning for someone to already just be involved with the Star City situation in the morning?

Metropolis is on the East coast, Star City is on the West coast. Three hour time difference, but an hour had passed since Wildcat and Fire left for the mission.

New IC and Character tab OP images include everyone, even WW (but we still need that CS @Damo021)!

@Nightwing95 Wanted to leave it open in case somebody wanted to do something with an Arrow. Smoak doesn't have to be related to Q Tech or whatever. Or Palmer Tech, etc. Just trying to work familiar stuff in when I can and still leave room for people to play with stuff.

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