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Awesome. Another question for clarification, where do the characters appear in Astoria? My guess is out of the Obelisk and the green smoke around, so they'd be in the forest's clearing.

And if Morie ever finds out that she was seemingly summoned here off the sacrifice and souls of tons of people she's probably going to have a
bit of a fit lol

Thanks! And I agree, I really like this group of characters.

I've got no burning questions at the moment, since I'm sure many of them will be answered once we start, and it'll be more fun that way for me. Looking forward to seeing the Nether character though!

And I'm up for starting as soon as everyone would like :)

And here's Morgan for review


Love the idea, and with you at the helm there's no way I couldn't be interested~
Here's a wip for now for anyone to take a gander at, since I don't think I'll have time to add anything for a while. At least gives an idea of what I'm going for before then.

Awesome! I'll get to work on a CS right now. I'd expect it to be finished sometime this weekend as I'll be busy the next couple days, unless I manage the entire thing in one sitting which isn't very common for me.

I like this a lot, they pretty much all interest me. Earth is definitely still my #1 pick though, mainly because I've got the skeleton of a character I've been feeling like playing that would fit into Earth best.

In the interest of making sure everyone gets an element they want, I'll also mention that Fire and Air would be my second and third picks that I'd still be happy to play.
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