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Sneaking in interest~

Reina Mori

”It’s best you listen to her, especially after what she did today,” Roy said.

The girl kept the faintest smile to herself, holding back the first thing her mouth wanted to say in response. Saying she hadn't done enough would be bad, considering what Roy had said to her in Kaida's room. So she opted to stay quiet until Takeshi spoke.

”You should have just let me fall down. I don’t want to cause you more pain.”

The words gave her pause, her eyes widening ever-so-slightly while her mind tried to come up with a reply. Like with what Roy had said, she couldn't answer in the way she felt was truth. How could she ever begin to explain here that she deserved this pain? That it wasn't the worst she'd been put through, and it wasn't near what she'd done to others? She was paying her dues, but she was okay with that now. This whole incident had brought her to terms with that, and from the moment those dogs had been tearing into her, she'd changed that past from a total source of negativity into a source of admittedly twisted motivation as well. It was an improvement, but it'd be difficult to explain that that was the case.

Feeling Aurelia directing her away from the Takeshi, Reina settled on giving him another faint smile, a measure of sadness hidden poorly behind her eyes.

The girl wavered on her feet near the bed she had been gently pushed towards, ignoring it for now as she watched with tired eyes Aurelia thanking Takeshi. Her weary gaze shifted to Roy as he grew agitated, stepping onto his feet to approach and roar at Takeshi.

Reina stared at the boy's stump, remembering the battle, feeling the fury in the pit of her stomach begin to grow again.

I'll become stronger.

She almost said it out loud, but once again stopped herself. It didn't matter whether or not it was a thought she kept to herself. She would become strong. Enough to pay her dues. Enough to protect her new friends--the best people who had ever called her such. Enough to prevent any harm to anyone close to her. An arm was already far too much. She'd become strong enough that the only person who would suffer again would be herself.

Realizing her expression had morphed to one of dangerous determination during her thoughts, she let her face relax, glancing to Takeshi. With a small smile, she finally spoke.

"That'll take some getting used to..." she said, referring to his missing limb as politely as possible, while trying to keep her tone and mood light (at least for her). "If you ever need help... c-come to me... first..." Reina's voice became barely more than a whisper by the last word, her gaze slowly drifting away from the boy, but the message was clear enough. It wasn't a question, suggestion, or her simply making herself available. Takeshi was to ask her for anything he was going to be having trouble with.

Without allowing time for any response, she looked to Aurelia. "...could I get a doctor... or something?" she asked. Now that she knew everyone else was as alright as she could hope for, it was time to get herself taken care of, so she could begin training properly again as soon as possible. "...and I'll be staying in this room, if possible..."

The battered girl struggled to climb onto the bed, fighting back gasps once even that simple task had been accomplished. She sat in it, staring into her lap while she composed herself, fighting to stay conscious--if she fell asleep, her quirk would go to its default state of pulling, which would only hinder things. So she needed to stay awake, at least until her annoyance of a quirk was accounted for.

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Reina Mori

The quiet girl simply nodded as Mako spoke, more focused on keeping herself together than the words her teacher spoke. Reina afforded herself a small smile as the woman left the room, feeling some pride that she'd been able to keep her condition hidden well enough that Mako hadn't seemed to notice.

She threw an eye to Donny, glad that the boy was resting now--he had seemed even more out of it than she felt right now.

She had seen everyone now, right? They were all okay. They'd made it through an attack from genuine villains. Just Takeshi now. He was the only one she hadn't seen with her own eyes. He was... probably the one she had wanted to see the most, if she had to admit, but he was the last. Had she maybe subconsciously put him off?...

Reina felt a faint flutter in her stomach. Her eyes glanced to the side. With a subtle pout on her lips--directed mostly at herself--she turned slowly to leave the room, swaying as she fought to keep her balance steady and her quirk zeroed.

Out in the hallway, the girl looked side to side, spotting the backs of Roy and Acion, heading towards where she had initially assumed Roy had come from--which would likely be his and Takeshi's room. Not wanting to call out to them in a hospital, Reina kept quiet and simply followed in their steps, making an effort to catch up, though her current state was making that difficult. They eventually turned into a room.

Half a minute later, she was standing at the open door to that room, left hand raised to knock before she paused--both because she remembered her left arm was fractured (as made clear by the pain that flared in it at the movement), and because she witnessed Takeshi nearly stab Roy.

He was on the jumpy side of things, though it was hard to really fault him for that after what had happened. What worried and--strangely--angered her more was seeing him fight for and fail to keep his balance a moment later.

Exhausted eyes widened as the girl found herself moving forward, once again hardly away of her body's state as a desire to protect overruled any and all pain she might have been feeling.

Reina stepped around Roy's wheelchair to put herself in the way of Takeshi's fall, breaking it with her left shoulder pressing into his chest, and her left hand against his abdomen, gritting her teeth at the pressure put on the fracture in the arm. Using her quirk as little as possible and relying mostly on her own quickly failing strength, she pushed the boy back a step so he was partially seated on the hospital bed, some of his weight being relieved off of her. She fought to keep her heavy, raspy breathing as under her control as she could manage, the sharp pain slowly subsiding from her body as she zeroed her quick again. Seeming to be able to balance with just the help of the bed, Reina slowly took her hand and shoulder off Takeshi's torso, feeling a light warmth in her cheeks. She looked away slightly, attempting to obscure whatever expression she was wearing at the moment, but stayed close to the boy in case he decided to try and fall on his face again.

"...You're going to hit your head." she said, glancing up at him out of the corner of her eye, the same faint pout on her lips that had been there when she had thought about him in Donny's room. "Stay in bed..."


Reina Mori

Reina made no expression when the man allowed Roy through, which itself gave her some pause. She had expected him to back down. The realization of the confidence she had had in herself in that moment felt strange.

As though reading her mind, Roy spoke to her. The girl's eyes widened as he admitted to looking up to her. Foreign feelings washed over her that she couldn't even begin to describe. Confusion, denial, even a bit of pride among others, all mixed together. She physically took an involuntary step back, keeping herself near the entrance to the room, but out of the way.

As quiet as ever, she watched the scene around her, the weight of everything preventing her from fully processing her surroundings. Her balance wavered a few times, but she managed to stay upright. She fought to stay upright. Roy... looked up to her. A day ago, she would have dismissed anyone else saying so as a liar. But after all that had happened, and coming so genuinely from Roy, she had no choice but to believe it despite her nature.

She had always done her best to hide her negativity behind a--admittedly slightly gloomy--expression. Showing weakness had never done anything for her, so the desire she had now--to hide all the pain, and all the emotion she was experiencing--wasn't too unusual. It was something she knew she could do. And with someone who looked up to her in the very same room, she'd make sure to hide it all even better than she ever had.

That was what heroes did, after all. If she wanted to be able to ever consider herself one, she had to act like it first.

Without realizing it, the Reina had begun wearing the nearly imperceptible smile of genuine happiness, that rarely appeared on her lips.

Her body wavered again, forcing her to lean her back against the wall. She glanced to Ms. Akane as the woman spoke, and then looked to Donny. After a moment, she opened her mouth, finding herself struggling more with speaking than she expected.

"Akane-sensei... I... I can help bring Yang-san to... the boy's room..." she said through heavy breaths.

While she wasn't exactly sure how to transport Donny as he was now, she wanted him to get help, and she wanted to see Takeshi... maybe that was why she had felt some amount of confidence in helping Roy enter this room. She had been relating to him, without fully realizing it.

The girl stepped forward away from the wall she was leaning on towards Ms. Akane and the puddle that was Donny.

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Reina Mori

Reina stood quietly as Lance splinted her arm, nodding with a slight display of relief as he told her about Roy and Kaida. She still didn't know exactly how they were doing, but knowing they were at the hospital already was reassuring.

Her gaze shifted to the remains of Rakshasa. The girl felt a light shiver run down her spine, her expression darkening. For the entire duration of the battle, she had been wishing for the man's death. While she hadn't necessarily been fighting to kill him, the thought that ending his life would help keep her friends safe was one that had crossed her mind. So, she hadn't been holding back, prepared to take a life in her struggle... well, maybe not entirely prepared. She hadn't really been thinking that much about the consequences. In the moment, though, that outcome had been one she wasn't opposed to.

And it had come to be. Not specifically by her hand, but she had had a role in the villain's death. She frowned, not used to the feeling of her blood running cold.

Distraction came in the form of Lance taking her and the woman to the hospital, the trip a short one thanks to his quirk.

At the entrance to the building, Reina briefly tried to protest the wheelchair, but the nurses were hearing none of it. Literally being carried and pushed around was not something that sat well with the girl, but she reluctantly accepted it all. She was a patient now, because she had gotten hurt. If she didn't want to be in a situation like this again, she just had to become strong enough that foes like Rakshasa wouldn't be able to touch her before she took them out.

Reina thanked Lance and Manda one more time before the three were split up. Her gaze briefly followed a tall man exiting a room--which turned out to be the one she was brought in.

The girl took the sight in for a quiet moment. Both Kaida and Michiko were on beds, neither of them awake, but both alive. Reina's gaze then glanced around to see Retha and her grand-uncle both. Seeing the two got the subtlest flash of a smile from the girl. Of course they had both rushed over as soon as they had found out what happened--they had made such quick time that they even made it to the hospital before she herself had.

Reina looked to her uncle as he got worked up about the whole thing, smiling quietly to herself. While she never really had trouble talking with him, she had nothing to say at the moment. Really, she was just tired. Overusing both her body and quirk left her with an incessant, dull ache all throughout her body (not helped by the fact that she still had to be exerting control on her quirk to keep it zeroed), on top of all the sharper pain from all her injuries--like the principal pointed out. The girl gave a small shrug at the mention of scars, her tiny smile fading. Despite all that happened, and despite all the relief she felt from knowing her friends were all alive, the thought of scars brought her down. Takeshi was missing an arm, which was infinitely worse and made her feel even more guilty for worrying about how her body would look after healing...

Pushing the thoughts out of her head as best she could, she nodded to her uncle before he exited the room.

There was only a moment of quiet before commotion started outside in the hall, Roy's voice included in that. Unable to really wheel herself around effectively with her injured arms, Reina decided to simply get off the wheelchair, walking her way slowly to the door to find out was happening. She watched the tail-end of the scene, glad to see Roy so energetic, but eyes narrowing at the man she had seen walking out of the room a few minutes ago.

"Let him by," Reina said to the man, not nearly as polite as she usually was--probably partly due to the... long day she'd had. "He won't be waking Kaida-san. Even if he wants to try, I won't have any of it." She gave a wry smirk, but kept her exhausted and somewhat irritable gaze on the tall man defiantly. "Kusayanagi-san has had a rough time today, just like the rest of us. Give him a break."


Reina Mori

Aurelia was a lot more help than she was, but Reina couldn't be sure it'd be enough--after all, they were still forced to be here, on this roof, instead of making their way to a hospital. The girl fought to stay conscious, this massive stress only making her feel even dizzier along with all her wounds.

Only a few moments later, another woman showed up. Evidently, she was a lot calmer than even Aurelia, so Reina backed off ever so slightly as she moved to Takeshi, though the young girl kept his sleeve in her grip.

Reina watched as the woman went to 'work,' the trust that had been quickly built being tested just as quickly. Reina felt her temple twitch as she stared at the woman kissing Takeshi. On his lips. Despite the fact that Reina desperately needed oxygen and had been breathing hard for the past while, she stopped without realizing in the moment.

The girl fought against a strange urge to hit the woman, and ignored the newest bit of pain she was being put through--a tightness in her chest. It was somehow more uncomfortable than the rest of her injuries.

The feelings faded slightly as she saw Takeshi's wounds being healed quickly. Oh, so that was the woman's quirk. Reina felt her face warm up, feeling silly. Of course that's what it was, there was no other reason for the woman to kiss Takeshi like that. Well... maybe there was. It's not like Reina recognized her. Maybe she knew Takeshi...

The girl's face was getting warmer. She glanced away. It didn't matter anyway, she told herself. Takeshi was being taken care of, that's what mattered.

As she glanced back at the boy, she found herself smiling genuinely for the first time in what felt like forever, feeling her body relax for the first time in just as long. Takeshi was missing an arm, but he was alive.

Along with that loss of adrenaline came the wave of pain, but Reina could hardly care. She was too tired and too relieved. Her eyes widened slightly as she watched Aurelia take away Takeshi. A spot of anxiousness returned within her, but she pushed it away. He was being taken to a hospital, that was good.

"Your turn..."

The slight smile faded from Reina's face as she turned her gaze back to the woman. The girl's eyes widened again as the woman took her face in her hands, realizing what was about to happen.

"I--" was all she could manage of her protest before their lips touched. She immediately tried to weakly push the woman away, but that resistance only lasted a moment before the relief from pain began to flood her body.

When the woman broke the kiss, Reina had to go back to gasping for air, once again having been unable to breathe despite how badly her body needed to right now. The girl's face was unbearably warm, only made worse by how silly she felt.

"How do you feel?"

Avoiding eye contact, Reina stumbled over a reply. "O-okay... a lot b-better... thank y-you..."

The girl couldn't stop thinking about how that had been her first kiss. It was so stupid to dwell on, but she couldn't help herself, which just made her even more embarrassed with herself. The woman was definitely attractive, and not someone most people in the world would have an issue receiving a kiss from. Reina herself would have had no issues if it wasn't her first, but the few times she had thought about, she always felt she wanted her first kiss to be with someone she knew and loved.

Even just admitting such a thing to herself in her own thoughts made her steam even more in embarrassment.

So stupid...

That was assuming she'd ever have someone like that that would even want to kiss her in the first place--a reality that had been beaten into her as impossible dozens of times during her school years.

But that hadn't completely stopped her from hoping... especially this last week at Komei. Her thoughts drifted slightly from her own kiss to the one Takeshi had received.

Why does this woman's quirk have to work that way?...

The appearance of another figure on the roof helped the girl refocus. She paused as she looked at him briefly speaking with the woman.

"...Haven-san?" she said in some surprise, recognizing the costume as Jett's.


Reina Mori

The combo attack hit, though not as cleanly as black-haired girl would have hoped.

Reina's active orb went out, her quirk having been pushed far beyond its limit. Without its help, the girl was forced to struggle painfully to try to get up, cursing as she glanced at her hands, the skin a dark grey. Grimacing, she told herself she'd practice harder. She'd push her quirk further and further every day so it would never fail her. Because without it, she was weak.

The girl forced herself to look up as she fought to stand. Rakshasa was ill?

She didn't have much time to process the information, as the villain lashed out again. Her eyes widened as she watched Takeshi get hurt protecting Aurelia. Heart sinking, and anger flaring anew at Rakshasa for hurting him, at herself for not having been able to do anything, and at Takeshi for putting himself in that position for Aurelia.

... Idiot...

The girl did her best to resist the tentacle's pull, starting to feel panic now that her quirk was no longer responding to her no matter how desperately she was trying to reactivate an orb. Her attention was turned to Rakshasa's suicidal final act.

Panic rose sharply as she looked to Takeshi who was moving to her.

One last bit of energy. That's all she needed to find.

The girl pulled with her quirk with all she had left. It was weak compared to how it was normally, but it was all she could do to try and get Takeshi away from Rakshasa.

The tentacle stopped pulling her, and Takeshi collapsed by her. The girl gripped weakly onto the fabric of his shirt with her left hand, switching her quirk to a weak push to help keep the flames and heat off of them.

The explosion died away, and for several seconds after, Reina was still tensed up, feeling as though every muscle in her body was seizing against her will. Finally, she managed to relax slightly, the back of her head laying down on the ground, though her fingers still held his clothing. She turned her neck painfully to look at the boy who had come back from the dead.

"Takeshi...?" she managed between heavy breaths, feeling warmth spreading across her back.

Her heart sank again. Red. He was bleeding heavily from what remained of his arm, and the wound on his chest. Beginning to panic again, she scrambled painfully to sit up slightly, pressing her hand into his chest to try and stop the bleeding there. Unable to use her right arm at all, she couldn't do anything to even try to help his other major wound.

She couldn't even stand on her own, not fully realizing that half the pool of blood was coming from her as well. All the composure she had been granted from her unrelenting instinct had faded away now that the villains were gone--replaced by the sickening feeling of helplessness that made the girl so terrifyingly anxious. She could barely move, but she had to help Takeshi. He was hurt.

He's hurt he's hurt he's hurt--

"N-Nakamiji-san!" she cried out again, at a complete loss what to do with herself. "Takeshi's hurt!"

Reina Mori

Reina eyed the pair of villains as they stopped, launching herself through the air again to reach the rooftop they were on. As she landed, Hades let go of Rakasha and left the man. More disgust and anger flared inside the girl's chest. Abandoning a friend--possibly family, from what Reina had gathered--to die. As if she needed more reason to hate these people.

Despite those thoughts, she felt no sympathy for Rakasha himself. The girl moved to continue after Hades, but Rakasha lashed out at her with his quirk. The girl let out a growl of uncontainable frustration, realizing Hades and the villain who had beaten Roy were going to get away.

Channeling that frustration, Reina glared daggers into Rakasha as he tried the same thing he had before--launching himself towards her. Fine, they'd do this again. This time, Reina would kill him. She pushed hard with her gravity, forcing the two tentacles aimed at her to miss her by a foot on both sides of her body, and directed her orb towards Rakasha to drag him to her again.

Before she could do much more though, Rakasha was forced to a sudden stop by a shadow construct rising from the roof and driving itself into his stomach.

For a brief moment, the fury and instinct that dictated all of Reina's actions subsided slightly. She glanced behind her to see Takeshi had come with her, keeping her from going into another likely suicidal head-on collision with Rakasha. Time paused for her as thoughts flooded her mind again, questioning everything she had done today. It was reckless of her to give chase, wasn't it? Staying to help down the Cerberus would've been the more heroic thing to do. But she didn't want these villains to ever threaten Takeshi and Michiko again. Was that selfish? It began to felt like it...

The girl's gaze had followed Takeshi as he engaged Rakasha. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the two shadow tentacles striking at her again. Her heart leapt as she scrambled to minimize the damage. She pushed with her gravity, as well as her orb's--though due to her being distracted, it wasn't in an ideal position, instead being several feet above her head and away from her. She was shoved down to the ground by the orb, working arm covering her head as one of the tentacles managed to hit her--not quite head-on, but not a glancing blow either. Reina slid across the roof a dozen feet, gasping from the pain in her arm and the friction burn on her shoulder and hip.

No good.

Doubting herself was no good. She was learning that. Maybe she hadn't made the best choice--but she had made a choice, and hadn't hesitated to follow it. She had trusted in the rest of the heroes there to take down the Cerberus without her. She had even hoped and trusted that Takeshi would come with her, and that she wouldn't be alone in fighting the two villains. Of course fighting them alone would have been crazy, but she realized she had never thought for a moment she'd be alone against them while she gave chase.

So she'd stop doubting herself. For right now at least--it was a difficult habit to break fully, but in this moment, she knew she could focus. Losing that focus is what had gotten her injured further just now.

Just a bit longer. She just had to push herself a bit further.

Reina forced herself to her feet, left arm burning in pain as she put weight on it to push herself up. Must have been fractured by the blow. It was still more usuable than her right arm, though.

Tentacles struck at her again, though this time she was ready, pushing them away with her orb and launching herself towards Rakasha and Takeshi in the same motion. Glancing overhead, Reina spotted Aurelia coming in to help them.

That was good. Now for Reina to make herself useful--she couldn't really use her quirk to affect Rakasha, as it'd affect both Aurelia and Takeshi as well.


As the idea developed in her head, she began to pull hard with her orb, keeping it directly in front of her so she shot towards Rakasha foot first. Before reaching him she killed her orb's pull, instead sending it up into the air towards Aurelia, simultaneously dropping Reina close to the ground due to not getting a vertical boost anymore from her orb. With Takeshi keeping Rakasha's sword busy, Reina's side hit the ground just before her foot made contact with the villains ankle, throwing him severely off balance for the price of more friction burns on Reina.

The girl grit her teeth through the pain, using the friction to slow herself down quickly, putting her only a few feet behind Rakasha. From so low to the ground, she pushed with her quirk, forcing Rakasha a foot into the air and throwing off his tentacles. Takeshi would feel the push as well, but from this position it would affect him much less, and he should be able to keep his balance easily to deal with any possible counterattack or throw a swing of his own.

"Nakamiji!" Reina yelled, pushing on the pro hero from behind with her orb to give her an extra boost of speed to capitalize on Rakasha being momentarily suspended in the air.

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Reina Mori

Reina landed harder than she meant to, the shock running up her leg. The girl grit her teeth and bore with it, pushing with her gravity again to grind Rakasha into the ground before her momentum forced her off, stumbling on her injured legs, only managing to keep herself up with the help of her orb's pull.

She sucked in air and whipped around with her left arm pulled back for a punch, keeping her focus in the sudden chaotic outbreak. Take out Rakasha first, then move on to another enemy. In her way formed a shadow version of herself, giving her pause. The shadow lashed out at her, Reina reacting immediately. She pushed with her own gravity, throwing the shadow's hit off-balance, allowing Reina to catch its wrist with her hand. She pulled with both her arm and her gravity, forcing the shadow violently towards her. Unable to use her shattered right arm, the girl instead shoved her right knee into the shadow's gut hard, doubling the silhouette over.

Not done yet, she continued to hold on tight to her enemy's wrist, pushing once again with her gravity. Overhead, her orb pulled up, lifting the shadow up. Shifting around, Reina breathed out hard and stepped into a toss, whipping the shadow over her head by its arm and slamming it into the ground, force boosted by her orb. The shadow bounced once and collapsed, unmoving as Reina finally let it go.

The girl gasped for air, the exaggerated motion of the toss aggravating all her injuries, especially the stab Rakasha had given her. The loss of blood was making her light-headed, but as long as she had an orb up, she could keep her balance.

Before she could turn her attention back to Rakasha, the wolf-villain presented a more pressing problem in the form of massive Cerberus shadow. The sheer size of the beast made her hesitate.

Her eyes glanced around quickly as the shadow brought down more rubble. Reacting quickly, she directed her orb up high, just above the Cerberus. Pulling hard, she managed to catch much of the debris in the area, forming a sphere of rock and stone. The stress of holding such a strong pull made the girl cry out shortly in exertion, before she called the orb down on top of the beast's back, trying to damage and hinder its movement slightly by covering it in rubble.

Reina fell to a knee, gripping her head from the pain that split through it. Her blurry vision spotted Rakasha being taken up and away by the Hades, almost instantly making the girl forget about the pain. If they got away, they could put Takeshi and Michiko in danger again. Vicious fury drove her again.


The girl forced herself to leap from her position, pulling herself up with the orb to follow after them. She turned her attention temporarily to Cerberus, as she was flying by it. Its left mouth opened to snap at her. Instinct ruling Reina again, she responded by grabbing one of the dormant orbs that floated around her with her left hand, and threw it into the beast's mouth before quickly increasing the pull of her active orb on her, to dodge up and around the chomp.

Directly above the head now, Reina focused and braced herself, activating the orb inside its mouth, and pushing with it with all she had. The pain in her head flared terribly, getting another cry from her that she did her best to stifle with grit teeth. In a burst of shadow, the head exploded and the rest of the body was moved from the force, stumbling back a heavy step. Reina herself was pushed far higher into the air, directing herself to land on a roof a bit harder than she intended to with her orb. At the same time she landed, she deactivated the second orb, the strain too much to deal with at the moment--besides, she needed to save what she could of her strength for the people she was going after.

The black-haired girl's gaze locked again on Hades. She picked herself up and took off again, activated orb pulling her from above to make her lighter on her injured feet.

Reina Mori

Reina had willingly shut down her second orb, realizing Rakasha wasn't immediately planning to kill her. If she could just bide her time as much as possible, and rested--as much as she could 'rest' while being held by her neck--she might be able to break free with a sudden, strong push with two orbs again. It was a long shot, but it was all she could do for the moment--though she kept struggling to push with her own personal gravity, to simply make it seem like she was completely running out of strength.

At the same time though, despair was finally beginning to set in. Now that there was finally nothing she could do but wait, her exhausted mind wandered. Takeshi... had been killed, hadn't he? Despite all her injuries, that realization hurt her more than anything else--a stab a thousand times more devastating than the one Rakasha had inflicted on her.

Why? Why did it hurt so much? She'd experienced people she knew passing away before. Why did it this time make her heart feel frozen?

She was reminded of the pain of a betrayal against her in her past--a justified betrayal, in her opinion. A childhood friend that had become her greatest reason to be terrified of having to wake up for each new day.

Reina understood. That was a reason why it hurt so much. Takeshi wasn't just a person she knew. He was a lot more than that. She had already spent hours with him training--more time than with anyone else in years. Michiko, and Roy and Kaida too--they were among her first friends since that long-passed betrayal. The first people who had gotten her over her fear of making any personal connections, scared of the pain that came when those connections were broken.

And Takeshi had to go and get himself killed. It felt like as much of a betrayal.

The girl fought back quiet sobs. Her mind immediately looked for ways to blame herself--like the last betrayal, it must have been her fault.

She wasn't strong enough. She wasn't quick-thinking enough. She didn't try hard enough.


And for all those same reasons, now she was going to lose Michiko.

Her bleary gaze looked to the girl held in shadowy tendrils, and then to the latest development--another villain that the first two were acting subordinate towards. Another person Reina so desperately wanted to snuff the life from.

She watched as Kaida was taken by the new figure, having to fight back the urge to reignite her quirk--she couldn't, not yet, she needed to gather as much strength as possible. Seeing Kaida being hurt made that exceedingly difficult.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Roy made his move, lighting up the area with his quirk going further than she had ever seen it go.

And he was instantly shut down by the villain. Reina began to panic. Kaida, Roy, Michiko, Takeshi--why couldn't she help them!?

Worthless worthless worthless worthless worthless--

There were pros here now, she noticed, but even they seemed to be unable to do anything. Reina wanted to scream at them to do something, to save her friends.

Her eyes shot to Rakasha's raised blade, his boss having given him the order to kill her. The girl's open eye narrowed, defiant to the last.

Not yet, not yet!

It didn't matter how weak she was. As long as everyone was in danger, she wouldn't give up. If she did, the regret would make be worse than simply being killed here.

So Reina sucked in air and braced herself, ready to see how much her quirk had left to give, her fractured thoughts on Michiko and Takeshi...

A noise above grabbed Rakasha's attention, Reina choosing to ignore whatever it was and seeing it as her chance--

And then the villain simply let her go, the very last thing she expected, causing her to hesitate and simply stare in confusion as she steadied herself under her own power. Her eye only widened futher seeing the back of the figure that dropped down between them, striking blows at Rakasha.

"Ta... keshi?..." she breathed, disbelieving.

The girl felt herself grabbed and lifted before she could process it. Even as she was lifted, she stared. Takeshi was alive. He was as alive as she was, as Roy, Kaida, and Michiko were.

The girl glanced to her side, seeing whoever had grabbed her had also taken Michiko. Good. She began squirming, looking up to the pro she couldn't immediately recognize due to not really caring. Despite her immediate protests to let her go, he wasn't having any of it.

Her friends were still fighting. She refused to not be there with them, no matter what this pro thought. Frustration rising at the wasted moments, the girl activated an orb, having it pull on only her from below.

"Keep Michiko safe!" she said as she was pulled out of his grasp suddenly.

As she fell through the air, she had to fight the amazing wave of joy that washed through her battered body and mind. Takeshi was alive, and Michiko was out of danger! The pros had finally decided they could strike with Takeshi's appearance, and were moving in fast as she was. Rakasha had been injured.

They had a chance again. Hope gave her a second wind, nearly as much as the disbelieving despair of Takeshi's disappearance had.

The fight wasn't over yet. She'd allow herself to be happy afterwards, but for now she focused everything on battle--which, as she had realized today, was something she was good at focusing on. Until her body completely gave out, she was going to make sure she was a problem for these villains.

She directed herself down with her orbs pull, aiming at the surprised and injured Rakasha. Reina's mind began to settle as it had been during her fight, thoughts only on how to win and her desire to keep her friends alive.

Rakasha was about to get a second sky-bombing.

Reina brought her right leg up to her chest, sole aiming directly at the villain. She held her breath, completely set on the control of her orb's pulling strength, making sure it was cranked on her to increase her velocity. Timing the meteoric descent, she quickly brought the orb up and above her head a meter before she made contact, and pulled with her own gravity in the same moment. Ready to slow herself with her orb before she hit the ground, but not before she hit Rakasha, she gave another battle cry that she was unwittingly becoming fond of.

"Say hello to him yourself!" she yelled with her ragged voice, kicking down as hard as she could.
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