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So I spent more time looking for an appropriate apartment building than I did writing x)

Even after that, I dunno if Hana would realistically be able to see anything that happens. I might have her sprint her way down for my next post.
Brillia Tower Yoyogi-koen, Shibuya, Tokyo - 21:35

The door handle to Hana's family apartment clicked open, Hana herself stepping into her home. The lights were all off, unsurprisingly. Despite how late it was, neither of her parents were back yet--one of the downsides of high-paying jobs. They seemed to be happy to provide their daughter a comfortable life, but the girl wished they'd be able to enjoy their own money more.

Hana rubbed at her eyes as she made her way to her room. After turning the light on, she carefully placed her bag on the foot of her bed, pulling out her laptop and moving it to the desk next to her desktop computer. Turning both machines on, she booted DTW on the laptop and on her phone, frowning to herself. She hadn't had the chance to play at all today, having worked a shift. Her gaze shifted to her window that lead to an impressive view, the desire to head outside beginning to grow in her.

No, it was too late. Hana sighed and turned her attention back to her desktop, spending a few minutes clicking around and skimming the latest posts on a DTW-related forum.

Hel-! Young Ta--er, can --ou hea-- e?

Hana yelped, jumping out of her seat to look around quickly. Her heart rate had just spiked. Despite the voice she could have sworn she had just heard, she was alone in her room. She quickly looked back to her computer, noting her headset laying on the desk. A fast check later, she confirmed there was no audio playing, so it couldn't have come from that. Really, it had sounded like it had come from further away. The hallway outside her door? Or maybe even further than that? Hana swallowed, nervous and confused.

She grabbed the closest thing to a weapon she could find--her schoolbag filled with heavy books--and crept towards the door to her room.

"M-Mom?" she called out, to no response. She waited for a few seconds longer, holding her breath. It didn't sound like there was any movement outside.

Before she could psyche herself out, the girl quickly opened the door.

There was no one, as it should've been expected. Her grip on the strap of her bag loosened a bit.

Hana began to slowly breathe again, feeling silly, but not completely relaxed yet. She quietly walked into the living room, noting again there was no one, and nothing was misplaced.

The girl did pause with a blink though, her eyes looking through the curtains that covered the glass door leading out to the balcony. Somehow... it felt like maybe the voice had come from there? If it hadn't just been in her head, which it probably had.

Hana bit her lip gently, before steeling herself again to make her way over. The balcony door was unlocked and slid open, and she stepped outside into the late night, above the rest of the neighborhood.

Directly ahead of her was the edge of Yoyogi Park. Hana leaned onto the railing, her gaze drawn to the park, eyes widening after a moment.

The voice had come from there. Maybe. She... was drawn towards it though.

Hana pulled up the front of her hoodie over her nose, her brow furrowing as she tried to make sense of what was happening.
Yay! Will look to post tomorrow, or the day after at the latest
More interest since I last checked in, awesome ^^ Hello everyone

<Snipped quote>

The game was released worldwide, but all the characters so far are Japaneese...

Hm, I think it was never specified, but I sort of just assumed that they'd all need to live relatively close to each other due to the Pokemon GO nature of the game--so when I saw FilthyWeeb's CS, I just followed the example and made a Tokyo resident as well.

Since we're still only in the interest check phase, I might edit my sheet a bit, but here's something to look at for now ^^

Also no relation to Koushiro/Izzy, I just chose the surname without actually remembering it was already used in canon by a major character x) Oops. Might change that, but at the moment I'm feeling a bit too lazy to go name-diving again.

I am interested!
Hello, I'd like to express my interest :) I tried the discord invite link from the interest check but it's expired. I like to at least lurk while I work on a sheet if possible, so I would be grateful to get a working invite!

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