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Reina Mori

Reina simply sat quietly, as the three each gave a positive response to her request. Her face was a fluorescent red now, partly because of her own uncertainty with the situation she found herself in, but mostly due to the fact that she still had Mamoru and Fumika hugging her. It was terribly embarrassing that she couldn’t keep her expression neutral, but she could hardly expect to accomplish such a thing when two pretty girls were showing her such affection—especially from Mamoru, who was actively snuggling into her. It was impossible not to blush, however guilty Reina felt. She certainly was enjoying the physical affection greatly, however unused to it she was.

The remaining classes before lunch went by rather quickly, Reina recognizing a strong feeling of happiness mixed in with the constant cloud of negative emotions that hung above her.

Reina stayed at her desk, double checking her notes and packing up deliberately slowly. It was a habit of hers, developed early on in her schooling—it made it easier to avoid being spoken to in the rush to leave.

The girl had brought her own lunch, the box it was contained rather sizable. She moved out of the class and down the stairs to find somewhere to eat that wasn’t the cafeteria. Making her way outside, she spotted Mamoru a ways away, sitting at a table.

Immediately, conflicting desires overcame the girl. She wanted to sit with her, but didn’t want to bother her; she also knew that sitting with Mamoru would be an effort made towards being more ‘normal,’ as she wished to be, but doing the opposite of what she had been doing for her entire life was much more difficult in practice than in theory.

The girl’s thoughts ran out of her control again, and she glanced to the ground with a light blush. There was just no way she could go over, as much as she wanted to spend more time with Mamoru. The fear of being an annoyance, or too pushy, or just doing something wrong in general was too ingrained into her. It was too big of a step too quickly, Reina tried to convince herself. It didn’t stop the bitter disappointment she felt towards herself for the decision.

She turned away and walked along the outside of the school, getting away from the more crowded area near the entrance and eventually sitting down in the grass, back leaned into the building. She unpacked her large lunch and took out her phone from her bag, playing a rhythm game on it while taking bites of food between songs.

Reina Mori

Biting her lip hard, Reina listened to Mamoru’s words, her blush deepening with each passing second. She tried to protest a couple times, finding it difficult to hear so many good things being said about her, but she couldn’t make her voice work.

”You're as crazy as me, but smarter, stronger, and waaaaaay cuter.”

”I-I’m not!...” she finally managed, her voice hardly noticeable. She was going to say more, unable to accept the pink-haired girl comparing Reina favourably against herself, but stopped upon receiving a second hug.

”Even if you doubt yourself, trust in me, who has faith in you. I know you'll be a great hero.”

Trust in me. Reina... she could do that, right? She liked Mamoru. The girl was the exact kind of person Reina always wanted to be around—a complete opposite of herself, at least on a surface level. She always avoided that type of person especially, however, not ever wanting to impose. But maybe Mamoru, as well as the other two...

Reina glanced to Acion as he spoke. Her expression was beginning to lighten, no longer on the brink of crying, but still filled with sad, scared uncertainty. She nodded slowly as the boy finished.

Friends... The three of them deserved better than her, though. Even if she tried, she’d just be a burden they’d feel the had to take care of, and eventually they’d realize the effort simply wasn’t worth it. She should just push them away and keep to herself, as usual. Her own desires shouldn’t come into play.

"That's wrong, though, Reina," Fumika said.

Reina glanced to girl still hugging her for a moment, before dropping her eyes to her lap. She listened quietly, fighting the urge to disagree. There was no way that was true—that no one else could use her quirk better. Of course, Fumika and the others didn’t know everything about it—they couldn’t. She was just doing what she could, for Reina’s sake. The dark-haired girl dug her fingers into her skirt.

She paused, looking up when Fumika’s voice suddenly changed, the confusion taking her away from her thoughts for a moment. The girl, after a passionate speech, reverted to normal. Haruka?... A friend of hers, maybe. Someone she respected greatly.

"So, please don't be sad, Reina. You were really heroic."

Reina looked away again, feeling shameful for even feeling upset again. ”S-sorry...” She felt tears begin to sting her eyes again. The three at her desk really were too good for her. But she wanted to be friends with them...

...Hadn’t she decided only a little earlier that she would try to fix herself? And here were three of her new classmates, giving her an opportunity to take a step forward to that end. It frustrated her that she didn’t immediately take it. It just wasn’t that easy. Why couldn’t it be? Because. She’d just be a problem for them, one they’d feel obligated to deal with for a while. She wouldn’t do that to anyone.

”What matters is your drive – how much you want to succeed, the things you believe in.”

Reina’s eyes, still staring at her lap, widened slightly as something finally clicked in her thoughts. She always wanted to believe in others. She always did. Even when they left her, fed up with her personality, fed up with her quirk, it was always herself she blamed. Because it was her fault. But still... it was in others that she found all of her own drive. Probably not in the healthiest ways, but that was how she was, fundamentally.

Right now, her classmates were too good for her. In her mind, that was undeniable. But she wanted to fix herself. To become someone that could be looked at and immediately pinned as a great hero. One known world-wide, and was turned to constantly for aid. She wanted no one to ever be scared to ask for her help, as she was right now with the help of all others.

Though she was far, far from that, she could move forwards today, thanks to these three. She’d do everything she could to not be a burden on them, until she wasn’t so like... herself. If there was anyone who’d be okay with putting up with a personality like hers, wouldn’t it be hero course students?

”Th-Thank you...” she finally said quietly, glancing between the three. ”Aksha-san, Nakamiji-san, Motome-san...”

Swallowing shame and guilt, Reina bowed forwards in her seat, eyes lightly squeezing shut. ”I-I’m sorry... I’d like to be friends with you...” Though only really Acion had come to her making it clear he was looking for a friendship, the girl managed to force herself to ask the same of the two other girls.

Reina fought to keep herself from shaking too much as she bowed, completely out of her comfort zone and terrified of what consequences she’d face for her actions—both immediate and in the future. She was thankful she had her eyes shut, at least—it was hard to cry like that.

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Reina Mori

Reina glanced up, seeing Roy sitting at the desk in front of her, apparently concerned for her. That wasn’t right. She was keeping to herself to not bother anyone, but she was so mopey that even that failed.

Forcing a smile, she answered him while looking away. ”Yeah... I’m fine. Just anxious about the review.” As she was finishing her sentence, she looked to the door to see Yoshida-sensei, her uncle, and the man who had picked her up from C enter the room. She nodded towards them for Roy’s benefit. ”Speaking of...”

The class fell silent as Yoshida began to speak, the projected image showing that Alpha and Delta had tied, with one point controlled each. So... at least her failure hadn’t lost the exercise for her team, but... if she had just done better, the efforts of her teammates would have resulted in a win.

The girl watched all the battles in quiet amazement, learning the names of her classmates as each was addressed about their performance. Mamoru and Ezra—the tall boy—had made some questionable decisions, and were reprimanded by Yoshida. While she personally disagreed with their actions, she couldn’t help but feel some envy at their willingness to do what it took to win. She herself was far too self-conscious and worried what others would think of her.

The fight between Kenichi and Fumika was something to watch, both proving their hero aptitude clearly. Kenichi’s one Kamen Rider-esque kick held her thoughts for a moment. Had it been coincidence, or had he actually taken inspiration from the show? She almost wanted to ask him, but of course very quickly decided she wouldn’t. Anyways, the two demonstrated far greater control of their quirks than she could ever hope to have. She felt glad for them, though her feeling of inadequacy grew a bit as well.

She shrank in her seat when it was her turn to receive feedback, anxiety beginning to grip her as her actions were on screen for everyone to see. Returning her uncle’s smile with a faint, forced one of her own, she nodded lightly a few times as he spoke. She glanced to the teacher who had taken her from point, and felt her cheeks lightly redden at the compliment as she looked down to her desk. His words made her... feel happy. But she disliked that as much as she liked it. Somehow. She was stupid. Of course she had gone to try and stop the crane. Her quirk was capable of the feat. She wasn’t a ‘hero in the making’ for simply doing what her quirk allowed her to do. That much was expected of anyone. Danger to herself or not mattered little—whatever consequences she herself might’ve suffered, they would be worth in exchange for keeping others safe. There was no reason to worry for her, on anyone’s account. The danger meant nothing in regards to herself.

The class moved on, thankfully, without her saying anything in response. It wasn’t like she’d ever be able to bring herself to refute what a teacher said, anyways. The blonde girl that Jett had fought, Toni, was also shown to have a strong handle over her own quirk. As was Mina—she had beaten Roy with a quirk that had helped her very little in the encounter. Reina frowned, feeling some shame at that replay. If someone like Mina had her gravitational quirk, they’d be well on their way to being a pro hero, if not one already.

Eventually, class was called and the class began to shuffle with the sounds of student’s packing up. Strangely like any other school, despite what their first lesson had been. Reina packed slowly, not particularly in any rush, so Acion came to her desk before she had even left her seat. His words took her by complete surprise, not least because of the strange way he worded it. She wasn’t one to have ever had many friends, mind, but she had enough common sense that friendships weren’t usually begun when one person asked another to ‘establish’ it with them.

The girl blinked, unsure how to respond. You don’t want to be my friend. That was a little too blunt and dismissive. Acion seemed very nice, though that was part of the reason she felt that she would not be the kind of person he’d have fun being around. Well, not that anyone would, but him more than most. She opened her mouth, looking for words. “I... um, you’d probably find better friends in others...” she finally said quietly, looking away.

Before she could dwell much on her worry that she sounded rude, both Mamoru and Fumika came up to her nearly at the same time. While Fumika simply stood quietly by the desk, Mamoru went off, as excitable and outgoing as anyone Reina had ever met. The dark-haired girl felt that forced, sad smile on her lips again as she looked to Mamoru with a soft expression that hid away something even weaker. ”It really... really wasn’t anything... at all. Like the principle said, I just have a lucky quirk—”

The girl stopped completely, tensing further as she felt someone grab her, switching her quirk instinctively to push—but she managed to hold it back as she realized that she was... being hugged.
”M-Motome...-san?...” she said quietly, taken by complete surprise.

"Good fight, Reina. You were cool."

The dark-haired girl stopped, finally relaxing a bit as she felt a lump form in her throat. She had made Fumika worry for her as well. Without realizing, her quirk stopped pushing lightly and instead pulled just as subtly, almost as though she was returning the hug, though her hands stayed clasped together tightly in her lap.

No. She wouldn’t cry again. Not in front of anyone. All of the attention... all of the compliments of her peers. As much as it made her uncomfortable—she should be the one praising them—it felt... nice. It made her happy. But like before, after the praise from her teacher, that happiness triggered more than its equivalent in negative emotions. She didn’t deserve the happiness at all. She couldn’t control her quirk. Its strength completely carried her. And she had still lost, in the end. She hadn’t actually accomplished anything outside of allowing her teammates to not worry about the falling crane and the avalanche of rubble it had triggered—she knew if she wasn’t there, they would have figured out a way to not get caught in it anyways.

The was no way she could escape this situation gracefully, though she’d try. She felt her face burning with a betraying blush. A hand moved up slowly to touch Fumika’s forearm that wrapped around her. Jett, giving her more praise as he passed by, was the small bit that finally pushed her to act.

”P-Please stop,” she started meekly to the three surrounding her, the fact that she was fighting back tears clear in her voice if her eyes weren’t enough evidence. ”Thank you... but I didn’t do anything impressive at all. Anyone with my quirk could have done better... I only did what it allows someone like me to do...” The girl felt her heart sink as she spoke, certain she was killing any chance of actually becoming friends with any of the three—despite telling herself that that was the best for them. Being all quiet as she was was bad enough, but being this openly depressing and self-defeating was social suicide. She knew that. It had happened before. No one wanted to be around someone like that. For the best.

Despite her weak protests, her quirk maintained its tiny pull, and her fingers had gently begun to hold Fumika’s sleeve. Why? Normally, she’d be out the door by now. Instead she was clinging. Why? Why was she so gross? What was she expecting? Why was she expecting anything at all?

Takes talent to be this pathetic.

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Reina Mori

Reina held her jumpsuit in her hands, inspecting the damage to it. Torn in several places, covered in layers of dirt, and stained in blood... it gave her pause.

She balled it up and stuffed it into a plastic bag, then tossing that into her gym bag. Would she have to ask for a new jumpsuit? Probably. She felt a tinge of guilt, sorry to whoever was in charge of making them.

The girl looked around the empty locker room, before sitting down heavily on the wooden bench that ran between the two rows of lockers. It was quiet. And lonely. She didn’t particularly enjoy it... but she did feel more comfortable than she had been in a while. She could hear her own breathing, not feeling as though she had to stifle it to erase herself as much as possible. She didn’t have to worry about bothering anyone when there was no one around to bother.

It was relaxing, if not happy.

She’d stay a little longer. Her peers in class were likely just speaking to each other about the exercise. It wasn’t like she’d have much to say—and it wasn’t like she had said much to anyone thus far. No one would miss her. Her being there would just be worse for everyone, in fact. More than just her quirk, she was aware that her disposition soured the good moods of others, even if she wasn’t directly speaking. It was awkward to have someone like her hanging out alone in a room full of people. It was uncomfortable for people who tried to be nice and involve her. She knew that.

She knew that...

Reina felt tears sting her eyes, and she quickly wiped them away with the sleeve of her uniform. Almost crying twice in one day. The dark-haired girl sighed through the lump in her throat. Maybe she could forgive herself for that one, at least—it had been a stressful day so far, and it wasn’t quite over yet...

Nah. Still pathetic. She smiled spitefully to herself. How many successful heroes had cried themselves while alone in a high school changing room? How many pitied themselves so woefully, and so often? She really didn’t like that about herself, especially; how she could never just not put herself down. No matter how much you deserve to be.

Why couldn’t she just be happy? Why couldn’t she just not be so quiet? Why couldn’t she at least pretend to be more outgoing, and more fun to be around. If only to not make others uncomfortable.

Why couldn’t she just be... more heroic?

With an apprehensive sigh, Reina stood up and grabbed her bag, double checking its contents as she grabbed her phone from a side pouch to check the time.

...Well, she had made it to Komei, even if not directly out of middle school, and even if not on her own merits. If there was no future for her as a hero, this is where she’d find out. She wouldn’t quit, not until she was expelled from the academy for a complete lack of aptitude. Maybe she could even learn to not be such a... downer. Somehow, that seemed even less likely.

The girl bit the inside of her mouth hard, leaving the locker room angry at herself for the thoughts she couldn’t stop—but also with a small hope that she could fix herself, even if only in some small way, at this new school.

Reina slipped into the classroom quietly and found her seat, focusing again on her tired quirk to keep it from pulling those in the room to her. She glanced around curiously, noticing the girl who had been in the jeep that had picked her, Jett, and Ezra up from point C. It seemed she was a classmate.

After making that mental note, however, Reina let her eyes fall to her desk, keeping to herself as she munched on a small bag of trail mix. She couldn’t help but listen in on the conversations going on. It was a colourful class, certainly—her first impression of them as a whole hadn’t been wrong. She had little doubt she was surrounded by heroes of the next generation. They all seemed to give off that impression to her, in at least one way or another.
Amano Nanase

Within the city now along with Ozymandias, Nanase allowed her projected bow to evaporate, the short confrontation with the cloaked Servant over. She watched as a few of the others immediately went after the woman, and looked over to her own Servant—from a glance, it was clear he wasn’t quite as interested.

The young Executor smiled softly to herself, hearing her Servant commanding the people of the burning city. He truly was an emperor, capable of leading with ease. She glanced around her destroyed surroundings, heart feeling heavy. She felt sorry for the citizens.

“I’ll go help,” she said to Ozymandias. “With getting water.” It was all she really could do, even if it wasn’t much. With that, she took off in a light jog after the crowd.


Estelle’s Servant was ready to take off in a dash after the cloaked woman, but her Master ordered her otherwise.

Penthesilea glanced over, brow furrowing at the girl’s words. This would be the first instance where she’d directly disobey her Master—the flames and the people it threatened were far less important than Estelle herself. The Servant immediately moved towards her. “Master! Allow me to do so, then. There is no need to put you in possible harm’s way.” Really, just walking up to an unknown Servant like that. Reckless girl.

The Servant had half a mind to lecture her further, but now was not the time or place; especially since she didn’t know the small girl well enough to know quite how she’d react to being reprimanded.

Reina Mori

with @Aerandir

Reina’s breathing had slowed considerably, her body occasionally shaking lightly from the pain and exhaustion. The noise of the approaching jeep caused her to look from the ground to the man who had stepped out. He looked almost... familiar, in some way. If he was at Komei, he was likely a pro hero, or at least a retired one. There was something more than that, though...

The girl spat out another mouth full of blood, no longer really caring about her previous train of thought. Somehow, despite all her injuries, it was her bit tongue that hurt the most. It stung more than the dozen of welts on her body, her numb left arm, the feather still lodged under her collarbone—all of it.

The man asked her to get in the vehicle, earning a sideways glance from her position on the floor. The was a second long pause, as though she was taken aback by the question somehow.

"I... I’ll make it there myself." As she spoke, she finally attempted to move again, finding herself able to struggle greatly to her knees, her body telling her to stay lying down. She took a second to catch her breath again, before climbing to her feet unsteadily.

The girl glanced towards the jeep, wiping blood and dirt off her cheek. She knew she looked like hell. That was fine. She could stand, with effort. The dizziness wasn’t enough to stop her. She couldn't hide how hard she was fighting, but it was still proof she was fine, in her mind.

Jett and the tall boy were in there, injured as she had seen them not too long before. She nodded towards them. "I want... them to get help... first," she said between heavy breaths to the man next to her, slouching forward from the tremendous effort of standing. There was no reason for her to delay their treatment. They were more important.

Jais had noticing something in the eye of the girl, else he would have just picked her up and carried her the Jeep. Of all his years of teaching he knew that look, This next moment would be important for her to grow. So he stood up as she did, watched her and listened as she admirably put Jett and Ezra first.

"Very noble of you miss Mori, you truly have a start at becoming a hero. However, we must make sure you make it to that point." He placed a hand on her shoulder, noticing her pull but did not pull away. "They will be fine, unless we continue to argue if you should get in the Jeep or not. So how bout we just get in the Jeep. They will be taken care of first, while you can rest. Deal?"

Reina looked as though she wanted to protest, but kept silent as the man continued to speak, eventually letting her shoulders slump a little as she sighed. He was right of course. She nodded as he assured her the other two would be nursed before her.

The girl followed the man to the vehicle, taking a deep breath as she focused on her quirk once again, this time to kill the natural pull. It was terribly uncomfortable, and far more difficult to hold steady than usual due to overuse, but she'd force herself to manage--she'd be right near Jett and the other boy. The last thing they needed while injured was to have to deal with her.

Jais stopped the girl before she got in, ”You take the front seat." With her injuries it would be the best not to squeeze her in. He opened the door for her. He moved to the back to sit on the back of the Jeep, just next to his grandson. Once in, the attendant turned the engine over and as fast as he could while not jarring the jeep as much as he could, sped off towards the infirmary.
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Reina Mori

Lost in her even-more-negative-than-usual thoughts, Reina started slightly when she felt a hand on her shoulder, shrinking away a step instinctively as she looked over to see a very tall boy who looked concerned.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry if I bothered ya but you look down and I can't not do anythin' about it."

The girl's heart sank a bit, and she felt her face start to redden in shame. He was worried about bothering her? She was the one bothering him by not even be able to hide her emotions properly.

"I-I'm fine!..." she said quickly, looking away. "Just... you know... strategizing and stuff..." She knew how unconvincing she sounded even as she spoke, and decided to backpedal slightly. "I'm... actually, I'm just a little nervous about the test. First day jitters and all. I'll get over it." She even managed something of a smile, however faint it was. It wasn't really a lie, and sounded a lot more believable. "Sorry about... um, worrying you."


Reina's eyebrows raised at the noise, and she glanced towards its source.

Oh. It was the same boy who had popped her ears a while before.

"Loud..." she mumbled, the mild annoyance brought on by the memory seeping into her tone slightly. A second later, she realized she had said the comment out loud, causing her to blush and glance at the tall boy next to her before immediately looking away again.

Kenichi continued his impassioned speech, and though Reina didn't have the most flattering first impression of him, by the end of it she found herself smiling lightly despite herself. He was... silly, to say the least, but between his performance and the other boy's concern for her, she couldn't help but feel at least a little bit better. Seeing a few others joining in with Kenichi's attempt to rouse the rest was amusing as well--most so being Fumika's rather sudden cheer.

Reina's mood was sombered again when Yoshida-sensei began to address them. She listened intently, feeling her worries taking her again as he explained what they'd be doing. Great. She was going to bring down seven of her classmates with her if she messed up.

She noticed Fumika and Jett were on her team, which brought her a mix of happiness and more worry that she'd fail them. Realizing she didn't know the name of the the boy next to her--and by extension which team he was on--she glanced over at him.

"Um, I'm on Alpha," she said quietly with a point to the screen. She looked away from him and to the ground, stuffing her hand back in her pocket. "Mori Reina..."

Amano Nanase

Nanase nodded at her servant's words. "It'd be nice if things never got so bad you felt the need to assist... but I feel like that's unlikely." Pausing to smile, she continued "So I'll look forward to seeing your treasures when the time comes."

Along with the rest of the group, the two began to move, keeping up easily with her reinforced legs. She came to a stop with her servant atop a hill, gazing down at the chaos below. Someone sure had a thing for skeletons here.

She glanced over as Ozymandias called down an impressive blast, eliminating many skeletons in a blink, and then another group a moment later. With a small smile, the girl nodded in approval at the sight--truly, the Rider was as powerful as she had suspected, considering his identity. The fact that she had managed to summon him was something to be proud of.

The man spoke to her, getting another nod from Nanase. "Understood." She wasn't particularly effective at range in comparison to her abilities in close-quarters, but evidently Ozymandias more than made up for that.

The girl watched as the rest of her allies fought to the city, projecting a simple recurve bow and arrow, immediately reinforcing both objects as she notched the arrow and drew the string back. Breath held for a moment, she lined up her shot and let go, projecting and reinforcing a second arrow even as the first still flew. It managed to hit one of the creatures center mass, sending the bones that made up its body crumbling to the ground.



The Berserker easily swatted away any skeletons in her direct path her legs. Following along with the others, she entered the city with Estelle still in her arms. Two other Servants did battle with each other above the city, one very likely a Caster and the source of the skeleton familiars.

Looks like she was the first obstacle getting in the way of the Servant's goal. An unfortunate position to occupy.

"Berserker, crush them until your heart's content. We're cutting a path to that Caster!" said her Master, clearly on the same train of thought.

The madness of her class had been growing slowly, itching more with every second she spent in this wretched world. Killing a few of the things that inhabited it would help, if only a little.

Holding Estelle closer, Penthesilea swung her ball and chain in a wide arc as it materialized, clearing a comfortable area free of any skeletons around the two. With that done, she set down her Master gently, materializing two swords at her hips and clawed gauntlets around her forearms and hands.

"Stay close to the other Masters, please," she asked of Estelle. Of course, she fully planned to stay near the girl herself as she fought, and keep an eye on her... but knowing the container she had been summoned in, she unfortunately couldn't guarantee that she wouldn't lose herself and end up prioritizing the death of certain enemies over the survival of her Master.

With that, Penthesilea allowed herself to a small part of that madness within her, and began an ungraceful, but highly effective rampage quickly cutting through the skeletons to get closer to the two dueling Heroic Spirits. It felt good, but the terribly weak enemies weren't nearly enough to truly satisfy her.

The Servant only slowed upon hearing the red Saber calling out brazenly to the Heroic Spirits. Interesting... strategy?

Penthesilea leapt and landed hard on top of a skeleton near the building Nero stood upon, driving the creature into the ground and slamming both ends of her flail down on two others close by for good measure, to ensure her presence was known by the two unknown purple-haired Servants.

She glared up at the Caster in particular. Something told her the two wouldn't do as Nero had requested, so the Berserker kept herself on guard.

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