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Reina Mori

Reina blinked, glancing to Mamoru as the other girl moved closer to her. She blushed upon being called ‘Reirei,’ the redness only deepening when Mamoru took her hand. Reina looked away quickly, and very lightly tried to pull away, more because that’s what she felt she was supposed to do—she ... didn’t really want Mamoru to let her hand go.

The dark-haired girl stared quietly at the ground as she listened intently to Mamoru’s words, fighting back her blush equally as much as she fought her instinct leave and quit bothering the other two.

As Mamoru finished, Reina glanced up to her again, looking for the right words to say, but coming up short. Again. She noticed her hand tightening around Mamoru’s as the other girl addressed Kenichi, something she quickly corrected with another pang of embarrassment. She kept quiet as the other three spoke, deep in her thoughts.

”Mori-san, please, don’t feel pressured by my offer.”

Reina looked to Takeshi for a moment as he spoke, looking back down again with a sad, distant frown. That... wasn’t it at all. There was so much she wanted to say to him and Mamoru. But she couldn’t. Even if she somehow had the courage to speak for more than a few seconds, she’d never be able to open up to people she had just met today, no matter how terribly she wanted to trust them, and no matter how much she liked them. Maybe that was the issue? Maybe wanting so badly to be close to them made it harder. It scared her. She couldn’t view growing close with others as anything more than setting up an eventual awful fallout. It hurt.

Be better, you piece of trash.

”I-I...” Her voice cracked noticeably to her embarrassment. She stared at the floor, her grip in Mamoru’s hand weakening as she pushed herself to ‘be better.’ ”Wh-when you teach Yoshida-san or Mamoru-san... I-I’ll join...”

There. She had forced herself. Her shoulders dropped, and she looked almost defeated. Maybe it would make the others happy in the short term. But she had taken another step towards setting up the inevitable break down. Guilt burnt her heart. This was what she wanted. She wanted to be with them, and to learn from them. But it was disgustingly selfish. Was there any hope she’d not screw these relationships up as well? There wasn’t—not on her part, and not in this moment. She’d was going to drag them down steadily, until a breaking point was reached and either they cut their losses, or she did so for them.

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Reina Mori | Yashiro, Takeshi

with @Aerandir

Takeshi only glanced at the pink haired Mamoru, during her long ramblings. She talked a lot and said a little. She acted like she knew what was best for Reina’s fighting style, moving from knifes, to tonfa’s to jettas? Then back to the shield idea. He narrowed his eyes how she simply mentioned on pinning people to walls, poking them in the cut with sharp objects. She acted like a sword/knife, hell anything was a toy. Not a dangerous tool meant to be respected and the fact that even the villains were living beings as well. She acted like she knew what she was talking about...but she sounded like a fool. The main fact of the matter is Reina knew what she would want, or need according to the fighting style she thought of. How Mamoru was simply ignoring it and going with what she thought was cool, along with how she acted like she knew what she was doing irritated him to no end. He bit his tongue and looked to Reina.

With a smile "The term you are looking for is short sword, a wakizashi." He did nod "Like Mamoru said," as much as he hated to agree, but it was common knowledge. "It took me over twelve years to be efficient as I am now, fighting with two swords is an advanced skill. However..." He added, not wanting her to feel like a fool. He walked over to the weapon rack, placing the sword in his hand reverently onto its stand and looked over the practice weapons made of wood and polypropylene. Picking up a tonfa and bo staff he walked back to her. "Tonfas could be used similar to a club/sword, But it is still a difficult weapon to train with."

He then lifted the staff. After placing the tonfa down he went on "A bo staff is much easier to learn, and can and is still one of the most effective close combat weapons around. This one, as well..." He said as he noticed it wasn’t a solid piece of wood. "Can break into two parts..." he pushed inward and twisted, the locking mechanism detached leaving him with two wooden parts of the staff, which looked like he was holding two training swords. "You can fight multiple styles. While it’s not two swords, but it can be just as effective and require less training than two swords." He offered the weapon to her, to see if she wanted to see it.

Reina frowned and closed up a bit when Mamoru mentioned the amount of time she’d have to spend to become proficient with a weapon. The girl almost wanted to mention that she was a faster learner—one of the very few good traits she recognized in herself—but somehow, she felt that wouldn’t really matter when dealing with something like this, so she kept herself quiet to not make herself seem even more silly.

The dark-haired girl listened intently to Mamoru, perking up when she saw the makeshift tonfa-jutte, recognizing the type of weapon it was supposed to be immediately. Juttes were certainly neat, closer to what Reina had in mind. Mamoru’s rather violent language got a nervous laugh from the girl.

"I don’t know about... jabbing people’s noses with it, but it seems cool to use defensively..."

Reina looked closely at Mamoru’s shield, nodding subtly as the other girl continued to speak. She took the shield from Mamoru after a momentary surprise at having it offered to her, bouncing it lightly in her hands to begin getting a feel for it.

Reina shook her head softly when Mamoru mentioned a lighter one might be better. The weight felt fine to her—and the heavier it was, the more force it could pack. The girl’s mind was on the truck door she had used. She shook her head again lightly in response to Mamoru’s last statement.

"I... can’t really do that. I can definitely use my quirk to help, but I really have to work with it... like swinging things over my head, I can do that with far heavier objects than I could otherwise... but swinging in a more side-ways arc, that’s not really changed." She paused, thinking over the physics and remembering her battle against Acion. "A bit more force behind the swing, I’d think, but it’s not much easier to do the motion..." She would do well with a shield of some sort, she felt. Her spontaneous use of the door was an okay amount of evidence for that. Learning from Mamoru would be nice too... but Reina wouldn't want to ask the girl to do such a thing, either.

Reina looked to Takeshi as he spoke up. Wakizashi.... She frowned slightly hearing him confirm that it’d take a long time for her to be anywhere near decent with swords.

She perked up seeing the staff that Takeshi went to retrieve. Staves were heroic! Her eyes lit up even further when he demonstrated that this particular one could be split in two—the halves acting almost exactly like the blunt ‘swords’ Reina had had in mind.

The girl carefully handed Mamoru's shield back to take the two halves of the staff that Takeshi offered. She looked at them, heart rate rising just from feeling the weight in her hand. She glanced up to the other two, a faint blush on her cheeks as she wondered what she should do now. She felt like she should swing them around a bit, to see how it felt, but was certain she’d look silly doing so. So instead, Reina settled on putting the two halves back together, and then detaching them herself after a bit of fiddling.

Takeshi watched how Reina took to the collapsible bo staff with stars in her eye, and how she perked up when she saw it. He took it as good indication she liked the idea. He smiled at seeing her blush, seeing her having thoughts rushing through her head. He simply reached down and grabbed the tonfa, putting it back where it belonged before grabbing another staff just like her, spinning behind his back gracefully and with speed. Having it stop in a vertical position along his back, while his arm was tucked behind his waist holding it.

He looked to Mamoru and back to Reina. "While it's all well and good to use your quirk in battle, like throwing a shield around all the time, tailored to your fighting style can be quite effective and threatening, having a separate fighting style that does not rely on your quirk at all is all the more important and more dangerous. Incase you come against someone who can nullify your power, or your fighting style. Switching it up can quite often lead to a victory."

He looked at her as she fiddled with the staff. "If you so wish, I can teach you if you like how to use both styles, I am no master, but I am quite familiar and effective with this weapon as well."

The girl was almost visibly startled by Takeshi’s offer, even nearly jumping in her surprise. She looked at him with wide eyes, expression completely uncertain. Instinctively, she shook her head immediately.

"Th-that’s okay!... I’m, um... I’ll figure it out on my own... probably..." The girl closed in on herself as she spoke, glancing away from the two and even physically taking a step back. "Y-You don’t... need to spend your time for me... like that... i-it’s not really worth it..."

A familiar voice she associated with loudness came along—perhaps thankfully, helping to remove some of the attention on her. Reina glanced towards Kenichi for a moment, looking away to the ground to hide her face, knowing it was embarrassingly pink judging from the heat she felt. She was however, stopped from completely spiraling into a torrent of negative thoughts upon hearing Kenichi voice the same thing she had felt—a complete lack of knowledge on where to begin with using a weapon. The girl glanced up again, calming down slightly as she curiously wondered what Mamoru and Takeshi would say to him.

Takeshi frowned as she suddenly declined his offer, it was her choice, but he still thought he didn’t overstep any bounds. She then went onto explain that she would figure it out, and that he didn’t need to spend his time for her. With a confused look on his face he looked at the girl. He offered his time to her. So to him he thought it was worth it. The fact the girl was so hard on herself saying his time was not worth being wasted on her made him think of a similar situation back home. "Mori-san… I would not offer if I did not wish to spend..."

Before he could finish another student came over with blue hair. He introduced himself as Yoshida Kenichi after asking if any of them knew Martial arts. He nodded and bowed back to Yoshida. "A pleasure to meet you Yoshida-san. I am Yashiro Takeshi, I was formally trained in Budo… A mixed martial arts taught to samurai of old, consisting of Karate, Judo, aikido, among others." He often had to explain this, sadly many japanese did not even know this small fact of their history, it had been lost to many save his family, and a few other samurai family that had held onto traditions like his.

He could see the fire in this one's eyes, he had a lot of spirit, but the way he spoke and walked he could see he was not a trained fighter, that and the fact he admitted he wanted to learn was another. He must have an interesting quirk.

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Reina Mori

Reina glanced over to Takeshi after he said he’d like to hear more about how she used a door as a weapon. With a faint blush, she nodded slightly. ”S-Sure, I guess... it was just today, for my class’ training exercise...” The girl was about to mention that he’d probably be able to see the footage, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted more people seeing her acting all yell-y and embarrassing. She had... really gotten into that fight. It had been almost kind of nice, actually. She hadn’t really been doubting herself in the moment--only thinking of what she had to do to win. Of course, she still failed in the end, but...

Mamoru came over, quickly earning Reina’s attention. Rei-chan?... The girl blushed lightly, hiding a tiny smile. She had never been addressed in such a casual way. It felt... nice. Reina waved to the hyper girl, amused by all the things she was carrying. She certainly felt far less hesitant than Reina did about trying things out.

Out of Mamoru’s suggestions, boomerangs stuck most in Reina’s thoughts. Flying shields seemed... not possible? And if they were, her quirk would likely just mess with them the moment she started exerting force one way or another. She could, in theory, work with boomerangs though. Kind of strange weapon for a hero though...

Reina nodded unconsciously when Takeshi suggested a melee weapon. Really, that was what she had always envision herself using, if any tool at all. She’d always imagined her ideal fighting style to involve forcing her opponent close, controlling their movement with her quirk, and using close-combat skills to win. Not that she had any skills, but she’d have to start some where...

The girl appeared deep in thought, eyes closed as she played with her ear with one hand, the other holding her bicep across her chest. She liked the idea of swords. Image wasn’t everything, of course, but heroes so often seemed to use swords. Something about them just worked for one aligned with justice. If she wanted to be able to throw her sword as well, it couldn’t really be a big one...

“...Maybe two... ‘half’ swords?” she mumbled aloud, not knowing exactly what a sword that she envisioned would be accurately called. Maybe Takeshi or Mamoru would know. ”Or... or just one to start. I’m... guessing smaller swords are easier to handle, maybe? I-I’ve never used any sort of real weapon...”

Reina looked towards Takeshi out of the corner of her eye for a moment, wondering if he’d be able to teach her at all. The girl averted her gaze nearly immediately, pushing the thought away. There was no way she’d ever impose on anyone like that. She could use the internet, and ask teachers instead, even if none of them seemed necessarily skilled with swords. She had taught herself plenty of things in the past. Even if it wasn’t the most efficient to do such things alone, she was able and used to it.

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Reina Mori

A rather innocuous gadget was the first to really to catch Reina's eye. It was a metal-looking belt, separated into a dozen section attached together on a hinge of sorts, so that it could be wrapped around a waist. She reached up to the shelf, taking it down to inspect it closer. Several metal-framed items lined the belt--from gun holsters, to rugged pouches. They were attached to the belt by... nothing? The girl frowned in thought, reaching to pull on one of the pouches.

It wouldn't budge. Frowning deeper, she inspected the belt further, finding a set of small buttons to the right side of it--twice as many as there were objects on the belt. She counted out the buttons, finding the one that would correspond to the pouch she had tried to remove if her theory was right. Pressing the lower button of the set, she shifted the belt in her hands to try taking the pouch again, and was met with success.

Interesting... So the items and belt were magnetized in a way that could be adjusted through the buttons... Was that really it?

Reina glanced up, seeing that the shelf she had taken the belt from was made of metal as well. After a confused pause, she held the metal-frame of the pouch to the shelf... and felt nothing. Not attraction or repulsion. Curiosity growing, she then held the belt up to the shelf to find the same thing. Finally, she brought the pouch back towards the belt, feeling the obvious attraction between the two.

So it was... some kind of selective magnetization? Was that even possible? She paused, frowning again. She wished her quirk could be like that--the push and pull of it only affecting specific things she wished it to. That way, even she would easily be able to keep it under control. It would have saved her a lot of troubles...

With a quiet sigh, she placed the belt back. While it seemed convenient, she didn't really have a use for it at the moment.

The girl glanced around some more, this time towards the other students, to see if she could get any ideas from what they were doing. Mamoru and another girl she wasn't yet aquatinted with were doing training simulations. Reina would have to wait until she actually had something in her hands to train with.

Takeshi was wielding a sword, going through motions that appeared extremely practiced and clean. Reina didn't know the first thing about it all, but it looked impressive. Swords were heroic... right? More than guns, at least. But... they seemed to require a lot of practice. She'd probably end up cutting herself or someone else, or forgetting her quirk for a moment and skewering someone with the sword as it flew out of her hands.

She paused, realizing dumbly that beginners very likely used blunt swords of some kind. And that would probably be better for her in the long run--she didn't really want to be chopping villain heads off.

The dark-haired girl looked away from Takeshi's display before it appeared to others that she was staring, and went back to futilely looking for something that clicked in some way with her.

Several moments later, Reina was pulled out of her deep thought by Takeshi's voice. She jumped slightly to her embarrassment, but at least managed not to make any sort of scream. With the faintest blush, she glanced between Takeshi's and the shelves around her, shaking her head slightly.

"Not really..." she said. She didn't want to leave it at that. A day ago, she would have, but she had to make an effort to be tolerable to be around. She opened her mouth, not really thinking her words through in her mild panic to say something. "...Is there anything like... like a truck door?..." She paused, a small frown on her lips in exasperation at herself.


Sure, that was sort of what she was looking for, but there were far better ways to describe that. 'Shield,' for one. Reina remembered Mamoru's quick mention that if she had found the pink-haired girl's shield during the training exercise, she could have done even more damage.

Reina simply made sure to avoid looking at anyone that may have heard her, pushing her hands deeper in her pockets as she did what she could to hide her reddening cheeks from the world.


Reina Mori

”Just thank me by being my friend ok?”

Reina stopped for a moment, eyes widening subtly as she glanced to Takeshi after he spoke. She nodded softly, and rather unintentionally solemnly. She didn’t just want to be a friend, she wanted to be a good one. If she didn’t fix herself at least enough for others to view her as such, she’d just lose them all. She already liked everyone she had met in this school. She couldn’t imagine how much she’d like them a month from now and beyond... and she couldn’t imagine how much it’d hurt to cause them to turn on her because she couldn’t keep herself from being an awful person.

The girl gripped the fabric of her skirt tightly as her worst memories invaded her thoughts again.

Reina quietly walked in after the teacher allowed their tardiness to slide, almost to her disappointment. She didn’t deserve to be let off like that... but if she were to be punished, then Takeshi would be as well, so it was for the best.

She entered the class, blushing lightly upon being loudly called out to by Mamoru. She gave a small wave and smile to the girl, glad that she was in the class as well.

Acion came up to them, and Reina bowed lightly in response to his greeting. “As... as Yashiro-san said, we got a bit lost...” She gave a small, shameful smile. “... I also... dropped some of my things. Yashiro-san helped me gather them, so it... it was mostly my fault he’s late too.”

Arsenal directed the class to the gym. Reina followed her peers into the armory, feeling more than a little out of place. Guns were... kind of scary. She didn’t have to use one, did she? It seemed terribly unheroic, and probably a little more lethal than was allowed... and they just made her sort of nervous. She wasn’t interested in holding one.

Which meant looking for... anything else. She walked gingerly around the room, being very] mindful of her quirk. Accidentally knocking some of these things to the ground felt extra dangerous. The girl noticed Mamoru taking extendable tonfas. Maybe something like that? They seemed more Reina’s speed. She glanced around uncertainly, not sold on tonfas. Really, she wasn’t sold on anything yet. She had never used any sort of weapon before in her life... except maybe for that truck’s door, if that inspired bit of improvisation counted.

The girl frowned, deep in thought as she continued to slowly meander, not nearly confident enough to just grab something and give it a try.

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Reina Mori

Reina thought she heard her name, getting distracted and missing a note. When she heard her name again, she recognized the voice, immediately tensing in her seated position as she let her phone drop onto her lunch box and quickly pulled out her earbuds. She sat up straighter, wearing the faintest blush, and glanced towards her left where Mamoru’s voice had come from.

Heart rate suddenly high from the adrenaline brought on from being noticed, Reina raised her hand timidly to wave, but stopped herself, staring quietly as her voice caught in her throat. Mamoru had bumped into another girl, and they were talking. Properly. Like two friends should. Like Reina would be unable to do.

The corners of the dark-haired girl’s lips curled up slightly as she sank back into the grass, still gazing at the two other girls in the distance. They seemed to hit it off very well—the sight made Reina feel genuinely happy for Mamoru. Reina would never really be a great friend. It was good that Mamoru was making a real friend—not that she seemed like a girl that would ever have trouble with that. There was no reason that wasn’t terribly selfish of Reina for her to intrude on the two. As if she even had the courage to be able to do so regardless. The girl dug her fingernails into her palms as she laughed quietly at herself.

Mamoru and the girl eventually headed off happily, Reina’s gaze lingering a moment longer. Finally, she glanced back down to the lunch box in front of her and the phone atop it, realizing that she had forgotten to pause her game, and had failed the song she had been playing. Two-hours-worth of in-game energy points wasted.

Somehow, that was what got her to drop her forced smile. Of course, she couldn’t blame anyone but herself, but her chest hurt all the same. Letting herself have hope and expectations was a mistake, as hard as it may have been to avoid. She had always been alone. There was no reason to let it effect her more now.

Her quirk pulsed, temporarily running out of her control, and pushed her lunch box away and her phone off of it into the grass. She couldn’t help but let out a frustrated whimper, fighting back her emotions as she zeroed out her quirk again and crawled forward to pick up her things, bringing it all back to the wall she had been leaning against. Bringing her knees to her chest, she put her earbuds back in, and rested a cheek on one of her knees. The girl stared at the results screen of her game, navigating the menu after a moment’s consideration to retry the song. The game was a good distraction. She was too tired and weak to deal with herself.
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Amano Nanase

Nanase gazed up at her Servant’s constructs in a small measure of awe. She nodded her thanks towards him as she made her way to the river along with the crowd.

Realizing that there weren’t nearly enough buckets for every person in the group, she began to project as many as she could, one after another. Gesturing to the others, she told them to take the projections, keeping her focus. The object was simple to recreate—she could supply everyone without much trouble.

With everyone’s effort, the flames began to come under control. Hearing Ozymandias’ command, Nanase headed towards the most damaged buildings, reinforcing her body to dig through rubble to properly check for anyone trapped or injured. The girl’s stoic expression cracked slightly, showing a small frown as she only found lifeless body after another.

Finally, she spotted another woman around her age, laying with her face against the ground inside a small home. The girl writhed slowly, causing Nanase’s features to soften as she immediately moved in, kicking away part of the collapsed roof. While carefully picking up the woman, she took note of her injuries—gash on her head, forearm broken, several other noticeable bruises. As she stepped back out into the city, she called a random man over, handing the woman to him.

“Take her to the others I came with,” she said. Nanase herself couldn’t use healing magic in the slightest. The best she could do was reinforce own body to temporarily fix injuries. Hopefully one of the other magi could take care of the woman.

As the man headed off, the girl continued to search the city.


Berserker frowned and simply shrugged, gazing from her Master to the Servant that was being treated by the others. The purple-haired spirit did not move, evidently out cold. Fine. It was better that others risked themselves to confirm that than her own Master.

“Go then. With me,” Penthesilea said rather curtly, turning to head towards Nero, who now held the other Servant. “I only wish for you not to underestimate a Heroic Spirit and suffer for it,” she added, glancing over her shoulder towards Estelle.

The Berserker then looked to Nero. “Saber, allow my Master to inspect the woman’s wound.”
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