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Sana ‘encouraged’ the others in the vehicle with her forward with heat and shoves, paying special attention to one individual in particular. Heat flared in her legs as she temporarily strengthened them. She placed a foot against the man’s back.


And she put her weight into it.


The man landed on the pavement with his face several metres away. Sana, though, didn’t take any time to enjoy the sight. Heat ran through the entirety of her body as she kept her focus squarely on getting away. “Let’s go,” she said to Quinn, indicating she understood the simple instructions--‘get to the chopper.’

With the burst of super strength granted to her by her quirk, the bulky suit and heavy cuffs she wore became less of an anchor and more of a nuisance. Standing at the edge of the vehicle, she swung her cuffed hands over her head to hook them around the roof. Engaging nearly every muscle in her body, she jumped and pulled herself up and around deftly, landing rather acrobatically on the roof of the vehicle, much closer to the front.

It didn’t take a moment to spot the helicopter, dropping in altitude to approach them. Another burst of heat ran through Sana as she crouched for a breath before exploding into a jump, leaving the vehicle’s roof dented behind her. Despite the added weight causing her to miscalculate, the error was only slight. She lifted her right foot high enough to manage to plant it on the landing skid. One last burst of heat through her body let her push herself enough to hook her cuffs once again around the open door to the passenger compartment, making for a (relatively) easy last step inside. Sana turned around to look down over the sudden chaos, ready to assist Quinn up if needed.


Sana had spent the last few days silently steaming. Being dragged around from one place to another, questioned constantly, and hardly ever allowed to not wear a bulky full-body suit--not unlike a firefighter's outfit, but significantly heavier. It was meant to completely nullify her quirk, keeping the heat and fire she generated very well contained. That also made if exceedingly hot to wear, not helped by the fact that it felt like it weighed more than she did.

As irritable as she was whenever somebody was trying to get information out of her, she was smart enough to never say a word, no matter how much she wanted to tell them to go fuck themselves. The girl just waited out the time until her conviction in silence, holding on to the anger that all the faces she interacted with made her feel, because when she wasn't pissed off, she was slipping into a dark place.

Soon enough, during her conviction, her identity would become public. Yi and her mother would find out. The few friends she still had would too. Dawn, mainly, the only girl from her time brief time at U.J. that she would have called a friend. What would they think?...

Sana was very aware of the warmth on her cheeks as she thought about the girl. It was hard not to be, when there was nothing in the silent cell to distract her. Yi would be really hurt once he found out. Sana wasn't sure about her mom or Dawn, but neither would be happy to find out.

An obnoxious beep brought her mercifully out of her thoughts. She glanced up as the cell was opened, a few armed men swiftly entering the room, bringing with them familiar heavy cuffs. She was being moved again.

Sana stood, allowing them to restrain her and lead her out. As easy as it was to worry about the consequences of her capture, she hadn't given up yet. As far as she knew, nobody in her life had been informed yet about her arrest. She could escape before it came out. Regardless, her mother would find out. The law would look to her to help track Sana down. But Sana could talk to her, to make sure Yi never found out.

The girl's expression hardened as she was pushed out of the cell, her hands weighed down in over-sized handcuffs in front of her.

"Hey, babe, that's quite the getup they've got ya in. Bet ya look a lot better in somethin' tight."

Sana's eyes shifted to look towards the voice, unimpressed. The rest of her body stayed as it was, leaning against the metal partition that separated the vehicle's drivers from the criminals in the back. She gave the man a quick look over, not actually noting anything about him beyond the similar heavy cuffs he wore--she just wanted to make it appear like she was sizing him up before she gave a small snort and returned her gaze to be looking forward, wanting him to feel thoroughly dismissed.

"Ah come on, girlie, I'm jus' sympathizin' with ya! I'm sure ya'd rather be wearin' somethin' else as much as I do."

Sana didn't have to spend any conscious effort to ignore him. He mumbled and turned his attention to somebody more talkative. It was insulting that she was being associated with people like that.

While she quietly wished she could punch him in the face, the sudden noise above and very obvious dent on the roof caused her to perk up a bit.

"Tha' FUCK wazzat?!"

If any more proof was needed that something was up, the vehicle they were in screeched to a halt. Sana's mind began to work, immediately trying to work out how she might be able to escape. Her eyes darted to the back window of the vehicle, just in time to see a hand place something against it. The flirt was still swearing up a storm, voicing his confusion.

"You might want to get away from the back door," she graciously decided to tell the annoyance.

The man glanced back, as did the few other prisoners who hadn't already noticed the device. Realization lit up his dumb face and he quickly scrambled back along with the rest, purposely deciding to press himself against Sana. Even though he had an excuse--not wanting to be injured in an explosion--her brow twitched maddeningly.

"Tha' fuck-- you're hot!"

Sana smirked. "You already made it clear what you think of me. Give it up."

"Wha--? No, I mean you're actually a fucking heater, it's goddamn uncomfortable!"

"I know what you meant," she said, increasing the heat her head was giving off even further and giving him a headbutt against his jaw. He jerked back immediately, his skin red.


"Don't touch me again."

He kept cursing her out as he made as much effort as possible to put distance between each other, pressing against other prisoners instead. Sana was pleased to have her space back as she awaited the inevitable. Her focus shifted back towards the back of the vehicle, ready to take her chance.
Clearly a bit late to this party, but I'd like to express interest if there's still room. Despite how much I love XIV, I've never done any roleplay related to it, and I've been wanting to change that :)

Would be up to play anything really, but I'd probably have the most fun with a tank class. A floor tank DRG would be cool too.

Reina Mori

Reina nodded along with a smile at Mamoru’s suggestions, thinking it’d be fun to study villains with her and hear her take on how to potentially defeat them. Reina thanked the girl for visiting her, making sure to enter her phone number into her phone as soon as she could. Halfway through the creation of the new contact, Mamoru dropped her parting line.

“Don’t do anything naughty now!”

The purple-haired girl froze up for a moment and blushed. After what felt like a very long second of silence, Reina saw an opportunity to tease Takeshi—something she was growing quickly fond of doing. She tossed a sideways glance towards the boy.

“M-Maybe when I’m recovered...” she said, botching the self-confident delivery she had been going for, causing her to give a sheepish giggle at the whole situation.

The girl allowed herself to monopolize Takeshi’s time for a while longer, but eventually the time to part came. She watched as he made his way to the door, deciding after a second to follow after him.

“Visit me again if you have the time,” she said as she caught up to him, gripping his sleeve to stop him for a second so she could reach up to kiss his cheek. She smiled sweetly as she gently pushed him onwards and gave a small wave.

Reina laid in her hospital bed, the room dark save for a slice of moonlight cutting through the curtains that covered the window and the dim lights from the hallway creeping underneath the door frame.

The girl was mostly still, though her fingers and toes flexed slowly and rhythmically. It almost felt like it was against her will—she knew she could stop, but she didn’t, even though it kind of hurt, especially when she moved her right hand. The pain reverberated up her arm and across her chest that rose and fell in time with each wave of discomfort.

She simply stared at the ceiling. Like her moving fingers and toes, her eyes refused to close. Her gaze inspected the random tiny black spots spattered across the off-white tiles, finding various images by connecting the dots in her mind. Her mind went through the events that had occurred, and the girl noted what points she seemed to get hung up on.

The collateral damage.

She’d brought down two buildings by pushing her quirk. It was a mercy that she hadn’t injured any innocents. The girl knew if she had, she’d never be able to forgive herself. The property damage was bad, but more justifiable in her mind. Her classmates live had been in danger. Michiko and Takeshi were more important than all the buildings in the world. Still, though she was making progress, it was still proof that she didn’t have as much control over her quirk as she should. It was too destructive to not have fully under her thumb.

Takeshi’s arm.

It wasn’t something she could have done anything about. Reina knew that. She knew that. Yet still… she couldn’t stand that she felt like there was nothing she could have done. She should’ve been stronger to prevent it from happening in the first place. Thankful though she was that she had been able to help keep him and Michiko safe, it wasn’t enough. Reina had been watching Takeshi a lot when he had visited her, of course—it was hard not too, considering how their relationship had changed, and her general infatuation with the boy. Even with that, it didn’t take a huge leap in logic to realize the implications of his injury, and how they might be affecting his mental negatively. She needed... to do somewhat she could to help, and she needed to make sure neither he or any of her friends would ever be hurt like that again.

Rakshasa’s death, and the rest of the villains she had fought.

It was a strange feeling to begin to understand she had played a large part in the loss of a life. Her instinct was that the destructive man didn’t particularly deserve to live, but realizing that was her stance on the matter was troubling in a way. It was troubling that she thought on his death with some level of satisfaction. He’d been a threat to her life, though. Her or him. He’d been a threat to Takeshi’s life, and had tried to take Michiko away. Them or him. When she thought back to that, the anger in her chest flared again, and she understood that that was the reason for her positive feelings surrounding the man’s passing. It was the danger he had posed to Takeshi and Michiko—of course, she already knew that that had been what truly angered her, but realizing it was also the reason for her being okay with the loss of a life brought her some peace.

And anyway, she was a monster. She’d be the most just monster of all. She’d be a monster that protected those she loved, but she’d always be a monster all the same. Being satisfied with the death of a mass murderer was hardly the worst thing she’d done in her life.

Reina awoke. She realized she had fallen asleep at some point only because of the images of dreams she had been having fading from her mind—a jumble she could hardly make out anymore. Takeshi had been there, and had made her feel warm. The members of his family who were after him and Michiko. Rakshasa was gone, but the rest weren’t. They wouldn’t so much as breath in Takeshi or Michiko’s general direction as long as Reina was alive.

The now familiar flare of anger prompted Reina to sit up in her bed. She reached over to the bedside table to check the time on her phone—not even 3am yet. The girl sighed. It was another long night with her thoughts. At least tonight her thoughts were a little different than they had been for her first days in the hospital. They were also a bit more pleasant overall—especially when they drifted to Takeshi, which is where her mind seemed to be dwelling most often.

With a faint blush on her cheeks for no one to see in the darkness, and some butterflies in her stomach fighting with the flare of anger in her chest, Reina placed her earbuds in her ear one at a time with her good hand and hopped off the bed lightly. She began to pace around, in an attempt to burn off the restless energy that had made its permanent home within her especially since the incident.

Sana Helme

Sana took notice of the others who entered, seeing if her first impressions of them lead to her having any desire to team up with them. First was the bird, which she looked at curiously, her gaze following it as it left the room a moment before a man with a plague doctor-esque costume entered. He clearly cared about his appearance at least. Sana supposed that was a good sign.

The next person to walk in was a little more questionable, though. Of course, the chainsaw was the first thing Sana noticed--impossible for it not to be, considering the noise in an otherwise quiet place. That... couldn't be wieldy. If the girl holding it was using it because she thought it was 'cool,' or something, Sana would certainly have a giggle. The fire-girl's gaze moved up from the tool-turned-weapon to see that its owner was staring at her, having moved to stand just behind the apparent ringleader. Sana returned the gaze curiously, wondering what the girl's deal was. She couldn't help but smirk at the sound of the chainsaw coming alive again, the girl still looking right at Sana. The loyal dog kind of villain, evidently. Reasonable questions and demands were not allowed if they were asked of the 'leader,' at least according to chainsaw-girl--and as far as the purple-haired woman herself seemed to be concerned as well, considering her apparent love for ignoring others.

Amusing. Seeing villains 'socialize' for the first time--and taking part in that socializing herself--was really amusing. She hadn't been sure what to expect coming here, but so far it hadn't been the worst outcome she'd imagined.

Last was the young man that Sana began to immediately identify by his shark-inspired bandana.

The purple-haired women finally decided to acknowledge them, indicating to Sana that this was everyone that had been invited. Sana smirked again, this time at the women's implication that her caution was childish, the smirk only growing with the immediately following comment on egos. Perhaps the women needed to take heed of her own words. No matter--dealing with a hypocrite wasn't enough to turn Sana completely off the gathering yet.

Sana listened intently enough, finding herself eager to finally hear what this was all about.

Her smile lost its arrogance as more was revealed. The plans of the group were bigger than any sort of petty crimes, which of course Sana had assumed before arriving, but hearing that the dismantling of U.S.J. was specifically what the purple-haired woman was after brought the slightest feeling of butterflies of excitement to Sana's stomach.

Burning unequivocally useless small-time heroes was one thing, but to go after something so dear to the heart of hero society...

Sana's eyes widened and her smile took on a hint of sociopathy. The thought of burning such a thing to the ground was stirring.

Her eyes scanned the monitors as images flashed on them, her thoughts pausing for a second as a picture of her younger brother showed up before disappearing quickly to make way for a classmate of his.

The girl crossed her arms, her enthusiasm dampened slightly as bird-boy asked a decent enough question, though it was immediately dismissed in an amusing fashion by the second woman who had been there when Sana had entered the room. The woman, who introduced herself as Quinn, had quietly been laughing to herself during chainsaw-girl's stare down. That, along with her words now, told Sana that she was likely the most entertaining person here. Sana liked that, and while Quinn didn't seem like she truly cared whether or not the rest of them followed up on her introduction, she decided to humour her.

"Sana. Animus while in costume. My fact--" she looked towards the ringleader to address her. "--I don't like you so far. I don't think you care anyway, and that's one of the reasons I don't like you. But I don't really feel the need to, either, as long as you're competent--which goes for the rest of you. Incompetence is for heroes. For people who are sheltered and nurtured and told they're strong. I'll cooperate with your plans. Take this as my show of good faith--you selected me to be part of this group, so I'll trust the others you picked are equally useful."

Sana held her gaze on the leader a moment longer, her stony expression communicating the genuineness behind her words, before she moved to stand somewhat near Quinn to take a closer look at the newer papers that had been tossed on the table.

Her motivations and goals were probably a bit different from the rest--but they lined up close enough. The students and faculty of U.S.J. should be truly tested. Simulations and written papers bred weakness. Weakness in such a field lead to the destruction of lives. Weakness needed to be burned. Any hero, on the level of Enterprise or otherwise, who couldn't handle a villainous force deserved to die. If this group could become that dangerous kind of monster and exterminate all the heroes who had failed her, she was more than happy to take part. Even if... even if her brother would be caught in the crossfire. He'd just have to be strong. Sana knew he could be. Maybe.

The girl bit her lip. She wouldn't make exceptions. If he wanted to be a hero--if he had taken the opportunity she had helped give him through all she had done to protect him from their father--he needed to be stronger than all the useless heroes that infested San Francisco currently. She had already sunk, but he still had the opportunity to swim. That was enough. If she was to be his true test of strength and character, then it would be so.

Sana Helme

The steady fire engulfing Sana's hand lit her way marginally better than the dinky lights lining the deteriorating concrete floors had been alone. The squelching noises from her wet boots had begun to annoy her, especially in such quietness, so she heated up her feet and legs for several seconds to quickly evaporate the remaining water left on them and soaked into her orange coverall's pants. She had had to get hold of a bloody kayak and needed to wade through the water when she had finally reached the island to be able to respond to this... invitation? To join a team. Of villains.

Somehow, the thought of such a thing had never crossed her mind before. Heroes working together made sense--they all bent over backward to act moral and good and personable. Whether they generally succeeded or not was very much up for debate, as far as Sana was concerned, but even the most wretched of 'heroes' could at least pretend to play nice with each other.

Villains, though... a bit of a different crowd. A criminal expecting another criminal to have their back was a thought Sana would've found amusing, if she hadn't been humouring it since she received the message that had led her to this place.

Seriously. Alcatraz. That itself almost sounded like a joke.

The girl sighed to herself. A villain who was willing to reach out for help and organize a coordinated group probably had a decent chance of being more respectable than the common mugger she had burnt many a time. This darker side of hers had lived in total isolation for years, and that had been fine. But after the prospect of a team had come up... Sana couldn't help but feel a bit of hope that this theoretical group would pan out. It was a strange feeling.

The light humming of fans brought the girl back into the moment, coming from a nearby door that of the cables lining the hall seemed to converge into. As she killed the fire on around her hand, she peered into the room through the blacked-out visor of her oxygen mask.

The humming that had tipped Sana off came from generators and computers. Sana made note of two fairly quiet and serious looking women, sitting at opposite ends of the table that centered the room. She glanced between the two, trying to decide which one was the one who had sent out the invitation, or if they had both done so together. The purple-haired one seemed more 'at home.' The thought caused Sana to look around again, frowning slightly when she saw the broken pot and dirt on the ground.

"... Interesting place. Kind of a pain to get to, but I get that's the idea," she said.

Ignoring the empty seats, Sana walked up to the table to look at the papers strewn about it. At first, she was confused by them, wondering who the people depicted were, but it clicked when her eyes fell upon a few particular pages that were stapled together, her own unmasked face depicted on the top left of the first sheet.

Sana gave a dry grin. "I figured," she mused, before reaching up to loosen and remove her mask. "Not like my identity is particularly easy to hide anyway." She slipped her backpack off her shoulder and placed it on the table, unzipping it to put her mask away while also spending an extra second rummaging around for a granola bar that she promptly tore open and began to munch on. She picked up what was evidently the file containing all the information her inviter had about her to scan through it further.

Some of the hopeful trust Sana had had for the once faceless person who had called her here was gone. As she tossed the last bit of her snack into her mouth, she burnt the wrapping left in her hand to ash in a short puff of fire. Her gaze shifted from the papers to the woman with her legs up on the table.

"I hope you've got plans to convince me that you aren't the treacherous type--especially after seeing this," she said, tone a little colder than before as she dropped the papers back onto the table.
I'd like to express interest! I'm in another MHA RP and have more ideas for villains than I could ever sensibly put to use there, so I'd love to be able to play one of them here.

Reina Mori

Reina couldn't help but blush lightly, bringing her good hand up to gently play with her ear as she listened to the two's words. The implied positive expectations they seemed to have of her was something that'd take some getting used to--it made her nervous, but in an excited kind of way for now. Reina wanted to prove them right--and herself wrong--and the Komei-lympics was certainly the best place in sight to do that.

"It's not flattery, Mamoru-chan. I'm really thankful for you. I know I've been hard to talk to and deal with--I've been told as much by everyone I know the past few years. You and Take-kun, and the rest of the class though... you've been pushing past that, and I can tell it's already been helping me a lot. I guess I shouldn't have ever been surprised, though; there's a reason you're all attending Komei. For a school like that, being an amazing person is as much a requirement as being talented is." Reina smiled again for the two, glad she had expressed her gratitude for them in at least some capacity. "And I'm still going to look up to you, Mamoru-chan. I... might have a powerful quirk, but I really don't... don't think that's everything. That might sound kind of biased, coming from me, I guess--but like I said, I couldn't get into any hero school at all until a string of lucky incidents and a connection to Komei got me here."

Reina's smile had faded as she spoke. Though her expression was still soft, just beneath were hints of the insane determination housed inside her that had surfaced slightly a few times since the school year had started already.

"I want to deserve this quirk. I want to wholly own it, and I want to use it and push it to its absolute limit." The girl's hand moved to gently hold one of her orbs that had floated in front of her chest. "I want to see just how far I can take it."

She flicked her wrist to send the orb on its way, the extra momentum quickly making it complete a full orbit around her before it started to slow down.

The girl was clearly going to continue speaking, but seemed hesitant on her next words.

"I'm... I'm lucky... to have been born with it." The words appeared to be extremely difficult for her to manage. "I've never thought that before. Not until... these villains attacked. My quirk's been nothing but a nuisance at best, and a... tragedy at worst. But for the first time, it did some good. I was able to use it to help save Michiko-chan.

"With such a quirk, I feel like I owe it to the world to not waste it. It's hard to not think it should've have ended up in someone else's hands. Someone more like you, I've always thought, Mamoru-chan. But it's not. It's with me. That's why I want to learn from you. I want to improve myself so I can utilize it to its full potential, because even though it feels like an obligation to me, it's still something I want for myself at the same time. I want to be strong enough that nothing and no one can ever threaten people I care about." The girl's gaze glanced to Takeshi's missing arm for a moment, the briefest flash of hatred coursing through her.

"I'll make myself strong enough to protect everyone." Another moment passed before Reina realized she was staring at the wall, her thoughts somewhere darker as her expression had changed further into one of contained turmoil and cold determination. The girl blinked twice, managing to smile again as she went back to playing with her ear and looking away towards the window. "Or at least, that's the impossible ideal I think I want to work towards--giving off that 'All Might' kind of feeling to the public, you know?"

She quickly grabbed another piece of watermelon and began to munch on it, her newly formed blush slowly fading.

"I'm anxious to get back to class too. I can't stand being monitored and told to stay in bed. Not that resting after, you know... not that it's bad, but I just start feeling so restless so quickly when I'm not doing something." Reina gave a giggle at the admission. "I can handle not moving around, I guess, but I've always really needed something to keep my mind busy at the very least. Hospitals aren't very stimulating, and playing games on my phone is kind of hard with one hand. It doesn't help that the one thing I really want to do right now is to get stronger--reading and phone games are fun, but they aren't scratching that particular itch," Reina went on before taking another bite. "I can't imagine it'll be much longer until I'm discharged, though. I'll walk out the door if it takes too long."

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