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This is just a shot in the dark but I was looking through old threads and got really nostalgic and regretful about this one. I didn't mean to let it die. Life got in the way; moving, working, family issues etc. Remembering the planning and looking at the characters and how fun and well thought out they all were reminded me of its potential. And I haven't found another RP that could rope me in. The more I think about this one it drags me in more and more. So, my shot in the dark: Would any of you want to pick up where we left off?

@Grey@Suku@The Jest@lunaticxenon@Amaterasu
I know the title says "still accepting" but might as well inquire cuz god knows I couldn't be bothered to change a title in the past. So, still accepting?
I'd like to throw my hat in in.

Sitting on the floor of his bedroom, the crimson maned young man diligently worked. A large blade, about 3/4th's his own height, rested in his lap as he tinkered away. It was a crudely put together weapon, not as polished looking as most, but it functioned. Having made sure it functioned at top performance, he smiled. He collapsed the blade to it's standby mode and secured it to the small of his back. After grabbing the large duffel in the corner of the room and slinging it over his shoulder he made his way out the door and down the living room. As he entered he was blindsided by a hard flick to the forehead. "Ow! The hell was that for?!"

"For choosing to study halfway across Remnant and not giving a single 'hesitant look at your room and smiling reluctantly as you close the door seventeen years worth of memories'! You don't seem to even care that you'll be leaving your dear, sweet mother to miss and worry about you!" The older woman was an odd mixture of fiery no-nonsense and over-the-top melodramatic that her son could never acclimate too. He never knew what would set her off. "That dumb cliche is your reason?! Wait, you were watching me pack? Geez, you've gotta be the weirdest mom in all of Atlas." Sol rubbed his forehead still stinging from the flick. She wasn't too happy when he told her he planned on going to Beacon Academy. Rightly so, as she wasn't even aware he had been training and building his own weapon in secret or that he wanted to become a huntsman at all. He had his reasons for keeping his training from and the hunstman part was a rather recent development. "Don't just brush off my motherly love and concern as 'weird'!" She sighed and looked over her son. She hadn't noticed how tall and mature he'd grown. When did it start? Or was he just growing up all along and she didn't want to notice. "Just make me a promise. That you'll call every once in a while? Promise? Sol rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah, I'll try to remember-" His mother pulled him him for a hug. "I know you, Sol. You take so much after you're father and the few things you take after me are so unflattering. That mix makes you a nightmare to get anything real out of. So, promise me you'll call? Sol knew she wouldn't let go until he did and the airship was set to take off soon. He hugged his mother back with some reluctance. "Promise."

The trip itself wasn't much to speak of but as the airship started to approach it's destination, the prospective students started to get restless and head toward the main deck to catch a glimpse of their new home for the next 4 years. Sol wasn't as eager and found the others excitement irritating. While they did that, he hung back in the small room he was provided for the voyage and pulled box our of his duffel. He stared at the box more a few moments, recalling memories that he needed to push aside now. Once he felt he'd put the box and it's associated thoughts at the back of his mind, he made his way to the deck with the rest. "A fresh start and a chance to do more..." As uninterested in view as he was initially, Sol couldn't deny the breathtaking sight of Beacon Academy in the distance.
No, your concern is warranted. You wrote your char to fill a particular niche and playing a role so drastically outside of that niche would more than likely require writing that is out of character. I'm sure our GM wouldn't mind changing the leader if it will really hinder your enjoyment otherwise.
Please move your lovely stuff to the Character tab kthx.

Partnerships are separated, leaders are highlighted. Teams were chosen by opposite character traits overall in an attempt to make things as interesting as possible. Any questions or concerns are not only accepted by appreciated- this kind of got cobbled together with me and an index card, so it's not necessarily the best, but I think these teams and pairings best promote that good ol' RP drama/growth thing we all love.

@datadogie @KiwiHalcyon @CAS1006 @soph @Vongola_Hasayo @KiltmanBagz @CriticalHit

I had a gut feeling Sol and Russel would end up on a team but I did not expect Russel to be the leader. Russel trying to give Sol orders...those scenes are gonna be a treat to write xD
@CAS1006 Nah, it's all good. I was pretty iffy on it too. I left it in for this exact reason. See if anybody felt the same. Any feedback is very much welcome.
@CAS1006 My idea was that it would store a small portion of the wearers aura over time and act as kind of an emergency aura battery once the wearers aura had been broken, giving a burst of aura for a short time to bolster the users chance of survival.
@CAS1006 He doesn't fight with it, it's just something he stole from Atlas before leaving. He doesn't know what it does or how it operates, it's mostly a kind of trophy of sorts. I didn't know how to describe but it's in in the appearance images.

This is what I"m referring to. It's kind of hard to see in the image so I sloppily boxed in the image ^_^;

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