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I'm sorry, but I think I'll be dropping out of this.

I don't feel too motivated to keep posting, but I do wish you guys the best of luck with this RP.

Was fun though, thanks for the good times.
Ya referred to Flin as the Shield Hero in the first sentence lol @Whoami

I really like the post tho
Apologies, I fixed it
Flin shrugged as the shaman came after them. He didn't exactly like being followed simply because someone else wasn't available, but he wasn't about to order him to leave. As long as he didn't do anything that annoyed him, anyway. "Whatever, just stick with us then." Flin simply replied, advancing further to the cathedral as he was guided by the angel before him. He still had plenty of questions for Auriel, but this whole experience had tired him out somewhat. He'd been treated kindly by Auriel's mother and Auriel, and given an excellent meal. The delicious food replenished his strength somewhat. Thanks to them, he'd felt more at home within this new world. He was given a room to stay in, and fell asleep peacefully.


Flin hopped out of his bed the next day, eager to get started. He was given another great meal, and finished his plate. He walked through the cathedral afterwards, looking for Auriel. They'd bought some basic armour for himself yesterday after Auriel showed him around the cathedral, but never got around to actual training. But before he could do as he intended, soldiers asked him to head for the castle.

Now he was within the throne room again, to meet the new Shield Hero. He didn't seem to want to be here, much as Flin felt when he first came here. Flin felt the same, but he didn't feel as frightened and confused as he was at first. "Hey, I'm Flin Meeru. The Spear hero." He calmly said to Fernando.

I was waiting cuz Guardian hadn't posted for a while lol

But yeah sure, I'll get a post out

^ I use this website

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Flin frowned as the Shield Hero stormed out. He was the only one who seemed particularly interesting and wise to him. But him leaving like this, told him otherwise. It was foolish to anger the king, and his statement about cutting off the Shield Hero's fundings made it all the more apparent. Flin certainly did not want to get on the king's bad side. He'd keep this moment as a strong reminder, in the back of his mind. He looked into Auriel's eyes as she spoke, easily seeing her brim with happyness. Apparently he'd left a good impression on her. He didn't expect it, but he was glad that he did. It made him feel less nervous.

"You can just call me Flin. My full name is Flin Meeru." He said with a smile. As the king opened the doors and soldiers walked over to hand each of them a bag of gold, he snatched it out of one of the soldier's hands and sighed in relief. Finally, he was free to do as he pleased. At least for the time being. "We should look for a place to stay, first." He spoke to Auriel. He listened to Cole's words, and what he said made sense. But he wasn't about to let this guy guide his hand. Who the hell did he think he was? "Right. Duly noted." He said to Cole, with some spite in his voice. He listened to the locations that Marcino mentioned. "Alright. Let's go, Auriel!" He said, in a kinder tone. He left the building in a hasty pace, but made sure that Auriel was able to keep up. He did not feel comfortable being around so many people.

"Do you know of a good place where we could stay?" He asked Auriel, as he examined his spear more closely in his hand.
We've got a dream, and the drive, haha.

If you're interested, I can send you a Discord link, where you can join the conversation. As far as structure goes, we've yet to decide on any concrete arcs, so that we can make sure everyone's on board with the ideas presented before we set anything in stone.

One Piece - Here We Are

Crew A: The Grimm Pirates

Some people think that maintaining an incredibly active core group in a text-based roleplay is borderline impossible nowadays.

We’re trying our best to challenge that notion.​

Our One piece RP is being built as an Arc-To-Arc Roleplay inspired by Oda's wonderfully wacky world of One Piece. We strive to foster an interactive, close-knit group that allows for all of its players to share their time in the spotlight as they interact with the plot in ways that allow them to develop their characters, have a serious impact on the story, and feel as if though they're actually part of something bigger than themselves.

This is a heavy combat centric RP, keep this in mind.

We’re looking to accept most skill levels as long as players are capable of using proper grammar and communicating a clear understanding of roleplay etiquette. We're not interested in people who put other players down for any reason at all, or players who ghost others. The primary goal is to keep the roleplay healthy, and keep our players happy.

If you’ve ever ghosted anyone or put others down, and haven’t yet learned from your mistakes, we’re not interested in having you on board!

Details regarding the roleplay's content:
  • The Canon is separate from the source material. Canon characters are not present, and most of the canon islands do not exist. Canon devil fruits, for the most part, will not exist unless a player requests access to one, and in those cases, they may be modified to fit the power scaling we have in place for the roleplay. Most of the defining concepts from the canon material are still in place however, but will likely be changed in some shape or form to better adhere to the world we've created.
  • One of the major changes worth noting is how we've adjusted the Haki system. To avoid powerplay and generally obnoxious application of techniques such as observation Haki, we've adjusted exactly how Haki works, and granted it more specific classifications that both widening and restraining its capabilities in a reasonable fashion.
  • Please note that the power scale for this roleplay is not in line with the anime. Canon feats are insane, and should not be used to scale character feats. You can never expect to see feats from canon characters that match those of Whitebeard, Zoro, Luffy, etc.
  • The players will be allowed one primary protagonist when first joining the roleplay. This character can be submitted to join a crew. If we find ourselves full at any point, then a new character can be submitted to join at the beginning of a brand new arc, as long as another character is not already in that queue. Please note that, despite being dictated as 'protagonists' in name, the primary crews are not forced to adhere to a Lawful Good/Neutral Good/Chaotic Good archetype. As long as you do not create Villains, and you do not break the server's rules, your actions in-character are yours to make in any fashion you so please.
  • The Server's Plot runs on an Arc-To-Arc path. There will be multiple crews, and each crew will participate in a single arc per island, with intermission periods between each arc strictly for player-character interaction. Although the arcs will offer total freedom in how the players can interact with the content provided, this Arc-To-Arc progression is quite strictly enforced. That is to say, this is not true sandbox roleplay. Once a crew enters an Arc, (Typically an island) they cannot leave that arc mid-way through, even if their character would reasonably do so. It is up to the player, or the GMs, to find a way to keep the players present in each arc, as to keep everything running smoothly. That being said, each arc will act almost like its own sandbox, allowing for players to interact with the events in any ways they would like to. Each arc will typically have multiple antagonists, several plot threads that intertwine, and anywhere from 20-50 NPCs depending on its complexity and length.
  • As a shounen battle anime Roleplay, it should be obvious that a fair amount of effort goes into the combat. Although combat is a very big part of the roleplay, we don't like to make everything about fighting people all of the time. Character interaction and development, paired with exploration, make up the meat of the roleplay. Battles will be closely monitored in order to keep players from power playing, and depending on how you feel about Combat Roleplay (CRP) your fighting experiences may be dumbed down to avoid overwhelming you, or scaled up if you prefer a challenge.

And that’s the meat of how we’ve planned to run things!

I am only looking for players that are committed to investing themselves in the meat of the roleplay. If you’re the type that joins roleplays left-and-right only to leave before an arc even comes close to concluding, we don’t want you either!

If you have any other questions, I can answer them for you, either in this thread, or through DMs.

If you’re interested in joining what might be the most successful and ambitious One-Piece Roleplay you’ve ever seen, please either post your interest here, or DM me!
Hope to see you soon.


Although we strive to meet the busy lifestyles that people face on the day to day basis, we will be enforcing an inactivity system here to keep the roleplay healthy and alive. If you don't believe you can keep up with the fairly consistent stream of activity and content we plan to provide, (players are expected to post once a day, typically) you will likely not find this to be a good fit. If you have trouble meeting our inactivity expectations, there will be some resources available to keep people from getting booted due to inactivity. However, keep in mind that if you do not communicate with us regularly, we will remove you without hesitation, and without warning. Communication is key. If you're busy, let us know! It's that simple.
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