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@vancexentan Nah, it's okay. I just thought the Spear Hero slots was up for grab since I didn't see a sheet. Thanks anyway.
Still accepting? And are any other hero slots still available?
Interested too. Hit me up if or when you start accepting sheets.
@Ambra Yup. Just waiting for it to start. Won't be reserving any character.
Maybe Nasus or Veigar?
@Infichi Could we reserve a devil fruit to be eaten or acquired later in the story?
@King Cosmos Yeah, something like that. Despite wanting to be pirate king, his conviction is a tad flaky. Mostly driven thrill and adventure, he's sort of like Ussop and Helmeppo roled into one, just less cowardly.

Ricardo could be to Han what Garp was to Kuzan.
@King Cosmos If you wouldn't mind, Han could join either your marine or pirate. Working in the reason on how and why he joined would be easy. Both seem authoritative enough for my taste.
But they haven't explained on the details on how they deem a DF as "special". Anyway, since you've got a plan for it, I'm good.
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