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Critakill's party request was successful, the notification that popped up on the corner of her screen said so. Her attack though, wasn't something she was proud off.

"You'd think a full charged attack would do more damage." She thought to herself whilst preparing for her next move.

"Don’t let your whole stamina pool get drained!" said the Darkin Ranger.

"Uh, gotcha." Critakill replied.

Although imparted with some words of concern regarding her stamina pool, Critakill continued to assist in the "assault" on the lowly slime. Another arrow had materialized and another Aimed Shot was being charged up.

"Let's give this one more try." She whispered as she took aim.

Mentions: @Versa

Although not apparent, Critakill was amazed on how realistic the virtual around her was. From sea breeze and sandy shores to her smooth brown skin and thick yet fluffy tail.

While the notification of the slime slaying quest ran down her heads up display, Critakill continued reorienting herself to Thalam's interface. From your own stats to your target's, the crosshair and aiming mechanics, the skill tabs, and the chat box, there were definitely a handful that one needed to get used to. It was time consuming, but it was better addressed now than later.

A bit too engrossed by the interface, Critakill realized too late that aside from a few stragglers, most had made their way further inland to hunt for slimes. A few minutes behind, Critakill soon followed, trying her best to catch up.


Surveying the field and the ongoing skirmishes, Critakill noticed that the slimes were tougher than she had expected; one or two strikes were probably far from being enough to take them out. "Can't solo them." She said in a monotone voice while her arms drooped from her sides.

Seeing as some were ganging up, Critakill decided that it was wise to do the same. The question for now though was who she was going to party up with.


[Critakill]: Party?
Private Message to Chrysanth

While sending her message along with a party invite, Critakill pulled out her bow before drawing back it's draw string. An arrow materialized as she took aim, waiting for the right time to let loose her Aimed Shot. From the moment aggro was established to the monster's successfully landing it's attack on the Darkin Ranger, Critakill was keeping watch. The instant the Slime rebounded from its tackle was Critakill's strike took flight.

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