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@ERode Due to a sudden work-related issue, I'll have to withdraw from this. Was looking forward for a decent VRMMO RP. This sucks.

Anyway, have fun!
Sorry guyss, but I'll be resuming work tomorrow, so that's 2 weeks earlier than what was previously scheduled. I'll be staying at the hospital for the next month. I'll have internet, but the forums are usually blocked. For now, I'll be putting the RP on hold, until I get better internet access.
So, who wants to be online buddies? Met in a r/HorriblyDepressing or r/Funny?
Aye. Planning to get that post up today. Wish me luck.
Katherine Choi | Maria

With the aid of her father and older brothers, Cacophony Concord was ready for Katherine, but was she ready for it? It was nice having the support of those she was close to since Katherine wasn't that certain on what to expect from the world of virtual reality. The world she was promised seemed too good to be true; it shouldn't have be that easy. She was afraid that she'd get disappointed, like usual. She was at a low point in life, and she worried that she might get ever lower. Given the frustrations that Katherine had piled up over the years, it wasn't strange that she remained skeptical.

Laying flat in her bed, Katherine knew that she had nothing to lose. She hoped, that she had nothing to lose. After letting out a deep sigh, she thanked her family, donned the full dive device helmet, and took the plunge into the virtual world.

Katherine was at a loss for words. The spectacle that she was witnessing excited her expectations; you could even say that it was too much. She didn't know how too feel; her heart was racing and she wanted to scream out loud, but she didn't. It wasn't frustration she was feeling, it was something more akin to being overjoyed, but not quite. Bewildered with what how the game had started, Katherine knew from there on that Cacophony Concord was going to be worth it.

A pleasant surprise was the appearance of Minerva, who made things even more whimsical, causing Katherine to burst out in tears, but laughing at the same time. She was truly overwhelmed with emotions, but it was a good thing. Listening to the fantastical owl's tutorial, Katherine was ready to start playing. It was time to remake herself into someone she'd actually want to be.

She wanted to be a few inches taller, and loathing her skeletal-like frame, Katherine wanted a bit of muscle. Although deciding to remain female, she wanted to sound intimidating, or at least wanted a voice that had presence. Katherine cared little for jewelry, piercing, or accessories; the only thing she wanted on her body were marks that she could wear like badges, as if she'd been in a fight or two. She had the perfect image in mind, and the perfect name to go with it.

"Maria." Katherine slowly said out loud as she typed her new name for this new world.

As for how Katherine wanted to perceive the world, she wanted it to be as magical as the stories she watched, read, and played about. Physically, she had nothing to offer, but she heard that the game could make up for that.

More than satisfied at the image she had conjured up - she was ecstatic - Katherine turned towards and approached Minerva. She actually didn't have a question for the black-feathered owl; she just wanted to show her gratitude. With her arms extended, she wrapped them around Minerva before giving it a massive, and extremely tight hug. "I can't thank you enough for this! Thank you, Minerva!"

It probably wasn't appropriate or right to thank the NPC that was in front of her, but Katherine didn't really care. She was obviously no longer thinking and was just purely expressing herself. She had to let it all out as Katherine before she could become Maria.
o3o oops. ty.
Can combat option be changed during the game once your character is made? Like trying to take the training wheels off?
I guess I'll support the weeb patrol and go for Horogi.
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