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Current Don't be a defeatist, and don't be a Toxic positive. Both are equally terrible extremes.
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That's the point when you should permanently blacklist those airheads.
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It also has something to do with what nerves the glass hits and how small the wound is but yeah, that's kinda true.
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Sounds like socialist propaganda to me.
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You only have to work hard if you can't work smart.
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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Get over it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you can manage daily posts, I might like you by default.

The world is full of emotion. Emotions are beautiful, but they stop us from evolving as individuals. Do not suppress them, but don't let them control you either, otherwise you will end up no different than a child. Be progressive by progressing, not suppressing.

Hard to do any of that when the world is run by idiots, though.

Currently not open to new RPs. Check Caravan if you want to join something I'm involved in. Just PM me your idea and we'll see if we can make some space for you. Spots may be limited, however.


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@Odin I actually can't. I don't know much about the topic at hand.

Stop being hypocrites and just answer the man's poorly phrased question for the love of god.
Northern Marrenfall, Gybol's Cafe
4th of Summer - 11:04 AM

Gybol's answer was completely unsatisfying. But the old guy expected as much. "I'm too old for this," He grunted, "But rest assured that I have no intention of ratting you out. The last thing I need are Marrenfall's OMAS goons running around the Suburbs like a pack of hungry dogs. Those idiots are..." He paused tapped his spoon against the edge of the bowl quietly, losing focus for a moment. He'd forgotten why he'd even come to the Suburbs for a split second, almost going totally comatose in his chair before shaking the dark feeling off. He'd just spoken negatively of Marrenfall's Organization of Magical Artifacts and Science without a second thought. A lot of citizens would avoid him for holding such a negative opinion like that. The organization was one of, if not the largest force keeping the Suburbs magic-free, and safe. Not many would take kindly to someone referring to them as idiots.

"I apologize for my tone." He reached for his hand and placed in on the table, revealing his balding cranium. "Mister Gybol," He lowered his hand, picked up his copy of Gybol's pendant, and lifted it. "What you are wearing is either a magical artifact, or a very astute replica... Most wouldn't be able to tell the difference at a first glance. The garnet typically has a sparkle to it, something I've an eye for after staring at the same jewel every day for the past twenty two years. It's a sparkle that your pendant lacks. If I didn't know any better, I would believe you were telling the truth... But I'm inclined to think otherwise when I look at this jewel." He rotated the pendant and nodded. "This jewel is most certainly enchanted. The garnet usually glimmers eternally, as long as it's supplied with mana regularly. But since I've sat down, I've noticed two things." He put the pendant back on the table, and picked up the small dark orb from his tray once more. "Not only have my artifacts ceased function, but no matter how much I urge my nodes to act, I cannot make that girl faint." He glared at Gybol intensely with his one good eye and moved the small jewel to one side. "Mister Gybol, I am an old man without access to his magic. I am in no position to threaten you or your young employee, nor do I have any desire to do so. Whatever magic that this establishment is enacting to dampen my abilities and tools is none of my concern. But if that amulet is indeed a pair to my own, then I must insist you share with me the details of how it came to be in your possession." The man eyed the back room, making sure to keep his voice low enough so that Nina was none the wiser. It was a success. That stupid girl was already face-deep in the leftovers that Gybol had provided. The old man put his trinkets away slowly after he finished speaking, and sighed deeply.
Berganfont, Lilith's Keg
4th of Summer - 9:01 AM

Peter was a little confused, but he knew that his mama would be able to make sense of it in an instant.

"I heard, Pete," Lilith called out, not lifting her head from the bar-top, "Help your brother with the stove. Farmer's lunch." Peter spun around and nodded before darting into the back room. He knew every dish on the menu based on his mother's cute little nicknames for the food. Sometimes they were based on the customers, other times it was something weird like farmer's lunch or sweet and sour. He'd never get it wrong, regardless. His awkward habit of memorizing obtuse queues was he number one talent, after all. Hopefully that would help him when he got older. "You can sit at the bar if you want, Shane," Lilith offered, "I don't know how many times I gotta tell you I don't bite."
Nillium Encampment, The Burroughs
3rd of Summer - 9:25 PM

Philip remained unconscious as Ayer rummaged through his pockets. But Locke had not yet passed out. He still writhed underneath his coverings in pain with burn marks scarring his face, arms, and upper body. Despite that, he still tried to speak to the two fugitives. But it wouldn't do much. His voice was completely drowned out by the blood pooling in his mouth. Each time he spoke, Locke was forced to stop himself and clear his throat with a sputtering series of coughs. As Ayer and Paric walked off, he finally gave up and put his full focus on evening out his breaths. This wouldn't be where he died.

Later, 9:34 PM

The guards, after dispersing from Mop's little performance, returned to their patrol routes. If Ayer and Paric were planning on taking the streets, or continue through the alleys, they would have eventually spotted them for sure. But the boardwalk was massive, and men were limited. It was only a matter of time before they saw an opportunity to scurry across undetected, and find themselves a selection of boats. The Nillium's Fang towered overhead and cast a dark shadow on the men, while several smaller boats, usually tasked with patrol, fishing, or small deliveries, were lined up on the opposite end of the dock with nobody to guard them. However, high above both men, there were several patrols keeping a close eye on the pride of their fleet. Julius Barrel stood, or rather, sat among them on top of the cabin's roof with a wad of herb stuck in his cheek. The Nillium captains were not adverse to drug use, but Locke and Julius were especially addicted to their substance of choice. Where Locke preferred a hard liquor, Julius had a taste for a variety of mildly hallucinogenic plants found throughout the entirety of the Lemow Forest around Leias. Today's herb of choice was fizzle root. It dampened the man's sense of hearing significantly, and in return, he lost a great deal of feeling in both of his arms. Experimenting while on-duty was strictly prohibited. But Julius didn't care. After all, he was practically the strongest person in the entire city.

The boats that Ayer and Paric had easy access to were all large enough to fit 10 men comfortably. They all had cabins, and arcane propulsion devices. For such an unkempt, and low-tech city, Nillium was host to quite advanced naval hardware. They were efficient enough that anyone with mana could easily fuel them, and simple enough for anyone with even a narrow understanding of Human-tech to pilot. All of the boats looked similar though. There were no paint jobs or intricate designs to be found along their hulls, and their cabins all looked fairly similar with differing levels of wear along the edges. But between the 4 or 5 larger boats, a much smaller vessel was situated almost underneath the 10-foot high docks. The only thing keeping it in place was a length of rope wrapped around one of the pole. It had no anchor, and drifted casually in and out of sight, under the dock and then away into the water. The water itself looked pretty deep too. If they were unfortunate enough to fall in, the men wouldn't be walking to shore.

From where they stood, looking out into the sea would not show them much. They were on main-land after all. The only other landmass in sight was barely visible as a silhouette, and from there, they could see even larger boats making their way back to shore. If they wanted to escape via the water, they may have had a hard time doing so.

Northern Marrenfall, Gybol's Cafe
4th of Summer - 11:03 AM

The man let out a wheezy chuckle.

"Your stories are as colorful as your skin, sonny," he bleated before taking in another spoonful of soup. Nina slowly backed away from the weird conversation between old men, retreating into the kitchen to find herself a little meal. The man looked towards the girl briefly. As she disappeared into the back room, his smile melted away.

"Tell me where you got that necklace, boy," he grunted aggressively. He wanted details, and didn't sound like the type to walk away unsatisfied.

Berganfont, Lilith's Keg
4th of Summer - 9:01 AM

"Cheapest?" Peter mumbled, "All meals cost the same, now. We'll get you whatever you want!"

Lilith finally peered out of the kitchen and started to work into the bar-top with a ragged cloth, rubbing it down until even the grungy wood sparkled.
Smor'Gen'Blok, Wor Tribe's Destroyed Hearth-site
3rd of Summer - 10:03 AM

Za'Kul's words didn't scratch the density of Wor's blockade. The frontal Lok'Sha ignored him and strengthened their pose.

"Words mean nothing! Help weak Lok'Sha and die at their side! Pitiful!" A hand reached out from behind the man who spoke for his people. He turned around slowly, but his head spun back around, along with his entire body. He was launched off the ground by one of his kin, and landed at Za'Kul's feet, grunting in pain as he skid across the uneven stone floor. Behind him, one of the larger Wor Tribesmen stood with his fist outstretched.

"Ku'La! What you doing!?"

"Only treachery be your disregard for sisters and brothers," Ku'La grunted, "Only pitiful nature is that in hearts of Pure Bloods of Wor. Tribe fall to pieces and you concerned with pettiness. Young Kul speak truth." The man pulled his fist back and darted past Za'Kul without making eye contact. A moment later, two more men, and one woman, followed suit, each one a different shade of beige, all wielding tools around their hips for forging and mining. The remaining Lok'Sha that had united to block the Kul's path were taken aback, and softened their stand as their supposed leader lay on the ground before Za'Kul, slowly picking himself up. The Lok'Sha behind them stepped aside, as if to invite Za'Kul forward. They didn't feel they had any right to block his path after that.

But, the man on the ground thought differently, quickly reaching out for Za'Kul's ankle with one hand as the four tribe members rushed past Za'Kul.

"Poison! You are poison!"

Baeshri Pass, Caravan Centaurus
3rd of Summer - 10:30 PM

"If we're really agreed, I'll go as well," Noru insisted, "My treatments are finished. If anyone is injured by some cruel twist of fate out in the field, my presence is an asset. I have plenty of mana and stamina to spare as well." Neal lowered his right arm and flexed it a few times, considering his options. "Neal should not be moving around to much, anyways. One wrong move, and you're likely to injure your arm to a point where I won't be able to fix it."

"Fine by me," Neal huffed, "I'm still a little tired myself." His reluctance in trusting the two strangers was slowly fading. Despite being a man that was absolutely set in his ways, the overwhelming praise that these Druids received in lieu of his doubts was difficult to argue with. He wasn't fond of it, but for now, he had no reason to judge them so harshly. Zay nodded to himself and stood up. The Captain lowered his bunk and began to climb into it.

"Then it's settled," He grunted while heaving himself up, "Search the area for as long as you can. As long as possible, preferably. It would be good to let everyone get some rest before we head too far away from the Caravan." He eyed Daelin and nodded in his direction from his bunk. "I know I could use a nap."
I see absolutely no appeal to playing a role that offers even less flexibility than playing a fictional canon character. We go from you must pertain to these parameters, to you must pertain to these parameters, but you're also extremely mundane.
Nillium Encampment, The Burroughs
3rd of Summer - 9:24 PM

Locke pulled his blade down as soon as he could manage a motion with any strength, around the same time that the brilliant flames encompassed his body. The sword sliced through Paric's flesh until it hit bone, but didn't severe straight through the man's arm as his opponent back away in recoil from the blast. The puddle behind him splashed, and he lost his footing, losing grip of his sword while falling back onto the hard ground, soundless behind the swooshing of flames. Paric was bleeding heavily from his arm now, but Mop was frantically rolling around in water, trying to put the fire out as quickly as possible. At this point, he might have sounded some kind of alarm, but when he tried to scream, whether it be out in pain or for aid, he instead began to cough and gasp for air. He flopped helplessly from side to side like a fish out of water. The guards didn't think anything of it, even though they could hear the muffled echoes of their captain's coughing fit.
Baeshri Pass, Caravan Centaurus
3rd of Summer - 10:30 PM

"I'm sure Lyullia can deal with the repairs without too much trouble. It's just a matter of replacing a few parts here and there, checking the Caravan's integrity, stuff like that. But one of our Venbu was killed in the accident, and the other... Well, it's like your little friend here says. They've passed one. Even if we got things in working order, we've got no way to get moving. Hell, if the Venbu were still alive, we wouldn't even have a pilot to get us where we're going!" Zay looked around the Caravan at everyone else as he spoke, still without a single idea to get them back on their path. "If you're offering to escort us somewhere safer though, we can't possibly turn that down!" The Captain waved Flin away when the food was denied, and then noticed that he'd just brought a bunch of raw veggies. He gave him a disapproving glare and sighed.

"Excuse me to interject," Noru cut in, "But we're still missing a companion. A woman. She was flung off of the cart in the explosion, and we've yet to search for her body. The girl in question was also our pilot. Would it be possible to allow us a little while to search the pass?" He looked at Ell, and then back to Rem. "If one of you could stay behind with me, while the rest of us go on ahead, that would be even better."

"Split up?" Neal grunted.

"Druids," Zay chirped, "Read a book."
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