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Current Hey remember when this site didn't have 3 tabs in the IC threads? Crazy.
3 yrs ago
I feel like Myriad Reality is somehow the secret glue holding this entire site together
4 yrs ago
People like to nudge aside the fact that there's a level of commitment to hosting, and joining an RP. The majority of players don't have it in either case, regardless of how interesting an idea is.
4 yrs ago
I've been gone so long that I forgot what the status bar was like. It's like coming back to an old apartment, except it's not an apartment anymore, it's just two walls and a lot of heroine addicts.
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The status bar serves one of three purposes. You can be pretentious, you can tell people about your personal problems, or you can be a smartass.


Nihilist, but like, the cool type of nihilist, you know?

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@Lord Moldoma

1. When I say Shonen, I'm particularly referring to battle anime as a guilty pleasure. Just, complete nonsense like Naruto, Hero Aca, One Piece, etc. I enjoy Seinen as well, but I don't often compare the two in my mind when it comes to roleplaying. At the end of the day, I'm willing to play anything that involves Action, Drama, and Tropes, so long as the characters exist to grow and not stagnate.

2. Sorry, let me correct myself; I don't do R-Rated explicit Sexual content. As far as depictions of violence, I'm completely desensitized to most shit and really do-not-care how graphic somebody is, so long as it's tasteful and thematically appropriate. Seeing a man cleave people in half in what is supposedly a light-hearted action RP, for example, is just annoying, while sitting through a paragraph describing torture in any dark-fantasy setting is just par for the course.

In the past recent weeks I've gotten more involved in a story I'm running, a Pokemon Mystery dungeon tabletop, and three different weekly events, so I'm no longer fully available for anything 1x1, unfortunately. If you do think of anything that could support 2-3 players though, let me know and I'll gather some people. I just can't really play anything Akin to GM role at the moment.
Yep, always open. Sure, you can use gen 9.

I noticed there aren't very many trainers, so I was planning on leaning heavily into filling that niche. The concept I have in mind is a champion-level trainer/breeder who's just barely getting into contests as a coordinator. He'll have some fairly untrained Pokémon that he's just recently adopted onto his team, rather than a full line-up of champion winners.

Is this too much? Though I planned on leaning into his ineptitude as a Coordinator as his motive for being on the Lugia - using this tournament as a chance to learn rather than compete - the main intent is to have him run around with NFE Pokémon and get mixed up in the ensuing shenanigans, woefully unprepared without access to his usual team.
Still some space for players, yeah?

Also, are we using pokes up to Gen 9 or just 8?
I may be interested in something short-form to start. Something similar to a one-shot, ending well before reaching a significant post count. I just have a few Caveats...

1. I'm a little cautious when writing with new people. I've never totally ghosted anyone, but if I'm not invested in the story, I will respectfully withdraw. Considering I GM about 80% of the stuff I'm in, this usually comes from a lack of activity.

2. My favorite type of narrative in roleplaying doesn't take itself too seriously. Liekwise, I only have so much patience for wacky-tacky nonsense. I'm all for Anime Bullshit, because it can be hilarious, but there's a limit, naturally.

3. No R-rated Adult content, thanks. I'm not about that life.

With all that in mind, I'm all about the following Genres...

- Horror
- Fantasy
- Shounen Action (I really can't stress how guilty of a pleasure this is)

A few of your custom settings seem fairly interesting, but for a first go, I'd rather use an established setting, or create something brand new.

On that note, I may be able to fetch 1 or 2 players to join if the Genres are Fantasy/Shounen (Probably HeroAca TBH), and action oriented. I can't really guarantee a good group dynamic, but hey, that's showbiz. I'm also fairly good at getting them to post at a reasonable pace.

Our core group is shaping up quite nicely.
I wouldn't be opposed. I'll send you my Discord through DM
I would love to continue this, but it's come to my attention that this forum's moderators are awful people, and I can't continue to use this platform knowing about the nasty behavior that they continue to perpetuate. Sorry.
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