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Current Hero Tale may evolve into a full-blown group RP within the next few months. All interest is to be directed at me via PM.
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"Limitless Edge"
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"I was too busy to post" No you weren't. You were uninspired, or tired, or depressed, or lazy. Just tell the truth?
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"I've got 420 reasons for you to smoke up!"


I may not apply myself a lot of the time, but let's just say that I fall far above the median, yea?

I've been role playing for 8 years, writing since I was a wee-bab. I love fantasy-based roleplays with action, drama, and interesting characters of course.

I GM role plays more than I join in on them though, check my signature for the stuff I'm part of.

I'm pretty chill, but don't get on my bad side! I primarily role-play fantasy, but like to branch out occasionally. If you have ideas, I'm open to 1x1's, and small group RPs.

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Nino The 'Kitty'

@Yomojo@Afro Samurai@patches

The prospect of being a mascot for anyone or any group of ones, attacked his stomach from every angle. He wretched audibly as Quinn suggested it and shook his head. Lucille's idea had a strangely appealing ring to it though. Nino's ears torqued. He was attentive for all 3 seconds that he considered her idea, before dismissing it with a low pitched meow. "Other animal casters? Blehg, I've come across no such thing, myself. Even in the presence of other mammals my size, I have no interest in dispensing any sort of justice, Lucille," Nino grunted, standing up and padding his way to the opposite side of the table. "My life could certainly use a little more... Panache. Whether it be Justice, terror, or the thrill of adventure..." Nino thought it over again, wiggling his eyes from left to right like he was chasing an invisible string across the breath of their table. "Mmmmmrrmmm..."
Luke slammed his fist against the table, cracking the table's glassy surface in a feat of strength that mimicked Jenso's, with lesser results. "So then what, we just sit here and let her die?!" Luke cried in outrage, "You expect us to just sit back and do nothing? What kind of- Where's the justice in that?!" Luke, usually a man of reason, forfeiting his morals for the right causes, couldn't hold back his temper. It was a common problem of his, but to side with the idea of prematurely assaulting to tower... He was off his rocker! Then again, what could they do? Was it really fine to leave those women there to die at the hands of that corrupt witch? Or to let her send them into battle?
Geode closed his eyes and crossed his arms, refusing to acknowledge Jenso's emotional outburst. He was under no obligation to answer any of his questions anyways. The reactions baffled him. Perhaps this was truly the limit of humans? To lash out in the name of love and togetherness? Geode's face twitched. It had been exactly how he'd acted in response to Gaia, albeit to a far lesser degree of emotional influence. All beings were the same, in the end. They fought for what they wanted. Maybe they weren't so different after all.
"Don't be an idiot," Geode said calmly.
"Patience Jenso," Mikey said calmly as the video feed started up. Of course, the first thing they could see was the tower itself atop a large hill that overlooked the ocean. It was less than a kilometer in width after all. Perhaps 30 meters across? Mikey rolled his eyes as the surveillance continued. Suddenly, as they neared the hill, a large purple mass of goo rose from the ground and took the shape of Rajaka, before it smashed the robot to pieces. the surveillance switched to another bot to witness the act. Rajaka, or goo-jaka turned towards it and rushed forwards.

"Wait just a moment, dear!" Ada called out, walking into view. She neared the robot slowly, strutting through the grass, her pristine figure barely discernible against the sunrise. A series of metallic crashes sounded, as if each and every other robot in the small platoon was instantly crushed by something else. Ada bent towards the surveillance robot, leaned in closely, and smiled through her mask. The bot couldn't move or attack. Instead, she took control of it somehow, spinning it to reveal that a series of purple humanoid warriors, similar to Rajaka, had wiped out the platoon. they numbered at least 30, overwhelming the small 20-man attack squad. Ada snickered and clutched her breasts with both forearms. "OH! Such an adorable attempt at scouting our defences! I'm flattered you would put so much work into getting my splendid body on screen!" Ada rose her arms and emphasised her curves with a pose, thick with seduction. It was a little hard to see past the insanity that transpired behind her raw sex appeal, but lesser men would be swayed by her looks alone. She really was a harpy. "How about I reward your efforts with a little tour?" Then the feed cut off, as if the recording had ended. It paused for a few seconds.

"Give it a moment," Mikey said, feverish with anxiety.

"Welcome back to cooking with Ada!" The recording flashed back onto the screen, revealing Ada inside a large, dark room lit by red flames along the walls. There was a window that revealed the sun high in the sky, but most of the picture was too dark to make out. Was it already later in the day? It was roughly 5 am when the robots attacked, how much time had passed? And how did she control the recording? "Just kidding! I haven't eaten anyone in ages. Men leave such a bad taste in my mouth," she growled, following it up with a petite giggle. She conjured a purple flame in her hand and lit the area behind her, revealing a familiar feminine figure. "Women on the other hand, sweet like honey. More than palatable." Ada walked closer, bringing the robot with her. As the image grew clearer, the girl's identity was revealed. It was Sheira, Jeff's old lab assistant. "Surprise! I had Dacer retrieve this breath of fresh air." Sheira was completely naked, and tied to the wall with various purple chains that melted into the bricks behind her. Ada smiled and turned towards the girl. She was barely alive, bleeding from her eyes. They'd been torn out, and her lips were sewn shut. Adarine lifted one hand to her chin and pulled Sheira's face towards her own as she looked into the camera. "We've had so much fun, this little harlot can be such a tease, but those erotic colours flare out something fierce when you tickle-" Suddenly the audio cut off. Mikey muted it.

"We uh, we really don't need to listen to any of this. Just watch," Mikey insisted.

Ada continued to prattle on for a while, before kissing Sheira. And then, she slit her throat, in one fluid motion, letting blood pour down her naked body in crimson tides. Her eyes focused on the camera and her playful demeanour vanished. Then she smiled again. Mikey un-muted the audio.

"Right here," He said.

"I've got a few more just like her in my room, here. I'm really in no position to let them go- in fact, I don't actually want to let them go... But the circumstances abate my desires for you, Jenso!" Ada looked up, and then back at the camera, slowly blinking as she did so. "My master, Zei-Zei, would be ever so grateful to me if I were to retrieve you for him. So, I'll sweeten his generous offer to spare your galaxy!" The video feed cut off again for a few seconds. Mikey closed his eyes and grabbed his nose in irritation, not looking forward to what happens next. The video flashed back on, and two new women appeared on screen. One fully clothed, the other naked, just as Sheira was. "It took a lot of research to track her down.." Luke's eyes widened and his hands slowly rose to press against the surface of the war-table as he looked closely at the face of the clothed woman. The other nude figure was none other than Milena, however, Alvios' friend from Corona. "This one, I just.. I just liked her!" Ada said traipsing towards Milena and gently touching her chin. The girl was unharmed, but unconscious. "But I figured, the will of your allies would benefit your decision greatly, so.. She's not dead! Unharmed, even!" Ada walked over to the clothed woman, who, rather than sustaining damage, or lacking consciousness, stared into the camera angrily with he mouth shut and he brow furrowed. She had long, orange hair that flowed over most of her body, and wore a golden-rod ore dress.

"This one has spirit, though!" Ada admitted, refusing to even touch the other woman, "It pains me to resist breaking it, oh how it pains me! I can barely stand through this torrent of lust, but she's not for me. Not for Ada." Luke's fingers bent against the table, his breath shallow with each sip of air. "Come to the tower, and they will not be killed. I will... Uhg.. Release them back into your crummy world." Ada grunted and crossed her arms, pushing her cleavage into uneven proportions. Then she smiled again, her lips glowing with a purple hue. "Otherwise, I will turn her into yet another zombie, tasked to kill you all. Kill you," Ada began chuckling, snowballing into full on maniacal laughter over a few seconds, before shutting herself up and peering at the ceiling blankly. "Hmm. I wonder what it feels like to be forced against your own mother.. I wonder what it might feel like to plunge a blade into the depths of her void heart..." Ada's eyes widened and she chuckled lightly. "Wait, no I don't! Ahahaha!!!" She paused her laughter and looked at the screen with a tormented glare, still smiling. "See ya real soon, Golden boy." With that, the camera cracked, and the feed ended, leaving nothing but static in its place.
~ Chapter 136 ~

Status Report

Everyone was gathered around the war table once again. Mikey had taken his time in observing each and every fighter's strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, he was ready to send out his first wave of training. But first thing was first.

"Thanks for coming everyone, I trust you had a good night's rest," Mikey announced, as everyone positioned themselves accordingly. "Now, if I could have your attention directed at the hologram projector.." Suddenly, a feed of the tower of chaos popped up in the center of the table. "This is the recording Jeff was able to achieve this morning. I warn you, it's.. It's a little disturbing."
Mikey smiled and nodded. "Yeah, yeah you're right. I probably shouldn't focus on my flaws!" Mikey straightened up and pointed at the giant bubble that he created. "Alright! Hit that bubble with all of your techniques!" Mikey ordered, pointing with vigor and a righteous smile. It was time to prep an army to fight the gods!

~ End Of Chapter 135 ~
Mikey sighed and nodded. "Your speed makes up for your frailty. Thank goodness for that... uh.." Mikey paused and sighed. He went silent for a few moments before speaking again. "Do you really think I can do it? I mean, lead us into battle?"
Mikey looked over the sphere closely and nodded. "Your balance is on point. Alright!" Mikey turned around and conjured a giant sphere of liquid. It was instant, and the water floated ominously on one half of the field.

"Jeff, what are your capabilities, going all out?"
Mikey observed Jeff's sphere to the best of his ability. "Yeah that's.. That's fine. It's just a little..." Mikey conjured a sphere in his right hand, make solely of water, but much smaller. He then flicked it into the center of Jeff's sphere, and the wind flickered, stopping for a few seconds before it continued to retain its shape. "Could be better. Your focus is good, but against the order, we need uh.. As close to perfect as we can get," Mikey insisted. "Try again, with Arki this time around. From what I know, you can't manifest pure Ki, so Arki is the next best thing."
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