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2 yrs ago
I feel like Myriad Reality is somehow the secret glue holding this entire site together
3 yrs ago
People like to nudge aside the fact that there's a level of commitment to hosting, and joining an RP. The majority of players don't have it in either case, regardless of how interesting an idea is.
3 yrs ago
I've been gone so long that I forgot what the status bar was like. It's like coming back to an old apartment, except it's not an apartment anymore, it's just two walls and a lot of heroine addicts.
4 yrs ago
The status bar serves one of three purposes. You can be pretentious, you can tell people about your personal problems, or you can be a smartass.
4 yrs ago
Ok guys I'm going to be role playing as Ichigo from Bleach but he has a scar over one eye and his name is Richard Spencer and he has like five girlfriends.


Nihilist, but like, the cool type of nihilist, you know?

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Our core group is shaping up quite nicely.
I wouldn't be opposed. I'll send you my Discord through DM
I would love to continue this, but it's come to my attention that this forum's moderators are awful people, and I can't continue to use this platform knowing about the nasty behavior that they continue to perpetuate. Sorry.
It's come to my attention that this site is run by absolute morons. I'm going to have to drop out and cease activity on these forums indefinitely. Sorry about that.
The woman rose her hand and looked down at Shane while tendrils of dark fog swirled around her fingertips. Her chest rose and fell with heavy, heaving breaths, but after a few seconds frozen in place, the fire in her eyes died down, and the fog faded to a dim hue. She walked over to the closet without delay and pulled Shane's sister out with one hand, holding her high over his head.

"I'm above killing children. It's the only rule I must abide by. The only rule that the Sullen Pirates must abide by. But you aren't walking off this boat without losing something." She tossed Molly onto her bed and stomped over towards Shane. "You take something from me, I take something from you."
Marcus tried to take the information being slung at him in stride, but it was too much. His mind went blank as the priest went on, until they were finally escorted single-file out of the dank little room that they were... "Summoned" to. Magic, heroes, weapons, danger, prophecies, and to top it all off, a child king. It was like trying to dance along a thin rope while having knives flung at you one after the other. There were many points where Marcus was keen to object. Points where he had the urge to shout his confusion at the top of his lungs and demand the attention of everyone in the room, but his energy was sapped. Cruel memories of his collapse several years ago made him impish, too insecure to speak his mind, even now, in this insane world of nonsense.

He didn't nod. He didn't acknowledge anything being said. Marcus kept his eyes glued to the ground, almost unconscious on his feet as he stumbled into the lineup. He'd glance over at the other heroes briefly whenever they spoke with disdain. Two of them were readily accepting of this new world, like they had nothing back home to return to. Maybe this was a paradise for them. Maybe being torn away from a life that had yet to even begin was like a blessing. Marcus didn't feel the same way though. He was torn away from his home. Ripped from rebuilding his legacy. Perhaps worst of all, he was being escorted around the cold halls of a castle in nothing but his bathrobe. What a hellish outcome.

When the king spoke of statuses, Marcus rose his head. His right eye caught something peculiar near the corner of his vision. It seemed tangible, yet, fused with the atmosphere like some ethereal mechanism. A menu? Like, the kind of menus you'd find in those old role playing games from the 90's? It's been so long since he'd had time for video games, but as soon as he reached for the little node, memories came flooding back, and the windows the popped up flooded him with nostalgia.

Marcus shut the window, only to be greeted by a hulking loudmouth with a straightforward proposition. It sounded more like an order though, something they were forced into whether they liked it or not, much like this whole 'hero for hire' garbage. The hierarchy was starting to become clearer, but as far as he knew, the heroes was more indispensable than anyone in here. Maybe with that leverage, he could find a way out of this terrifying dream state, and back into the real world.

Just after catching his bearings once again, he was approached by one of the vassals presented to them, a small girl with long brown hair. The girl's voice was soft, almost that of a child's, but she spoke with the poise of a lady. Normally he would have the wherewithal to return her request professionally, with due elegance, but the situation still had him staggered. With fog still rolling through his head, he looked the girl over and opened his mouth to speak, but tripped over his words.

"You- Um- It's quite-" He stammered, "Sorry. Forgive me. This still doesn't quite feel like reality to me. To be told so many things and expected..." He paused and looked to the king. Marcus cleared his throat and strengthened his posture. With one hand, he tightened the fuzzy belt around his robe, and rose his voice so that he would be heard clearly by all.

"Expected to fulfill a role that I never agreed to, after being stolen from my world without warning. You can imagine my alarm." Marcus looked to lock eyes with the king as he spoke. His composure returned to him in moments, as if the haze had suddenly been blown away by a tempest of anger. It felt right to finally speak up, but in doing so, an immediate pang of regret clutched his Adams apple. Perhaps he'd stepped out of line. If he'd been a slave, talking back to his slaver would have earned him lashes, and nothing more.
As long as they don't turn the world map into a shitty knockoff of 15's already shitty map I'll be content.
I for one welcome the meta narrative. I just wish the spooky plot devices had better presentation. It still leaves a lot of potential for... Bad times ahead.
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