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Hello there, I'm Lummo!

I'm looking for a partner to write with. I've got an idea worked out and a couple different pairings that could work with said idea to give a little bit of creative freedom to whoever wants to take on the role. I would like someone who can handle mature scenes (gore/violence/possible smut), pop out at least two paragraphs (you don't need to be able to write a novel, but c'mon people!), as well as post fairly regularly. I will give you the same in return! (: I promise you won't be disappointed.

As for a storyline, I have a craving for a SUPERHERO roleplay. My character is a young hero, struggling with protecting the city from a new threat- a gang of ruthless villains. Your character could be just about anyone- a reporter, another superhero, a citizen, etc. I've already taken the liberty of writing an introduction, so all I need is a male counterpart. This will be a fast paced, exciting roleplay and I absolutely can't wait to get started.

Please PM me or comment below, and we can get started on saving the world! (;
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I'd love to get started on this! Would you please PM me so we can talk more about it?
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If you're willing to participate in two of these, I would also like to express my interest.
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