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Day off tomorrow, calendar is cleared, ready for posting again!
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December 25th, 2020 - Conowingdo Dam, Maryland

Well, that was at least three. Tank wanted to go, as did Velocity, and the plan-man more or less had to go since he seemed to know what was going on. It seemed like they had a ground team ready, with Grim and... that other guy, whom his ring told Preston was Atlantean. Maybe Tank could stay back as well, or maybe the plant if he didn't want to go into the action. He seemed a little timid. Maybe the big fight wasn't for him. If he really was a part of the earth, it would serve him better to stay on the ground anyways.

Velocity chirped a question, one that Preston didn't have to take much time to think about. "I should." He answered her with a subtle shrug. "Granted that I can probably fly faster than Tank can throw you, I can make them wherever and whenever you needed them. I can't move as fast as you, but if you slow down, I'm sure I can generate platforms for you in time."
December 25th, 2:43 AM
Conowingdo Dam, Maryland

As if some greater power, greater than Cronus himself, had heard his pleas, a new figured appeared from the ground. His ring was quick to register the creature as a part of the earth itself, some sort of conscious extension that was stronger and more acute than beings like Mogo. How strange. Maybe Preston would have to study up on this guy at some point and learn more about his powers, provided he was friendly.

He couldn't believe that he hadn't noticed the skyward brawl going on. Lady Arcana was the one with the lightning bolt on her chest, if he remembered right. He hadn't see any of these faces since the Middle East, and he didn't spend a lot of time on earth anymore because of his elevated job.

He was probably the best person suited for something like that. Not only was he equipped with flight and probably one of the strongest ones here, but... Actually, that was about it. Velocity was still the best scout, Grim could do a myriad of things, and that guy with the trident probably wouldn't be able to do much so high up.

His ring was picking up slight disturbances every time something flickered in the sky. Surely, that was the fight going on the newcomer was talking about.

"Alright." He clenched his fist, forcing the ring to let out a glow. "Alright, man..." He couldn't go on without knowing his name. Preston had never seen this guy before. His confidence quickly faltered. He let out a groan, sliding his hand across his face. "Alright, what's your name? We're going up there. Someone needs to explain to me what's happening here and why Cronus just tore apart DC."
Emerald Knight was a fool to have thought that it would have been done so easily. Kronus, the god of gods, lord Titan, would no be killed with a single, though smartly planned move. The water rushed, lightning clapped, and everyone seemed to have forgotten that there was still water rushing down to drown any nearby town. Orin was already on it, thank god, and Emerald Knight flew out without a second thought to try and do his part in making channels and redirecting water with massive constructs. He couldn't move and work faster than the water moved, but something was better than anything.

Velocity, that was the speedster in the middle east. He never talked to them... Her. His conversations back then were all too brief, but maybe now he could get a little bit more acquainted with these heroes.

Grim was thinking ahead also. Emerald Knight made sure to stay close and wander back over to the group.

"Obviously Velocity here would do best in scouting, checking everything to see who needed help and how bad things are nearby. I can work damage control." He didn't want to just stand around and take orders. Preston, even though under a mask, still knew a thing or two, and wanted to help however possible. "Grim, since you were able to even find me in the first place, maybe you can work some magic to see how things are holding up tech wise, see how much people know about all this and DC." Again, he was just shooting dumb ideas around to try and be important.
Emerald Knight wasn't expecting for anyone to be aware of the presence of other beings, especially this hydrokinetic standing near him. His wording was careful, like he was intentionally trying to tip off Preston to what he knew. It was a surprise, but one that was certainly welcome. He'd need to head back to Oa, or at least check his ring to see if there were any known societies on earth that would know about the existence of the Green Lanterns.

He opened his mouth to speak, but Tank beat him to the punch, and patted his back. It wasn't a whole lot, but just enough to serve as a distraction from his thoughts.

He looked around. Maybe it was coincidence, maybe Grim had planned it this way. Everyone here was from the attack in the middle east.. "You know, if we keep doing this, we're going to have to know each other on a first name basis." He joked, but inwardly, he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to let go of his secrecy, especially around other powered individuals that were just as strong as he was, and much smarter.
This sounds really interesting! It'd be cool to take this and have it eventually move into something a little more adventure based as time goes on, exploring the realm of gods and magic and such.
December 25th
2:28 AM
Conowingdo Dam, Maryland

"Stable." Emerald Knight reported promptly. After his part in the fight was over, He regulated himself to making sure that the damage was minimized. Cronus had done a massive amount of damage on his own, not to mention the hordes of monsters that flooded the world. "What are we going to do with the big guy? I could take him back to my...." He suddenly realized that he still hadn't told anyone of the Green Lantern Corps, or even the fact that aliens existed. "Base. My employers can make him answer for his crimes, assuming theres still life in that titan body of his."
No dice, sorry
12:14 AM, Dakota State, December 25, 2020

"Come on, come on."

Preston worked out the numbers on his phone in a hurry. He didn't have the time to redial every single stray number that called his phone, so he needed to guess which one sounded right. He should have put it in his phone.

"Where's that wizard girl when you need her. Or that techie in the suit and vehicles. That speed guy, really any of them." His trip back to Oa really left him disoriented on earth, and now he was regretting not having any way to contact other heroes. It wasn't like he needed them. His power ring was repaired. He was no longer slowly loosing juice. Full strength and top of the line training meant that he could stop nearly every force on earth if he so chose.

But he didn't think that monsters and magic fit into 'forces of earth'.

The ring was slipped on and Preston took flight. His ring gave him the alert of powerful forces within his relative location, meaning earth. More than petty thieves or guys with freeze rays. The real heavy hitters. As long as they weren't wearing Yellow, he was fine.

Monsters were invading a small town in the state of Dakota. North Springs was the name that showed up on the map. Preston wasn't quite sure how they got there or where they were from, but he was going to send them right back.

He zoomed high into the air, bursting at top speeds to reach his location in minutes. As he neared the city, he slowed down and closed in on the smoke rising into the sky.

As he got closer, Preston began to pick up a theme on the monsters that were down there. Minotaurs, Chimera, giants, even a cyclops or two stomping around the city. Not to mention all of the smaller flying creatures akin to birds that were just pecking at people and harassing them.

He created a sword and shield. He'd play along with this theme. The challenge of being a green lantern fighting foes of lesser force was to not wipe them away with a single blow. You needed to make it seem like they were being challenged so that the next monster up to bat wasn't as strong as a power ring at full capacity.

He hoped this was only something that was happening right here. Preston didn't know a lot about greek myths, but if they were dealing with greek monsters, some god had to be behind all of this, and Preston wasn't going to fight a god alone.
Indeed, but we can't exactly do much with two characters
@Metadudeunfortunately, I was in a rush to pick an OOC out for people to get interested in. I am in the process of working out a new plot and story, but my time is limited and I’m quite busy, so work on things will be slow. I’m sorry if you felt insulted by the fact I drafted everything from the previous RP, but since that was what everyone was familiar with, I figured it was safe to start there
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