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Current I am currently sick and putting all of my energy into work, please forgive me if I don’t respond right away or forget things!
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Sometimes... it is
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that feeling when you make a Spider-character and realize you have to kill uncle ben no matter how much sense it doesn't make
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by the power of grayskull, I am captain planet
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The power just flickered, if I go offline, don't worry, I'll be back soon
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Doot Doot
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thats fine. Bigger will absolutely happen
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Hey Zavaz, did you plan on something for the burning building?
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Maybe to the naked eye it would have been seen as nothing more than a sudden blur, a trick of the light, but Fringe knew what she had seen when she was swinging in. That was a person, moving at impossibly fast speeds. She almost missed it herself. A blink and it was gone, but she knew what she saw. They were moving far too fast to not generate friction and appear like a ball of blinding light, but then again, powers seemed to be the easiest bowl to throw everything into nowadays. She couldn't concern herself with who or whatever that was.

She swung high, let go, and fell to the ground with a low crouch to absorb as much of the impact as she could. "Officer, what's going on?" She questioned a nearby police officer with a tilt of her head.

"Well, it looks like a fire." He chided. He couldn't see Fringe's face, but he could feel the overwhelming deadpan radiating off of her. "Could be arson, we can't tell at this point."

"I'll look around the area, see if I can't spot any runners."
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Of course.

The moment that Fringe decided to take a moment to relax and get some food a fire started. At the call for powers, Jin groaned. She shot Professor Devil an apologetic look. She couldn't even order her food before she was out the door and behind an alley changing back into her costume.

And from the rooftops jumped and swung Fringe, the Shanghai Spider in her purple and silver glory to help however she could. Fires weren't something we powers and gadgets were good at combating, but she could still assist in other ways if the firemen needed her.

Gone too was young Trent, who knew he could help from the sidelines by directing the water onto the building with ease and even using it to create and easy path down to the ground if any of them chose a window exit. If worse came to worse and he couldn't help with the fire, at least he had medical training to help the people on the ground.

That left Professor Devil to his lonesome with a few others in the restaurant. He smiled. Fringe had been on his watchlist from some time, ever since she left Shanghai as Spider and came to the states with a new look, name, and tools. There were others he was aware of, but she was the first on his list. Of course, Miss Fang was there too. She was the answer to the Government needing to know what went on in the Bastion Halls.

A napkin peppered his face, his spare hand reached up to press the lapel pin on his blazer. The Bastion logo, of course, just in case anyone had any doubts that it wasn't him.

"Novak, was that you? John already went over everything again, do you need to hear it a third time? We're not holding initiations."

"Not me, doc." The Lapel pin was as quiet as a whisper, but just loud enough for Devil to hear clearly. "Just coincidence. You know putting civilian lives in danger is an instant boot. I can check it out if you want, though."

"No." Devil shook his head, despite the fact that the one on the other end could not see him. "Let the public handle it. I could remove a fire with a wave of my hand, but I want to see how these young folk handle a little stress."
Jin had entered Little China with the aim to get her food, have a little lunch, and maybe swing by the lab to see how things were progressing. There had been rumors of Aprico working on developing another factory in Bell Reach with the goal to make accessible tools to help people harness their new powers, but it was still too early to tell how things were going to go.

Her whole world stopped when she saw the one and only Professor Devil sitting in a booth by himself. The Bastion Headquarters was halfway across town, what was he doing here? Maybe he too knew of the great food here? Well, duh. That seemed to be the only logical answer. She wasn't going to approach him, she wasn't going to talk to him, and she absolutely wasn't going to see how he was doing. She was a stranger to him, and she was already sure that h-

"Ah, Jin." He spoke directly to her. He didn't have any sort of perception powers, but in that moment when he uttered her name, the world around them seemed to darken. Her eyes zoomed in on every little detail of his face. His slicked back hair, his white suit, bright blue eyes. Every little hair on his face, marks and scratches from old scars that have long since faded. "Please, take a seat."

She didn't even have her food yet. She was still in line, waiting patiently for her turn. Like a dolly zoom, her life warped back into perspective, hitting her with a sensory overload as she went back to taking in every sound, every sight, and ever little feeling. Her eyes glanced between the menu and Devil. She wanted food, but she also wanted to talk to him.

He laughed, waving his hand at her and getting back to his meal. Of course, she wasn't there for him, but just an interesting coincidence that she happened to walk in. Not as much of a coincidence as one would want to think, but one nonetheless.

She took a step forward, her eyes still on the menu board despite knowing what she already wanted. Her instincts flared to life. Her eyes widened drastically, and it took a grand move and a spin to narrowly avoid running into the girl with the dirty blonde hair that had passed her just moments before.

Jin's eyes searched the girl in a fraction of a second. Phone, out, she had been using electricity powers on her way in as she apologized to Jin. She didn't have the time to look at the phone, read the message, and process what it said, but before anything could be done, she quickly stepped back in line, much to the amusement of the Professor sitting in his lonesome booth.

Another pair of eyes watched it all go down. Trent smiled to himself. Some people just didn't know how to handle famous people. Maybe it was those impossibly thick glasses of hers that kept her from barely seeing right in front of her. Not that he cared, but at least he was getting a fun little show along with his meal.
No posting order, but I do ask that there be a two or three post buffer between everyone's posts. I don't mind back and fourth ebtween characters, but we have to keep the pacing even for everyone.
well, telling you what will happen is no fun. Do your thing! Interact with one another! The problem will come when the problem comes.
I can’t confirm nor deny that, but just remember you all chose to be there
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