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Small post, I'll move things along when Bonny makes her move.
Laura was rather surprised at how popular she had become with the younger versions of those that she worked with. She had struck up a conversation with Heidi, but Rosemary also wanted to talk to her.

"Logan is someone I know well in your future." She gave a brief future. "He will not meet me for another twenty-odd years." While she didn't want to be rude, she was talking with Heidi first, and found her questions of the future rather amusing. Her love life? Her social skills? Heidi did have a good point to justify getting answers. What they were about to do would drastically change future. She may even not exist in the future they were going to create. There was little harm in disclosing such insignificant details, especially since they had the failsafe with them.

"Socially, you improve. You've told me about your social ineptitude, and I was almost unable to believe it, given how far you've come." A ghost of a smile graced her features, her arms crossing over one another. "And yes. You are married. Happily so."
OH boy, of all the things Laura could say to Heidi about the future...
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@Burning Kittyi think you're right about that mystique thing. Also, the xmen suits can expand somewhat to accompany any changes in size, but unless your uniform is tailored specifically for expanding by a significant amount, you will only be able to stretch it so far.
Shawn could gather from the briefing that the mission was to be done incognito, meaning that he really wasn't supposed to bring his combat suit. It kind of disappointing to no be able to wear the suit, if he were being honest.

He didn't really need a whole lot. He didn't know where they were going, nor how they were going to get there, but he assumed it would be at least a good flight to wherever it was. He had already stepped back onto the surface by the time he had come to that realization. When he had come back down, Cable was being approached by Bonny, eager to ask more questions about it.

"I'm sure that Booker and Emma have told you about your role in the team, Miss Bonvide." Cable towered over Bonny, but stood in a very careful and comfortable way to not frighten her with his staggering appearance. "You're involvement in the mission is critical. Your mutation, and Emma's assistance in guiding you while sleeping will allow us to reshape the land when the situation grows dire. We've packed medicine to give you a dreamless sleep on the flight there, if you choose to take them."

Laura approached Heidi upon her return, looking down at her only slightly. "Heidi." She uttered only a name. Laura refused to let her guard down around anyone, even people that she had known for quite some time. "You've shown me pictures of yourself and your team from your past, but seeing you as a young girl never ceases to surprise me." Laura wouldn't call herself a friend of Heidi's. Not because she disliked Heidi, but rather due to the stark differences between them. Unless it was about whatever mission was before them, they didn't talk a whole lot. If anything, she would consider her own Heidi a good acquaintance. "Your Stark funded X-Man uniforms have lasted longer than any others I've tried."
@Burning KittyYup. Both Danny and Tori are from the tv universes.
@Burning Kittysame time. the weapon X program Wade was a part of is linked to Gensitech, and was one of their earlier attempts at harnessing mutant genes.
@Burning Kitty28. Time travel slows the aging process, so she's still as young as she was when they first started time traveling.
@Burning Kittynormally, yes. Laura is ready to make that sacrifice to ensure a certain grumpy old man's survival. However, someone else is messing with time, as Cable noticed rather early on, which means that anything goes at this point.
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