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January 27th, 12:00 AM
Lycus Hall, room 312

bzzt. hssst.

It was nights like these that Virgil hated.

Surely after walking around, talking, and meeting people and experiencing new things, he'd be tired.

That was a lie, he was exhausted.

But his body wouldn't let him sleep.

It was because of all of those late night patrols with Richie and even a few other Bang Babies by the end of it that kept Virgil awake into the early hours of the morning, whether he wanted to be or not. He didn't want to hold anything against his best friend, but ever since Richie had joined the crew with his amazing brain, Virgil's long nights got even longer.

But now he was alone. Not exactly. Malcolm had stepped out a while ago, and Bjorn was handling himself as well as well could be. Maybe he was around, maybe he was popping up and surprising other people like he seemed to like doing. Regardless, it was quiet, dark, and Virgil could finally let his mind wander.

Into tech.

Sure, Richie was their lead engineer and scientist after becoming a Bang Baby, but it was initially just Virgil in charge of his own gear and tech. It was late nights like these where he could just kill the hours by making something new, or fixing something old. Or maybe just playing with a circuit board and watching the sparks fly.

Virgil had on his goggles from his Static costume on so he's be safe from the sparks. Electricity? Perfectly fine, but Virgil was still susceptible to other forms of plasma like fire and general heat. He could never explain why that was, given that electricity was arguably a more raw and dangerous form than fire. It would only make sense to some sort of immunity of extreme tolerance given that Virgil was a living conduit of energy.

Thoughts on it aside, he almost missed this. He had come here to get away from heroing, from the suit, but he really couldn't leave it behind. He was still here, wearing his goggles, relining his suit and testing new methods of creating and dispersing a shield. Perhaps the school's science labs were a better place for all of this, but after everything they had done today, he, Bjorn, and Mal, almost made the dorm Homey. In Virgil's little corner, he set up a makeshift workshop on his desk, getting back to the work he said he was taking a break from.
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Atlantean Transport Craft RAS Nautilus, Mid-Atlantic,
January 26, 03:32 PM.

Ya know, when most people have their offhand chatter about the Ancient City of Atlantis, and how it’s at the bottom of the goddamn ocean, they usually fail to grasp just how far down that really is.

Or how long it takes to get there by (sort of) conventional means.

A realization Malcolm passed the past twelve hours observing grow on the faces of the other passengers around him- All that joy and wonder of knowing they were about to step into a literal magical kingdom slowly starting to melt away into boredom, maybe tinged just a bit with trepidation at the thought that the only thing separating them from the crushing pressures outside was a thin layer of magitech and Atlantean steel that was beginning to smell just a liiiittle bit like farts.

...To be honest, it was the most fun Mal’d had all week- sitting there in this repurposed Atlantean Troop Carrier, shooting through the ocean at speeds that laughed directly in the face of physics as the surface knew it, laptop open, headphones on, little paper bagged lunch his Ma insisted on making him sitting unopened to his side. Sure, the air-scrubber stopped working sometime after they’d passed Bermuda (hence the smell) and that guy in the back who kept fake-whining ”Are we there yet?” stopped being funny four hours ago... But hey; the food was free. And it didn’t taste like airline food.

See? Silver linings.

It might have been just another long trip for someone like Malcom, having been woven into the rich Kasimir family, but just going down into Atlantis was the journey of a lifetime for Virgil. He had done some moderate exploring when he left to get some air, but it didn’t compare to going to the Sunken City itself.

Virgil himself was seated calmly, jamming out to some tunes to try and drown out the noises of the jokers and whiners. Between his fingers danced purple lightning, tapping against an invisible drum as he closed his eyes and took in the music. Maybe he’d talk to his good friend Mal whom he sat next to on the ride down, but Virgil didn’t want to be another source of annoyance on an already long flight.

A thin young man stood over Malcolm. He scratched a hand through his blond hair, pushing a few strands out of his face. He nervously smiled, his eyes droopy in a way that seemed disconcerting, but there was this aura about him, something that everyone in the ride felt, but nobody quite understood.

”My name is Bjorn,” he said haltingly, clearly struggling with the English language. ”It’s nice to… meet, meet you. What’s your name?” he said, holding out a thin hand and smiling nervously.

Now, Malcolm wasn’t expecting that.

After the requisite swarming of people badgering him for selfies (as was the norm whenever he was in public) a few hours back, the scarred boy had been left largely to his own devices the whole way down to the bottom of the sea... Which may or may not have had something to do with the other boy seated next to him casually generating visible arcs of electricity with his fingers.

...Not that Mal wasn’t extraordinarily grateful for that mind you, but hey.

Still, pulling off his headphones and flashing a little grin, the Kasimir ward took the older boy’s offered hand and gave it a friendly shake.

”Malcolm. Good ta-”

Admittedly, before he actually got a look at who it belonged to. And felt an involuntary raise of the iconic ‘Kasimir Brow’ upon his own face.



He couldn’t rationalize in that moment, looking up at Bjorn through his glow-hiding contacts, but something just seemed… odd. Then again, he was also staring directly at and secretly through a person while sitting next to a living capacitor on a boat going to an ancient city on the bottom of the ocean, so he wasn’t exactly in any position to judge, he figured, and buried that feeling and the raised brow that went with it just as quickly as they’d appeared.

He did pick up on the accent though.

”Er du… Norsk?”

Bjorn’s eyes widened slightly, almost unnoticeably, but he quickly shifted into an excited smile.

”Ja! Jeg er fra Trondelag!” he said excitedly. <”You speak Norwegian?”>

A rhetorical question clearly, but it seemed to be more the shock of it than anything.

<”Not good enough to recite poetry, but I can hold a conversation.>” Malcolm responded with a widening grin as he gestured towards the unoccupied pair of seats directly across from Virgil and himself <”Please, by all means. Have a seat.”>

Bjorn nodded energetically, and then took the seat as offered.

Hearing some faint noise and a new person sitting right across from Mal and himself, Virgil pulled on his headphones and flashed the young man a smile. “I’m Virgil, glad shorty here is making some friends.” He felt like it would be too rude to simply put his headphones back on and go back to ignoring the world. With a hand shoved into his pocket, he paused his music and pulled his headphones down to he could engage in some actual conversation.

“So, what sort of stuff can you do? Everyone knows the king opened this place up as a way for Metas to be safe.” He didn’t really beat around the bush. With an open mind policy, Virgil felt like he didn’t need to hide his powers from the people here. His secret identity as Static Shock? Maybe, at least for now. He didn’t want people to start remembering where he was from and what he let happen.

Bjorn again had that open-eye expression for a second, but quickly began nodding.

”Well, it’s hard to show off in here but…” He began stretching his shoulder theatrically. Then he softly tapped the side of the troop carrier, leaving a small dent in the wall for what appeared to be basically no effort. ”I have super strength, I think that’s what it is called. I can lift really heavy things… I do not know the exact amount,” he said. Bjorn rested his hands behind his head and slouched into his seat.

”I cannot wait! Are you all as… er… excited? Yes, excited as I am?” he asked, smiling widely. He seemed happy to be able to talk to them. It was true that finding friends in a new place was difficult, but Bjorn seemed a little… overly excited.

Seeing the look on Bjorn’s face, again, Mal felt a strange tightness in some recess of his psyche he couldn’t quite narrow down and again, he forced it down before it could show on his face.

’...What the hell is that?’

”Well… yeah.” The boy answered without missing a beat or dropping the charm ”The Atlanteans are basically the be-all end-all for advanced sciences on this planet, so for a guy like me, this is basically Mecca-

The teen paused mid-sentence, eyes darting off to the side suddenly… before that grin of his came back in full force.

”...Speakin’ of; you guys might wanna look out the window.”

For there, rising up on what passed for a horizon on the shadowy floor of the sea, was the shining light of a civilization that stood defiant and resilient for countless millennia.


University of Poseidonis

When was moving around like this going to feel natural to her again?

It felt like her every movement was hopelessly encumbered by some invisible force—oh right, gravity. That was a thing, and for the first time in more than half a year she was feeling it’s strength again. When, exactly, was the last time she had transformed back into her human form?

Oh, right...the end of highschool, just before summer. With highschool over, there had been no need to ever turn back again, at least, not until now.

Awkwardly walking past a group of other kids on their way to orientation, she was unsurprised their odd glances—she was moving like she was underwater. Well, she technically was, but…

”Ugh, I hate being human,” she muttered to herself. ”One wrong step and I could trip and break a knee, or a few dozen other important bones.”

She glanced up at the beautiful orientation hall that towered over her. It was honestly like something out of a science fiction movie, a comparison that could be applied to all of Atlantis. She could only wonder what the interior would be like, or her dorm room for that matter.

It had been a while since she had actually slept.

Virgil would never cease to be amazed at his new environment. Everything about Atlantis was spectacular. He couldn’t wait to roam around and find all of the cools nooks and crannies of both the school and Atlantis itself.

For now, however, he had orientation to get to. This was the very first class of the college, and Virgil was honored to be apart of it all. Had it not been full-ride, he wouldn’t have taken the offer to come, but it was everything he needed and so much more.

It was here that he noticed a young woman seeming to struggle with simply walking on the ground below them. Virgil wasn’t going to lie to himself, getting used to being so far underwater was a slight challenge, but she seemed to have actual difficulty with just walking.

“Um, are you okay? You need some help?” He sped up to walk next to her, his arms out in front of him, offering them if she so desired to take them.

Karen turned to see a young black man. She offered him a smile that did little to hide her embarrassment at her current state. ”Ah...thanks, but I’m alright. It was just a rough trip here. Still shaking it off.”

She was dressed rather simply and unfashionably—a jersey with the number seven on it, a pair of black sweatpants, and white tennis shoes. They were the only clothes she had that still really fit her in the chest and hips. She’d apparently been doing some growing in those eight or so months.

Virgil shot her a smile and waved his hand dismissively. “Yeah, long way down, right?” He could certainly understand that. His legs were a little shaky when he first got up after the long trip down here, it was no surprise that others were feeling it as well. “I’m Virgil, by the way. Are you here for superhero school, too?”

He felt like it was only right to introduce himself to as many people as he could. Wherever Mal was, maybe he could meet this lady as well, the both of them certainly needed friends, most likely being the youngest two in the college.

”Karen. Actually, I’m here for the non-superheroic parts of the school,” said Karen, chuckling. After all, the whole point of this was to get some down time from her life as Lady Arcana. Malcolm probably wouldn’t be happy with her learning to be as superhero as Karen.

Then again, she’d taken basically every course on magic that was available here, so perhaps she was also violating the spirit of her attendance.

Walking this far with Mal in his mind, Virgil turned to look for him. Mal was only a year younger, but it felt to Virgil like a world of difference. It seemed strange to Mal, maybe he’d have to talk to him a bit later…

If he could find him.
just as a note to clarify, I am still here, but I don't exactly have the best position to post
January 10th, 8:36 A.M.
Justice League Station; Low Earth Orbit

"True, but I'm not going to be the one to explain to my wife that we're cutting our earth-cation short to deal with Lantern Business." Now that everything was said and done, plans were made to prepare for the future, it was time to crack a smile. He stood and motioned to the door. "That'll be your honor, Lady Arcana." His smile only grew wider as he stepped into the elevator and waited for him to join him. "Plus, none of you have met Cat yet, she's a riot when she's not leading armies and fighting for peace. Well, I guess even then she's a riot but in a much different way."

The doors closed and Preston tapped his ear, using the little communicator Grim had given him when they had first started this mess. "Cat? I have some bad news, I have to go and talk to Sinestro. On the up hand, I've landed you a tour guide for earth!"

Lady Arcana couldn't hear or even understand what was being said from the other end of the earpiece, but Preston's wince said more than enough. When the yelling finally died down, Preston sighed. "Karen, I'm totally blaming you for her mood right now."
As the image of Wilhelm appeared between them, Preston nodded and examined it. He knew of Wilhelm, the psychic Nazi. The problem that a Nazi was loose was a problem all on its own, but Preston's look of horror came when he saw the yellow beam of energy pass through one of the walls and attach itself to Wilhelm, allowing him to escape.

"Son of a bitch." Preston muttered underneath his breath. "If that psychopath has a Yellow Power Ring, we're all in trouble." It was in this moment that he remembered that he had actually told the Justice League rather little about the Green Lantern Corps and how they operated, much less the drama that had gone down a few years back regarding a friend of his, Thaal Sinestro. He regretted not keeping them up to speed, but he never thought things would turn up like this.

Preston raised his ring to show Arcana, his hand in a soft fist as he pointed to it with his free hand. "This is a Green Lantern Power Ring, but I don't need to tell you that part. Long story short, Karen, that Yellow ring isn't ours. When an old friend of mine defected from the Lantern Corps, he set off to use fear itself as a tool for power, like mine uses Willpower. The Guardians didn't like this at all, and nearly imprisoned him. He wants peace and justice just like you and me, but he's a little harder about how he gets it. I can't tell you this enough, this isn't my doing, nor the Guardians'."

Cradling his head in his hands, Preston sighed in thought. He needed to talk to Sinestro about this, about the atrocities that Wilhelm has committed. The nut would probably try to enforce eugenics. Wilhelm should not be allowed to keep his power ring. "Let me talk to Sinestro, see if I can't sort this out. A war almost broke out before regarding these rings, I'm not going to let it happen now."
January 10th, 8:35 A.M.
Justice League Tower; Low Earth Orbit

His time on earth was rather quiet. No one had even been at the watchtower when he had come knocking, so he made himself right at home. One would say that was rude, but this was his station just as it was Arcana's, Grim's, or even Orin's. For ten days he had shown Catalea the earth and gave her a taste of the life of an earthling. His time was rather peaceful News about the Hub and Coast City popped up here and there, but it was nothing that he was called in for, or even close to being dangerous enough for him to need to step in to fix. He was a home-vacation with his wife.

Image his surprise when he came back up to the Watchtower to find Lady Arcana sitting alone at the grand table. She had called him for a meeting, and she sounded none too pleased about it.

"Well." Preston watched the doors open and walked right in. Catalea was nowhere in sight, choosing to stay on the ship while Preston dealt with Justice League Matters. Taking a seat, his eyes did not leave hers. It was almost like she had some sort of power over the air itself, given how heavy it felt being alone with a pissed off sorceress. "Can I just say, that whatever is going on isn't my fault in the slightest. I've let you all in on the updates, the war on Sotra is over, by the way. Peace talks without their most celebrated war hero are a little more stressful, but Cat wanted to see earth."

He paused, the slight smile on his face fell. This was no time for jokes. "Okay, Karen. What's going on? Where's everyone else?" His mask faded away, but his Green Lantern costume stayed the same. There were no need for secrets here.
New Year's Day, 2026

Star Sector 2814

"Come on, come on." Preston grunted. It would have been so easy for him to just take his ring and fly the both of them whenever she wanted to go, but Cat wanted to take the ship. He supposed she was in the right, though. With them having the ship, she could go wherever she wanted even if Preston himself was busy. She wouldn't have to rely on him to get her around places.

If only flying as fast as a Power Ring would take you didn't make you hate normal vehicles.

He was kicked back in his seat, watching the stars fly by. Their ship was on autopilot, so they had little to worry about when it came to hitting celestial bodies at warp speed.

"Worried?" Came the voice of his wife and co-pilot in the seat right next to his. Her voice, rough and almost taunting, brought a smile to his face. "You've talked down two warring factions from unleashing weapons of mayhem, you can handle talking to a few old friends."

Preston smiled. Being out in the stars, with Cat, everything was simple. Do your job, do it well. he didn't even worry about having his costume on all the time because he wasn't worried about people finding earth and hunting the planet down for him. "Easy for you to say," He looked over at her. "I've been gone for five years, and the last time I checked, Sotra wasn't worried about powered people and magic. This is my home, but it's a whole new world for me."

A light blinked on the screen in front of him, a small beep sounded. He had been around for its construction, even completion and the grand tour. As a sign of trust, he was given the frequency of the watchtower in case they ever needed him. Thankfully, Preston only ever needed to stop by to say hello every few months to a year.

Preston went to work, tapping buttons on the screen and changing his coordinates just slightly. "Alright Cat, go-time."

Catalea stood from her seat and walked further into the back of the ship to go and change. Though these were friends of Preston's, this was a new envirnment, and it was only polite to be first seen in your battle armor representing your people. Not long after, she came back, spear, helmet, coat and all, ready for anything.

It only took preston a short second to change into his Green Lantern outfit. Though he could change it, he never did over the past five years.

"Watchtower, come in. This is Emerald Knight, reporting in from a long, long vacation."

He had almost forgotten that it had been a year and some change since he had actually been around. He never really checked in on the radio, only in person. He had mentioned Catalea once or twice in his visits, but never about them being married. Hopefully they'd take the news well.
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