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Day off tomorrow, calendar is cleared, ready for posting again!
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Day off tomorrow, calendar is cleared, ready for posting again!
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Gonna be on a minimal posting... thing until about Sunday evening, have a happy Easter!


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I wait eagerly in anticipation with baited breath
>Be carter
>Live life as #2
>Make more friends than you can remember the names up
>Find real friends
>stuck with new people
>Actual god tells you that you have friendship powers
>Don't make friends with anyone
Carter couldn't handle much more of this. First of all, he had to deal with these people. threatening to smoke and... Well, other dubious advances with the items that were found. Now he had to worry about this stuffed-animal looking creature that he inwardly thought was the cutest thing he had seen since Alexa's drawings. Maybe she should have been here and taken some inspiration from them.

Not only did he have to worry about himself in a strange and unknown land, not only was this little creature looking at wherever Carter's eyes decided to lock onto at that point, not only did he have to worry about flirty girls, crass language, and guys who would surely take up any offer handed to him, but now the winds were blowing and something appeared in the sky and did things that would make Carter believe in God again.

"Ah!" The Terriermon gasped and got onto a knee in the presence of this being. Carter looked up at it, in awe of it's mere appearance. It seemed royal, powerful, and beyond understanding. Whatever it was, he got the sense that it was not to be trifled with.

It gave them... tasks? Character arcs? Friendship? Carter already learned his lesson on friendship, but if the powerful floating woman in the sky was expecting him to make friend with those around him, she better have someone else in line to take his spot. He knew a thing or two about compatibility, and none of these people seemed like his type. What would friendship even accomplish? He had so many questions, but he wasn't going to tell her that she was wrong.

"Uh-huh." At least the one with the sailor's mouth got it. Neigh, the little thing following her around called her.

"Oh come on, don't be like that. It'll be loads of fun!" Terriermon cheered and turned back around to Carter. "We can get in fights, and learn each others deepest, darkest secrets, and make friends from the survivors!" There was something about that cheerful, childlike voice that made Terriermon talking about fighting and secrets and survivors more than creepy enough to fit into a novel.

"I really don't think I'm cut out for all this. Friendship? What does that have to do with anything?" Carter tilted his head and knelt down to whisper to Terrimon, fearing the reaction the woman would have to him not believing her words and acts. "I don't even... We're all in way over our head here. If she wanted this done, she could have called professionals."

Terriermon shook his head, his ears flopping about as he did so. "I don't think so!" He sang in a jolly tune. "You were picked for a reason! I don't know why, but I believe in you, and I know we can figure it out if we put out heads together." Wow, the little man already had a better sense of what to do than Carter. Maybe it was some kind of teaching act. Maybe he was concussed or unconscious.

"Oh, right!" He exclaimed. "My Name's Chip! I already know you're Carter, so you don't have to introduce yourself to me."

Hey, carter’s not a total jerk, he’s just an objectivist. There’s time for the other stuff later!
These things, these creatures, were all popping out of the woodwork. Carter watched with silent horror and moderate interest as they not only spoke English, but also seemed to have picked out a certain member of their group. Everything was happening so fast that he couldn't keep track of all the conversations going on, but in his focus to keep an eye on everyone, he failed to notice the little monster that had walked right up to him, almost at face level.

"Hi!" It chirped, a single arm raised to wave to him.

"AH!" Carter jumped back and fell onto his rear.

"Hey, hey!" It put its arms in front of it to try and pacify him. "You don't have to scream, I'm right in front of you." It pretended to clean it's ears out, seeming to have a mild sense of humor. Carter had never seen anything like this, much less an animal that was fully capable of talking english and engaging in a conversation. "Sorry that I scared you, I thought you saw me."
Carter doesn't have anything against anyone, but there's an open spot for being team leader and he's gonna fight for it
Boyscout. Ha. Very funny. Cater let out a dry, singular "Ha." in the direction of Biance. There was something in her voice, the way she spoke to provoke them all that shot Carter's mind back to yesteryear. Maybe he could have been a little more Like Z in terms of treatment of Biance had he not been so fucked up in the past. In a sense, he wanted that normalcy, but there was no escaping this feeling. "Maybe I can pay you to keep your clothes on." He turned away from her with a ghost of a smile and devoted some attention to one of the figures he had barely registered. At least someone was taking initiative, getting a lay of the land and figuring out what was where, and where they were.

He crouched down low and dragged his fingers across the earth below, if it could even be called that. Everything was marked with these strange lines, lining up almost perfectly with everything else. Natural or not, Carter had never seen anything like this before. Everything looked to desolate, yet to perfect and pristine like a little diorama.


Cartner's head snapped towards the sound and stared down the bush the seemed to move in the wind. He didn't like this. He didn't know where he was or why he was there or what else could be lurking in the unseen. He stuck a finger in his mouth, wetting it before holding it above his head. He wanted to test the winds, make sure that it was just wind before he jumped to any conclusions.
I guess Carter is gonna Cap it, and I'm okay with this
"I..." Carter was dumbfounded. Cigarettes? Condoms? What the ever loving fuck was going on? "Ok, ok. First off, Language. Please. For the love of god." Being raised among the military, Carter knew a couple things about a few swears here and there, but all of that was put away when he was around his parents. Even now he still tried not to curse in front of people, despite the fact that it was all too easy to slip into that sort of language. "We need to find out what's going on. Smoke if you want, but nobody's using those condoms. We don't have time for that." Maybe it was something inside Carter that was naturally against the thought of sex. Maybe it was his own previous experiences that lead him to being somewhat adverse to it.

Some of these people looked around his age, some looked a little younger, and some looked really young. Carter didn't want to make any parents mad or see any judges, so it was best to try and keep things as clean as possible. Just for the sake of safety. He looked to each of them, moving his hands around to offer them a chance to speak. He certainly didn't have and ideas on where to start, but maybe one of them was a boy scout or something."Ideas, anyone?"
The fall was quick and sudden, but Carter found it interesting to note that as he fell through this epileptic nightmare he didn't feel much wind resistance. He was just falling, moving downwards. At least, that's what his body told him. Despite all this, he found it useful to pull his almost-lucky goggles over his eyes to keep himself from shutting his eyes from what little wind he could feel. The only downside was that he had no idea how to fall properly, and fear flooded his veins as he realized that there was no way to keep himself from hitting the ground. His eyes widened briefly before shutting preparing for that impact...

That never came.

As if he were being pulled up by something, his torso stopped moving completely. His head, arms, and legs shot forward from the sudden stop. He was about as close to the ground as he could get before actually hitting it, then whatever was holding onto him let go and fall the rest of the way without worry of injury.

He rose and looked around. Carter saw from the fall that he wasn't the only one stuck in this situation, but everyone else as as much of a stranger to him as they were to each other. At least, that's how it seemed.

Two of the girls were getting ready to start a screaming match, and Carter was somewhat disappointed that he didn't wear his goggles with the attached headphones. At least that would help him tune out when they inevitably started to argue again.

For now, they seemed to be asking if anything else knew what was going on, to which Carter only shook his head.

"No," he answered to them, not bothering to take off his goggles. "I was out on business, then I'm falling through the physical form of LSD." Only now did he realize that they were giving out names. It was probably for the best if he introduced himself as well. Everyone was equally confused, but at least they all seemed to be like rational adults. "I'm Carter, by the way." He still didn't take his goggles off, and he intended to keep it that way for now.
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