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happy birthday to me
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Preston chuckled. Oscar was assuming that he would be on earth at all times. Through the interviews Preston had taken as his Alias Emerald Knight, he had dropped plenty of hints to aliens existing and himself being able to leave the earth to do other things, but he made sure that he wasn't the one to break the glass ceiling. "Yeah. I just hope it works out for the best." Now it was just time to stir the pot a little more and put the lid on it.

He had no idea what him coming out what cause. He knew that his goal was a little selfish, but he wanted to be an example. Heroes needed to be trusted, needed transparency. If he stepped up to the plate and came clean, he hoped that would result in the general populace trusting him more. He wanted to start to try and unite earth like some of the other civilizations he had seen, but he didn't want to lead. He wanted to make that sort of goal more feasible for other people.
"That's, uh... That's kind of why I called." He pulled on the collar of his shirt. Stir the broth, add a little pepper. Make sure the steak cutlets were properly prepared. "You see. You aren't going to be the only person to know." He took a breath. Only one other person knew his secret identity as the hero of Coast City. Tony was busy getting his life together.

Turn down the heat, chop the carrots, into the broth. "I've got this plan. I've been trying to make myself a presence worldwide. Making sure everyone knows who the Emerald Knight is. Maybe not loved and praised, but at the very least known." Broccoli too, that goes in there as well. Clean up the cutting board. "I'm going to reveal my identity to the world. I'm going to come clean. I can't tell you the whole scope of the plan, but that's the first step. Most of it depends on how well the people handle it."
October 26th, 6:02 PM
Coast City, USA

After Preston hung up, he didn't do a whole lot. His work day at the lab was over, and he was just relaxing at home, preparing himself some dinner for the evening.

His phone buzzed. Preston, by the stove, mixing something into a pot, looked over to see the caller ID. The time between him seeing the number and him picking up the phone was a good second. He couldn't let his stew be unobserved.

With a brief moment to himself, he answered the call and put it on speaker phone. It was better for everyone this way.

"Uh, hey?" Preston wasn't quite sure what to say, since he hadn't actually spoken to the man in about a year. "I'm sure you have some questions, so I'll just let you fire away, and I'll answer to the best of my abilities, alright?" He left his phone on the counter and continued to prepare his dinner. his TV was off, and the only other thing making noise was his stove, boiling the broth and the contents of the pot while he talked to Oscar.
October 26th, 5:54 PM
Coast City, USA

Preston tapped his fingers against the counter, his forearm resting to prop himself up. His phone was currently in his hand. That same hand also bore his Green Lantern's Power ring, despite the fact that he was in his civilian attire.

He had just gotten off the phone with some news people. Hub City, Central City, and even one Skeptic from Gotham. He was trying to arrange his big move, but he still needed a little help.

He scrolled through his contacts until he reached Oscar. He had never actually talked to the man over the phone. The only time he had actually spoken to him was when he had first gotten his ring. Preston would drop by with new reports of his mundane life to the voicemail of a man that probably wasn't even listening. On one hand, that was super weird. On the other, Oscar never got around to calling him back to tell him to stop, so it was nice for Preston to have a quiet ear to pour everything into. At least, everything unrelated to his alter-ego, that is.

He considered calling him again. The air was cool outside, maybe after he made this really dumb decision he would go out for a walk in this wonderful Coast City weather. Hard to believe that he had gotten his ring a year ago.

"Alright." He whispered to himself. "Gotta do this." He hit the call button and let the phone ring. Voice mail. as he expected. Nothing wrong with that.

"Hey, Oscar. Me again." He took a long sigh, wondering if he should go through with it. "Look, I've got some news, and I'd really like for you to call back if you get the chance."

"My name is Preston Westfield, and I am the Emerald Knight."
Here, the future seems bleak
Superhero/villain Name: Static Shock, typically goes by Static
Civilian Name: Virgil Ovid Hawkins
Origin city/Planet: Dakota City, USA, Earth
Hometown: Dakota City, currently a vagabond
Sex: Male
Race: Human
Height: 5"11'
Weight: 155lbs
Age: Birth Date: 17, Born may 8th, 2008
Costumed Appearance:
Civilian Appearance:
Costumed Personality: While the persona of Static is more or less the same as Virgil himself, Static is a little more brazen and twice as witty. He knew what it cost when he took the mantle. The people were always first, and Virgil couldn't be happier to put the lives of others before his own.
Civilian Personality: While born with a sense of right, Virgil's upbringing forced him to do some things that he wasn't proud of. Virgil was an overall good kid, but as he grew into his teens, Pressure to take a position in one of the many neighborhood gangs increased. He didn't want to pick a side, as he thought that they were all bad. Despite his thoughts, he had to play with them and keep them on the line. He wasn't happy with how he lived, but surviving meant he had to sacrifice some things. While very smart, he does have a bit of a mouth, and it has gotten him in trouble with teachers and others.

After the Big Bang, gangs nearly disappeared from Dakota, and so did the overwhelming pressure to pick a side. Virgil was able to get back to focusing on his life. Time at school was still time at school. He needed to keep his grades up so he could keep stay outside when it got dark. After all, being a superhero meant you had to stay up past curfew.
Super abilities:
-Skills: moderate hand-to-hand combat
knowledge in many applied sciences

  • Super-Conductive Electromagnetism

    • Electromagnetic Fields
    • Electromagnetic Levatation
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Electrokinesis

    • Electrical Displays
    • Electromagnetic Bolts
    • Ball Lightning
    • Static Cling

-Gadgets: Static Saucer - It was once a trash can lid, Virgil cannot escape that truth. It simply appears to be a large, round sheet of metal that Static uses to fly around, but that isn't completely true. Gear created a disc that folds up when not in use, and can be used and manipulated by Static through the use of his powers.
-Weapons: None currently
Civilian Occupation: Student - Virgil's parents did not consent to Virgil taking the required classes to graduate early, so before the beginning of his Junior year, they declared him a home-schooled student. He currently does his schoolwork electronically, and sends it to his parents for them to keep track of.


Character History/Origin: Virgil was born to Robert and Jean Hawkins, and was raised near the neighborhood of Paris Island, in Dakota City. Paris Island was known for being the poorest and most dangerous area in the city, and places like Virgil's block had some problems because of it. Growing up, Virgil always knew to stay away from the gangs and from that neighborhood, and he listened well. It wasn't until his Freshman year that rumors began to brew. A big showdown on Paris Island with nearly every gang in the city. The news moved around for months, and many of Virgil's friends decided they wanted in. Virgil was the last to join, and only due to the pressure of others that he knew.

The news wasn't well contained. News of the "Big Bang" spread far and wide, eventually reaching they Mayor's ears. SHe captitalized on the situation of such a large gang presence. She wanted to use an experimental tear gas, dubbed quantum juice, that could leave a tracking marker on all of the people it touched. When the Big Bang finally went down, the gas was used, and chaos proceeded.

The quantum juice had a disastrous effect on nearly all of the people involved in the Big Bang. more than 90% were killed due to the gas alone, and those that survived either mutated violently, or developed incredible abilities. Virgil survived, and was revealed to have become the latter option after Richard Foley, another friend from school, dragged him to an abandoned gas station near the scene. Static was nursed back to health over the course of the weekend, but his powers only began to show a week later.

He wasn't the only one to be affected by the gas in this manner. Many of the other survivors, dubbed Bang Babies, knew that this was the law's doing, and quickly relied on villainy to exact revenge for what had happened to them. Virgil would not accept that, and donned the name Static Shock to fight crime.

For two years Virgil fought the Bang Babies of Dakota City, as well as various other villains who rose to the escalating occasion. In this time, Richard had been exposed to Virgil long enough to adapt powers of his own, and became the hero known as Gear. With his powers, Richard was able to help Virgil even more, both on the streets and in the workshop. Static was better outfitted than ever before, and it was all thanks to his super-genius friend.

This high would only last so long, though. As Virgil became more adept with his powers, the more dangerous his foes became to combat such skill. Virgil was unable to keep his identity away from his family, who, were glad for Static for protecting the city, were more worried than ever for Virgil and his well being. Virgil almost had to hang up the goggles, but an agreement struck between him and his parents, and he was allowed to continue to fight crime.

One night, Virgil made the mistake of patrolling alone. As he combed through the streets, a Bang Baby by the name of Aftershock was prowling around near a gas station. Static had never faced another electricity based Bang Baby before, and was completely unaware that Aftershock's powers were the one source of electricity that could harm him.

The gas station exploded, and eight lives were lost that night. While nobody in the area knew that Static was present, Virgil took the loss hard. He stopped heroing for months, leaving Richard to suit up full time in Static's place. Eventually, Virgil decided that he wasn't worthy to protect Dakota City. Gear was doing a fine job with the few whom he had recruited. Virgil told his parents the truth about the gas station explosion, and offered him sympathy.

Virgil wanted to leave, but his parents told him that he still had to finish school. He offered to study hard and graduate early, but the refused. After weeks of bargaining, he was finally able to cut a deal. He could leave, and they would help him however they could, but he had to participate in home-schooling, and he had to return home at least once a month to see him family. Virgil knew that with such restrictions he couldn't go far, but it was better than nothing. He couldn't believe that his parent were so understanding, but when your parents know that you've been a superhero, they know that there isn't a lot that can stop you from doing what you believe is needed.

Optional information
(These are probably blank, unless you're the Batman analogue)
@Blazionyeah like Alf said, it's a DC RP that is based in the DC universe.
@Menhirone of the three GM's we have. Please treat them all with the same level of respect, instead of discrediting them because there's a CO in front of that GM
not a big post, but something

"Exactly!" Kurt shot a finger up in the air with delight. He was glad that it honestly took Heidi a second longer to reply than he had expected. He could still stump even the human supercomputer. "Hamilton is a timeless classic not because of the historical importance of these characters, but because of how grounded and relatable they are to people of any time frame. The problems, both greater and internal, are still problems many people face today, and the reactions and actions of the characters are realistic and close to what you or I would do in such a situation."

Kurt was sure that Hamilton would continue to be popular for years to come.

Hamilton was going to be the second to last big play that his class was going to be tackling. It was currently may, and the school year was starting to wind down. The Xavier Academy doesn't have any official summer break, as they schooled all year round, but the work load was indeed much lighter during the summer season so the students could pursue more personal endeavors.

"During the colonial era, Military leaders and generals were almost always favored when placed next to actual politicians. It was often seen that their tactical minds would prove useful for a growing country. Of course, it isn't the case anymore here in America, but this is not only a pattern that existed one hundred years ago. Many smaller nations still follow this ideology, for better or worse. Who here believes that Military heads should once again have a political seat? Become our president?"

A few hands were raised at this question. Peter and Shawn were not apart of that group. Kurt nodded to himself and leaned down to peer at his students. His jet black hair fell over his face, but his almost demonic grin was still present on his face. "Those of you who did not agree. Why do you feel this way?"

Shawn's hand shot forward instead of straight up, perhaps an attempt to differ himself from those that had their hands raised. "I'm kind of fifty-fifty on the situation." He admitted to the class. "I don't really like politicians, being all shady, but having a world where all the world leaders being generals would turn the world into a big contest to see who can make everyone fear them more. A general is a general because they know how to use military power and people in the right way to get the right outcome. Their whole job is to win battles using the right tools. Democracy is all about voting, but when your man in charge is trained for war, war is all he's ever going to be focused on."

Out and about, Booker was once again looking around the grounds for Rosemary. She was missing another session, and Booker wanted to start putting his foot down about it. The mission six months ago with Emma really shook Rosemary in a lot of negative ways. Rosemary almost seemed to trust Emma, but when word got out about what she could really do, telepathy and all, it was Rosemary's reaction to all of this that cemented Emma's decision to leave the mansion and focus on locating the Warlocks on her own.

Emma could still call in that favor to rescue the group when she found them, bu so far she has been rather silent.

"Rosemary?" He called out as he walked through the halls. "Rosemary, we're intruding time, here. I know you don't want to talk your heart out to me, or anyone, but this was the Professor's one request when you came here, at least honor that." In truth, he had no idea where she was He was just speaking to the walls. She could be anywhere. She could be in canada by now for all he knew.

If she were to have left, though, Booker wondered what Charles would do. Would he have The X-Pendibles go and chase her down? Would he simply let her leave? Would he even go down and hop minds to find her and convince her to return? Sometimes Booker couldn't read the professor and how he could react to things, and that made the man worry a good deal.
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