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Sometimes... it is
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that feeling when you make a Spider-character and realize you have to kill uncle ben no matter how much sense it doesn't make
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by the power of grayskull, I am captain planet
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The quirk demonstrations didn't end with him. There were a few more who had yet to show off what they could do before they would be moving on to the next part of the day. Another man from a myth, a Werewolf, and one more who seemed to be able to transform. There seemed to be no end of enthusiasm from the teachers, a level which would increase tenfold with the sudden appearance of the principal of the school, Todoroki Ishin. He was mighty and powerful with his quirk, and the flame in his heart almost seemed to burn brighter than he ones he produced.

Spacenaut had asked them all to line up in an orderly fashion to get their dorm keys. Dimitri knew for a fact that they would be living in dorms, simply a safety precaution because of protesters and the hostility over quirks, but he couldn't remember if he was going to living in his own room or not. Well, he packed light. He wasn't going to get in anyone's way with his things.

The excitement didn't end there. With a chilling wave washing over him, Dimitri flicked his gaze to Death Glare, the security officer and tutor of the school. The ground rules for the school were rather simple. Be back by nine, don't leave the city, guests must be checked in, and overnight guests are strictly prohibited. Dimitri didn't see any of the rules conflicting with him, and stayed quiet as Todoroki gave them a brief tour around the school.

Their tour, if one could even call it that, was simply a walk to the dorms where they would all be living for the next year, and hopefully the next four years. Dimitri's key was labeled for room Two.

With his door unlocked and opened, Dimitri flicked on the light to get a look at his new living quarters. Three beds. He would make due. Still, he wondered who he would be sharing the room with. It wasn't that loud guy with the fire based quirk. Dimitri had seen him walk into the first room in the hall, so there was no need to wonder if he would be bunking with him.
January 1st, 10:31 AM
Justice Station, Earth Orbit

None of this was making any sense. They were a secret corps whose mission was to protect Green Lantern rookies, but not even the guardians knew about them? The guardians could huff and puff all they wanted, but Preston knew that they didn't know everything. The bigger question was who in the Corps was letting this happen if it weren't for the Guardians themselves? Every lantern, no matter how legendary or powerful, didn't have that kind of say-so.

And what of this threat that was attacking other rookie green lanterns? Preston would have to handle this threat, or move it up the ranks to someone who could handle it. But honestly, he didn't like the idea of his first day on this planet being interrupted by someone saying that they were going to watch over him. It hurt his pride, even though he knew that it was probably the safest option.

He remained quiet for some time, seeming to be processing this information when in reality he had checked out after Saraka spoke his name. Preston was doing his best to recall all of the information that was just said to him, but trying to pass it off like he had been listening the entire time.

"It would..." He grumbled. "Seem beneficial for us to work together. If our rings truly do unlock the true potential of the other, then it would be a safer bet to welcome you into the fold instead of driving you away."
His mother always said it best. An ally is only an ally when you let them help. Lest this force directed at the newer lanterns come and attack Preston next. He would have to swallow his pride for now.

"Okay, then. Saraka, this is... Grim." Preston barely remembered the name. He wasn't exactly paying attention to the conversation in that moment, and the armored human wasn't even talking to him. It was a miracle that Preston remembered the name at all. "And this one... Zeka? I believe? I don't know these two people at all, but I feel since we're all strangers, its only fair for all names to be given."

In this moment, away from the boredom and distracting little airlock, Preston showed a surprising amount of his father inside of him. Steady, diplomatic, and reaching first with an open hand. He also showed a bit of his mother in the way that he stood and spoke. Though they weren't the most graceful words, he was still thinking somewhat ahead and willing to put his pride on the line in exchange for the safety of others.
January 1st, 10:30 AM (Eastern USA)
Justice Station, Space

The Other Lantern? Tucking in, Preston flipped himself back up so that he was orientated like everyone else. Preston was never made aware of the fact that another lantern would be escorting or joining him, but with this news, he hoped that it was his godfather/uncle who decided to follow him. Preston had a strong feeling that wasn't the case, but it never hurt to hope.

The airlock hissed once more and popped open. the green glow that covered Preston never left, and as soon as the airlock opened he floated out of the station to find...

The lantern.

It was a large, blue and white, quadrupedal creature who glowed in a blue light. Preston, though lacking the tired and annoyed buzz that Grim had, was equally as confused, albeit for somewhat different reasons. the Sinestro Corps which used the yellow power of Fear was obviously the other well known group that wielded Power Rings. But blue? Preston had never seen a Blue Lantern Ring, nor had he heard of them or even thought of the possibility until just now.

His ring shot out in the direction of the... creature, and Preston issued it a command. "Ring, what is this species?"

The ring shot out a green light to scan the creature, intent on reading it and identifying it.

"Target is a Chtho'Am, hailing from the planet Chtho'Am. An amphibious, quadrupedal species with a warrior-based caste system not entirely unlike the one on Vespasi."


"What information is there on Blue Lantern Rings?"


None? Not only curious, but worrying. He floated closer, exerting force to make himself glow brighter.

"I'm Preston Westfield, the protector of this sector." Heh, that rhymed. "May I ask who you are, what you're doing here, and what exactly that ring you have is?"
January 1st, 10:29 AM (Eastern USA)
Justice Station, Space

With the conversation going on between the two metallic men, Preston found himself with little to do in this tiny air lock. The floors and walls had been inspected thoroughly and he wasn't going to disturb their little talk. Instead, Preston rose his ring to his face and spoke quietly into it. Not that he was hiding information from his host and fellow guest, but simply not to get in their way for the time being.

"This is Preston Wesftield, Green Lantern of sector 2814 reporting in. I've made it to my... station, and am engaging with the current protectors of the planet." He spoke, waiting patiently for a response.

"Good job, kid. I'm glad you made it there in one piece." A hearty laugh and a snort came from the other side, much to Preston's annoyance. "I guess I'm our fifty credits, but Tomar-Re is reaping in favoring you."

"Thanks for the confidence, Kilowog." He stated dryly. His instructor still held no sympathy for him, even all the way out here.

"Have you viewed your dad's notes on the planet yet? Humans are a breed all their own, and pretty isolated despite their level of technology." Tomar-Re, an old friend of Morgan's, cut into the call with his own suggestion. At least someone was on his side.

Despite them not being able to see him, Preston shook his head. "No. I've decided to experience Terran Culture without assista-"

And suddenly his ring burst with laughter. Not only from Kilowog, but also Tomar-Re, who chortled in the background. Preston groaned.

"I'll report in again once I've made more progress."
January 1st, 10:28 AM (Eastern USA)
Justice Station, Space

The metal figure had invited both Preston and the third presence inside the space station with a curl of a finger. Even as the air lock closed behind them and hissed to re-pressurize the small room, Preston dared not touch the floor. He continued to float.

"Oooh, oh. Ah. Huh."

It wasn't long before Preston became distracted with the coloring and archetecture of the space station. He neared one of the walls and floated along it, his eyes taking in every little detail and mentally comparing it to Vaspasian design. In time, he was floating fully upside down, analyzing the floors and taking in this new scene before him. The Armor didn't have many words for him, and instead decided to focus more on the other variable. Preston didn't really care.

Instead, he spent his time floating and rotating every direction, studying this little hatch in the space station and even the armor and clothing of the two others locked in with him.
I suppose we're... Kraken'lackin

I have my moment.

that was it.

my moment.

never again will I have a good idea.
post for kraken, and have Kor post for grim

Bow to your elders, show respect. Put on your brightest smile and set your best foot forward.

Dimitri carried with him three books. A translation book from Greek to Japanese, an etiquette book on how to act, and a notebook filled with careful, yet sloppy kanji.

He clutched his books as he approached what could only be considered a picket line. His arm was wrapped around the books, his right held a suitcase of his belongings, and a backpack was slung over his shoulders carrying whatever couldn't fit in the suitcase. Getting closer to the crowd of people, Dimitri gulped and lowered his head.




Dimitri didn't understand all of the words that the people shouted at him as he got closer, but he could understand the rage in their tone. He held the books tighter. Had it not been for the sound and feeling of them bending in his grip, he surely would have held them tight enough for them to break in his arm.

It was then where he stopped.

Why was he going through the main entrance to UA when he was told that there was a side entrance that would allow for easy access without being harassed by protesters?

"Huh..." He sighed to himself and spun himself around to walk away from the crowd and over to the other entrance. A trio waited for him. Dimitri had almost forgotten his ID! While taking in the dry scent of what seemed to have been a fire in the area, he continued along, watching other students ahead of him present their IDs to the three people waiting at the gate. Soon enough, it was his turn.

"I am here... For the hero course." He had to think out his words carefully. His voice, slow, low and distant, uttered only a few words. The suitcase was set down so he could rummage through his pockets for his ID. His name, student number, and his class were presented on it. He expected nothing less from the ID, but this was still all so strange to him. "I promise not to let you down."

It seemed he was a little later arriving than he wanted, but he was certainly not the last one to have come inside. Everyone was brushing shoulders and talking up one another, but every little detail seemed to make Dimitri more and more nervous. His tail swayed anxiously. They were speaking so well to one another. Maybe they were all friends? Or perhaps they grew up in similar areas? He couldn't be sure, but he was not going to let his fears stop him from being kind to his new peers!

Everyone was dressed in their new uniforms, even Dimitri. He wouldn't lie. Wearing something like this made him feel rather spiffy, but it was a far cry from his normal attire.

It was revealed that the trio of men waiting at the gate was actually their teachers, aiming to see that everyone safely arrived at the school. Spacenaught-Sensei led them all to an area where they would demonstrate their quirks to one another and the teachers themselves. They had been joined at the last minute by a rather bouncy woman who announced herself as the Quirk Development Specialist. Dimitri still had to acclimate himself to the term.

One student was certainly eager to show his Gifts to the class. He made... methane? Lots of it? A highly explosive gas that was easily charged and could be set fire too. Before he could blink, the air turned dry, and Dimitri was forced to look away from the inferno that was created before him. It was certainly a powerful quirk with aid, and a flashy one at that.

The second one was a girl who emitted concussive force, like she created a small sonic boom wherever she moved. Dimitri grew nervous. His quirk wasn't exactly one that he could show off like the others. He'd need something heavy to lift, or something to break. Fortunately, as the next students went to show off their quirks, it seemed like the teachers could in fact assist to help everyone show off what they could do.

Everyone's powers were incredible! They truly did have gifts from the gods. Clones, water manipulation, even possession of a body! Lava! Even if she was a little.... much.

Eventually, it was his turn to show everyone what he could do. He eyed the pillars. That would do, but he didn't want to make them mad. Perhaps there was someone who could mold stone to fix the damage Dimitri would no doubt cause for his demonstration? He certainly hoped so.

His journey to the demonstration area was a slow one. Finally turning to face everyone, he bowed politely and looked to his teachers. Maybe it was because of Daizo that he was even more sluggish than normal. He willed himself to carry one, despite everything telling him to stop.

"Hello." He said quietly. "My name is Dimitri Megalos. I named my Quirk Minotaur, after the mighty beast of legend. Would it be okay if I demonstrated on one of these pillars?"

Mori-sensei looked at the state of the arena from the demonstrations before him. It was already singed and littered with rocket bits and volcanic rock, and one pillar had been shockingly knocked down by Hyouka-kun. She stifled a laugh behind her gloved hand and mentally noted how polite he was despite the already existing damage to the structure.

"Yes of course, go ahead Dimitri-kun!"

From his position in the center of the arena, he could absolutely take a head start at it. While his combat skills were next to nothing, Dimitri knew that he could shoulder charge it and do some substantial damage to it. His focus turned to one of the pillars in the corners of the arena, one of the two furthest away from everyone.

With a start, Dimitri dashed towards it with all the energy he could muster. He was quite fast for someone of his size, but not inhumanly so. Speed was not his Quirk.

When he was about half way to the pillar, Dimitri lowered his body and readied himself. With a mighty crash, Dimitri launched his body into the pillar and bashed it with his shoulder. The sound of the impact was loud, even from the other side of the arena, but the show wasn't over yet.

The Pillar had been attacked, and it could not hold itself against Dimitri. He hit it with all his might, and continued to push against it even after he knew he had made impact. The pillar toppled over slowly, assisted by gravity to crash into the ground with a mighty quake. dust and rubble flew, but Dimitri stood his ground until it cleared.

He took a slow walk back to his teachers and bowed once more. "In addition to the horns and the tail, I am also incredibly strong. Maybe even stronger than the Minotaur itself." He couldn't help but smile at his own feat, and looked to his teachers and fellow students for approval.

Mori-sensei again was absolutely star struck with the pure strength a mutant class quirk could boast. Her eyes were wide open until she got some dusty debris blown into her face by the wind. While attempting to rub her eyes clear, she struggled to give him much commentary.
"Ah-- hold on. That was super impressive! A fitting name for a very powerful quirk! Like a charging Greek myth! Very well done, Dimitri-kun."
cough cough
Mori-sensei pulled a bottle of water out of a bag nearby the platform and flushed her eyes out, while her eyes were red and pained she was no less excited to see Dimitri in action.
January 1st, 10:28 AM (Eastern USA)
Justice Station, Space

Before the man could answer his question, the air lock opened, and a figure presented itself looking quite unamused. Presotn' didn't exactly know what was going on, but was caught quite off guard by the person that wore armor that almost reminded him of home. Cutting edge for earth standards, he presumed, and floated closer to the figure.

"I'm Preston, the green lantern of this sector. I would like to live on your planet and develop me abilities, protecting your people also."
His ring translated his natural Vespasian into whatever they needed to hear. Preston vaguely remembered the language being called English. With a nod of his head, he presented his ringed fist as if it would mean something, waiting back at either of the two silent people next to him while he stood there with his ring out.

"I know your Earth has a history with a Green Lantern. I am his Successor, his son."
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