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happy birthday to me
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No dice, sorry
12:14 AM, Dakota State, December 25, 2020

"Come on, come on."

Preston worked out the numbers on his phone in a hurry. He didn't have the time to redial every single stray number that called his phone, so he needed to guess which one sounded right. He should have put it in his phone.

"Where's that wizard girl when you need her. Or that techie in the suit and vehicles. That speed guy, really any of them." His trip back to Oa really left him disoriented on earth, and now he was regretting not having any way to contact other heroes. It wasn't like he needed them. His power ring was repaired. He was no longer slowly loosing juice. Full strength and top of the line training meant that he could stop nearly every force on earth if he so chose.

But he didn't think that monsters and magic fit into 'forces of earth'.

The ring was slipped on and Preston took flight. His ring gave him the alert of powerful forces within his relative location, meaning earth. More than petty thieves or guys with freeze rays. The real heavy hitters. As long as they weren't wearing Yellow, he was fine.

Monsters were invading a small town in the state of Dakota. North Springs was the name that showed up on the map. Preston wasn't quite sure how they got there or where they were from, but he was going to send them right back.

He zoomed high into the air, bursting at top speeds to reach his location in minutes. As he neared the city, he slowed down and closed in on the smoke rising into the sky.

As he got closer, Preston began to pick up a theme on the monsters that were down there. Minotaurs, Chimera, giants, even a cyclops or two stomping around the city. Not to mention all of the smaller flying creatures akin to birds that were just pecking at people and harassing them.

He created a sword and shield. He'd play along with this theme. The challenge of being a green lantern fighting foes of lesser force was to not wipe them away with a single blow. You needed to make it seem like they were being challenged so that the next monster up to bat wasn't as strong as a power ring at full capacity.

He hoped this was only something that was happening right here. Preston didn't know a lot about greek myths, but if they were dealing with greek monsters, some god had to be behind all of this, and Preston wasn't going to fight a god alone.
Indeed, but we can't exactly do much with two characters
@Metadudeunfortunately, I was in a rush to pick an OOC out for people to get interested in. I am in the process of working out a new plot and story, but my time is limited and I’m quite busy, so work on things will be slow. I’m sorry if you felt insulted by the fact I drafted everything from the previous RP, but since that was what everyone was familiar with, I figured it was safe to start there
@Kazemitsulooks good. Not asking you to change anything, but due to his immense size, I hope you know that he's going to have a hard time moving around inside of a ship, even if it is a fancy research vessel.

Name: Kari (Kah-Ree) Sabaan (Say-Bahn)
Age: 82 "Earth Years", would be considered somewhere in her late mid thirties if proportional to a human's lifespan. (Human's are awfully attached to their dead homeworld, still using its system to time for measurements and all.)
Gender: Female
Height: 6'5"

Role: Geologist.
Affiliation: The Mynua species, Acionna Expedition
Relationship Status: Single
Facts/Backstory: Kari grew up in the Sabaan settlement, in the northern part of the planet. The settlement itself was deeper underground than most, and was probably just as hot as the surface above. That was just how Kari liked it, though. She enjoyed spending hours looking at all of the different creatures and rocks around and above her, Not to mention her mother and father were not too keen on letting her up on the surface to talk to the Humans.
As she grew older, she wandered further and further upwards, eventually finding the surface and the Humans that lived there. She talked to them. Her settlement was one of the last to not have direct contact with the Humans. She supposed it made sense. They weren't too keen on outsiders in the first place, and even if they were from beyond the surface, they would not always be welcomed with open arms. However, she took this chance to learn more about them.
Time passed and she had eventually gotten the leader of her settlement, her own father, to talk directly with the humans. She didn't want to stop there, though. She wanted to prove that these outsiders were friendly, and could be trusted. It was about that time that she started looking for ways to push relations even further, by joining Human organizations.
She went to the stars, learning about all of the other races she knew so very little about, and knew that this was her place. She belonged in the Final Frontier.
Fact - Kari cannot whistle. Almost everyone else she knows can, but she has never been able to, no matter how hard she tried.
Weapons: Tool Kit - Though the Mynua have strong claws for piercing rocks, there are a few things that she needs to help with her studies and finds. Dusts, pics of various materials for different uses, and small containers for storing delicate items in.
Visor and Interface - Because of her lack of hands, using tools and computers can be quite difficult for any Mynua. However, a joint project between Humans and the Mynua have allowed them to better access everything that a human can. The visor now serves as a Heads-Up-Display, in addition to just protection from the sun, and small sensors have been place within the organic armor to allow Kari to use electronic devices, such as computers, vehicles, and other tools, while just moving her body and extra appendages to control them. This makes physical contact with devices obsolete, and very helpful to the Mynua in general.

Skills: Bilingual - Kari is fluent in both Mynuan and the Earth English, and can translate between the two rather easily. Though sometimes she can become distracted and overwhelmed, using the other language when it has no place in the particular area.
Geology - She had taken up the study of the ground underneath and above her when she was very little, having loved all of the different types of minerals and rocks around her. Humans had a refined section of study based on that of just rocks, and Kari fell in love. Her species has no official "degrees" or learning, but she has spent decades of her life learning about geology, Kari herself believing that she has a mastery over the subject.
Dear valued associate,

You've been selected to join the crew of research vessel the ETU Phoenix! We here at Stratobask Industries cannot wait to get you on the frontier and assist you in learning everything you can about what has yet to be explored.

Attached is a boarding pass to New Rhodes, Calitica, Earth, as well as everything you'll need to get started at the Stratobask Headquarters. Once you arrive at the headquarters, you will be escorted to the Frontier wing. There you will meet the rest of your crewmates, be briefed on your mission, and be sent on your way!

We hope to see you soon,
Stratobask Industires

You may have been riding on this letter arriving to be your chance to leave, or maybe you applied on a whim. In any case, when you recieve the paper letter, you can't contain your excitement. As quick as you can, you follow the directions given to you, head to New Rhodes on planet Earth, and ship off in a top of the line Extended Travel Unit, the Phoenix.

The ETU Phoenix was designed for such a dangerous mission. Made to accomodate all of the known species, the Phoenix is large, but sleek, filled to the brim with all the bells and whistles that researchers and scientists would kill for.

Or maybe you're a part of the security detail? Worry not. The Phoenix is equipped with multitudes of non-lethal tools for you to use while keeping the peace and keeping people safe.

Maybe you're an adventurer. Maybe you wanted to leave your life or normalcy and go to the edge, wandering about to find a new place in life. The Phoenix is here for you too. While you will be serving the research teams and keeping them safe as they discover the depths of space, you will have time to establish yourself in your newfound life.

Stratobask Industries has a place for everyone, and they can't wait to see what you bring back.

1. Romance is acceptable, but please keep it appropriate. If clothes start flying, you will be asked to stop or move it somewhere else.
2. This PR is exploration based, and people who are knowledgeable in multiple fields are more valuable to the company than those who are not. However, no one character can do everything. You might be the best and brightest, but everyone has their limits and circles.
3. Characters may come from one of 4 planets; Earth, Rhea, Hephaestus and Kepler-17x
4. Kinda goes along with number 2 but no marysue/garystus, seriously.
6. No godmodding, I don’t think I need to explain this one.
8. Any questions can be answered by myself or your fellow players.
9. Most important rule ever! Have fun!

All pertinent info is here:

Hello! This is a reboot of an old RP, and I will be restarting it because some people wanted to bring this back. If you're a newcomer, or if you want to make a new character, the CS will be provided down below for you to use.

Relationship Status:
I volunteer if you don’t want to
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