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His mouth opened only slightly. Rylad had his eyes focused on the woman, staring intently at her to see what she thought of the figures. She took one, examined it, and let a tear fall. He moved barely an inch closer. Something about them got to her. It was in the way she talked about the Maidens, with such quiet reverence. His mouth went fully agape at her proclaiming his skill and work. He let out a shudder of a breath. Nobody had complimented his carvings to such a level before.

Then she offered to buy them. Not talk to that greasy man about buying them, but taking them for herself. "It's all yours if you want it." He said back to her, eager to sell it off to her. He cherished his own work, as an artist should, but this was a sign to him that he had done something right.

From her pocket she produced a small bag, and in it lay pearls. Dazzling and stark, the little pearls seemed to be made with perfection in mind. It was all she had, she said. He would have preferred money, but a simple barter would work just as well. He lifted a hand and took only a few of the pearls she offered him. No more than three or four pearls were taken from her hand and left to sit in his palm. It would be rude of him to take it all, and the size and beauty would be sure to hold some worth of their own.


She said they were lucky. Ryland knew better than to question the cosmic forces. If they were lucky, he would believe them to be so. His eyes left her, scanning the boat again for prying eyes. Nobody paid them much attention, but Ryland would have to hold the pearls close. He was meant to bring the ship, his captain, money, not pawn off his works for personal gain. The pearls were slipped into a pocket and Ryland pushed his hands forward, still looking around the ship.

"The carving is yours. I hope you enjoy it, and if you want anything made, just ask, ok?"
Fabruary 26th, 3:36 PM EST
Watchwoter, Earth's Atmosphere

Two figures stood in the Watchtower, a space station put together to serve as the base of operations for the Justice League. That was what they called themselves. Rather, that's what Preston liked to call them, no matter what they thought of the name.

"So, where next?"

In the years that had passed, with the trials faces and the fires doused, Preston had become almost an entirely new man. What was once a careful, yet mild mannered astronomer was now a man who has had his curiosity sated, and his quest for the next thing was tempered by his desire to create peace. Some would call him rather boring, but the more Preston dove into his work as a Green Lantern, the more he discarded the man underneath the mask.

"Preston, I think we've done enough peace-keeping missions on earth. You hardly treat other planets like this." The one exception was Sotra, but Catalea would consider her planet a home to Preston as well. She had yet to get acquainted with Earth like he had with Sotra. Her mask clicked to disengage, and the hero of the Vespasian people looked upon the planet below them with naked eyes.

"Besides. I've seen Paris, Kyoto, Washington, Central City, Rio, Switzerland, many in between and far beyond. Where else will we go?" Between their missions, taking care of various criminals that they had come into contact with in their travels, he really did show her many great places around the earth. Despite this, Preston didn't feel like it was enough. Like he was missing something that she had to see to witness another facet of beauty on the planet he called home.

Preston racked his brain trying to think of a new location. Themiscyra was not only a place already traveled to, but off limits. Period. Well, at least to him. Catalea, being an honorable warrior, was allowed in as she pleased. Not even his title of Green Lantern and super powered superstar of the planet would make the warrior women budge. Genovia was going under some internal redevelopment, not to mention it being another isolationist country.

A smile worked it's way to his features. Without saying anything, Preston spun on his heels and began to walk away from his wife.

"Hey!" She let out after having noticed him walking away.

Still he said nothing. He was rather quiet as she followed him with annoyance.

Preston's little walk led them to a large computer in the Watchtower. Technically the computer belonged to Zoey, but she wasn't around. Not that she'd care anyways. With several taps on the keyboard of the monster of a computer, he issued a broadcast to a certain under water city.

"Hey, Orin? You there?" Preston spoke up, his wife quirking an eye brow.

She rememebred Orin, king of the seas. He was there at the wedding. Charming man, noble.

"It's Preston. I was wondering if me and Cat would do a little tour of Poseidonis. One of the last corners of the world I have left to show her." Had it not been for the fact that they were in a giant metal box, very, very far away from the surface, Preston would have made the call on his own communicator. However, the advanced strength of the watchwoter's computers made shooting a signal all the way into the ocean much easier than any other option.

February 28th , 3:36 PM EST
Poseidonis University, Lycus Dorm

It was back to the books. For real, this time. No more powers, no more gadgets, no more patrols. It was school. Normalcy. To be quite honest, Virgil was having a blast. This was something he never had in Dakota. If it wasn't the gangs, it was his powers, and if it wasn't his powers, it was something else. Now it was just him.

But that wasn't a bad thing.

He had school, he even had friends. He was doing well. While his grades were rather normal during his first leg of time there at the university, when he put away his distractions and double life, he had time to focus on his academics and smash them out of the water. He wasn't on the same level as Richie, but Virgil Hawkins was a damn smart kid.

He sat by the doorway of the Lycus dorm, his back against the building and a notebook in his hands. Electrical engineering and physics were his zone, and he was going to make sure that all of his work from now on was better than anything that came before it. After all, he had to make up for lost time.

February 28th, 12:02 PM
Harper Heights, San Francisco

The city was on its way to being hers

Who knew that all you had to do to strongarm city officials was abduct them in your alien powersuit that you found in El Paso so many years ago? Well, Patty had an idea about that.

Her generals, her favored allies, started out as a group of idiots who were also gifted great power. They just needed to be put in line, and to have their perspectives changed a little. The Five Fighters, a surprisingly coordinate group of hustlers with powers given to them by some supernatural means, were gifted not only in abilities, but weaponry.

She took the lead, of course. Apex, the most powerful villain on the west coast, worked hard to intimidate and scare anyone and everyone with political power. The Five Fighters ushered in a wave of crime with skill and grace. Patricia Palomo, a newcomer to the scene, kept her head low. She had the money, she was getting the influence, but her pride was getting the better of her.

As fun as it was to push congressmen around, she wanted that podium. She wanted the city in her hands directly. Night after night she mulled over her plans for the future. Her son, first and foremost, was growing up. She didn't want him in this business. Not this life. He would find his path, and she would set the light on it so he could walk it unimpeded.

She sat in her office. Shotaro stood by the door, the other four were posted around the city, making sure their growing empire was running like a train.

A pen twirled between her skilled fingers. One one hand, Patty could be the new face of San Francisco. She could use the will of her mafia to get whatever she wanted done, and when things didn't work out, Apex could take a visit. However, people would connect the dots at some point. By then, would it really matter? The city in her hands, metahumans, hustlers, and workers at her disposal, proxy after proxy. What could go wrong?

Ding dong!

For now, the question would have to remain unanswered. Patty removed herself from her chair. Shotaro, ever the loyal guardian and leader of his team, stiffened his shoulders and watched her leave the office. A quick word to him made him relax and take his departure as well. However, he didn't leave the house. Tobias was Shotaro's other priority, and sometimes the bosses had the strangest requests. Like "straight chillin".

Patty returned to the living room of her house to see her son and her second in command butting heads over something trivial. She didn't care. When you had as much money and power as she did, why would you care about anything? It was good to relax a little. Be a little normal.

And normal meant that it was pizza night.
"Oh," Though somewhat surprised by her desire to follow him onto the ship, he didn't tell her no. "Well, follow me."

Ryland stepped onto the gangplank and welcomed himself back aboard the ship. None of the crew paid either of them any attention walking up onto the ship. Business as normal. The crew knew better than to hassle women, especially when the captain's dog was the one leading said woman around the boat. He'd inform her, then she'd have the hide of anyone who harassed a woman.

The woman, Mira, he believed he overheard her name, stationed herself on the railing of the ship, looking out onto the seas with an expression he couldn't quite pin down. She seemed fine right there, so he dove into the lower decks to find what he was looking for. All around in the nooks and crannies of the ship lay his wooden figures, but the maidens were somewhat of a treasure to him. Those were the ones he had hidden away from prying eyes.

A quick jump back up onto the main deck of the ship and Ryland presented Mira with two figures. To say that there was a significant jump and quality would be somewhat of an understatement. While the ones he gave to her before were the product of idle work and the need to keep busy, these two could really be called works.Ryland put days worth of time and effort into each one, and his dedication to the craft showed. They still carried a few amateur mistakes, but the fine detail Mira had spotted in the others was much more common and balanced through the figures.

The maidens of the seas, with the body of the woman and a tail like a fish to travel across their domain with ease. His work couldn't properly transcribe their beauty into wood, but they were far from shoddy. Their tails curled back up at the end, their long, flowing hair covered essentials, and faces touched with detail to try and express their beauty properly.

He gave her a minute to look them over. The crew, noticing this exchange, smirked and chortled, but said nothing to either of them. "So..." He looked at her nervously. "How are they? Worth anything?" He truly hoped they were. If not, he'd need to keep at it, make them better until they were perfect. Hopefully, hopefully, they met her standards.
A short trip back to the boat and Ryland had fetched a small handful of the numerous figures he had carved while out at sea. With a mix of the rocking waves, nudging elbows, and his own simply adept level of skill, he managed to put fine detail in many parts of each carving, but left a little to be desired in other areas. So many of these little wooden figures were laying around the ship that Ry could barely keep track of them. Nobody really payed them any mind as they were stuffed in corners and hidden in little nooks and crannies.

He offered her one or two to look over, watching her as she insepcted them. His question caught him a little off guard, but he racked his brain enough to fish out an answer for her. The sea maidens is what she asked about, women who were confined to the waters by some accounts, free from the chains of being bound to land by others.

"Yeah, I have one or two." He replied calmly. He was intrigued by this myth of maidens, and made one whenever he believed he had spotted one out during his voyages. Nobody believed that he actually had witnessed a mermaid, and he wasn't too sure himself, but he gave himself the benefit of the doubt in the possibility of their existence. Surely they were just quite rare and preferred their solitude.

"I can show you, if you want. I'll just need another moment to head back to the ship."
”Fuck you, Virgil.”

February 10th, Poseidonis campus 3:24 PM

The words still rang loud and clear in Virgil's mind. He looked like shit, he felt like shit, but he was still alive. Nobody died this time, but he knew he could have handled things better than he did.

A few days of going AWOL and looking inside yourself really did wonders. Being gone for a few days was something Virgil couldn't say he was fond of, but there were times back in Dakota where Virgil would leave on a "school trip" onto to spend a day or two patrolling as he saw fit. He still couldn't believe himself, but he was back. Well, physically.

He figured it started long before he got that feeling in his bones. In truth, it started the moment he got off the shuttle down here. He was there, telling himself he was taking a break from being a hero, only to flaunt his powers left and right. That should have been the first sign. Then it was tinkering with his gadgets. He shouldn't even have brought his equipment down here. Just in case was a lazy excuse to tell himself that he really didn't want to take a break. Talking to Richie on the Shock Box. Virgil brought his phone. The moment Virgil truly crossed his own line was when he put on that suit and went parading around Atlantis like it was Dakota.

Then he met Mal and the other Argonaut. When Virgil got clued in that these guys were not only good, but of some importance, he got high and mighty to prove himself to them. He should have stuck to the plan. All he had to do was take out the generator and lay low. If anyone came rushing out, he should have handled it then. He should not have walked into the building, firing bolts left and right at people who tried to get at him. His sudden exit probably wasn't handled all that well.

Virgil grabbed his arms and looked at the campus he stood on the edge on. He had snuck into the dorms the night of the Raid and changed into civilian clothes, but those were the same clothes he was wearing right now. He just didn't know if he was ready to face Mal. Karen was in the party, playing the agent or something so Mal had eyes and ears inside. Sociable eyes and ears, that is.

He had to apologize. Virgil knew that to be true. He also deserved a powered punch or something from the Watchdog since Virgil was almost absolutely sure that Mal still had it in him after the raid. He had to own up to this. He couldn't keep running when things went sour.

With that, Virgil set foot on the campus of the university for the first time in nearly three days. Whatever happened, happened.
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"Quaint," Lancaster said to herself, making it unclear if she was talking about the newly introduced woman or the little town itself.

Sidney Lancaster prided herself on being just as brash and bloody as any other pirate on the seas, but also made her fame by sometimes showing what could only be called a nicer side. For now, she'd be respectable. She could get a lot out of Faflon if she kept talking him up. He was already taking most of her wares.

From behind, she could feel a set of eyes on them. It was Ry, a young man a few years younger than herself, and the boy of the ship. He knew the Black Corsair almost as well as she did, but his attempts at trying to gain respect and authority seemed half-assed, like he almost wanted to stay on the sidelines, watching.

Well, no time like the present.

"Ryland, get over here." She commanded with a sway of her head. The young man jumped and rushed to her side.

Ryland wasn't quite sure what was going on, this wasn't normal business. The woman who Faflon the merchant had invited over was beautiful and mysterious. She held a face that seemed distantly familiar. "Yes, captain?"

"Oversee the rest of this trade. I'm going to use our new coin on some well-earned drinks." Her order was casual, almost careless, but the edge in her voice remained. "Simple enough for you, eh? I trust you can make us some more money from Fafland by the end of the day." She finished with a wry smile, laughing to herself before walking up. She didn't even bother listening to Ryland accept the orders. She knew he'd do it. He was a faithful dog.

Ryland looked back at the merchant and the woman almost expectantly, like they were trying to offer something up to him. "We have a little more blasting powder on the ship. Could sell it to you." What could they possibly gain from buying gunpowder? This was a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere. Nobody was going to come by looking for powder. Rylan mentally hit himself in the face for such a suggestion.

"Wait, I got it!" He said almost excitedly as an idea came to him. "I've got some figures, wooden, that you might be able to sell. I've got a ton, being on the seas day and night." They didn't have as much use as gunpowder, but little figures like that would be something Faflon could pawn off to someone else, and get Ryland's works circulating. Hopefully it'd mean that he could sell them himself on day for much more than whatever the merchant would be willing to give to him.
"...Ear-leigh in the morn'in"

The gang of sailors and pirates sang and chanted a merry tune, an ironic one that they all knew the humor of in their situation. Weeks out at sea, moving from the Indies back up to good old Great Britain. Old was a rather key word when it came to what most considered their home, and old was the word in their minds when they saw the port town they were approaching.

It was a town that they had stopped at a small handful of times, but Captain Lancaster had decided that it was worth their time to make a stop here and enjoy solid land for a bit before going further up north. It was promised to be a short stop, but something about the captain's words made it seem like they'd be on the land a little longer than expected. Something was wrong, but nobody would say what it was.

Especially not to Ryland. The poor boy couldn't catch a break. Even more than ten years to the ship, very few on the ship treated him with the respect that came with someone with that much experience. It didn't bother Ryland too much. He did his work, the crew appreciated him enough, and sometimes he took another loaf of bread or two from their rations without much consequence.

They had some merchandise to drop off to the town, among other things. After a clash with another ship, The Black Corsair needed a little repairing. It wasn't much dangerous damage, but just enough to be concerning if they got into another scrap.

"Alright, lads. Get the goods ready. Once we drop off our load and get the gold, I don't care what you do with yourselves, just don't die." It was their glorious captain Lancaster barking the orders as they neared the port. Ryland was already on it, barely able to hear her commands from below deck as he made sure that everything was right and ready for hauling. Ryland vaguely remembered the merchant Captain Lancaster talked with during the previous stops at the port town, but mostly by face than reputation. Hopefully it was the same person with the same rates.

She was met with a cheering of "aye" from her crew, and with little space between them and the dock, they lowered their sails and set out the gangplank.

Sidney Lancaster stomped on the ground just above Ryland. She knew he was there, and he knew that she knew he was there. The commands didn't need to be said to him. This was routine business for him, and he was already on top of what he needed to do. Shortly afterwards, the rest of the crew came down and started picking up the supplies that Ryland was directing them to. Some grunted, scoffed, or didn't say anything to him, but they all listened at least somewhat. If he figured right, Captain Lancaster was already on the docks looking for their merchant, looking for that sweet deal.

When the last of the goods were picked up by Ryland himself, he took himself above deck and starting moving the goods onto the port, unloading them and waiting further instruction.
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