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We talkin new magneto or old magneto? Both would be interesting and entertaining, but I just want to see where your head’s at
One day, many many years ago, there were superheroes. In the mid to late 1800's, the fantastic abilities of chosen people showed the rest of the world that Humanity was standing on the edge of a cliff where at the bottom lay untold power and unknowable secrets. Lone Rangers, Silver Saviors, Masked Men in a heist car. With this amazing power, people could not let their daily lives get in the way of something so much more important, so they become someone else, something else.

As the Era of invention came in, these super-people were gone without a trace. A full generation of people with powers, but they all lacked the ability to pass them on to their children. As World Wars came and went, science progressed, and the stories of parents and grandparents who could lift impossible weights and fly became nothing but crazy rumors. The world had tricked itself into believing that these things had never happened. Media took these people, turned them into characters for enjoyment, and the listeners, readers, and watchers all took in this information happily without knowing that it was more real than they could imagine.

The year is 2020, and you wake up to something new. Many people do. Many did. For the past three years, powered people have been popping up like wildflowers. Inspired by the stories passed on for more than a hundred years, people became more than they ever wanted. Thinkers and tinkerers have pushed science to new limits thanks to their own powers and the study of others. However, this advancement goes both ways.

Not everyone with power wants to use it for good. Supervillains have been using their powers for their own gain, and many have stood up to stop them.

The world is in chaos with powered people turning the world into their playground, and as you listen to the news, several big name villains seem to be teaming up.

Fortunately, as you are pondering what to do, you get a call. It seems like the bad guys aren't the only ones teaming up.

Will you join this new group of superheroes to save the world?
Interesting! I'll keep an eye on this one and read into it further

Also Hawke invited me you sound cool
University of Poseidonis, Lecture hall 210
11:02 AM
March 2nd, 2026

Well, he needed to catch up a little. While it wasn't a lie that Virgil was enjoying putting his schoolwork first, when he truly prioritized his work over everything else, he had truly realized how much he needed to catch up. Of course it was hard, school wasn't school if it wasn't a challenge.

It was just a matter of Virgil doing his best to completely relearn science and physics according to the Atlantean way. They were so advanced and their way of approaching science wasn't like how he learned it back in Dakota. Mathematics, science, electrical engineering, physics, Virgil had approached the school intent on learning the Atlantean way, not truly knowing just how advanced it all was compared to normal, above shore-level studies.

His ear was tuned to the professor, his hand transcribing what he was hearing as it happened. All of his time on the police scanners seemed to have helped his note-taking. Once the lecture was over, he'd go over everything he copied and make a new set of notes based on that in a more efficient manner.

Virgil wished he could actually get his hands on some atlantean tech and test out his notes, but studying everything and treating it like theory was working out just fine for him. Maybe if he did well enough this semester, good ol' Aquaman would take notice of his studious nature and pick him for those fancy lunches. It'd be quite the treat to see actually meet one of the Justice Leaguers.
The year is 1958. It has been for a long... long time. Nobody ages, nobody dies. People get sick, very sick, but we always have enough time to find a cure. Despite this, we can't just go willy-nilly with production and developments. Just because we can't die doesn't mean our planet can't.

In our research, we found something interesting. We're timelocked, the eggheads call it. Some mystical magical energy field is keeping ups from moving further in time. No more children. No new ones, at least. We don't really celebrate birthdays anymore. There's no point when you can't die. But what this whole thing means is that there some kind of magic out there that's keeping things from moving forward, and we tapped into that magic. Making flames, putting wind in your own sails. All those books with fancy spells and big words turned out to be true. Who knew? Turns out a whole lot was true, and we were just blind to it.

After the timelock, people started looking different, the whole world, actually. People with blue skin, fish tales. Monsters and boogeymen out of a kid's storybook. We still have our tubes and lights, but its like a filter got lifted off the world. Either that, or someone's in dreamland and doesn't wanna wake up. People freaked out in the beginning. Every third man you knew wasn't a man anymore. We tried to have wars. Didn't work. All we could do was accept that fact that this is the world we live in now.

Some people do the hero thing. You have magic, you can protect, but it's kind of hard to do when people aren't really in danger. It's mostly to save stuff like old photos and nature. despite this, w-


What? No... No, babies don't just get born. That's now how this world works anymore. It hasn't for... I don't even know how long.

If people can... If we can give life again, then it's only a matter of time before someone gets wise and tries to take one. I need answers, we all do. Those two at the Detective's office, the PI and the dame. If anyone has answers, ideas for answers, has even heard of some sort of answer, it'd be them. If things are going where I think they're going, the world's going to go real south, real fast. We need to figure things out before people start getting the wrong ideas.

Welcome to 195∞! Mysterious forces had twisted and changed the world in impossible ways, and its your job to figure out who did it and how it was done, maybe reverse it if you can. This fantastic RP aims to serve as a mystery, but the goal is to think with a wand, not your brain.

In a state of confusion, fear, and panic, the world doesn't know what to do now that time is moving forward again. Many people want answers, but only two have any sort of leads. Bradford and Madaline "miss" Terry. They're a pair of private investigators and problem solvers in San Francisco. They have a lead, but they need someone to chase it while they try to handle things in the city. Your quest for truth will take you up, down, backwards, sideways, and on paths unknown, but the most important question is-

Where were you when the first man was killed?
yeah! I understand that this is a tough time on everyone. No worries.3
Name: Austin Barker
Alias: Aegir
Appearance (general and costumed):
Age: 21
Powers: Hyrdo/cryo kinesis - Austin controls the metaphorical sway of life by controlling the physical sway of water. With the ability to change the form of water through the three states, he is almost always with his tools. Ice and water are easy to manipulate, but the challenge comes with attempting to manipulate gasses. His powers offer him a degree of temperature control in order to turn a fine mist into ice. The lightest and least dense state of being is the hardest to control. Another difficult talent he has accomplished with his powers is being able to separate and mix various liquids.
It typically helps Austin if he can see whatever it is he's manipulating, but not required. A certain extra sense allows him to feel water in a metaphysical manner.
hand-eye coordination - Due to his job, Austin has heightened reflexes and excellent hand-eye coordination. his brain works fast to make sure he can juggle everything on his plate when the time is needed.
Alcohol-based knowledge - Being a bartender, Austin knows how to make a good drink. His powers serve him well, though he doesn't show off. Whatever weird, obscure name you throw at him, he will have a drink for that.
hand-to-hand combat - Austin has been in a few fights, and knew how to handle himself even before his meta-gene kicked in. Austin used to attend a karate dojo when he was a young child, but moved out of it in favor of a more practical fighting style. Most of his fighting skills are based off of improvisation, which shows how well those lessons stuck with him over the years.
People knowledge: Austin knows how to work people. He's not a hustler, but he's seen too many to not know how they worked. The smile, the handshake. When you lived in a fake town with fake people, you knew how to become fake just like them. He might not always like putting on the charm, but he can't deny results like a big tip.
Previous occupation: Bartender
Backstory: Austin grew up in Van City, a rapidly growing area that was becoming quite popular with celebrities and people of notable status. As they moved into the city, everyone else flocked to them. Growing up in a tourist city wasn't so bad, especially when you weren't there more than half the time. There was a beach a few minutes away from the main city, a little secret cove he found himself when he was a young teen. There were a lot of memories on that beach, a lot of firsts.
While trying to wow his dazzling darling, Austin swam out to sea one night and was caught in a current. He was shoved far out into the sea, tired, hungry, and thirsty. He found no strength to swim back to shore, and the sun was on the rise. In this moment, he found special awareness of his surroundings. The ocean was in his mind. The way it pushed and pulled fell in sync with his heart. With a rush of inspiration and strength, she started to swim, finding that he was swimming must faster and farther than he had ever known.
His girlfriend had thought that he had drowned, but she waited adamantly in hopes that her worries were false. When he came back from the water, she went to hug him, and he hugged her back.
And the water hugged them both.
Austin was just like those he had seen on the TV, those Metahumans. It explained how he could even get back, how he could bend the water this way and that with only his thoughts and a few simple movements.
from that day on, he practiced his powers at that secret beach. He got a job at a little bar where he could always be working on being more fluid and efficient with his powers. Everything was going fine.
One day, he was relaxing on his day off when there was a knock on his door. Unsure of who it was, he opened the door and looked to see a man in black, then the world went dark.
Personality: Austin is a rather laid back individual, preferring to sit on the sidelines and cheer people on than take the spotlight for himself. When his powers came, there wasn't a call to action. Of course he explored this new facet of himself, but he didn't wear tights and a mask and use water to whip people up. Helping people is important, he won't deny that, but he needs to be able to swim before he can be a lifeguard. Jumping in to help someone when you don't know what you're doing is just making the next guy rescue another person on top of the first.
Likes: Bar tending, pop music, surfing, breakfast in bed, tourists
Dislikes: vaudeville, tourists
additional information:
yeah, just head over to the thread in the link I posted and fill out the application!

This was a lot more people than I was expecting!

Fortunately, the Safe house should be big enough for all of you!…
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