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happy birthday to me
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My Modus Operandi is dial up the awesome and break the knob off
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If you'd please wrap this up? I'm afraid that I won't be able to write out any serious posts until Wednesday at the earliest, and I'm worried tht it's losing interest.
will get to working on a post as soon as possible, hang tight.
Planet Savasa, Sector 2814
14 hours after start of daily cycle

Preston could almost get used to this. Flying at unreal speeds across the universe and saving whole populations from chaos and destruction. He didn't need to hide who he was. He was Preston Westfield, Emerald Knight and Green Lantern to this sector. Many missed his predecessor, some even resented Preston for taking his place, but they all accepted him passing, and Preston worked hard in getting them to trust in him in the event of an evil greater than their planet arriving.

He almost wondered if he should go back to earth, back to being a nameless and faceless astronomer. Why did he even try to hide under an identity? Flying around this sector of the universe and protecting people took priority over working a day job that he constantly had to flee from. Not to mention how well he was treated by many of the friendlier species. He barely use his apartment anymore since he was gone, and he was sure he could work out something with one of the many alien races for bed and board, so long as he continued to protect them. He was living such a little life back on earth, and he didn't know why he was holding onto having a secret identity on earth in the first place.

He was seated at a banquet held in his honor for stopping a villain from killing the leaders of the planet when his ring began to glow. It was a message sent by the Guardians, Preston assumed, and allowed his Ring to play the message to him.

"Report back to earth at once. The Earthen governments have been attempting to suppress the Metahuman presence on the planet, which will only result in the escelation of violence. They won't trust the vigilantes to take care of the villailous metahumans, straining tensions between everyone. Be an agent of peace, but do not introduce the possibility of an alien presence, Preston Westfield."

Preston groaned. Well it was back to the grind back on earth. Could he at least enjoy this meal and the party before we went back to his little life? Well, yeah. The ring wasn't flying him around, and he needed to recharge his ring after the party anyways to last the whole trip. Plus, he could stand to enjoy the the company of a few more promising aliens. Everyone loved a good planet saving superhero.


It was almost a complete day on Savasa before Preston finally went home. He had done all that he needed to do, and he flew back to Earth in record time.

There was a problem, though. He didn't have any idea what was going on besides what his ring was telling him. He knew his mission, but not the full details of the current climate.

Reentering Earth's atmosphere, Preston flew himself back to his apartment and entered using a house key that he made with the help of his ring. Being the Emerald Knight also had practical benefits. He walked back into his apartment, fresh with a layer of dust on just about everything. Nothing had been changed, nothing stolen. That was good.

He walked into his kitchen and stared at the fridge. That number was on there somewhere, he assured himself. After getting it, he made sure to put it somewhere he couldn't miss it. After close inspection, he had found the once wadded up note and pulled it off the fridge. Using the corner of his counter, he flattened it out and went to find his phone. When they had met, he certainly seemed like a down to earth guy, so he would probably have a good idea of what was going on.

He punched in the numbers and hit call. He waited patiently for something to happen, and whether it was leaving a message or actually talking to the man, Preston cleared his throat to drop off his message to a man he had only spoken to once.

"Hey, this is Oscar Ellison, right? I'm Preston Westfield, we spoke a while back." His free hand tugged on his collar as he suppressed a nervous laugh. "I've, uh, been gone for a while, staring at the stars for too long. And I figured, hey, you seem like a guy who knows about current events, so. Yeah. What's been going on in the world according to Oscar Ellison?"

He paused.


And hung up.

So stupid, he probably sounded so weird. He would be surprised if Oscar even messaged him back after this. He wouldn't be surprised, however, if Oscar played the dumb message out to any of his friends.

Preston fell onto his couch and reached for the remote. Maybe the news would tell him something about the world right now.

Amnesty Bay


Patricia had thrown all care into the wind. With the rise of Metas in the world, there was no reason for her to not utilize what she had in order to progress through life.

Her body was covered in armor given to her by the scarab on her back. Her left arm had been transformed into a sonic cannon, her right hand was a large net that she used to carry the large amount of money that she had just stolen from the bank she was currently robbing. Once she got to understanding the Scarab better, she could move onto the largest and most secure banks on the planet! She's be set for life!

Another wall was torn down using her arm canon. From her back sprouted wings that were used to carry her forward. She could flee into the sea, leave the states for a bit and wait for the heat to die down before she returned to Amnesty Bay. She could only hope that there weren't any Metas in the area that would be keen on stopping her from carrying off all of this money.
"I beat the baddies, hit them good. Protect the intergalactic neighborhood. So from the shoulder, beyond my wrist, look out evil, it's my fist!" Preston tried out a new oath. Maybe he could tell his ring to accept that as his chant. It certainly made him feel good and powerful about himself. Maybe he could pitch it to the guardians the next time he went to Oa.

Breakfast time! Preston needed breakfast. Seated in his car, he made his way through the city. Music played quietly in his car, just enough to take up space so he wasn't left alone with his thoughts.

Driving about, he found a mcdonalds and ordered some food. Looking at the clock on his radio, he figured he had some more time before he had to be at work. Currently, he was trying to weasel himself into getting easier hours, or find a way to keep everyone off his back so he could disappear easier into the Emerald Knight. Hopefully he wouldn't be forced to leave for an extended period of time again.

"Ring." Preston wore his ring for the time being. He'd slip it off once he got to work.

"Yes, Preston." It answered him in more of a sentence than a questioning tone.

"Give me the atmospheric data for the upcoming week. I don't want to get caught off guard by snow."
Jefe. What did that even mean? If she was on the fast track to getting into the school, and probably onto the team, Shawn figured he better find out what that meant pretty soon. He wasn't sure if he could trust her to tell him the true meaning of the word, so he'd have to find out on his own when he got back.

"Worry about the guards for now," Shawn looked back and around, seeing what everyone had been doing. Cable was still picking off the guards, one by one, and Booker was picking them up using his constructs. The rowdy little beasts were a little much to handle, but Booker made sure that they couldn't get out of his construct box. Shawn was still going on the offensive, hoping to help Booker collect as many as possible before he'd have to go back.

The time was a little sooner than he expected.

"Shawn!" Booker shouted. "I'm going back to the blackbird! There shouldn't be a whole lot more left."

Shawn let out a small huff of air. "Alright, Olina. Do your thing." He guess there wasn't much of a reason to keep her from not picking up other mutants. Whatever she didn't grab, he and Cable would be able to sweep the last of them up so they could get out of there.

A guard rounded the corner and appeared before the group of liberating mutants. Wielding cattle prods, he made to aim at Olinda, hoping to stab or strike her with a hearty volt. Shawn couldn't have asked for more of a gift. His hands show forward, and made the effort to suck up as much energy as he could from the cattle prods. The plasma funneled out like a wisp, entering his finger tips. He didn't drain all of the energy from the little lightning sticks, as he still had more work to do on the other guards, but it was enough to give him a bit of a boost.

It took time, but the waves of guards began to slow down and thin out. Even this surprisingly large force was finite, and apparently paper thin.

Laura didn't stop to look at the gore surrounding her. It wasn't anything that she had seen before. She could take a second to breathe, though. The guards were getting tired of dying, and they seemed to wise up. Deadpool was getting tired too, for a vastly different reason. because the guards were getting smarter, and less of them were appearing, there was less for him to do. While he had gone sword crazy for a while, guns were becoming his best friends again, and he shot them all with various counts, making sure he had enough bullets to share with everyone.

And then booker walked out, carrying a large crate with about six young children and teens inside. Most of them were calm, being housed by a mutant power, but the others still saw another prison. That was the immediate sight, and the unsureness about language made sure that nobody knew exactly what was going on.

Laura lunged towards Booker, slaughtering any and all guards who made an attempt on him and the other mutants. "Defend Booker." Was her simple, yet loud command. "Heidi, I will need you to explain to them what's going on when they are in the plane."

Laura assisted Booker with her claws, ensuring that the escort safely made it to the blackbird without any further harm. Once they were in, Booker set the construct down and made it face away, letting the children fall to the ground.

Booker smiled at Heidi, nodding at her before he turned half way back into the fight. "Take it slow, Heidi. You've got this."
7:30 AM
Spencer Heights, Coast City USA
December 3rd

"it's the most, wonderful time, of the year~"

Preston's alarm clock sang a seasonal tune, waking the emerald knight. He music was accompanied with a slow groan, wishing that he didn't have to wake up.

Tuesday. Still too early in the week. Another groan. Everything between now and his trip to Oa had beena blur, but he remembered some key points. It turned out he wasn't the only hero on the planet. But at the same time, there wasn't just one villain. Preston was rather glad they there were people like the Question out there who fought crime on the sscale that they did. Preston had a big job, watching over an entire star sector, so there was no way he couldn't solve every little problem.

But that came with another problem. Tony offered to cover for Preston whenever possible, but the nature of his day job kept him frm always being free when problems arose. Maybe it would just be easier to abandon his life as an astronomer? Live as a green lantern full time. Not only would it put an insane bounty on his head from everyone on earth, but earth itself would be subject to more interpanetary attacks, if people saw that the humans were capable of leaving their planet at will.

He couldn't spend too much time on these questions. He needed to get out of bed and charge up his ring. He made it a habit of charging his ring at about the same time every morning, to make sure it wouldn't run out of power during his patrols.

Forcing himself out of bed, he swept up his power ring that hat been sitting on his nightstand. Slipping it on, his mouth gaped open for a long yawn.

In brigest day
in blackest night
no evil shall escape my sight
let those who worship evil's might
beware my power, green lantern's light

It kind of sounded boring, but that's how the guardians wanted it. Maybe something with the word fist in it would sound better.

With a resounding hum, the lantern battery came to life, powering Preston's ring for the next twenty four hours. Since that was done, Preston let himself sigh, and used the lantern to create simple constructs.

Little wires flew out from the ring, stretching out across Preston's bedroom. The wires opened his closet and his dresser, and pulled out his normal work clothes. The clothes flew back to Preston and the ring put them on his body. He was too tired to actually move today.

Fully clothed and not yet fed, Preston walked out of his house and got into his car. It would be so easy to just fly around, but he didn't think that it'd be good publicity for the Green Lantern to be ordering mcdonalds.

well guys? It's almost been a full year! Maybe after this mission I'll start progressing things time-wise. Could really use that, huh?
Cable was still carrying Bonny at this point in the mission, and when Shawn had called on him to go back in, he couldn't tell the young man no. He had to be the last one to group of with the splinter team. He fired his laser rifle wildly with one arm, Bonny hoisted over the other, and retreated to the blackbird. He set the girl and his rife down, strapping Bonny into one of the seats before picking his rifle back up.

"Emma." Cable spoke loud enough over the sounds of war. "Bonny is in the jet, make use of her abilities to keep the blackbird secure." There wasn't time for debate. He could see her nod with his single eye, and ran off to rejoin Shawn, Booker, and Olinda.

Once the group was all together, Shawn worked on running back inside. Only now was he introduced to Olinda proper. After seeing her mutation in action, it was almost like even this part was planned out by Cable and the team, if at least somewhat.

"Shawn." He introduced himself back to her. "Geokinetic, huh? Awesome." Running back in through the way they came, Shawn made sure to overload any electronic doors in their way, disabling them from locking down. Anything that couldn't be pried open with some constructs or geokinesis, would surely open up after meeting Cable's rifle.

He didn't need to say it again. Everyone was already on the same page. Shawn listened closely to try and judge where people were. Left or right, further down or back behind them. "Booker, once we secure more mutants, I need you to escort them back to the jet. Olinda, you'll be going with the second group if we have enough, and Cable and I will tale back the rest if there's really that many left inside."

And then the carnage began again. As another door of the once pristine building opened up, the sounds of screaming and violence were as loud as ever. Shawn spearheaded the operation, charging in quickly and doing whatever he could to help neutralize the guards, but he picked Olinda, Cable, and Booker because they were the best three other than Heidi to deal with people physically. Olinda and Booker could restrain people physically, and Cable's rifle and brute strength made it easy for him to take out nearly any target.

"Bonny, dear. I'm going to lay out an image of the field around us, and I need you to quicksand the floor where the guards are." Suddenly, Emma was back in the Blackbird and back in Bonny's mind. Laura was now in charge of managing the team back in the real world. "Once we're able to make sure that the guards can't get to us, we can start moving people into the jet. Maximum occupancy isn't something we can worry about right now. Booker will just have to keep constructs up on the flight back." She smiled to herself, forgetting how easy is was to say her thoughts "vocally" in someone elses mind. It was a tricky thing.

Meanwhile, back to reality, Laura watched as Cable and the others left. With the rabid and furious mutants they had, it was easy to make quick work of the guards, but they just kept on coming. They had never gotten this far, it was something that they couldn't have predicted. But they were still going to fight their way out anyway.

"Chrys!" She yelled to the young man. "Physical attacks only! You cannot get any older." He was getting close to his limit, and uses like putting people in subspace did age him forward quite a bit. She didn't want this kid using all of his power and running out of time before his life even began. Heidi was still tending to that unconscious mutant in the jet. With a grunt, she stabbed another guard in the shoulder and kicked him off of her claws. She couldn't ask Heidi to wake him up, lest he still be violent and have the power to decimate their only way out. Someone had to keep him calm when he woke up.

Plus, it would be good experience for Heidi to talk someone down while in a very tense war zone.

Amnesty Bay, Maine
November 4th, 2019
4:20 PM


She screamed in her mind against the voice taking residency. It never shut up when she started simple robberies.

fly. fly. fly. fly. fly. fly. fly.

It was like a command prompt that kept running around her mind. She was already running as fast her legs would carry her, but the stupid sentient stone on her back would never stop trying to coerce her into drawing on it's power. She always refused, and not was no different than before.

It was petty theft, unarmed robbery. Using a cloth mask to cover her face, Patricia had walked into a gas station and promptly punched out the cashier, and had used a nearby stapler to bash the cash register open. Brute force and a still object were all that she needed to get some cash. Nothing new. Only two people were inside at the time, so she wasn't too worried about civilian involvement.

She shoved the money into the pockets of her plain black jacket and took off once more. However, things turned interesting.


With wide eyes, Patricia looked back at the gas station with wide eyes, staring at the angry man shouting and waving around a gun in his hands. He couldn't be serious! He was actually trying to gun her down! Not even the police had opened fire on her before!

Too wild, and the Scarab's commands screamed louder in her head. She shook her head to free herself of it's thoughts. She couldn't stop now. He didn't seem to be giving chase, but plenty onlookers were calling the cops to let them know about the robbery.

She refused to stop. She needed to get away. Amnesty bay was just large enough of a small city for her to be able to hide and change out of her robbery clothes scott free. She just needed to get away and lay low.
@Burning Kittyyoull be able to buy the lab and the land, even the people working in there, but the name Alkali-transigen is owned by some pretty powerful and wealthy people, and after the less we all caused together, they're going to have some new targets to hit
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