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Sometimes... it is
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that feeling when you make a Spider-character and realize you have to kill uncle ben no matter how much sense it doesn't make
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by the power of grayskull, I am captain planet
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The power just flickered, if I go offline, don't worry, I'll be back soon
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January 2nd, 01:15 AM
Sector 34, High Earth Orbit

Interacting with @DocRock @Sir Lurksalot @Korkoa

It was a good idea, or so he thought. Champ's skepticism and concern for a landing zone made Preston really wonder where exactly a good place to put this down would be. After all, to say that the ship was massive was an understatement of the highest caliber. Even if one Green Lantern and a Krpytonian were enough to haul this thing down safely, the state of the world from what Preston had gathered didn't leave much safe, open room to put something like this down without worry.

Preston gritted his teeth. He couldn't bring the ship down, he couldn't even attempt it. Even if he had a hold on it now, once this thing got moving, he knew that it was going to take some real effort in order to make the best out of the situation. "Saraka? I'm sorry I abandoned you to watch Die Hard and learn about human culture." He spoke into his ring on the standard Lantern Frequency, but only broadcasted to this star system. He didn't need the entire Corps on his back for what he was about to do. "But we could really use another Power ring to help bring down a space station."

"Champion, I hope it's not too much of me to ask that you assist as well, given that you've probably the strongest individual in this sector."

January 2nd, Dr. Quinn Therapy and Counseling, Gotham City

"Ya know, back in my day, We didn't get big monsters and superhero teamups." The TV clicked off with a sigh. Oh, back in her day. Things were so much different back then. "Back then, we had a crazy suit of armor who kept beating people up and an alien with eye beams, that was it!"

Laughing to herself, she couldn't help but turn the TV back on, flipping through the various channels while she sat in her own private office. It took her a long time, a lot of work, and maybe just a teensy bit of manipulation, but she was happy again. She worked in Arkham, had a cozy little office where she worked as a people's therapist and councilor, and only occasionally she went out on the town and whacked the occasional goon. These new kids and the Justice League could handle the world's problems. There wasn't really room for her brand of justice on the big scale, she didn't even really want that kind of spotlight anyways.


There was always the feeling in the back of her mind that she still wasn't quite done with the big leagues...

"Breaking news!" The news chimed. Harley jumped, not having expected for this to happen. "The massive space station which had been detected only many hours ago is now close enough to be seen by the naked eye. After the battle with the Hydra only two hours ago in Metropolis, the people hope that the Justice League will be able to stop it from crashing into the earth."

Wow. What an open and informative bit of news. That never happens. Well, whatever happens, the Justice Pals will bail humanity out from being demolished by a massive...

Wait, was that the Great Fox?
he skidaddled until the plot needed him again
There were two options that immediately sprang to mind. Either they could drop her straight down, as slowly as possible, or that could arc the ship around the earth, spiraling downwards until they eventually hit the ground. Either option had its pros and cons, but they didn’t exactly have a whole lot of time to discuss and debate.

As for places to land, there were more than a few. Something told him that he should avoid the massive purple scar that marked the center of North America.

Things would have been better if Saraka, his supposed handler and fellow ring-slinger were here, but he would have to make due with one of the strongest beings in this sector, possibly the whole cluster of sectors.

“Miss serene. I’m going to try to cradle you and bring you down. This is... admittedly a big ship, but you and your crew will all be safe. We’ll figure out what happens after you land once we get there.”

His plan had already been cemented in his mind, not even stopping to think about what Champion would have to say on the matter.

His ring was aimed forward, and from it was a streak of green light, that spread far and wide around the....


“I GOT IT!” He couldn’t believe he didn’t think of this sooner!

While the cradle he made still took hold of the ship, from the sides came large wings and thrusters. Essentially, he was making a ship around the ship to help guide and steer it down.

“Alright. I’m going to fly you down. Hold onto something.”
January 1st, 8:06 PM
Midtown Metropolis

Preston. There is a small object descending dangerously fast through the stratosphere. His ring chimed in unexpectedly. Strange, reports like that didn't usually come in when it came to small objects. Meteors and such normally burnt up and out in atmospheres like Earth's. So what was-


Before Preston had the time to react, quicker than his eyes could process, a massive impact had gone straight through Preston's cage and into the hydra, leaving a sizeable crater for even the hydra itself. Preston, forced to sum up his will and focus, dropped the cage and forced himself to stay still as the wave of air from the impact threatened to send him flying back. The dust could barely settle, Preston threw his cage up once again, but it was short lived. A streak of red light shot out, and as Preston was finally able to get a good look at what was going on, the first was already over.

"I'm sorry I'm late, is everyone alright?"

So this was the fabled Champion of Mankind. Morgan told Preston many stories about the heroes of earth, and always testified that Champ was a good man. Though Morgan had never said it, it was men like Champ and Grim that helped in Morgan's decision to leave earth. The planet was in good hands.

Preston could only stare in awe at the man who took down a monster that was keeping the multitude of them busy. He didn't even break a sweat! Though, this was a Kryptonian. One of the last, if not the sole survivor of the entire race.

"We are. Er, at least I am. Thank you for the help, Champion." A fist pounded gently Preston's chest, and the young man bowed to Champ as a sign of gratitude. "If you don't mind, I detected something in Earth's atmosphere that needs some checking out. I hope it's not out of my boundaries to do so? I'm thinking a ship of some sort, my ring declared it foreign, a vague term is doesn't use lightly."

He wanted to get right to work, to help these people and prove to the Guardians that he was more than capable of watching over his sector. But...

"I don't suppose any of you would like to check it out with me?"

January 2nd, 01:00 AM
Sector 34, High Earth Orbit

So this was what the ring had picked up. A ship. Strangely designed, but not entirely impractical. Judging by how Champ reacted as soon as he saw it, this must have been familiar to him on some level.

It only seemed stranger that as Champ carried out a conversation with his AI that this wasn't even a real ship. At least, it shouldn't be. It was from a video game that Champ had played in his younger days. Preston had no idea what the big floating monkey head was about, but he had to trust the people of earth. Still, that made this so strange. Was this ship designed after that video game ship? Or could this have been what the game was modeled after?

Preston decided to stay quiet for now, choosing to investigate the surrounding area and wonder about the origins of the ship. Well, he couldn't stay quiet for long. If this thing truly was going to crash into earth, then it must be dead in the water.

"Ring, broadcast on open frequencies, short range." Hopefully they had a working radio or communicator in there somewhere. "This is The Champion and The Green Lantern, two protectors of Earth. If anyone is alive in there, please show activity. We only wish to bring you down to earth safely."
January 1, 8:02 PM

Midtown Metropolis

When it was still somewhat focused and determined, Preston knew it was better to lay down some suppressive fire to distract the creature instead of doing anything large and drastic to disrupt the other heroes working on taking down the monster. If he were to have walled it in while someone else was preparing an attack, Preston couldn't predict the outcome of two or more heroes getting in each others way. It was best he stay behind and let them take the lead. This was their planet, after all.

But his opinion began to change when one of them cast what could only be described as magic, and sent the monster into a blind rage. Obviously it hurt the creature enough for this to happen, but there was no telling where the fight was go from here. It's movements were erratic, violent, and even more determined than before to bring the city to ruin.

"I'm going to box it in!" Or at the very least he was going to try. A massive creature that size would need a hell of a box to contain it, and Preston doubted his own abilities to make a construct that big and to be able to hold it.

Now that he was thinking of other heroes, where was Saraka? He said he was here to help and protect Preston, and this was absolutely a situation where any help was welcome. Surely the shark-wolf wouldn't have just gone on his own in the few hours that Preston had been using the train and watch movies, so where was he?

There was no time to think about that. Preston swooped down closer to the Hydra, his ring pointed forward. Doubts or not, this was what he had to do, he had to at least try, and if Saraka wasn't here, then oh well. Preston would still get the glory of the battle.

From the ring shot forth a beam of emerald green light, which spread far and wide to try to capture the writhing mess of tendrils and heads. He clenched his teeth, his resolve steeling more with each passing moment. He wouldn't allow this creature to harm earth!
I was just gonna have Preston do some cover fire to keep it distracted. He knows he could probably just try and cage it, but there's not telling how that will effect the flow of the battle and other people's attacks on it.
January 1st, 7:55 PM
Earth's Exosphere

"Preston, detecting sudden foreign signature in this star system, it seems to be en route to earth."

It wasn't bad news, but it was news that Preston wasn't expecting from his ring. He had just left the Justice Station and stared to fly around and make his way planetside. Unfortunately, the little alert from his ring compelled him to slow down and take a look at it.

"About how much time do we have until it makes impact?" He asked the ring which was now raised to his mouth.

It was quiet for only a moment, and then began to glow as it spoke to him. "It will be arriving in roughly two and a half to three hours. The signature was only just large enough to be detected at this range."

So he had time. That was fine. First order of business, he would hop down to Metropolis, help Grim and the other heroes with this threat, and then hopefully catch whatever signature was floating through space. In times like these, Preston really wished he had gone through with Ascension, the Vespasian tradition of merging with bio-robotics to become a wholly techno-organic lifeform. Having tech like that at his tingertips would let him pick up more data on whatever was floating through space and maybe even communicate with it if it was capable of doing so. Oh well.

January 1st, 8:02 PM
Midtown Metropolis

From the heavens descended a streak of unmistakable green light, a phenomena that had not been seen on earth for many, many years. "That thing is hideous! I'm hoping it wont take long to rid your planet of this beast, I have to get back to finishing the final Die Hard movie." And also stop the thing headed towards earth, but with the power of the ring, stopping a meteor or maybe even a ship was childs play. This monster, though, seemed different from other creatures that Preston had encountered before.

Finding Grim wasn't hard. They were wearing large and bulky suit of armor, and were accompanied by other heroes in the surrounding area. It only made sense to fire a few distracting bolts at the creature while the others worked hard on bringing it down. "Green Lantern reporting, what's the plan, grim?"
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