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Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison Road

Jai grinned wickedly as she felt the wind at her back, no doubt caused by her new ally. For as spineless as the warlords would have the Firebending armies believe, these Air Nomads were quite useful to have at ones side. Laughing as the pair ducked through the crowded markets, Jai called out in answer to her companions question.

"Hah! After climbing out of that stinkin' river I can fire blast all day! You keep us running and I'll keep our path clear!" The wild-haired girl exclaimed as she squinted and stared ahead. Her tunnel-vision got the better of her a moment later though, as she failed to see the intercepting soldiers leaping from the rooftops until they were dead ahead.

"Duck right!" Jai cried out, grabbing Jampa's shoulder with one hand as he extended her other arm. Another blast of flame expanded from her hand, impacting the ground between the two of them and the trio of soldiers. The fireball expanded rapidly, too close to the escaping pair for them to simply avoid it. Jai shoved her companion to the right as she lunged forward, putting herself between the fireball and Jampa. Though not completely immune to the effects of her own flame, Jai figured she'd be able to take the heat better than her companion, and she still needed his help to get her boat back.


Hi there! I'm Anarkee's player, so sorry I haven't gotten in here to give my thoughts. (I just went through a crazy move, so I've barely had time to breath.)

I love the idea of having another villain in Gotham so that it's not just a raging anarchist up against a functioning alcoholic and her kids. :P My main concern was using more chemical warfare in the city, especially if they developed independently from each other. There also is kind of an odd overlap with the both of them having some version of persuasive ability, and skill hiding their gas bombs in plain sight. This is not to say I think you should change it all, I actually like some overlap that might help contrast and compare our characters, should they meet.

I guess my concern could be boiled down to worrying that Arnold and Anarkee might feel too similar to each other in terms of mechanics, but looking back over your character sheet I think they're different enough in personality that it is unlikely to cause a conflict, and they could possibly have some really interesting interactions with each other if they were to meet!
Jai SIkk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison

Jai glared daggers at the younger Airbender, shaking her chains ominously at him. As much as she hated the idea of sharing her boat, Jai wasn't very confident about her chances of escape without some backup... And this guy was at least offering a deal as opposed to threatening to steal the love of her life. Of course, she didn't have much time to consider, seeing as the guards were starting to climb the walls and taking their positions...

Jai dived down after her new ally, twisting in the air and throwing a hand out in front of herself. A fireball burst from her open palm and impacted the cleared ground below, the burst of air from her bending partner combined with the concussive force of her own blast cushioning her fall enough for the disheveled girl to land on her feet. Turning quickly and snarling at the nearest mounted guard, Jai whipped a chain at his Ostrich-horses dainty legs, tripping the beast which let out a terrified squaking sound before Jai took off, running with the young Airbender.

"Sounds like a deal, stick-boy!" Jai cried as she caught up with him, keeping an eye out towards their pursuers. "We're gonna have to lose these dopes and make our way to the docks, they towed my boat from the sea upriver to here! Hopefully we get there before the dirty drunk guy..."

Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison courtyard

Jai had bristled again at the barked orders from the raggedy, unruly man, but fought to keep her anti-establishment tendencies down. She needed to get out of here, and the more allies she had the easier it would be. The trio raced through the prison, darting through the rioting crowds and sidestepping guards as they went. Jai kept ahold of the chains she'd been bound with (not that she had much of a choice, considering they were still attached to her wrists), testing their reach and strength. They were well made, she expected no less of the Earth Kingdom. Fairly long, and each still had the long lag bolt that had been attached to the wall. Jai nodded to herself as they entered the courtyard of the prison. She wasn't completely defenseless at least.

As the group reached the wall, Jai glared up at the razor wire atop the 15 foot high fence. The airbenders could probably get over that no problem. She'd heard of Firebenders who could 'rocket jump', but had never figured it out herself. Still, that wall wasn't that high...

Laoshan's voice cut through Jai's calculations just before he took off, moving with the quick and almost fluid movements of an accomplished Air Nomad. Rage built in Jai's chest as she processed his words, the unspoken threat of leaving her behind and taking her boat, the one thing she had left that she cared about! That son of a badgerwolf, she wasn't going to let him get away--

Suddenly a shadow passed over the raging girl and a body hit her with a thud and a splash. Jai fell to the ground, sputtering and wiping water out of her eyes... Again. She pushed herself to her feet, glaring at her attacker. A newcomer, pale skin and dark hair peeking out from under a blue, fur-lined hood. Blue cloak, white fur, general aesthetic... Possibly a waterbender? Her suspicions were confirmed when he clenched his fists and the splashing water nearby reformed, shaping itself to his commands. Great, just what she needed to deal with right now.

"No time, Water-Boy!" Jai cried, turning her attention back to the wall. "We gotta get out of here and get to my boat before the smelly airbender steals it!" She growled, racing towards the metal-covered stonework. There were a few rioting prisoners beating futilely against the wall who were about to be very useful. Throwing her right hand up, Jai let loose a concentrated blast of fire, watching the flickering orange blast impact the deadly-looking razor wire at the top of the wall. Pouncing forward, Jai let loose a feral growl as she leaped onto the shoulders of a rioting prisoner and used his height to spring up. Lashing out with her left hands, Jai twisted her wrist and tossed the chain upwards, watching with surprised satisfaction as it wrapped around a piton connected to the ruined razor wire, and gave her the final edge she needed to pull herself up onto the wall.

With her new vantage point, Jai now saw the threats Laoshan had been talking about. The old man was staying put too, seemingly waiting for her and the other airbender. Jai whistled up to the watchtower to get his attention, glaring up at him with fire in her eyes. "Hey! You better hope you know how to sail if you plan on ditching me again!"
Aquaman snapped back into action as Cronus stirred, the Titan rising back up to his full height. There was nothing the gathered heroes could do as his massive scythe demolished the dam, sending millions of gallons of water flooding towards the city. Orin was moving before Grim could even issue the order, planting himself firmly on the ground as he gripped Neptune's Trident in both hands and pointed it towards the rushing wall of water. Drawing energy from the fixed leylines in the area, Orin channeled them through the powerful artifact, focusing on diverting and redirecting the flow. He needed to carve new channels for the water to flow into, send it to streams and rivers, into drainage ditches and empty spaces.

Then suddenly, with a flash of light and a crack of godlike thunder, their ancient foe fell, seemingly bested once and for all. Velocity stood among the group of them now, delivering her signature catchphrase. Aquaman laughed as he finished his own job, relaxing for a moment to turn back to the group.

"Welcome to the glory, Little Lightning Bolt!" Orin said loudly, and with cheer. "Looks like we're lucky to have you with us again!"
Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison

Jai watched through the bars of her cell as the disheveled man made his way down the row of cells, opening them and using some pretty obvious airbending techniques to pull the other prisoners to safety. Good, that gave them two different types and styles, doubling their chances at getting out. The young firebender fought to gain control of her breathing and conserve her strength until the airbender made it to her cell. Pushing herself to her feet, Jai stepped out of her cell as it was opened, taking a long look at her two new companions.

"I need to get to my boat." Jai said in response to the young mans question. "They towed it upriver to here, something about evidence. My sword's hidden there, and I'd like to get as far away from this city as I can once we get out."

Jai glared at the old man telling her to take up a position, fighting the urge to spat back at him. As much as she hated being given orders, they'd have to work together to get out of here...
Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se 8 Path Prison


Jai Sikk grit her teeth in pain as she lifted her feet off the freezing, silt covered floor of the underground river. Canal? Creek? Screw it, who cared? She'd grabbed the chains tightly and lifted herself up to get some relief for her aching legs. The chains were too short, she could only reach the bottom with her tip-toes. Even with the added buoyancy of the water, it got tiring real fast. And that was where the pain started. Hanging by the chains dug into your wrists, cutting off bloodflow to your hands, and it also put you at the whim of the current. Wherever this water came from, it was moving fast. Letting yourself float pulled your arms at the chains, and could twist you around and get you tangled. By now she had worked out some kind of system. Stand for as long as she could, then grab the chains and pull up. She was strong, and it gave her a short reprieve, though she couldn't pull herself out of the water. When her arms gave out, it would be back down to keeping her balance on her toes.

The chains above Jai shifted, and she snarled at the bolts connecting the shackles to the wall. They were almost loose, but what then? The river passed through a grate, there was no escape through there. The doors were locked, with only a small platform on the inside for a guard to stand on when they delivered food. The barred doors offered no hiding spot, so she couldn't use that to her advantage. And her Firebending would be near useless for a few minutes, at least until she warmed up a little. Her way of escape was so close, but there was so much in her way...

The young woman looked up as she heard the door down the hall slam open violently. Normally the guards were a little more careful than that... Then, a voice filled the damp cavern and Jai grinned. Here was a chance if ever she saw one. Setting her feet back onto the mucky floor, Jai took a moment to gather her strength before jerking her left arm down hard. With a loud snapping sound, the bolt above her popped out of the stonework, the chain dropping to dangle from her wrist. Twisting herself up, Jai used her newfound maneuverability to grasp the remaining chain tightly, hauling herself out of the water and planting her feet on the wall. Gritting her teeth and crying out gutturally at the effort, Jai yanked at the remaining chain as it too popped free of its binding.

Crashing into the water below, Jai nearly gasped in a lungful of water out of shock before her sailing instincts kicked in. Never panic if you fall off the boat. Swim up. Get to an edge. Fortunately, her small cell accommodated all of those things, as she broke the surface and hauled herself onto the small ledge by her door. Jai collapsed to her knees as she reached a hand out through the bars, the clanking of the chains around her wrist sounding like victory bells to her ears now.

"If you have keys," The young Firebender called, "Then get me out of this pit!"
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