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1:00 AM, January 2nd, 2026
Gotham City Police Department

Jason was bored.

He paced in Jasper's office for a few long moments, listening to the bustling noises out in the main office. The police commissioner had stepped out to deal with the massive crime wave hitting the city, which Jason had been relieved to find out was not the norm for this new universe. Apparently it wasn't a turf war between rival gangs, as he'd originally assumed, but some kind of fucked up recruitment ceremony for an anarchist group. Known for their violent and chaotic tendencies, and their pale-faced crazy leader who Jason had a very bad nagging feeling about, the Angels currently had the upper east side of the city in a stranglehold.

Jason made up his mind.

Digging into his backpack, Jason pulled out his bandanna and tied it around his jaw before digging back into his pack and pulling out a small acrylic tank. He set it gently on the desk and peered inside, waving at the wide reptilian eyes and the concerned-but-perpetually-smiling face of his pretty little leopard gecko, Ellie. "I'll be back soon, kiddo." He said softly, scribbling a note for Jaina. "But don't worry; we're safe now." With the note asking she take care of the lizard until he got back, Turn Back slipped to the window and climbed out onto the fire escape.

Clambering over the railing, Jason leapt into the darkness, grinning as he felt the wind rushing past his face as he fell. A moment later the pavement met his feet, and Turn Back inhaled sharply as the impact rushed into his body, the energy being absorbed and distributed throughout him with no actual injury. Taking off down the alley, Turn Back laughed sharply as he began to let loose. He'd spent so long in Umbra's shadow hiding and being quiet, it was phenominal to actually use his abilities. Reabsorbing his spent energy with each stride, Turn Back could keep up a sprinting pace nearly indefinitely, which would place him in the upper east side in less than a quarter hour...


The place was practically a series of fires by the time Turn Back arrived. Sprinting onto the scene, he stopped by one of the tipped over garbage fires and knelt beside it, pulling off his right glove and placing his hand inside the smouldering ashes. He grinned as he felt the heat rising from the flames before it was suddenly snuffed out, every bit of heat being drawn into Turn Back. Now, with a decent charge of energy built up, he felt ready to dive in. It took only a moment of searching before the barely-costumed vigilante found a group of Angels. He could head shouting and gunshots nearby, he'd have to check that out in a moment. But for now, he could deal with these bozos, who seemed to be standing guard to make sure nobody tried to run away from the carnage.

Pulling a rubber band from his pocket, Turn Back slipped it around his finger and pulled it back, aiming the improvised projectile at the nearest thug. A burst of orange energy and the band was charged with energy, and he sent the band flying. It struck with a harsh popping noise, a burst of flame erupting on the Angel's shoulder. His screaming alerted the others, who turned and saw Turn Back pull his cane out of his other pocket, flicking his wrist and extending the tool to its full length. A blast of purple energy now, and the cane was charged with kinetic energy. Rushing in, TB didn't even bother dodging the flying fists and lead pipes coming his way, his attackers finding themselves ineffectual and oddly weakened against their new foe.


One of the thugs fell to the pavement, the fight knocked out of him as the enhanced blow nearly snapped his neck. Turn Back grinned. This was going to be easy

9:00 AM, January 22nd, 2026
[AR]Cade apartment, Coast City California

"Ding ding Miss Beadle!" A bright and cheery voice shouted, shocking Jessie out of her slumber. Glaring up blearily, the exhausted inventor picked out the floating form of the bright pink drone she called Amy.

"... Nu, g'way."

"Sorry Miss Beadle, but we all know how you get when we let you sleep in all day! Farnsworth is finishing up cleaning the lab, Hermes is ordering supplies to replenish stock, and Stabby is complaining about the radiator! Oh yeah, and you have an email from the guy with the bow!"

Jessie shot upright and rubbed her eyes before reaching for her lazily discarded clothes. "Start with that last one!"

After going through the email a couple times, and having Amy google where the fuck Primm was, Jessie bolted out of bed, yelling for her delivery drones to get ready.


11:30 am, January 22nd, 2026
Rooptop terrace of [AR]Cade, Coast City, California

Jessie slid her goggles down over her eyes, the HUD lighting up and highlighting every point of interest around her. Her three delivery drones, Amy strapped to the carrying case for the bow, a marker pointing in the direction of Primm, plus her other more mundane alerts. Phil and Rodriguez were attaching themselves to the case, and Leigh was setting herself up at the point to scout the road ahead and plan logistics, which meant that Jessie was just in for the ride. The long, 10 hour ride. She could have made it in less than half the time, but the drones wouldn't be able to keep up, and she wasn't about to carry that bow herself for almost five hours.

Lightning Bug stepped onto her hoverboard, shifting her weight slightly and turning to her robitic crew, catching the attention of the simple AIs. "Right guys, we have a fairly short haul ahead of us today, which is why I'm coming with. I want to be able to deliver this to our client and head back. Once we do the drop off though, we're parting ways. I may stay behind and sleep at the hotel, or I might zip back here ahead of you. If I do, you all know the drill. I don't mind a little nonsense on your way back, but don't cause too much trouble. And I'll be keeping Amy with me, in case I need to get in touch with anyone. Speaking of, Amy can you reply to that email and I'll dictate?"

A cheerful chirp answered Jessie's question, and she began to speak again. "I'm glad you're impressed!" She dictated while swiveling in place and floating upwards. With a wave of her hand she motioned her drones to start following, and the strange convoy began to take to the skies. "I do try to live up to my email address, and I suppose the bow's pretty cool as well. Winky emoji. I'm glad the Buster passed your test, I just threw it together in a few hours! If you have any problems with them getting past the code, I'm sure I can whip up something better.

"I'm having one of my assistants compile the notes on the bow now, I should have it ready for download by the time I deliver the bow itself. In way of a brief introduction though, allow me to introduce the MARAUDER Plasma-Caster. Based on a highly classified US experimental weapons project, the Caster is capable of firing devastating bolts of live plasma incredibly accurately over long distances. Because magnets. And plasma. I can answer your questions about it later. It charges using a bit of alien tech I've been experimenting with, but the rest of it is all mundane Earth technology, not even any magitech! (I mainly did it that way to prove a point, that regular tech is just as good as alien or enhanced.).

"I can meet you at your hotel tonight for the dropoff, probably around 9:30 to 10. I prefer rooftops as dead-drops, but regardless of where you'd like to make the handoff, security won't be a concern. I can make it look like we were never there. Thanks so much for everything you do, it's always hella fun when I see you streaming!"

With that message sent, Jessie could focus on the task ahead. Using Amy as a relay, the technopath could begin making connections in the distant city, using her time to find where Leo was staying, getting access to security footage, door codes, police radio bands, everything she could think of to help keep them under the radar. And anything to keep her busy during this trip so she didn't have to listen to the incessant bickering of Phil and Rodriguez until Leigh snapped at the both of them...

1:15 AM, January 7th, 2026
Coast City, California

Jessie scribbled over another half-baked design idea, groaning in frustration as she tossed her empty Chinese takeout container towards the trash can. A clatter and rattling sound indicated that she had not 'swooshed' it. Whatever. Farnsworth would get it. As if on cue, a mechanical motor sound filled the space as her robotic butler-that-totally-wasn't-a-repurposed-Roomba got to work finagling her trash into the can from the floor. Sighing to herself and shaking her head, Jessie turned to her computer. The inspiration just wasn't coming, she couldn't form any new ideas! She needed some space, maybe someone was streaming...

No Little Lightning Bolt.

Nothing new on HeroWatch

VigilanTwitch was... Oh shit, shut down. Well, she'd have to look into that more later.

Damn it, absolutely nobody was on--


Jessie turned back to her computer, checking the email alert that had just come through. 'Arsenal is now streaming' The alert said, and Jessie swiftly clicked the link. He was sort of an anti-hero type, but he wasn't too bad for Jessie's money. And besides, she was bored! She stared at the information on the screen as the stream started up, watching messages roll into chat. She squinted at the images on the screen, her lips tightening. She knew that ATM... What the hell, he was in Coast City!

Transfixed to the screen, Jessie watched the anti-hero draw on the thief and take him out swiftly, giggling at the use of the net arrow. Did he design and build all these himself? If so, the man had some talent. She was about to donate and send him a 'Welcome to Coast City' message before she heard the sirens. Scrolling back up the screen, Jessie growled at the whistleblower. Damn buzzkill was probably the same guy who got VigilanTwitch shut down too... Making a mental note to doxx him later, Jessie quickly sent off a larger donation and signed off.

She had an idea.

8:45 PM, January 21st, 2026
[AR]cade secret lab, Coast City, California

Jessie flicked on her microphone again, snapping her fingers to sync the audio with the security footage she was recording in the lab. Since her inspiration earlier in the month, she had halted all work on new VR programs, relying on the myriad of popular games to run the store for her while she worked tirelessly on her newest design. She had spent more nights crashing at the upstairs apartment with Beka than actually going home to her nice big mansion. But that was all about to be worth it. Jessie traced her fingers over the sleek gunmetal paint of the device, grinning madly. She may have gotten away with the aesthetics, considering she wasn't even sure if it'd work this time. But that was just how she worked! Settling her green goggles over her eyes and slipping her gloves on, Jessie hefted the curved bow and turned towards her firing range.

The MARAUDER project had been a subject of vague interest to her for a few years, ever since she stumbled upon references to it while researching plasma-based technology. Basically, it was a hairbrained scheme that somehow got government funding that nobody expected to work... That did work. And then was immediately classified. But there was still some information out there. It used toroids made of plasma spun at high speeds using magnets to accelerate more plasma through the rings of the toroids and create something called 'hypervelocity projectiles'. She'd begun her initial designs while still trying to break into the government databases and get more current information, and when she had finally done that she threw out all the new info in favor of her own designs and theories.

Jessie tugged on the carbon nanofibre cable that connected each end of the bow, watching the purplish-whitish veins along its surface light up. A high-pitched whine kicked in as the vents opened to collect oxygen from the surrounding air. She'd have to fix the noise issue later. Once filled, the vents sent the gathered oxygen to the plasma compression chambers, a series of miniaturized generators located along the limbs. Those chambers would heat up using power drawn from a built-in Ectoan energy crystal, heating to 174,500 degrees Kelvin, ionizing the oxygen and generating plasma. From there, electromagnets would begin to activate, spinning and shaping the plasma in the limb chambers, creating the donut-shaped plasma toroids. The vents would activate again, drawing more oxygen into a pair of chambers at the very tips of the limbs, generating more plasma, which would soon be propelled at unfathomable speeds by passing through the highly magnetized plasma rings contained in the other compression chambers.

Jessie blinked. Her shoulder was sore. She glanced over, realizing she had drawn the bow back fully now. It was ready to go, judging from the glowing veins and the gentle vibrations. She'd gotten so caught up in the technical specifications, she wasn't really sure how long she'd been standing there with the bow drawn.

Clearing her throat, Jessie turned to the floating microphone that had followed her to the firing range and began to speak. "Right! So! This is practical test one of the MARAUDER plasma-caster! Proof of concept tests have been good so far, everything works in isolated conditions. But this is the first test where we put everything together!" Jessie turned back towards the target ten yards away before pausing. "I should probably have rigged a remote system for testing this. But fuck it, right?! Firing in three... Two... One..."


Jessie was grateful for the automatic dimmers she'd built into her goggles, because that could have blinded her. As the dust settled and the smoke cleared, Jessie was uncharacteristically at a loss for words. The simple target she had set up, a stack of leftover pizza boxes, was just... Gone. Not even a trace of it left. No smoking pile of ash, no debris, not even a scorch mark. Jessie immediately figured that was the reason labs used oxygen plasma for cleaning work, it really does destroy all organic matter.

The moment of silence was broken by a whoop of exultation as Jessie lifted the bow above her head and jumped in place. She had done it! She had built a miniaturized MARAUDER weapon using nothing but earth technology and a single alien power crystal, in the style of an idolized livestreaming star!

The rest of the night was spent documenting the successful test, finishing details in the blueprints, excitedly radioing up to Beka, and finalizing her Whistleblower-Buster program. Finally content with her days work, nearing midnight now, Jessie sent an email to Arsenal via the personal email server she had managed to dig up on him thanks to her computer relations skills



Subject: A gift from me to you!

Body: I saw you were in Coast City a few weeks ago, and I wanted to put together a 'welcome to town' present! Unfortunately, it took longer than I thought, but San Diego isn't too far! See the attached images to check out your new gift! Also the WB-B attachment should help stream snipers fuck off from now on.


A genius fan.

PS: If you want your gift just email me back, I'm sure we can figure out a pickup spot.
2:30 AM. Janurary 1st. 2019
Millenium City (Wait, where is that?)

Jason Graves dragged the massive cable across the expanse of the long-abandoned theatre before settling it into place by the exposed electrical main. That would have been easier if Tank had been here to help, but the big guy was… Well, better to not think about it. Better to not think about any of them. Jason and Ditch were the only ones left, and they had long since realized they had no chance of standing up to Umbra and his army. The undefined being of darkness had swept across the city nearly a year before, and form there had expanded to the rest of the world. Now everything was under an eternal pall of midnight, and anyone who resisted was either killed, or enthralled.The last remaining pair of free heroes knew they were next. They needed to get out. Their world was a lost cause.

Jason snapped himself out of his memories and brought himself back to the task at hand. Reaching into his backpack, he pulled out a bundle of wire connectors from beside the plastic carrier swaddled in old clothes. “Sorry Ellie.” He murmured, turning to the electrical main. “Give me a few minutes, and we’ll be out of here and you’ll be safe.” Turning away from his backpack, Jason set to work hooking up the huge cable to the electrical grid.

After several agonizing minutes of work, Jason straightened up and slung his backpack over his shoulder again. “Okay Ditch!” He called out into the next room. “We’re hooked up, get ready to go!”

No answer.

Jason paused for a moment before swearing under his breath. Ditch could get caught up in her work, but with how paranoid the both of them had become, would she really ignore him right now? He reached down to his neck and tugged up the purple handkerchief that was always tied there, concealing his lower face. Turn Back, the energy vampire reached behind himself and touched the exposed wiring, feeling the spark leap to his fingers as he drained off some excess power.

Stepping forward, the powered-up vigilante siphoned his new energy into his legs, brilliant blue sparks arcing as the grounded themselves and causing his form to leap forward in a burst of unnatural speed. In a matter of seconds he was through the door and beelining for the machine by the far wall, blazing past the shadowed figures that had just finished choking the life out of his last ally.

“Get him!” The red-skinned demonic woman called, pointing as he went past. Jason just managed to avoid her swinging claws, knowing from experience that that was the only thing that could bypass his powers.

“Don’t you move, any of you!” Turn Back yelled, glaring at the trio. The demoness snarled at him, causing regret to fill his heart. The hulking brute of a man to her left glanced at her before sneering at TB. The shadowy Reaper simply chuckled harshly.

“I mean it.” Jason continued. “You don’t need to catch me. You know the collars won’t work anyway, that’s why Umbra wants me dead. But that doesn’t matter. I’m leaving. I’m never coming back. He’s won, with all of you. Just… For old times sake, let me go…”

The trio almost seemed taken aback by this. “Ditch did say the same thing…” Reaper whispered, earning a sharp look from Demoness.

“‘Sides, if that thing’s ready to go” Rumbled Tank, glaring critically at Turn Back. “I don’t think we’re quick enough to stop him.” This earned another scornful gaze from Demoness.

Turn Back raised his hand, earning the glares and suspicion from all three of his former allies. “Whoa whoa, take it easy. I just wanted to say they’re right. You’re smart, Dee. You can take this deal. Besides… I just wanted to get you talking.” He said with a grin before his upraised hand connected with the exposed leads. Electricity surged through Jason’s body and the machine in turn, the shitty Tesla coils arcing and providing a barrier that the dark trio couldn’t cross. Lights flared and popped, and from what Ditch had explained, Jason knew what was happening. He was draining the power from the whole city. Cycling it through the machine which matched his biometric signature. It was a door and he was the key. Siphoning energy from everywhere around…

Including Umbra’s control collars.

Jason knew he had only a moment left before this machine either blew up and took them all with it, or it actually goddamn worked and ripped him away from his own world. He looked out through the arcing spears of light and grinned at the astonished and freed faces of his friends and family. Girard. Zoey. And Emma…

“You know how he works now! You have the advantage! You can do it!” He cried, before…


Then Darkness.

Then nothing.

8:00 PM, January 1st, 2026
Upper East Side, Gotham City, New Jersey

Then chaos.

Streets full of people and light and color, things Jason hadn’t seen in almost a year. He could almost have cried with joy, but something was wrong. There was a pall over the crowd, a sense of dread. Following the gazed of some nearby groups, Jason’s eyes were drawn to a TV set in a store window. A white-faced, multicolor-haired woman was speaking. Spouting things, some nonsense about the animal nature of Man and the need to express yourself?

And then she got started talking about the rules of ‘the game’. How there’d only be a certain number of winners. The survivors. The ones who gave in to instinct. And the rest were sheep and cattle to be slaughtered.

To their credit, the people on the streets resisted the commands the TV lady was giving. But then the gang showed up and started beating compliance into people. Turn Back had taken action at that point, beating the snot out of the anarchists and leading some people to safety. But He had no idea how big this problem was, and he knew he’d have other problems very soon.

So that was how Jason found himself breaking into a closed down public library, busting open the electrical panel, and using his body as a conduit for the second time that night to power the router, computer, and eventually the printer. He needed to get information. Where he was, what this world was about, any familiar events or faces… And he’d found them. Now he just had to contact them...


11:15 PM. January 1st. 2026
Gotham City Police Department

Jason stared at the double doors of the police station with intensity. He'd never liked the cop shops back home, and this strange new city didn't fill him with confidence. But... If Jaina was in charge here, how bad could it be? Walking up the granite steps, Jason pushed open the doors and stepped inside.

Immediately, Jason was bombarded by the sounds of chaos. Phones ringing off their hooks, people talking over each other, rushed footsteps and calls for assistance. They were likely busy tonight, what with the fucking battle royale taking place across the city. But he only needed one person. Snaking through the crowd, Jason made his way towards the Comissioners office before being stopped by the suspicious gaze of an older cop sitting at the desk out front.

"Uh, hey there." Jason said lamely. "I need to see Commissioner Jasper?"

A loud guffaw immediately emerged from the officer, the thick bristles of his moustache moving with the air.

"Skipping a few levels there, lad," The man chuckled. "Ah, I needed that... listen, unless someone's been murdered right outside the station you ain't seeing anyone, least of all the Commissioner. Or did you not see the news?" A large, meaty hand was waved towards a small television set nestled in the top right of the room, no doubt for those waiting. Splayed across the screen was images of destruction and anarchy, a very obvious sign of who was at work tonight.

"Come back tomorrow. Or in a week from now. And get ready to see a detective instead." The officer chuckled again, looking down at what was directly in front of him. "Hehe, the commissioner..."

Jason's temper flared, this was exactly why he hated the police. He'd hoped Jaina would have been able to change things, but some things are just too ingrained... "Yeah, I have seen the news actually." Jason said, lowering his voice and leaning down over the desk. "I kinda just came from over there, and I didn't see many of your boys out there. I need to talk to Jaina Jasper. You need to tell her I'm here. Tell her..." Jason paused for a split second, wondering what could convince his old flame to come out and see him face to face. "Tell her I'm an old friend of Jason Graves. I need to talk to her about his murder. She'll want to see me."

There was a pause then, the edges of the moustache tilting downwards as the man lifted his head. For a long moment he just stared at Jason, looking him over. After a moment he sighed, leaning back in his chair and rubbing at his forehead.

"I know that case. It's been closed for years." The officer lifted his head, looking over the man in front of him with a more critical eye. "... You said you came from the Upper East Side, where all this is happening, though? Look, lad, maybe I can get a detective to talk to you but there are people being killed by that maniac right now. You gotta think, compared to that whatever you have can wait, can't it?"

Jason had tuned out the officer halfway through his diatribe. He didn't want to talk to a detective, that wouldn't do anybody any good. He had done everything he could out in the riot on his way out, but there was only so much even he could do. But if he could get some help, connect with the people in the universe who were his friends, maybe he could do something then...

"Listen to me." He said softly, setting down his backpack on the desk and tipping it over. He gently removed a plastic carrier with a small lizard inside before digging around in the pockets of an old pair of jeans. "You say that case was closed? 'Solved' because the guys who did it got what was coming to them, right?" There it was. Jason pulled out his wallet and grabbed the printout of his own obituary, complete with a photo and set them both on the desk in front of the glorified secretary, opening the wallet to show off his ID.

"Tell me what the hell happens to a murder case when the victim shows back up alive?"

"It sounds like a case of fraud."

"Commissioner!" The man behind the front desk sat up straight, nervously pulling at his moustache.

Approaching from the side came the quick gait of the highest cop in the city, the short-haired blonde's uniform impeccably pressed even in this trying time, hands clasped behind her back, gaze sharp. Even when she stopped, putting her appraising eye on Jason all that met him was a wall of impassiveness.

Except for a brief flicker of something in her green eyes.

"Commissioner Jaina Jasper. You're looking for me, I presume?"

Jason's icey blue eyes met Jasper's gaze, and a flicker of a smile crossed his face. It was all he could do to keep from throwing himself at her, but he had to remember. She didn't know him. Not this version of him. And he didn't know this version of her. But hopefully, given enough time...

"Yes Commissioner Jasper, I am. I apologize for the intrusion, but I thought you might be interested in what I have to say about Jason Graves, given your history with the case. Was I right, or would you like to cuff me?" He asked playfully, chancing a wink at the older woman.

The Commissioner's face remained impassive, though after a long moment there was the slightest quirk at the edge of her lips - bittersweet though it was.

"Commissioner, should I...?" The front desk cop trailed off as the woman shook her head, abruptly turning her back.

"I can spare a few minutes, Carter. You, come with me."

"Yes, thank you so much for your help Carter!" Jason said in a sing-son voice as he grabbed his things and followed behind Jasper.

It didn't take long to move to the office overlooking the pit of officers almost climbing over themselves in the chaos that Anarkee was causing in the Upper East Side. The office itself was a stark contrast to the put together Commissioner, papers on the floor and absolutely covering her desk, a large map of Gotham on it and drawn on with frantic scribbles. The heavy door closed behind Jason as they entered, a click of some sort of lock sounding out.

Jaina circled behind her desk, sitting and gesturing to the pair of plush chairs before her on the opposite side. "Forgive the lack of formalities, but I am in the middle of a crisis currently. So, you are...?" She trailed off purposefully, though her sharp eyes took him in, no doubt already predicting his answer.

Jason took in the office, noting with mild amusement what would look to anyone else like the ravings of a madwoman. "Yeah, you never did clean up your free weights either." He mused and a sly smile, sinking into a chair across the desk from Jaina. He paused for a moment, the exhaustion of his... Day? Week? No, year. The exhaustion of the past year catching up to him. "Oof..."

"I am who I said I am. Jason Graves." He said with a shrug and a smile. He leaned forward and laid the printed obituary on Jasper's desk. "Just... Not this one. I come from somewhere else. Some alternate dimension or world or universe or whatever. One where I was the only survivor. Everyone else was gone. You were gone. I was alone. I built a machine which took me... Here, I guess? Dropped me in the middle of a riot. I fought my way out. I found this place."

Jason paused, scanning Jaina's face for any hint of emotion. "... I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm not him. I'm sorry I kind of lied to get in here. I just don't know what else to do. I don't want to be alone anymore."

Silence descended in the office.

Jaina, elbows on the desk and leaning against her folded hands, just examined Jason. Taking in every detail about him. Every little mannerism, every familiar detail, even just the voice she hadn't heard in years. Finally a deep sigh exited her lips, raising a hand to rub at her forehead.

"If you had shown up six years ago I would've thought you insane. As it is in the current day..." She shrugged slightly. "I still can't take you on your word. I'm sure at least some of my officers are out there pissing themselves thinking you're some ploy of Anarkee's-" Here she paused, casting a sharp gaze at Jason before continuing. more thoughtfully. After a moment she opened her desk, retrieving a small plastic container holding a swab.

"I'm sure you wouldn't mind proving who you are?" Jaina commented, holding out the container.

Jason shrugged again, reaching out for the container. "Hell, I don't blame you. I sound like a goddamn crazy person. All I have is my word, and some DNA." He said with a grin before swabbing the inside of his cheeck and dropping the swab back into the container and setting it on the desk.

"... Oh, and also my lizard Ellie, but she's understandably not up for visitors right now."

"As for 'Anarkee', if that's that crazy white-faced bitch on the TV, fuck all that bullshit. Shit's crazy, Jai." He said with a chuckle, leaning back in his chair.

"I'm aware," Was the short response as Jaina retrieved the swab. Rather than get up to bring it to the labs the Commissioner pulled out a drawer on her desk. Nestled inside was a laptop which she flipped open, still inside. A small touch of a hidden trigger had a compartment near the touch pad opening, and the swab was promptly deposited.

Being friends with Gotham's resident vigilante had perks, not that anyone would know.

"So, Mister Graves..." Before she could even finish a sentence the computer was already pinging a confirmed match. Odd. Jaina's eyes darted down, taking in the results. One match, one familial match, and with them two pictures displayed with names prominently above.

A sharp inhale echoed in the room as Jaina looked from one pair of blue eyes into the other, identical in every way - right down to their DNA.

"... Jason..."

Low/Mid Intermediate tier

Powerhouse Street Level

High Powerhouse/Ultra Medium

Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison Road

Jai grinned wickedly as she felt the wind at her back, no doubt caused by her new ally. For as spineless as the warlords would have the Firebending armies believe, these Air Nomads were quite useful to have at ones side. Laughing as the pair ducked through the crowded markets, Jai called out in answer to her companions question.

"Hah! After climbing out of that stinkin' river I can fire blast all day! You keep us running and I'll keep our path clear!" The wild-haired girl exclaimed as she squinted and stared ahead. Her tunnel-vision got the better of her a moment later though, as she failed to see the intercepting soldiers leaping from the rooftops until they were dead ahead.

"Duck right!" Jai cried out, grabbing Jampa's shoulder with one hand as he extended her other arm. Another blast of flame expanded from her hand, impacting the ground between the two of them and the trio of soldiers. The fireball expanded rapidly, too close to the escaping pair for them to simply avoid it. Jai shoved her companion to the right as she lunged forward, putting herself between the fireball and Jampa. Though not completely immune to the effects of her own flame, Jai figured she'd be able to take the heat better than her companion, and she still needed his help to get her boat back.


Hi there! I'm Anarkee's player, so sorry I haven't gotten in here to give my thoughts. (I just went through a crazy move, so I've barely had time to breath.)

I love the idea of having another villain in Gotham so that it's not just a raging anarchist up against a functioning alcoholic and her kids. :P My main concern was using more chemical warfare in the city, especially if they developed independently from each other. There also is kind of an odd overlap with the both of them having some version of persuasive ability, and skill hiding their gas bombs in plain sight. This is not to say I think you should change it all, I actually like some overlap that might help contrast and compare our characters, should they meet.

I guess my concern could be boiled down to worrying that Arnold and Anarkee might feel too similar to each other in terms of mechanics, but looking back over your character sheet I think they're different enough in personality that it is unlikely to cause a conflict, and they could possibly have some really interesting interactions with each other if they were to meet!
Jai SIkk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison

Jai glared daggers at the younger Airbender, shaking her chains ominously at him. As much as she hated the idea of sharing her boat, Jai wasn't very confident about her chances of escape without some backup... And this guy was at least offering a deal as opposed to threatening to steal the love of her life. Of course, she didn't have much time to consider, seeing as the guards were starting to climb the walls and taking their positions...

Jai dived down after her new ally, twisting in the air and throwing a hand out in front of herself. A fireball burst from her open palm and impacted the cleared ground below, the burst of air from her bending partner combined with the concussive force of her own blast cushioning her fall enough for the disheveled girl to land on her feet. Turning quickly and snarling at the nearest mounted guard, Jai whipped a chain at his Ostrich-horses dainty legs, tripping the beast which let out a terrified squaking sound before Jai took off, running with the young Airbender.

"Sounds like a deal, stick-boy!" Jai cried as she caught up with him, keeping an eye out towards their pursuers. "We're gonna have to lose these dopes and make our way to the docks, they towed my boat from the sea upriver to here! Hopefully we get there before the dirty drunk guy..."

Jai Sikk
Ba Sing Se, 8 Path Prison courtyard

Jai had bristled again at the barked orders from the raggedy, unruly man, but fought to keep her anti-establishment tendencies down. She needed to get out of here, and the more allies she had the easier it would be. The trio raced through the prison, darting through the rioting crowds and sidestepping guards as they went. Jai kept ahold of the chains she'd been bound with (not that she had much of a choice, considering they were still attached to her wrists), testing their reach and strength. They were well made, she expected no less of the Earth Kingdom. Fairly long, and each still had the long lag bolt that had been attached to the wall. Jai nodded to herself as they entered the courtyard of the prison. She wasn't completely defenseless at least.

As the group reached the wall, Jai glared up at the razor wire atop the 15 foot high fence. The airbenders could probably get over that no problem. She'd heard of Firebenders who could 'rocket jump', but had never figured it out herself. Still, that wall wasn't that high...

Laoshan's voice cut through Jai's calculations just before he took off, moving with the quick and almost fluid movements of an accomplished Air Nomad. Rage built in Jai's chest as she processed his words, the unspoken threat of leaving her behind and taking her boat, the one thing she had left that she cared about! That son of a badgerwolf, she wasn't going to let him get away--

Suddenly a shadow passed over the raging girl and a body hit her with a thud and a splash. Jai fell to the ground, sputtering and wiping water out of her eyes... Again. She pushed herself to her feet, glaring at her attacker. A newcomer, pale skin and dark hair peeking out from under a blue, fur-lined hood. Blue cloak, white fur, general aesthetic... Possibly a waterbender? Her suspicions were confirmed when he clenched his fists and the splashing water nearby reformed, shaping itself to his commands. Great, just what she needed to deal with right now.

"No time, Water-Boy!" Jai cried, turning her attention back to the wall. "We gotta get out of here and get to my boat before the smelly airbender steals it!" She growled, racing towards the metal-covered stonework. There were a few rioting prisoners beating futilely against the wall who were about to be very useful. Throwing her right hand up, Jai let loose a concentrated blast of fire, watching the flickering orange blast impact the deadly-looking razor wire at the top of the wall. Pouncing forward, Jai let loose a feral growl as she leaped onto the shoulders of a rioting prisoner and used his height to spring up. Lashing out with her left hands, Jai twisted her wrist and tossed the chain upwards, watching with surprised satisfaction as it wrapped around a piton connected to the ruined razor wire, and gave her the final edge she needed to pull herself up onto the wall.

With her new vantage point, Jai now saw the threats Laoshan had been talking about. The old man was staying put too, seemingly waiting for her and the other airbender. Jai whistled up to the watchtower to get his attention, glaring up at him with fire in her eyes. "Hey! You better hope you know how to sail if you plan on ditching me again!"
Aquaman snapped back into action as Cronus stirred, the Titan rising back up to his full height. There was nothing the gathered heroes could do as his massive scythe demolished the dam, sending millions of gallons of water flooding towards the city. Orin was moving before Grim could even issue the order, planting himself firmly on the ground as he gripped Neptune's Trident in both hands and pointed it towards the rushing wall of water. Drawing energy from the fixed leylines in the area, Orin channeled them through the powerful artifact, focusing on diverting and redirecting the flow. He needed to carve new channels for the water to flow into, send it to streams and rivers, into drainage ditches and empty spaces.

Then suddenly, with a flash of light and a crack of godlike thunder, their ancient foe fell, seemingly bested once and for all. Velocity stood among the group of them now, delivering her signature catchphrase. Aquaman laughed as he finished his own job, relaxing for a moment to turn back to the group.

"Welcome to the glory, Little Lightning Bolt!" Orin said loudly, and with cheer. "Looks like we're lucky to have you with us again!"
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