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~ Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - UNION


- It's the 21st Century, the beginning of an uncertain era. The mechanics of war have undergone major changes following a grueling process which was unwittingly set in motion during the early 60s. Enemies no longer carry flags, uniforms or gear exclusive to their motherland. They no longer speak their language, their accents coated by a thick sludge of deception. The wars we fight in the modern era are silent, bloody and unpredictable. There is no designated battle zone. There is no code of conduct. When the situation elevates, nobody is safe.

It's the year 2016. The US Government continues it's efforts to combat terrorism. The twist is; the threat of terrorism is more imminent than it was sixteen years ago. While the US were raising their shields in response to the actions of foreign insurgents, especially Middle Eastern ones, their circuits were fried on the inside by their own citizens. Tagging themselves as a populist militia group, an organization known as the "True Patriots" have decided to take it upon themselves to punish the 'wicked', those who oppress the majority for their own financial gain. They publicized their existence in July of 2013, after taking responsibility for an attack on a private security firm in Detroit. The company's stocks plummeted and with it so did a lot of Wall Street investors. Later that day, they also released a broadcast revealing their intentions. The fact that a terrorist attack happened under everyone's noses took the world by surprise, shock even. Public support for the "True Patriots" initially grew, but then dwindled after another attack on US soil that resulted in civilian casualties. The American intelligence community and law enforcement agencies were helpless in foreseeing and preventing the oncoming threats, while the "True Patriots" influence spread internationally. They were no longer an isolated issue, prompting NATO to send in their most effective counter-terrorism unit - RAINBOW.

With Team Echo on the forefront, the unit's tasked with averting potential attacks and ending the "True Patriots" once and for all. The unit's modus operandi dictates that the only way to deal with such a force is by employing extreme measures with no regard for ethics.