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From "Raindrop Harem" part 5

Name: Killian Brannick

Age: 15
Year: 2

Class: Druid
Specialized Ability: Regeneration and healing


Birthday: April 23

Appearance: strong build, brown hair and hazel eyes

Personality: He always smiles, and always worries about you, he has a horrible sense of humor and does great housekeeping

Likes: Fresh air and sunlight, any hint of a smile
Hates: Violence and being the center of attention in a crowd
Flaw: he snaps if he sees his loved ones get hurt
Fears: violence

Family: orphan

Secrets: he was praised as a cult deity in the human continent

History: Killian comes from a druid family that died at sea. Barely surviving, the boy washed up on the shore of the human continent and was taken in by a couple that lived on the seashore. When he came into his power however, the couple sold him off to a cult group that was headed nearby. This cult worshiped Killian and made him except their prayers and heal them. Killian was always locked up in the basement of their establishment and he never got to go outside. He finally escaped after the servant bringing him food felt pity for him. When he tried to escape, he and the servant were caught, but the servant sacrificed herself for him so he could escape, he saw the servant girl die in front of his eyes, so he's scared of violence.

Note: He'll go into his little hole of pity and suffering if he sees you with another guy. At first he's distant because you remind him of the servant girl, but he warms up to you.
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From "Raindrop Harem" Part 6

Name: Dragan Mccoy

Age: 15
Year: 2

Class: Conjurer
Specialized Ability: Archaic weapons

Familiar: Praire Dog

Birthday: January 27th

Appearance: dyed black hair with brown eyes

Personality: easily gets a temper and is extremely violent. Loves getting under your skin and flustering you.

Likes: weapons
Hates: childish songs, super sour food
Flaw: duh, his temper.
Fears: Losing his powers and losing to demons

Family: Older brother and sister

Secrets: has a sweet tooth, he used to be a blonde

History: Family pushed him into going to combat school as a kid with his older brother and sister. Older siblings treated him like shit. The school was a private school designed to train children to fight against demons, but the school was corrupted. Demons actually had a habit of hanging around there and killing kids. At age 11, school got overrun with demons and he escaped. Learned to use weapons this way but has a twisted personality.
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From "Raindrop Harem" Part 7
And here's the last of the finished ones~
All I have left besides new rps are old ones from yaoi rps on facebook and everything on Gaia... I may get around to picking those up, but I might not for a while.

Name: Caiden Minter

Age: 16
Year: 3

Class: Mage
Specialized Ability: elemental air

Birthday: February 29th

Appearance: black hair, mint green eyes

Personality: hot tempered and violent, lashes out when backed up into a corner. He won't hit you, but he loves to fight and get in peoples faces.

Likes: fighting/brawling
Hates: picking on the weak
Flaw: he can't hold his fists back, weak to tears
Fears: being alone

Family: sister, Mother

Secrets: Ex-mafia

History: After his mother and father divorced, he was separated from his baby sister and went to live far away. As he grew older, he got more and more worried about his sister with his irresponsible father. On his return, he found his father had drank and gambled into bankruptcy with the mafia and they had taken Caiden's sister as repayment. Enraged by this, Caiden joins the mafia to get his sister back...

Extra: His sister died a long time ago though.

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From "Saving Grace [Kay x Andy]" by AimeChambers

Name: Kaylen Taylors

Age: 26
Gender: Male

Personality: When Kaylen was a boy he was known as the life of the party on the playground. Always the leader of the games and full of smiles. When he found out about his past, Kaylen basically caved in on himself and became quiet and oblivious. Now he's a bit of a mixture between the two, with a bit of jadedness he picked up from being an adult. He always needs everything to be done properly and can get really impatient when things don't go his way.

History: Kaylen has always been known as the kid who got the short stick in life. His mother died in childbirth from loss of blood and only a month after he was born, his father placed the baby in the care of his Aunt and Uncle and disappeared. Kaylen was raised as one of their own, even though his odd appearance didn't really fit with the rest of the family. He decided not to think about the fact that his hair and eye color looked so different from his other siblings.

It was only one day when he got in a huge fight with his 'older brother' that he found out. His cousin told him he was just extra baggage that was thrown out to his Aunt and Uncle. Kaylen withdrew into himself after that, thinking he was just useless to the world. Though he said it was fine when his cousin begged for Kaylen to accept his apology, he didn't fit into the family anymore.

Kaylen continued this mindset through his middle school and most if his high school years. It was only until he met a good friend in his third year of high school that it became apparent to him that since he had so much to work with, why not make the most out of life?

Right after Kaylen turned 18, he moved out of his relatives' house to a tiny apartment that he still lives in today. The boy never went to college, not letting his Aunt and Uncle spend their life savings on him. To support himself he holds three part-time jobs, not able to get anything concrete without a college degree.

Fears: Failure, being useless

Appearance: Kaylen is rather short for his age, standing at a meager 5'9". The man tries to make up for his height with his strength, but his high metabolism and body stop him from being able to bulk up.

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From "Interest Check" with Vena Sera

Name: Derek Prince
Age: 21
Personality: Derek is a shy, ambivert guy that can't really handle a big group of people, but loves to hang out with friends. Once Derek finds something interesting, whether it be something to do with academics or gardening, he puts all his energy in it, sometimes forgetting about the world around him. Derek was always worried about the fact that sometimes he might leave his girlfriend a little lonely and has a bit of insecurity that his friends find him boring.

History: Derek's upbringing was a bit of a weird one. Both his parents were teachers: his father a history college professor while his mother was a physics high school teacher, so most of his life was centered around academics. His father's work including working at the research center in the college, so sometimes he would bring home some almost completely destroyed statue that would crumble with one touch or he would go on long trips. His father was the kind of guy that could never sit down, always wanting to understand the people from a time before him. Derek's mother on the other hand always put a heavy amount of expectations on him when it came to his studies. Wanting Derek to follow in her footsteps and devout his life to math and sciences, he wasn't allowed to spend his childhood years playing sports or tag unless it was for some kind of science experiment. He became a mathlete under his mother's heavy watch and won plenty of trophies and prizes for his all his schools.

In high school, life became that much more stressful. Usually school was the place he could unwind and play around with his friends, but with his mom working there as well and had all the other teachers as spies, Derek's friend count quickly dwindled. The fact that all his life was about was studying continued to stress him out until he physically looked like the embodiment of a tooth pick, all skin and bones. Finally his dad decided to bring him on one of his excursions to another country to get him away from his hovering mother. It was no problem for him to be out of school, his mother had forced him through so many lessons that he was able to pass all the tests to skip right through all his classes and gain early graduation. The two of them went around Europe where Derek was able to get out of his shell. While Derek had never been sporty because of all this, he loved to stay outside and go to the beach. The boy took to gardening and lived at the next year or two making great acquaintances in Italy. During this year, the boy had grown up into someone huge, standing at a good 6'3" and a half.

Once about a year had rolled around and Derek had a nice tan, he moved back to America with a few buddies of his deciding to go as exchange students. It was just that, while the boy could be extroverted at times, without his Dad to watch over him, he didn't feel as secure about his life and the choices he made anymore. Derek stopped being sociable anymore and instead devoted all his time outside of school to gardening or going out every once and a while with friends. It was during one of these times that his French friend introduced Derek to Nicole and he acted rather sociable that night to impress her. Afterwards, he reverted back to his old self stuck in his garden, but Nicole didn't seem to care about that in they soon fell in love. Although Derek was a little shy around Nicole's friends, he was able to have a great time with them in a small group.

That was when everyone found out about her tumor. Ice fell over his heart and he did his best to start looking into medicine and other things, any way to find something that would cure her. After Nicole became bedridden, Derek basically almost moved into her hospital room, always trying to spend time with her and research at the same time. He went through his bouts of crying and anguish with her before she fell into a coma. Those days he wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, putting everything he could into finding something to help her... until he realized she was brain dead and never coming back. He despaired and put everything into his labs at the college, refusing to see anyone or do anything. Derek did his best to keep up his garden because she had complemented it so much, even put in a huge amount of her favorite flowers to remember her by once she had gone into her coma. A small incling of him knew that she wouldn't survive it.

Fears: He's too afraid of loving anyone again like he loved Nicole and tries his best not to care too much for anything at the risking of losing it.

Appearance: Derek stands at a rather tall 6'4", with blonde hair and blue eyes. While he is very tall, he doesn't have much muscle to be heard of.
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From "A Love Triangle... Of Sorts..." by imacamoprincess

Name: Roy Jacob Rodevick
Age: 24
Mother: Cynthia Michelle Rodevick (deceased)
Father: Neil Robert Rodevick (Alive)
Siblings: -Mila Lily Rodevick (Alive)
-Tiana Nikki Rodevick (Alive)
-Robert Derek Rodevick (deceased)

Body Build: Lean, but good strong muscules that fit well with curves.
Tattoos: WIP

Personality: When it comes to the people he loves, Roy is the sweetest person in the world. He showers the ones he loves with gifts and will try to monopolise all their time, even if he's supposed to be busy with the family business. Roy is also the kind of person that that will forgive the person he loves over and over again. But if you aren't someone he holds dear, he either treats you with disrespect or ignore you. As the first son of the head of the family, he takes his job very seriously... except for when it comes to Ashley.

History: Roy was born as the first son of the head of the family, and as the heir to the family he has been raised to be ruthless and calculating. The only people he would give the time of day was his family, such as his two younger sisters and his younger brother. But his mother died of some kind of sickness early on and his younger brother Robert got killed at a shoot out. He had closed down most of his heart when he came to Ashley's job to get a tattoo tweaked and fell in love.

Relationship Status: Unrequited Love
With Who: Ashley
Your True Love/Your Soulmate: Ashley
Birthday: January 24th, 1992

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From "Forbidden Fruit" With Azabelle

Name: Zuriel
Age: Appears 26
Personality: A little bit weaker than most angels, Zuriel always works to keep harmony and peace around heaven. He loves to have people to look up to and while some may sound strange and he does question them a little bit, he always does his very best to follow any rules given to him. Zuriel always has a smile on his face and loves to make the other angels happy.
History: Zuriel has always been the runt compared to the other angels, given extra work and always seen as the junior of everyone. He always did his best to meet angels' expectations and loved to follow around Cross, the one he idolized. But then one day his idol was expelled from heaven and a sadness hung over Zuriel all the time. He did his best to get a mission that would cause him to go down to earth, but the ones who had framed Cross were just looking for a way to get rid of him.
Fears: Never meeting up to other angels' expectations, losing Cross
Appearance: Pale skinned with light ashen black hair and silver eyes. Also the same guy as the picture for the rp.

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From "In the Game of Love, Everyone Loses" by KimmiNinja

Name: Deanna "Dee" Price
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Doesn't know
Age: 20
Job/Career: Musical Theatre Major

Personality: Deanna's main objective in daily life is to stay quiet and not be the center of attention, because when she opens her mouth she speaks her mind, and her mind can be rather rude and uncouth. She can't filter her thoughts which have lead Deanna into so many sticky situations that she likes to pretend she's mute or just really quiet around new people. For the people she is close to, she'll talk as much as she wants... and then is quick to apologize depending on what she said to you. For those who know of her bad habit and still stick around, she views them as truly amazing and admirable.

Background: From when Deanna was a young girl, she has always spoken her mind. So when she was a child, she would always demand for the stuff she wanted and acted like a spoiled brat. The girl was spoiled by her parents and her friends would only stick around because her older brother was known as the school hotty. As she got to the end of her elementary years and transitioned to Junior High, she came to realize how nasty girls could be and broke off with her "fake" friends. The girl mostly hung out with guys after that, during that age they were known to be rugged, if not straightforward. But Deanna couldn't ever reciprocate feelings for any of her friends that started getting crushes on her, leading to friends choosing sides, and too many conflicts to end with her friendless again.

Deanna tried her best to fix up her personality. Stay on the high road, put others first and the works. She tried to keep away from stuff like gossip and talking about crushes, the idea of break-ups and the loss of friends too upsetting for her. During her high school years, she gained two best friends that were able to handle all of her nonsensical blabbering and the like, but the girl ended up getting a crush on her, making everything awkward. By the end of high school, she was full of regret when it came to romantic relationships, never really understanding the meaning of attraction even though the other person might not be that great.

Now in college, she tries her best to stay quiet because she doesn't have any close friends in the area. Try not to be alone with someone else in a conversation, and always run the reply in Deanna's head before she says it. The awkwardness continues as she stands there up to a minute thinking about what to say, and then forgetting the topic of conversation in the first place.

The great thing about her major is that you aren't yourself, but you play someone else! The whole thing involves looking through someone else's eyes and not your own. Originally she was going to go into Film Production, but after trying out for the Black Box musical, she decided to switch her major.

Likes: Sweets, cheezy/bad puns, music
Dislikes: Concerts, being alone with strangers, oranges
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From "Tower of Carnage" by BrokenPromise
Mental Note: To find background, search for "A body has been discovered!" in Pms

Isaiah "Ice" Matthews


Infinite Blood Donor: With his body making excessive amounts of blood with a blood type of O, he's the perfect blood donor for any time.

With unkept brown hair and golden eyes, Ice is usually up to his neck in bandages. There's always some redness to his skin or a cut or some kind of red stain adorned on his clothes. Ice does his best to avoid white clothes when he can, keeping to black or red clothing to avoid ruining too many pieces of clothing. He wears gloves to make sure he doesn't get any kind of cuts on his hands.

Isaiah has Polycythemia vera, a disorder that causes the body to create too much blood. With a mutated protein JAK2, Ice is doing his best to keep the disorder from degrading to myelofibrosis, a worse blood disorder. These symptoms include red itchy skin, excessive bleeding from small cuts, headaches, and dizziness.

Ice lives up to his nickname, decidedly not never in the mood for small talk or hanging out in groups. While on the surface, Ice never smiles and seems to not care about anyone else, he does do his best to help someone in need in his own ill-mannered way. He's a no-nonsense kind of guy and refuses to admit he has a love of cute things.

-Even though Ice doesn't care for company, he usually sits himself down in common areas.
-He loves a good cup of tea with two teaspoons of milk and sugar each morning.
-He's a super sweet tooth and hates anything sour.

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A little on the short side... >///<
From "The Consequences of Picking Up a Stray" by AimeChambers

Name: Eli Wyatt
Nickname: Ellie, he doesn't like it, it's too cute
Age: 19
Personality: Eli is known for always trying to help people and do good things... but it all making things worse. Cleaning up a room ends with the glass breaking and shelves dropping, comforting someone ends up with them in tears... the boy can't do much right. Eli tries to play pranks and the like, but he ends up messing those up to, making him known as the class clown at his old high school. The boy is innocent and playful, never able to settle down whether he's a human or a cat.
Biography: Eli was a bastard child born of a Calico werecat father and some random prostitute. Once the boy was born, he was raised by his father for a few years, until the unfit parent grew tired of taking care of a child and made him hit the streets. Eli grew up for a while as a house cat, before he couldn't take being abandoned anymore. After a long time, he was eligible to live on his own, staying with a crappy roommate and going to highschool as forced to by the government. Once he finished, his roommate bailed, making him homeless. He's been living as a stray ever since and has gotten in a few incidents with Muse C.
Fears: Muse C, getting abandoned again, being alone in the cold.
Appearance: Eli has reddish brown hair and sparkling golden eyes that always seem to be full of mischief. His small stature is almost like a woman's and he stands at a measly five foot six.
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This baby is from a really old rp and I may use him for something else. For now, I'll be putting him here.
From "The Academy"




Name: Matthew Callahan
Age: He seems to be a 17-year-old, but you can never know for sure.
Sexuality: Homosexual

Powers/abilities: Age transformation - He can grow to any age, getting younger or older. He can keep this appearance up until he either gets extremely tired or unconscious. The boy still doesn't have complete control over this power, when he is highly depressed he will turn younger to about 10, when he feels threatened he will grow to a much taller and older appearance. Another limitation is he can't get bigger than his body will warrant.

-jokes and puns
-staying up really late

-sour foods
-school (because he has to get up so early)


Personality: Even how innocent the boy looks, he has a mischevious side. He'll sneak into places that normal-sized teenage boys won't fit in. He'll pretend to be a substitute. The teacher Mr. Andrews may have heard of him from his old school, getting into trouble left and right. But he's also really sweet when he values people as a friend, turning larger to get that thing you can't reach, or helping bring something back to your room.

History: Who would have thought there would be a boy that would change his age every three minutes? You go to give the child a bath to find him a grown man naked in your bathroom. When his mother found out about Matthew's abilities, she left, saying he was too much for him to handle. He lived with his single father, helping him as best he could until he got the letter from the Academy.
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From "The Folly of a Felicitous Prince" by AimeChambers.

Name: Rajun

Age: 19

Role&Kingdom: Caravan Traveler in the Kingdom of Bellvar

Skill and/or Weapon: Rajun uses different movements learned from the martial art dances that he has picked up on over the years. Using knowledge of certain pressure points and the like. He also carries along an ornate dagger that curls a little at the tip for when there's some kind of weapons' fighting involved. He also knows the basic means to survive, such as the poisonous bugs from the not, how to start a fire from only rock, and how to sew. While not much when it comes to heavy combat, Rajun has beautiful dancing that can earn him a great deal of money and charm the swindlers that try to take his valuables.

Personality: Rajun is the quiet type, he takes what life throws at him and kind of coasts along with the happenings of change. It may seem like he has just given up on the world, and that's how he sees life a lot, but something always pulls him back to reality. He's a helping hand when you need it and a good listener when you're feeling down or depressed. Because of this, he's usually the only one that doesn't slip away when Maella starts to chatter, becoming the silent companion that shadows behind the spirited woman. He doesn't care if anyone throws insults at him, but will get rather riled up if they say anything about the things and people he cares about. At the moment, the only thing he really has are the clothes on his back, his dagger, and his friend Maella though.

Biography: From the very beginning, Rajun was put into the traveler life. His mother was a beautiful dancer that would always get many requests... but she was also a slave. Working under a master who loved to have his own "circus" of entertainers. The boy was born of a client that fraternized a little too much with his mother, but refused to take the both of them in when he found out she was with child. For the beginning of his life, he was made to be an errand boy, and do daily chores. When their master found that he was a great dancer himself, he set him to cross-dressing.

This went on for a few years until Rajun started to build muscle. His dances were then switched to be the dance partner of the girls in the troupe. Made to do acts that were akin to musicals- except to dance and move their bodies instead of singing. The boy always had the strangest tan lines with all this kind of work along with the girls, but the boy just loved to dance with his mother.

It was when their troupe was attacked by bandits that things went south. Rajun did his best to be able to save his mother and the other girls, but they were all soon captured. Their master was killed and they were all to be sold off again when his mother helped him escape. She was killed for her actions and Rajun wasn't able to save the women he had grown up with. Now he has joined a caravan, hoping that one day he might meet these women again.

Appearance: While Rajun is rather slim, no one would be able to pass him off as a girl with the lack the extremely flat chest that he has. The boy's lean frame makes him look weaker than he actually is and he likes it that way, able to take on others with the strategy of surprise. He doesn't care much for too many layer of clothes, seeing as he was raised to wear the clothing of a dancer. He keeps his outfit to use when he needs to raise a bit of extra coin and doesn't have a shred of physical modesty.

Extra: He's friend with Maella!

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From "The Folly of a Felicitous Prince" by AimeChambers

Name: Adhémar de Hiertania

Age: 43

Role&Kingdom: King of the Kingdom of Hiertania

Skill and/or Weapon: Adhémar was always the more studious kind of person, choosing the pen over the sword. When it comes to battles and war, he would leave the command to his brother. Adhémar does have training with a rapier and different kinds of fencing along with how to use a spear and battle axe, but his skills have grown dull over the years of sticking to the castle and his throne room. Adhémar has never wished to gain more land besides what his father earned, seeking to gain more discipline over the Kingdom that he controls.

Personality: Adhémar is the kind of person that never smiles and is always strict. He believes actions are better to tell then speaking of your emotions and believes that one should always have the very best education. He is always adamant about making specific policies and making sure everything is in order and in control. Adhémar believes that conformity and likeness is the key to having a steady Kingdom and thinks that uniqueness is different and unknown, that the unpredictability will inevitably lead to ruin and trouble.

He treats his family the same. Keep to your social class and the proper way to act and he will favor you. The first born will take on the responsibilities of the family, while the youngest needs the most attention so that they will not run wild. The middle child must never outshine his older brother and keep to being the right-hand man.

Biography: The first seven years of Adhémar's life were full of fun and joy. Adhémar didn't think that his mother's abilities were different from other peoples and everyone loved him as the crown prince. That all changed when his twin brother and sister Adrian and Ariana were born. Suspicion and unrest came out from the servants of the crown that a new witch had been born. Lords and advisors who hated Adhémar's queen mother told him stories of witches and how she was just lying in wait to bring ruin to the kingdom. The boy became more studious in his studies, trying to find the answers to all the meddlesome unanswered questions the hateful advisors had brought up.

Adhémar was met up with the tales of the past. Witches were burned, they reeked havoc and killed many, torturing and cursing the innocent. He began to fear and hate the woman who had given birth to him, thinking of his father as a fool who had been seduced and enslaved by the witch. His little sister didn't help her mother's case either. The girl was unruly and out of control, never acting like a proper young woman. Adrian, his younger brother he viewed with a certain amount of comradeship. He was a good enough brother to put as the commander of his future armies, though he was a bit too headstrong for Adhémar's taste.

Soon enough his father had died and his Witch Mother left to who knows where. With them out of the way, Adhémar set the decree to have Ariana on house arrest for the rest of her days, and under heavy watch, in a small summer house to the northwest reaches of the Kingdom, there if she did cause any ruckus, it wouldn't cause ruin to the castle. Neither his mother, the former Queen's name or his sister's name was to be uttered in Adhémar's presence, the only one that had that right was his younger brother who he just couldn't get to shut up. But that didn't matter, because Adrian was off to battle and did not return for many decades to come.

Adhémar married Dilara, a flowering princess of the Kingdom of Prigorwen. He was happily living out his days with her and his soon to be first son when his brother Adrian brought news that Ariana had died and left a baby girl. There wasn't much the King could do but take her in under the guise of using her as a political princess to be used for marriage in later years. There had been no accounts of witchery from the guards that watched his sister, so he thought the witch's magic had fully been weeded out.

Many years later his wife Dilara had birthed him three sons. She took to doting on their third son all the time, while giving happy smiles and encouragement to her other children and niece. It was with great sadness that she died from sickness soon enough, the doctor's not able to do much to stop it, she had been hiding her illness for too many years. The husband Adhémar's last bit of affection slipped away and he became even stricter than before, outlawing any foreigner without strong relations, especially those decrepit Lutairians.

But soon, it seemed that Adhémar was growing weaker, he wasn't able to sit at his desk for the many hours he used to and his throat started to taste of acid. The King soon fell into a coma that no one could wake him up out of, using his will to name his younger brother Adrian as Regent King until he awoke.

Appearance: With longer dark brown hair that has slipped into a deep gray from his age and stress, the King sits with a short beard without a mustache and a ceaseless frown. He is smaller than his brother and hates for others to know it, usually sitting on his throne or at his desk. As he gets sicker and sicker, the meat on his bones have started to shrink and wrinkles start to bag under his eyes.
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From "The Folly of a Felicitous Prince" by AimeChambers

Name: Rosetta, Mirabelle, Dulcie

Age: Rosetta&Dulcie - 20, Mirabelle - 24

Role&Kingdom: The Personal Maids of the Crown Prince of Hiertania

Skill and/or Weapon: Most of the Crown Prince's favorite clothes are sewed by none other than the three maids themselves. The follow the route of clean, sew, and play keep everything orderly and make sure everything is a peaceful environment for the future king. These three are usually kept up in the Crown Prince's room doing who knows what, but sometimes they can be find to be very skillful at the art of gossip! The three don't have any combat experience, but they will put themselves on the line to protect their master. As long as they aren't daydreaming and giggling about who they ship with who, the girls' do their duties with great pleasure.

Rosetta&Dulcie: These two are the real mischevious ones. No one knows how they haven't gotten caught and fired by the King, always running around and poking their heads into everyone's business. They love the game of teasing any unlikely suspect and that of course includes people such as the crown prince and the Regent King. There's no fun in doing things such as teasing the second prince, but they'll do anything they can to pull pranks on that silly ninny Anatole who has to have everything perfect. The personal servant of the Regent King is always trying to get on their cases as well. While identical twins, Rosetta is usually the brains of the operation, while Dulcie is the best when it comes to action.

Mirabelle: While the girl may look like she wouldn't dream of getting involved with these little pranks, she gets pulled into them a little too much. She's known as the small 'voice of reason' in the group that usually gets drowned out by the majority vote, aka Rosetta and Dulcie. She loves to cook and can usually be found baking some kind of new treat for the Crown Prince to eat as well. She's the little goody two shoes of the group.

Rosetta&Dulcie: The two identical twins were born from a maid and a butler that worked for a noble family that had always been in good graces with the King. Unfortunately for them, the noble family only had its fame in name only and was growing poorer by the decade. Unable to have so many servants, the two twins were sent as a gift to the palace and soon moved up the servant food chain to work for the crown prince. A set of dutiful twins as personal maids always had an interesting reputation that the King could show off when talking about his first born.

Mirabelle: Mirabelle was born from a stable hand and commoner that never seemed to have enough money. Her mother died from overwork soon after she reached the age of twelve and both her and her father went to find work in the capital. As luck would have it, the castle was in need of extra servants to work in the stables. Mirabelle worked her hardest to gain the privilege of maid and then to work for the Crown Prince. While Rosetta and Dulcie had an edge with their past experience and looks, Mirabelle had to work from the ground up.

Appearance: Rosetta and Dulcie are twins with long black hair that is usually in some kind of braided bun, while Mirabelle has medium length light brown hair that is a bit hard to look kept and is usually in some kind of tight bun. The girls do their best to look proper when out of the Crown Prince's quarters, but inside the twins like to keep their hair down in braids and by the end of the day Mirabelle's bun falls to a messy low bun.
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From "The Folly of a Felicitous Prince" By AimeChambers.

Name: Galeran Belet

Age: 29

Role&Kingdom: Personal Servant of the Regent King of Hiertania
Caretaker of the Crown Prince

Skill and/or Weapon: From very young, Galeran has been nurtured to be the perfect manservant with a great talent in providing such things as refreshments and working under pressure. While not one of the finest cooks in the castle, Galeran has gained expertise at making good quality snacks and different pastries thanks to working for Adrian, the Regent King.

When coming to his weapon, Galeran uses a thin rapier. As strength isn't exactly one of his strong suits, he instead focuses on speed and accuracy. Avoiding attacks by the slightest centimeter when confronted with an enemy or using the element of surprise and swiftness to gain advantage over his opponent.

Of course, as his lineage, he has always been around high standing and will always dress to impress. Galeran takes pride in doing the same for his charge, no matter who they may be. The problem seems to be more in keeping his charge from messing up the perfectly pressed formal suit or moving their bangs just slightly too the left. It doesn't help that his recent charge loves to keep the look of 'unruliness' with that stubble of his. And unfortunately for Galeran, he can't quite reach the top of his head without a stool's assistance.

Personality: As the second son of an honorable line of manservants that serve the crown, Galeran has always been the no-nonsense kind of person. To be perfect in everything he can possibly do is the mission given to him by his parents and past generations, which he wishes to fulfill admirably.

The main problem is the people around him. The Regent King is always trying to pawn him off to some long task and there's the Crown Prince's Personal maids that always seem to be throwing everything into disarray. His work continues to pile on throughout the day and he can't seem to find anytime to be worrying about anything else.

When it comes to his emotions, Galeran tries his best to keep them completely neutral. But after working or seeing his work for a long period of time, one can tell he can get rather stressed when he doesn't get all his work done. Being brought up in a servant's way of life, he doesn't have any experience in romance whatsoever and is not the best at dealing with rumors and gossip. Galeran is the best at composing his emotions when people insult him and only him. However, when people try to insult his charges or the people he cares about even begrudgingly this can cause him to become quite the upstart. He can carry quite a grudge if he thinks someone has committed a heinous enough crime.

Biography: Galeran has always been around the high class and castle since he was very small, the man comes from a long line of Belet manservants that have served the royal family of Hiertania for generations. As the second son, the family never expected him to take the side of the King, but there has always been a level of honor in the Belet family. So when the King fell ill and his brother Sir Adrian became the Regent King, there was a great hubbub.

While not only his own family, but most of the other servants envied him, Galeran didn't find himself enviable. For one, the Regent King wasn't the type of man to be babied, especially since he had been in the military alone for so long. Secondly, he always seemed to give Galeran the most random duties that the manservant could only guess was to put him on some wild goose chase. This makes Galeran exasperated almost 24/7.

Along with taking care of his current charge, there's those silly maids of the Crown Prince. They seemed to not understand the concept of difference in social status when it comes to most of the royal family and will go out of their way to tease everyone they deem as suitable targets... Including him, his charge, and the Crown Prince. Although Galeran uses has loads of work to do, he still goes out of his way to lecture the three girls, though since Mirabelle has been working at the castle for a long time and he knows she's a good 'kid' he gives her some special treatment over the twin brats.

Appearance: Standing at a satisfactory height of 5'11, Galeran keeps a crisp and sophsticated look that makes others admire his appearance. His lighter brown hair is straighter than most and comes off as glossy after his special care of it. Besides that though, Galeran doesn't care much for his weirdly greenish brown eyes.
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From "The Folly of a Felicitous Prince" By AimeChambers

Name: Nendir Geladi
A Name of their original language that means "Stream"

Age: 23

Role&Kingdom: Bodyguard for the Ambassadors of Lutaires

Skill and/or Weapon:
Bodyguard: With a Swordsman and Heavily Weapons' Wielder by his side, Nendir uses a bow as his weapon of choice, said to be the most common weapon among the native Lutairians. As a long ranged fighter, Nendir lets his companions work as tanks or the main offense while he takes up the defense for his two noble ambassadors. Along with his trusty bow is a bronze sword that is used in cases of melee when an enemy slips past Caden and Bastian, though he is only average at using a sword at best.

Assassin: Besides these bulky items when on duty, Nendir also bronze blades underneath his clothes. Nendir uses his race's amazing hearing and night vision to full advantage as well. Nendir can hide his presence and breath, good at stealthy entrances and keeping to the shadows. Along with this, Nendir is also self-taught in hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Nendir keeps up a facade of always smiling at all times. It seems that when coming to socializing, he likes to entertain others and go with the flow. Always with a carefree voice and attitude, he loves to try to get Caden more involved with the people around him and introduce Bastian to all the pretty ladies he can get to talk to him. He's the kind of guy that seems to be the popular follower.

In reality, his smiles have never been truthful, the boy himself hasn't smiled in a long time. His positive emotions have pretty much been starved to death with his lack of hope and fake everyday life. However, nothing has dampened his angry and hatred in the least. His need for revenge is strong and continuing to move towards his goal is the only fulfillment he can get out of life. He doesn't enjoy, his time with his fellow companions... h-he doesn't care for the relationships he has formed with his outer persona at all!

Nendir also lies to himself a lot.

Biography: When Nendir was a small boy, he lived in a border town between Hiertania and Lutaires. The reason most may not think the village was on the border was because it was in a valley completely closed off from the Hiertanian side, or so they thought. One of the Hiertanian thugs' scouts had gone deep into the landscape to find anything that could fetch a pretty penny and struck gold. Boulders were torn from the mountain and manmade landslides reeked havoc on the village. Lutairians ran from their homes, a normally peaceful folk that never had a proper protector being so cut off from other populations. The women and children cried, Nendir one of them as the thugs gathered all the good quality goods they could before splattering oil everywhere and setting it aflame.

But Nendir's father rallied up the villagers to fight against their attackers. They grabbed their tools and sharp objects and attacked... only to be completely slaughtered by the Hiertanian thugs. Nendir, being a small and cowardly child at the time, had been hidden away in the nearby forest area, and had to flee further away when the fire starting to spread farther through the vegetation. Days later Nendir was found at the foot of the mountain area almost starved to death and warriors from the capital were sent to investigate. Nendir thought of himself as a coward and wanted to seek revenge, able to show skill to one of the warriors coming back and catching a ride with him to the capital. There he endured life in an orphanage before the boy could train as a protector at the castle.

Nendir came in contact with a man who envisioned the same future as himself and was trained in the art of stealth. He began a plan that he would fulfill on his own, accepting to become a martyr, to murder the Hiertanian royal family that had such discrimination against his people and had allowed such violence to go on without stopping it. He didn't care what would become of the neighboring kingdom as long as Nendir got the revenge he thought he rightfully deserved.

Appearance: Caring the lean body stucture of his people, Nendir is actually a bit shorter than men around his age. The bodyguard is quick and nimble, being able to collide against and attacker and use his body as a last defense to save the Ambassadors he is sworn to protect.
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Name: Kanna Moriyama
Race: Half-Demon
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height: 5 Foot 6 Inches
Weight: 118 lbs.
Birthday: September 16th
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: B

-Professional Status
Affiliation: True Cross Order
Partner: Shinya
Base of Operations:
True Cross Academy
Exorcist Supply Shop

-Exorcist Information
Class: Exwire
Meister: Knight

-Personal Status
Status: Active
Shiemi (half-sister)
Shiemi's Mother (Step-mother)
Shiemi's Grandmother (step-grandmother; deceased)

-Appearance: Kanna has wavy, layered breast length platinum-blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. Curly at the oddest of places, she has a small braid on the right side of her hair at chin length. In comfortable attire, Kanna wears a purple cropped short-sleeved hoodie with a light white tank top underneath and red shorts. Aside from the common True Cross Academy uniform, she wears her tie haphazardly with the front longer than the back. Along with her normal clothing Kanna also keeps with her a key to the Exorcist supply shop on a necklace and her Katana demon Blade Shinya.

-Personality: In terms of her personality, Kanna can be seen as the irresponsible and lazy older sister. Always finding some way to disturb the peace until she runs out of steam and knocks out like a light. She has a habit of getting into people's personal space and ruffling feathers. She isn't mean at heart and while maybe not having the best judge of character, will go to the ends of the earth for her friends.

Just because she's a half-demon like Rin doesn't stop her from getting involved with humans. She idolizes Shura and is always trying to sneak in some alcohol to soften the mood. Can't seem to study to save her life, which usually irritates the hell out of Yukio and Suguro. She treats Rin like her own little brother.

She has quite the interest in demons, never thinking they are initially evil until they attack. Demons shouldn't do anything mean to you unless you do the same to them, that's how she thinks of it.

Rin: As for when Kanna joins the Cram school, she quickly takes a liking to messing around with the other half-demon. After the initial shoving around, Rin started to relax and treat her as a friend.

Yukio: The boy had known Kanna since she had shown up at the Exorcist Supply Shop, and his watchful eye spotted every one of her mischevious adventures. While there was a slight care for the girl, mostly Yukio just thinks of her as a problem child lumped together with his twin brother Yukio.

Shura: The large breasted woman can never seem to get rid of Kanna. Even though shiro had convinced her to teach Kanna the way of the sword, the fact that Kanna would rather laze around than practice caused quite a few spouts of rage that ended with Shura attacking the lazy teen with enough sword techniques that Kanna learned to protect herself. It doesn't help that Kanna is always trying to swipe some alcohol from the girl.

Suguro: If there's anything Suguro hates only slightly less than Satan, it would be laziness and wasting time. While Kanna is able to worm her way into their friend group, his disapproval is always lurking in the background.

Izumo: The girl's disapproval of Kanna is even more prominent. The tsundere likes to keep her personal space and since Kanna is always getting in her way, there is a surprising amount of loathing for the carefree girl.

Mephisto: The headmaster seems like the weird uncle that everyone is just a little wary of. He finds Kanna quite the entertainment and loves to push her together with Rin to see what can come out of it.

History: Her stepmother and father had been together for a few years, her father an exorcist while her stepmother worked as the head of the supply shop, but her father would go on long trips during this time, he met Kanna's mother, who seduced him into having sex with her. Afterwards he was appalled never having dreamed of doing something with a demon. He ventured back to his wife, but on another trip he was confronted by her mother holding a baby Kanna. It seemed the demoness had been running from a group of exorcists that had been scouting the area where she had birthed Kanna.

While her father was still angry with her mother for tricking him, one look at the young baby and he couldn't help but want to take care of her. He would come to visit her every so often and soon his human wife gave birth to another girl. He came back to tell Kanna's mother that the visits would have to stop, only to find the exorcists had killed the girl's mother while she hid in the basement.

Her father returned to the shop with Kanna in his arms, only to decide to keep her hidden away, trying to figure out a way to explain, she stayed with Mephisto for a while before his father and stepmother had a falling out and he left, taking Kanna with him. Kanna grew up with her retired exorcist father, speaking with other demons when her father wasn't looking, but dreading her isolated world. It was when a demon that she had become friends with killed her father that Kanna realized there were evil demons that wished to do harm in the world.

The small cottage they had lived in had belonged to his past relatives and there she found Shinya, the demon blade possessed by the cat-tortoise demon Shinya. Taking her new companion with her, she heading back to True Cross Academy, the only other place she knew. Her stepmother begrudgingly took her in, but would always rag on about how it shouldn't have been her responsibility. Kanna would stay away from home as much as possible, not sticking around long enough to get closer to her younger half-sister Shiemi.

There she met Shiro, Yukio, and Shura, coming to learn to use her demon blade and following Mephisto around, lazing around whenever she couldn't find anyone she could annoy for the day.

As Shiemi moved into the shed, Kanna didn't think much of it, until she saw how her mother started becoming frantic. She hadn't been close to her grandmother either, though the mourning of the death of a loved one was heavy in the house. When Kanna saw her legs, she helped out with the garden a bit 'til it started getting really bad. She joined in with her step-mother to screw the garden, but Shiemi wouldn't budge.

It was only when Shiemi started going to cram school that Kanna decided to give being an exorcist a try as well.
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