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The light hadn't dissipated one bit, but the Tutor was finally starting to begrudgingly adjust to the sun. The amphitheater's white stone bounced the sun further into his retinas causing Hibiki to flinch. What he wouldn't do for Ritsu's hug therapy right now... Something to help his throat and a spot with blackout curtains would be much needed after this. Maybe even some strawberry milk, but it wasn't good to hype up his expectations.

The blue-haired boy got a good long look at the bear before succumbing to the sun again, turning his eyes toward the ground. The first thing that seemed to pop into the Tutor’s head was the fact that the stuffed bear didn’t seem to be picking up too much dust. Was the amphitheater usually swept or was it just outright magical? Secondly, it appeared that this semi-mechanical bear's voice quality was strangely both clear and confounding at once, driving Hibiki to want earplugs to drown out its enthusiasm. Based on his lack of understanding of its hardware, the Tutor couldn't say this wasn't some daydream and the Ultimates around him seemed to come to this conclusion all too quickly as well.

Ritsu was waiting, so he couldn't stay for very long. But considering the only way to get out of here was to kill someone, they’d have to outsmart the bear, it would be better to find someone who had the ‘umph’ to do such a thing. Some kind of supporting role would fit his talent and benefit the group as a whole. A PDA soon arrived in his hands and leaning over to block out the sunlight, Hibiki read through the rules.

They seemed like they would be quite the hassle, did he absolutely have to nap inside of the residential cabins or was anywhere an option during the day? At some point, he would have to take the two-toned bear aside and ask these quintessential questions. Based on age and appearance, there were at least a few people that could step up as leader and start on strategy, the question was, who to endorse?

His first prediction came out rather spontaneously. A speech was thrown out, shots fired, and people bleeding out on stage. Help arrived quickly, even if not very efficiently, and Ginshi was there to both help the mind and body. While there was a newfound reluctance starting a new relationship with someone so passionate, some form would do Hibiki well in the future. When glancing down at Lilly however, something else seemed to be upsetting her. Was she really so fragile as to be worried about the game itself? His hand started to subtly move towards her shoulder, only for her to angry switch through her PDA. Better to not interfere, lest he ruin his first impression and give help where it wasn't warranted.

As he tried to not continue eyeing the poor girl, he glanced up at the stage where a new boy had arrived front and center. The boy's posture and mannerisms reminded him of the many students who had come to him with stage fright. Many of the basic steps to overcoming stage fright were missed on the boy, but a small part of Hibiki was already rooting for him. Without having the material practiced in advance and having a good health habits prepared beforehand, many may react in the same way as him. The Tutor pressed a few buttons on his PDA to switch to his profile. Aurel Fuchs, Ultimate Thief. Could he be the reason Lilly was so upset?

His approach to creating ties was nicely planned, but poorly executed. While Aurel himself might not have been scared of the killing game, the worried atmosphere oozing off of him certainly appeared that way. Building trust was something that needed to be done quickly, but this may have been a bit too preumptive. Without the time to think and decompress, this would just turn into a further mess.

And so it did. The words of the Ultimate Smuggler were harsh and to the point. Whether or not this was Momoe's true personality or because of situational emotions, she didn't fall short at cutting Aurel down and showing him off as an easy target. The other white-haired boy didn't seem to help things either. His blatant swearing just led to others thinking Aurel needed protecting, not addressing the main issue of his speech getting discredited with faulty logic. The new challenger, Ryuma Hitsugaya, had actually driven her to cause a fault in Aurel's grouping strategy. Such was the problem of impulsive outbursts.

Yukimori's words of encouragement were drowned out by the Ultimate Hero, who didn't seem to have enough self-preservation to sit still. A sigh slipped out of Hibiki's mouth before he even realized it. Did he truly know what he was doing? Probably not all, but at least his North personality might pave the way to getting something done. As Aurel brought up the voice of reason, Hibiki stopped himself from sighing again, there was no way that Shirou was going to do as he was told, not even if it was well-meaning.

"Thank you for your input Aurel... I hope... It does not fall on deaf ears," His throat really did need some lubrication if he wanted to talk more easily, "Do take care not to get killed." He took a glance in Lilly's direction, only to see that she had already fled. "Let's meet, later."

With those words, Hibiki moved towards Chikako to help Ginshi transport her. Even if he couldn't help carry her, he may be able to keep pressure on her wound.

Noah had planned on listening to Daimyon's case. He had planned on trying to figure out the intricacies of the relationship between the makeup covered woman and Faith, yet all he could focus on was the quickly bleeding boy in front of him that was doing nothing to slow his utter demise. What was driving him to do so? With the way things were going, if he was not patched up in the next half hour he would not only go unconscious, but his body may reject a blood transfusion as his heart runs out of blood to pump. The Bio Mechanic wasn't doing anything to stop the Biologist as he inspected the boy's wounds, not even flinching as he checked his damaged hands. But this damage didn't look like it was created from nitroglycerin! Unless-

The boy's hand suddenly wasn't held in Noah's anymore. The boy had simply stepped away, though it seemed as though he could barely stand. "You-" His words were immediately drowned out by Thomas's words. 'Due time...' Noah surely hoped they would be alive to hear it. Now that the Ultimate Despair had acquired what he wished, a small piece of the Biologist's brain wanted to declare them all dead. But there was no such thing as giving up on learning for Noah Atom Dyer and he thought it best to see how far he could follow the two deviations.

He had only just started folding what was left of his lab coat to further analyze when he turned to the Poet's voice. "My body is in prime physical condition, although slightly sleep deprived, but I maybe a bit perplexed mindwise." He let out a sigh as he watched some of the other Infinites trinkle out of the room, including a rather rambunctious teenage girl. "Might I have a look at your injuries? They may be minor compared to his, but I don't want to feel entirely useless." He set his lab coat on a nearby chair and without waiting for a reply, went to check on the Poet's knees. "It was a nasty fall and it seems I won't probably be able to get through to Miss Lambert at the moment. Why don't you take another chair, I'll watch out for any other punching mechanisms." As he checked the bruising and minor scrapes, he thought back to the incident that had just occured. "He may look like some big bad villian, but not everything of his plan was black and white..." He told Daimyon of his theory about the nitroglycerin before standing up.

"They are planning to hold one of the Infinite's hostage during the Night of Carnage if I remember correctly. Shall we get moving?" Noah looked to see if Juliette was still around, but she was already gone.


-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

Ryuma couldn't seem to figure out why, but he really liked this kid Aurel. Maybe it was the competitive streak in him gauging Aurel's reflexes or the way the kid seemed to tick, but all the athlete felt was that the kid was a good potential ally and he forgot to analyze why. "The party don't start 'til I walk in-" He muttered when they arrived, then started chuckling quietly at his own reference. The atmosphere was tense, but that was expected, they had been kidnapped after all. These turrets on at the docks made this situation no laughing matter.

Sixteen... Aurel must have gotten that number from the cabins. Ryuma himself wanted to check them out now rather than later, but no way was he gonna miss whatever shitshow this-

...And the kid vanished. Why Aurel did, who's to say? As long as he didn't randomly shiv a person, Ryuma would let it lie. Besides, it seemed as though their host had arrived.

Normally, the athlete wouldn't believe a talking teddy bear. Normally, Ryuma would shrug off threats to his life or 'to the world as they knew it.' But normally he always knew how his mother was doing... And with stolen memories, who could say. "What kind of shit..." Ryuma scratched at the back of his neck again, his nails biting slightly into his skin enough for slight moisture to fall back onto his fingertips. Ryuma barely acknowledged Aurel's existence as his complexion went as white as a ghost.

"All you have to do is kill somebody!"

The giggly shit-tastic voice knocked Ryuma out of his down-spiraling worries. While Ryuma had thought there were far too many hostages or victims, it made sense now. This sick twisted fuck wanted to watch them dwindle their own numbers down. He didn't seem to care about money or power, just seemed batshit crazy. And who better than the students of Hope's Peak Academy?

It took Ryuma a second before he took the PDA, mindlessly scrolling through it, only paying it mind as he scrolled through the familiar faces of Aurel and Prin- Snow. Only later did the Parkourist remember that the kid's hand had been shaking. How the hell was his mom going to survive...

The next time he looked up, there was a gunshot. Ryuma immediately dropped his PDA and moved into a defensive stance, scanning the area for Snow and Aurel. What the fuck had the others done to provoke the couk? Ryuma wasn't reckless enough to get involved in that shit, his heroic streak couldn't be stretched so thin. Why had he thrown away that chair leg again? To look cool?

At the sound of his name, Ryuma turned to look at the Thief. The boy gave him a stiff nod and watched as he disappeared again. While the athlete was a lot slower than Aurel, he still was able to show up behind Snow with little to no sound. He crossed his arms over his chest, ready to catch the kitten in front of him by her scruff if he had to. It was the least he could do for the kid who looked like he was going to faint at any moment.

There was truth to his words. At the very least, it had been at least three to four months of memories stolen. Three to four months that his mother had to fend for herself... But it wasn't the time to be thinking about her. Hopefully, Aurel's speech would force the others to face the gravity of the situation. ...And then he said something utterly stupid.

Friendship? Who the fuck cares about friendship now? Well obviously Aurel, but it didn't matter without their memories. No one here was going to act friendly to each other now unless they had already fostered ally relationships. A large part of Ryuma wanted to consider everyone but Aurel and Snow enemies, with his more optimistic side chastising his mistrust. His plan meant well, but sounded as fragile as the Thief looked, and someone beat him to the punch in explaining that.

Either way, Aurel was his ally and no one wanted some smoky smartass to voice what they were all thinking. She was placing a target on his head that made Ryuma's blood boil. Forgetting about keeping Snow from leaving, the athlete took a few large, meticulous steps, before standing in front of her. "Hey emo chick, instead of acting like a shitty teen smoking in the girl's bathroom, why don't you take your apathetic dirty ass and fuck off? No one needs your 'input.'" The boy was ready to pivot out of the way if she attacked him but for now, he just stood there, his expression stone cold.


-Naomi Fukuda-

Just her luck to be stuck in this hell hole. There were a lot of things that Naomi didn't give a shit about concerning Monokuma's speech, but a slight feeling of triumph echoed in her black heart. She had been right not to trust these people. Now she even had to worry about Yukimori killing her. But they were trapped here... That was a much more pressing problem. There was a small chance her family was looking for her, but the majority of them wouldn't give a shit that she was missing and considering so much time had passed, they had probably adopted some fawn to shape into their heir in her place.

The other captives were letting out profanities and threats, but a cold blanket was starting to wrap the Linguist's insides, leaving her apathetic at best. Yukimori was acting stranger than usual and before Naomi could even start to think maybe Shirou would show his true colors, he was already spouting bullshit.

Ultimates... It was such a cruel and disgusting term. They were the 'chosen ones' the 'elite of the elite.' It was all some huge networking scheme. Labels were what lent to arrogancy, to feeling 'special.' They would all die the same way, wouldn't they? Their blood all drained the same color. And this arrogance was shown plainly in the man-like boy Shirou Emiya, arrogant enough to play god and decide all of their fates.

But as soon as Monokuma's words reflected her own thoughts, Naomi felt repulsed. What kind of twisted soul had she been turned into against her Mami's wishes? Why did the glass have to be half-empty?

...And why was she hesitating to go help the two wounded?

She didn't run after the orange-haired boy to help catch the wounded, she didn't follow the blonde to help stop the blood. Instead, she started following in the white-haired stylist's footsteps, attempting to leave the scene. But Naomi stopped her tracks when she noticed two boys stopping the Stylist. How to leave without anyone noticing her?

To wait it out was hell, to stay here was hell, to live was hell. But she couldn't die, if for nothing better than to spite the shitty world she lived in. So hell it was.

The boy was stupid, the girl was stupid, but that boy stopping Snow was gone, leaving Naomi's escape route open. Quickly, she slipped off her awful shoes and started off towards the woods, hoping she wasn't making too much noise.


-Naomi Fukuda-

The other girl seemed... weak. Nice, but weak. Nice was okay, but she wouldn't be able to do much here, more useful as a sacrificial pawn than anything else. Those thoughts shifted through Naomi's mind before she could stop them and the Linguist immediately felt guilty about it How could she think something like that?! Something so close to what her parents would say. She had been the sacrificial pawn after all...

There wasn't much of a chance that the girl would be able to do something to Naomi. The only reason such a thing had occurred before was that she had been naive. No, Naomi would keep her distance and her guard up, who wouldn't at a time like this? Why make alliances when they would just stab you in the back? "I prefer to stand." Honestly, the girl really wanted to sit and think under a tree, but that would block some of her observations.

Honestly, the guy was coming off as some kind of smartass. He could have just said he didn't know anything instead of point out the obvious. Now he not only seemed suspicious, he also sounded like he doubted her intelligence and Naomi wouldn't let anyone get away with that. "The amphitheater isn't designed for animals, meaning this isn't an area normally inhabited by exotic animal pets. Based on the number of seats this area could hold a large number of people, but by the height of the benches they are built for children." She glared at the boy, "I'm not an idiot."

This boy was trying to act friendly and unaware too well, sounding more like he was collaborating with the kidnappers than being a helping hand. He was too calm, too gentle for this situation. As the announcement came on, Naomi felt the urge to run and find a hiding spot. People would be arriving soon and bringing a higher chance of assailants with them. But how could she first get away from these two so that they wouldn't rat her out? She didn't hear much of what Shirou was actually saying, just his tone. That's when she heard Yukimori's question.

"You didn't hear the other voices?" The girl cocked her head to the side at Yukimori, wondering how she could have missed that. No, it wasn't good to judge a person's cognitive abilities so quickly. "We are being caged in like some kind of children's boot camp against our will, we have been kidnapped Yukimori Maiya. And by unknown kidnappers."

Shirou had however, made one smart call. With the words 'Hope's Peak' sprouting form his mouth, Naomi's mind stopped calculating an escape plan. She needed to hear what he knew and needed to know it quickly, "Where were you exactly on the way to the academy? The gates are an easy snatch spot, but not beyond it."


Ginshi seemed nice enough with leadership qualities. Maybe he could coerce the boy to take his place if he ever needed to talk with groups, Hibiki was never that good at talking for long periods unless he was teaching and he preferred one on one sessions.

Lilly reminded him of some of the little kids Hibiki had tutored in middle school. They wouldn't sit still long enough for him to teach them anything and absolutely hated math. One day after only getting through a few problems, three of them had banded together to tackle the poor boy and climb all over him to stop the multiplication. The repeating of Lilly's words over and over again was rather like the little girl Mizuki he had taught.

But both girls seemed to be little rays of sunshine... and that was the problem. The sunlight shined into his eyes reflecting off Lilly's hair and Hibiki went on to cover his eyes with his hands instead of only closing them. Why did they have to be outside? Nobody could turn off the sun... Maybe he could get some Ultimate to create a highspeed transport that would move along the earth so he'd always be in the sun's blindspot. Hibiki would pay some big bucks for that. It'd have to have a decent energy generator to keep the vehicle warm and comfy as well.

"SHSL Tutor..." He mumbled, trying to brush his hair over his eyes as much as possible. There had to be some technique to do this better. His words were soon drowned out by Ginshi's interest in Lilly's talent, but they would have found out eventually anyway.

Judo... The practice was great at honing in on a sound body and mind. While Hibiki wasn't a fan of exercise, self-actualization was always welcomed in the Tutor's book. Maybe he really could get Ginshi to help him out with his... poorer qualities, such as public speaking.

Hibiki's ears perked at the sound of the intercom and screen. There was someone who would tell them specifics? That would be great, no way did Hibiki want to take on a leadership role. Once they got there, he could ask Lilly to tell him what they said and find a place in the corner to block out the lights-

"Hibiki, you wild animal, why don't you take the lead?"

The boy righted himself to stand up straight after being pushed, but then stood motionless. Wai- The Tutor's first impressions had been betrayed! Not only was he not going to be able to hand over the hard parts to Ginshi, the Judomaster was going to make him go first? That was just, just- not nice. The boy stared at the orange-haired boy through slits in his fingers and squinted at him. His face still seemed emotionless, but his aura told an entirely different story of reluctance. The Tutor stood there a long moment, trying to will Ginshi to take back what he said to no avail.

Finally, he turned around and took a step forward. He reached for a stick on the ground as he shuffled slowly and started stripping the leaves off of it. Karma was not a happy camper.


-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

Ryuma brought his face away from the white-haired lioness and watched as she attempted to detach herself. Should he have really been worried of her killing him? Her strength was nothing compared to the Parkour Runner after all. All the curl ups he had done in the past made his strength far greater than hers and he'd be forever happy if it stayed that way. Large muscles on a girl was a bit strange anyway.

"Let you go? So what, you can throw another chair at me?" A spark of defensiveness rose up in him again, making it hard to keep his hand steady. But Ryuma was trying to prove a point, so he definitely couldn't falter. It didn't seem like he would have to control his will power for long though as soon she was looking embarrassed and ashamed. Hah! The boy hadn't had to do anything, she was getting a backwash of her own venom.

What continued to upset Ryuma is that the girl didn't apologize. She didn't have enough honor to meet his eyes! Her last words did nothing to faze the frustration coursing through his veins. With only a glimpse of movement, he pulled her arm forward and released it, causing the girl to fall into his chest. With his other hand he held onto her lower back to trap her against him, with Ryuma's newly free hand, he forced her head up with a finger hooked under her chin.

"Admit to your mistakes, it's cowardly to not look your injured party in the eye. Apologizing would be nice, but I wouldn't expect that from someone as proud as you." Ryuma's intonation grew sharp and full of scorn on the word proud. "Because if you don't..." His eyes grew harder as he stared into hers, a fire alit in them, "My revenge will be justified, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Ryuma stayed in that position for a few moments longer before releasing her and creating a great deal of distance away from her, preparing himself for any attack she may throw at him. "Just kidding! I'm just messing with ya..." The athlete set a chair rightside up and sat with his chest against the backrest. "So, both of us got kidnapped, there has to be a common thread somewhere. You don't seem to be from any hood I've ever seen and the only other thing I can think of is Hope's Peak. Either someone nabbed us 'cause they thought we'd make a good ransom or maybe they just wanted to do create a worse rep for the academy."

He scratched at the back of his cold neck, it felt clammy from his sweating earlier, "I'm Ryuma by the way. What should I call you Princess?"


-Naomi Fukuda-

As she stared up at the sky, a hair slightly shorter than the others flicked into her eye from the wind and Naomi let out a whine. The pain caused her to drop her head down to her chest and both of her arms reached to get the intrusive hair out of her eye. She had already noticed how irritating the wind could be, from the longer hairs tickling the base of her neck to her skirt getting caught awkwardly between her legs. Naomi didn't like the outdoors.

She really didn't like the outdoors.

After clawing at her face for a few moments, she finally got the opposing hair out of her eye, but it still stung angrily. She kept one hand covering it, hoping to let it water enough for the pain to subside, but there wasn't much point. Both of her eyes were watering enough by that point.

The girl only noticed the boy after that moment and shuddered. How could she have forgotten his and the other girl's existence so easily? She quickly took a few steps back, her hand still on her eye and the other held up in a defensive position. This guy was too relaxed, it seemed all too fake for Naomi to believe with absolute certainty. He hadn't hurt the girl on the stage, but that could be some kind of plow, or maybe the girl was working with him to fool her.

Her brain continued to downspiral into distrust and paranoia as the boy tried to talk to her. It was only the guy's move to sit, Shirou's, that got her to snap out of it.

He was like her, they all didn't know what was going on... Naomi's defensive hand started to fall limply until it rested at her side. She glanced back at the other girl and gauge her body language. The girl seemed shy yes, but also was willing to converse with this... bull of a man. Naomi, on the other hand, had no idea where she was except she was outdoors, so the worst place. She was nowhere near her adoptive parents, she was badly dressed in these sickening clothes, and the boy staring at her put her on edge.

But she also needed information, and she didn't have anywhere else to turn to, or that's how Naomi saw it. The girl took a few more steps back until she felt safe enough that he couldn't reach her even if he lunged, and then released the hand over her eye. A few tears slid down her face and the girls resisted the urge to rub them away. "You can call me Fuk- Nao." She grabbed at her arm to stop herself from fidgeting, "What do you know?"


The girl seemed peculiar to be sure, but then again, Hibiki had been expecting to find peculiar new students at the Academy, why would this unknown setting be any different? It had been peculiar enough already. Usually one would be unnerved by how joyous the new girl was acting, yet Hibiki's afflictions proved far greater than his lack of caution.

While a normal person would take a moment to react and respond to Lilly's handshake, Hibiki took another, his arm following Lilly's guidance instead of directly trying to slowdown the motion. Once she let go of his hand, it sluggishly moved back to his side, while his other remained above his glasses, the sun was really killer against his sleepy eyes.

The girl soon grabbed the person Hibiki had lazily ignored. While it wasn't like him to apologize directly, something inside him wondered whether the orange-haired boy would be annoyed at him. But that thought was soon replaced with Lilly's question. Did he remember anything? Yes. Did the Tutor remember anything after the entrance to Hope's Peak? No.

Hibiki glanced at the boy one more time to set the newcomer's face into his memories before closing his eyes. No one could fight the sun, better to give up the battle now. This wasn't exactly the right place to sleep, but Hibiki's small frustration meter grew at the thought of going about his day without a proper siesta.

Another brief opening of his eyes showed that both of the teenagers accompanying him seemed to have there arms spread. While Hibiki didn't know of this custom, he didn't want to appear rude and limply spread his arms out a small fraction, his arms bending deep at the elbows. Afterwards, he closed his eyes again and leaned his head to the side, not having the motivation to keep it straight up. "No. I don't... remember much." His hands soon fell and he sighed.

-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

And her next blow did come. Ryuma didn't know what kind of drug she was on, but her paranoia was through the roof. He took that moment to glance up to see the logged ceiling, trying to keep himself was doing anything drastic. But this was assault, right?

Why did he feel so ashamed right now? It wasn't like he had done anything besides self-preservation. The athlete felt like some husband that came home late after cheating on his wife, drunk, and his wife standing in the dark, with a bat. As she gets more animated, her voice gets higher and higher she repeats her same argument and becomes far too proud of herself. But this was a shemale he had never encountered before, let alone taken down the aisle.

Ryuma squatted down and swerved out of the way as another chair was aimed at his head... But it came nowhere near him. The athlete started to circle around the white-haired lioness, keeping his hands up as she threw chair after chair at him. Maybe she was more like a female praying mantis, if so, she wasn't allowed anywhere near genitals.

"Call them, let them know some gal is trying to bark me to death!" He still was in a defensive position and stared longingly at the door, but she now stood directly in his way. As she stared for the doors, Ryuma took a few cautious steps forward, only for her to turn around and get in his face.

Bossy much? She was really getting on his last nerve. Ryuma's mother had always told him to respect women, but again, she had tried to bludgeon him to death. With one swift movement he grabbed the inside of her extended forearm and raised it high. With his other hand he grabbed her last failed murder weapon, brought it up and threw it to the ground, smashing it to pieces. "Look, I need you to shut up for a sec! Geez!"

Ryuma brought up his free hand to his head and slipped it down his face, sighing, "I don't know where we are, who you are, or why you're trying to kill me. I need you to calm down and think for a second. Why were we drugged and is there anyone else around?" He kicked at the broken chair, not wanting her to try and pick a piece up and use it as a weapon, then he brought his face closer, looking into her probably disgusted eyes, "Please?"


-Ryuma Hitsugaya-

Clapping and shouting rang through his ears along with the sound of someone's heavy breathing. It only took a moment from Ryuma to register that is was his breathing and that the crowd was shouting for him to lose. There was no such thing as an empathetic or sympathetic crowd. They wanted drama, they wanted mayhem, and Ryuma winning over and over again was boring them. His supporters were drowned out by the bloodthirsting crowd, waiting for him to slip up and break a leg. Or fall off the two-story bars, or for the ropes to slip through his fingers or-

Everything got much quieter suddenly. He heard someone moving around, but the shouting crowd was gone and the extreme vibration of his heart started to still. His back was against the wall and his head was hanging down onto the chest of his hoodie. It wasn't like him to sleep like that, as usually that would give make his neck sore. He turned his neck slightly side to side and flinched, it really was sore as hell! He could feel his heart beating hard against his chin and a cold sweat stuck some of his grayish white hair to the base of his neck. With a grunt, he raised up his head and started to peer through the slits some would call eyes.

Gray eyes peeked through and Ryuma's blurry vision picked out a figure standing in front of him. Kind of rude to not announce themselves or wake him up, right? Were they just watching him sleep like a creeper? His head and neck ached and his throat felt numb, but he still struggled to get his bearings, only to see the chair aimed at his head.

Adrenaline that had just been fading away punched through his psyche and Ryuma threw himself to the side, his feet and hands scrambling to find purchase on the ground and get out of the way of the chair's damaging wrath, or her wrath.

The loud bang of wood against cement resounded through the room.

Ryuma flipped his body so he could watch his aggressor, some shemale girl with a sick haircut and the look of pure drama queen. "Hey, what's the big idea?! Waking up people with a head trauma isn't the best way to go about it!" He slowly got up from the ground and dusted himself off. With a slight glance, he deduced that the chair somehow hadn't been broken from the impact and gave a smile, "Look hun, if you don't got the strength, braining me ain't gonna do ya much good."

Looking around gave the Parkour athlete a start, this didn't look high tech enough for Hope's Peak. "Now I'll be asking the questions, where the hell are we and why are you so bloodthirsty?" The boy really wanted to just turn around and bolt out of the room, but he didn't want to leave his back open for her next blow.

-Naomi Fukuda-

This was not the bed created for her. This was not the bedroom Naomi's parents had fashioned for their true heir and it couldn't have been no matter what timeline reality was in. Now, it would be more understandable if this was some park bench or something akin to it, but the Linguist had remembered walking into Hope's Peak and they wouldn't have let her sleep on something so poor... Or so she believed. The cement was cold and hard. And her back ached with a stabbing pain in her lower back. Her head was also pounding and the pain sparked memories that Naomi would rather forget.

Shuddering, she started to sit up, a hand to her head, not really able to understand the words being exchanged to her right. She blinked a few times, cursing at the light stabbing into her eyes as they adjusted to the light. When she could finally see, although with squinting eyes, she turned her head to the movement on the stage. There were two teenagers her age there, one sitting on the stage looking strangely petrified and another calm and collected moving towards her. While he did look their age, he looked to well built and a shudder went through her. Was he going to hurt that girl?

Naomi got up on her wobbly legs and started walking slowly backwards, glancing around her. There was a set of trees not too far away behind her and some voices coming from far away. All the small girl wanted to do was get behind a tree and regroup, but she was also worried about the girl on the stage. As she was backing up, her flats, which were not designed for the outdoors, slipped on the dirt dusted ground and she fell on her butt.

She let out a loud squeak before starting to get up, her throat feeling weirdly numb and scratchy. Were the hell were they? Naomi turned around and ran a few steps to bypass the rest of the benches before peering around again. Fence? An amphitheater? what...

"What the hell is going on?!"

Her hands surged up to cover her mouth after her involuntary outburst and she took another step back. Way to draw attention to herself. She didn't have a weapon and she was in the middle of god knows where... And... And! And no one could save her now.

Darkness. A scene that may look black, but was entirely devoid of color and yet filled with every hue imaginable. A void of nothingness and everything as well. This is what sleep meant for Hibiki. Cloaked in a blanket of the Abyss.

Something was making the back of his scalp itch and his throat felt numb and uncomfortable. Hibiki sleepily moved his hand up to scratch at his scalp, dragging his hand along the powder covered floor. Powder? That wasn't the most foreign concept to the Tutor, but definitely felt off. Why fall asleep so close to a black board? The blue-haired boy spread his legs out to feel for a blanket, but the only thing he felt was a leg of some kind of furniture. Hibiki shimmed on the floor until he could reach for the leg and felt cloth.

Needing to get more comfortable and away from the powder, he ripped at the cloth to use as a blanket or pillow. But it didn't give with only a simple tug. Tugging harder, it started to slide off but got stuck on some corner. With one last tug, he felt the cloth start to fall onto his legs, along with so much more.

The boy let out a grunt as an easel complete with a painting fell onto his midsection. It wasn't the heaviest thing in the world, but the shock forced Hibiki to open his eyes. With a start, he sat up and shoved the easel off of him. Dust covered his glasses and he hurriedly wiped them off on the cloth.

The room was mostly dark, but slits of light come through the shutters. The room was filled with tables full of arts and crafts, with a row of seats half-circled around the platform he was on. On one side of the platform was the easel that had fallen on him. Once the Tutor got up, he uncovered the cloth from the other easel to reveal an art piece made with dry pastels. No wonder his scalp was so itchy, he had been laying in the fall off powder.

He started to pat himself down of powder, causing a cloud to slip up his nose and Hibiki to start choking. Blinking back stinging tears, he wiped his glasses on his uniform and stepped off the platform. After giving the room a final look, he opened the door to exit the room.

Blaring sunlight forced the Tutor to squint his eyes to slits. He looked both ways before hastily backing up and closing the door most of the way. The outside had been blinding and now Hibiki's scalp itched, his eyes and head hurt, his torso felt uncomfortable, and his throat felt numb. Hibiki let out a sigh as he remembered the figure that had been moving outside the corner of his eye.

The Tutor groaned before exiting the Art Cabin once more. He brought a hand up to block the sun and peered at the girl standing outside the far cabin. The closer he got, the more her hair bounced light into his eyes, but that would hopefully soon subside. Hibiki himself must have looked rather strange, with his powdered covered hair and body and his very blue hair. With another sigh, the boy stepped forward.

As he passed by the middle cabin, he saw another boy, but was to lazy to drag him into the interaction. Once he got in talking distance with the skipping girl, he pointed to himself, then at the unknown girl, "I'm Hibki, you?"

While this entire situation had proven most interesting, the real oddity that Noah found most compelling was Denis Orlov. By the way the other Infinites were looking at the two at the beginning of the meeting, they didn't seem to have any real connection before this, or at least, that's what Noah assumed. Even though Noah hated assuming, but alas, he was the newbie. He had heard of the Infinite Spy's eccentricities and yet, Denis stayed stone cold silent throughout most of the exchange.

When he had arrived, it seemed like the Blonde had been through some hardship to acquire Thomas's items, but Noah couldn't seem to grasp why he was helping Thomas, this man who called himself the Ultimate Despair. Why did his actions seem so stressed, so forced? It shouldn't have been too hard to refuse the small teenager, yet Denis looked ashamed of his actions. And that was interesting in it of itself.

Alice Parker was another oddity as well, but Noah would have to contain his fascination with her until another time, or else his brain would be focused on too many things at once. Each trial gave her prison more of an opening, so this was the perfect gift at her feet. But Noah's attention span was already spread thin as is, with all the death threats and the strong need inside of him to get ahold of the Chemistry book and research the vial at once.

Faith did seem to be on the eccentric side. She was supposed to be a hostage in this situation, with a seeming explosive right next to her abdomen and yet she chose to call it a bluff. She did seem skilled enough with a knife, but Noah was much more worried about such a sudden loss of life so early in his arrival. Nitroglycerin! That was always a fun chemical to use.

Noah could only take a quick glance at the makeup-covered girl who had started the entire meeting before staring back at Denis, who had still not moved. The boy really hoped she took the time to clean it off every night and moisturize or else she would look much older than she was and have unhealthy skin. She seemed to have some kind of complex involving the white-haired Faith that didn't seem very realistic. If she really was a butcher, there was no way the others would let the Infinite Matchmaker go free. Jezebel Volcov was doing some emotional damage on the other girl, seeing as how she froze and started to break out into a sweat.

But he couldn't drag his eyes away from the Infinite Spy and his uncanny behavior. The boy hadn't moved and continually stared at the ground. What was driving him to show his neck?

Something did inevitably snap Noah out of his observations and make his eyes widen. Thomas looked as though he was going to bleed out soon and that would mean a body announcement, which he couldn't let happen. If this had been during the Night of Carnage, Noah would have resolved not to get involved, but he also didn't want Alice Parker out before his investigations were thorough and to his satisfaction. Both Thomas Herringson and Faith Lambert were wild cards that would speed the mastermind's plans ahead far too quickly. Wounds caused by Faith's knife along with some wound in the mouth leaked blood down Thomas's body, but the blood leaving his arms were a lot more harrowing.

The sudden explosion made it all the worse. Thomas Herringson was the Infinite Biomechanic, but he might not have the technology he would need to replace his hands. A quaternary wound like that would need to be covered, but the real question was why Thomas wasn't going into shock from his injuries. It didn't matter whether he was Ultimate Despair, Adolf Hitler, or otherwise, Noah would not let there be a trial.

The Infinite Biologist slipped off his white coat, flipped it over and ripped it in two at the seam. The boy didn't have any of his necessary equipment, but he was wearing extra layers. Everyone around him was too distracted by the death scenario and the small boy had to push and shove to get into the heart of the action.

"...We need to apply pressure to stop the bleeding or you'll die." He held out the coat separated into each hand. "I can't say why it is so important that you get ahold of the victim's notebook, but you should be alive to receive it."

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