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And by answering 1x1's today I mean tomorrow because I'm sleeping the day away.
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Gonna try my best to answer 1x1's today!
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Finally got around to finishing the new season of BBC Sherlock. Oh Bollocks!
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When all you crave is ramen... but you've already eaten it for your last two meals!


Hey yo strangers/friends I haven't met yet! I've got a proposition for you. Be good boys and girls and check out my rps! I'm dying for some action over here... Anyway hello! Woah is me... I've been gone for almost 8 months... Things get a bit stressful when you're in school and trying to do 60 rps at once- yes, 6 plus a 0! I also use RP-Forum so... yeah. Anyway! I'm back and I've cut down on my limit to how many rps I can do, but I'm missing out on group rps! I want to join at least three. It's like, 3:00 AM right now, so I might just be a litttttttle bit tired happy-go-lucky... but that's fine! Um... I suppose I should put some stuff about me right? Here ya go!

-I've been a roleplayer for over 7 years, but I haven't rped in a little over 8 months. I'm just trying to get back on my feet, but I currently have a bunch of 1x1's going on and they are going swimmingly!
-I typically start my replies out freakishly long no matter who I'm roleplaying with. Afterwards, I match mine with how long my partner's replies are.
-I love adding a little bit of humor even if it's dark, but before doing anything too spontaneous, I promise to run it by you in OOC first.
-P.S. I love fluff! And yaoi! All the gay every day!

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His face fell slightly. Oh... Yeah, Alver might have said something about being nocturnal at the party. The whole urgency to find someone to watch Luke had made Micah completely forget. That meant they wouldn't be able to... His shoulders slumped a little before the Albino spoke again.

It was times like these that Mikaela's heart was worn on his face. His eyes lit up with joy and he stood up straight as a whistle. He gave a quick nod before taking a seat on the bed, but he grew antsy about Luke. He quickly and quietly left the room, moving to the first door he saw. Micah peeked into the room quietly and saw Luke sleeping peacefully. The Blonde stepped closer and played with his son's bangs for a moment before kissing his head and going back into the master bedroom. Luke was just like him when it came to sleeping, it was hard to wake him up when he was cozy enough.

A smile spread on Micah's face when Alver held up his prize and he got under the covers of the ginormous bed. The Blonde cuddled close to Alver, making sure he could see the book too, it would be nice to read along with the Albino until he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore.

It didn't take long for the Blonde to sleep, he hadn't gotten enough at all lately and he was exhausted. His strawberry blonde hair was laid out on the pillow, his breaths even and slow. It seemed like he was having a nice dream, which one could only hope he had more often.

I'll have something up tomorrow afternoon :>

@Silver Fox
Ugh, no wonder no one came...

Thanks for coming back!

;-; Thank you my dear comrade!
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I know it's been a long time, but I am moving to reboot this roleplay! If you would like to keep your character, do so by all means. If not, I completely understand. The same premise will be involved and I will be adding new roles and revising and completing the map.

This post is a interest check for the original cast, the roleplay itself won't be remade for at least another month or two.

Onwards my fellow warriors!


ALSO! Here is the link for the new discord channel for Folly!

@Silver Fox

Micah is already attracted now that he's aware. We all say that body sweep XD
Alver shouldn't really think too hard about this situation like this was some manga and this was one of those 'oooo such a cute moment between a possible couple' like a dork.

If only he knew~~~~
So that's two characters gone? ;-;
All of this touching was causing Micah's heart to hurt but in a good way. Micah gave Alver a little-annoyed glare at his chuckle, but the look instantly melted when he felt the Albino's touch on his face. His blush depended as he pondered the question. Thinking about it, at the very least the taller man might get some sleep. Mikaela didn't have any work until noon since he was still supposed to be watching Luke, but there was no way he was going to get up before 10 without help.

The feeling was mutual between the two of them. While the Blonde might have had Hank, the guy didn't know about his past and he wasn't the type of guy to be touchy-feely except with girls. He knew that Alver was gay and he knew that the Albino had crushed on him before but... It wasn't like he still felt that way now after all these years... right?

"W-Well um... I really don't want to impose and you won't let me sleep on the couch so you maybe you should... I mean, you need sleep too! Take a break from work... Please?" His feelings felt conflicted and confused and he didn't want to embarrass himself anymore than he already had.

Micah thought back to the party where they had finally been reunited. He hadn't been able to see much in the way of Alver besides his face in that armor costume of his. Now, while his head was still down, he glanced up and down Alver's body before he felt the need to slap himself. What was he doing?! And thinking that way about a friend?!

"Could I hear something like... the Hobbit? Or is that problematic?"
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