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And by answering 1x1's today I mean tomorrow because I'm sleeping the day away.
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Gonna try my best to answer 1x1's today!
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Finally got around to finishing the new season of BBC Sherlock. Oh Bollocks!
18 Jan 2017 18:58
When all you crave is ramen... but you've already eaten it for your last two meals!


Hey yo strangers/friends I haven't met yet! I've got a proposition for you. Be good boys and girls and check out my rps! I'm dying for some action over here... Anyway hello! Woah is me... I've been gone for almost 8 months... Things get a bit stressful when you're in school and trying to do 60 rps at once- yes, 6 plus a 0! I also use RP-Forum so... yeah. Anyway! I'm back and I've cut down on my limit to how many rps I can do, but I'm missing out on group rps! I want to join at least three. It's like, 3:00 AM right now, so I might just be a litttttttle bit tired happy-go-lucky... but that's fine! Um... I suppose I should put some stuff about me right? Here ya go!

-I've been a roleplayer for over 7 years, but I haven't rped in a little over 8 months. I'm just trying to get back on my feet, but I currently have a bunch of 1x1's going on and they are going swimmingly!
-I typically start my replies out freakishly long no matter who I'm roleplaying with. Afterwards, I match mine with how long my partner's replies are.
-I love adding a little bit of humor even if it's dark, but before doing anything too spontaneous, I promise to run it by you in OOC first.
-P.S. I love fluff! And yaoi! All the gay every day!

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Many of you might not know, I have a chronic chest pain problem that interferes a lot with daily life. For the past month or so, this problem has affected me so much I have missed too much school. Currently, I am doing everything in my power not to fail this quarter so I will not be able to go onto roleplayer guild for at least the next week and a half while the quarter is finishing.

I would still like to continue this rp, but I can't currently dwell on anything besides studying and school work. If you could treat my characters as NPCs until this time of hiatus is over, I would really appreciate it.

@Ryougu@Chiru@KiwiBaer@Sarcelle Renard@Luna558@Tsar Gatto@AAB@RabidAnubis@Cubix@AtomicNut@AlternateMan


Many of you might not know, I have a chronic chest pain problem that interferes a lot with daily life. For the past month or so, this problem has affected me so much I have missed too much school. Currently, I am doing everything in my power not to fail this quarter so I will not be able to go onto roleplayer guild for at least the next week and a half while the quarter is finishing.

I am going on hiatus. Since I don't really need to put much for the king, if you would like to continue without me, just treat my characters as NPCs as long as they match their personalities.

See you all soon! Bye for now!

The time is kind of important to him, hmmm... He already thinks she's kinda crazy and this'll just further his thinking.

When it comes to thanking, he's a man of few words. He might give her a candy tho.
It seemed that the small child did not in fact like his empty assurances in the least. The mouth of the girl made his eyes widen a bit, but he did not betray any true emotion that was bubbling inside of him. No one wanted their mother's name to be dragged in the dirt, but he had to say the little spunky girl did made him feel a bit jollier. Events like this that were so out of the ordinary were quite enjoyable for sick in the head bodyguard. She didn't even use too many vulgar words, only imagery and if Nendir didn't have to keep his outward facade, he might have clapped the girl on the back before giving her some tips about how to hide her anger. But alas, he couldn't join Caden in his outright triumphant look.

Caden, who seemed to be a man of few words spoke out as to show his jolly. All Nendir could muster without laughing was, "The mouth of the girl- with a temper like that, no wonder she is mistaken for a child." But the conversation and mood was soon turned somber and the other bodyguard replied with a threat. This was the time when Nendir could smile and laugh, "Oh Caden, if you really wished for my body to be found in a moat full of slices, you would have done it years ago." The man had come over to grab the knife from him, so Nendir lightly tossed it, watching as Caden snatched the knife out of the air expertly.

"Oh~ The two of you are so cruel and ill-tempered. I may need to go beg some compassion out of our comrade Bastian or one of our charges, then I might get the joyous friendly conversation I rightly deserve!" He sat with his legs spread apart and both his hands resting on the stool in between, moving his body side to side, lamenting.

Water was seeming to go everywhere when Maella kicked, getting Rajun a little more wet than others would have cared for, but the boy didn't seem to mind much. He watched the excited girl as she continued her joyous exclamations. While the other travelers of the caravan might have thought of her as annoying or too much to be trifled with. The excitable attitude of his companion always put Rajun in a good mood, knowing there was more to life then dreary desert and the horrors of surviving in such a climate.

While many would think of him as some tall emotionless log, he did find pride in himself, among other things. When Maella said that he was a gift, he simply nodded again, though if someone knew the content, they might say Rajun was quite a bit prideful of himself, yes he was a help and he knew it. The best feeling in the world for Rajun was to be able to help someone, to better their situation when they can't do it themselves. This was only a small way of helping his dear companion that had become like a sister to him.

Almost acting like a dog, when she tried to take the foliage out of his hair, he shook his head to try and slip more of the vegetation out, but the movement was just making the new nest on his head thicker with tangles. After a moment, he stopped and obediently kept his head still for Maella to salvage his locks.

The idea of staying seemed like a nice one, many animals lived in the area to get to the water and the foliage was nice and welcoming, Rajun looked up into the sky and found the sun, pondering if maybe they should stay. After a while -anytime he had to make a decision he took a moment- he shook his head no. "Keep going." He had a strange feeling, like he needed to get to some far destination sooner rather than later.
Someone was moving through the room addressing everyone, Aleecia had never been formally introduced, so she couldn't really place who he was. Definitely a man older than her, he walked through the crowd talking when he suddenly put a hand on her shoulder, making her twitch a little. Aleecia wasn't touched that often and when she was, she was usually expecting it. Aleecia almost giggled when she was called graceful, remembering all the times she had tripped or fallen in the past, but that wasn't exactly something to bring up on a first meeting. Before she could say anything else, the man was heading off to talk to some other person.

The smaller girl mentioned the man, she had heard the name Davis before on the television when they first arrived, but she couldn't place who he was. It had already been a day since she had heard the sweetly sick sounding voice over the speakers. All the other Infinites' had said he looked like a black and white stuffed animal bear, curiouser and curiouser...

After giving her a heartfelt word of concern, Kara disappeared to go do some exploring. Aleecia couldn't help but ponder what to do now. While the area was a little bit like the hospital that the blind woman was so accustomed to, there was also too many unknowns for her to deal with. There weren't anyone that she recognized by voice or footsteps left in the room, all her already known allies were exploring. She pondered what she should-

"Hi Aleeeciaaa!~" Someone called out to her with a higher joyful and enthusiastic voice, which you wouldn't expect to hear in a captive situation like this one. Her hand was taken, in what Aleecia could only think of as a handshake, so she shook it. Aleecia's face lit up when the game's name came up, "I haven't played it in a long time, but that's one of my favorite games! How many years has it been..." She started to count on her fingers out of habit, even if she couldn't see them, "Anyway, I used to play the game a lot when I could see, but I haven't read the braile rules before. Have you played it lately?"

I promise to get some stuff out tonight! And don't stop rping on my account!

@Chiru EDIT: I'd love to have Rowan reply soon.

EDIT 2.0: I wonder if Galeran should interact and freak out about the crow?

Ok, time to mingle my babies into the horde of Infinites!


@Ariamis OMG LIZARDS AND LABYRINTHS! I heard that from KickthePJ on a game show, did you hear that from somewhere or make it up?

EDIT: My internet is extremely faulty right now, but I'll try to post when it gets better.

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