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Hey yo strangers/friends I haven't met yet! I've got a proposition for you. Be good boys and girls and check out my rps! I'm dying for some action over here... Anyway hello! Woah is me... I've been gone for almost 8 months... Things get a bit stressful when you're in school and trying to do 60 rps at once- yes, 6 plus a 0! I also use RP-Forum so... yeah. Anyway! I'm back and I've cut down on my limit to how many rps I can do, but I'm missing out on group rps! I want to join at least three. It's like, 3:00 AM right now, so I might just be a litttttttle bit tired happy-go-lucky... but that's fine! Um... I suppose I should put some stuff about me right? Here ya go!

-I've been a roleplayer for over 7 years, but I haven't rped in a little over 8 months. I'm just trying to get back on my feet, but I currently have a bunch of 1x1's going on and they are going swimmingly!
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Calvin shuddered involuntarily as Emily called him out on his failure to mention that he had seen her. Calvin turned to face her. "Jesus, we're jumping around so much and I'm just trying to wrap my head around any of this ." He turned towards the rest of the Infinites. "I did see Emily, and was going to mention it. Just so we're clear." Calvin breathed out a sigh before he tuned back in to try and keep track of all that was occuring, though he was intensely aware of the glances the other patients threw his way.

Lucy and Noel started pushing for more details from those who had entered the pharmacy, and Calvin nodded along quietly. "Like I said, I was working in the crematorium and I burned my hand. It really fucking hurt, so I went to the pharmacy to grab some ointment or whatever. Mercy was there, doing something with Braden, and then she helped me out with my hand. Wasn't anything crazy, I ran my hand under water for a bit and then she wrapped it up. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't going to fall off or some shit. Emily did come after me, and I left pretty quickly after. If I had to say, I was gone sometime around 4:30 I didn't notice anything off with Mercy, but I don't notice much." There was a faint grin on his face that quickly fell away as he remembered himself and the situation he was in.


Everything had gone to slightly disorganized to a full on clown car of a trial. Alibis were thrown everywhere, Faith was already plotting a theory, and the mask was too much of a wild car to even begin to understand on his own. What they needed was someone to order everything out, but it seemed as though both Cyrus and Thomas were trying to get the one up and explain it all. The bandage was already a head turner, some people had noticed it, some not- him included. But why the entire bandage in the first place? The missing badge was another random entity that had to play in somewhere, after all, a manny wasn't going to just drop his identification nugget all willy-nilly. The mask was indeed a bit strange for it had to be used on someone, but the Blood Donor hadn't known the girlie well enough to keep up with her habits.

It might not have been his 'turn' to talk with everyone talking almost over each other, but Ice said what he had to for his alibi, "I got some nasty bruises sparring with Alice, but the main reason I came over with Alice to the pharmacy was to take a look at my hand again, I tried to put weight on it while in the dojo and mucked it up again." He gave an almost comical look at the Infinite Recon, "Even though this Kinza didn't get even red in the face...So I just needed a bit of ointment, some new braces, and good ol' bandages, bit of a bronx that Calvin came after us or Mercy'd have patched us both up with the same stink."

"Hmm..A bit odd that almost no one saw the bandages on Mercy's hand before the party, besides Emily..." Alice thought to herself as she silently listened to the discussion, scratching the back of her head when mentioned in Ice's alibi. Strangely, Monokuma's comparison of an infected infinite to a hitman bothered her, the recon digging her nails into her arms at the thought of one of them unwillingly turning into a hired gun for the blackened.

"Then again, a bandaged hand can easily be ignored without someone pointing it out, so there isn't an accurate time when she first had patched her wound up, considerably...unless..." she looked over to Calvin, a quick look of disbelief appeared on her face, before she shook her head. "No, no...Seriously doubt he'd do something like this, even then, can't truely trust anyone in this damn place..."

Alice groaned in frustration. "I swear, this trial's gonna be the end of me."

Calvin was scanning the room intently, and he didn't miss Alice's pointed glance and shooken head. "Everything fine?" His tone was a bit tense, as if the words were being forced out. He just hoped to defuse the tension before it settled on him. His eyes carried some sort of unspoken message, though whether it related to the trial or something personal it was difficult to tell.

"I-I'm alright. This case is just getting to me, that's all." Alice reasured Calvin, giving the metal worker a nervous smile.

While Ice may or may not have been able to understand heads or tails of what was going on with the main trial, he was keeping a close eye on the two of them. Whatever Alice was cooking up made him on edge, something had definitely happened between Alice and Calvin when they'd spoken at the party, but the Blood Donor had completely forgotten to ask Alice about it. But what they really needed to do with get to the bottom of this, and what with Alice's antsy stare, "You didn't see Mercy in plasters? It'd be kind of hard to miss with her right smack dab in front of you..." Now he sounded worse than the others, blast it all.

Calvin recoiled slightly as Ice began to question him. "Come the fuck on, dude." He said quietly, before raising his voice. "I didn't fucking notice it, big whoop. I didn't know that she was going to die, so why would I be watching out for every little detail?" Calvin raised an arm and blinked slowly. "I'm not the only one who isn't clear about whether or not she was bandaged!"

Ice sighed, scratching at the back of his neck, he didn't mean to sound patronizing, but it may have come off that way. "Calvin, we're participating in a killing game where anything could be lethal and you were getting bandaged by a Quack who hadn't gotten hurt in the last Night of Carnage. It'd be strange not to inquire of why she was hurt. There's no way you could've gotten that close to her and not seen the blood, did you pick up anything else? A smell? Maybe she flinched a little while patching you up?" Calvin might have not been able to pick up on it, but Alice probably could have, the question were more towards himself than the Metalworker, berating himself for not picking up on anything himself. Ultimately they had been in similar situations and Ice had been just as unobservant because of his own silly problems.

"Honestly, I haven't picked up on much since you were my main concern at the time." Alice spoke up, looking over to Ice. "I wonder if she was trying to hide her hand though..."

"She wasn't wearing gloves, she was with 'patients' all day, it should've been obvious! Blimey... " Ice leaned his good hand onto the podium, "Why can't we all just be observant for once?"

"I don't know what to fucking tell you, dude. I- I wouldn't have burned myself if I was operating at a hundred percent!" He tore off his right gauntlet to reveal a bandaged hand. He threw it to the ground, angrily unwrapping as he continued to speak. "I didn't smell shit, I didn't see shit, and I don't know shit. " He finished unwrapping his hand and held it up for the group to see. There was a thin pink line that crossed over his hand, slightly raised.

"C-Calvin, settle down, take it easy!" Alice tried to calm the metal worker down, an expression of nervousness present on her face.

"It takes two words, we're not at a sailor spelling bee, lay off the Grand Theft Auto," There wasn't anything left to argue over and he was starting to wind down, his eyebrow still twitching slightly but at longer intervals, "And for Apollo's sake, get some water and sleep after this, I don't want a body announcement to go off because you keeled over." He gave a rye smile, "Assuming we're not all executed after this."

There was a no shift in intensity from the Infinite metal worker, though his volume lowered enough for others to continue speaking. "I'll be fine." His tone was hardly convincing, though some piece of himself knew it to be true.

The glare Calvin got after that sorry excuse was worse than any look Ice had given him during their argument.

"Enough! I already deal with enough bullshit from these damn trials." Alice raised her voice at the two, resting her head in her hand afterwards. "Arguing will only add to this clusterfuck, and it's not gonna help figure the case out."

While he did his best to ignore the daggers emanating from Ice's eyes, Calvin felt a bitter retort rise in his throat to Alice's statement, but he stopped himself. Alice had just lost one of her closest friends. He was angry and hurt, but he understood what it was like to feel loss amidst the craziness of a trial. "Sounds good." He stood quietly as he did his best to rein himself in.

Breaking from his stare down at the Infinite Metalworker, he glanced over at Alice sheepishly. Well that certainly went well. It was only after a second that Ice piped it, "By the way, I stopped by the pharmacy at around noon while the other three were there, don't exactly want to be lynched for not saying anything."

This wasn't exactly Ice's first trial, but it was the first one that the victim mattered something to him (or so he told himself), and more importantly, to Alice. It was important not to get everyone killed after all. Ice slipped his hand under his chin, trying to piece his thoughts together well enough to speak, but it all didn't add up. Instead, he just blurted out the thoughts running laps around his head. "The fair dinkum is, it couldn't have been a fact acting poison, but then again, it's hard to pin it on Mundinol either. I was 'illin with Mercy the around 30 minutes a little after 3 in the pharmacy, but didn't notice a thing. That isn't to say I was joined to her at the hip, but I was in the room with her and probably would have seen a needle or her reaction. There were other people in the room as well and I'm sure they'd have noticed something too."

Leaning against the side of his stand, he continued his evidence outpour, "Also, the Quack was wearing bandages at the time of her death, which I didn't notice earlier today. She must have been meaning to cover it up. The question is why? It would only take a small bandaid to cover up the puncture, but she chose to cover the entire hand." Ice assumed that meant the person who did it was semi-important to her if she saw who did it. There was no way he would say it allowed though, on account of the immediate suspicion towards Alice.

Offhandedly he added, "Also, I came in with Alice after getting my arse handed to me in the dojo. Caora came in soon after and Max had been there with Mercy the entire time I was there." He made eye contact with the police officer, "Is that maybe when the badge was passed around for show-and-tell?" While he had already mildly trusted the police officer after their 'talk', that didn't do anything to drag suspicion away from him.

While Alice didn't mean to fight with Emily, she felt horrible for causing such dismay. Calvin's words only made the feeling of guilt worsen as she left the party, making her way to the first floor resort. Instead of retreating to the theatre, the recon sat down by the fountain and started to hum to herself, as to try and calm herself down.

After finishing up with Faith, Ice headed down to Alice's room, hoping to find her there while his thoughts were preoccupied with his earlier conversation. But when she was no where to be found, he started getting antsy, his hand moving over the chain at his waist to calm himself. The Blood Donor knew she probably wouldn't be anywhere near the party, so he started going through the first floor until he finally arrived at the fountain. She didn't exactly look like she wanted to be disturbed, so he sat a little ways away from her and popped a candy out of his pocket.

"I know you're worried about me." Alice spoke up, looking over to Ice. "Honestly, I'm alright. I just feel bad for yelling at Ms. Rishima." She sighed, "I didn't mean to, but her self-loathing just irritated me, and I couldn't help but argue back."

A small rye smile slipped over his face, "Honestly, what she was saying perturbed me too, I don't know what I'd have done if you didn't say anything." He slipped into silence again, rolling the wrapper in between his fingers, "And I know why you left. We all needed to cool off before things got worse and I'd hate to ruin what Krista started." He shifted so that his body was facing her, still focusing on the wrapping, "The main reason I followed was because of what you said to argue back." At his last word, his eyes moved up to meet the Recon's.

"Look, I couldn't control what I said to her, okay? Just drop it." Alice snapped at the blood donor, a hint of hostility in her voice. Once she had realize what she had said, the recon hid her head in her arms, mumbling a "sorry."

Before Ice could realize what he was doing, he had moved closer, grabbing onto Alice's hands and holding them in his own. "I-..." His momentum slammed to a halt and he looked down at there hands for a few moments, looking lost, then hurriedly let go. He let his hands rest stagnant on his legs as he starred down. "You have nothing to be sorry for, because I've been such an egotistial wanker these last few days, or even just in general, you can take me down a few notches. It's not my place to poke holes at anything when I've been giving you the cold shoulder." He brought a leg up and held onto it, resting his chin against his knee. "So I guess that's the best apology I can squeeze out."

Soon as the blood donor had finished apologizing, Alice had pulled him into a hug. "You didn't need to. I know how it is to isolate yourself from others, used to try my best not to get so attached to others after all, in fear that one day...I may lose them."

Ice slipped his arms back around the recon, with one hand around her waist and the other on the back of her neck and held her tight, "I can't lose you, dammit! I won't let them take you too, so don't you dare become a martyr like she did..." Tears slipped from his eyes silently as he hid his face in Alice's hair. "You, Calvin, and Faith... I won't let any of you die, even over my dead body."

"I..." Alice didn't like seeing her friend in pain. She hugged the blood donor closer and rocked in place. "It's okay, I-I won't leave you..." The recon told Ice, unaware that she had started crying. "I'll protect you, a-and we'll get out of here together, I promise."

They stayed like that for a long time before Ice gently pulled away and rubbed her hair. "Ya gotta stay alive long enough to see your brother, alright? And I've got a mission outside of here too." His hand slipped off and he rubbed his eyes sheepishly. "And look um... I know we just got all emotional and all, but um... The reason I pulled away wasn't because of something serious like that it was more of 'cause... well... I'm ahorridly awkward." He slipped a finger under the Recon's eye to swipe away a tear.

Slipping a hand over her mouth to hide the fact that she was blushing, Alice tried to hold back her giggling, and failed.

A fake hurt look came over Ice's face before he grinned and lightly flicked her forehead, "That's not very nice."

"Sorry, haha, I can't help it!" Alice giggled. "And I thought you couldn't be any cuter-" the recon quickly cover her mouth before she could finish her sentence, her eyes widened.

He had been holding back his own laughter when he heard her response and almost choked on air, "You- Wait what?!" A good amount of his face went red, reaching into his hair to the tips of his ears and he took that chance to look away. "That's lunacy, I-I'm not cute!"

After another moment he blurted, "I'm not about to be the only one embarrassed anyway! Because you see this-" He pointed to the pool of water from the fountain and then towards Alice's reflection once she looked in, "That's cute too."

Once the recon had realized what the blood donor meant, she lightly punched his arm in a blushing mess.

This time Ice couldn't help but laugh,his stomach almost hurting from how hard he did, having watched her between the moments of confusion and realization. He was still blushing like mad, but at least she had now joined him. He slipped a hand down into the water and watched the ripples, looking mesmerized.

"I'm not cute..." Alice mumbled under her breath, crossing her arms and looking back down at her reflection, as a small smile creeped onto her face.

It was a shame to cut that smile short, but Ice had already made a plan of action and was seeing it through. Once Alice had peered into the water, he flicked his wrist and water sprayed in her direction, mostly getting on her hair.

With a shriek, she quickly took a step back from the fountain, raising her one of her arms up to where the water had hit her. "Oh a wise guy, eh?" She looked over to Ice with a grin, before splashing him back.

A chuckle slipped out as he splashed her harder, making full use of his larger arms to make sure she was soaking wet. Sure, it'd be a pain to deal with later, but for right now, Ice was ready to get a little silly, take the edge off.

In a fit of laughter, Alice used both her arms to splash the blood donor back. "Is that all you've got? Haha!"

Egged on by her words, Ice wrapped his right arm around her waist before depositing her onto her butt into the fountain, before patting her head, "I win?"

The recon nodded, chuckling before pulling him into the fountain too.

After a bit of sputtering, he pushed his bangs to the side and sighed, "You're a poor loser, that you are." His white shirt grew slightly transparent revealing the chain wrapped around his waist and a large scar right below his heart.

Upon seeing the scar, Alice's curiosity was peaked as the recon reached over to touch it.

It wasn't round enough to be a bullet wound and seemed more like something made with a knife, but it also didn't look like it went straight in, had a rib gotten in the way? Before Alice could touch it, Ice caught her hand and stared at her, almost confused at what she was looking at before finally it dawned on him, "Bad fight, hurt like a hellion on crack, no biggie." Ice sombered up right away and pulled Alice out of the water before starting to drain the water out of his shirt. The end of the chain blade clanked against his hip as he did so, looking sharper than before, he must have done some work on it.

"Oh." Alice replied, the blood donor's answer only making her even more curious. Knowing that he wouldn't be comfortable talking about it, she shrugged the feeling off. "So, how'd you get your weapon back?"

"Faith, uh-" He coughed a little before muttering, "Graciously gave me my chain after I asked." His face got a little red when he said that, scratching at the back of his neck.

"'Graciously' huh?" The recon crossed her arms, an eyebrow raised.

His blush ran deeper as he continued, "...She said something about me being a sub and how my tough guy act was 'cute'." He added hand quotations at the last line.

"Wait what?" Alice asked, raising her voice a bit. "What gave her an idea like that?"

He let out another exasperated sigh, "Because of the gay thing. You know, never mind..." He took a seat back on the side of the fountain, pulling his shirt off his chest to air it out.

The recon rolled her eyes from hearing about Faith's speculation again. Trying to find a way to be friends with the matchmaker was a little more difficult than she wanted. Looking back over to Ice, Alice quickly looked away again, blood rushing back to her face as she brought a hand up to her eyes.

Ice gave the shirt a look of disdain before looking up at Alice, "Hey, are you ok-" That's when he heard an anguished male voice yelling from the above. Flinching, Ice hurriedly stood up and grabbed onto Alice's hand. While he didn't exactly want to bring her closer to the danger, he didn't want to leave her unprotected and weaponless either, "Let's go!"

Once she heard it, the recon quickly looked over to where the scream had come from. Starting to regret not having her sword with her, when Ice had grabbed her hand, Alice nodded in reply and sprinted back to the party.

When they both made it back, she could've sworn her heart had stopped at what she saw.


Next to Felix was Mercy's lifeless corpse, lying on the ground.

Alice collapsed onto her knees, her expression frozen in fear as tears freely fell from her eyes.

As soon as Ice surveyed the scene, he knew she was already gone, especially with Felix's appearance from trying to resuscitate her. He glanced over at Monokuma with his jaw clenched, his hand moving towards his chain, just itching to attack him. He had been the cause of so many dead and Ice hadn't been able to do anything, again. His glare suddenly shifted when he heard the Alice's small voice. Now wasn't the time to think about himself. He quickly dropped to the ground in front of her and pulled her head to his still damp chest, not wanting her to see anything else.

Not hesitating to wrap her arms around him, she couldn't hold her sorrow back any longer, and started to sob.

His grip around her tightened, his left hand aching, but he didn't care. He wanted to say something to reassure her, but there was nothing to say, he wasn't one for nonsense talk either.

"I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." Alice managed to choke out. "Don't leave me too...Please..."

Thomas's words barely registered in his head as he tried his best to block out the rest of the world from Alice's view. His head tilted slightly as he heard Faith's unsteady voice and his jaw clenched again. This was supposed to be the safe zone Faith helped create afterall, he vainly hoped this wouldn't mess too much with her psyche. He slid his palm down and flattened Alice's hair before placing his head on top of hers. Even though it looked like Ice was the one comforting the recon, it was working both ways.

The atmosphere around them seemed to be very different than table three and it was only then that Ice realized Felix and Daimyon were both out on the dance floor. While Ice may have been a stick in the mud, that didn't mean he was some abhorred character as to interrupt their dancing. It was strange to him how they could seem so joyous stuck in this hell and he actually took a second to stop and stare. Ice himself had never really danced, so it wasn't something the Blood Donor knew much about. After a few more moments, Ice scanned his eyes around the room for someone else to ask before landing on Max, still sitting at the almost empty table.

"Past the ballerina stage?" He asked the police officer. He still was a bit wary of his occupation's mortal enemy, especially after their spat at the door, but he'd definitely know the answer to Ice's question.

"I can't afford it; can't keep an eye on everyone when I'm distracted." Max was a bit surprised that Ice chose to interact with him of all people, but was still in a generally good mood just seeing everyone enjoying themselves. "But you don't have to worry about that, raising morale is why we hosted it, so enjoy yourself."

Something about Max's words made Ice want to throw on either an awkward smile or a devilish smile, but both of those were far out of character for him. It must be his thug blood crying out to be defiant or something along those lines. Again, he didn't exactly want to disrupt the harmony, but after the shintock that just happened earlier, it might have been beyond saving. Trying to prolong this moment, he watched the dancers more closely. "Is that noel out with Daimyon? I didn't peg her as a Daniella."

Max eyed Noel for a second before turning to Ice. "Looks can be deceiving."

And with that, Ice ran out of things to say. Honestly, the question had been more to the air than to the police officer and now the Blood Donor was feeling self-conscious. It wasn't like he had ever talked about girls to another guy, and would a proper righteous man of society even do something like that? On the inside, Ice was a wreck of nerves and he stayed silent for a few moments. "How's Daimyon's character? I haven't interacted with him much, but he seems like a wild card..."

His thoughts wandered, mixing in and out of his logic side and imagination, what would Alice dance like? Had she ever danced with the Quack? Why was he even thinking about this in the first place?!

Ice couldn't make it more obvious, social interaction was not his strong suit. Max was actually starting to feel a bit bad for the blood donor; enough to warrant small talk at least.

"He definitely acts kind and mature, but you're right, there's more to him than meets the eye. At least that's what my gut is telling me." Max motioned his hands for Ice to take a seat; although unconvinced that Ice will actually sit down. "clouded thoughts huh?"

Ice's eyes, which had been following the dancer's immediately moved to meet Max's. "You... hold up..." The Blood Donor was blushing like mad, trying his best to compose himself quickly, but it was blatantly obvious what he was thinking about. After a certain amount of agonizing moments, Ice went back to scowling, "...Blunt much?"

Not bothering to take a seat, he stared the Officer down, "The both of you really are buck wild, do you compare notes when you spar?" He motioned over to Noel, still dancing.

Max's gave a short chuckle, it seemed like Ice was starting to find his ground. "It's a great way to start the day, and a lovely lady like Noel only makes it better...Now I was going to respect your privacy, but seeing as we've thrown that in the trash, Who would you spend the morning with?"

If it had seemed like Ice was blushing before this moment, that was entirely wrong. If this had been a cartoon, puffs of smoke would have been blowing out of his ears and his mind immediately went to that traumatizing moment. Ice opened his mouth to say something, only to close it once again. Max had officially gotten the jaw drop reaction he must have been going for. "No comment," he hissed. His image of Max as some justice driven righteous person had been completely thwarted.

"I see." Max already had an idea where the smoke from Ice's ears was coming from. Contrary to popular beliefs, Max was quite aware of Ice and Alice's interactions these past days and it wasn't hard to connect the dots from there. "So when did you first start feeling that way?"

Now Ice was just getting more and more annoyed, "Stop stabbing the dead horse." He dropped his palm onto the table and bent closer to Max, "I have a request."

It seemed like Ice wasn't going to soften up any time soon so maybe it was time to start taking him serious. "Alright, go ahead."

The desire to teach Max the meaning of respect drove into Ice's head for a split second, but he knew that wouldn't stand. He took a step back, knowing he would definitely need the extra space. Trying to move on to the more serious topic Ice put his emotionless mask on and gave another glance at the dance floor before saying, "I need my chain back."

As soon as the words left Ice's mouth, Max tensed up. All kinds of thoughts went viral in his head as he considered the implications of Ice's question. from the outside it must have looked like a death glare appeared on Max's face, but soon after changed to a more neutral expression.

"If you want it, you'll have to leave the party. But consider staying a while longer, at least try to have fun."

As expected, the look on Max's face could a many of Ice's former colleagues start confessing, but this was Ice's element. "I'm not planning on staying, wouldn't want to ruin the party." He was leaning his hip against the table, his fingers stretching in and out as it felt the absence of his deadly companion.

"Look I know you don't feel safe without it, but we were very thorough, you have nothing to fear." Max was trying to sound comforting, but his undertone seemed almost like a warning.

If there was such a thing as police dialect, then Max's last line would definitely hit the mark. "There's no such thing as absolute trust in this hell." He stopped his hand from balling into a fist, not wanting to seem too violent or else his weapon really would never be returned.

Max knew of Ice's struggles, the last trial made it very clear. Isaiah Matthews had lost the ability to trust. It was dangerous, but trust goes both ways, so maybe, by giving him the chain, Max could get one step closer to his heart.

"Talk to Faith if you want your weapon back...I just hope it will be worth it."

Ice gave him a questioning look, he had thought that Max would be a lot harder on him and draw it out... It seemed like his Honeypot method had worked! Well, maybe honeypot wasn't the correct term, but in the end, his small talk had paid off! Not knowing what else to say, Ice gave the Officer a quick nod and started for the hallway.

But before he moved out of earshot, he said over his shoulder, "Keep them all safe."

@Silver Fox

Not much but it's something...
The boy happily went to work cutting his pancakes into tiny bite-sized pieces. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day after all! And no one wanted to choke on such fluffy goodness... "Pancakes are one of my favorite foods!" He smiled, slipping a piece into his mouth and giving a gasp of delight.

After taking a sip of milk, he commented back, "Papa never gets up on time, it might be because he's always working, but he goes out of his way to tuck me in whenever he can. ...I didn't hear anything last night, was Papa having bad dreams?"

He had just been getting ready to plate when of the newly golden brown pancakes when Ice heard Zach enter. While he had been planning on turning a new leaf and talking more with the other Infinites, he thought it was far too early for any of them to be up and after messing up so badly. Ice took another second to lay the pancake down before turning to see the newcomer, the Blood Donor wasn't a social person in the first place after all.

When he turned to see the Blonde, he was still holding the spatula in his hand with a bit of floor covering his slightly unbuttoned shirt. He must have looked like an angry server who had to multi-task since the chef had called out sick or something, but that didn't matter, what mattered is the barely standing elf-looking Infinite in front of him.

Ice hadn't really properly talked to Zach yet besides yelling out instructions when they had gone after Alexandria's chassis. Honestly. Ice had never thought they had much in common besides combat. Now the Blood Donor could see that the screams he had heard before were because of... his eye. While the sisters may have done something to wrap his injury up, it still looked rather gruesome, with the bandage stained red. It wasn't like the sisters had changed him into a new bandage recently either.

While Zach started to awkwardly talk about peanut butter, Ice walked over to the sink and washed his hands, setting the spatula next to the sink. As Zach was finishing up, he walked through the kitchen door past him, grabbed a chair and brought it so that it was facing him, but not in stuck in the entryway, next to the counter.

"Sit. Now." He gave the Blonde a nudge that wouldn't have done much to someone healthy but pushed him onto the chair soon after. After that, he felt Zach's forehead to check for a fever. It was a bit hotter than healthy, but nothing too worrisome, "You should get your temp checked by the Quack later, gimps slow down the immune system." Ice felt around Zach's head and slipped his fingers over a reasonably large bump. "That's a nasty dinger," he grabbed for some Ice in the freezer and threw it into a towel before handing it over. "Hold."

After that, he slipped the pancakes onto the counter next to him and placed one of his candies next to it. Ice then crossed his arms over his chest and watched him, a slight dip of frustration in his eyebrows and voice, "You should be in bed, no one wants to deal with someone dumb enough to fall over and crack his noggin' open."

He glanced over at Alice and sighed, still feeling bad about upsetting her, "You want some pancakes too? And pass the peanut butter over, though pancakes and peanut butter sounds crawny to me."

All of a sudden the girl was in the air, like one moment she was laying unresponsive and the next thing Hibiki knew she was standing. Then again, the sleepiness encompassing Hibiki's brain was making his blinking time slower. By the time he had blinked again she was gone, which should have made the boy's heart race and adrenaline push him into a fight or flight response, yet Hibiki couldn't be bothered.

Now done with his first task, Hibiki slid off the stage area and started for the closest building to get something to clear his throat. But he passed the lonely tree he spotted the perpetrator of the movement he had seen earlier. Hibiki hesitated before taking a seat next to her, leaning his head against the tree's trunk.

He waved his fingers in front of her eyes, gave a few snaps before giving up and shutting his eyes for a second. His throat was really bothering him though. He gave a huff before seeing how many fallen leaves he could collect in his lap.

Suddenly there was a ringing sound from the amphitheater. Getting up reluctantly and wiping off the leaves from his lap, Hibiki finally moved over to the screen, wiping at his glasses. After hearing the message he gave a relieved sigh, not having to go anywhere was definitely a plus, but again, his throat was rather upset at him, must have been from his acid reflux.

Again he sat down at the tree, waiting for everyone to arrive and wondering what was up with the other girl. He carefully plucked a fallen leaf off of her hair before collecting more of them around him.


The strange girl seemed a lot friendlier than before, but Kara was still a little hesitant to think of her as a good person. Her actions earlier would normally land her on the naughty list, but this new version of herself was really peculiar. And she really did seem innocent when she giggled like that... Kara would have to see what else she would do, and Neola did seem entertaining in her own right.

As soon as the TV blared on, Kara poked out her head from behind Neola, what was a monitor doing out in the middle of a field anyway. The bear that appeared wasn't exactly to her taste like Lilly's bunny and all too suddenly the small girl remembered where she was. Somewhere she didn't know, surrounded by strangers. A chill slipped down her spine and goosebumps crawled down her arms like hairy spiders wanted to take a bite out of her. The girl's legs started to shake a little and she held onto the front of her dress.

Her hand reached out before she could stop it to steady herself, gripping onto Neola's skirt. "I-I'm really worried but... I think I need to see what's going on..." She felt bad about gripping on so hard to the other girl, but it would be bad for her to fall over and ruin her dress. Davis had said that they probably wouldn't hurt them, but was that just for now? Kara's brain played different scenarios of pain in her head which got her heart to race even faster.

Wait, no! She needed to calm down before-

The Dessert Chef started to pant and pressed her head into Neola's side. It was lucky she wasn't thinking of how embarrassing she was acting or she might have hyperventilated just from that! The poor girl tried thinking happy thoughts, but they were evaporated from her mind as quickly as they came.

Some say when you sleep after a nice cry, you sleep better, but that didn't seem to be the case as far as Ice was concerned. The amount of responsibility he had purposefully amounted on himself felt heavy on his chest and made his sides uncomfortable as he tossed and turned all night. His feelings of comradeship with the rest of the Infinites would have terrified him when Ice had first arrived in his hellish place and it still did, but it also felt warm and earnest, not like the shell of a human he was before this. After finally giving up on sleep after getting maybe an hour or two of shut-eye, Ice got up and dressed himself. While he still wasn't the best when it came to wrapping his bandages, Ice did the best he could. Once finished, he scavenged one of his suitcases for candies and filled up his pockets before leaving his room.

It must have been rather early in the day, because no one seemed to be around. They may have already gone up to investigate the third floor, but Ice had a plan first. Moving up to the second floor, the hole in the wall seemed to be gone along with most of the wreckage. Chills slipped over the Blood Donor's spine at the reality of how efficient the sisters could really be. But just as Ice was grasping onto the handle of the Diner's door, he heard the sound of a piano.

While Alice originally wanted to spend the day in the theatre, wanting some time alone after all that had happened the night before, the recon thought that Mercy would drag her out against her will. So she instead went to the music plaza, not hesitating to approach and play the piano there and then. The song Alice decided to play was actually one of her brother's pieces, an old favorite that always seemed to lift her spirits up.

Turning the corner, Ice moved out into the open plaza to see the back of Alice's head, her hands pouring over the keyboard. The smaller girl's hands worked wonders as on an instrument Ice himself had never really seen played properly before. The Blood Donor leaned against the side of the Diner listening, his eyes half-lidded and a small smile quirking up his lips. He let out a soft sigh and continued to listen, not wanting to interrupt his companion. Honestly, he might have cried if he hadn't dried his eyes out earlier.

Once the recon had finished the song, a genuine grin had crept onto her face as she stood up from her seat and looked over to Ice, quickly doing a double take. "B-Bloody hell- H-How long have y-you been standing t-there?!" Alice asked nervously, having not noticed the blood donor till then.

If anyone looked over at Ice's face for that small second, they would have seen his mouth quirk up higher, but alas, his face soon fell down to it's ever annoying expressionless mask. He bounced off of the wall and walked up to Alice, standing before her, he brought his hand up and ruffled her hair. "Long enough."

The recon looked up at Ice for a moment, then sighed in defeat, flustered from embarrassment. "S-sorry. I just don't do well with an audience. Stage fright tends to get to me alot..." Alice explained, hugging herself. "I mean, now you're kinda the only here that actually watched me play. Bliss did, but only in the middle of the song, eheheh..."

"Then I'll make sure to sneak up on you again so you can play in peace. I wouldn't want to hold you back," He moved to stand to her side, his fingers floating over the keys.

"Eh?! W-Well, I don't mind playing the piano for a single person, it's just when there's a group of people watching that I start to freak out." Alice told Ice, scratching the back of her head.

"Shame you can't jam in somewhere more obscure, it's a bit too open here." He started to press down on one of the C keys, but didn't press hard enough to produce any sound. His hand flinched slightly before he slipped the piano closed, "Hungry?"

"Actually yeah! I haven't really got breakfast yet." Alice nodded.

Ice started for the Diner, holding the door open a second longer than necessary for Alice to grab onto it. Once he got to the kitchen, he started checking the shelves for ingredients. While he may not have been the Infinite Chef, he had been a cook for his family and he made some mean pancakes. The Blood Donor got to work, but had a bit of a problem when he had to mix everything together with only one hand. After a few useless attempts, he glanced over at the smaller Infinite.

"...Oh! Um, need some help there?" The recon asked Ice, walking up next to him.

The man sighed and looked away, "I can make something else..." He went to the fridge to look for eggs. Squatting down he cursed at himself, why the hell was it so uncomfortable to ask for help? When it had been him and the kids, he was always needed that helping hand but they would be running amok until Ice gave Jeremy the look. But thinking of that reminded him of Jeremy which reminded him of... Aleecia. Stabbed through by someone she trusted so much, someone she had fought so vehemently for. Ice braced himself against the fridge, his right knuckle turning white from the strain.

Noticing how the blood donor seemed stressed, the recon walked over and sat down besides him. "Hey, are you alright...?" She gently asked, concerned for her friend.

Ice took a second before turning his head to glance at her. He rested his head on his elbow before ruffling her hair again, "Stop worrying and.... help." He quirked his head towards the bowl before grabbing for another egg carton and standing up. What else was he supposed to do in this situation? She was dead and his attitude wouldn't help save anyone.

"Right, sorry..." Alice apologized, before standing herself up and walking over to grab the bowl.

And he did it again, went ahead and screwed everything over. Ice beat the eggs with a mechanical whisk before taking the pancake mix and starting out on the pancakes, not knowing what to say to make things better.

His head wasn't doing so well, half of what Ice heard was overshadowed by a static noise and his breathing was cut short to small pants. He vainly struggled against Alexandria's his arms starting to burn as they held all of his weight. The sounds of battle drowned out Alice's words and he cursed as he looked up to see Alice on top of the robot. Ice had to get off, get out, get over to his friends while they still had a chance of survival. While they may have stood a chance against one of the killer robots, they wouldn't be able to against two. Ice tried to turn his body towards the battle, but his muscles wouldn't work the right way, forcing him to stare at Alexandria's torso instead. Ice flinched at the sound of metal against metal, praying to whatever god there may be that the hour would just end already.

The battle had gotten quieter for some reason, it didn't sound as though there were enough of them fighting at once. He thought he heard Aleecia's soft voice, but she shouldn't have been anywhere near them, right? Suddenly Alexandria moved, letting him go and pushing her head back to hit Alice in the nose. While the Blood Donor was worried about how injured his comrade may have been, he knew that Alexandria wouldn't do anything else to hurt her. Ice got onto his knees, ready to sprint over when he finally peered at the battlefield.

Aleecia was lying over Faith, but who would have hurt her? It took far too long for Ice to register that Allie had gotten in the way of Nariko's blow. The inhuman form didn't look like the robot who had held Allie in her arms just that morning. It was a vile spider of darkness that had squandered the life of an innocent little girl. The left over strength that Ice had mustered up started to fizzle out as he saw Aleecia's life be snuffed out. Sounds came over the speakers above, but they fell to deaf ears. Liquid streamed from his eyes, the only warmth left in place of his frozen over heart.

"Damn, tincan broke my nose..." Alice hissed, a hand over her nose as blood seeped out. She glared at Alexandria, then looked over to see the aftermath of the others' battle. They had finally defeated Nariko, but at what cost? Aleecia layed lifeless in a mourning Faith's arms, having taken a fatal hit for the matchmaker, Calvin taking his anger out on the carnage sister's remains. The recon's expression was frozen in despair, in knowing that after all this time, the dice master would've been taken away from the other infinites, one way or another.

She then glanced over to Ice, who had been struck with grief the most. Alice wipped the blood off her hands onto her skirt and walked in front of the blood donor, sitting down and placing a hand on his shoulder.

Ice was unresponsive, he seemed to be looking right through her. As Alice's hand rested there, she realized it was a lot colder than it should have been. Ever once in a while his body would give a little shudder, though no real sound would come out. Finally, after what felt like hours, the icy glaze over his eyes melted away and he started to move. "She's going to get cold... We have to move her before-" Without finishing his sentence, he started trying to get up, flinching as he did, "Allie don't worry, I'm coming."

"Careful- Careful!!" Alice said, worry in her voice as she quickly helped Ice stand up. "You're hurt, aren't you?"

Ice didn't answer Alice, but moved slowly and surely closer to Allie's body, holding onto his hurt side. He almost tripped a couple of times, but luckily his will to move helped him move at the last second. Finally, Ice fell to his knees next to Faith. His face still seeping with tears and puffy, he reached out for one of Aleecia's hands and held up to his face. He felt her lack of pulse and swayed slightly, and a quiet sob was snuffled out of him. "...She looks so peaceful."

There was another loud clang as the pick rang against the husk of the carnage sister. Tears streamed down Calvin's face indiscriminately. He turned back to look at the body. Ice and Alice were now there. He shook slightly. "I couldn't -- I didn't fucking know she was --" He looked at Ice forlornly. His grip on the pick loosened, before tightening again. He couldn't look.

Tears slipped over Aleecia's already growing cold hand. After finally being able to see and feel her body, Ice was becoming more aware of his friends around him, "It was her-" He gulped and held in another sob, "Her choice... and all of our faults, but- m-most predominantly mine, I knew...something would happen when I saw her this morning with Nariko, I just didn't want to th-" He slipped Aleecia's hand in between the two of his and bent over them. "She's far to headstrong for her own good, you know? You can't change her mind." A tiny smile slipped over his face, "I couldn't even get her to stop calling me Izzy."

"Isaiah, don't blame yourself for this. No one would've known she'd sacrifice herself for another." Alice spoke up, glancing over to Faith before she looked back at Ice. "But, I know how it lose someone you care alot for." She hesitated to say, rubbing the blood donor's back in an attempt to confort him.

"They're gonna fucking pay for this." There was a venom in Calvin's voice that replaced the anger that usually filled it. "Davis, Nariko, all of them. I-" He shook his head. His stomach churned. He turned back the battered remains of Nariko. The senseless battering had done little.

"I'm sorry."

Ice's tears and shudders suddenly stopped on hearing those names. The last drop slipped onto Allie's hand as he set it back onto her lap, "Once we get to the top floor we'll waste the robots but Davis... His days are number with his life on a string," and as he stared at the mangled body of the fallen chassis, there was only destruction reflected in his eyes.

"...Yeah, when the time comes, I won't hesitate to kill them all. That's a promise." Alice said, the light in her eyes appearing to dim a little, before she appeared normal again. "But for now, we need to survive this." The recon grabbed Ice's hand, a weak smile on her face.


And then he couldn't stand it anymore, he pulled Alice close and buried his face into her shoulder, his tears spilling out all over again and his sobs deafening the world around him.

Alice tensed up for a moment in suprise, the recon's eyes widened, then immediately pulled Ice closer to her. "Shhhh, it's's okay..." She whispered, rocking in place.
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