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All they wanted was to write a love letter for a cute little boy...cruel, cruel world!

The next few days, a few flares of tension aside, passed without any major events. The group's search for a telephone booth did not bear fruit, the only bearing that was done was by Monokuma, and he was rather overbearing. With that hope dashed, Daimyon had had the freedom to make his own schedule for most of the days and needless to say he busied himself well. Above all, he socialised a lot, getting to know the newest Infinites and strengthening bonds with the others. When no one was available or he did not feel like it, he withdrew to his room and read Untethered to relax. It was a reading ritual of his to always start a book from the beginning, no matter where he had left it off previously. Though he never progressed much like this, the experience was deeper and much more enjoyable as he could immerse himself in the author's world from the first word. The structure of Untethered was, and he had never ceased to marvel in that, was delightfully experimental and inspired the poet to write similar material.

Come to think of it, he had no shortage of inspiration since he got to Axis Mundi. He wrote about his fellow Infinites, he wrote about their situation, heck, he even wrote about Monokuma. That was the silver lining he stuck to...and so far, it worked out well for him.


Behind closed doors, in Mary's room, the Infinite Streamer was getting worked up, her face blushing as she had to keep her voice down from the excitement.

"Oooh...Oh, nice...That's the good stuff, Daimy-doo, keep it going, yes~"

On this particular evening, Damyon was with Mary in her room, which was the one just next to his. The streamer sat on the bed with pen and paper in hand, while Daimyon paced back and forth around in the room his head tilted slightly up—his usual thinking posture.
“Your sight has butterflies in my stomach,
My heart flies with butterflies by the dozen
To the great blue sky, reddened by my fiery love for you!”

"Yes, yes, yes! Daimy-doo, you're amazing! Ooh, my maiden's heart can't take it!"

He thought up and spoke out the lines one after the other, dictating them to Mary who wrote them down in neat letters to the perfumed paper. They were composing a very special letter: that which confessed the woman's undying affection towards Caora. They were making good progress together and Daimyon almost chuckled just thinking about the reactions the small boy would have. Could he even read? Shaun would read it for him, if nothing else... The poet had not seen the pair too much in these last few days, they mostly stayed back from the tension surrounding Krista and the motive.
The violinist became somewhat of an unwilling VIP, always having the company of at least two people. Daimyon spent some time with her as per the schedule set up by Max Visser, the Infinite Police Officer—one of the new people he had recently got to know—and reassured the girl that she had nothing to fear from any of them. They had a pleasant time talking about music, puns and other relevancies.

Just when the poet decided he would seek out her company soon again, the screen on the wall came alive with an unmistakable voice.
“A body has been discovered. The patients have a limited time to collect evidence before being called into the court of carnage. Do your best everyone!”

The silence that returned after was a deeper silence than the one before. Even Daimyon's singing thoughts quietened as he struggled to place the sudden announcement. He looked at Mary and she looked at him, but neither found any semblance of calm in the other's eyes. The streamer's face turned pale, and her mouth was stuck in a grimace of apprehension.

Minutes passed in this frozen silence, and any attempt to break it was stifled as neither of them could form coherent sentences that were not panicky. Finally, Daimyon heard hurried steps echoing through the hallway outside and sprung to open the door. He saw Noel, who stopped for a moment upon seeing the poet.

“Why are you—” The reporter looked past him to ascertain that there was neither any room switching nor murder involved here. “—nevermind. You must have heard the announcement. I'm not one for tiptoeing around the truth: Mondatta died. We found his body in Aladdin's Palace. You go there, I have to notify the others.”

And with that, she was off, presumably towards the break room. Daimyon, muttering incoherently to himself in deep denial, looked back at Mary who was already upright and hurried out of the room.

"Mo-Mo-Mon...Mondatta?" Mary stuttered, holding the unfinished love letter with shaky hands. She dropped it in her room before she ran after Daimyon, panic overcoming her as she desperately tried to keep up with the taller man's stride. She didn't believe it, and how could she?
Mondatta was a monster straight out of a science fiction movie, how could he be killed? Mary then shook his head, groaning at the thought.
That's wrong... He was a gentle, kind monster that supported me when I was alone and didn't know anybody else. I need to see him, I want him to tell me he's just joking around!

They rushed through the resort gate, then into the long cave from the fountain. They did not need to go far before they found people: Marianne and a few others were already gathered around Davis who was kneeling in front of an illuminated stalagmite.
“Krista! But Noel said...”

Davis nodded towards the side. Daimyon's head turned and he spotted it: the light reflecting brightly from the unmistakable suit of armour.
He started forward, but realised there was little reason. He could not check the robotic monk's vitals even if he tried and there were no injuries on him otherwise. He looked like he was merely...sleeping, in an unorthodox place. Maybe that was the case. He looked around: the Infinites just kept arriving, gathering around the scene like a funeral procession. Maybe, in the next moment, Mondatta would rise up, apologise for the scare and go meditate. Alas, vain hopes.

"Ah...Aah....AAAAAAHHHH!" Mary screamed her lungs out at the nightmarish sight, shaking her head and crying her eyes out. "It can't be, no! Noo!" The streamer ran right to Mondatta's corpse, and slammed her fists against his metallic chest. "Wake up, you jerk! Wake uuupp! WAKE UUUUUPP!"
She soon stopped banging, and her feet failed her as she slid against him, until she covered her face with her hands, sobbing silently. She now had to face a cruel truth: The Infinite Monk, a spiritual leader to them, was now dead.

As Daimyon watched Mary break down at the sight of her dead friend, he too had to realise...

...that some silver linings were simply too far to grasp.
My first post in a while—admittedly I'm still a bit rusty, but I hope everyone found it enjoyable!

I also share Daimyon's struggle: so many people to interact with and not enough time before one of them gets horribly murdered!

The situation deescalated just as quickly as it had escalated, with Mary suddenly becoming the mediator and tying—both metaphorically and literally—the trio together to venture onwards to the casino. Daimyon was satisfied with this result, however abrupt it may have seemed: after all he was about to play some thrilling games of fortune with two wonderful ladies at his side. Fun and inspiring times for all!

At that time, of course, he could not know that these moments would be the brightest point of the day.

At the casino, the three Infinites ran into Davis who was conversing with one of the robots at the blackjack table. A rapid chain of events followed, mostly playing out in the poet's mind: he was delighted at seeing the man he was looking to give the gift to, but it melted away when he realised that he had managed to forget the magazine in the break room. In the next moment, the opportunity also slipped away as the Infinite Conquest broke away from the table with a hasty goodbye and hurried out of the casino with nothing but a glare at Daimyon. He was rather perplexed at that: what happened to the man? What was he angry about? Surely the despairful situation or something to that degree...

What was even worse however was the fact that they could not actually play any games! Upon querying the robot—a Carnage Sister she was called, but Daimyon could not recall her name for the life of him—, she only told them that things were still work-in-progress. A shame, the poet thought, he had already had his token in hand and was ready to make more of it. The ladies, especially Mary, were similarly disappointed. Lacking better things to do, they sat down at one of the few tables in the small casino and waited, whisking the time away with pleasant chatter.

This idleness did not last long, for Monokuma appeared once again on the screens to make an announcement inviting—or rather. commanding—every Infinite to the casino. The place soon filled up with all...sixteen? Seventeen of them? Daimyon had lost count; each time the group gathered together it seemed like there were new faces joining up. He did not mind that, he was only worried that with such a constant influx of undoubtedly extraordinary people to meet and get to know, he would not have time for everyone else. It had also been some time since he had last written into his notebook; he rectified that while the Infinites assembled.

Once everyone had made it, the game was finally unveiled: a wheel-of-fortune! Quite an unorthodox version of that, however: the players' tokens would be placed randomly on the wheel. Wherever it stopped, that person would win a phone call to the outside world! Daimyon could appreciate the twisted ingenuity behind this—a chance like this was much more valuable when no one else had any access to the great outside. Although no one in particular popped into his mind when he thought about who he would call if he won, winning was winning regardless and he was going for it!
“Lady Luck, faithless and fickle, I call out to you. Help me with my sudden pickle, make this wheel spin true!”
He handed over his token to the robot who soon spun the machine with surprising force, so much that the black-and-white wheel looked like it was about to take off and fly away. The poet looked over his fellows: they stood enraptured, looking at the wheel with bated breath, waiting for it to stop at exactly one place—where their token lay. It was fascinating to feel the repressed reservation in the air, and even more fascinating to take a gander at the feelings that hid behind it. From shaking excitement through forced indifference to cool anticipation...everyone radiated something different. As for himself, Daimyon's mind was already hopping ahead to wonder about the potential prizes...

And then, a steel wall was slammed down in his head and his imagination drew back with a disappointed ‘aww’. The wheel stopped not on his, but Krista's token, making her the winner.
“Ahaha, it appears the Lady smiled on you today! Congra—”

But he did not even have the chance to finish before the bear jumped out again and revealed the true nature of the violinist's prize: a motive for murder.
In hindsight, he was glad he could not finish his sentence. There was only one thing to congratulate Krista for: she had just become a target for everyone in this room. And that would have been..rather distasteful.

The silence of surprise went away quickly and the casino came alive with frenzied chatter before someone reined in the chaos with a loud whistle. Along with the others, Daimyon also looked at the source...he knew there were new people here! The call for attention came from a tall, well-built man in formal clothing who was just oozing confidence. Without as much as introducing himself, he immediately suggested a plan of action to protect both Krista and her prize until the group could make good use of it. His to-the-point attitude and clear thinking won support right away, among others from Mary, a second new Infinite, and...Felix! Daimyon was delighted to see his freerunning friend back in the fray, looking healthy as ever. Krista also spoke up in the end, expressing her wishes both towards the phone call and the proposed plan.

So much happening...!

“Well, this game was not what any of us had expected!” Daimyon found Noel again in the crowd, looking to orient himself in all this before anything else. “'tis a shame. Perhaps next time, when things are...not this heated. For now, you think there's any chance of finding a phone booth around here?”

@Aewin Dubious congratulations to Krista! Is it luck or is it misfortune she had just been blessed with...?

On another note, I wonder who'd be in the direst need of a call outside...
I'm here and ready for the motive! I guess we can also continue our collab when Melo returns...
@BrokenPromise That's some good stuff right there, my man. It appears this competition will get quite heated...

Speaking of which! @Melo, will Noel come to the casino too? It would make for a...very interesting quartet there (considering Daimyon and Mary both want to go there while Davis is already in the area). And some...very interesting interactions. ;)

I'm sorry, but did you ever think you'd stand a chance against...

...Daimyon the Despicable Damsel Snatcher?

Edit: Bonus Mari-your-man Marianne, because @MyCatGinger asked nicely.
jumps into the picture

@Dynamo Frokane Hi! Space for another returning character?

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