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Hey all, just found this site after doing a google search for rp forums. For the past few years I've mostly done my rp within Second Life in various settings such as fantasy, urban, scifi, marvel, starwars, gorean. But lately it just feels like rp within SL is dying out, so here I am. I started out rping in WoW when I was around seventeen, and have also done in in some other MMOs, like Eve Online, Starwars The old republic, Elder scrolls online, Neverwinter. I'm twenty-four now and I like to think of myself as a para rper, or maybe semi para would be better suited. I tend to like to play a character that is a feminine male, or a femboy, and I usually prefer rp with adult themes to it, though I prefer a good story over all else. I also prefer to do one on one rp. Hope I can find some good rp partners here, I feel like I haven't found some good rp in forever and it's making me really depressed. I need my fix....
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Welcome ;)
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Welcome to the forums! We seem to have a similar Roleplaying history (subtracting out second life for myself hehe). I hope you find what you're looking for here!
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@Ruewyn Welcome to the guild!
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Welcome, friend!
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