You wake up on a deserted island with nothing to see for miles except a few other people. It's got a thick forest, but if you make it around the whole thing, all you see is water. No matter how far you can fly or swim, there isn't another island or human being. Why were you all dropped there? How did you get there? When things start getting weird, how do you handle it?

A group of young adults wakes up on an island with nothing else in sight. These aren't just normal people though, they all have some special power. Whether they make that known (or it shows in their looks) or try to keep it hidden from the group is up to the player.

This is going to be a supernatural/fantasy rp with a bit of a twist. I plan to have some crazy things happen during it, maybe there's a fire, maybe a tsunami, maybe a creepy human like creature that stalks around the forest. The main portion of the rp is going to be having the characters work together and get to know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Not to forget figuring out how to get off the island and how they got there.


1. Follow guild rules
2. No godmodding or killing other people's characters without permission
3. Try to post at least one detailed paragraph
4. Listen to GM and co-gms
5. Have good grammar and clear structure: use grammarly if you need help
6. Post in third person

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