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6 hrs ago
Current Solar eclipse of the heart. That was really cool!
8 hrs ago
Eclipse!! In the line of totality!! Yay!!
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Please, I need more partners.

@Letmehaveone2 Is Jyden still in the living room? Should I worry about where the conversation is or can I just jump in from the last couple posts?
Can someone update me on what's happening? I've missed so much!
@Burning Kitty I think I would want to either be red or green.
Oh my gosh. Sign me up. I think going with the original characters is good.
Hi. If spots ever open up or this starts up new or something, could y'all keep me in mind? It seems super interesting and I would be in to it, but it looks like you're all full. :)

Fleur is so surprised when the cat starts talking to her and strolls over. She picks her up and can't help but start laughing. "You can talk," she mutters and shakes her head. "Of course you can. Why would I expect anything else?" She's careful not to drop the cat and pets her softly. "So what's your name? I'm Fleur."

@Alisdragon911@Letmehaveone2@Howilng Zinogre

Isaac and Jax falter in front of the small group of people beginning to form around the couch. "Hi, guys," Jaxon greets and bounces on the balls of his feet. Isaac nods in greeting. "Mind if we hang out with you guys here?"

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