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Current Suffering through not being able to breath or eat. Sorry for not responding.
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I'm getting sick! It feels like I'm getting a cold and my breathing problems are acting up. Sorry if I've disappeared, I'll try to get replies out this weekend.
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Winter is coming! Everyone pull out your blankets, hot cocoa, and cheesy movies. It's the most wonderful time. (It's starting to get cloudy here rather than blue skies)
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When you find someone you used to know and they're never on anymore. :'(
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Sometimes I question if fast is always better.


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Is this still open for new characters?
Isaac moved in to the sun room, noticing a few others had already gathered there. He had wandered to his room earlier and from the sounds of it, most of the others had moved to the dining room. "Hi, guys," he greeted. He took a seat and looked between the people gathered there. "Nice tail." It looked fluffy and he was sure she had already had people grabbing at it.

Jaxon headed for the dining room, taking a seat and grabbing some of the food. He tried to stay out of the spotlight for now. Having come in late, he wasn't sure what everyone was talking about and didn't want to look like a fool.
Where is she??

I'm pretty sure it's always accepting so I would make up your character sheet and post it in the characters tab. Maybe mention the GM?

Thank you!!

Anyone's character bored and need a friend? Otherwise I'll have them just go to the dining room.
I don't know how to have my characters jump back in?? Someone help. Where are you all?

Isaac grabbed his stuff and headed for study hall, glancing back to see if Via was coming as well. He figured she would, but she may have to take a little extra time. He stumbled when he finally got in the room and dropped his books, ignoring them in favor of glaring at Lacey while she talked with one of the teachers. He couldn't believe this, he expected it from Via, but not from Lacey she seemed so innocent. He would have to re-evaluate now. "Isaac, what are you doing? Pick up your things and find a seat," Payton shook his head and moved past Isaac. He nodded and grabbed his books, shooting a quick glare at Payton before glaring again at Lacey.

He took a seat and waited for Lacey to come by, before pushing his chair out hard. "Oh, sorry." Isaac didn't sound sorry at all, pushing his chair back in and brushing his shoulder against Lacey's. "Maybe you should watch where you're going."


Payton about fell over Isaac as he entered the room right behind him. What was this kid doing standing in the middle of the doorway anyway? "Isaac, what are you doing? Pick up your things and find a seat," he demanded, before moving past the boy and heading for a group of other teachers. "How have your classes been doing today? This group likes to test the boundaries and slack off. Plus they can be very inappropriate."

You've been sent to Children's Farm Home due to special circumstances. Perhaps your parents have died, maybe you've just been in the foster system, or maybe your parents sent you away because things were getting.... strange. Whatever the reason, the staff at Children's Farm Home are opening their doors to you. The staff is happy and willing to help. All they ask is that you tend to the animals and meet with a counselor weekly.

Some of the occupants may have different looks, some may shape shift, some may be able to control an element. One thing they all have in common: they didn't know about any special abilities until they were taken into the Children's Farm Home.

All characters will be new occupants of Children's Farm Home. It's somewhat like a boarding house for supernatural beings. No one will have control over their abilities yet, although some may have outward signs that show up earlier on. It's a boarding school for ages 13-20 and they do school work along with working with animals. CFH believes that working with the animals helps to calm people down and give them a sense of why they are here.

This RP will concentrate on them getting used to their abilities and how to interact and work with others.

1. Follow guild rules and what GM/CO-GM(s) says goes, we don't have to explain ourselves.
2. No god-modding or over-powerful characters.
3. No killing off other people's characters.
4. Keep things PG.
5. Characters must be 16-20.
5. No fights in the OOC, keep it all IC or take it to PMs.

Character Sheet:

Abilities: (Can include any special skills)
Relationships: (family, friends, S/O?)

That's exactly why. He's going to have come in while she was talking to him. I'm trying to come up with something that would be hidden but still be annoying.
My characters kinda got lost in this. So if someone wants to catch me up I could throw them back in. I know that one of them was definitely gonna crush on Jyden so that could change things up a bit. Love triangle?
@Xandrya How do you feel about Isaac trying to fight your character? Lacey that is. I'm not sure if he would outright do anything, but maybe move her chair when she was gonna sit so she'd fall or like tripping her.
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