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I'm going to keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can. Now then, I am a 25 year old female and a student as well. So I may have limited time to post on certain days. That being said, I can offer at least one post per day, and many many posts when I have less responsibilities. That being said, I can write anywhere from 2-12 paragraphs, depending on my mood and how much I'm given to work with by my partner. Please be able to write at least two decently sized paragraphs. Anything less and I find it hard to keep interest in what I am writing. I know that sounds terrible but it is true.

Now then, on to the fun stuff.

Genres I enjoy...

-Historical fiction

Fandoms That Come to Mind...

-Game of Thrones
-Doctor Strange
-Iron Man
-Guardians of the Galaxy
-Dragon Age
-anything Disney

Probably many more but I am drawing a blank, so please feel free to ask.

Don't really know what you want to do? Have a look at my list of generic pairings! See below for details.

viking x captive
highlander x foreigner
royalty x commoner
thief x knight
thief x noble
pirate x royalty
deity x human
alien x human
alien x alien
dragon x human
AI x scientist
enemy x enemy
assassin x target
mermaid x pirate

I'm out of ideas, so if you have something in mind for a pairing make a suggestion. Side note, I don't mind playing a cannon character for you but please be willing to double if you ask this of me. Also, I don't mind playing multiple characters/ genders to push our story along.
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@ImmortalBreath Would you be interested in a Dragon Age Arranged Marriage RP that follows Alistair after becoming King through Inquisition?
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