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Just because I work in retail does not mean you can talk to me like a dog or cuss me out when I don't bow to your every get to the back of the line and feel my retail worker wrath!
4 days ago
Should have replies up later today. If you're waiting on a reply from me and haven't heard from me in the past 24-48 hrs please send me a gentle reminder. I have a shit memory.
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7 days ago
I am so exhausted...and yet I cannot seem to find enough RP partners to fill up my time (that I make room for, for RPs....that I don't have)
8 days ago
I has a friend the friend box can't mock me
19 days ago
I feel like the "Your Friends" box is judging me...."You have no friends."


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Okay, this is a work in progress but this is what I have for now. Let me know if there is anything you want me to change since I'm still tweaking him.

Richard “Rick” Steele

(Can't get the image tag to work but I'll play with it later, it had his quote as well)

Name: Rick Steele
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Alignment: Guild
Rank within Organization: Leader

Birthmark Shape:

Location of Birthmark: On his chest, barely hidden by a t-shirt
Magical Abilities: Ability to control the elements, though he has the greatest affinity for fire.

Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
Currently Residing: New York City, New York
History/Bio: Rick was shipped from one foster home to the next until he aged out of the system. He enlisted in the Army to try and make a difference in the world, getting out at 24 and joining the guild as they offered to help him learn to control his abilities and appealed to his sense of duty and honor.

Character’s opinion of them:
Sounds very intriguing and as my schedule is lightening I believe I shall give this a go. I will get you a CS ASAP.@jakeb1993
@Caras2us All of those sound pretty interesting. Is there a particular one you're leaning towards? I would lean towards the vampire plots or the elven one am willing to do any of the ones you mentioned.
Riley Rodgers

Riley didn’t much care for the mess that was the opening ceremonies, she just wanted her room so she could be on her way. She brushed a stray lock of white blond hair out of her dark green eyes before attempting to find room 3, she would be sharing it with Sarah Finnigan, a fourth year. From what Riley could remember, the girl was always humming. Not that Riley would mind, she enjoyed music herself but was no good at producing it. No, she would stick to tinkering with her automatons.

Once in her room she found her things were already there, it seemed the staff were up to their usual standard of getting things done in a timely manner. She rifled through her things until she found her tools, she picked a desk and started tinkering. She wasn’t much for talking and so always dreaded the start of the year when they were assigned roommates. Everyone wanted to talk…and she was not that interesting. If she tinkered they generally left her to her own devices which was fine by Riley. She also had a tendency to unintentionally intimidate the other girls with her hulking frame. She was harmless – unless you were a bully. But her muscles said otherwise, not that she’d ever gotten into a fight at Saint Hirst but she’d heard the stories some of the other girls had made up about her.
Just going to bump this up because one can never have too many Mass Effect RPs
@Caras2us I would be interested in a vampire pairing of some sort. Do you have any plots in mind?
@JBRam2002@vickylarz any takers?
+100 netpoints for Tali x Femshep. What are your posting requirements (length, frequency, etc)? Also, before starting, would you determine the major plot choices you made? Obviously the PCs we use would be alive, so that limits some things.

I googled a list of major choices and copy and pasted into word, hopefully it won't have too may formatting issues but I will fix them later. My posting requirements are at least once a week though I would prefer once a day (real life can and often does get in the way and I understand that). As for posting length? I myself can range from low casual to low advanced. One liners are a no go but I need at least 1 paragraph that gives me something to respond to.

Just going to bump this for now...
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