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Current Why do I spend so much time setting up elaborate backstories in D&D but not in my own novel???
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No power so no posts. Sucks being poor.
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I don't have to speed date, my face does it for me.
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Taking Applications For Valentines....No Experience Required
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I finally have power back so I should have this started this weekend.
@Genni I'm not sure what the party is going to look like. I will have power tomorrow, or so they tell me but I have little faith at this point -sighs- but I hope to have everything ready soon anyway.

@Prints Avoid At this time I'm not sure how many players I will have since I know people don't like waiting on things to start.
Just a heads up that this isn’t dead. I don’t have power at home currently. I will post as soon as I can.
Never played DnD once but I’ve always wanted to try. Would you be willing to take me?

You have my bow. Also which setting will this take place in?

Love the LOTR reference. This will be taking place in an original setting similar to LOTR. I'll have more info when I make the actual RP posting. I'll mention everyone and post the link once I have it up.
I've been really interested in getting into DnD but I don't really have much experience outside of playing a bit of a DnD-like game called Masks (a superhero game not fantasy) and listening to podcasts like the adventure zone. So I don't really know if you're looking for more experienced players or will take non-experienced ones too.

Inexperienced players are welcome! I'm happy to teach or help in any way you need.
About the DM

I love Dungeons & Dragons and have played a few campaigns and DMed a few as well. I prefer to tweak the rules a little bit but I’m human and make mistakes. I’m open to suggestions or criticism as long as it’s polite.

Our Campaign

Our campaign will be using the 5th edition rules. I do allow unearthed arcana but I’m not terribly familiar with it so I’m relying on players to have the knowledge required to play unearthed arcana though I’m happy to research things if need be. I plan on using dice cloud for character sheets. I’m still learning how to use dice cloud myself but it seems to make everything easier.

Characters will start at level 5. The basic premise is that our party will be saving the world for a reason that becomes apparent after the first quest. The first quest will be a little guided to establish the story but once completed players will be able to choose what the party does next. If anyone is interested in Co-GMing please let me know.

Please PM or mention me if you have any questions.

I'm checking to see if there is any interest in this before setting everything up.

In the process of adding things.
Hello! Welcome to my interest check. I'll update this periodically but for the sake of getting it up quickly please PM or mention me if you're interested in a romance RP of any kind. I can play male or female characters but if doing a MxF romance instead of a FxF romance I would prefer to play the male.


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@StormyClouds Yes, I was hoping more people would join/post before I pushed things forward. I might wait a couple days before I just push it through anyway.
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