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My WIP. He's imported from a different RP so there's still some editing to be done to his background

I already popped into the discord but figured I'd say hi here too. Can't wait to get going!
Sorry to hear that. Hoping for the best for your situation. You take care!
I've been a little busy and ended up getting sick, but I'm still interested and working on my character. Just a heads up
So, if I wanted both a Tyranitar and a Garchomp, I won't be allowed to give either one of them a Mega Stone, and if I wanted one of them as a Mega, I'd have to ditch the other?

Essentially, yes
Interest checked, though I have a question on the app.

You said that we weren't allowed legendaries or "ultimates". What did you mean by the latter? No Mega Evolutions? No Ultra Beasts? No Z-Moves?

I more or less asked on discord. The answer for anyone else curious (from what I understand)

Mega-evolutions are allowed, with the limit of one Pokemon that can do so per team. Z-moves are frowned upon though not necessarily illegal. Our GM just is unfamiliar with them. No Ultra Beasts or legendaries, though what counts as a legendary can be discussed for the lower tier event Pokemon and such.
I'm really enjoying the character diversity we have right now XD

Me too, it's looking like a fun bunch.

On that note, what are we looking at for pre-existing relationships
Just got home from vacation, been thinking on my dude all week so should be up in a few hours.
Got my interest right here. I'm a little wary of using showdown for RP battles but I'm assuming the use of judges and the other events will prevent my character from being punished for my own lack of skill in that area.

Already forming an idea. Just a few quick questions. You mentioned know legendaries, ultimates, so what's the ruling on mega-evolution and z-moves?

EDIT: Missed the discord link, I'll repeat my questions there ^^
Just a heads up, I'll be on vacation starting Tuesday, so I'll probably jump in late when I'm back if that's cool.
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