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Hey wassup y'all. We're kinda suddenly understaffed at work so I'm having to step in a lot more to fill in. Think I'm gonna have to hold off on RP for now. If you'll have me once things have calmed down, maybe my character can run into y'all later.
Aw yeah. Traveling for work right now so will have to get to work on a CS once I'm back home. In the meantime gotta do a little refresher on Kalos cause it's been a while. Like I said, I'm hoping to think up a character that feels a little more specific to Kalos... That said, I kinda like my idea about someone who got mixed up with the villain team while in another region. And he just like finds himself really buying into Lysandre's whole thing. At least a little.

Hmm now that I think about it... Did anyone ask how we're going about Mega-Evolution? Everyone getting access? We sprinkling in the viable Pokemon throughout? Etc
I think it'd be kinda funny if one these older characters is a washed-up trainer who took on the League Challenge once before, lost, and is now having another go at it.

Ha, I was considering that myself but decided against it. Im trying to find something that's fun and Kalos specific like Rhyhorn racer or something.

...Or maybe someone who came back to Kalos after some time away in Unova where he may or may not have served a misguided stint in Team Plasma...
Oh hello

Been away from RPing for some time. Of course a good Pokemon idea would be what might pull me back in. Especially with a familiar face.

I'm definitely interested. I'm happy to play older characters. Honestly it makes more sense than a bunch of kids traveling unsupervised with powerful creatures. But that's neither here nor there. I do like the idea of everyone having focused on some other outlet or career path and joining up again now that they can for this.

We could also just have this be a world where it's normal to start a journey later on in life. I mean if we just say that it actually costs some money to do it(aside from that sweet free Pokemon healthcare of course), we got a simple explanation right there. But I'm open to whatever you got in mind.

Time to start thinking of a character

Location: Mall - Sporting Goods
Interactions: Viktor/Rain @FunnyGuy
Mentions: None

Viktor wrote off the possibility of the store having anything the gym didn't, so that was good enough for Felix. Still, he could imagine Viktor putting a single dumbbell to way better use than he would even think to.

Viktor seemed to be searching something out, even if he didn't know what it was. And Felix was content just to follow along and peer at all the various equipment. Passing through a lawn games section, he was astounded by all the different sets of equipment people bought to set up simple games.

He almost didn't notice when Viktor stopped in the middle of the aisle to stare at a bucket of baseballs. Good thing he did, or Felix may have missed the smile. Holy shit Viktor was smiling. Felix glanced at the bucket and back to Viktor's face. Interesting. There was a certain excitement to Viktor's actions as Felix helped him collect all the baseball equipment.

"Well..." Felix trailed off, unsure how we would prefer to answer this question. He was in a habit of glamorizing and exaggerating his life, but that was for the cameras. He might have gone on about some fancy futuristic sport with heavy use of hard light obstacles and rocket boots. Or he might have said he got his exercise running missions for the resistance against the Robot Overlords. But the truth was less exciting.

He eyed a rack of soccer balls they passed by. "Well the caretakers took us through a lot of calisthenics, and me and some of the other kids found an old weight bench. I was still pretty small then and couldn't do much with it though. Mostly we played basketball or futball. We could use any old court or empty space, long as we had a ball." He could recall games out on the empty lot, barefoot kids running through the dry yellow grass, passing a ball back and forth between makeshift goals. Or was it on the beach? Had he lived near a beach? Sometimes? Details...

He continued.And then I came here and had to bulk up a bit to join in on Booster's missions. Turns out a face like mine paired with a fit bod really sells, so I really threw myself into training..." Felix trailed off, then raised his arms drawing attention back to the equipment. "So you thinking team baseball match? Really out to see how much damage we can do in our first week huh? I'm down."

Location: Mall - Sporting Goods
Interactions: Viktor/Rain @FunnyGuy
Mentions: Zach Zatara, Aleen'a/Brightheart, Casper/Hex

The group had gone their separate ways to recuperate after the training. Felix himself had treated himself to a shower and relaxing. He'd laid in his bed responding to comments from his post from the night before. He would have liked to check in everyone who's had a bad experience, but he really didn't know anyone to well yet. And he didn't mind hiding his face for a while after the way his sparring match with Aleen'a had ended.

By the time the group took off for the mall, he was over it. He'd jumped in the jeep immediately, expecting an exciting ride. He babbled on as usual, teasing Zach and his music choices. Viktor had had to ask him multiple times to stop drumming on the back of his seat. It was as fun as he had expected, and he always enjoyed the wind in his hair in an open-top vehicle. Still, he had avoided Brightheart's eyes the whole way.

Felix always liked the mall. A large indoor collection of stores like this just wasn't practical in his time. The closest things he got were the flea market Don Chava took the kids to, and the rare trip to the farmer's market. Though from what he understood, even now malls were a dying breed. Felix looked around, trying to decide where to go. Maybe the music store? Even if he didn't buy anything, messing around on a real physical drum kit would be fun. Casper had casually mentioned something about the jewelry store, and Felix was tempted. Some new gold to match his name?

Then he caught sight of Viktor headed toward the sporting goods store. Since the night before, Felix's attention had been drawn in by the older guy's physique. Vik was yoked. All he could think while filming his fitness video later in the evening had been how much better his videos would be after working with him. So he decided to tag along.

"Yo Viktor, wait up," Felix ran up to him as he walked into the store. "What's up? I'd ask if you were gonna check out their weights, but I doubt they don't got anything better than we got at home huh?" They walked together towards the outdoors area of the store. Huh, Felix thought, Guess he's not all business. Looks like he's into having some fun after all.


Location: Happy Harbour

BRIGHTHEART? Felix couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the wall the Tamaranean had punched a hole through not half an hour ago. Did Black Canary want him dead? Or was this some sort of test to see if he’d learned anything from Green Arrow’s mistake earlier. If that was the case, she was in for a surprise. He took a deep breath and shook out his body. No, he knew better than to think the match would hinge on their respective powers. Aleen’a was still off somewhere so Felix double checked his force field belt and mentally prepared himself.

Aleen’a flew down and joined the team but she was late when Black Canary paired off their teams with one another. She didn’t want to be a bother so she just stayed silent on the sidelines, watching as the battles continued before her. The only chance she got to see people from Earth fight was when the Justice League helped the Tamaraneans fight off the Citadel years ago and she loved how everyone had their own unique and distinct way of fighting. She thought it was an honor to watch her peers battle as well, everyone gave it their all and she was very much inspired by all of them.

During all of that, she kept herself mentally prepared. It was only through this mock battle that she got an idea of everyone’s fighting capabilities. She’s been trained to battle every kind of opponent there was but of course, Earth had its own way of throwing her out of the loop. Everything she thought she knew about Earth just got thrown out of the window.

She looked at her fist, opening and closing it. She could feel power inside her thanks to the bright sun, making her strong enough to punch through a hole on a wall. Will strength ever be enough to face the challenges waiting for her on this planet. Only time could tell. For now, Aleen’a must wait for the last fight to be over so she could finally face her opponent.

Aleen’a was gone longer than he expected and the others had started their sparring… Well, was a magic fight technically sparring? It was as intense as anything he’d seen. Felix had to admit, if he could so deftly summon all the power Zach seemed to have at his disposal, he might be tempted to ignore the martial stuff too. While Black Canary and Ja had their own impressive sparring match, showing off moves Felix ached to try some day, his attention stayed on the magic users. Kass and Zach in all their power were in the middle of their own personal battlefield. It reminded Felix of some of the larger battles between metas he’d had the privilege of witnessing. A shower of fucking rocks. Klizz.

He could almost feel Kass’s satisfaction himself when the Atlantean finally socked Zach in the mouth. He’d be surprised if anyone didn’t. It was short-lived though. Felix hadn’t wanted to see the magician like this. Sure, he was kind of annoying and full of himself. But you just laughed along and teased people like that. At least, that’s how he had learned to handle himself. He watched Zach run off, and took a step towards him. But no. His clone appeared also lunging forward to take off after the boy.

“Wait. No.”

The clone stopped in his tracks, likely coming to the same conclusion. “Shit, we’ll just make him even more mad. Dude doesn’t like me. Besides, I need all the help I can get.” Felix gestured with his head to Aleen’a who had been watching the matches as well from the other side of the sparring grounds. Felix met his clone’s eyes, a hint of a smirk playing across his mouth. No, he couldn’t afford to hold back.

A short time later, Felix approached his opponent. “Princess! It is my honor to be your sparring partner. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did.” He bowed slightly, in good humor. Not entirely sincere but by no means mocking the actual royalty standing before him. “You should know though.” The young man pulled out a small metal box. He opened it, and two small drones shot up and began flitting about, the light glinting off the round lenses in front. “These are not weapons. Just recording devices to help me review later.”

"Zachary…" Aleen'a wanted to follow him but he might take it in the wrong way. She reckoned she must give him some space just like the others did. She sighed, it looked like all of them have their own issues.

She turned to see Felix calling after her and she greeted him with a warm smile as always. "You are going to be my opponent? How wonderful! I am feeling very much of the excitement towards our battle. Oh and everyone are such excellent fighters! It is an honor to be battling alongside everyone in our future missions, and I am especially honored to be fighting you now as well." Aleen'a said and bowed before him.

She then watched in amazement as Felix opened a box and let out two small flying devices. "You are taking records of our fight to review it? My, I have never heard of such a process to improve one's fighting prowess. If you may, I also wish to watch our battle in these adorbubble little flying things so I can improve as well." She excitedly said. "I believe it is now our turn to battle, yes?"

Felix nodded. Adorbubble? It had a weirdly nice ring to it. “Right, let’s go then.” As Aleen’a readied herself, Felix stepped back. He looked down quickly checking that his force field belt was activated and took a deep breath. Two Felixes walked out from behind him as if they had just been hiding there, and where there was once one Felix there were now three. The Felixes took a step back into a fighting stance, and the force fields around them bent the light just slightly, creating the impression of a faint bubble. “Don’t be goin’ easy on us, Princess,” the three said in unison then charged at her. In a bid to overwhelm her the two on either side split in a pincer move.

Aleen’a jumped back in shock when there were now multiple copies of Felix in front of her. As the Felixes attacked her at once, she yelped and flipped upwards into the air and landed a few feet away from them. “I have never fought someone with self-duplicating powers before. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity, Felix!” She excitedly said as she proceeded to run to the right in a round-about way to make space between the clones. She noticed distorted light surrounding all of them, a force field of some sorts? Either way, she had to determine which of them was the real Felix, it’s really just either one of the three. Stalling and thinking about who the real one among them was was just a waste of time so she decided to attack the middle Felix of the three instead. “Here I come!” Aleen’a shouted, running at full speed towards that specific Felix.

Gold Rush turned in place to follow Aleen’a’s movements, shuffling back and forth. It wasn’t like them to hold back, preferring to overwhelm their opponent. But she was suited to take them all on so they held back more so than usual. Until she did them the favor of announcing her advance.

It was clear who her target was and the other two Felixes split, while the poor boy at the center of her attention did everything he could to move with the blow. But the princess was quick. Even with warning, he couldn’t dodge or block in time. As her fist connected with his chest, the force field shimmered at the point of contact, cushioning the blow. Felix grunted, still pushed backwards. “Shit, that hurts…”

The other two who had separated came in from the sides and struck with their own punches. “On your left!” the one on her right shouted. They weren’t so coordinated that they could time their attacks perfectly and so the one coming from her right attacked first.

‘They’re too slow.’ Aleen’a thought to herself. The longer she was fighting these clones, the more she realized that they don’t think and act in unison. They took action based on their instincts or probably based on the instincts of the real Felix. She could hear the right one’s footsteps before he even shouted to confuse her. Warrior’s instincts, Aleen’a supposed. She quickly ducked, grabbed the right Felix’s attacking forearm upwards before striking his abdomen with an open palm. She then flipped high backwards again, hitting the middle Felix’s chin with her foot before landing a few feet away from them once more to gain space.

The dumb ploy hadn’t worked, but their real mistake had been to not attack together. Two of the Felixes were quickly punished for it, while the third didn’t even get to act before Aleen’a retreated once more. Felix had taken a kick to the chin and hit the ground, his force field flickered, a sign that Aleen’a’s alien strength was already pushing it to its limits. He quickly got up with another curse. The three whispered among themselves.

“She’s too fast.”
“Or we’re too slow.”
“I might need to tag out soon. Don’t know if I wanna take a hit with no shield.”
“We just need to stop her from moving. Gotta grab her.”
“Much fun as that sounds, not sure if we can pull it off.”

One of the Felix’s clicked his tongue a few times. As if counting out a beat.

“We just gotta sync up,” he said in a pause. And the other two picked up the same beat.


The "original" Felix sat crouched, watched from the trees. The two drones circling the group of his clones and Aleen’a fed him a video stream as well, but he didn’t need to look too closely to see he was still outmatched. She just kept countering him and jumping away. Of course, this was why two of them had stayed back. They’d stayed back to start firing on her if she tried to fly, but this was the same thing.

“We’re up,” he said to the clone at his side. The two raised both their arms, wrist blasters pointed at the air above Aleen’a. They weren’t close enough to hit her from this distance but the blasts should serve to throw off her jumps if she tried to retreat again.


The three Felixes charged at Aleen’a once again. Practiced in keeping rhythm, the three acted in time with the beat they'd agreed on and it showed in their synchronized movements. There would be no effort to strike Aleen’a this time, only to hold her down.

Aleen’a was ready to counter them once again when the three Felixes huddled together and began popping their tongues. "Is… Is something in your throat? Would you like to drink a warm glass of water?” She called out to them, not wanting to fight someone who was at a disadvantage. She wanted all of her fights to be fair for both parties as much as possible, even though anyone would break the rules in a life-and-death situation anyway.

They continued to do tongue-pops until the three settled on to a rhythm they could play in unison. Aleen’a was very impressed by it but it quickly turned to suspense once all of the Felixes were coming right after her. She still wasn’t used to fighting duplicates of the same people, the whole battle’s making her feel like she’s hallucinating but she tried her best to stay focused. She instinctively flew up to evade them and gain more ground but that was a bad idea. Aleen’a shouted as she felt pain from her back from being shot by the two Felixes hiding in the trees. The pain and shock caused her to lose focus and made her fall back down on the ground. She moaned and squirmed, still trying to think about what happened to her but it was already too late as the three Felixes were already upon her.

As she had done before, Aleen’a tried to retreat once more. The boys had made a more coordinated rush, but even then were not quick enough to reach her before she simply skipped away. That was when the hidden Felixes fired. A blast knocked her back on the ground. The three Felixes dove, acting to keep her pinned. Sure Gold Rush didn’t have a problem with fighting dirty against villains, but this was his team mate. He wasn’t about to hit her when she was down. A submission would do.

Being able to act in time with each other presented some advantages. It also presented some disadvantages. When the two Felixes running ahead both dove at once to tackle Brightheart, aiming to pin her arms down, their own outstretched arms brushed against each other. There was a yellow flash of light that engulfed the two. When the light cleared there was only one Felix to hold the Tamaranean princess. He had his arms wrapped around her legs, attention torn between admiring those legs and figuring out what to do now.


Our Felix watched from the trees, stunned that the clone by his side had somehow managed to actually land a shot on Aleen’a. He had only been going for cover fire, so it had to be pure luck that any of their shots had landed. He turned to look at his clone. The Felix shrugged. “Lucky shot I guess,” he said with a smirk.

There was no time look into it further. He suddenly felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. The telltale yellow flash of light confirmed what he expected. Somebody over there had messed up. “Chingao, let's go.” He dropped from his tree branch, hitting the ground with a thud and a shimmer of his force field. With the shock absorbed, he was able to hit the ground running. He needed to backup his remaining clone. The footsteps behind him confirmed that this clone was with him as well. Hopefully the other could hold his own for now. Or maybe, however unlikely, they’d already knocked Aleen’a out. He held one arm out just in case, but it was unlikely he would be able to fire again without risking hitting himself.


Aleen'a cursed at herself for being stupid. Of course the real Felix will hide in a distance and let his clones fight the enemy. The Warlords would be displeased with her if they could see her right now but there was nothing she could do about it. She felt the pressure from the weight of the three Felixes push her down on the ground. When she was down, she looked back and realized only one Felix was left, arms wrapped around her leg. "Felix? Where are the other Felixes?" She heard footsteps and she looked to see the two Felixes emerge from the trees, running towards her while aiming their blasters at her.

She growled in defiance. She didn't care if she'll get shot while flying anymore, she needed to get this Felix off of her. "Sorry about this, Feelix!" Aleen'a said then flipped upside so she's laying on her back on the ground, using her knees to squeeze the clone's head. She pushed herself off the ground using her arms and kept herself steady with her legs squeezing fake Felix's head in, using him as a booster for her to fly up with him still in tow. She got down close to the ground and was now flying full speed towards the two running Felixes, flipping herself mid-air with her now grabbing the Felix's feet and planning on using him to ram the others.

"Here I go… Felix ATTAAAACK!"

Felix watched as Brightheart effortlessly just flung his clone’s body around. He was in trouble. If his clone had any sense he’d just dispel himself, but it was clear from one look at his face that the clone held by Aleen’a was in a daze. He called back to the Felix running with him. “Stay back!” If she managed to force contact between the two clones, that would take away his last remaining allies. Behind him, the footsteps died as his clone fell behind just before the two groups met. Felix watched Aleen’a advancing like a runaway train, his own body held before her. No time to think. He knew what would happen, that he’d be fine. Still, if he gave himself that time to think. he would hesitate and falter. He planted his feet intending to grab and throw Aleen’a. As the clone made contact with his hand, there was another flash of yellow light and the body vanished. He grabbed for Aleen’a’s waist as she kept moving at him, but she was too fast for him. Instead of redirecting her into a throw, Felix got knocked backwards into a tumble. He hit the ground hard, but kept going. His head spun, his body spun, and the shimmers of his force field went off with every new hit. But there were some softer impacts that told him he had somehow managed to keep his hold.

She didn't know how the clones disappeared the first time so it sucked that it took her a second time to realize how that happened. The next thing she knew, she was tumbling all over the ground while holding someone, probably another. Their two bodies flailed and kept rolling over each other for what seemed like an hour before it finally stopped. Her body ached all over and she's covered in dirt and grass. She even spewed some out of her mouth and groaned in pain, not before realizing something warm breathing against her belly.

Aleen'a looked down and saw Felix getting pinned down by her. She could also see his force field barely hanging on. "Hello? Are you the real Felix?" Aleen'a asked him while tapping on his head, the force field glowing on the spot where her finger made contact with it, all while keeping him still pinned down by her.

They finally came to a stop. Felix could feel a weight on top of him and realized it was Aleen’a. Oh God. Sure enough, she tapped on his head. Klizz. Panicking, Felix started flailing about. He couldn’t even see. He couldn’t even breathe. Where did he have his face?! He scrambled out from beneath Aleen’a and took a few steps back, panting. He had just wanted to throw her not… this. “Yeah…” he said, looking at the ground trying to catch his breath. “I’m the Felix you know. If my clones touch me- uh, or any other clone, they disappear. Just like you saw.” He kept his eyes averted from her. “I uh… I think you won.”

"I… did?" Aleen'a stayed seated on the ground. Even after being told she won, she weirdly didn't feel any better. Ah yes, the whole fight was weird from the very start. "It was an honor fighting you, Felix. It was quite the unique experience." Aleen'a said as she stood up and bowed before him, giggling sheepishly.

Felix nodded. "Well... you did come out on top," he joked shakily, his confidence slowly returning. "I could keep trying but I think I'm just about out of tricks..." Another awkward second passed before he continued. "And an honor for me to be one of your first fights on Earth," he returned the bow. "And hopefully not our last." He kept his head low, still avoiding meeting her eyes.

The last remaining clone had watched all of this. Just stepping out of the way when the other two tumbled past him. Were his skin not darkened from time in the sun, the flushing of his skin would have been obvious. “Aight. I’m out,” were his last words as his form dissipated.

Location: Obstacle Course
Interactions: Kila @DClassified

It had all happened so fast. One moment he'd been joking and crossing the monkey bars. The next, there were teammates flying through the air and landing with a thud. Ja putting Zach's magic to use. Competition. And of course the batrope.

He couldn't stop himself from feeling just the tiniest bit of awe, his inner fanboy squealing when he saw the gadget. Sure he'd seen some fancy tech in his time. His own gadgets were children's toys compared to what the privileged could afford in his time. But the grapnel. It was a marvel of engineering. Something like that could've made a huge difference in his early life.

Of course, all that wonder vanished instantly when the gadget's owner fell. The relief they felt at Daphne's quick reaction went right back to panic as the situation got worse. Thankfully, the team was quick to spring into action. Including Felix himself. Though the others were faster, Felix and Felix and Felix managed to support them, at the very least to prevent anyone else from falling in. There was a triple curse as the ladder fell. Perhaps if one of them had been quicker.

Once everyone was safely away from the edge of the pit, Felix waved away his two clones. He didn't know if that would be a problem but didn't really care. He had had bigger things to worry about than the rules of their training. Trying to catch his breath, Felix sat in the grass with the rest of the team, noticing Talon standing alone. "Ta-" But no, Hex was going to talk to him. Something told him crowding the older boy would be a bad idea. Best not upset the Talon. He'd just have to catch up with him later... much later.

Green Arrow and Black Canary finally appeared, each arriving in their own time and fashion. Felix just shook his head at the delay. He was pretty sure one of him had gone to look for them. But sure enough, coming from the exact opposite direction was a panicked Felix running out from among the trees. The very same Felix who'd cheered them on earlier and hung back at the monkey bars to tease Zach. He'd clearly run off to find their teachers at the sign of trouble but misjudged where they'd be. Felix watched him hunched over, hands on his knees even more out of breath than the other three. He saw his double sigh in relief at the sight before him then fade away. Even if his clones were just present to be keep everyone company, he'd have to make sure they were all more observant in the future.

"Team Canary is dismissed, Team Arrow you can take a short break and join back up with me in the clearing for your sparring session."

As if that was the signal they were waiting for, half that team went their separate ways. Felix struggled. Should he talk to some of them? He didn't really know any of them that well, and who knew what sentiments might be lingering from their sparring. No, besides he preferred to do that sort of thing himself. Sending clones to do personal stuff was trouble for a few different reasons. No he'd just have to chill for now.

Team Canary weren't the only ones wandering off alone though. Felix noticed Ja standing off to one side, seemingly upset about something. Weird. Hadn't he pretty much done basically half the rescue on his own? With the ladder being the only casualty of his own actions. Felix got up slowly, dusting himself off and walked over to the other young man. "Yo Ja! That was some slick thinking. First the ladder and then using it to save Talon. Don't know where we woulda been without you..." He glanced over at his shoulder to see Zach's magicky purple bridge. "But, you know if we knew he could do that it mighta saved us a shit-ton of trouble."

Location: Obstacle Course
Interactions: Team Arrow

Aleen'a kept at it, making more and more of a dent in the wall. Ja had wandered off at some point and now returned and offered his own analytical take on the wall. Huh... he sure seemed different today. There was something going on there. He'd seemed friendly enough yesterday, but had turned around and been pretty hostile to Zach this morning. Felix shrugged, writing it off as the other young man having a serious game face.

He was right about the wall though. Aleen'a had basically already made the decision for them. Felix just took a few steps back to watch. He wasn't about to get hit by any falling material, or worse crushed by a crumbling wall. He watched the alien with awe as she wailed on the wall. Felix's own knuckles almost ached with the sound of each thud, but she just went at it like one of them might go at a punching bag. Even when the dust obscured her, they could hear her consistent punches. He grew restless, just waiting on her and he and the other Felix started cheering her on.

"Let's go princess! Wreck that kliz!"

Soon enough she'd succeeded in making them a passage through the wall. Felix looked at the structure, his mind full of images of crumbling buildings. He quickly rushed through the hole after Aleen'a and Ja. The other boy outpaced him easily, and before Felix knew it, he was on the other edge of the monkey bars. Felix whistled, watching him effortlessly swing himself up to the top of the bars.

Felix followed right after him, making his way across. Nothing so fancy but he steadily and quickly made his way from one end of the monkey bars to the other. He sighed, wishing he could be recording this. He swung his way into a small leap off the last bar and landed on his feet facing the next pit. Yeah, it was time for Zach to do something it seemed.


Felix hung playfully from one bar where he'd stayed behind at the first end of the monkey bars. "You catch that, Speech Devil?" he said to Zach, "You're needed. Hope Ja's idea doesn't involve a string of hankies huh?" He shifted to hang on his other arm. "Gotta get over there first. You need any help? I think Aleen'a here can carry all of us on her back if we ask real nice." The instincts of a cocky teenager took over and he subconsciously began doing a few pull-ups. "I mean, I could try too if you want. I could get us halfway across before we fell. Would make a good story." Really, he knew he wasn't needed here. But if he was going to stick around he had to do something, and heckling Zach was a fun something.

Location: Obstacle Course
Interactions: Kass, Aleen'a, Zach

One clone at a time? Felix looked at the course ahead of them. Well it wasn't the worst limitation. Really they wouldn't be of much use except to maybe flip those tires. It wasn't exactly like he could give himself a boost over that wall.

Speaking of that wall, their new alien friend was already at it... trying to break it down. First the roses, now this. She would clearly have some adjusting to do. Somehow even more than Felix himself had needed. "Kass is probably right Al-"

And Zach spoke over him, of course. Damn, this guy was a lot more charming in his videos. "Oh come on Zach. You don't got a fun rope of knotted napkins in that suit somewhere? Isn't that like a magician classic? I mean even that kleezy clown that Booster got for my 14th birthday could make one of those..."

"Well that clown isn't here, so we work with what we got," said a second Felix walking out from behind the other side of the wall. "Aleen'a here could break it down or maybe boost each of us. Parkour yourself over after that or whatever."

Parkour. Huh. He remembered Ravi trying to teach him how to run at and boost himself up a wall. If only he'd paid more attention back then. How had he done it?

The first Felix took a few steps back and adjusted his stance, then ran at the wall. Off to one side, so as to not run into Aleen'a. As he neared the wall, he raised one leg. He would use it to push himself upward and hopefully be able to grab the top and pull himself up. His shoe hit the wall and pushed just fine. But the angle was off and Felix only succeeded in pushing himself backwards. "Well shi-" he grunted as he flew back and landed on his butt.

The second Felix laughed. "You think I wouldn't have done that myself if I thought we could."

The Felix on the ground rolled his eyes. He got up and dusted himself off. Looking up at the wall, he made a mental note. Regardless of how they got past this wall, it'd be good to work on getting over future walls himself. "If you don't get the one big hole made, you can do some handholds."

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