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Hello! I'm here to share a few plot ideas for yuri Roleplay! Or it can even be MxF I want to play the female of course but I could be flexible! Here are some ideas below:

1.yes My lady
You have been brought into the kingdom of Valure, the last Pure blood vampires out there to be the servant to the princess. Upon meeting you find out you must be a blood supply for the female as you well, but how can you do that when she is so stubborn and closed off!? Now you must get her to open up and help her feed, or else she will grow sick!

2.Warrior cats
You are in the rival/same clan as my character we go about the lives of warriors and do what we can for the clan even go on a long journey will we grow close or end up hating each other?(mating is allowed)

3.Youre what!?(based off of Kamisama kiss)
You have just become the new land god of the shrine and you have finally moved in, however you can't find your familiar anywhere? And if you don't make the contract with them soon you'll be defenseless. Upon returning the shrine spirits where confused as to where the last land god was. Finding your familiar you see she is gorgeous and all around someone you know you'll end up falling for. Can you get into her heart and win her over as time goes on or will she continue to resent you?

(Yes all these roles can be switched around where you can choose to be either or side of the role~ just dm me if interested! And you must be literate!
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hello :) i'd be up for RPing with you if you were still looking.. you got some good ideas.. i like first one and the second one, the third, i havnt read the Manga so i'd not do that proper justice..
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