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Hi I'm Vixen! I'm 21 and I love to Roleplay!

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I fixed it.

"Don't sit here and act like it's all fine and dandy!"



The Tsundere

5 feet


Sakeko is exactly as her alias says. She is a huge Tsundere who takes everything very seriously. She doesn't like to be told what to do and often times finds herself growing jealous when someone tries to take her only friend away. She doesn't know how to talk to others very well but always tries to do her best. She is smart and curious about plenty of things though, when she isn't too sure about certain things, she doesn't like to ask for help. She is a very independent female who is still trying to let others in despite her desire to keep them out.

•She's a fast runner
•outside of school she is a teacher at a dojo so she is great at hand o hand combat.
•she's a great climber

•despite being small and fast, she isn't a great swimmer, actually she can't swim at all.
•she can't take control or charge.

Pansexual, a preference to females

TBD, will add as people join


Sakeko didn't have a picture perfect life, unfortunately when she was a baby, her parents give her up for adoption. She was thrown into the system jumping from one foster home to another until a family finally gave her a good life and she's been there ever since.
"Breaking News: This just in, a horrific outbreak in the south part of town has brought citizens into a panic!" The tv in the teachers lounge went in and out, it seemed like the connections where beginning to fail everywhere. "Now to Ayame who is out on the streets currently trying to see what is going on!" The picture on the tv changed to a young adult female nodding, holding a mic and smiled. "Thank you Yuki, here we are in the south part of town, two men have been spotted supposedly tackling citizens down and attacking them without any given reason! They seem to be biting into the flesh of the victims as if they where savage animals." The female cut off suddenly as she screamed getting tackled down, her body getting bit into with amazing and insanely scary strength. Back at the news building they stood silent, still live before Yuki stood and shouted. "Shut it off! Get of the air now!!!" And with that, the the connection stopped. However, there was no one watching..blood was scattered around the floor and windows and the sounds of screams where echoing through the hallways.

A massive outbreak has come over the world and humans left and right where dying...and coming back to life. It had all happened so very quickly and no one knew why, all they knew was that it was terrifying and all the students..all Anyone knew was that they needed to survive, or these undead creatures would kill them all!!

Hello it's a pleasure to meet you I know there are many of them but I wanted to do a post-apocalyptic roleplay with a small group of people! Maybe a total of 6 including myself? :') if you are curious on the feel of the Roleplay think of Highschool of the dead, resident evil or even The walking dead. I do have a few rules such as please be literate( 3+ paragraphs), active and patrient. Sexual scenes and such are allowed, it can get as dirty as you please or as teasing as you like BUT it's not all about the smut and I don't want that to be the focus. These group of students will work together, travel and try to live in a world full of death and terrifying moments. I'm hoping this will also help with making friends and such!!! Anyways enough babbling! Here is the character sheet, put your characters below if interested! I'm hoping for two more females and three males so it's an even amount or so, if more than 5 people are interested then i won't have a limit to who can join and just have a huge group! Also there will be a post order to keep it easier thank you so much for reading!!!!

Character Sheet;
Connections;(basically how you know the other characters weather it's just being in the same class/ relationship/ or friends!
Bio(just a little about your past is fine, doesn't have to be a lot!)

Thank you all!!!!

Alright I went ahead and changed their to see if that was a little better? Did it help?
@SamaraJayne96 are the pictures not showing? I put two of them and yes of course I can.

How hair is usually worn;

Name: Akiko Fujimari
Alias/role: Girl Lolita
Nicknames; Ki, Aki
Age; 16
Height; 5 feet on the dot
Weight; 110lbs
Hair color; a light pastel pink
Eye color; pale purple
Ethnicity; Japanese/British
Accent(if any): a light British
Appearance; Akiko is a petite female. Her skin is soft and as pretty as a porcelain doll. Not particularly winning in the curves department, she has a small chest yet her rear is her second best quality. She has a small button nose and light freckles over the bridge of her nose reaching out across her cheeks. She has soft, plump pinkish lips that always wears a smile. Her pastel hair is long wavy always usually down with her bangs pinned up to show off her pretty face. With being a noble, she cares not for regular clothing, always found in a traditional priestess outfit, or traditional kimono clothing. Along her back are scars from her childhood of an abusive alcoholic father and an uncaring mother.

Personality; Akiko is quite the odd female. Despite always smiling and being warm, she is rather shy towards others. Being a noble has never gotten to the females head for she never cared much for her titlement and has even been known to act like a commoner. Many have rumored the Blackcross bloodline as cruel and harmful but Nymph is the physical embodiment of that being the exact opposite. With a love for water, the female is almost always found swimming in the pools. She has a warm heart and innocent soul, Unfortunately due to being so frail and weak, Akiko has been known to get sick easily

At times she can act very childish and often times comes off as a spoiled brat, but it is only when she finds that she is being ignored or doesn't seem to be cared about at the moment. Despite that, she is a sweetheart who loves to make others smile and feel happy. She is always the shoulder to cry on when someone else is upset, yet she doesn't know how to worry about her own wellbeing either and this often results in her bottling up her emotions. There are rare times when Akiko can be very hot headed and short tempered, she will say things she particularly doesn't mean at the moment but will always immediately begin to cry and apologize.

Sexuality; lesbian

Growing up, Akiko was always well off with a family that never had to worry about money or making ends meet, however that didn't mean that everything was fine and dandy in her personal life at home. Her father was never home, usually out working super late or drinking, but she wasn't stupid, she knew he was having an affair from the moment he started coming home late smelling like perfume. She still had no clue why her mother had yet to say anything to him about it.

Her mother was doing the same however, having an affair, going out on dates whenever she knew her husband would be home late. They argued so much that Akiko couldn't remember a time where things where happy anymore. She then got into the host club and everything seemed like it was going to get all better and things would be great again. That changed when her parents divorced and split up. At the time they didn't want Akiko around for this until they figured something out, so she was sent away to live with her grandparents. Away from her fighting parents. .and away from the host club for a whole year.

Now Akiko is back and better than ever. Her father still remains living here in the city and that means that Akiko is still able to attend the school she's always loved and adored, and that means she is now back to remain in he host club for three more years,including this for the three of course, and she plans to take full advantage of it. With her adorable ways and sweet pouty smile, she plans to make everyone's time here at the host club, happy and rememberable.
Hello! I'm here to share a few plot ideas for yuri Roleplay! Or it can even be MxF I want to play the female of course but I could be flexible! Here are some ideas below:

1.yes My lady
You have been brought into the kingdom of Valure, the last Pure blood vampires out there to be the servant to the princess. Upon meeting you find out you must be a blood supply for the female as you well, but how can you do that when she is so stubborn and closed off!? Now you must get her to open up and help her feed, or else she will grow sick!

2.Warrior cats
You are in the rival/same clan as my character we go about the lives of warriors and do what we can for the clan even go on a long journey will we grow close or end up hating each other?(mating is allowed)

3.Youre what!?(based off of Kamisama kiss)
You have just become the new land god of the shrine and you have finally moved in, however you can't find your familiar anywhere? And if you don't make the contract with them soon you'll be defenseless. Upon returning the shrine spirits where confused as to where the last land god was. Finding your familiar you see she is gorgeous and all around someone you know you'll end up falling for. Can you get into her heart and win her over as time goes on or will she continue to resent you?

(Yes all these roles can be switched around where you can choose to be either or side of the role~ just dm me if interested! And you must be literate!
I am interested in this~
hello! This is basically to inform anyone who might be interested! I'm looking to roleplay with others! :) preferably pm though. Now I can Roleplay clean or mature/smut if I do smut it will need a decent storyline! I like almost any genres except for maybe war/mecha type things.

Clean Roleplay interests:
Steven universe
Warrior cats

Smut Roleplay interests:
Warriorcats(I know it might seem strange but I find it interesting and rather creative.)
Fetishes(I have certain restrictions)

I'm up to hear any offers just message me! I'm down for a lot and most things if I'm not too sure of it I'll ask you to explain it better! I'm more of a I'll help you get to roleplay your pleasures/interests. I just love to roleplay and write so I'm happy doing really anything ^~^
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