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Current Hey guys! Family and the Holidays are keeping me pretty busy. Il try to respond as much as I can~☆
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I ran back to earth, tripped and fell in the glorified dirt. Honestly gravity sees me as a liability~
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I am an ocean, I am the sea. There is a world inside of me~
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Working on CS now~
Possibly interested
@silvermist1116 I would say they are naturally enhanced and that all if them have that ability. Faster, slightly stronger than humans.
Some powers that would be extraordinary for them would be what there parents could do. (Zeus controls storms, Hades the dead and so on)
@silvermist1116 I forgot I changed it at the last minute. My mistake!
@silvermist1116 I used a sort of Magenta-purple. However as long as you claim a dialough color first you can choose whichever youd like.

@Legion02@silvermist1116 You can call dibs for applications:) Just know that the final decision is pending GM approval~☆
Here is the link to the RP:

I just have the bare bones up for now I still have yet to edit and add things like temples and such yet.
But I figure while you're waiting on me you can work on your CS or any suggestions you may have~☆

@silvermist1116@Legion02@Weird Tales@sassy1085@Pyxis@Gigan@JrVader@Teswo3rd@The Bork Lazer

Dear _______,

The time has come for you to fulfill your destiny. As a Half-Blood it is your duty to participate in the legendary trials known as "The Battle of Mount Olympus." Included in this letter are specific instructions you are to follow exactly as written. Accommodations such as plane tickets, lodging, etc. have all been provided. Attendance is mandatory and any rebellion will result in severe punishment. Not only for you but possibly for others as well. You are to represent your immortal parent in an upcoming competition to demonstrate strength, honor, and cunning.
Please be sure to arrive promptly at the following address. There you will board a ferry to your final destination.
Be sure to view the following pages for any and all descriptive additional information regarding the situation.

The Olympian Pantheon

In Greek Mythology there were a handful of immortal beings said to rule the world. These deities tended to watch Earth from another realm known as Olympus. A heavenly plain untouchable by mere mortals. Occasionally they would interact with humans and other wildlife that resided in the physical world. Whether the reason is curiosity or temptation is hard to say.

In their boredom, the malevolent beings decided to create an annual event as a form of entertainment. This event was known as The Battle of Mount Olympus. Once every century a sort of triathlon would take place in an effort to demonstrate the strength and cunning of each participant. In preparation, each individual deity would visit Earth and choose a human to conceive their child years before the event. Being half-human and half God, these offspring were known as Half-Bloods. Entities that were specifically created to act as contenders in the challenges assigned to them. Not by means an invitation. More like a summons... No one had ever refused to participate in the Battle before. No one would dare. Attached to each summons was a warning that those who chose to rebel would be wiped from existence as punishment. Those who refused would not only perish, but they would cease to exist completely.
At first, to test their strength the "Half-Bloods" would face creatures of legend. Few to be named were the Chimera, Cyclops, the Minotaur, even Medusa. The preliminary rounds were used to give the contenders a sort of practice to hone their ability. Once they have proven their worth and had perfected their powers, the victors would move on to then face each other. Participating in one-on-one combat, Half-Blood against Half-Blood. Not all battles ended in death but accidents do happen.
As a reward, the final champion would be granted immortality as well as a home on Mount Olympus. They would achieve Godlike status and become a Demi-God. Any wish they so desired would be granted and all loved ones would want for nothing. Whoever had survived the contest but failed to become champion would simply resume their lives on Earth.

In the middle of creating the post...
I am thinking of just limiting the deities to the original 12 Olympians.
I don't think we will have enough people to fill the bracket as it is...
I am sorry for any inconvenience :/

I will include Hephaestus making the total 13. For some reason, he is not counted in history as one of the primary Olympians but I disagree.
Hey gang~
I am going to have to take a break from this RP for the time being.
I have too much going on and I feel really guilty about holding the storyline up...
I PROMISE I am working on it...
Family and the Holidays and life are delaying me.
Sorry guys~
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