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So, I thought the dryer made my clothes shrink. Turns out it was the refrigerator :/
7 mos ago
Them: "What pronoun do you use for you?" Me: "Your Grace."
7 mos ago
At my funeral, take the bouquet off my casket and throw it into the crowd to see who's next.
8 mos ago
The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
10 mos ago
If each day is a "gift", I'd like to know where I can return Mondays.


1 h4v3 f0und 50 much b34u7y 1n 7h3 d4rk
45 1 h4v3 f0und 50 much h0rr0r 1n 7h3 l16h7.

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I never truly realized
what it meant to hurt
until I wanted you
to such a great extent,
only to have no other choice
but to convince myself
that I didn't.
At some point, one just ceases being hungry enough to care about food whatsoever.

This would be ideal.
As one who has chosen to lead a vegan lifestyle for about six years, aside from just feeling physically and mentally cleaner, it has certainly expanded my meal preparations in inventive ways due to having to supplement a lot of things. But honestly there isn't anything I miss from my carnivore days...


The terrible humor just wouldn't stop on Ricky's end. It never did. But what was the point of fueling an already raging fire of insecurities and self-hatred? Alex didn't know that much about the guy honestly, and the little he'd learned last year as a new student was more than he ever wanted or needed to know. Thanks to Jordan, of course -the endless spout of gossip that he was- it seemed there was a history of domestic abuse in the Quinn household, something that Alex couldn't really relate to as he always saw his parents are fairly vanilla. Boring even. The occasional squabbles about petty things, as most families would have no matter who you were, but nothing to the degree that Ricky had endured.

But maybe he had a point, nevertheless. Alex would be lying if the thought hadn't crossed his mind whether or not he would have any other skills outside the artistic realm. Is this all there is?

"You might very well be right." Alex responded with a shrug, lifting the camera up to his face and positioning his eye in the viewfinder. "But as long as every picture captures some kind of personal story, I guess I'll continue to do whatever I'm doing."

He centered Ricky's portrait in the frame, the yellow-orange of the bonfire's warm colors reaching far enough to light one half of his face. Quinn was a good-looking guy, and Alex appreciated a subject who, for one reason or another, seemed fairly photogenic, despite their emotional struggles. "Hold that pose. Nothing unnatural. People can sense fake. Just be you."

Alex didn't have to like Ricky, but he also didn't need to be on the guy's "shit list" for no other reason than existing.
Welcome back

The exchange between he and Jordan was short-lived, even more so than normal. It seemed a lot of his conversations with anyone these days was brief. Too many interruptions. Life getting in the way. Blah. Blah. Blah. And while the kid seemed to be constantly glued to his phone as though jacked into the Matrix, Alex still liked having Jordan around. The cell vibrated, indicating a text, and he smirked when he saw Alana's message. He knew she would come, well, there was that sliver of doubt, but probably stemming from anxiety than anything else. The one trait he and Lana had in common was neither one of them liked parties. But, to not show up would probably be worse as they wouldn't hear the end of it.

His attention turned back to Jordan, but, before he even had a chance to respond, the snarky tone of Ricky Quinn crept up behind him like a cold shadow lurking. Alex swore a tingle would run up his spine every time the dude was in the vicinity. Like, "Spidey-sense", but more annoying. Of course, the moody jock always started just about any conversation with sarcasm, as though that was the only prescribe education he'd been exposed to.

Alex simply smirked though, barely even wanting to acknowledge the guys terrible humor. "Sup, Ricky?" He gave the other a quick nod, which is all he really deserved. But, any retort toward the guy would only cause a vicious circle of remarks back and forth, which would probably never end, or start a riot. Either way, Alex wasn't in the mood, nor did he care to feed the beast. He managed to throw Jordan a peace sign when the kid scooted off, before turning back to Ricky.

"So-uh, enjoy the party then." He said, all but ending the conversation as his attention suddenly looked past Ricky and spotted Lana. He couldn't help but allow a grin to form from ear to ear as she shot him a wink, and looked back at Ricky with that same goofy smile. "Oh, by the way, you mind if I take a quick picture of you? I think Jordan needs one for his collection of suspects."

Okay, so perhaps Alex needed to insert a bit of sarcasm. Lana was there after all, and that made his heart happy.
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