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18 days ago
Them: "What pronoun do you use for you?" Me: "Your Grace."
20 days ago
At my funeral, take the bouquet off my casket and throw it into the crowd to see who's next.
1 mo ago
The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
2 mos ago
No matter how great of a day you're having, there's always someone who wants to piss in your drink.
3 mos ago
Someone told me "You don't have kids so you shouldn't be tired." LMAO...girl, fuck you and your kids.


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Welcome to the Guild, fren
Welcome the to Guild
We cut and kill flowers
Because we think they're beautiful.

But we cut and kill ourselves
Because we think we are not.
Welcome to the Guild

it's unfortunate for all of you that i'm here but ((::: hi (((:

I'm sure there are worse people than you here, but welcome nonetheless
If I can add my feedback on future postings...please don't use red text. It is like one of the worst colors to try reading on this sites background.
This puts me in my happy place.

Kai’mos Varthus

The Ithlo couldn't help but chuckle at the amount of medical supplies he'd had to stock within a short amount of time, considering the ship would be ready to lift off and leave their current location for a long while, as was the norm. Kai'mos didn't mind, because if there was any place in the galaxy he would rather steer clear off altogether, it would be the Hub. Enough time was wasted in such places, that rarely did he leave benefiting from the experience. However, in this particular case, he did, and as he placed the last of the dehydrated plants away within the temperature controlled cabinet, but what happened next was more than unexpected.

The violent rumble following an unknown explosion of some kind sent enough vibration to unbalance the ship’s Medic, as well as knock a few metal and glass containers from the storage shelf before Kai even had a chance to secure it properly. One of the metallic cylinders, glanced off a horn on the top, right side of his head, and as he turned to quickly evade any others, a glass container shattered upon impact as it hit the jagged scales of the other horn rainy small shards onto his face.

“Fia’kreta!” he exclaimed under his breath in the native language of his people, his hands instinctively brushing away the tiny particles from his forehead, being careful not to get anything in his eyes. “Like a bull in a china shop.” he mumbled, repeating one of the many sayings picked up by the human colonies. The thick horns protruding from the top of the skull were inherent amongst the Ithlo, and marked the sign of adulthood -and, some might say great intellect and wisdom- but could also become quite burdensome in close quarters when one doesn’t need such obstacles. Kai, noticed a bit of blood on his hand, and stepped in front of the mirror for a closer examination. A scratch, nothing more, directly above his right brow.

Hearing the voice of Teg echoing down the main corridor snapped his attention immediately, as he walked just outside the MedBay doors and nodded in greeting as the young, brown-haired human woman passed.

“Everything looks perfect from my perspective.” Kai said with a slight smile that quickly disappeared, wishing he’d retracted that statement immediately. “What I meant to say was. I’m fine. MedBay took a bit of a beating, but nothing I can’t straighten up.” He nodded, before turning to walk back into the room. “Oh…” He stopped and turned once again. “How are you holding up, Miss Taggart?”

Kai already knew the answer though. From what he understood of her, Teg was a damn machine, and built to withstand just about any punishment. But he supposed everyone had their breaking points. She was also not fond of being called “Miss” anything, but Ithlo customs would never die, and formality was everything to their species.
Considering Alex is also a recruit, we should work out if they're gonna know each other and how

Yeah definitely. Hmu in discord to discuss, when you have a chance.

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