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You don't realize how isolated you are until a pandemic hits and you legit make zero changes to your life.
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I've never once faked a sarcasm.
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So, I thought the dryer made my clothes shrink. Turns out it was the refrigerator :/
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Them: "What pronoun do you use for you?" Me: "Your Grace."
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At my funeral, take the bouquet off my casket and throw it into the crowd to see who's next.


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I'm having a rather though time due to some circumstances in my life. Currently very busy with clearing out a house that needs to be empty by the 3rd. I'm swamped in work until then. After the 3rd things will have quieted down for me.

Hope everything is going well on your end. Check in and let us know what's up :)
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Lurking in the shadows?
Happy Friday. How are we all doing?
As intriguing as the journal seemed based on the stories and its history of being a key to Hadrian’s cache, Vah’lux didn’t care much for old manuscripts or the languages that followed them, especially with regard to human cultures. The true history of the world -at least from her own knowledge- had been passed down orally through the many centuries by the wisest of chiefs and shamans; their depictions seemed vastly different than many writings by human hands, and most seemed to revolve around gold and wealth. Such a thing, while necessary in certain circles, did not interest the tribeswoman in the least.

Within the saloon, the Goliath’s muscular frame, adorned with scars and a few tattoos of her culture and tribe, drew the occasional curious glance from the eclectic mix of patrons. Her wild, dark hair framed her rigid face, and intense emerald eyes surveyed the room with a mix of curiosity and wariness. This was a relatively new environment that she had inserted herself into all due to this expedition, and yet she couldn’t help but keep her senses on high alert. These were strangers amongst strangers, and she felt the most of any outlier, even more so than Bill, who she had given an acknowledging nod to earlier, and the beast being one of the only she knew fairly well from the Kharakhi Desert.

She knew the stares would continue regardless…

A group of card players, dressed in cowboy hats and worn leather vests, huddled around a poker table, their cigars sending thick plumes of smoke into the air. The clinking of poker chips mixed with their boisterous laughter. But, they couldn’t hide their judgemental expressions behind fanned cards. Across the room, a group of miners, their faces smeared with dirt and sweat, lifted mugs of ale in a rowdy toast to whatever it was. They sang bawdy songs, and the sound of their stomping boots reverberated through the floorboards. But once again, careless whispers seemed louder than they should be.

At the bar, a sophisticated-looking woman in a corseted dress sipped a glass of fine wine, her powdered face and delicate fan creating a stark contrast to the rugged surroundings, and yet she continued to stare daggers at the Goliath as though a creature such as she was never allowed in a place like the Wild Stallion.

Vah’lux's keen senses picked up snippets of conversations, words and phrases from a dozen different languages, as traders, prospectors, and wanderers from all corners of the land passed through the dusty saloon. She might be an outsider, but she knew amidst the diversity of humanity and various races of creatures, she could learn much about the world beyond her own tribal lands.

She snapped herself back to those at the table, and caught the conversation between the young man Jake, and the older explorer, Vilhelm, regarding navigating the desert in order to reach the path to Hadrian’s treasure.

“I should have no problem getting us there.” The Goliath spoke, her low, husky voice cutting through much of the ambience. “I know the Kharakhi like it were my own child. I grew up there. I live there. I hunt there. I sleep beneath the stars which blanket the dunes and rocks.”

She gestured toward the beastman. “Our friend Bill can be a great help in our quest, as he has traversed the land as I have. So, do not worry about getting to your destination…”

Her voice trailed for a moment as though she were thinking of something, and she leaned in slightly toward the others at the table. “But, do worry about the creatures you will encounter, because they are many and they are hungry.”

The Goliath leaned back up straight in her seat atop the wooden crate, crossing her arms, as she awaited further discussion and guidance from the party leader.
While Vah'lux doesn't have much to add to the conversation, I probably should make another post for her while she's waiting patiently around the table listening to the others...
How are we doing?
@Expendable You posted your OOC in the IC. You might want to remove that from IC and post in OOC :)
When I lived at my parents place, I couldn't fall asleep unless the house was nearly dead silent. Now I can't fall asleep without the TV on or rain sounds playing.

I feel this. Total silence kills me. I need some kind of white noise going on in the background.
@Milkman I wanted to apologize for taking so long and tell you I am still working on things. Life's provided just enough obstacles to keep me from writing undisturbed for very long. Thank you for your patience! I really appreciate it!

Life certainly does happen, but communication is also key, so you're doing fine. I don't think the RP is going anywhere without those characters still waiting in the wings :)
The sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the arid Kharaki desert landscape. A lone Goliath woman emerged from the seemingly endless dunes, heading toward the city known as Christiana, after receiving a handwritten note days prior from an unknown adventurer. Treasure hunting was never the woman’s interest, however, when the note mentioned the possibility of relics from her tribe’s ancestors, a longing and curiosity surfaced that could not be ignored. Hadrian Augustus may have amassed wealth, but his acquisitions of artifacts that never belonged to him in the first place could not be ignored.

Vah'lux Ki-ao’uthal, the nearly seven foot muscular woman, was a spiritualist warrior, but one who would rather heal than hurt, as wars only brought more bloodshed over the many years existing in the deepest parts of the dune sea. She was a rugged survivor of the unforgiving desert, with skin bronzed from years under the relentless sun, and piercing emerald eyes which held wisdom and determination of a wanderer who had seen both beauty and brutality in the desolate wastelands.

With the tattered note slipped under her thick, patchwork chest armor, the tribeswoman approached the strange town for the first time, her worn leather boots kicking up a small cloud of dust with each step. The tall wooden walls of Christiana loomed before her, their rough-hewn texture a stark contrast to the smooth sands of the desert in which she hailed from. As she passed slowly through the town's entryway, unsurprisingly people stopped to stare, their curious eyes filled with a mixture of awe and apprehension. Vah’lux strode through the dusty streets, her steps purposeful, and her senses alert, and while she carried weapons -namely a large glaive and twin daggers- she did not want to project an aura of violence toward these new people.

While just as foreign to them as they were to her, the Goliath couldn't help but feel as though she were from another world entirely...

The old wooden doors of the Wild Stallion creaked open, and Vah’lux hesitantly walked in as she surveyed the room, noticing she was quite a striking contrast to the usual patrons. She was clad in rugged animal hides, leathers, and various metal and bone fasteners. A fur-lined rucksack which held supplies for her journey, was slung over a shoulder, framing the otherwise tall, sharp glaive along her back. The chatter and clinking of glasses fell silent for a moment as all eyes in the dimly lit establishment turned toward the massive silhouette. And as uncomfortable as the atmosphere had become, the woman stood confident, her defined muscles visibly rippling beneath her tanned and scarred skin. She hated the onlookers, but there was no going back at this point.

With a determined stride, the barbarian approached the far table which the note mentioned, the wooden floor creaking under her weight with each bulky step. What felt like the longest journey however, she had finally reached her destination and nodded toward the others who were already sitting, acknowledging the one known as “Katelyn Smith”.

“Forgive my tardiness, ma’am.” Vah’lux said in a low, raspy tone, as she removed her glaive, leaned it against the bannerster of the stairs next to the table, and took a seat on a nearby crate, which would have served better for her than the chairs provided.

After the human gunslinger spoke her peace, regaling the table with the story of Hadrian Augustus’ riches, the Goliath couldn’t help but wonder if the trek would be worth it at all. Would the artifacts still be intact? Would her ancestors be able to finally rest, knowing that a piece of their world has been restored to its rightful place?

Vah’lux sat and listened, doing her best to tune out the otherwise resounding commotion within the saloon.
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