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10 days ago
We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.


I have found so much beauty in the dark
as I have found so much horror in the light.

[ the dark side of the street ]

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Welcome 🖤
In Hello! 21 hrs ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
Welcome, @rockstar!

You are my new hero.
Welcome to the song that never ends, @Jaded Alex
All my apologies for being born,
It seems lately,
All I have brought you is scorn,
You wish you hadn’t,
Wished you had given me up,
To be raised by another,
Your regret is obvious,
Anger in constant storm,
I am not simple.

Hello!! I used to role play via passing notes back and forth in High School...

Wow, that's...impressive actually.

Anyway, welcome to the Guild, where it's not required to put pen to paper :)
Work be all like...

I’ve had more days where I feel,
Like this world is not mine to tread upon,
But I’ll continue to share my life on it,
For the hearts of those who look up to me.

“Fucks sake. Here we go again.” The woman shook her head while continuing to chew the tasteless food, lazily staring at the spectacle unfolding across the cafeteria. 631-D was at it once again, and this time it seemed she was more pissed than previous days. Sam and Emmeline had a mutual respect for one another, regardless if their social engineering skills were less than desirable, but Em also tended towards bouts of psychosis, resulting in conflicts like these popping up from time to time.

Sam, on the other hand, decided to steer clear of the chaos in this instance. Not so much due to the half-dozen guards in the immediate area armed with stun pistols, but for the simple fact that she had been down this road numerous times, and didn't really feel like jumping into the fray head first. It was bad enough that the last altercation rendered her unconscious for almost forty-eight hours due to heavy usage of abilities she still couldn't fully control. Sometimes it felt more like the darkness within had control of her. Every tattoo that covered her tall lean frame, which were only one part of her unusual supernatural ability, felt as though they would lift off of her skin at times, black inky tendrils tearing away from her body completely to satiate their need to cause harm. She could hear their pleads, their demands even, to be free to reign hell. But through various mental exercises -and the occasional drug to offset mental fatigue- Samantha was able to bring some semblance of peace to an otherwise chaotic gift.

She watched as the guards pinned poor Emmeline down and regrouped, a few surveying the remaining inmates, and Sam glanced over at Kieran, who was sitting near the end of the long, rectangular table, curious as to what his course of action would be. On the one hand, she hoped that he wouldn’t take any further action, realizing that this whole shit storm that was brewing was for nothing anyway. Plenty of escape attempts were made, and each one failed, sometimes in worse ways than others.

Sam turned back to her food, scooping up another spoonful of “today’s special”, and shoving it in her mouth. She wanted out same as all the others, but there had to be a better way.
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