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Current You don't realize how isolated you are until a pandemic hits and you legit make zero changes to your life.
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I've never once faked a sarcasm.
8 mos ago
So, I thought the dryer made my clothes shrink. Turns out it was the refrigerator :/
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Them: "What pronoun do you use for you?" Me: "Your Grace."
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At my funeral, take the bouquet off my casket and throw it into the crowd to see who's next.


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I have an idea for a character with the following ability, but wanted to run it passed you first:

Technomancy (aka "shadowjack") - ability to understand and manipulate/hack low level tech through clever use of telepathic connect and illusion. As skill grows, so does the level of anonymity while interfacing with said tech.

Their telepathic ability essentially only connects to electronics, not human minds.

Their face lit up with excitement when Olivia mentioned giving them a ride later that day. "Of course I can help you!" Joss exclaimed, just about loud enough to make a few heads turn from other tables across the dining area. "I mean, it has been forever since we actually got to hang out, so I have no problem with that."

In their overly enthusiastic moment, something was off just a bit. "Wait, um, what time do you need a ride tonight?" They remembered that they had to be at Sonny's down on Twenty-third at eleven, but there's no way that Olivia would need a ride that late. Was there? The Italian restaurant Joss had to stop off at was only about fifteen minutes away so it wouldn't be a big deal either way. "You know what, we can make it work. I'm here for you, Liv, you know this." The Driver smiled, reaching across the table hoping to hold the hand of her friend. A friend they liked for a long time but wasn't up-front enough to tell her how they really felt about her.

Joss wanted something more, but also, didn't want to rush it.
@Gunther, those are the worst no matter the frequency. I tend to get them once every two weeks it seems. I used to get them more frequently years ago, but I think it was due to my posture while sitting and working at a computer or drawing.

I've since gotten better with consistent Yoga, stretches, and regular exercise, but when they do come, they come on hard and I pretty much want to die for that day.

But I was busy.
Just not in the way
most would understand.

I was busy taking deeper breaths.
I was busy silencing irrational thoughts.
I was busy calming a racing heart.
I was busy telling myself I was okay.

Sometimes this is my "busy",
and I will not apologize for it.

The Wild Elf certainly wasn't wrong. The group had trespassed into the unknown, and were beginning to reap what was being sown. Creatures great and small would rise up if need be, and the Goliath knew all too well the emotional turmoil of her lands being invaded by those who did not belong. Vah'lux couldn't help but turn slightly to glance at Gorosk, as momentary thoughts drifted to the Orc attack on her village several years back. But, her reverie was quickly snuffed by the human's urge to rush forward, his legs pushing toward the farmhouse in the distance, and the echo of words not quite understood.

"Humans..." The Goliath shook her head as she followed along the path toward the ruined structure.
Kai’mos Varthus

The medic did what he could on his own, pulling out countless shards of shrapnel embedded into various body parts, as well as realigning the dislocated shoulder. For the heavy surgical work, the robotic arm continued it's arduous task of repairing bone and tissue, straightening the forearm and wrapping it to help the break mend properly. With regard to the severe skin burns, luckily Kai had plenty of the balm he'd mixed for Maria earlier, which could be applied directly to the skin in order to promote new cell regeneration. It would be slow, but Kevej should have little scarring after a few weeks. He was in good hands, however, that despite the ship being as old as it is, the medical equipment was still of good quality and considered "leading edge" technology even after so many years. Kevej just needed time and plenty of monitoring of vitals. Most everything was automated, and if there was an issue during the surgery, Kai would be alerted.

The Captain rushed in with another, and Kai’s heart sunk several meters as he glanced at the unconscious woman laid up on the metal bed across from where he stood. Teg. Dammit. Maria was in a hurry, and had little time for words as she bolted back out through the MedBay doors, and Kai hesitated for a moment to walk over to the motionless body, hoping it could have been someone else. A stranger perhaps. Anyone else. But, with a deep breath, Kai'mos made his way over to the table and had to put his emotions aside as he did day-in and day-out in a profession such as his. It wasn't enough to deal with the dead and severely wounded, but those who held a special place in his heart had the possibility of making his job that much more difficult.

He leaned close to check for a pulse. It was still there but weak, her chest moving up and down at slow intervals. At a glance there were plasma burns to her upper chest -just shy of hitting her heart- where apparently an energy bolt made contact, and a shallow wound on her head from blunt force, where a thin line of blood ran down. He quickly hooked her up to the machine that would check her vitals, help her breath, and otherwise keep her stable for as long as possible while he fastened her jacket and cut through her shirt, exposing a battered chest. Kai gritted his teeth, partly wishing it had been him who was shot rather than her. She deserved better than the blast from a scumbag pirate. The Ithlo began cleaning the wound, scanning around the effected area for further damage.

It appeared that the plasma from the firearm had seeped into her bloodstream, and slightly tore into her heart, causing a poison that would need to be flushed, and fresh blood transfused before it infected her nervous system. Kai had to move quickly, and he hoped time was on his side for once, as he searched for the blood type in the freezers, until he came across Teg's, which had been stored for just such emergencies.

Based on her condition, however, there was a slim chance a full recovery would ever happen. He just hoped his own calculations were wrong.
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I have a bachelors in biology with an emphasis in micro, so obvi I am a huge science nerd.

Another microbiologist? Wow, you all are everywhere. Clearly that must be the trend. Maybe I should have chosen that as my career path...

Anyway, welcome to Guild!

"It could have been mine..." The Goliath growled, watching as the Elf silently strolled to retrieve the arrow deeply embedded into the last of the dire rats. Vah'lux shook her head, but followed it up with a slight smile, while examining the large blade at the end of her weapon, dusting off the dirt and wiping the bit of blood and fur from it's cool surface.

Those aware of the Goliath culture, would also know just how fond they are of competition, as most of their lifestyle revolves such things. Just about everything in their day-to-day comings and goings could be turned into some kind of a race, sparring match, or a myriad of other sporting events for no other reason than to satiate the adrenaline pumping through their veins. Still, for a mission that seemed more critical to survival and longevity of life, Vah'lux did not feel competition was necessarily the name of the long game.

"Well done everyone." She nodded toward the others, adjusting her chest armor, and turning to glance out into the distance, wondering if rats were really the worst of it.

The fight came on quickly, but as the dust and debris kicked up by the large rodents and members of the troupe began to subside, Vah'lux had noticed within a moment that only one of the creatures remained. It almost seemed confused as its companions were swiftly slain by the others, but dared not to retreat, only to fight to the bitter end if it had to survive. The Goliath wondered if all creatures were as bold in their efforts or would a flight response kick in when overwhelmed.

Either way, flipping the large, heavy glaive around until the blade pointed downward, Vah'lux gave herself a few moments in waiting as the dire rat scurried uncontrollably into the kill zone. And at that moment, the tall, muscular pseudo-giant slammed the point of the blade toward the ground, hoping to impale the creature, and end its miserable life.

Anyways, hope to have some fun here while the world outside is not so fun.

You're not alone in that sentiment, so no doubt you'll find something that will distract you from the ugliness.

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