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I would like to join my fellow SAOers, but as I am heading to bed it will have to wait until morrow
Take your time Stranger still hasn't even signed in in three days
Well I am glad to see a few more.posts, hopefully everyone else is a lil busy with school and work. Hopefully they will return in a day or so, I would like to see this RP not die. If Stranger doesn't show up by morrow night (it's 2 am) where I am. I might just have Thortan notice and come hunting, I won't push past orientation, but he could help everyone off the damn docks lol
@joshua tamashii

Thortan had gotten a bit turned around on his hunt for the auditorium, he passed the cafeteria finally figuring out where he had to go,
when suddenly he was knocked against a wall. A scream emitted from the object,
and when he looked he saw a young girl surrounded by ghost pokemon. She quickly got up and bowed apologizing all the while.

"It's alright dear, totally my fault, just got lost in some research. You must be Amelia yes?? Your one of my first students, I am very excited. You have some lovely ghost type pokemon. I was never able to partner with one. I guess we could just never find one. I do hope you learn something from my class, and never hesitate to come to me if you need anything." He said with a genuine smile.
I am hoping lol
Good question, I posted but wait for @Dangdude to respond, IDK where @stranger he wasn't on at all yesterday and other students haven't even started yet
I would not generally think so, at least I didn't have that thought in mind when making him, unless we need that kinda think, he his a pokemon specialist
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No sooner had Morgana gotten off the ship and down the pier had an another girl crash into her. She fell against the railing, slightly dazed, shaking her head. The brown haired girl started to apologize.

"Oh Arceus no, it's ok, I promise. Accidents happen all the time!!" She helped the girl regain her composure and stuck out her hand. "Hi, I am Morgana, nice to meet you!! This here is one of my friends." She turned to point out Ghastly but he suddenly disappeared, most likely to torture someone with his practical jokes. Sure enough, he had appeared behind a Buziel and proceeded to lick up it's spine.

"Ghastly no!! We talked about this, you can't lick people or pokemon. It's just not polite. OH NO!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!" Morgana hurried took her bag off her bag and ripped it open. She pulled out a glass canister containing a soft yellowish and black egg. She checked all over the container for breaks and was happy when she realized there was nothing wrong she relaxed.

"Sorry, my brother Volkner gave this egg as a going away present. It just means the world to me. I apologize, I didn't catch your name though." Morgana said sheepishly.
She's personable and not shy
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