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Current There are reasons why I don't let people get to close, and the world has to constantly remind me why 😡
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The darkness serves me to protect the light I will never see.
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My family, mess with them you answer to me!!

@soufflegirl123: One of my sister's, she's not evil like me, but she's not an angel either.

@haleytherandom: My other sister, who is as evil as I am. Together we make dad's life a living hell!!

@jakeb1993: Sigh, hi Dad. What is there I can say about you, other than your my favorite punching bag, you make it to easy.

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Relka lucked out and no one sat next to her. She looked over the days agenda, noting that there was a club fair planned later. The socialite in her was excited, she wanted to be a cheerleader again. But her gloved hands reminded her why she couldn't. Dejectidly Relka sat through the schools concert, thinking to herself maybe she would learn to play the piano as an activity.

After it finished a young woman stood up and introduced heraelf as the schools senior president. She went on to say how she had been in their shoes at one point or an other, Relka quietly snorted to herself.

I dont know what HER gift is, but I bet her drawback isn't as bad as mine. She said to herself. After Meili was finished talking an older woman stepped on stage, she began directing students on to lunch and the auditorium began to empty. Relka waited just a few minutes for the crowd to thin so she could make her way to the café.

As she exited someone brushed past her, causing the young woman to jump back. A young man muttered an apology and caught up with some newly made friends. Relka lowered her head resigning herself to the next few years of forced social exile. She was afraid of becoming to close to someone and causing an other incident.

She stepped into the lunch room and got in line for food. By the time she had gotten her lunch her nerves had been pretty much frayed. Relka felt sweat starting to bead up on her face, forcing her to find a seat quickly. She found a table in a corner by an open window, the sun gave her some much needed renewed energy. The breeze from the open window cooled off her flushed face.

She caught the reflection of herself in the glass, the green of her skin seem to grow a bit more vibrant, like the leaves of trees as the weather grew warmer. Even among the other students she stood out, there wpuld never be any real blending in for her, she would never be able to lie about having abilitiea, it was forever etched on her skin, like a tattoo gone horribly wrong. Normally standing out was something was use to, but now that felt tainted with her curse. The young woman bit into her lunch, chewing slowly, lost in her own thoughts.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday if you celebrate it! ☺☺
Relka Livens Promise Institute Parking lot

The Telsa car made its way silently through the crowded park lot of the school. The woman behind the wheel frantically trying to find space to get around all the other students being dropped off.

"I told you we should of left earlier, we didn't have to stop by the rez, no one wanted to see me off." A girl with bright purple hair said.

"I am sorry dear. I know I am always behind, but someone I had a house viewing, and I am sure everyone just couldn't make it." The smartly dressed woman said as she pulled up to the curb.

"Oh yes, no one has talked to me in weeks, I am sure they would of jumped at the chance to say goodbye if they could of." She said heavily with sarcasim.

"Now listen here Relka Livens, what happened wasn't your fault. You had no control what so ever and they were able to save her in time. And you would think the reservation would be more open and understanding to your gift since a lot of the family still practices the old religion." Her mother reached out to touch Relkas hand but the young girl flinched away.

"I am sorry mom, I just don't want to take a chance that I hurt you. Can't have my first day here and already hospitalized my own mother. Anyways I have to get going, I will call you in a few days." Relka pulled a paid of leather gloves from her pocket and slipped them on as she exited the car. She gave a weak smile to her mother sending her love, and to make many friends.

Relka dragged her suitcase behind her, basking in the warmth of the sun as she walked up to her new home. The green tint of her skin becoming ever more noticable in the daylight, the young woman did her best to put a smile on her face. Relka ran a hand through her pixie short hair as she made her way to the auditorium. As she entered the large room she was taken aback but the sheer number of students. Unconsciously she pulled at the long sleeves of her Poison Ivy shirt and double checked her gloves making sure as much skin was covered.

Relka hunted for a spot with as few students as possible. Eventually finding a place on the left hand of the room with only two other girls sitting down. She moved up a couple of rows and sat down keeping her head low. She needed to get through this as fast as possible, large crowds like this made her a nervous wreck. And she didn't want to starting sweating with nerves.
i sent a pm with my cs
I to am interested in this I will begin working on my cs after work
Sorry Balthy. I was working on the post but my phone seems to have erased it -.-
I will have something up for the girls by end of weekend ☺

I hope we get more people O.o

Updated, lmk what you think of the changes ☺☺
I will fix my profile before bed tonight promise
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