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March 16th Circe "Interrigation"

Circe watched the video and made a comment how she worried for Earth's animals, claiming that she hoped that Pokemon and normal animals could eventually balance and co-exsist. And how she was excited to be a Pokemon trainer to battle and test her skills against others and how she wanted the world to gain a Pokemon league so that she may challenge it. But when the Beedrill came out she had no words to express what she felt. She coyly reached out asking the Pokemon to pet it. It eyed her with caution but relented slowly to her affection.

"I always wanted a Pokemon, since the first game came out it caught my attention. And with the t.v. show stole my imagination, traveling the world, catching pokemon and having an adventure with friends. This is my one chance to follow that childhood dream. I understand you can make that happen or take it away. Please don't crush that little girl's hopes." She said calmly to the therapist.

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Circe lifted an eyebrow as Duncan left them alone, it wasn't that he left, it was how he left. This wasn't some date, and she hoped Roland wasn't trying to pick her up. This was serious, there was little time for dating, and besides he wasn't really her type. If he ever tried to make a move, she would have to stop that. For now she would let it go, there were more pressing matters.

Roland was nervous, or so it seemed, due to his out burst yesterday that she should avoid him so as not to be caught. He mentioned never getting her note, so by now it was most likely in Reikos or Aria's hands. She was a damn fool not making sure a hundred percent that it got to him.

"If you didn't get my note than the teachers already know what I am planning. But I think it's bull they way they have us corralled, we are training to be Dawn Slayers, but this is a good opportunity for us to learn. As I said before, whatever this is I want to study it. The teachers didn't even know what it was that attacked, so this will be ample time to study a previously unknown species. I figured if we do the research and can be helpful in anyway to the staff, they may allow us on the hunt. If you can, after classes meet me at the library we can look into more books." She looked up at the clock and noted that lunch was almost over and she had Yurius next. She looked back to Roland and waited for his answer.

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Circe Interview Room 3/16

Circe walked into the room for her final part, at least she grabbed a quick smoke to calm her nerves before the last section. As she sat down a woman named Kathy threw a few questions to her. She wasn't messing around.

"I always felt that Pokemon trainers were a bit more free than the other characters in the games and anime. Able to travel the world, gain experiences, make many different friends. To me, a Pokemon trainer is pure freedom. As for my life goals, with the appearence if pokemon they have askewed a bit, before I would of settled down with my girlfriend, and been her stylist while she went on tour. Now I want those things and to be a Pokemon master. And that was my life goals before the Pokemon as well, I most likely would of opened up a salon myself at some point, I still would like to, but now I want to be a battling salon owner. And if we can find a way to habitable with pokemon on our planet, I would like my salon to be a gym for other prospective trainers on their adventure. Do you have any other questions ma'am??" She had given this a lot of thought long before this and knew this is what she wanted most in life, and answered with the conviction to back it up.


Liz Clothing Store 3/16

Liz wondered the clothing store that was suggested to her, Roland was close by in case she had any questions. This Hot Topic definitely had her taste in clothing, if not a bit on the darker side. She waded through some options selecting a few plaid skirts, and some "rocker" tees. Not what she usually used to wearing but she would make due with this.

"Finding everything to your liking??" Roland asked walking up to her.

"Mostly yes, the pet coat will do very well for colder places as well."

"It's called a Petti Coat, and yes it should do fine in areas not below freezing, who knows where they will send you guys."

Liz bought several items and after a quick lunch at a place Mick Donals, they went back to the site and awaited further orders, Liz took the time to train with her Pokemon, now they were weaker, but the shift to a new world didn't diminish their fighting spirit.
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