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love how I take a what 6 month hiatus from this site and I come back and one of the first things I see is this? hmmmmm might have to join..... no Circe this time I promise XD

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Name: Relka Tir Lohig
Nickname: Freeze Frame
Age: 497
Occupation: Information Broker

Rank: 4
Combat Power: 1
Wisdom: 4
Luck: 5


Inactive Style: limited

Appearance: Relka is a thin woman with a haunting beauty. Her long silver hair hangs loosely around her hips, her eyes a piercing crystal blue. Her small pointed facial features hinting at a pixie like heritage. Relka's clothing of choice is usually deep blue, or black to contrast with her pale shimmering skin. She is unsure of her race exactly, but she believes she is mostly human, pixie, and elf.

Personality: Relka is a cold calculating person, most people are hardly worth her time. Although she can turn on the charm when she has something in her sights. The woman is obsessed with information and would rather spend her time obtaining every bit that she can than dealing with other beings. She tries to maintain a quiet minimalist life, except for her extensive book collection. In the rare occasions she does go out in the world it almost always to obtain some new information.

Biography: As a young girl Relka lived in a low income area of the city, the crime rate was high and the opportunities for a better life extraordinarily low. Seeing as how it was often to dangerous to go outside, Relka spent most of her time surrounded by books. She devoured every piece of literature she could get her hands on, every book was a new world to explore, new people to meet, always an escape from a miserable life. As her hunger for all things written grew, her tastes evolved with it. Soon works off science, of art, of history were there for the taking. The more she learned the more she thirsted for knowledge.

One day on the way home from school she saw a couple of guys in an alleyway attacking a person. Fascinated Relka watched the brutal attack. The next day she learned that there would be a reward for those who could help identify those that put a man in a coma. She came forward and described them to the police with perfect detail. When the police gave her father the reward money Relka knew that information was the most powerful thing in the world. So she became more attentive to the world around her.

Eventually realizing that due to her self imposed isolation, Relka severely lacked the social skills needed to truly acquire the information on the streets. Slowly she started building a network of people who would happily deal with the now young woman knowing that she could pay for any new information. She didn't care who the client was, she worked with law enforcement, criminals, and everyone in between. Her reputation growing largely as the most reliable information broker who cared not your walk off life became very valuable.

By the time Relka hit her first century she had conquered all of the slums in the city. She helped police catch murders, and gangs avoid raids. She knew the corrupt politicians, and the unfaithful spouses. Her web slowly but surely began creeping to the higher ends of the city. The most extravagance Relka allowed herself was a large loft that she owned, covered floor to ceiling with books. Rare books, stolen literature, school textbooks, her loft was more impressive than any library in the city. Relka had her entire being on the pulse of the cities information, and she wanted to start branching out to others....
hey Balthy, sorry I just saw this, I havent been on in a while. I would love to join this but IDT I will be able to devote the proper time or energy that an amazing idea such as this deserves. but please never stop tagging me
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Cass stepped out of the car, she managed to nettle Phillip once or twice on the ride over. But now that she was here she was excited, nothing beat a good old fashion Amerian amusement park. Already her nose was assaulted by the delicious, not to healthy foods in the air. Her heart was already set on the mouth watering funnel cake though.

"You boys need to try this amazing little snack if you haven't before, if you are unsure you can always share just in case one likes it and the other doesn't. After that if you boys want we can hit some rides and have some fun! Maybe I will let one of you win me a stuffed animal or something." She said playfully as she ran a finger down Alejandro's chest. The man was cute, but was a touch to flamboyant for her, still that wouldn't stop her from making a joke or two. She turned and started walking to a stall she noticed sold deep fried goods and began ordering one as she waited for the boys to maybe catch up.

Cassandra stood out on the balcony of the room she was given smoking a cigarette. It was suppose to be a gorgeous day out, and Vivian wanted to go to a carnival. Cass laughed as the putrid smoke rose around her, she wasn't expecting something so mundane for the celebration. As she finished up and walked inside her phone went off, she opened up the text from her assistant and smiled as she read that Catherines contract for employment was all drawn up.

Her company may get some weird looks for hiring someone who was a tabloid version of Chernobyl right now, but Cass didn't care. Cat's image right now actually helped them in the long run of their schemes. Right now though Cassandra needed to get ready for the outing. After getting dressed in an American styled outfit Cass three on some light makeup and packed up a small purse with her money, phone and cigarettes.

As she stepped out front of the castle she looked at all the SUVs lined up. Normally she would ride by herself, but today she decided she was going to ride with Phillip, Gen and whomever else was riding with them. She wondered if they knew about, she wanted it to be a surprise. She was going to ride with Asher since they didn't get much time to talk since they arrived, but she figured he was going to be late. He was probably in the middle of a knot of chambermaids and would be catching up later.

As she sat in the SUV Cass pulled up a game and began playing it. This would be her first carnival since she was in college and she was excited for one thing only. The best part of all carnivals, a snack that is so bad for you but one of the most delicous items in the world. If it wouldn't kill her figure she worked so hard for she would have one everyday. If Phillip and Gen haven't tried it yet she would make sure they would. Nothing beats funnel cake.

A collaboration between @Cerces22 & @neoaj&@jetipster

Three tequila shots and numerous re-buffed attempts at conversation later, Chris sidled up to Cat and Cass just as their bottles arrived. “It looks as though I’ve found the real party then ladies.” he laughed with a blush in his cheeks and a raised bottle of Patrón.

Cass was just about to down shot number nine, when the Hellenican Prince walked up.

"Well, I mean the heavy drinkers, the party hasn't started until after this one ends. But by all means, tall, dark and crestfallen join us at the international incident table. I am sure me and my drinking partner is just pissing some stuffy royal off right now. So come sit cause an international incident properly." Cass said with a devilish smile.

“Honestly, this is my pre-game at this point,” Cat admitted, now taking down vodka seven number three. Her unstated goal was to at least square her sevens. “I have sources in the castle who tell me they can get me to much more entertaining spots in the Acirian scene, so once we’re done with obligations here, I’m getting changed out of this walking ‘rob me’ alarm and probably going to see if they can deliver on their promise.”

“Well count me in,” Chris replied before draining his glass and pouring himself a tumbler of tequila. He watched the monogrammed ice cubes twist in his glass as he swirled his drink. “I’m definitely in need of a distraction. And I’m officially out of options here.” he finished gesturing to the whole room.

“Welcome to the rainbow distraction corner, then!” Cat toasted, raising her glass to Chris. In honesty, Cat was happy to have Chris join their little party. She remembered him from when he came to Larne for a while and he was something of a role model. In more ways than one as it turned out. She was meaning to talk to him about what she could do with the Brunns making her the latest rainbow warrior against the cause of tradition and the kingdom that they knew. However, if Chris needed a distraction himself, then her own problems could wait. “You are now free to say whatever the fuck you want, and not be judged, or have to tone it down, or… I dunno. Can’t think of a third thing.”

"If you are in need of a distraction you most definitely came to the right spot! But if someone else joins us we are going to really start to sound like a bad gay joke." Cass said raising an eyebrow. "But I have the feeling that none of us would truly mind that."

Chris couldn’t help but laugh at Cat’s bluntness and Cass’ wit. “To Team Rainbow!” he declared, clinking his glass in a toast with theirs. “So I just realised that I’m going to die alone, what are you two moping about?”

"Hm? Oh well the minute my plane landed it seems the board of directors is trying to implode my company. Also, we share that sentiment, but unlike me I assume you have at least been on a date. As Miss Cat here is trying to spend her mini exile in a drunken stupor. Which as a quiet terrible influence I must insist we have another shot!" She said clinking her glass to Chris's. She felt the warm fuzziness of getting drunk start to hit here as she had what was probably her tenth drink of the night.

Cat nodded as she finished off her drink and went to work making number four. "Yeah, you remember the Lark, right Chris? The rag with way too much power and a heavy anti-LGBTQ bent because the Brunns are bigoted assholes? Yeah, they involved me in such a scandal that my parents wanted me out of the country. So, that's why I am here! Jokes on them though, that plan is backfiring hard… Just gotta actually make that work out…" With the vodka seven complete, she quickly took another long sip.

How could Chris not remember the Lark. They’d printed some disgusting lies and half-truths about him after he’d come out and attempted to get his very degree revoked from Larne. ”Well we are a mostly crew aren’t we?” he replied with a grin. ”I understand your frustration Cat, I really do,” he said calmly with a hand on hers to lower her glass slightly. ”Just promise me you’ll learn from my mistakes and not use this as a revenge mission…” He’d seen that determined look in her eyes from when she was a girl and knew that it would take more than a warning from him to get her to climb down.

He turned to Cass. ”As for you my Gaelic goddess,” he said sidling up to her with a faux husky voice “The men in hear are either blind, stupid, or both to not want a gorgeous, intelligent and successful woman like yourself.” He gave her a peck on the cheek and returned his attention to his glass. ”Although why you’d settle for any of them is now completely beyond me.”

Cass laughed at Chris's attempt to lay it on thick for fun. She graciously accepted the small kiss on her cheek and grabbed a glass of wine to somewhat slow herself down.

"Chris darling, who said I was interested in any of these royals. Please, unlike most of them I am third born so not much reason for an arranged marriage when I have no political value to my country. I have the blessing to marry for love instead. And my standards are high as hell. Still doesn't mean I couldn't have fun in the next two months." She said with a mock innocent look.

"I mean, that's my goal," Cat admitted. "That and keeping Ara from killing Erik before their big public marriage. But mostly fun… and some revenge. You know, me and Cass already have this great plan to take over the Lark and everything attached to it… actually that's gonna be pretty fun."

Chris couldn’t help but snort tequila back into his glass at Cass’ mock innocent look. He grimaced as the alcohol burnt his nose as Cat’s words reached him. Revenge on the Lark would be fun. They’d practically outed him before he’d had the chance himself. “Well if there was ever a place to collect some selling stories for your bumper first issue this is it…” he replied with a nod toward the now drunk duchess he’d encountered at the bar earlier. He just hoped that none of the scandalous stories would involve him or his friends…

"Nah, it won't be interested in the lives of royals. More like, you know, actual journalism," Cat confirmed. "Anyway, that's a ways off. Tonight is about this! She slammed the rest of her fourth vodka seven to prove her point.

"Revenge for all the others who the Lark might hurt in their pursuits later. Right now we are stuck here, Chris you can join us if you would like in our scheming but first we drink!" Cass said finishing her wine.

Cassandra's phone decided it was not going to stop buzzing in her handbag. She looked around and saw that Phil was preoccupied before she pulled out the device. She tapped on the screen bringing it to life, she had seven missed calls, five voicemails, twelve texts, and one game notification.

She listened in on her voicemails, all of which was from her assistant who was upset that the production of the new watches coming out next year were delayed due to a bug in its programming. Cassandra rubbed the bridge of her nose while she tried to brainstorm how to fix the problem. She called up her assistant who sounded on the verge of a panic attack.

"Oh Miss O'Brien, the programmers said that it will set the release back at least seven months. The board wants to release on time with the issues and patch them out later."

"Rayleigh, breathe, tell the board that we are going to hire more programmers to make up the time difference. Also alert them that as a company, and my own personal philosophy that we refuse to release a product that is dysfunctional. Our reputation is built on that and no amount of money is worth selling our souls for. If there is a problem tell them I will call tomorrow morning and we can have a meeting to discuss the issues, now I must return to the party. Do not call me the rest of the night." Before Rayleigh could respond, Cass hung up the phone and took a drink of whiskey from a server.

With Raven having departed to attend to other hosting duties, Cat was left to her own devices. Her parents would argue that this was a dangerous thing, hence the reason for Cat being at this shindig. But what trouble could a girl cause with nothing more than a vodka seven in her hand? It wasn’t even being rapidly drained, for fear that with Raven gone, there would be no more left and she would have to switch back to champagne.

Although that fear was mislaid given that whiskey was now starting to circulate apparently. Huh. Guess Raven wasn’t kidding. They aren’t messing around at this party. The tray made its way over to someone the Princess of Arcenia actually did recognize. It was hard not to with the news Princess Cassandra made when she came out as a princess. Cat was barely in high school when it happened, but it was shocking in the royal world. The Lark definitely had a field day with it. She remembered her parents gossiping over it at the table on one of the rare occasions the family actually had a meal together. Before everyone started scattering. Cassandra’s tech company seemed to be doing all right too, if what she remembered from her classes at U of L were anything to go off. That being said, she only nominally paid attention during those ones. Well enough to take notes, but not well enough to really care about the material.

Still, she had a whiskey, and she shared a similar aesthetic to Han, so there had to be some common ground that she could find. Even when Cat was made up like a porcelain doll. Hannah did what she could, and she did an amazing job, but it still wasn’t Cat’s preferred outfit. She felt so out of place next to the royal from Dal Riata, who looked pretty damn good considering everything she must have went through. Cat took another sip of her drink. Hey, you can do this, all right? You can mingle. You did a fucking great job with Raven, you can keep this up. You might be able to get out of here sooner than later. You can do this. You’re a goddamn princess for the evening, all right? All right.

Catherine cut the short distance between the two, unaware of the corporate tongue-lashing that had just been delivered. Her filter was still up, the face of the perfect royal, but it surely wouldn’t last long given Cassandra’s reputation. “So, it’s nice to see someone else embrace the alternate drinking options available,” she offered to the princess. “I mean, one can only tolerate too much champagne before they risk floating away, am I right?”

Cass had barely put her phone away before someone else walked up to her. Through her frustration she had to scrape her memory for who this woman was. It hit her after only a moment of trying to push through the fog of whiskey clouding her brain.

"Yes, the good shit does help me not want to fire greedy corporate elitists that seems to think they can sabotage my baby while I am imprisoned in this…. Celebratory festival." Cass said while raising an eyebrow towards the Princess of Arcenia. She extended a hand towards her to introduce herself.

"Cassandra O'Brien, hopefully we won't have to switch to champagne. It's painfully boring and all of it tastes the same. And really how can they pass up the opportunity to serve Crown Royal to actual royalty. Prob could of got some good ad revenue."

Catherine took the hand that Cassandra held out and gave it a firm but quick shake. “Catherine Almore,” she replied in return. “And yes, you would think being close enough that Crown Royal would have jumped all over this. Of course, it’s no Jameson or Estelle’s Touch, but it’s a passable drink for sure.” She held up her own beverage, the fizz still lingering in the clear liquid. “I can’t say this keeps me from firing corporate elitists, but it definitely gives me the strength to fight them,” she laughed before muttering under her breath, “Fucking Brunn bastards…”

"That's right, you’re the royal that enjoys protesting my competitors. I must thank you for that, I hear you know how to properly whip up a crowd. I would offer you a job at Janus, but I fear that would hurt your social justice warrior princess image." Cass said placing her glass down.

"But I would be remiss if I didn't at least offer you a personal all access tour to any of my properties. I too am very conscious of the environment and it wouldn't hurt to have someone of your stature to come and give the company a once over anytime to make sure we are on the cutting edge keeping the planet sustainable." Cass knew she had a small chance to get Catherine's stamp of approval, but if she did get it, then it would help sales, and if she wasn't happy than she would have a new project to update.

Now Catherine was expecting a lot of things at this party, but a job offer definitely wasn’t one of them. Not that should would have been in position to accept an actual job offer anyway, but it was apparent that Cassandra at least knew she did something. Even if it didn’t sound like she knew about the recent developments to her image courtesy of Cassandra’s competitors. Of course, that meant she was more than happy to keep protesting them for free.

“That sounds like a lovely idea,” she answered. “I would relish the opportunity to see just how you’ve managed to build such a powerhouse company in such a short time without cutting any environmental corners. Of course, I’m not sure of my ability to whip up a crowd anymore, if that’s what you’re after. I haven’t had much of an opportunity recently thanks to… certain developments… in my homeland.”

Cass look at Catherine a bit confused, and then laughed as she finished off her whiskey.

"Oh sweetie, I wasn't asking for you to come check out the place because of your reputation. I was asking you to come because you seem like the kind of person that won't kiss my ass. Running Janus is a lot of work, even here when I am "suppose" to celebrate some royal I never met I am working. The problem is, everyone thinks they need to appease the boss and it is infuriating. You wouldn't do that, specially if my decision was terrible for the ecosystem." She said matter of factly.

Catherine’s eyes widened a little bit at that admission. “Well, if that’s what you’re after… I mean, I definitely have a reputation for not giving a damn about what the boss thinks,” Once again, Cat’s filter started to slip ever so slightly. “That is why I’m here, because of that exact reason. Bosses weren’t pleased about what I did, so I got shipped off. So yeah, you need someone to tell you exactly what they think, I’m your girl.” Cat tried to find something she could offer an immediate opinion on, but she was hard-pressed to find one on Cassandra. “Shoot, I’m a lot better giving opinions on stuff that isn’t just a bunch of royal shenanigans.”

"Which is exactly what I need. Most people look at me and see a princess that is their boss and are intimidated by that. Also, forget those clowns, they are obviously threatened by you. So really piss them off by working with an up and coming competitor, we can scare them together." Cassandra laughed again, getting someone like Cat to help her would definitely piss off the board. But she owned the entire company and refused to take it public. They could cower in their seats all they want, it would entertain her.

Cat lifted a glass in response. “Well if it will get me out of Arcenia for a bit until my sister’s wedding, then sign me up!” She laughed nervously, not really wanting to abandon Arabelle just to escape her overbearing parents, but hey, there wasn’t any need to close the door on an escape hatch just because. Besides, her parents might actually approve if she was working with the Dal Riatan royalty and “showing some aim in her life”. Either way, Dal Riata had a decent scene from what she heard from the few that showed up in the Larne nightlife. At least, that’s what she thought Niall and Siobhan were talking about. It was tough to tell with them.

“Yup, once the wedding occurs, then I won’t have to worry about those bosses at all. They will have no powers and me and my sister can banish the Brunns from the kingdom, and then I can do whatever I want. With whoever I want. It sounds lovely.” Cat was lost in her own temporary daydream for a moment, but quickly snapped out of it when she realized where she was going with that. “I mean, not that life isn’t lovely now, but… it could be improved.”

Hearing how Catherine wanted the Brunns gone gave Cass an idea. One that brought a devilish grin to her face. She could use Cat's hatred to further herself a little bit.

"You want the Brunns gone? Well instead of just banishing them, cripple them. Tie their hands in a way that allows me to swoop in and make a hostile takeover. Once I control their company, than if you like what you see in Dal, you will know I will turn their company around and fix it. I will be taking advantage of the situation of course, but it will further economic growth and better environmental standards."

“Well at the very least I know the Lark will stop spreading that homophobic garbage if your company took control of it,” Cat stated matter-of-factly. “That in of itself would be a vast improvement on the situation in Arcenia.” She thought for a second as she had another sip. “I’ll have to see what I can do. I don’t have a lot of ins there at the moment, but again, after the royal wedding, I know they won’t have nearly as much support from the crown as they do now, and that may be your in. If that word gets out that they pissed off the family too much, that might allow you to come in and ‘save them from themselves’. But I dunno. I’m not a savvy businesswoman like you, so I don’t even know if that would work.”

"Well me being homophobic would be extremely hypocritical I would think." Cass said with a laugh. "But I don't know if I would call me savvy, more like a bull in a china shop. I see what I want and if what I put my body, and mind through to get to where I am now is any indication. I am an extremely patient woman. But enough talk of business, I am here to pretend to enjoy this and possibly get really wasted. Be nice to have company for a bit if you have no other plans at the moment?" Cass asked raising an eyebrow.

And with that the filter was down. No need to pretend with the Dal Riatan either. The list of acceptable people to be real with was expanding, and Cat was all for it. Granted it wasn’t much of a stretch to think Cass would make that list, but hey, confirmation is always nice. “Hey, I’ve got nowhere else to be for… The Arcenian princess looked down at her wrist. “Two months or so. And my sister appears to need some cool down time after nearly igniting another Great War on the ballroom floor. So yeah, I think I can keep some good company. Gonna need more vodka though.”

Cass waived down a waiter and snatched a couple glasses of whiskey and handed one to Cat. Taking the shot relatively quickly, allowing the warmth to spread through her body. She grabbed another glass.

"Bring us a bottle of whiskey and vodka when possible, I plan on needing to be half carried to my empty bed tonight." She said to the waiter who bowed and walked away. She then turned back towards Cat. "Let's raise a little hell, really piss off those back home!"

“And two bottles of Cherry 7-up!” Cat called out to the departing waiter. She held her glass and looked at Cass. “What? I don’t drink vodka straight like some Austerundian barbarian. C’mon now. Like them, it’s got no taste without it.” She finally downed the offered shot of whiskey and had to stifle herself to contain the burning sensations that now passed down her throat. “All right, I can’t make any more of a scene than my big sis did, so let’s do some shit!” She didn’t give it the full-throated bellow that her new drinking partner did, in case her sister was around. However, it was clear that soon reactivating the royal filter was not going to be an option. And that suited Cat just fine for now. Now that there were clear goals to be had in Aciras.
Collab with @lady horatio & @rodiak

Cassandra listened to Arabelle and Erik's quarrel, she found it laughable that these two were to be wed. She was sure that at least after they were married their sex life would be entertaining to say the least. She took a shot of whiskey and decided it was time to have a little fun. Phillip hadn't seen her since before her move to America, so she was in rare form to tease him a little bit.

She put down her glass and glided across the room silently, her pale skin in stark contrast with her dark dress, she must of looked liked a corpse bride on the hunt. She briefly walked close to Asher sliding a hand along his back and giving him a small smile. She would have some fun with him later. She was sure she would be getting into plenty of trouble do to his ... bountiful tastes in women soon enough.

She would intercept the siblings before they could make it to their destination and she gently stepped in front of them giving Phil a hug. She looked over and gave a mischievous smile toward Gen and Imani as she let go. Poor girl still couldn't stand being in public.

"Phillip darling! It has been a while. I can't believe that I haven't heard from you, a lady could get her feelings hurt you know? And Gen, I am so happy to see you out and about, very brave indeed. You have grown so much it truly is astounding!" Cass said, hoping to catch the pair off guard.

Imani saw the pale woman approaching the trio from the corner of her eyes. The way she carried herself and walked over to them while blatantly ignoring her reminded her of her older sister Lara. Lara had been the first one to always remind her that Imani was just a bastard and she would amount to nothing. Lara, who would probably be in this ball.

While the stranger, who she recognized as Cassandra, leaned in to hug Phillip she pulled her arm back from his to let him hug her. Imani just stood there with a small timid smile playing on her lips. The woman in front of her intimidated her, much like Lara had when she was smaller, but she didn't back down. Instead, she cleared her throat and introduced herself.

"Ah, hello. I'm Princess Imani Kore of Massylii- but you can just call me Imani." She smiled at the woman and reached out her hand. There was a colder tone to her voice that was just subtle enough to not be noticed. After all, this woman was a stranger to her.

Cassandra pulled back as the princess introduced herself. She happily took her hand, trying her best not to match Imani's tone. She might as well play with her too. She was Phil's fiance after all.

"I must apologize, but when I saw my old friends I just got to focused. Cassandra O'Brien, Dal Riata, but please call me Cass, royal titles mean very little to me. Phil and I grew up together, even before all this." She gestured to her body lazily. "We were very close. And Gen as well, like a little sister."

She wondered how far she could push this game before Phil stopped her. Hopefully her coming over disarmed him enough to give her a little more time. But for now the princess of Massylii wanted her attention. So she would give plenty of it.

Phillip was, indeed, startled by Cass’s sudden hug and the way she was talking a mile a minute before she’d even released him. A surprised laugh spilled out of him before he felt Imani step away and caught a subtle tensing in Gen’s features.

Inwardly, he winced. Drawing attention to how “brave” it was for Gen to be here—not the best opening salvo. Cass meant well, and Phillip always loved how very much herself she was—but herself was a lot for a pair of introverts.

“It’s good to see you, Cass,” he agreed, moving to put a hand on Imani’s back once more. “I’m sorry it’s been so long.” Raising his eyebrows, he said, “I would like to point out that I’m not the one who decided to base my wildly successful business in a foreign country.”

He smiled, a warm but humored twist of his lips. “You look good.” And she knew she did, of course.

“We were just walking around to see who was here. I promise we would have gotten to you if you hadn’t gotten to us first.” He tipped his head sideways, indicating the princess beside him. “You’re the first person I’ve gotten to introduce to Imani.”

The hand on her back was reassuring to Imani as she watched Cassandra carefully. It only took her seconds to realize she didn't like the woman very much. Although the fact that titles meant nothing to her, she didn't have to be a bitch about it. Imani took a deep breath and a sip of her drink to keep her nerves down. Cassandra was not Lara- Imani had to remind herself of that- and yet her words painted her just like her half-sister. Her words towards Gen had been just as bad.

"It's nice to meet an old friend of Phillip's, Miss Cassandra." Imani kept her tone cool as she continued to call her by her full name. She glanced over to Gen to see if the younger girl was okay. Imani understood her discomfort.

Cass tried warmly smiling to Imani. She was unsure how she felt about the woman so far. She seemed nice, but it felt in a forced way. She didn't know enough about a lot of these people since she didn't care to much on politics outside of what she was forced to learn in case she had to take the throne one day. But this is the woman one of her oldest friends was to marry, she should at least make the attempt to know her.

"Your family has an estate in the Dal. But I must admit, running Janus and has been taxing. Tomorrow will be the first day that I haven't stepped foot in the company. But of course you all are welcome to come visit me at any time, it would mean the world to me. Imani dear, I would like to get to know you better. Now if you must excuse me I will allow you to introduce the lovely lady to everyone else. It was a pleasure, and it was good to see you again Gen. I am sorry if my excitement got the better of me. I was just so happy to see you guys again."

Genevieve seemed to ease. “It was nice to see you again, too,” she said. “I’m sure it’ll be hard to slow down, when you’re used to being so busy.”

"The pleasure was mine, Miss Cassandra." Imani gave Cass a curt nod. Her shoulders relaxed, just the tiniest bit as the woman continued to say her goodbyes.

“Hopefully we can all enjoy the break,” Phillip agreed. Eyeing Cass, he added, “I dare you to stay off of your phone for at least twenty-four hours,” raising an eyebrow in dubious challenge.

"I will do my best, but I am sure I already have missed calls and a pile of emails.if I had known adulting was this hard, I might have made a few more trips to the beach with you. Take care now." Cass turned and felt her phone buzz in her handbag, she fought every urge not to reach for before she was out of eye sight of Phillip and his damn challenge.
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