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Current There are reasons why I don't let people get to close, and the world has to constantly remind me why 😡
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The darkness serves me to protect the light I will never see.
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My family, mess with them you answer to me!!

@soufflegirl123: One of my sister's, she's not evil like me, but she's not an angel either.

@haleytherandom: My other sister, who is as evil as I am. Together we make dad's life a living hell!!

@jakeb1993: Sigh, hi Dad. What is there I can say about you, other than your my favorite punching bag, you make it to easy.

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Circe Masers

Character Image Here:…

Time to play!! Come here my little toys, let me show you Chaos!![/hr]

Name:Circe Masers
Gender: Female
Alignment: Dark Shadow
Rank within Organisation: Lieutenant

Birthmark Shape…
Location of Birthmark Found on her right outer thigh, roughly 6 inch radius.
Magical Abilities Black Sun. Circe controls shadows themselves, able to forge weapons from the darkness, she favors short swords and bows and arrows. She can also make constructs like walls and clones of herself for defense and escape. And for in case of emergencies she can use the shadows to teleport away, within a 5 mile distance. This is also very draining and she won't be able to use her shadows again until she rests.

Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Currently Residing: New York City
Personality: To say Circe is insane is a huge understatement. She enjoys playing with her "toys", making sure their pain lasts for many days. Circe is also very cunning, though she enjoys letting people think she is more unhinged than she actually is. Her idols include Jason Voorhees, Jack the Ripper, and Billy Crystal.
History/Bio: Circe was born to a poor mother and abusive father in the slums of Philadelphia, by the time she was five her mother had been killed by her father in a particular drunken rage. She was sent to a foster home, where they abused and mistreated her.

By the age of 12 she had run away and began learning of her powers. Circe lived on the streets until she was 16, stealing and killing her way through Phili. One day she decided to rob a bank bringing the attention of the police, in a bid to get away she killed all twelve hostages she had and teleported out of the bank finding herself on a cruise ship bound for London.

For the next four years she lived in mostly Asia and Europe, traveling around, mastering her Dark Sun ability. Eventually she settled in Romania where she lived in solitude, pillaging villages as she moved around.

Soon after gaining government attention she decided to run back to America. Upon her arrival she caught wind of a group of like minded individuals coming together to take over and she immediately joined up, fighting and clawing, and killing her way to Lieutenant.

Name: Mommy Aly
Realtionship: Likes
Characters opinion of them: Dear sweet Aly, he let's me play with my toys as much as I want!! Hehehehe, if I didn't take my time, I am sure I would have a higher count than him!!

Name: Poor Man's Jean Grey (Lana)
Relationship (Bold as needed): Depends on Lana's mood
Characters opinion of them: Oh dear sweet Lana, she is wound up tighter than a drag queens tuck! But I have seen her cut loose once, one day, I will push her over the edge and it will be GLORIOUS!

Name: Bitch Slap Barbie (Salem)
Relationship: Loathes
Characters opinion: Oh, miss Holier than thou? Tch, what I wouldn't give to slip a dagger or thirty into her, hehehe. This little bitch stands in the way of my mayhem!

Name: No, Not Neo (Nero)
Relationship: Best murder friends!!
Characters Opinion: Oh Tiber... Tibaros... Nero!! Why does his name so hard?? Anyways, I like this one, for now. Even though he looks like Sid Vicous and Ruby Rose had an illegal love child, I know I can count on him for a grand old blood bath... Now that's a good idea, I wonder if Mommy Ally will let me take an Elizabeth Bathory style bath?

Name: Disco Inferno (Emily)
Relationship: part of Troubled Trio
Characters Opinion: This girl is crazy for fun baby!! Hehehehe, with her and Neo playing with me, we have lots of fun together... I wonder if we kill her, would her blood taste spicy?? Hehehehehe

Nane: Baskin Robbins (Talya)
Relationship: Best friends
Character Opinion: Tayla, the only one in this shit hole, just as crazy as me baby, hehehe. Mommy Aly doesn't let us play together to much... Might have something to do with that Albany incident... But in our defense she said she could out crazy me!! Oh well, can't make an omelette without starting an international incident I always say, hehehehe.

I still want Ty to do the thing!
Bat shit will make her return!! Most likely morrow, Ryan is being a butt tonight -.-

Bitch deserves it after she went berserk lol

Sorry it wasn't longer, and prob not satisfactory for Aria, but Morrigan doesn't care enough 😂

Morrigan stood as straight as she could, foggy breath escaped her lips. If it wasn't for her legs threatening to betray her, and her side still pulsing in anger, she would of looked like one of her puppets. If it were anyone else but a person who could use fire, she wouldn't of tired out so quickly. But that acursed flames forced her to constantly keep her ice together which was more draining. She heard what Aira was saying, and the young woman spit off to her side.

"Your right, I saw everything last night, but I don't give a damn about any of it. And don't worry, I won't go blab to anyone about you guys being out, not like I have or want any friends. Just stay away from me you glorified candle, I want nothing to do with you Goonies rejects."

Despite knowing that class wasn't over yet, Morrigan walked off, her legs trying to give out only once. But she was to stubborn to stop, and walked back into the forest and back towards her room
Sorry guys been busier than expected the last few days, hopefully will have a post up morrow
I will post in the next day or so
Morrigan watched with a twisted satisfaction as her ice clone attacked the woman. She was confident enough that she would win this match without having to actively partake in the fight. The girl named Aira was barely dodging her golemn while shouting at Morrigan, though through her loudly pumping pulse everything was like a snowstorm to her, deathly quiet. Her smile only grew as the golemn closed in on the girl, after she barely jumped out of the way the two girls had a staredown, Morrigan's smirk openly challenging the the witch.

Aira mumbled something and began running again, surely Morrigan's golemn would catch the girl this time. To Morrigan's annoyance, Aira made a sharp than humanly possible turn and slapped her hand to the golemn. Morrigan's eyes became slits as she watched the human candle lift her sculpture and smash it to bits against a tree. Than she turned and flung her golemn into a tree smashing it to pieces. Than she conjured a large fireball and begged Morrigan to halt her attack.

In her mind she was eleven again, a large group of people demanding her to be given to them, so they could "protect" the other children. Than she was at the park, a week after the mob came to her house. A man attacked her saying he was doing God's work, and that witches must burn, she still could feel the flames as they licked her skin, eating her shirt, and dancing up her body. Her mother put out the fire before she was consumed, by she still carried the scar of the memory on her stomach.

Covered in ice, Morrigan began walking towards Aira, her arm freezing into a blade. She wasn't go to kill the other girl, but they were enemies. Her ice vs Airas fire. But before she could even get close to a striking distance, the heat from the other girls flames washed over her ice armor. She felt it melting faster than she could form it, and with the flames evaporating the excess moisture in the surrounding area, Morrigan had a hard time making more ice. Quickly her shimmering protection melted away and the full force of the heat punched her in the gut. Her scar flared with a warning like quality and pain sang through her body. Morrigan dropped to a knee, hand flicking to her old wound.

"I will put out those flames Aira. I won't be stopped!" She said through gritted teeth as she stood on shaking legs. She couldn't use her powers, but the flames still had to go.

@ilovepapa@Experiment 249

Relka listened as things quieted down for the most part and accepted Anubis's friend request. Know an other information broker to trade with would be beneficial. She listened to Park's as he tried to wrestle control of his meeting once again bringing everyone back to task. After Chopper's stormoff and MamaFang's apology and leave the girl TinyFang apologized again for her mother's outburst. Relka stared at the girl while she asked her questions and waited for her to be done. She was curious about her and decided to try and learn more about her on their travels. But since no one had spoken yet, Relka stood and cleared her throat.

"Before everyone leaves, you all know the ads we will be facing, many, if not all of us, has done this quest. But just in case, I specialize in the bestiary of Elder Tale, and had the foresight to get a scrib to make some copies on the types of monsters that were present during last year's events.Thats not to say that we will run into everyone of these creatures, or that there won't be new or unknown enemies that have emerged since the adventures let them fester. But to not be properly prepared is to invite a trip to the cathedral." She opened her menu and produced enough parchments for those at the table detailing monsters, attack patterns, stats, and drop rates. While still in her menu she passed a friend request to TinyFang and than closed her menu. She than popped a couple more of Mama's pitter patter potatoes in her mouth and walked to a window opening it up.

"I will see you guys in thirty minutes than, I need to get some supplies, toodles. Oh and Tingle, don't forget the other parts of my payment, I expect that you agreed to them since you are giving 3,000." With those words she stepped up on the window sill, looked back winked at TinyFang and with a laugh jumped out the window.
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