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Tor Vier smiled sincerely, she liked a person with candor.

"I am a dark elf, or drow. For the most part my people are agile, and can see in perfect darkness. But I on the other hand." Tor Vier extended her hand and a whip as black as night appeared in her hand. "Can make just about anything I can imagine, with some minor restrictions of course. I can also use the shadows to travel from place to place, and can make a room completely dark despite how much light is shone."
I just got word I will be getting my new phone on Weds, I will do my best to be on before that. Got one computer that isnt reliable and is shared by family.
Just as Tor Vier was about to touch Mioshis tail a loud voice boomed in the room. She gave a small apologetic smile to the Kitsune as her attention turned else where. Tor Vier processed the humans in front of her, the few she as come across always had such bravado, seemed this one was no different. Though the brother Dagger had yet to say anything, she ventured a guess that that wouldn't change much. Still the way they carried themselves, she knew they had powers.

Best make a good impression. She thought. An other human greeted them, she didn't notice him earlier. She put on a warming smile.

"Hello, I am Tor Vier, a pleasure to meet you."
hey guys might be a little slow getting to reply, my phone as crapped out I should be getting a new one today or tomorrow
I was trying to find a way to interact with you but it seems Tor Vier's attention has been demanded elsewhere lol
I know it's a lot but I woke up to three people demanding Tor Viers attention and had to react accordingly

Tor Vier was unsure on where to start, her attention being pulled from so many directions. It was the Elven dialect that caught her attention most.

"I understand cousin, I duly hope the bad blood between our people will not cause a problem for us??" She responded in kind phrasing more as a question for him. "And remember, the powers that be also say the bigger our opinion, the thinner the bubble."

Now the girl on the floor has done something wonderful. Is she a vampire maybe?? No there is still some color in her cheeks. A damphir than?? Yes that's it, don't see many of those around. She's very attractive too. She thought to herself.

"Necromancy?? Very rare magic indeed, taboo as well. I do enjoy taboo things. The crow his beautiful, I have always felt a close connection to these wonderful, and taboo, birds." Her hand absentmindedly went to her necklace. Than her attention went to the Kitsume.

"My dear is something the matter?? My, your tail is lovely!!" She exclaimed. She got very nervous as she asked the next question. "I am unsure of the etiquette with your people, but may I possibly touch it?? I am a curious person by nature, and have never met a Kitsume before."
Personally I am trying to not over post, notice a few haven't posted in a while lol
Tor Vier snickered quietly to herself over the young man's slip up. She would have to keep a close eye on him, he seemed to have some elvish blood in him, she wondered if he held the same high brow opinion of her people as his full blooded people. The light was an little to bright for her eyes to handle, giving the young Drow the beginnings of a headache. She retrieved her shades from her shirt and put them on, sighing inwardly at the comfort they brought her head. She once heard that staying out in the sun to long used to make her ancestors turned to stone, and she was inclined to believe it.

"Hello my name is Tor Vier, would it seem intrusive to ask what has brought such a richly diverse group of people together in such a lovely a Manor??" She asked from her darkened corner. Learn what makes them tick, you can use that to form connections. The more people you know, the more you can help everyone at home. She thought to herself.
Lol should make things entertaining to say the least
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