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My family, mess with them you answer to me!!

@Pureheroine: Let's start with my Newbie, as her mentor it is my job to teach her in the ways of evil. And it's starting to come to fruition.

@soufflegirl123: One of my sister's, she's not evil like me, but she's not an angel either.

@haleytherandom: My other sister, who is as evil as I am. Together we make dad's life a living hell!!

@jakeb1993: Sigh, hi Dad. What is there I can say about you, other than your my favorite punching bag, you make it to easy.

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I understand, I haven't had much time to be on here myself, I am sorry to hear that your living out your car, must be rough
August 3rd, 2:30 AM Central Park, Circe

Circe wondered through the massive park in the middle of Mahattan Island, her arms folded across herself, desperately holding in the struggle going through her. Ty was dead, her mind raced in directions they had never done so in almost ten years. Though not anywhere close to resembling the mountain range she grew up on in Pennsylvania this was close enough.

"He was ours, baby. Ty was ours to kill, and that damned fool let that idiot go an get dead. This is no laughing matter, they must die baby, all of them. They must return to the Darkness that they were born from. We are that darkness!!" She said to her shadow that peeked out through every street lamps light.

The young woman wondered into a thicker part of the park and hid herself in the trees, dropping to the ground, a careening wail would escape from her mouth. She collected herself enough to lean against one of the trees and stared off towards the darkness.

"No, I will not let go, my name is not fucking Elsa. I am here because YOU needed me!! When that worthless mundane would come home high as a kite and beat your weak willed mage mother half to death. And what happened when he was done with her?? Yesssss, than he would storm in and work you over. That's where I was born, in your anger and despair, and hopelessness. And after that bitch of a mother finally died and they shipped you off?? What happened than?? Yes, those so called foster homes, with the pigs that adopted you, I grew on that, festered like a damn infection, because you were weak like your mother. A little weak bitch who wouldn't fight back from those that used your body!! You gave me control, and I am having to much fun to give it back!!"

As she argued with herself, hot tears poured down her face. Her shadow rose from the ground, taking on a more human shape, it closed the distance to Circe and struck out at her.

"I was a young girl!!" The shadow shouted, though it was close, the voice sounded far away. "I was to little to fight, I was only starting to learn about my powers, until you came around!! You promised we would fight together, that you would help save me!!"

"AND I DID YOU UNGRATEFUL SKANK!! I SAVED YOU AND AS I TOOK OVER AS PAYMENT!! IF YOU CAN'T FIGHT, I WILL!!" Circe was now standing again, facing what could only be confusingly to anyone else as herself. "They killed Ty, the one man whose reminds us so much like your father!! A drunk, abusive whore!! It was our right to kill him, no one else's!!"

"Ty was not abusive!! He was very passionate, in our entire time with Dark Shadows, he never hurt us. You just won't admit that you fell for Ty like I did because you only know how to kill!! I am taking my body back you sociopathic hag!!" Shadow Circe's arm formed into a long sword and she glided at her murderous other self.

"You don't have the strength to kill me!! That's why you made me you pathetic little girl!!" Circe threw up a wall to block Shadow Circes strike. "First I am going to kill myself, than I am going to hunt that troll Rebecca down and play hide the knife with her. Than I am going to find that shining star Salem and turn her into a Jim Henson puppet, and when everything is all over, I am going to that prick Aloyusius and I am going to shove so much darkness down his throat, that he will become his own wind tunnel!!"

Shadow Circe heard everything her darker self said, and use it to spurn her own. The forgotten young woman phased through the wall that Circe threw up and ran a blade right through were the Shifter had injured her the night before. A look of surprise crossed the insane versions face.

"You forgot you stupid crazy bitch!! You made me into this shadow!! And darkness doesn't affect darkness!!" Insane Circe smiled and slumped to the ground. A laugh coming through her mouth.

"Who would of guessed, in an attempt to kill myself, it was my other self that for me. Hehehehe. Ow that's some crazy shit kid. Don't think I am going away, I will always be in the darkness, waiting to take control back." Circes light left her eyes, and Shadow Circe sighed.

Circe opened her eyes and looked around, she was still in the clearing in Central Park. She stood on wobbly legs, it was the first time she was in control of her pyshical body in almost ten years. Her mind no longer divided in half, though she could of sworn she still could hear laughter in her thoughts. She stepped out of the trees and bumped into a couple men.

"Whoa, hey, what have we got here. A drunk little thing lost in the big city. What do you say honey, how bout you say sorry like a good little girl." Circe looked up at the men and smiled....

At this point Circe is a bigger threat than Aly lol

It spit me out lol I beat it and got insta bored with it
I shall have my Red post up soon

Now are time sensitive missions story driven missions??

Circe in Colorado

Circe walked through the quiet suburban town in Colorado, she had no luck in the Amazon's, unable to find even one pokemon upset her. She finally signed up for the Pokemon League, yet she wanted to wait to have a full team until she challanged an other trainer. She turned a corner and saw a Misdrevous.

"Pissaro!! I really want this Ghost type, please help me. Confusion!!" Mr Mime came out of his pokeball, waves of psychic energy rolling off of him.

(Misdreavous female level 13 will catch if wins)
A collab between:[@Ceres22]@pureheroine
Location: New York City rooftops
Time: 12:15 AM

Circe ran off from the crime scene, soon her work would be all over the national news channels. A bridge made of darkness connected two buildings as she neared the gap. The smile on her face as she moved on to her next target, was neither friendly or warm.

"See baby!! I knew this was a good idea, hehehe. And you said you didn't want to do it!! Let's see if the little time wizard can have as much fun!!” She kept running, looking for another crowded area.

Elizabeth was still sulking over the fact she hadn't been chosen to go on the reconnaissance mission with Augie and Zeke. Her initial thought was to go out to a club and blow off some steam with some friends, but all of her friends were busy, which she took as a sign to begin an investigation of her own.

So there she was, soaring through the sky over the city, keeping her hawk eyes peeled for any suspicious activity, when low and behold, she caught sight of a young woman dashing between two building roofs on what looked like a bridge made out of...shadows? Darkness? Whatever it was it obviously wasn't natural. Using such obvious magic so openly was against Guild rules, so of course Lizzie had no choice but to get involved. More than that though, she was curious.

She dived down to land on the second building's roof, changing form into a pigeon to look less conspicuous as she perched herself on the edge of the roof and watched the other female.

Circe’s feet pounded on the rough top as she scanned around for a new target. Finally she spotted a movie theater, her eyes sparkled with murderous intent.

"Hey look, new play things!! Hehehe, there is a new “super hero” movie out tonight isn't there?? She said to her shadow, as she came to a stop next to a pigeon. "Let's give them a real life villain baby!! Hehehehe, shhhh it's ok, you will like it this time I swear!! You can bathe in all the blood you want. Aly will be so proud, we will be legends!! Shoo bird, don't bother me, hehehe.” She sung out the last part to the spectating avian, soon she would drop in on the unsuspecting patrons, and the news would have a new report!!

'Aly? That couldn't possibly mean Aloysius could it? In that case, is this girl from DS? That would explain why she seems like a complete fucking psycho, who the hell is she even talking to?' All these thoughts and more were swirling around in Elizabeth's head, meanwhile she was busy preening herself and doing her best to act as pigeon like as possible to avoid suspicion, which seemed to be working.

The crazy girl didn't even seem to notice her, aside from the brief moment she took to shoo her away. Lizzie ruffled her feathers and hopped a few inches to the side, trying to keep up a natural bird act, but still remain close enough so she could get as much information as possible. She had initially been planning to follow the girl around for a little while, and see what she could find out, but when she heard the girl was planning an attack on the theater, she knew she had to do something to stop her.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that." Elizabeth stated while shifting from the pigeon form and into her original form. Once her transformation was complete, she moved to stand in the other girl's way.

Circe was about to drop down and have her fill of more humans, when the pigeon she had tried to shoo turned into a girl. Her small angled face peered at Circe, with big blue eyes. The little pixie had the nerve to tell Circe she wouldn't be allowed to kill anymore people.

"If you were that birdie, does that mean you take shits on the statues?? Hehehehe, now why would one of the Guildies want to ruin me and babies fun?? They are only humans, weak pathetic little creatures. I am only trying to give them what they want, something that goes bump in the night.”

Waves of darkness rolled out of Circe, like smoke. Some of it turned into forms, crumbling buildings, people stuck with perpetual fear on their the faces. Explosions of shadows erupted behind Circe.

"Human nature is evil, I am the chaos born from their hearts!! Everything came from darkness, I only wish to return it to that darkness!! Hehehehe, shhhh it's ok baby, she can't hurt you. A weak little bitch like you, I hear your heart. Begging to be returned to the darkness, come little bird. Let us Grant your request!!” Twin swords of shadows appeared in Circe’s hands as she lunged at the Shapeshifter, striking out at her ribs.

Elizabeth had gone to great lengths to improve her overall agility and close quarters combat, because she knew her powers alone weren't very strong against other mages. As the girl launched at her, striking out at her chest with her shadow blades, Lizzie threw herself into a backhandspring; which she executed and landed perfectly.

"You're going to have to try a lot harder than that little girl." She shifted into a large brown bear and charged at the girl. When she got within a few feet she reared up on her hind legs and swiped at her neck and chest with her large paws.

One of Circe’s swords dissolved and became a shield blocking the bears swipe. Her other sword grew in length becoming a polearm. Striking out at the beasts legs.

"Oh Winnie, if you thinking I am trying hard at all, you have another thing coming!! Hehehe, you sure would make a fine rug on my floor!! No, no baby, we mustn’t feed the animals!!”

Lizzie roared in pain as the polearm pierced her leg, that hurt like a bitch, but it would heal soon enough. She stumbled back a little, pulling her leg back from the blade of the weapon, allowing the wound to heal a little more once the weapon was no longer obstructing it. Then she charged at the girl again, slamming her shoulder into the shield, putting all her weight behind the hit.

Circe was satisfied to hear the mage roar out, and to see the blood flow from her leg brought on her bloodlust. She was so elated to wound the girl that it gave her the chance to counter attack. Circe was sent sprawling on the ground by the bears charge, she sat up momentarily dazed.

"Sheesh, someone didn't have their morning honey. Hehehehehe, that's fine, makes this game so much more fun!! How are you going to hit me if I stay out of your reach??” As the words finished the now cracked shield and polearm warped into a bow and quiver. Circe pulled out a small handful of arrows and fired two quick shots at the bears chest.

Elizabeth transformed out of the bear and dropped to the ground, rolling to the side, narrowly avoiding getting hit in the chest. One of the arrows still managed to skim her back, cutting through her clothes and into her skin, drawing out another shout of pain. "Bitch! This is my new jacket!" She snarled at the girl. It was probably a little childish to be so fussed over a piece of clothing in the middle of a fight, but it was expensive and she really liked it.

Lizzie quickly pushed herself to her feet and turned to face the other mage, then she morphed her forearms into blades and extended her limbs just long enough to strike at her.

Circe laughed with psychotic glee at the girls scream, and was caught off guard by the blades coming at her. As she felt it sink into her arm she let out a feral growl.

"When I am done with you, princess, you won't be worrying about much of anything anymore. Hehehe, I think playtime is over!! Now I am going to be mean!!” With that Circe stomped her foot onto the roof and spikes of darkness rose up like a wave, rushing towards the Shapeshifter.

Lizzie shifted into a hawk to fly up and over the wave of spikes that were coming towards her, missing them just in time. When she landed again, she was back in her human form, arms morphed back into blades, ready to make another charge at her opponent.

Circe saw her chance, as the young woman was landing, she let loose another arrow. She knew this one would hit home in the shifters chest, no one was that fast. She began running after her arrow closing the gap, not wanting to give her toy a chance to escape.

Elizabeth hadn't seen it coming, and had no time to react, the arrow hit her square in the chest, sending her toppling backwards into the ground. It wasn't an injury she couldn't recover from, given enough time, but as she looked up she saw the girl was already running at her. Lizzie took a swing at her as soon as she was close enough, trying desperately to fight her off, but she was losing quite a bit of blood.

Circe easily swatted the girls hands away. She straddled the injured woman's hips. Circe grabbed the arrow and twisted it a little more, making the blood pump out faster.

"A fighter to the end?? I like that in my toys, hehehehe. But look baby!! Her batteries are running out. Just between me and you shifter, oh your ganna love this. Baby was hoping you would win, hehehe. But, it looks like I broke another toy. Now stop fighting, shhhhhh, shhhh it will be ok. Let the darkness come, let it fill your every fiber. We all must return to it's embrace some time, just now it's your turn.” Circe tried soothing the fighting girl, though the act of kindness was lost to the dark mage. She produced a long wicked curved dagger, and quickly flashed it under the shifters chin.

Elizabeth knew it was over, she was too weak to fight her off and save herself, but maybe -just maybe- if she could injure the other girl enough she could still succeed in stopping her from killing anymore innocent people, at least for one night; and that would still be a win in her mind. With all the strength the had left in her body, she made one last strike at the shadow mage, aiming for wherever she could possibly get a hit in, right before the girl summoned a dagger and slit her throat. Blood spurred from her throat and her mouth, causing her to cough and gag, making each breath a struggle. Until finally, her eyes fluttered closed, her head dropped to the side, and her arms returned to normal as the last sign of life in her body.

Circe felt a sharp pain in her side, the shifter bitch got her good in her ribs. She swore under her breath, she would have to go back to base to heal. Her fun was done for the night.

"Stupid, stupid silly little guildling, how dare you impede my work!! Gasp!! Look, our blood it mingles, hehehe. Drink up baby, it's mage blood, make you nice and strong hehehehe. Now, my oh my, how are we going to get someone to notice you?? Hehehehe I know!!” Circe lifted the shifter up, stripping her jacket off and putting in on her self. She carried the body over to the edge and looked down. She laughed more to herself than anything else as she let the young woman's body drop.

With a solid thud, and crunch of bones breaking, Circe turned and dipped her hand in the blood. She found a smooth part of the roof to accomplish what she wanted.

1-0 Guildlings!! C She brushed some blood on her shadow and started making her way back to base, holding her side. She barely made it to the third rooftop before the screams hit the air. She laughed out loud at the joyous sound, than had to stop because it hurt her bleeding side. Tonight was a great night!!

And my mischief, mayhem, and chaos would put Loki to shame.... I think I can keep up aha

Can I join please please please?!?!
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