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The darkness serves me to protect the light I will never see.
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My family, mess with them you answer to me!!

@soufflegirl123: One of my sister's, she's not evil like me, but she's not an angel either.

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Call me cold cuz I am an iceburg!!!!!
I will sink this ship
No Lirce, sounds like genetically enhanced Lice


DS Headquarters August 4th 11 AM

Circe paced back and forth in the room that was supposed to be her bedroom. She hardly used it except to keep a change of clothes if hers were to… stained. But as of this moment, the sounds of a feral animal unleashing it's rage could be heard inside.

”That fucking bastard Luka!! Why did he get in my way!!” Circe screeched, her voice cracking. ”First I am going to kill that little Lite Bright, and then we will see just how much a blood mage really can bleed!!” She slammed the furniture around the room as she ranted and raved in frustration.

Luka was able to hear her through the door. He chuckled under his breath at Circe's anger and, after bracing himself in case something sharp came at him, opened the door slowly and stood in the doorway with a grin on his face "hmhmm, well you'll find that I bleed a lot, but I'm not that easy to kill"

Hearing his voice Circe whirled around towards the door, her eyes widened in fury. She flicked her hand and the shadows produced spikes that stopped mere centimeters from Lukas throat.

”A lightmage, Luka, there is a fucking LIGHT MAGE IN OUR HEADQUARTERS!! It has to die, all light must be extinguished from existence. Then the beautiful, black velvet of darkness can finally have a turn. Think of the despair!! We can watch the little piss ants lose their minds, and than we can toy with them all we want!! Just let me know it now!! No one else knows he is here, if they ask we can say he never showed up!! Let me just hug his throat with my hands, I won't hug him long, just till his legs stop kicking!! Or better yet, let me stab him, just a couple hundred times is all!! Maybe just enough until until his eyes won't open anymore. You can have his blood!!” At some point in her bargaining, Circe started frothing at the mouth a little bit. She hurriedly wiped it away as she looked at Luka, hoping for a yes

Luka smiled and ran a hand over his own cheek, finally closing the wound on it. He slowly pushed the spikes away from him then and stepped past them, coming up to Circe and wiping away a bit of froth she missed with his thumb before putting his hands on her shoulders "You don't need to bargain with me my little shadow. You know I'm more than happy to let you kill them, but you need to know when to do it if you want to get everyone. Bossman's already a bit cross with you for what you did, making a mess in our own headquarters would've gotten you in too much trouble"

If anyone other than Talya or Ty put their hands on her before she got control of herself again she would of lopped off body part. Now only a feral growl escaped her throat.

”Just because I like your ability vampire does not mean I will not kill you where you stand if you ever touch me again. And Aly got one teammate killed, he wouldn't even miss an other. And I won't ever kill a hundred people again while I work under him again, you can promise the whore boss that. And if you don't want to kill the glow sticks keep him away from me!! Now leave. I am going to call Lana, I have something entertaining to talk to her about.” Circe’s smile would of scared even the Joker if he saw it.

"Aww, you do like me" Luka smirked "And you're wrong if you think I care about the light mage, hell kill him and strangle Al with the kids guts for all I care. Just do it when you have a good chance to not be discovered. I like you a lot more than I like bossman, but he's still stronger than you and if he decided you were more trouble than you're worth...well, I guess you'd actually like that kind of mess" Luka sighed and before she could do anything he leaned in and planted a kiss on her forehead "hmm well, you girls have fun" he patted her shoulder and turned to leave "you ever want to come along next time I have to melt someone just say so, eh? Da Svidan'ya"

If Luka could see into the room without being in it, he would notice the several shadow daggers that became embedded in the door right where his head was. She slumped on her chair as it materialized beneath her and pulled out her phone. She hit speed dial number two, and a picture of Lana's face appeared on the screen, of course she didn't know her picture was taken. If she saw the candid shots Circe stole of her, she would prob kill Circe, break her phone and kill her again. On second thought, she was relatively sure Lana would do that just to get the crazy lady out of her hair. She waited while the phone rang for her hateful best friend to answer.

Lana was just stepping through the door to her apartment when her phone started ringing. She let the shopping bags in her hands float off to sit on the counter so she could pull the phone from her pocket and answer. Seeing the name "Psycho Bitch" flashing across the screen drew out a frustrated groan. "The hell do you want Circe?" Lana grumbled into the phone. Normally she wouldn't answer, and let the call go to voicemail, since the only reason Circe ever called her was to mess with her. But the pestering she would get if she didn't answer was arguable more annoying in the end. She could always hang up if the call got too much anyway. While she waited for the female on the other end to explain the reason for her calling, Lana made her way over to the couch to sit down so she could at least be comfortable during, what would most likely be, one of the most annoying phone calls she had ever had.

Lana picked up fairly quickly, one of Circe’s slick smiles appeared on her face. A new knife appeared in her hand, than thought better of it. She lit up a smoke and puffed away for a second, if Mommy Al caught her smoking in her room, he would be infuriated, her smile grew thinking about it.

”Lana, dearest, how are you today?? Have you decided to let the fun side show at all??”

Lana lay back on the couch and picked up the remote so she could turn the tv on. Then she sat there, flicking through the channels, not particularly paying any attention to what Circe was saying. There wasn’t anything of interest on, but she wasn’t paying much attention to the tv either, she just enjoyed the background noise. It was also a nice distraction, so she didn’t end up losing it at Circe, especially since she knew that would only amuse her. "Circe, I know you don't give two shits about how I'm doing, so cut the small talk and tell me why the hell you're calling me." Lana drawled, sounding as bored as ever. Everyone who knew Lana knew she didn't care much for small talk, especially not when she knew the other person had ulterior motives.

[Color=pink]”Now Lana, is that anyway to talk to your most favoritest person in the whole world?? You really shouldn't be so mean, doubly after I just had the most [I]interesting[/] conversation with a new recruit. Your name may, or may not of come up in the conversation.”[/color] Circe finished her cigarette and waited for Lana's reply

”First of all Circe, you’re not even close to being my least favorite person, let alone my most. Secondly, what new recruit and what kind of interesting conversation?” Lana didn’t want to admit it, but the crazy bitch had managed to pique her interest a little. She was still frustrated with how long it was taking the woman to get to the point, though. ”And don’t keep dragging it out. Tell me why you’re calling or I’m hanging up, and I won’t answer again.”

She got under Lana's skin which made Circe snicker a bit before continuing on with the conversation.

”There is a new guy…. I don't remember his name, doesn't matter I will kill his glow stick looking ass soon. The mommy part of this conversation with this guy, totally weak by the by, didn't even try and shoot at me with flashlight. Was that he knows you. He said that he, and here's the funniest part, that HE SAVED YOU from getting curb stomped by some guildlings!! Hahahahahaha oh my darkness!! If I wasn't trying to kill him so hard, I probably would of straight pissed myself in the middle of the meeting room!! I can't believe that some Apollo mother fucker had to save you from getting your ass killed!! So Lana, when was it?? Huh huh huh?! How did it feel to be the damsel in distress and be saved by a knight in SHINING armor?!” Circe lost control of herself and started cackling heavily, she wiped a tear from her eye and waited to see if Lana's fun side would come out to play.

It took a second for Lana to click onto what Circe was saying, but between the several light references and the mention of someone saving her, she did eventually get it. She went silent for a while, her blood began to boil at the sound of the shadow mage's laughter and mocking tone. 'I'm going to fucking kill that kid...' The sound of something snapping would be heard, breaking her from her thoughts. When she looked down to see what it was, she discovered the remote she had been holding was now in two pieces. "Shit...Listen, Circe, it happened nearly a year ago. I was drunk, it was dark, and they jumped me in an alley. They got lucky. But the only people that were saved that night were those guildy assholes. If that kid hadn't gotten in the way, I would have killed soon as I got my sense back. And for your information, you psycho fuck, I have never been, nor will I ever be, A FUCKING DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!" She'd lost it, which she knew would only amuse Circe even more, but she couldn't help it. She wasn't going to sit there let anyone make a mockery of her. If only she could reach through the phone and strangle her, then her problems would be solved. She didn't want word of that night getting out to anyone else, least they try and question her authority. Although she would have no issue with putting anyone in their place should they try, it was easier if it didn't get to that. Unfortunately, even though she had the power to follow through with it, she knew threatening Circe wouldn't get her anywhere. She would have to handle this smartly and in a calm a manner as possible. "So, is that it then, all you wanted was to mock me? Or is there another point to this call? If not, I have more important shit to do."

Circe heard the small crunch of something, followed by Lana's explanation of what had happened the night in question. Circe’s smile grew wider as the veiled threats began to stream in. After the tirade was over Circe began laughing even harder.

”Oh Lana, did it happen?! Did you finally go POP?! Please Lana come play with me, we can kill so many people, and if it makes you feel better, you can imagine them as the little Morningstar. Text me, mwah.” And with that Circe hung up and began laughing in earnest.

Lana couldn't even get another word in before Circe hung up, but if she had they likely would have been more threats and curses, nothing really worth saying. By the end of the call she was fuming, she needed to let off some steam. She couldn't do that in her apartment though. She had already had to pay out masses of fees in damage repairs, as well as replace several pieces of furniture, she didn't have money for that anymore. There was one place she could go to let the anger out without any worry though; her warehouse. Well...she didn't own it, but she still considered it hers. Lana didn't even bother to turn the TV off before she got up and left, grabbing a jacket on her way out, and slamming the door behind her.
If still accepting I will make a call as well, if your waiting to cut off for weekend I will try and have it up Thursday at latest
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I was torn between Cryo, hydro, and a technomancer. Cryo just fit better for the personality lol
I express my interest in this RP

(Collab between @Cerces22, @Zetsuko, @mmarage)

Joe had awoken in his new apartment. He had finally signed his lease the day prior and unloaded what few belongings he had into its confines. Everything was still packed away in boxes, but it wouldn't take the boy no more than an hour or so to put everything away. It was primarily his clothing, toiletries, books, and kitchenware. He hadn't accumulated much in his twenty years of life, he was careful with his money and avoided making frivolous purchases and heaven's knew that he never received many gifts from others. Though, with what few that he did receive, he made sure to cherish them.

Unfortunately, unpacking would have to come later. Right now, he needed to get ready and head over to the Dark Shadows Headquarters. He... still couldn't quite believe that he was going through with it all. Just a little over half a year ago his whole life changed. He never thought he'd be leaving Maine, let alone coming to New York City to fight against the Guild. But... fate tends to have a bit of a funny habit to play around with people's lives.

Joe sat up in his bed and looked down at the boxes strewn around on the ground. He got up, walked over to the small pile, and knelt down. He snagged a pair of scissors on top of the TV stand that had come with the room, opened them, and then ran the blade down the packing tape sealing the cardboard box labeled "Toiletries", cutting it enough for him to be able to open the box open. He would then repeat the process with the boxes labeled "Clothing". He would grab his shower supplies, his dental hygiene supplies, and his hairbrush. He then grabbed a simple white button down shirt, a black t-shirt, a pair of underwear and socks, a pair of black jeans, and a towel.

He would then walk into the bathroom, carefully carrying everything in his arms. He'd set everything down on the bathroom counter. He'd place his toiletries behind the sink, aside from his shower supplies, which he placed in the shower. He would then pick up his clothing and set it down onto the toilet next to the shower. Finally, he would reach into the shower and turn the handle, letting the water get hot as he stripped down.

He would hop in and out of the shower, taking just enough time to shampoo and condition his hair, scrub himself with the body wash and then rinse it all off. He would dry off his hair and body and quickly slip on his clothes, before walking back in front of the sink and wiping away the fogged up mirror. He would quickly brush his still damp hair down, then quickly rub the stick of deodorant beneath his armpits, before finally brushing his teeth and then gargling with mouth wash.

He walked out of the bathroom once he deemed that he was presentable. He just needed to grab a few things before he could finally leave. First thing he grabbed was his smartphone, something which he had saved up a few paychecks for. In this day and age, it was pretty much a necessity, especially since now he'll be navigating through a whole new and impossibly huge city on foot. His wallet and keys, and then finally, off of his nightstand, a simple pendant.

It had a simple silver chain and ended with a green crystal shaped like a teardrop at the end. It was his most prized possession, something his father had given to him shortly before his passing. He said that it was very important that he kept it, that it was like a protection charm, that no matter where he went, a bit of his father would be with him to protect him. He... always did feel like it did have some sort of mysterious power lying within it. He was almost certain that the crystal would swirl with some mysterious aura inside of it. Though... of course it could have merely been a trick of the light and his desire for what his father said to be true to make him think it was really special and not just a hunk of rock. Either way, it was the sole item he possessed that linked him back to his family.

He quickly clasped the pendant around his neck and rushed out of the door. He had already pulled up the address to the Dark Shadows' headquarters, it'd just be a matter of getting there. Hopefully he wouldn't get lost or anything. It'd be a pretty bad impression if he got lost on his very first day when he had a GPS at his fingertips. After locking his door and starting the GPS on his phone, he began walking to his destination, which, thankfully wasn't too far from him.

Circe sat in her spot at headquarters. Whistling Criminally Insane by Slayer while playing whack a mole that substituted the mole with Mommy Aly created by her magic. Tayla definitely showed her how much fun quality over quantity really was. Though Circes approach was as much fun, it was still here preferred method in dealing with the cockroaches killed humans. Now though she sat with nothing fun to do, or someone to kill.

Joe stood outside the door of the headquarters, a simple, yet unassuming apartment building which appeared to be like any of the other buildings on the street. Something that wouldn’t really gather much attention. Made sense, he supposed, don’t want people to know what’s going on within. He looked back at the street with some trepidation, his hand reaching up to the pendant around his neck and giving it a little squeeze, before finally turning back toward the door, grabbing the handle, and pushing the door open.

Joe walked into the hideout, shutting the door behind him. He could feel his heart pounding with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. He was really doing this. He was joining the Dark Shadows, he was going to fight the guild. He took a deep breath, and then exhaled before announcing his presence. “Hello? I’m the new recruit.” He called out, hoping that someone would hear him.

Just as Circe violently smashed an Aly replica a voice rang out. A young man wearing a pendant had just announced himself. Circe quickly looked around to see if anyone else was around to greet the new guy. Seeing how she was the only other person in the room brought a wicked smile to her face.

You should kill him, no one knows he is here, take your time, use what Talya showed you last night, hehehehehe. Said the other Circe, she had begun trying to weasel her way back in control, but for the moment Circe had her more… unpredictable side under control.

”Hey, no one else but me and my voices here. Who are you, and what can you do?? She said to the new guy as a stiletto blade of shadows appeared in her hand, using it to pick at her fingernails.

Joe’s head turned toward the voice that rang out throughout the room. He looked the woman up and down for a second, a little worried that she might cut herself with the black stiletto blade. However, he figured that she must do it a lot with how naturally she acted with the blade. He gave a polite chuckle to what he had hoped was a joke. ”Oh, ah… I’m Joe, like I said, I’m the new recruit. I just got in last night. As for what I can do… w-well… right now… not a lot.” He said as he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, not wanting to give away too much right now. After all, it’d be kind of lame if Lana had told anyone about that incident and then all he could say was that he could do was… well… make pretty lights.

The blade dematerialized as she finished listening to Joe talk, such a boring name, befitting a boring guy it seems. ”Well if you can't do a lot, why are you here?? We are in the business of world destruction… sorry, domination. There must be a reason why you joined us, unless your a Guilding spy, in which case I should save Aly and Lana the trouble, and kill you myself. You can be one of my new toys, they don't last so long though.” She said with mock dejection.

Joe straightened up, an annoyed expression crossing his face as he looked at the woman, he straightened up. ”T-There’s no way that I’d ever join that organization! I… I might not want world domination or something along those lines… but I do want to take down the Guild. They have no right to do what they do to magi. Their whole organization is corrupt to the core. Believe me or not, but I am not a spy. I… I saved Ms. Lana when some of those Guild dogs jumped her last Winter. They were beating her to death and… well… I couldn’t just stand by and I kind of… sort of… well… blasted them.” He said, his indignation slowly dying as he went on to explain how he had gotten here.

He folded his arms across his chest and looked off to the side, biting his lip slightly. This… story would sound hard to believe, after all, a captain needing help from a random stranger, one that just so happen couldn’t do what he did before. That… seemed shady even to him and he had been there and had indeed done just that.

Circe walked up to the young mage and slowly walked around him. Joe was very unassuming, he seemed timid to her, and easy target. She leaned in and sniffed him and her nose wrinkled.

”You smell… bright?? So you cause explosions?? That could be an interesting ability to have. I am sure Mommy Aly, when he returns from, wherever he may be, he doesn't tell his Captain anything of course. But you smell… wrong how do you make the explosions??” She stopped circling him and waited for an answer.

Joe felt a little weirded out as the woman began to circle him… and then sniff him? What did she mean by “bright”? This one… was certainly an oddball. He instinctively reached up and grabbed onto his pendant, the green crystal shimmering slightly in the dim light of the headquarters. “...Well, it wasn’t explosions… more like… beams of light energy, I suppose. Just kind of… slammed into ‘em. Kind of burned them too, I think. But they were still breathing when I left them, so that’s good. Probably still recovering though, can’t say they don’t deserve that.” He said, mumbling the last part as he kept his eyes on the woman.

Circe listen to the man ramble on grabbing the pendant at his throat. When she heard about the beams of light she stopped breathing. Frozen in place as both personalities processed what he had said. A low hiss escaped her mouth, quick as a snake she uncoiled grabbing him by his clothes, a hand tracing down his face as she brought hers in closer.

”You are a LIGHT mage?!” The words coming out clipped and harsh. ”You come in this place, with your disgusting light magic, you are going to pay for that misjudgement with your life!!” Her hand raised and a wicked serrated dagger appeared. She pressed the blade to his throat drawing a drop of blood.

Luka was returning from an assignment, one that may not have gone entirely to plan if his injuries were any indication. A lot of the damage he sustained while he was out was actually already healed thanks to his magic with only some injuries on his face still showing, namely that his right cheek was split open baring his teeth all the way to his ear in a wicked grin, his skull was showing through in a few places, and his right eye hanging out of its socket. Despite the mangled state of about half of his face he seemed completely unphased, even singing to himself as he cracked parts of himself back together while he walked up to the DS hideout entrance

"Bloody bloody Mary tell you what you just say" Crack
"You been talkin' reckless, you don't want a problem" crack "Murda murda murda there's no running away" crack
"They won't hear you scream in-"

He stopped as he came through the door to the sight of Circe with one of her shadow-blades against a young boy's throat. He didn't recognize the boy but the fact that he was able to get through the door must have meant that he was Dark Shadow and if he recalled correctly Lana had mentioned recruiting someone a while back, this must be him then.

Closing the door behind him he addressed the two "Now Circe, is that any way to greet the new guy" as he walked toward them he took his handing eye and popped it back in, blinking a few times to align it You know bossman doesn't like you scaring off the new recruits, C'mon before you traumatize the poor boy" He came up beside Circe and put one arm around her shoulders and used the other to tip her hand away from the new guy's neck "Terribly sorry about this friend he tried a sort of half-smile despite one half of his mouth being cut open in a semi-permanent grin for the moment "My name is Luka, if this one hasn't told you yet her name is Circe. Might I ask your name?"

Joe had frozen up as soon as the woman had grabbed his clothes and gotten close to him. His eyes widened, he looked like he was a deer caught in the headlights as he felt that knife against his throat. He let out a soft gasp as he felt it dig slightly into his throat, feeling a warm sensation slowly going down his throat. Surely, his blood dripping down his throat and staining into the collar of his shirt.

He was certain that this was how he was going to die. For whatever reason, he had angered this clearly unstable woman, and now he was going to get murdered in this dingy hideout. He silently prayed that someone, anyone would come save him. His prayers were thankfully answered as a disfigured man walked up to them and relieved the pressure of that knife against his throat.
He let out a sigh of relief, relaxing slightly as he looked over at Luka. “I-I’m Joe. I-I’m the new recruit.” He said, his body was still trembling, but he decided to try and take a step back, hoping that Circe would let go of the collar of his shirt

Just as Circe was about to start playing Luka walked in, looking worse than Solomon Grundy. He told her to leave the damned light mage alone, going as far as to remove her hand from his throat. Circe let go of Joe's clothes with her other hand, while a new knife appeared and she flashed it up underneath his chin. Her eyes flicked to Luka, the anger burning in them.

”Listen here, Some Assembly Required he is a light mage!! That magical abomination needs to be removed before it taints my beautiful darkness!! All light must be extinguished.” Circes wild eyes now darting between the two men. She would have to kill Luka if he tried to stop her.

"Well it's nice to meet you j-" Luka was cut off again as Circe took her knife to him. He didn't even flinch is response, he just curled in the arm he had around her shoulder so his fingers were close to her neck, small blood claws threatening to rip her open "Really now? Shouldn't you two be getting along better then? They say opposites attract you know"

He didn't didn't turn his head very far, just glaring at her out of the corner of his eyes and speaking again after a short pause. "We don't want to make a mess of our little lair now Circe, do put your shadows back at your feet." His other hand was poised to strike, he would disable Circe if he had too and she wouldn't stand a chance this close. He just hoped she wouldn't be trouble right now.

With wide crazy eyes darting between Joe and Luka, Circe contemplated all of her options on her next move. She could strike out and kill Joe, but Luka was fast and with his hand at her throat, he could still kill her. She snarled at Luka in frustration as her daggers melted away. She pulled her head back and glared at Luka.

”Just because I like your ability to cover yourself in blood Hush, doesn't mean I won't kill you if given the opportunity. And, Light Bright, best not let me catch you without your blood hound around. Else my dagger will find it's way into your light bulb.” With her threats delivered she turned on her hell and stormed off, slamming the door behind her.

Joe thought for sure that things were going to end in bloodshed, either with himself, or Circe dead… however, she finally stopped and stormed away. He let out a sigh of relief and nearly fell to his knees, the tension slowly draining from his shoulders. “T-Thank you, Mr. Luka. I-I don’t know what I did, honest. I just… talked about why I was here and then she just lost it. I… don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t been here.” He said, looking at the disfigured man in front of him.

"Good girl" Luka muttered as Circe stormed off. He brought a hand up and continued fixing himself as Joe started talking to him. "Ah don't worry about it. She's just a little unstable eh, tragic past broke her. The pain and death is all she knows, S'made her violent. Sad but it's cute sometimes.” By the time he was done speaking he'd finally fixed most of his face, his split cheek the only thing left but the grin was real now.

"Anyway, You're the recruit Lana mentioned a while back yes. If your looking for everyone they should be just through there.” He pointed toward another door. "Sorry to leave you on your own but I'm going to see if I can talk that one into not playing skip-rope with your intestines for awhile." On that last note he started walking away from Joe to head through the door after Circe.

Joe nodded as he listened to Luka. He… could kind of understand. He’d seen it a lot with other kids at the orphanages where he had grown up, those who had been in even worse situations than he had been in. They acted out, acted violently, unable to really reach out to others in a meaningful way, and in their frustration with the world, they just lashed out more and more. Though… never quite to the point of murder. That Circe girl really needs some professional help.

He looked over at the door that Luka had pointed out, and then looked back at him as he walked away once more. ”A-Ah, thanks again!” He called out after him, before turning and wandering through the door. Hopefully, this would be the most eventful thing that happened to him today...

Lmk what the title is I will buy it!! And if I ever finish mine Inwill let you know lol
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