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Current There are reasons why I don't let people get to close, and the world has to constantly remind me why 😡
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The darkness serves me to protect the light I will never see.
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My family, mess with them you answer to me!!

@soufflegirl123: One of my sister's, she's not evil like me, but she's not an angel either.

@haleytherandom: My other sister, who is as evil as I am. Together we make dad's life a living hell!!

@jakeb1993: Sigh, hi Dad. What is there I can say about you, other than your my favorite punching bag, you make it to easy.

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In Anomalous 10 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Mary's hotel room

Relka hid in Mary's shadow as the girl swiftly made her way through the streets. Eventually she stopped in a hotelcand secured a room for the night. Mary went up to her room and Relka jumped from Mary's shadow to a shadow alone the wall.

I see she is at least smart enough to return to whoever she sent that picture on her phone. She thought to herself.

As Mary went to the bathroom Relka left her hiding spot behind the and rummaged through Marys few belongings she had in the room. She opened the mini fridge and grabbed a few small bottles of Crown Royal and drank them as she loked at Mary's phone. Sadly she couldn't unlock it, but she could live with that. As she finished the last shot her phone buzzed, she pulled out three separate burners and grabbed the correct one pocketing the others.

She opened up and saw that she had an email from an other information gatherer.

FROM: FireflyInfoBug.Nexus@IBuiltMyOwnSecureServerSuckOnThat
TO: LekrasNightinfo.Nexus@SecureServers
SUBJECT: Lab fire?
BODY: Hey Shadowbroker, it's Lightning Bug. How's it going and all that jazz? Pleasantries aside, I'm looking for some info. Nothing major, as far as I can tell, I'm just rounding out my sources. A research lab got hit in New Haven tonight, Variants were involved in setting fires and stealing some stuff. I'm working out what they were doing there, and it looks like there's some M.A.D. activity at the lab behind the scenes. If you could find out anything about that, that'd be great, but really I'm interested to find out if you can get any info on what the Variants took and why the Pariah Underground would be interested in the first place. I would find out myself, but I'm in the process of burning some Underground bridges right now, and trying not to push my luck.

I don't think the job should be too extensive, this is mostly out of curiosity. Let me know the rate, you know I'm good for it. I also took a look at your server pro bono, and shored up a couple weak points in your firewall. Looks like nothing's gotten through, but better safe than sorry. You're welcome!

--XOXO Bug

Relka casually read the file and put the phone away after sending a short reply promising to look into it. She pocketed her phones and the empty bottles, she made sure to put the room back exactly as she found it, it wouldn't do for her new toy to realize she was being watched. Relka had just melted back in the shadow under the door when Mary stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around her head. The girl plopped onto the bed and started watching some boring tv show.

After a while Relka figured no one was coming to check on the young lady and slipped out under the door materializing back to normal. She had an other job to do, and she would get that information. Though why this Lightning Bug needed to update Relka's servers, she hardly did any hacking, she enjoyed her hands on approach. Though making sure all bases were covered were still nice, she left the hotel whistling My Medicine by The Pretty Reckless as she walked into the night.
In Anomalous 15 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Mary and Relka
Side Alleyway


Relka flicked between the shadows, trying to avoid being accidentally spotted by some lucky witless uniform. As she rounded the corner she caught a small huddled figure following her. Relka melted into a pool of shadows and waited for the human to catch up. She wasn't a fan of being followed.

Mary saw the woman vanish around a corner. The others were watching her, through her phone and through her mind’s eye. Her heart begining to race, the woman picked up the pace and quietly moved along on her sneakers. Approaching the corner, she stealthily leaned up against it and peaked around. It seemed like she had unfortunately lost track of the mysterious figure. Sorry. I lost her, she thought.

Relka emerged from her unseen hiding place, slowly pressing a thin blade into the lower back of a girl. She leaned in close to the girl seeing her on some sort of video call with what appeared to be herself?

"If you want to see your family again, tell them you lost me and you will call them right back. I don't care what excuse you give them, but you have until I count to ten. I promise I won't make it to eleven. If you try and fight just know from here my blade will hit your kidney, I am told the pain is so terrible you will try and scream and no sound will come out." Relka whispered in the girls ear. She started counting down in her head.

Mary gasped and held her breathe as the sharp point indented her hoodie.

”I lost her. I’ll call you right back in a minute.” She obeyed the woman who somehow got around her. Probably some type of Variant. Her heart was racing a million miles a minute, and she was short of breath. Pressing the off button on the phone, she blinked. [color=bc8dbf][i]She’s behind me. Not sure if I’ll make it.[/color]

Stay calm, Mary. Do what you need to do to get out of there. Gulping, Mary raised her hands in the air, her phone still in her left palm.

Upset that the girl made it to eight, Relka pulled the shadows around her once more. Walking around to the front of the girl while using the knife to trace a path to under the girls chin Relka's now red eyes burned into the girl.

"You know little girl, it is dangerous to follow suspicious characters down a very dark alley. What if I was a villain?!" Relka said with some playful sarcasm. "Why were you following me? Don't you know that the police are out looking for criminals?"

Mary tipped her head up as the black knife ran gently across her skin. The blade looked supernatural, but it was hard to tell in the darkness.Gulping, she spoke, her voice cracking. ”Just curious.” Mary’s raised hands were trembling slightly. It was a half-truth. She was curious, but Mary was gathering as much intel as possible on anything that was going on, especially all things Variant related. Still, this woman didn’t need to know that, did she?

"Curiosity will get the unprepared more than killed in this town you know? What if I was a sociopath, you were talking to your sisters and I am sure you foolish child have an I.D. on you, simple really to use that to locate your precious family and they too would be dead for your…. Curiosity. It would be so simple to do given my line of work really. So now the question I pose to my curious little cat is, what to do with you?" Relka said the last part mostly to herself.

Mary spoke quietly. ”Please don’t do that.” While this woman did not have the full story, she didn’t want to send anything after the other Epsilons. Her phone was autolocked, and Mary didn’t actually have a personal ID. But clearly this woman was dangerous. Naturally, Mary also feared for her life. Sweat began to condense on her features.

”I won’t tell anyone else that I saw you.” Another half-truth, and would most likely end up being a lie at some point. Still, if Mary or any of the other Epsilons could meet this woman under more positive circumstances, they might be able to make an arrangement. But Mary was too terrified to do anything but try to live.

This might be an opportunity, Mary. In addition, piquing her curiosity might increase your chances of survival.

”You rob that security firm? I think, maybe, you and I should meet again sometime. We might have things to tell each other.” It implied that Mary was more than just a random, curious girl chasing shadows. Perhaps proving herself useful would help.

"Why is it you people always go to bargaining? It is predictable, it is boring! Trying to appeal to some part of me that makes me think you could be a potential ally! Like the fly could convince the spider not to eat it! My web courses through this city, but I am in an entertaining mood. Tell me right now, what it is you think the fly could give the spider to spare its life?"

Mary swallowed. She had nothing to say, she was never very good at this kind of thing. The black knife could split her neck in an instant, and it was all she could concentrate on. Spider? Flies? What to say?

follow enough people down spooky alleyways you start learning shit, biiitch. she’s super hot, make out with her. Thanks, Bloodrose.

”Follow enough people down dark alleyways and you learn a few things. I’m a very curious person. ” Mary echoed the advice of the other Epsilon.
Her words were not very confident.

Relka put her face right up to the scared girls, their breath mingling in the small space. Her eyes scrutinizing every inch of her face. And just as suddenly as she appeared, she was gone. Leaving behind only a business card gently floating towards the ground.

Mary flinched when the woman disappeared. She exhaled and started breathing heavily, looking around for where she went. Then, carefully, she knelt down over the card.

Hope to play again xo. Shadowbroker.She tucked the card into the back pocket of her jeans.

Good job, Mary. You did well. Mary nodded and wiped the sweat of her forehead. The Shadowbroker’s face was burned into her memory. Turning, she ran back the way she came.

Rent a motel. She might be following you. Lay low for a while, send us a picture of that card. Mary still felt like the knife was under her chin, and she cupped her neck as she made her way far away from that alley.

Hiding herself in the girl's shadow Relka was pulled along for the ride. She was going to gather some info on the ballsy shy girl. She had nothing better to do tonight anyways. A new game was just beginning.
In Anomalous 16 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Thats just a habit I picked up 😂 and me and arti are on phones as well
In Anomalous 17 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Relka dug through the security firms. She had to hand it to them, the bastards were cautious, keeping theor more valuble clients data in a safe instead of a computer. Any attempts at using her hacking variant contact were impossible and forced her to come to the building. A tendril of smokey darkness lowered the flashlight so she could see better as she rifled through the numerous paperwork. After a few short minutes she found a file marked N.O.V.A. truck schematics. She smirked and walked out of the opened safe room, when suddenly police lights filled the office.

Relka took an instinctive step back from the light her eyes narrowing as her shadows played across her skin giving her a demonic shifting appearence. She rushed over to the window in time to see a Variant woman spit a substance at a fence melting it, as a small man carrying bags obviously to big for him jump up ontop of the building she was currently in. Even worse one of those Variant Vigilantes that she affectionately called Vi.Vis cashed the little guy.

"Damn fools, don't they have any professional curtesy?! I mean seriously Joe, kids these days with their basic snatch and grabs maoing it difficult for us refined thieves to stay under the radar. The idiot is only going to get caught, matter of time, he has all the loot and his partner is ganna get away from those moronic police. But moonboots has a Vi.Vi on his tail, no chance whatsoever, know what I mean?" She said as she turned to look at the body of a dead guard. She stepped over the corpse and into a hallway straight out of a horror scene, various bullet holes and deep scratches embedded in the walls, one light dnagling and flickering ominously, and enough blood to create a morbid slip and slide filled the hallway. The remains of three other personal litered the floor.

"I mean how is a girl ganna have any fun in this town if these children playing Robin Hood keep flocking to my hunting grounds?! Truly infuriating!" Relka bemoaned as she waded through the remains. As she opened the exit door she turned around to marvel at work with a lackadaisical smile when she noticed one operational camera left standing. She the blew the survalliance camera a kiss before throwing a shadowed blade breaking it. She laughed all the way back to the warehouse district as she imagined the sheer panic of the morning shift arriving the next day.
In Anomalous 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Sounds good than, with your overall explanation I fell better with where Relka falls, I was havung a hard tine placing her cuz she in a way touches almost every category lol
In Anomalous 25 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Relka now falls into even more categories 😂
In Anomalous 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Zoey White

If he catches Relka she will say more than just that 😂
In Anomalous 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
I feel like Relja kinda falls under all of the new categories except maybe inhibator and mentalist lol
In Anomalous 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Zoey White

With Relka its always ominous 😜😜
In Anomalous 26 days ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
@Zoey White

I think if Relka could convince V to become a bit more.... Chaotic they could have a lot of fun 😂
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