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I am sure I will cherish the challenge lol

Going to scare me huh?? I love Ghost pokemon, going to be a little harder than a boo to startle me lmao
Then the breaks ahaha

Liz could not believe it, that damned Nuzleaf was nothing more than a highway robber!! Completely annoyed she huffed and went on her way, she had more important things to do than hunt down a couple berries, she knew the next town was coming up fast. She needed to get the ability to make it through that overgrowth behind her!! But taking the side of caution she called out Hephaestus to keep an eye on her back.

The Nuzleaf approached with extreme caution, eyes darting from Liz to Arachne. She understood, an attack from the spider would be devastating to the grass pokemon.

"I want to help if you need it, so how about I very slowly and carefully call back my Spinarak??" She very carefully reached for her pokeball to recall her Pokemon, hoping the Nuzleaf wouldn't get spooked, she kept her free hand extended to the wild pokemon. Arachne went back into it's pokeball without a fuss. "There, better?? Now show me what you have in your hand. I only wish to help." Liz said sweetly.

Sall good dear

I see what you mean and in reference to the Rare Candy, if you direct your attention to the Characters page section you listed the items as raising one pokemon 2 levels

So if I read that right it looks like (20-10)/2=5??

I wasn't looking that closely?? I thought maybe that's how you wanted to spell it?? Lol

That is if you can ever your FIRST BADGE lmao
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