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Current Really need to stop letting myself get distracted.
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I have weird friends
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I have made progress. I'm no longer jamming to music, I am watching youtube videos.
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Needs to get writing done / Starts jamming to music instead
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I hate that I'm so indecisive. I wish for once I could just make a decision without spending countless hours agonizing over it.


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Restaurant Euphoria - August 1st 2019 - 9:35pm

Jun had been pulling a lot of night shifts lately, which was beginning to tire him out. He couldn't really complain of course, because work was work, but the restaurant was a lot busier at night and the poor guy hardly got five minutes to himself between serving tables. It didn't help that they had been short staffed for the past week as well. All of this was starting to wear him down physically and mentally. Even someone as laid back and easy going as Jun wasn't immune to the occasional stress induced meltdown; especially when dealing with the pretentious rich folk who frequented the restaurant. He did his best to keep calm and carry on though, as he couldn't afford to lose his job. He needed the money to pay his bills and buy food, and considering how much of a struggle it had been to get it in the first place, he couldn't imagine he would have much luck finding another.

There was one table in particular that was giving him the most trouble. A young couple who were celebrating their first anniversary, but were having relationship issues and kept dragging their poor waiter into the middle of them. The biggest problem from what Jun could see, was that the male was more invested in whatever was on his phone than his girlfriend; and in order to get his attention she would end up shamelessly flirting with Jun. Normally he would be flattered, but considering she was in a relationship and she was only using him, and that he was getting a lot of flack from her boyfriend because of it, it was beginning to get on his nerves. Jun was nearing his breaking point, fortunately for him -and the young couple that he would inevitably have ended up chastising- his best-friend and fellow waiter swooped in just in time to save the day.

"Hey man, isn't it about time you took a break?" Being confident that his friend would refuse, Kevin didn't wait for Jun to respond and immediately began guiding him towards the staff room. Usually he would have protested, but he was actual grateful for the chance to relax and recompose himself, so he simply went along with it. While he had a few moments to himself Jun decided he would check his phone to see if he had any miscalls or messages; there were none.

Not quite ready to return to work he then decided he would go outside to get some fresh air. While he was out there, he witnessed what was quite a strange sight. A flash of lightning tore through the sky, which normally he wouldn't pay much mind to, except that he didn't remember there being any thunder storms in the forecast. What's more, this lightning had shot up from the ground, rather than striking it from the clouds, which is most definitely not how storms worked. Of course there was only one lightning mage he knew that was powerful enough to cause such a spectacle and that was Salem. That fact did not serve to comfort him in anyway though. There was no way she would be giving off such a display just for fun, and he knew she was either pissed off or in distress. The thought to contact her and check in did occur to him because he knew how stressed out she had been lately, with Aliira missing and the elders refusing to form a search team for her. He didn't act on that thought though, as from past experience he knew it was better to let her cool off first, so he made a note to see what had happened when he finished work.

Before he could return to work a new and disturbing thought dawned on him. Although Salem could have quite an explosive temper, he had never seen her express it in such a public manner. This drew him to the conclusion that her outburst must have something to do with Aliira. Jun's blood turned cold as his mind ventured down a dark path. "Oh god...Aliira couldn't be..." Jun couldn't bring himself to actually say what he was thinking, it was already horrible enough to even think about.

"Woah, are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Kevin's voice broke him out of his trance, but Jun was too out of it to register what he actually said. Seeing the look of concern on his friends face was enough of a clue to get a general idea though. "I'm fine. Let's just get back to work." There wasn't even the slightest hint of confidence in his voice, but he ran the risk of breaking down entirely if he attempted to bring the thoughts in his head to words. There was also the fact that his mundane companion would have no idea what he was talking about anyway, so it was no use getting into it. All he could do was force all thoughts of Salem and Aliira to the back of his mind and focus on getting back to work.
Jun is available for relations, past and present.
@FunnyGuy Yeah, I just hope I haven't stepped on anyone's toes for even suggesting anything. I will say that I think the base stats do help in establishing a reference point to how the aura empowers him at different levels, but that's just my opinion.
@FunnyGuy Sorry, I didn't meant to be confusing, I just wanted to try and be helpful, but now I think I shouldn't have said anything at all. It's not like my word carries any weight anyway.
@FunnyGuy No, I didn't mean specific numbers, I am aware that those kinds of things can be googled if you want specifics. I just meant a general idea.
@FunnyGuy It might be worth it to give an idea of what his normal human physical ability is, just for reference. Otherwise it's still pretty vague on how much it gets enhanced by the aura. If that makes sense. Just a suggestion though.

I'll get his relations done later, since we are still waiting on other characters anyway. But finally, here is my boy.

Here are my more refined ideas, in order of how excited I am to play them.
Totally not a covert way of saying please let me use the hallucinations power

I have no say, but I really like the first two.
Just wanted to add my 2 cents
@Strange Rodent Uh yeah, about the same tbh.
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