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No, and if she enters as member I doubt they would give her to much access to anything. And IDT Al uses computers for that very reason. Just phones for communications, it's mostly orally given tasks

I don't think Alex would be infiltrating DS in the typical sense, like Rebecca did, but rather trying to find them via their online activity or tracking their phones or whatever.


No they don't know where DS' HQ is, otherwise Salem probably would have attacked them by now, and DS would be wiped out. Which means Aloysius would likely be going to extreme measures to make it is as difficult as possible for their HQ to be found.

Also, I'm sorry if my answer about Lana seemed rude, I wasn't meaning for it to be.
Future story idea...

So, I was thinking it might be fun to have Salem (or whoever delegates a job to recruits in the Guild) task Alex with slipping into Dark Shadow's network via her ability and do some digging. So maybe a counterpart of sorts on the DS side would pick up on residual effects of Alex's “technomance” ability within their computer systems. Maybe the two telepaths, Lana @PureHeroine or Azrael @Eviledd1984?

Lana isn't telepathic.
Jun-Seo Kim

Jun had been pulling a lot of night shifts lately, he couldn't complain though, work was work. The restaurant was a lot busier at night though, and the poor guy hardly got five minutes to himself between serving tables. It didn't help that they had been short staffed for the past week as well. Even someone as laid back and easy going as Jun couldn't avoid the occasional stress induced meltdown, especially when dealing with the pretentious rich folk who frequented the restaurant. He did his best to keep calm and carry on though, he couldn't afford to lose his job. He needed the money to pay his bills and buy food, and considering how much of a struggle it had been to get it in the first place, he couldn't imagine he would have much luck finding another.

Eventually the hell that was night shift would end, and Jun would finally get to go home, where he could relax, have some food, and maybe hit a blunt or two before going to bed and getting some much deserved sleep. At least, that's what he usually enjoyed doing. That night, however, would be different.

Upon getting home to the dorm he shared with his friend and fellow waiter; Kyle, Jun would be disappointed to find that they were out of their precious herb, and wouldn't be able to get any until the following day. It meant winding down after his stressful shift would take a little longer, but it wasn't the first time it had happened, nor was it a big deal, so the boy simply shrugged it off. Before making his way over to the couch he grabbed himself some left over pizza and a soda from the fridge, and settled himself down in front of the tv. There wasn't much on to watch, but there never usually was. After flipping through a few channels, Jun finally settled on watching some old, soap opera.

Eventually Jun would drift off into a sound sleep, which would last for approximately nine hours before he was disturbed from his slumber by his alarm. When he woke he found Kyle was nowhere to be found, and he figured he must have gone out to meet with his cousin/dealer to get more herb. He didn't have work for awhile, and didn't have anywhere else he needed to be, so he decided he would do some tidying up while he waited for his friend to return; starting with the pizza box and soda can that had fallen from his lap while he had slept. There wasn't a lot that needed to be cleaned, as the boys had become a lot tidier since moving into their shared dorm at The Guild's living quarters, but he knew even a little mess wouldn't be tolerated by Salem. Both boys had received very harsh lectures from The Guild's leader on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene, and neither fancied getting on her bad side, so they did their best to keep their dorm as clean as possible.

After a couple of hours Jun was finally finished with tidying up the dorm. Kyle still hadn't come back, but he figured he might have been called into work early. He thought it would be a good idea to check in on him, but just as he was picking up his phone to call his friend, he got a notification for a message from Salem. Apparently there was going to be a meeting. Jun was sure he would end up seeing Kyle at the meeting, so she abandoned the idea of calling him and decided to get ready for the meeting instead. After a quick shower, he got dressed into a fresh change of clothes, and then headed out of his dorm in search for the meeting hall. He was still new to The Guild, so he left early to make sure he would still get there in time in case he got lost along the way.
Looks like The Guild is the place to be this time. DS has their work cut out for them.
Lana Arlene Ryder

Lana is anything but a morning person, so when her alarm started blaring at five in the morning, it was no surprise that she got annoyed and practically threw the blasted thing against the wall. It was a good thing those things were cheap, because that was the third one she had broken in the span of a week. It was beyond her as to why the store she worked at opened at six in the morning, but she couldn't complain. They were the only store out of the three that she had applied to that would accept her, and she had to pay the bills and her rent somehow. A supermarket clerk's wage was nothing to admire, and couldn't afford anything more than a shabby little apartment, where all the rooms were crammed into one, save the bathroom and a wardrobe. That wasn't so bad for someone living on their own though, like she was. It also managed to keep the food on the table, the lights on, the water clean and hot, and a roof over her head, so it was more than enough as far as she was concerned.

Once the room had fallen quiet again, the green haired female was given the opportunity to lay in bed for a moment and gather her thoughts. Her head was pounding and her mind was fuzzy, no doubt from how much she had drunk the night before. She didn't recall much -if anything- of what happened, but she knew it had to have been fun. Still, a hangover wasn't very pleasant to have to deal with, especially when she had work in less than an hour. That was her own fault though, and just like every other time it happened, she would have to push through it. Lana would allow herself another few minutes to lay in bed, before she finally decided to get up.

One of the convenient things of living in such a cozy apartment was the fact that her bathroom was only a few steps away from her bed. After a nice how shower, and a cup of coffee, as well as a fresh new change of clothes, Lana was ready to go. Before she headed out the door, she went through the list she had in her head of items she needed that day. Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Helmet? Check. With everything accounted for, all she needed to do was slip on her shoes and she was on her way. Obviously, making sure to lock her door as she left. Once she was downstairs she made her way to the apartment complex's shared parking garage to retrieve her motorbike.

Lana arrived at 6:00 am on the dot, which was usual for her, because she was always punctual; at least when she wanted to be. Unfortunately her manager, and the one with the keys to the store, was always late. She could of course unlock the door herself, but that would only serve to raise suspicion, so she was forced to wait out in the cold instead. It was rather frustrating to have to work with someone so incompetent. But aside from quitting, there wasn't much she could do, and since she needed the job, she had no choice to put up with it. At least the cool morning air was refreshing, which helped to ease her headache a little.

By the time her manager had arrived, a whole quarter of an hour had passed. A couple more employees had shown up in that time, and were quietly talking among themselves in a small group off to the side. Though they had tried several times to converse with her, she had shown them she wasn't interested, so they no longer bothered aside from an occasional greeting. Lana wasn't one for pleasantries, but considering she had to work a whole eight hour shift with these people, she figured it would do her some good to keep things at least civil between them, so she would make sure to return their greetings with one of her own.

Once she was inside, she was able to relax a little. It was warmer indoors, fortunately, though the air wasn't nearly as refreshing. After taking a moment to adjust, Lana would head straight for the staff room so she could change into her uniform, before getting to work stocking the shelves. She didn't have the patience to work the register, or the door, so she avoided those tasks as much as possible.

-Small time skip to a few hours later-

A few hours passed, and Lana was in the middle of a break when she got a notification from her phone. She didn't talk to very many people, so she already had an idea of where the message was from. That didn't stop the irritable sigh leaving her mouth when she read it though.

”Meeting Tonight. 8PM. HQ. Don’t be late.”

"Great." Lana scoffed after she was done reading what Aloysius had sent to the Dark Shadow group chat. She would then lock her phone and slip it back into the pocket of her jeans from which she had received it. By that time her break was over, and she would reluctantly return to work.
Yay new people!

No, no, no!
Jun-Seo Kim

"The universe works in mysterious ways"

Name: Jun-Seo Kim // Jun
Gender Male
Age: 20
Alignment: The Guild
Rank within Organisation: Recruit

Birthmark Shape:
Location of Birthmark: About the size of a golf ball, on the inner side of his right ankle.
Magical Abilities: Geokinesis: Jun-Seo can manipulate/shape earthen elements in any form i.e. rocks, sand, dust, mud, dirt/soil. He can create constructs from earthen elements, and cause earthquakes, rock-slides, or any other type of earth related natural disasters, through the manipulation of earthen elements, the range of such disasters reaching a maximum of a 50 meter radius from him.

Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea
Currently Residing: New York, New York
Personality: Jun-Seo is very laid back and easy going, even to the extent where he seems lazy and irresponsible, which he quite often is. He prefers to go-with-the-flow, and strongly believes that everything that happens is fate. He doesn't like conflict, and prefers to avoid it at all costs; he is much happier when people talk things out civilly, rather than resulting to violence. In saying that, he is by no means a push over, and can easily hold his own in a fight if it comes to that. Jun is very open-minded and accepting of other people's advice and opinions, and likes to make sure everyone is heard and included. He doesn't have much of a temper, but when he is angry, it is best to stare clear.
History/Bio: Jun-Seo lived happily with his mother, father, and three sisters. He was the youngest of the Kim children, but being the only son, a lot of responsibility fell on his shoulders. Should anything happen to his father, he would have to step up and become the man of the house. But he had no interest in any of that, he didn't even care that he would be the one to inherit his father's pharmaceutical business. Any, or even all, of his sister's would be just as -if not more- capable of taking care of the business and the family when it came down to it, all Jun-Seo wanted was to be free.

An opportunity for freedom would one day present itself in the form of an overseas scholarship, one that Jun-Seo would not easily pass up. Unfortunately, his father was able to use his wealth and connections to block his son from receiving the scholarship, but he wasn't going to let that stop him. Even if he wasn't able to study, he wanted nothing more than to get as far away from his family as possible. So at 16 he dropped out of school and got himself a couple of jobs, so he was able to move out of his family home, and start putting aside some money to move to America. Three years later, Jun-Seo bought himself a ticket to New York, using the rest of the money he had saved to rent out a cheap little apartment for himself until he could find a new job and find himself somewhere better to live. In order to fit in more, Jun-Seo decided to shorten his name to Jun.

It wasn't long before Jun found out just how difficult living in America was going to be, especially with no help from his family. Fortunately he managed to land himself a job as a waiter at a local restaurant. The pay wasn't anything great, but it was better than nothing. It was through his job that he met a guy named Kyle, who also worked as a waiter at the restaurant. The two of them became quick friends, and eventually ended up moving in together.

From this new friend, Jun was introduced to marijuana. He was hesitant to try it at first, but Kyle assured him it was safe, that along with the fact that he could get it for a discount on account of Kyle's cousin being the dealer, was enough to convince him to try it. A part of him felt guilty, knowing that the possession of the drug was illegal, but as long as he didn't have to participate in the growing or distributing of it, it wasn't so bad. Cannabis wasn't the only thing Jun would discover thanks to Kyle. As it turns out Kyle was also a member of The Guild, and after discovering that Jun was also a mage, he started to teach him how to use his magic, and after much persuading, finally convinced him to join The Guild.


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Characters opinion of them:

I vote bring Aliira back, make Lanas life hell, drive her closer to madness! Than she can play properly with Circe 😂😂

If Aliira comes back poor Lana is going to have to deal with both her and Willow if Aloysius and Salem get into a fight...
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