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Current Guess who's back
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Oh! No! No not the beES!
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Just finished this sewing stuff. About time
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Three cheers for procrastinating! Eh.... I'll cheer later
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Getting ready for a 5 day camping trip 2 weeks before hand is so much fun. stressful/10 do not be lazy like me


Something that'll die after eating rat poison.

But seriously, just a roleplaying fan. I'm willing to try any setting, and I will always try to take it seriously, which kinda contradicts itself if the goal of the roleplay is to not take it seriously. Although I do go off on tangents quite a bit.

As for roleplaying partners, I'd like to game with people who take it seriously, but the rule of fun applies. Perma death characters, though. No respawning bullshit. Unless there's a very deep in-world description for how it works.

Ahahahahaahaha Obligatory Nihilism plug. Nothing matters, when we die, we die. The instant of unconscious, unfeeling, eternity is a sweet promise indeed. It takes shit to make bliss, and so revel in your shit! Roll in it. Because nothing matters, none of what others think of you matters. It cannot affect you as it is merely an neurochemical signal running through grey matter. Love is nice while it lasts, but ends in pain or nothing. The comfort of the thought that you don't matter reveals itself! You know that time you did that fucked up thing? Doesn't matter. Eventually it will be forgotten. You know how those people think those things about you? Who gives a fuck? They only affect you as much as you let them. You only have control over your own self, so don't feel bad for what you're powerless to stop.

Music nerd, too. Mainly miscellaneous rock, except for shit like nickelback. Also some punk/blues/metal/electronic. I fucking love noise anything (rock/electro/metal blah blah blah.). PM me if you like any of these bands: The Drones, Modest Mouse, Ought, Augie March, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tropical Fuck Storm, anything Jack White, Harmony, The Decemberists, Lost Animal, The Gin Club, The Tallest Man on Earth, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Band of Skulls, Arcade Fire (pre-reflektor), The Black Keys, Royal Blood, The Veils, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Beirut, and Fleet Foxes. More to be added. If I could be arsed.

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"Eleven, can you please wait here with him while I organise the room?", he says. He didn't want the other captives to see what he was doing. He wanted them to hear, though. The mystery screams would scare them.

The room he had chosen wasn't set up to be a torture room, so he transformed it into one. With enough imagination, anywhere can be a torture room. Glass, scalpels, syringes, cloth and water, rope, and his trusty knife. The rope was rigged to create restraints, and the other objects were displayed on a tray to eagerly anticipate Threes macabre intent. "Okay, can you bring him in now?, he called.

"Thank you. Now, good sir. Could I ask you to sit on that bench? I have some questions to ask you." He drawled, attempting to filter the excitement from his voice. When the man sits, Three ties him up using the strongest knots he knows. "Good. Now... if you answer, you will be shown favour. If you don't, I get to have some fun. Firstly, what exactly is the Dark Anarchy?
And I am back! I'll have a post up within 24 hours. Unless I sleep for that long, but that shouldn't happen.
Hello. I have not evaporated or anything. I was at a re-enactment camping event for several days, and I forgot to mention it to you lot because I had so many other things to organise. I'm back now, though. Ceiran will have a post up within the next 24 hours, I think.

Unless I sleep the whole time, of course :P
Holy fuck, Imp swearing is hilarious
@Lonewolf685 @Cerces22

Thanks guys!
(just as a sidenote, I didn't feel attacked or anything, it's just a natural reaction of mine to say sorry. Er... sorry about that? :P)

Basically. I'm tired and stressed out, so my writing isn't so crash hot right now, sorry :/

Three looked at Two, slightly dumbfounded. "Uh... wasn't the whole point that they don't?", he said. He was going to continue, but Eleven had caught onto his suggestion. He'd told everybody to get onto the floor. Three wasn't the right build to intimidate people. Unless they were tied up, of course. Some words about Two not watching were said, and Three thought this obscenely unfair. He turned to her, and lowered his voice for these words: "Hey Two. You can go if you want, but seeing somebody in pain is important. It'll prepare you for the worse things to come, and we can't sensor all of that shit.".

As the others put their belongings on the floor, Three looked at them. Oh, how juicy this would be. He could practically feel their skin peeling already. He waits for them to be fully searched and separated from their belongings. "Hey, all of you lot. If you resist, nobody will hesitate to kill you. Right? Go over to that pipe, and don't move. I'm going to tie you up.". He says this, and something about his air suggests that he was not to be fucked with. He ties them up, not considering circulation.

"Eleven. Grab one, and follow me.". He walks into the hall, and turns back to make sure Eleven is following.
Ceiran Strivelyn

His train of thought was hurtling through the black coffee air surrounding the warehouse. It glared blue against the sinister steel, and violently heaved to a halt at the sight of three forklifts. There were imps on top, too. Oh.

He was facing the rightmost forklift. He wouldn't stop the lift, but both he and the Imp were much lighter than the lift. He unfurled pearly grey wall off to his right, extending it forward. Waiting... waiting... Now!. The wall gave a violent jerk to the right. The forklift rolled on past as Ceiran and the Imp were thrown to the right. They both hit the ground with a meaty thunk, and Ceiran felt his shoulder briefly popped out of its socket. "Gah! Fucken... argh.."
He clutched at his shoulder. Something had torn, and it wasn't just skin.

The Imp was much worse off, though. It had also taken the fall and the momentum, all while unprepared. Not to mention it was smaller, and had weaker bones. It was curled in a tight ball, just whimpering. Honestly, Ceiran just felt like doing the same thing, but he couldn't risk the Imp getting back up. He scrambled over to the incapacitated demon, and choked it to unconsciousness. It hardly put up a fight, and Ceiran couldn't help but pity it.

He sprawled on the ground after this, clutching his arm.
Hey guys, so sorry for a late upload. I have a 5 day camping trip incoming and only had 3 or so days to prepare, so it was very hectic for a while. I'll be posting in a few hours :)

I should clarify that Ceiran hasn't used his Twitch since the cafeteria. He was just using a simple Mana Manipulation detection spell. He did ask the Twitch if it knew anything, but it kinda just lauged at him for not knowing. I can see how that'd get confusing XP

If he'd have used the Twitch it'd probably have had some undesirable side effects.

But enough of that, I'm gonna try post tomorrow, but my life at the moment is pretty hectic so no guarantees :/
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