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Current Fuck, I want cookies and milk now.
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Mos Eisley Cantina Band!…
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For whatever reason, I just love milk
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Hey fyi "whom" is not a more intelligent way of saying "who". It's used to denote the object of a verb, as in "Who patted whom?". "Whom proceeded to pat him" is incorrect. Please do not
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That feeling when your friend doesn't let you know they can't meet up until a day after you were supposed to


Something that'll die after eating rat poison.

But seriously, just a roleplaying fan. I'm willing to try any setting, and I will always try to take it seriously, which kinda contradicts itself if the goal of the roleplay is to not take it seriously. Although I do go off on tangents quite a bit.

As for roleplaying partners, I'd like to game with people who take it seriously, but the rule of fun applies. Perma death characters, though. No respawning bullshit. Unless there's a very deep in-world description for how it works.

Music nerd, too. Mainly miscellaneous rock, except for shit like nickelback. Also some punk/blues/metal/electronic. I fucking love noise anything (rock/electro/metal blah blah blah.). PM me if you like any of these bands: The Drones, Modest Mouse, Ought, Augie March, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tropical Fuck Storm, anything Jack White, Harmony, The Decemberists, Lost Animal, The Gin Club, The Tallest Man on Earth, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Band of Skulls, Arcade Fire (pre-reflektor), The Black Keys, Royal Blood, The Veils, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Lightning Bolt, Suicide, Swans, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Built to Spill, Beirut, and Fleet Foxes. More to be added. If I could be arsed.

Recommendations list under construction. It will contain a list of music ordered from least to most abrasive.

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"Ah. You're right, this isn't really a luxury cruise.", Henry monotonely replied. He was offered some food by Harrison, who was the other man in the room. "Thanks.", he said, his hunger speaking for itself when he devoured his food within a minute.

A lady walked in next, seeming to practically ooze discomfort. She took some several plates of food, and left. Henry tried to look puzzled when he asked, "Uh... It might be a dumb question, but what's got her mad?". He looked at the others to try and speed up their response, and had to do a double take when he noticed a large woman sitting at the table. He was so startled that he basically shouted "When did you get here?!", paused for a second before speaking again, "Oh sorry, I was startled.. He would've sheepishly picked at his food, but there was none left.
The gag came off, and the breath heaved back into Henry's body, a thick trail of saliva dripping to the deck. He wiped his mouth, then said "I didn't fall, nice to meet you. I'm Henry.". The words tasted foul in his mouth for whatever reason. He lifted the duffel bag as if it were empty, and followed his new captain into an elevator. "I do like breakfast. Thanks.", he said, extremely late.

The elevator doors opened and Henry looked over the area. "The crew" seemed to be Stryker and one other man, which was surprising considering the size of the ship. He tiptoed the shortest route to seating, then tried to drag it out from under the table, but alas, the legs made a long scraping noise, cutting the sorely quiet air like a knife through soft butter. He winced and lifted it the rest of the way, then took a seat. "Hi, I'm Henry. I hate that sound, you'd think they could've fixed it by now.", he said to the table. He twiddled his thumb.
The gloved hands around Henry's arm somewhat reminded him of handcuffs, for whatever reason. Each pace he took seemed to further his advance to his deep trance. Though they chose a less populated route, the claustrophobic feeling that smothers you in cities still crushed his body. There was no room for off steps, but loose steps were beyond the officer's care.

"So what's your story?", Henry asked. The officer had no reply. "Oh, come on. We still have time and you've got to be getting bored, we're just walking for fucks' sake."

"Hm. Ya don't deserve to hear it all, but let's just say that I seen things you wouldn't believe, and I done things you wouldn't imagine. When ya serve the law there is no god, no karma, and no room for fate. The things go on 'ere are strange for such a little port, but I built my life here, and I will defend every buried bone, every little stone, with ruthless justice on my side." the officer replied. He seemed irritated.

"Things I wouldn't believe? Sure."

"Yeah. I seen what you done, and countless other criminals on top of that. Yer not hard, yer just a sick coward."

"I killed my wi-"

"Don't ya fuckin' start with that! I read yer case file. Killing a defenseless family? Ya think that's the worst I seen? Mate, at this point yer just a pathetic scumbag, not worth the dirt on my boots. Now shut the fuck up and come quietly"

"You don't tell me to shut up, you lifeless product of the system.", Henry said, hoping to cut deep. He probably did, as the officer kicked the back of Henry's knee in, causing him to fall backwards into the officer's chest, who then wheeled him around and slammed him into a wall.
"Mate, if I'm a product of the system, then you're the waste what comes out to pollute and destroy. Get yer fuckin' head straight! I ain't doin' this job 'cause I love it, I'm doing it because I respect the Alliance, and this system we have in place. It ain't fuckin' perfect, nothin' is, but it's sure better than anythin' I've heard you put forward all day. Now shut the fuck up 'till you run yer own successful system", the officer spat, contempt thick in his voice. "Selfish coward.", he said, punching Henry in the sternum. Winded, Henry doubled over. When he got back up, he felt handcuffs on his wrists and a gag in his mouth. Well, this is degrading.

Within the hour he was at the Revenant, re chained to a post there as the officer contacted the head of this crew to get Henry off his hands. There was nothing to do but wait.
It was dark when Henry collapsed on the carpeted floor of the study, knocking the objects off the desk. He writhed, as if millions of tiny insects were gnawing at him, shredding away his skin. He'd been feeling tingly all day, but he assumed it was just because of blood loss from the night before, so he'd hooked himself up to an automated blood pump. He was wrong. The Retvvnd had slipped in through a cut.
Henry attempted to scream, but he found that he could no longer control his voice, so he pummeled the floor until his arm turned against him too. Within minutes his arms were banging his head against the corner of the desk. Flaps of skin were falling to the floor, but he felt nothing. Nothing...

No-longer-Henry decided to stay on the floor for a second while it took its jacket off to bandage its head. It hauled itself up using the desk, then said "Ugh... Fuck it's been forever since I've been human. Oh wait we can do this.". He plugs the blood pump into his forearm and sits. Alright... enough sitting. I've got a job to do. and get paid for., he thinks. He wheels the chair to the desk and double taps the desk face to open up the Holo-computer, and waves his hand upwards to open the business bank account. Fingerprint authorisation?, he bursts out laughing, And here I thought they'd have security. He presses his finger to the desk, and a screen opens on his left. He browses a bit before dropping half a million credits into the local crime boss' account, dropping Henry's company into bankruptcy. Oh that's gonna piss of somebody in the command chain, he chuckles to himself. He closes the banking screen and taps a quick message to his contractor, who is the owner of a business that competed with Henry's. He took care of a few more things before getting up and stealing one of Henry's speeders, a rather attractive M-70 Mutiny. Well now to tie loose ends.

He decided he'd make a stop before finishing his errand. A small arms shop on a filthy corner, which may or may not have missed the pistol and small shielding unit he stole. When he arrived home, he made sure the pistol was in working order. The Retvvnd could feel Henry resisting every step towards the door, but at this point his resistance was comparable to that of a 4 month old child's. Ironic.

Four months later he was forced to join some Project Revenant. It sounded fun, so the act was maintained up until now, when he stepped onto the Helios station.
Yusss! I'll chuck it in the char tab
I think some of you have seen me on the discord. If you haven't, hello! Here's my sheet :D

Hey, if you're willing to have me and my shitty internet along, I'd love to join. I've read no IC but I like the concept. My sheet will be up at a time
Wait huh? I fail to understand...
Deleted for pest control. New sheet might take a bit
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