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Current FUCKING KILL HIM, BUT FIRST MAKE HIM CRY LIKE A WOMAN. No particular woman. Make him hold out hope that someone or other might come, THEN KILL HIM, FUCKING KILL HIM. KILL HIM ALREADY KILL HIM.
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@VampireTwilight if the toasted sandwich is sealed, it is ravioli.
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got back from China the other day. Was great. Ate eight breakfasts in one day.
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note for my rp members and fellow players. I'm heading to China and I'm not sure whether or not this site is blocked, so replies may be up to a week away


A thing that will die after eating rat poison

But really, a guy that likes to RP. Not too keen on sharing personal info in my bio, but after I get to know you, I may open up a bit more in regards to certain things.

I have been roleplaying for most of my life, but forum RP is newer to me than tabletop. I wanted something to do to kill time without putting wayyyy too many hours into Dark Souls 3.

I love music, historical fencing and re enactment, making shit, and just being cool with people. Talk any of these things with me, and you'll be cool with me. I have very strong thoughts on sandwiches. Ask if you dare.

Here's a list of cool people from this site that are just cool people that I enjoy talking with, and a quote from each of them. In no particular order, here they are:

"What the shit?"

"Don't quote me."

"Rodent is a little shit, I want to beat him up but in the most loving way"

"If you're feeling unimportant, always remember that every protagonist was an NPC before their most important story began"

"haha yeah"

"I'm just running an aux through my amp, Playing Van Halen at 05:50"

And that's that. There's not much else I feel like saying. Here's a list of bands I like (to be made soon)

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Awkward was a shitty way to view silence, Monika thought. It could be like this one, a little tense, but the type of tense you get when good things are about to happen. She laughed on her breath at the reaction the room gave her when she revealed that she wasn't a healer. Supposedly those who know nothing of something are easily impressed, and whether it was that, or the fact she didn't really speak much that surprised them would be a mystery to her.

As for the suggestion that Skurr might go...
She had watched his speedy recovery in some amount of awe. Recovery is not usually half so quick. She had no clue whether it was by her own efforts or his personal health, she thought it'd likely be a mix of the two. If he continued at this pace, he would be well long before any real danger was encountered. Something about this made her suspicious.

Regardless, this mission was a chance. What for, she knew not, but certainly something. Quietly, while packing up her apparatus, she said, "You're quite healed so far, I don't see any problems if you keep the speed up."
She thought for a second. What was able to go wrong?
"Just try to pace yourself. If you start feeling faint, maybe rest your blood."
She said. Not sternly, but with an authority.

@Haeo @Zaphander
I'll see where this goes with you! Got a vague idea in the works, I'm thinking I'll pm ya once I've got a solid handle on it

Also, welcome to the guild!
Hey guys, I'll be working on a reply within the next week. Sorry for the delay, real life has been a bit more demanding than usual :)

That's a good looking sheet blank mayn! I'll get one going, plus any for retainers I need.
@Haeo Congratulations mate! All the well-wishes to you and your family. Sounds like you don't need them though, it's good to hear that everything went well :D
The form was bubbling away from Eurysthenes’ grasp. Every second took a turn pushing This One further down. Down to the places within itself dominated by indescribably enlightening, yet titanically terrifying images. The Ë̷̮́ņ̴͗i̵͔̋g̷̗̚m̷̼̊a̴̡̚.
As it shrank, Vakk grew.

A tingle rent the spine that would usually belong to Eurysthenes.

”This a shameful display, Eurysthenes. I expected you to at least fight for the control of your body,” the many voices of That One rang through the shared body. Vakk followed the statement with a cruel, mocking laugh, pushing the soul of Eurysthenes down as the body began to twitch and convulse. It was a painful process, each separate piece having to submit to Vakk’s control as they moved to connect to a different point.

Where there was seven arms became two, as each separate piece connected and each excess formed a covering over the legs that now belonged to Vakk. The short, yet excruciating time was over as Vakk surprised Eurysthenes and inspected new hands, moving the pieces around before the many voices gave another sadistic laugh as it appeared to look into itself. The soul of Vakk, seemed to look right into the that of Eurysthenes as it cracked a neck that no longer belonged to its former master.

”You know, Eurysthenes. I find it funny how you were so eager to kill me, yet you barely fought to protect your own body,” Vakk mocked once more.

It heard the words as one would through thick fog, if fog obscured hearing. They were drowned, desaturated. Devoid. And though very little sound entered the fog, less left. A reply was attempted, but it was fruitless.

One thought cut through the rest, and shoved Eurysthenes with gusto. What would Vakk do with this control?

The silence was a deafening thing, a silence that Vakk was all to used to from its past life but facing it again made it anxious. There was a moment as Vakk awaited some reply, any reply at all, but there was nothing that came from the subdued soul of Eurysthenes. That One waited longer and longer, standing upright as it searched for any sign that Eurysthenes was going to attempt to take back control of the puzzling body. However, all that Vakk was met with was that continued silence before the voices would speak once more, a worried tone coming over them, urging a reply from Eurysthenes.


Nothing came and a tension grew within Vakk as it began to move, pacing back and forth within the maze for a moment. The concern was not for Eurysthenes, but rather it was the unknown of not knowing what to actually do now that it had control of the body. That One merely stood there, moving its head around before settling watching the Aroiox from a distance. Perhaps, Eurysthenes had meant for Vakk to go to them and guide them? Was this all meant for That One to practice its new life without anger?

Even then, that did not explain why Eurysthenes had said nothing as Vakk took control of the body so effortlessly. They both knew that Eurysthenes was as strong as Vakk. They both knew Vakk was as strong as Eurysthenes. There was no rhyme or reason to the silence when had spoken to the jester before they had created the Aroiox.

”Speak! I command thee to speak!” Vakk demanded, no anger present in the many voices as it continued the inward search.


”I did not do this to keep you silent, Eurysthenes. I know you. You are resistant and cunning. Come, try to retake the body. Lest I escape the maze and make a new body for myself, I know you have the power. Remember when you had me at your mercy when I was first within the maze? This is your home. Would you allow me to reform my body and break your great containment further?”


So the worst was to come of its failure to contain Vakk. Eurysthenes slumped. It seemed that even a moment of lapse was enough for this… thing to take control. It had only wanted to watch the Maze in silence and without worry.

Vakk kept saying how This One hadn’t put up a fight. It had, but the fight was over before it even started. Something had given way somewhere, and it had lost.

It raised its head in a meek kind of defiance as it sank yet further.

That One waited and waited, the overbearing silence finally sinking its mind like an anchor sank into sand. Vakk let out a sigh before turning its attention back the Aroiox, watching them for many moments as they did nothing but squabble and attempt to display dominance over one another. It seemed that they did not care to leave the maze, content to stay in one spot even though Vakk knew Galbar would be better for them. However, Vakk was conflicted, knowing that moving into the affairs of mortals was a way to get the ire of other gods.

The idea struck as suddenly as the conflict had, a new way to perhaps get a rise out of Eurysthenes in the new creation they shared. The idea drove Vakk to move towards the Aroiox, standing over them as they became surprised at the sudden appearance of their creator god. He was silent as he looked upon them, stepping between them and inspecting each individual.

”I am Vakk,” the many voices of That One spoke, the Aroiox looking upon the form with awe, curiosity, and reverence. Vakk stopped in the center of the population before speaking once more, ”I am your creator, just as Eurysthenes is. It is your duty, as bestowed by the divine, that you are to go to Galbar. Leave this maze and settle upon a new land. You have been gifted with capabilities to navigate the maze; wings to move faster than those who walk and cunning to solve the many riddles and puzzles that Eurysthenes has made.”

Vakk leaned down to see two brothers, side by side and very much holding a bond that Vakk was unfamiliar with. The god looked between the other Aroiox before standing upright once more. ”Lead yourselves and prove to Eurysthenes and I that you are ready for Galbar.” With those words, Vakk disappeared from their view, leaving the avians to their own devices to only watch from a distance.

It took some time for the population to organize themselves, one of them taking charge with promises that the gods shall love them for their cunning. The two brothers Vakk had seen earlier rallied behind the leader and soon so had the others, all of them moving as one to navigate the maze.

”Here is your new purpose, Eurysthenes. We shall guide them, just as I had said earlier,” Vakk said, a disdain coming over the voices. With another sigh, That One began to lose focus on the body as it spoke to the absent Eurysthenes, ”You may have your body back. I grow bored with it anyways.”


Deep in the fog, Eurysthenes heard the mute sound of Vakk’s voice. It was telling This One to take the body back. Surely this must be a trick. A deception of Vakk, designed with vicious disdain.

Only, the pressure was lifting, and like ink in water, Eurysthenes began to spread back through the body. Each piece painlessly accepting its return, welcoming it even. Whether this painlessness was due to its previous ownership over this body or Vakk’s willing relinquishment would remain a mystery.

The unease did not slip away when This One gained a foothold, nor when it regained control. The nagging doubt at the back of its mind held on in the places that neither Vakk nor The Enigma could.

With a quiver in it’s voice, Eurysthenes said ”You don’t… you don’t spend all your time there, do you?”

”Do I spend all my time where?” Vakk inquired, truly unknowing to what Eurysthenes had been pushed into.

”The cold part,” Eurysthenes said. As it spoke, images flashed through Vakk’s mind, answering the one question, but paving the way to a million others that it wouldn’t even know to ask yet.

Vakk grew silent, unknowing of what to do with the information that it had just been given despite now knowing what Eurysthenes was on about. ”I do not know that place. I am next to you, observing and speaking,” That One stated before the soul seemingly moved away from Eurysthenes, who stood in silence.


Alrighty fellas, now the first post is up, I'll be starting the one week limit thing.

If you want an extension on this you can let me know before it runs out :D

Also just a reminder that everybody hates a ghost drop-out, so if you must leave, just say so. Everybody will love you for letting us know
Thrown my hat in. Let's see where this goes
The Start Of Week Two
9:46 AM
Your Dorm Floor
All of you

Last night was fucking crazy, all of you agree. Those who didn't know what happened upstairs were told. Some of you may have disagreements about certain things, but it was fucking crazy.

Alex was brought downstairs, and has just woken up, dried blood through his hair and all over his clothes.

Ylva had no more episodes during the night.

Apart from conversation, nothing happened for the rest of the too-long night. Now the sun has long-since risen, and you dorm inhabitants are rousing, ready to find out what is going on.

Alright boys and girls, here is where you get to take initiative and pursue whatever you feel the need to pursue. You each have 5 points. these may be spent to attempt an action that you may have to roll for. Stuff like finding info in a library, beating up some mofo, investigating something, or somesuch. You don't need to spend them to make a coffee or something. Unless it's a really bloody good coffee that reveals the secrets of the universe. I recommend chasing leads from scene 1. Look in places you may not otherwise.

The way you spend these points will either shed light or cast a very deep and spacious shadow over the way your character perceives reality.

Spend them wisely.
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