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Current Don't drugs do, dicks.
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2 day party really taken me out if it, guys. sorry for any hold ups
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Got a new hat today and i think i'm in love
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why are pants?
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TFW everyone in the status bar is talking about valentine's day, and that's the only reason you know it's soon


A thing that will die after eating rat poison

But really, a guy that likes to RP. Not too keen on sharing personal info in my bio, but after I get to know you, I may open up a bit more in regards to certain things.

I have been roleplaying for most of my life, but forum RP is newer to me than tabletop. I wanted something to do to kill time without putting wayyyy too many hours into Dark Souls 3.

I love music, historical fencing and re enactment, making shit, and just being cool with people. Talk any of these things with me, and you'll be cool with me. I have very strong thoughts on sandwiches. Ask if you dare.

Here's a list of cool people from this site that are just cool people that I enjoy talking with, and a quote from each of them. In no particular order, here they are:

"What the shit?"

"Don't quote me."

"Rodent is a little shit, I want to beat him up but in the most loving way"

"If you're feeling unimportant, always remember that every protagonist was an NPC before their most important story began"

"haha yeah"

"I'm just running an aux through my amp, Playing Van Halen at 05:50"

And that's that. There's not much else I feel like saying. Here's a list of bands I like (to be made soon)

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Augie watched Alice blunder and fluster, saying nothing, giving her time to get her bearings. She was a little odd, what with the art supplies and slight tonal change, but everyone's prone to suchlike when nervous. Not that he knew why she was nervous, just that she was.

When she was done, he said "I don't know how he is. He fucked off with Ara somewhere," he pauses briefly to regret his choice of words, "and Bernie rushed off in a huff."

He folds his arms. That his best friend kept that from him didn't bother him, everyone has secrets. That his best friend didn't talk to him after the secret was outed also didn't bother him. It all made sense. But something didn't sit right. Not knowing what that was did bother him. He scratched his head and looked around the room.

"That fucking website..." he said. He didn't say it loudly, but something outlined those words. A sense of panic, maybe. Maybe impatience. "Some of us will fragment, but I really think that the group will be mostly okay. I don't see many more people pulling a Ron, or Claire."

He kicked at the ground. There was a silence now. It was like honey, pleasant and thick, but sticky. Or, at least, that's how Augie perceived it. Silence didn't have to be awkward, it could be comfortable, and even speak volumes by way of mutual understanding.

"You seem really nervous. Is something up?"
At the chapel door, Monika hesitates. A chapel would hold monks, and monks... could be dangerous. This could mean her life. Nevertheless, she walks through, thanks Cassius, and holds her breath.

He nods goodbye to her, but she's setting down her stuff so she doesn't see. The bag of books placed in a neat stack beside the box. Sitting on the box, she slumped against the wall, rubbing her head. Her breath seems to become shaky again, but you could only really tell if you were paying attention.

She sat like this for a long while, waiting. What for? Even she didn't know. Maybe she was waiting for Cassius to come back. Maybe for Skurr to wake up. Maybe for divine retribution. Maybe.. maybe someone know where Georges could be. His note was still in her pocket.
The colour drains from Monika's face as she visibly tenses up. She pulls her arms closer, and says nothing. She simply hurries behind Cassius and hopes he doesn't kill her anyway.

Her mind goes to the vial still in her pocket. She swallows hard. Within a heartbeat her mouth had gone dry.

"Oh, yeah. The chapel. Sorry. I'm Monika, by the way," she says, embarrassed. She hoisted her stuff up, and hurried after Cassius.

She felt the air of impatience around Cassius, and kept quiet for most of the way so as to not bother him. Just step after step, occasionally adjusting the large box, or the bag of books. She could see the steeple over the tops of buildings now, just as her legs were getting heavy. "So... why are you so impatient to get back?" She asked, running a little to catch up.

Monika looked up at Cassius, still crouched over her apparatus, cleaning and stowing them. She stood up, washing her hands off on a damp cloth. Witch? I guess there's no harm in letting him think that, She thought.

"He- he seems strong," she said, "maybe a month until he's fully healed, if there are no complications. He's lucky he's not... dead yet," she said. She shivered after a moment, seeming to zone out. Her gaze unfocused, and her face blank, hands slowing down with the cleaning of her hands. What if... where...

She shook her head. "I- I'm sorry. Where are we taking him to rest? And who are you?" She said quickly, almost as if she were making up for her silence.
So what is going on now? Anyone have any plans or anything?

Edit: nevermind, I missed a few posts somehow. Ignore me :P
Dew it, you two
Skurr had been standing in the shadow of the building, only a short distance away but out of sight. He is still covered in all sorts of… unpleasantness, and his head is pounding. But, it seems that the plan is changing to an escort job. He has a brief moment of clarity and steps out into view, turning his eyes to Cassius and speaking softly.

“The captain has a charge already. Shouldn’t you escort this one back to the Chapel, Sir? The new one and I can...” He suddenly stops and blinks, raising his free hand to tell ouch his head. “We can search for… others to help.” He lowers his hand, glances at the blood on it and tries to wipe it off on his filthy work leathers. It proves to be an unsuccessful attempt.

As Skurr’s condition now becomes blatantly apparent to Cassius, he wonders why he didn’t realize it before - stress? Exhaustion? He winces in sympathy, “No, you need to rest. I.. I don’t know how I didn’t notice that, I wouldn’t have done this-” obviously referring to the attempted running around and assisting people “-if I had.” Cassius looks to Dmitri, “I’m going to take these two to the chapel, you..” he vaguely waves him off. “You go and make yourself of use to these people.”

Dmitri started to object, but instead walked off. “I come to Chapel later.”

Monika sees the blood on Skurr’s hand, and her eyes widen. “Sit down,” she said, with more authority than anyone had expected. She walked to him and crouched down, setting the box on the ground. She tilts Skurr’s head, and examines the wound. The scalp seems at first to only have a long cut running from just above the left ear almost the whole way to the back of the head. However, under close inspection, the injury actually has separated the scalp from the skull several inches from the cut toward the top of the head. The skull itself does not have any grave damage but there are small signs that an axe had glanced off. Skurr had come very close to death and escaped by the toughness of his skull.

“It's a nasty cut. Infection is likely, and you'll probably feel severe delirium due to the location,” she said. She pulled a short knife out of the box, and began cutting away at the hair. After it came away in clumps, it was shaved to bald around the area of the wound.

She sat to think for a moment. Orcleaf and Saltflower in a Paleoil poultice for the wound, and Sunbulb Gum incense to purify the blood.

Wasting no time, she places a fist sized cauldron above a bowl, which she lights a fire in. She adds some sticky sap and seeds to the fire, releasing a thick white smoke, which she fans over to the injured man. She crushes some leaves and seeds into a thick paste, and, once the water has boiled, adds it to the water. While it infuses, she takes out a funnel and an alembic. With great care, she pours the tea into the alembic, setting it over the flame.

In a few minutes, she has a greenish poultice. “I know you're feeling rather nauseous right now, but this is the last thing,” she says, quietly adding “hopefully this works like it should.”

She lifts the flap of skin up, and applies the poultice to the inside and the outside of the wound. It made her fingers tingle, but it would bring down the pain, purify the wound, and harden, sealing the wound. “Now, you must be careful to allow no corruption to enter your body until this has healed. Because the wound is in your head, anything that would corrupt you will also corrupt your wound. Yes, this includes alcohol. Tell no priests about this, many of them don't take kindly to my craft,” she says, cleaning and stowing her apparatus. She puts the rest of the poultice in a bottle and seals it. She smiles at him. “If you need to be sick, please turn away.”
I can totally see what you mean, and that's why I've made this foray into free.

Exactly the same as you, I'm finding it to feel more relaxed and such. Plus, in having no expectations, it's easier to write
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