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2 days ago
Current Going to a folk festival, goodbye for two days, RP!
4 days ago
@Nobodyman123 Oh shit, that's awesome! How was it?
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4 days ago
I upgraded from an iphone 4 the other day. I can do things on the go now! Weird
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13 days ago
Old peoples houses are sad
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16 days ago
How do you deal with it when you feel shitty but you just don't know why?


Something that'll die after eating rat poison.

But seriously, just a roleplaying fan. I'm willing to try any setting, and I will always try to take it seriously, which kinda contradicts itself if the goal of the roleplay is to not take it seriously. Although I do go off on tangents quite a bit.

As for roleplaying partners, I'd like to game with people who take it seriously, but the rule of fun applies. Perma death characters, though. No respawning bullshit. Unless there's a very deep in-world description for how it works.

Music nerd, too. Mainly miscellaneous rock, except for shit like nickelback. Also some punk/blues/metal/electronic. I fucking love noise anything (rock/electro/metal blah blah blah.). PM me if you like any of these bands: The Drones, Modest Mouse, Ought, Augie March, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Tropical Fuck Storm, anything Jack White, Harmony, The Decemberists, Lost Animal, The Gin Club, The Tallest Man on Earth, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Band of Skulls, Arcade Fire (pre-reflektor), The Black Keys, Royal Blood, The Veils, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Lightning Bolt, Suicide, Swans, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Built to Spill, Beirut, and Fleet Foxes. More to be added. If I could be arsed.

Recommendations list under construction. It will contain a list of music ordered from least to most abrasive.

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Pate turned a few corners, finishing his bread. He'd become hopelessly lost on his way to the barracks. He had never been good at pathfinding, or asking for directions. He had exited the small maze of alleyways to resume passage on the main street again, and he immediately wished he hadn't. The people surged like a current, pulling and tugging at those who refused to move. He had shortly given in and followed the hot and crowded flow to its end, spending less energy in those fifteen minutes than he had the five minutes he was trying to walk upstream.

He took a moment to gather himself. Crowds like that did not mix with him, they were too hurried. Never allowing themselves to stop and look. Books and swords are more his speed...

The crowd had let him out by the gates, where he saw an unexpected, but welcome pair of faces. Fleuri and Lillianna, standing and talking across the street from him. They seemed to be talking, so he walked over and hovered a brief moment, smiled a quick "Hello", and waited for them to resume conversation. He hoped to not seem rude, but who knows. These things are always a gamble.
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