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Current Why does saying "I love you" have to have so many romantic connotations? There are so many people I love in a way seperate from anything romantic. <3
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I'm fucking back with a fucking vengeance, I just wish I had some wine
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Bourbon and tea is a good idea
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He's made of bones, he's made of blood, he's made of flesh, he's made of love. He's made of you, he's made of me. UNITY!
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FUCKING KILL HIM, BUT FIRST MAKE HIM CRY LIKE A WOMAN. No particular woman. Make him hold out hope that someone or other might come, THEN KILL HIM, FUCKING KILL HIM. KILL HIM ALREADY KILL HIM.
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A thing that will die after eating rat poison

But really, a guy that likes to RP. Not too keen on sharing personal info in my bio, but after I get to know you, I may open up a bit more in regards to certain things.

I have been roleplaying for most of my life, but forum RP is newer to me than tabletop. I wanted something to do to kill time without putting wayyyy too many hours into Dark Souls 3.

I love music, historical fencing and re enactment, making shit, and just being cool with people. Talk any of these things with me, and you'll be cool with me. I have very strong thoughts on sandwiches. Ask if you dare.

Here's a list of cool people from this site that are just cool people that I enjoy talking with, and a quote from each of them. In no particular order, here they are:

"What the shit?"

"Don't quote me."

"Rodent is a little shit, I want to beat him up but in the most loving way"

"If you're feeling unimportant, always remember that every protagonist was an NPC before their most important story began"

"haha yeah"

"I'm just running an aux through my amp, Playing Van Halen at 05:50"

And that's that. There's not much else I feel like saying. Here's a list of bands I like (to be made soon)

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Here is the project @PureHeroine and I have been working on. Enjoy!


The bar was emptyish. Just a smattering of people, each in their own little corner. Unenthused merriment would aptly describe the noise levels. Rock classics played through a disproportionately good sound system, and if you spent enough time there you'd realise that it's the same playlist in a loop. In all senses of the word, it was a dive bar.
Though some might call it "run down" or "shitty", Mikhael would call it "homey". Whether this says something about his tastes or his home is open for interpretation.

"Ehh, Bowmore 12 year neat, please." he said, sliding a fiver across the counter. This was not enough for the drink, but to the bartender it looked like a twenty, which was more than enough. Unfortunately, someone somewhere down the line would have to account for the missing cash. Mikhael felt bad about that, of course, but sometimes it paid to be selfish. For example, in this instance it paid $8.32.

He sat at the bar, as this was easiest place to order a new drink from, and sipped the chocolatey whisky, waiting for something to happen.

It started to dry thunderstorm outside. Wasn't that odd.
The other thing on the island was a lake. But it seemed ridiculous, considering the water all around. So much water. Water in its bones, water in its mind, water around the island, water simply being. There was enough of it, and it irritated This One. Would that it could erase all of it, but unfortunately it couldn't, so it stood and made for the hut.

Some things tell stories with physical appearance. The hut was one of them, as This One found out. There were more rooms than it would have thought, but some things are surprising. Claw marks lined the walls, a half eaten, rotted feast filled one room, one room was furnished for comfort. This was the saddest. The aura it gave off was one of innocence and happiness, but draped in thick bolts of tears.

In a way, it thought, these things were laid like a puzzle.
And yet, it understood, despite unknowable differences.

"Why is this?"

Content with no answer, it sat. Why was it that the place in which it awakened was so opposite to this other place? Here, now, it seemed the room was comfortable and familiar, and though sad and heavy, it was comforting. In the other place, it was less than comfortable physically, and the air was the most twisted mix of comfortable, familiar, vitriolic, swift, and cruel. It was repulsed by the mere thought that some place could exist purely to bring pain to others. Even worse, to lure it in with a falsehood.

It resolved to not be like that. It would bring love to all.

The water was not good for the wood, so This One up and left. It had got what it had unknowingly come for, and the body was less weighty now. It left the house and walked to the lake. The sand crunched under its weight.

In the lake, a spark did reside. It looked up at This One, despite its nonexistent happening. It was just a reflection, if something was really just anything. It saw the love it now bore on the surface of the water. Tempted by what may have been under the surface, it jumped in-

And found itself falling toward yet more water. A familiar feeling. It crashed into a lake, and was again engulfed. It dragged itself to shore, and stayed there for a while.


And a while it did stay, until the sun cast long shadows over the earth and yet a longer shadow came forth, growing smaller as it came. The shadow then stopped before This One and when This One looked up it saw a figure of black and stars. Two white orbs glowed down upon him and then, the figure spoke.

"Eurysthenes? What might you be doing here?" he said, his voice layered.

This One pointed at itself, and gave the Shadow a quizzical expression. It felt the blaring eyes boring into it.

”Me? Here? I don’t know,” it said. It dropped its head into the ground, prompting a thin pat noise.

”Why did you call me that? And who are you? And why is anything anywhere?”

The figure descended before This One and landed without sound. Its eyes became quizzical as it looked over This One. "I called you that because that is the name I know you by, Eurysthenes." the figure said softly. He then crouched down, placing his hands a top his thighs as he did. "It's me, Orvus. Your fellow god?" the figure said in a questioning tone. "I know we have never met before but surely you know my name?"

”I did not know your name, but it is nice to meet you,” it said, smiling. It sat up and brought its head level with Orvus’. It regarded him quizzically, and asked ”Why do you know me by that name?”

Orvus squinted his eyes and said, "I know you by that name as I know all our fellow gods by their own names. The Architect told us, do you not remember? Or rather, have you lost your memory? What is the last thing you remember before coming here?"

”I was in a hut, then I fell in a lake. Before that, I was surrounded by spikes that were pinning me to the ground. And before that, the other half of me fell.” it said, without any hesitation. ”Let me show you,” It reached out with one hand, palm up, a small sprig sprouting from it. This grew rapidly, surrounding Orvus, thickening and twisting. Showing, retelling, before vapourising into a thin mist.

Orvus blinked when the retelling ended and his eyes frowned slightly. "I came here searching for Li'kalla, but it seems I found another instead." he said absentmindedly before focusing his attention on This One. "It seems I was right, you've lost a part of yourself. Can you tell me anything about your 'other half'?"

This One laid back down. The sand was comfortable and lovely as anything it had ever known. It was warm. ”Who is Li’Kalla? Can you show me?” it asked. Happiness was a note that rang with clarity when it spoke. ”You think I’ve lost my memories? But I just showed you, I can remember everything. No, I will not tell you about my other half.”

Orvus stood up, his eyes becoming emotionless. "This is what I feared. Unless you lived a very dull existence for these past few ages, then there is a gap you have forgotten. Not knowing who I am or Li'Kalla, who is but one of your sisters, is concerning." Orvus said flatly. "I have not any clue where Li'Kalla is either. You seemed to be in her sphere, where one of her fragments was said to inhabit but it seems you found no one. Which is even more concerning but besides the point. Why will you not tell me about your other half?" He said again. it this time there was a hint of sadness in his voice.

The one who would be called Eurysthenes, if it took Orvus at face value, lay in silence for a whole measure. It filtered what Orvus had said with a fine sieve. ”Few ages? Pardon?” it asked. There was a spacious flavour to its voice, chasm-like, dissonant.

”Time. Much time has passed since we arrived here in this universe. This was an orb of blue, there was no land, no life… Not until the Gods worked upon it. Galbar is it’s name, this place many call their homes. I stand and you sit upon the island that was Li’Kalla’s. Here home is not far… I would take you to her if I knew where she had gone.” Orvus said, looking around. ”I know not what else to tell you, or even how to help. If you would even want it.” he sighed.

”Orvus, you may say I've lost my memory, but I'm not so forgetful that I forgot what you said not ten seconds ago,” it said, airily, trying to lighten the mood in preparing for the next statement. ”I don't want to believe you, but if you are right, would there be any of you gods who could help?”

”Apologies.” Orvus said, pausing in thought. ”As for those who could help you…” he paused as if in thought, ”Perhaps Abanoc? I have not met him, or most of our siblings to be honest. I do know that he is the God of Recording, and his Sphere is Celestial.”

This One lay in a silence with pressure, gazing at, or rather through, Orvus. Up at the sky. There were treasures up there somewhere, it now knew. Even if it hadn’t lost its memory, it would know for sure. ”Orvus… my deepest thanks,” it said. It proceeded to stand up, leaving a patch of wet sand behind. ”Where would I find Abanoc?”

"In my travels I have found a place that felt touched by his essence. To the far east, over water and through storms there is another continent. This one is named the Dragons Foot but directly above it, there resides another piece of land called the Kick. Upon a mountain in the east, that is where the area resides. I wish you luck in this journey." Orvus then said, "Or you could just call for him. Either your mind simply speak his name and perhaps he will answer."

“Eurysthenes” nodded and smiled. ”I already offered thanks, but just once doesn’t express my gratitude. Truly.” it said, and slithered away.

Considering Alex is also a recruit, we should work out if they're gonna know each other and how
"I used to do drugs.
I still do, but I used to, too"

"I like rice rice is great when you're hungry and want 2000 of something"

"A hippopotamus is just a really cool opotamus"

All Mitch Hedberg
"Having a religion is like having a dick. It's fine to have one and be proud of it, but you really shouldn't go around shoving it down people's throats."
-I don't fucking know who said this first but they're a genius
This seems interesting. Here's me.

Strange Rodent came about because I wanted a username nobody else would use anywhere, one that is mine alone. I'm of the opinion that "Strange" is one of the most descriptive words in the English language, seeing as it can have so many connotations when paired with other words, most of them almost arcane in nature. A sense of unknowing, potentially even dread, just kinda bubbles under it, yet it can evoke whimsical and child like imagery if used correctly.

It's also the first word in the title of my favourite album of all time, Strange Bird (Augie March), and an album that is certainly up there, Strange Tourist (Gareth Liddiard). Both of which were released by Australian musicians, something which I am also.

Rodent is just because I'm fairly sure that it's my favourite animal family. I've owned 6 pet rats in my life, so there's that. Plus, when put after "Strange", it's hard to picture what it means.

A task beyond merely lending a hand to the senior soldiers seemed very important to a young man. Especially if it involved communicating with someone even more superior than his superiors, and to double that, especially if it was a task given to him by a woman. And not a bad-looking one, he thought. She even owned a horse. He was not yet convinced that they would be bonded under the gods. Yet. Such is the workings of a young man's mind.

This young man is Suèlad. He has seen nineteen springs, the season of his birth. He is a newly recruited soldier, and as such, is ridiculed more than praised, but takes it in good humour. He has never lain with a woman, but he once saw one in the river by his hometown. Wasn't that exciting?

Before he was given the task, he was pitching tents and fetching water. He was on his way back from the stream when the woman approached him, and gave him this task.


"O' course, miss! I'll be righ' on it!" he said, rushing off in the direction of camp. He still had the pails of water in his hands, and they still needed delivering. A task started was not one to be forgotten, even for a woman on horseback.

He was lucky that the ground was not rocky or unstable, as not much water spilled in his hurriedness. He considered this proudly while making his way to where the water was to be placed. It was what you might call a common-hall, if you could call an open pavilion with some fire pits a hall. The soldiers would eat, drink, and gather here, and as such, it was not at all surprising to see Ran here.

Ran was Suèlad's training officer. Suèlad thought he was nice enough, and held a good deal of respect for the man.

"Ran! Ran! I been given," he shouted, "given a task an' there was a Lady on an 'orse who tol' me wha' ta do an' I gotta find The Blessed!"

"Eh?" Ran grunted. He'd never seen Suèlad like this before, and he was slightly taken aback. "Well, even if it was a woman on a horse what told yeh to do this, yeh can't jus' go up to The Blessed like tha'."

"Well I was told ta deliv'r a message an' tha's wha' I'm goin' ta do." Suèlad said in response. He put his hands on his hips to emphasise his point and show strength, but his face was red as a spanked arse.

"Fine," Ran shrugged, "You got nothin' else to do. Good luck."
Ran did not need to say any more, because Suèlad was halfway out the camp when he finished his sentence. That one has a good set o' runners on 'im, he thought.


Suèlad crested the hill, and before him lay the procession. Thinking it a good idea, he did not stop running, and went straight for it. For his foolishness, he copped the butt end of a spear to his gut.

The escort stopped, and all the soldiers that were close by rushed over, standing over him, spears pointed. There would not usually have been hesitation in removing a perceived threat, but one called out to the others, telling them to stand down. This same one reached down to give a helping hand to Suèlad, who accepted with the wrong hand, making the whole thing clumsier than it needed to be. The other hand was clutched at his side. He probably broke a rib, but that's fine.

After a short exchange, he had relayed the message to the one who helped him up, who promised that it would get to Aedthel. That was good enough for Suèlad.


A short scream, a thud, and the palanquin stopped. Aedthel didn't worry, there would have been more sounds of battle if his escort was at threat, but he was concerned. If there was someone after his life this soon after arriving...

What would that mean? He'd have to increase his Ordained guard, for one. He would have to ask the gods a few questions, which he never liked doing.
He knew well that there'd be more to this gathering than was told to them. He didn't expect it to be so early.

His thoughts ran on and on for what was far too long. They were stopped by one of his Ordained parting the cloth.

"O Blessed, there is no cause to worry. Simply a foolish messenger, all he wanted to say was that Arlanna ap Tadgh has arrived."

Aedthel smiled fondly, and reached out to his Ordained, grasping his hand in thanks. He held one hand up to signal for the Ordained to wait as he reached for his writing supplies. This was important enough to write his words.

I am glad to hear that you have arrived
I am sure we will meet at some point,
but the company of you and your new
husband would be welcome in my camp
tonight. I may not be much good for
talk, but I hope to see you anyway.


After finishing, he passed it onto the Ordained, who would see that it was passed to the messenger to deliver.

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