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Current Who's that hanging from the gallow tree? His eyes are sunk but he looks like me... /Who's what hanging from the gallow tree? Up jumped the devil, one, two, three...
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I dunno man... I'd like to agree but the Emerald Herald is thicc...
18 days ago… Dunno why but i've been super obsessed with this recently. MOTHERRRR! FUCKERRRR!
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@Obscene Symphony i've been in it for 16 hours
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A thing that will die after eating rat poison

But really, a guy that likes to RP. Not too keen on sharing personal info in my bio, but after I get to know you, I may open up a bit more in regards to certain things.

I have been roleplaying for most of my life, but forum RP is newer to me than tabletop. I wanted something to do to kill time without putting wayyyy too many hours into Dark Souls 3.

I love music, historical fencing and re enactment, making shit, and just being cool with people. Talk any of these things with me, and you'll be cool with me. I have very strong thoughts on sandwiches. Ask if you dare.

Here's a list of cool people from this site that are just cool people that I enjoy talking with, and a quote from each of them. In no particular order, here they are:

"What the shit?"

"Don't quote me."

"Rodent is a little shit, I want to beat him up but in the most loving way"

"If you're feeling unimportant, always remember that every protagonist was an NPC before their most important story began"

"haha yeah"

"I'm just running an aux through my amp, Playing Van Halen at 05:50"

And that's that. There's not much else I feel like saying. Here's a list of bands I like (to be made soon)

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Avenue watched the fight with an intense glare. A wicked grin split his face when Key took the iron from Tum Tum, and he thought Well, maybe Hope is with this one". Key began to walk off after the fight, but the hoarse voice of Avenue was heard by all, "Key! You can't- you can't just perform a feat like that and not reap the- reap the rewards. Come- come here, and I will recognise the favour that Hope has- hope has clearly shown.". A look of understanding crossed Key's face as she wheeled around. No matter how good at combat she may be, she cannot fight Hope into the world.

"I realise- realise that there was error on my behalf. Prostrate yourself before me- before me, and I will anoint you in the place of Tum Tum," he said.
The gears in Key's head were shifting. There was obviously a lot of suspicion on her part, but she seemed to come to the decision that this was best for her. She approached Avenue slowly, and knelt in front of him. Her finger was still untreated.
"Bring me ape blood and- ape blood and boil some water. I need the iron- the iron, Key," he said, squatting down to pick up the wickedly sharp iron. "There is no anointment without a branding, Key. What sign do you wish to bear?" he asked.

After the needed materials had been gathered, they were arranged in a triangle with Key lying naked, face first on the ground in the center. Avenue approaches the bowl of blood. He picks it up, and washes Key's hair in it. He paints her desired design on her back, and sets the bowl down. The crowd starts to hum: a bass sound, reverberating within the gut, and pulsing through bare feet. Key would feel it throughout herself as she waited for what she knew came next.
The humming grew louder with every step Avenue took towards the fire. He picked up the glowing iron. Louder and louder. With a refined grace and speed, he stood by Key's side, and lowered the iron to her back. The humming grew to a crescendo as he traced her design in her skin, not going deep enough to hit muscle, but enough that it will make a vicious memorial to her promotion. The urge to cry out would be truly overwhelming.
By the time Avenue had finished the drawing the humming had died down. Crevasses had formed in Key's back, the skin charred and burnt where the iron made direct contact, and grossly discoloured in the surrounding areas. Avenue poured water over the burns, washing away the mixed bloods.

"And witness, as the water washes away the blood and sets the heat. Now you are blessed- blessed."
Banned because Surprise, motherfucker
Henry loitered silently until the wall was opened, and in an effort to beat the crowd, he was the last through the hole, to avoid the hustle. He stalked the crew without so much as a peep, eyes darting all over the place. In response to Benny's question, held up his pistol. With a twinge of dismay, he said "I'll be rationing".

While the bomb squad planted the charges, Henry watched the dark curtain of the blacked out city, pockmarked with distant lights. "This really shouldn't be going so well," Henry said, as he learned that the assassination had been successful.
Banned because more revenge prevention
Banned because I haven't banned you for a while
Banned because rat
Banned because I haven't banned you yet
Just a bit. I'm happy to see it come back, but I think it's very dead
Banned because I'm back with a vengeance
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